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Blinding Lights by The Weeknd


Drew and Dave get everyone ready for the Super Bowl 55 Halftime Show with The Weeknd and his hit song Blinding Lights. Much is discussed so you better give a listen before the big game! Also every time Drew or Dave say "synth pop" you need to drink.


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got it right or did those songs go wrong? One of your host, drew Zachman, joining me as always, is Dave Schultz. Dave, how are you doing today? Good Sir, I am very well. Thank you for asking, Mr Drew Ski, and I do want to start the show by thanking you, thanking you personally for something. Oh well, what's that? Well, let's go behind the curtain a little bit and let the audience know what's up with my personal life. Just real quick. I am shopping for a home and you had given me some excellent advice in that area of what to look for and what and what not to do. Now, well, I'm just trying to help, you know, be a helpful cohost, and friends, it's when we do. Yes, indeed you are, and I think the best piece of advice you gave me was not to ask the realtor about dungeons or where I could hang my ball gags while that's that's for the second showing, not the first. You got a patience. Yes, indeed, let's suck some tunes, Baby. Yeah, but tune in next week for how shopping gone wrong. Yeah, exactly. We're gonna spread this out. Yeah, sure, yeah, I mean I remember, and I you was, you know, looking at houses. Man, there were definitely some houses that went wrong, for sure, but that would be another conversation for another day. Butts, you're very welcome. Sir, you're very welcome and I wish you and the family the best of luck in your in your search. Yep, and once we find it, I'm going to invite you to the best bbq you ever bb to sign me up. Yep. But Oh, how about this segue? Speaking of signing me up, if you haven't done so already, guys, make sure you sign up and hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes and they come out, which, in fact, is twice a week. That was an awesome segue. That was really very good. I'm I am proud of myself, but also, and if you could also leave us a five star review, that would be deeply appreciated, and if you do, please let us know so that way we can have some songs gone wrong stickers sent your way, and you might want a hurry up because these stickers are running out, so make sure you guys. Let us know if you leave one, and also you can follow us on Instagram and twitter at songs gone drop us an email sgw podcast at gmailcom, or you can visit our website, songs gone wrongcom, and also make sure to check out our songs gone wrong playlist on spotify is so you can keep up to date with the songs we discuss each episode. Now this up episode we're kind of breaking away from the mold day. We've been talking about a lot of songs from S and s indeed. Yeah, we have been, yeah, the majority of the episodes, or probably, I would say, in the s. But this one is the part of the most current song. We've talked about two dates, really, I think so, yeah, I'm saved. The other. Yeah, the other, I mean the twenty one pilot song was from what about five, six years ago, seven years ago? The maclamor was about ten years ago. So yeah, I would say this is Oh no, what Brently Gilbert was pretty recent, apprently fucking Gilbert Anyway, and these are all great episodes that everybody should be checking out because they are part of our archives. So make sure you visit all those links that drew gave you so you can find them, listen to them and love them. Yeah, and even if it is a song gone wrong, the episode still is right, Yep, pristine. Yeah, but this episode blinding lights from the weekends, and we're breaking this up because he is performing got the Super Bowl, so I feel like it'd be topical, but also I kind of, you know, wanted to see what the fans and listeners and you as well, Dave, you know, thought about this particular song. But this episode we were talking about blinding lights by the weekends, which was off...

...his album after hours and after hours. The album was released in March of two thousand and twenty, but blinding lights was actually released as a single late November of two thousand and nineteen, and the song was written by is actually a handful of writers on this, but able test Fay, I might have butcher det name able testphia. Anyway, that's the weekends. Real name a MoD ballshy, Jason Quinnville, Max Martin and Oscar Holter, and it was produced by Max Martin, Oscar Holter and the weekend. Now, yes, there's a lot of songwriters there, but Max Martin, let's let's talk about him real quick you know who Max Martin is? Dave? No, but I like his initials. They are nice. They are nice. But Max is a Swedish songwriter and producer and when I was researching his name I was like, Holy Shit, this guy is borderline legendary. But he actually helped write Britney Spears baby. One more time, he helped write backstreet boys. I want it that way and in sincs it's going to be me. Or, if you're a big meme fan, such as myself, the song is actually called, it's going to be may but Martin. Yeah, I love that meme. Every may. First I'm like yes, I can't wait to use this. But Martin has written or co written twenty three billboard hot one hundred number one songs. HMM, that's insane. Yeah, that's insane. He's written, written or co written twenty three number one songs. Here's another crazy stat. Martin is the songwriter with the third most number one singles on the billboard hot one hundred chart. You know who's ahead of him? No, tell me, I will tell you. Paul McCartney's number one with thirty two. You and John Lennon is second with twenty six. That's funny. I was going to I was going to guess some beetles and I didn't. I just let you tell me. Still now. Yeah, Matt. Mean, so it's McCartney and Lennon, who are basically royalty, and then Max Martin, which I feel like, based off that, Max Martin should also not be royalty. Yeah, that's in same but according to a variety his net worth is actually over two hundred and sixty million dollars. But, like, I feel like you never heard this guy's name running around, right. But no, no, and I love it when you bring up people's wealth, because to me that's like monopoly money. Well, for them it is two hundred seve million, right, but I mean that's like the the unachievable amount that will probably never see, you know what I mean? Like, can you imagine being that rich? It's like ridiculous. It's just obscene, you know. So it's just, yeah, it's crazy. I would even know what to do with that money. I'd probably like just donate a lot of it, to be honest. Why, that's a good idea too. I was thinking like hookers and blow. So you were definitely, well, you know, a nicer guy than I am. Your more caring, loving, all that good stuff. I'm not saying that would donate all of it so I'd have I'd have a couple bucks left over for some yeah, yeah, I'm just saying your gentle soul, drew, I was all thinking about me, the big guy, and how much I could just use that money to be a evil bastard. You like. I'M gonna give my money to charity I'm with thinking of and you're like a drugs inhale. Yeah, yeah, yes, well, I'll tell you, guys what, if you take nothing else away from this episode, I present to you Max motherfucking Martin, who guy's a legend. But Dave, what are what are some of your memories of this song? Blinding lights by the weekend? Well, let me tell you. My friend, this guy, he is just an absolute hit maker, you know, unbelievable artist. I love his other hits, such as shake it off and uptown funk was really good. So, yeah, I could say I've been a weekend fan for virtually all my life. I mean every year that I've been in existence. It's all been about the weekend. UPS, up, sundown, yeah, up, Tom Funk was great.

Shake it off was really good. His voice sound a little off in that one, but I think it was slaps. It was so good. Drew. Yeah, you know this. This whole charade cannot go on any further. I really I've heard of the guy, but I haven't heard any of his music until we suggested doing this on the show. So I'm a Newbie, I'm a rookie and this was the first song I'd ever consciously listen to from the weekend. Who actually spells his name in a very odd man or two. That bugs me. Yeah, you know what, maybe and it's weird because I'm sure he makes a lot of money. I'm sure he can afford the extra two hundred bucks to buy that extra val. Yeah, I don't know, right. Maybe talks and past age about that one. Yeah, come on now. But yeah, I'm a rook so my whole memories of the song or of you, which happens from time to time on this this humble little program that's what we tried to we tried to educate, but the I was I was also late to this game as well, to the weekend, as well as this particular song, and I remember at the beginning of the pandemic, right there was that viral tick tock dance video that really helped put this song kind of in the spotlight. I honestly didn't know what song they were dancing to because it sounded like it was this s like synthpop type, you know beat, and I was like okay, cool, whatever. I'd never honestly did not know it was the weekend at you know, back in when was that like March or whatever? But I did see him and I think what really introduced me to him was the weekend actually performed on Saturday night live and he put on a pretty good performance. I think that was also back in around March of two thousand and twenty. So that's when I kind of started noticing him, but then probably it took another couple months for me to actually dig into his music. So prior on this summertime is when I started really digging in and I heard I think I just searched for him, and then it's like, oh, what are some of his like most popular hits, and I saw blinding lights. I was like, Holy Shit, this has been download a lot and I was like well, let me give it a listen and I was like Oh okay, maybe that's why it's been downloaded so much. But yeah, so, like like you, I am a bit of a new be but speaking of how many times, is way downloaded. Oh, go ahead, before you get to before you get to the downloads. Just we didn't clarify here. We should have, because I am criminally UNHIP. That the songs I referenced earlier. Maybe there's someone out there like me who doesn't know what the Hell is going on. But shake it off. Is Actually Taylor swift and uptown Funk is Bruno Mars. See, I thought you're blowing that, I bet, but please, our listeners have actually, we actually have. There was scores sent out and our listeners are actually the smarest listeners in the entire world. Yeah, so they they probably knew. Yeah, I mean, I'm still operating here with Hula hoops and Messenger Pigeon. Okay, so you gotta forgive me, but I did want to, you know, clarify that before we move forward, because some people might be like, we're those really songs by the weekend? NOPE, just dave being an idiot per usual. Yeah, I'm more of a smoke signal fan, although that's not necessarily a green way to communicate so I'm actually I'm also going to switch over to carry your pigeons. That's more sustainable, but drange my life. Yeah, also, shout the Taylor swift why am missing in the house? I love it. But yeah, this song has been streams. Let me see here, carry the tense column. One point nine billion times, Dave. That's more than what's his name again? Max? What's his name? MM? I was called him, mm, the producer. That's more than. Oh, the of the the producer, Max Martin. Max Martin, thank you. Missed a Matt, and that's more than he even he's worth. That's something else. Huh. Well, the one point nine billion streams doesn't equate to one point nine billion dollars. But no, but he must get like a fraction of a penny. Oh, absolutely. Oh, yeah, that's you know what I mean. Like for sure, zero, zero, zero, whatever. Yeah, one billion nine hundred fourteen million, nine hundred thousand and five hundred and twenty...

...six times, as of this recording and by time, this act of saying that, by the way, you have to like go in front of a mirror, because I know I would have fumbled that like a crazy I'm a we are professional around here, Dave, but you are yeah about but by time this airs it all, I feel like they'll probably crack two billion, because I'm assuming after the Super Bowl he's probably gonna jump over to the two billion. But, and I'm also not a shame to admit, I've probably contributed several streams. That a total. But overall this song is the sixth most stream song on spotify. So of all the songs on spotify, this is this has been streamed the sixth most. Wow, what do you think the most streamed song is on spotify, Dave? Oh Wow, that you know, I actually want to go with the Beatles. I'm trying to think of like what Beatles Song would be the most popular, but can I just name the artist and just go with that, because sure, I know I'm going to be wrong, but I don't know the Beatles. Great, we brought up Paul McCartney and John Lennon earlier, so let's keep going with that theme. Ed shearing, so various hell out of heels. Yeah, yeah, ed sheer. As for shape of you as number one with two points seven billion socks, that song sucks, you know. I'm sorry. We're spoiling ever doing that song. On the show because I'm just I'm getting mad now. How can that be number one? Have you read the lyrics to that song? No, I have not. Well, don't I? You know what, I know it. Now I want to do that episode with that Song because I feel like now we might get anger that I felt. That's what you want to Gilbert. So now I now I want to see angry deef. We've seen you wanted an angle, drew. Yeah, yeah, you don't want to see me that rage. You don't want that, buddy. Don't unleash that fury upon the world on the INTRO webs. Don't do it. Speaking of anger, also, somehow that horrible song thunder by, Imagine Dragons is actually the twenty five most stream song on spotify. Like that's all talking number one now. I'm just saying, like, of all the songs out there, they'll right. You know that song was there were no beatle songs in a top twenty five. I don't even know if there any Beatles songs on that list, to be honest with you. That of the top one hundred. I went through the entire list and I think Queen Bohemian rhapsody was the first song that I saw that had any relevance to an older person such as myself. But yeah, that will imagine. Imagine dragons. Well, here's some more. I got stats, Dave. I got step ahead, do something, because right now I'm really depressed for the future. This is so bothered. Post Malone has the most songs in the top one hundred streamed on spotify, with eight, and the weekend has for which is good for fourth place, tied with do Alipa. And Guess who else? Imagine dragons? I don't. I honestly don't understand how imagine dragons are so popular. They similar to Brantley Gilbert Day. Also make me angry, which apparently, which is similar to you and Ed sheer and as well. I don't fucking get it. No, it is bizarre as hell. I Yah. Yeah, whatever. Yeah, so the billboard hot one hundred information. Right. So this song is at the US billboard hot one hundred top ten three straight years, two thousand nineteen and twenty and now two thousand and twenty one. And in January blinding lights broke the record for the most week spent in the top five on the hot one hundred chart, spending a total of forty three weeks in the top ten and with the weekend performing into Super Bowl, I'm sure it's only going to keep going at least for a few more weeks. So it's a you know, you mentioned that earlier. To the Super Bowl thing is a big deal, especially if he exposes a nipple or something, and it's going to be massive, if for only so lucky. Yeah, totally can't wait. Should weekend without the e I know.

But so how does the song compared to other songs on the album? You were given the album a listen a little bit, Dave. Right. Well, I was shuffling around with my smart speaker because, despite not being too cool, I am down with the tech, as a kids would say, as far as listening to my tunes, my ditties. So yeah, I heard a few of the songs, but they weren't necessarily specific to this album. Okay, see, you're kind of jumping around a little bit. Yeah, okay, skipping, bebopping. Yeah, so the album after hours a debuted a top the billboard two hundred. So right away it was a hit. But overall, if the album's actually kind of mellow, which I found kind of interesting, not, you know, good or bad, I'm just saying it was. I felt like it. Maybe it might have been a bit more upbeat as a whole, but that would that was just my initial perception. I'm like I said, I'm not saying that's good or bad. I mean I like I like melow stuff. So the first track alone, again, that's a cool track. I like that one a lot. kind of like a PSYCHEDELIC synth pop sound to it. Cool too, and I like it. The next song too, late. It's a good song too, but also kind of chill, hardest to loves and interesting song. Vocally, it's like a slow song, but then he puts like a fast drum beat behind it. But I still like it. Scared to to live, cool tune. Some of these songs kind of sound like this epic soundtrack for a movie, if that makes any sense, like, you know, like you're like watching something and then like in the background is this soundtrack. I feel like. So like early on in this in this album, that's kind of the feeling I got. But escape from La it's all right. At this point, though, like some of these songs kind of run into each other. Like I know escape from La has an off beat to it, like it does doesn't fall like you're usual time signature, but still sounds like some of the other songs, almost like the weekend is, you know, just kind of singing in the background of the music. It. It's weird. It's a little tough to explain for me, but it's like his vocals are just kind of like it's almost like the music is in the forefront and then his vocals are as kind of just also happened to be there. You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah, if I I'm actually like in the connection where you said is very cinematic and the scope, but yeah, with the soundtrack. And then you said escape from La which was actually a pretty crappy movie. It was Russel, but snake Pliskin, snake Pliskin, that's right, bad ass. Yeah, but I I think I also mentioned this on twitter before, but this is like it's a great album to listen to in the background while you're doing something else, like it's chill. Well, I said I like that vibe, but a lot of it those kind of run into the next thing and then you get heartless as the next song. That song hit number one on the US billboard hot one hundred and December of two thousand and nineteen. And then we get to faith, not the George Michael Olymp Biscuit Song, but here we are again with another song with that synth pop feel to it. At this point I was also pretty deep into putting together a project plan for a website build at work. So this music is actually pretty conducive to getting things done at work while being played in the background. So I will say yeah, I will say drew approves after hours for project management. So there you go. I was thinking that even before this show started we should have had a like a running tally of how many times we're going to say super bowl and synth pop. Well, we're good drinking game. We're going to say it a couple more times. So get your dream. Yeah, that's what I mean. Yeah, exactly, so, yeah, totally, yeah, and then after that we get blinding lights and then in your eyes, which is another upbeat kind of s guess what Synth pop song. Then we get save your tears, more the same, and then after hours, another like poppy type song. So overall it's not bad, but I wasn't also necessarily blown away by this album. Like I feel like I've kind of heard some of this before, you know, and, like I said, it wasn't bad. I like it. I'll probably listen to it again, but I'm not. I wasn't like wow,...

...this is amazing. I thought, you know, okay, this is pretty good. That was kind of my reaction to it right on. But yeah, so now what is this song about? I feel like the yeah, I feel like the weekend is more of a profit and less of a singer. I think now this song came out in late twenty nine, ten. And then the one. PRECOURSE, he says. I look around and since cities cold and empty, no one's around to judge me. I can't see clearly when you're gone right like like he this this maybe he was talking about the pandemic. You know, he's in Vegas, right, since City Vegas? Yeah, there's no one, there's no one around. Oh, come on, there's always people around in Vegas, excepting don't even drythmic. No, I don't know, man. I bet she's buzz a bunch of degenerate self. They're still trying to hit the slots, not maybe get the stars in their eyes. Yeah, I'm sure. I mean, I'm not from there, I've never been there, so I can't say. Maybe they are the safest city in the continental United States. I don't know, but my instincts would tell me where there's a will, there's a way, and it's true, you know, yeah, but no, I can kind of feel the vibes where you coming from there. Sure, yeah, continue, and then well, and then also kind of going back a little bit. The song actually starts off with I've been on my own for long enough. I'm going through with drawls. You don't even have to do too much. So, like you know, we as humans have that longing for connection and, you know, interactivity. And you know, he's maybe at that point he was already in the pandemic. You know, he's maybe he's from the future. Maybe that's why he doesn't have that extra e because in the future we don't need it. Yeah, well, that'll be something. That would be something, you know, really just yeah, abolish the ease. He's on top of that. He's warning us this's going to happen. Stories will change, are not all all the ease will suddenly disappirit. Dictionaries will never be the same. So thank you to the weekend for, you know, letting us know ahead of time. You know, drew, can I give you? I'm looking at the lyrics right now. Yes, sir, it maybe I'm crazy because I don't know this guy from a hole in the wall, but a lot of this could be related to even like an addiction, like you're a drug addict or something. Can you feel it could be. I did, and it's actually a fair point. I know he's only only references like with drawls one time, but he's saying how you know, you don't even have to do too much. You can turn me on with just a touch, baby like. People can relate these things yet to interactions with the whatever you're, you know, significant other or a stranger, whoever you like. You Do, yeah, dog, but but you get what I'm saying. But the same time, as with any kind of lyrics, with the way you want to interpret them, I could see some drug references maybe happening in here. Yeah, but I don't know absolutely. That's a that's actually a fair assessment. Yeah, well, I'll call them. Okay, yeah, let me know some yeah, yeah, just just let me know when you talk to him. Well, I'm going to page him first. Okay, sure he's around. Yeah, totally, because you know, that's how we roll. So it's true. I told you I'm hip with the Tech Bra yeah, now, that's actually a fair, fair point. You brought up there. But I I my my hunch is that it's about because he was who he was dating. WAS IT Bella? Did? I don't. That's a what do you that's that's how oft to date I am on these things. I it's a model or something like that. I think that's who it was and I think around around that time they broke up or something like that. or so there's like a couple songs on here on the album where it's kind of like it's almost like a breakup song. So I my assumption is that this song is more about his relationship or maybe relationships in general, you know, kind of that brooding type. Yeah, yeah, but you're suggesting, yeah, more like maybe the stuff you see in supermarket tablois. When I'm talking about chasing the White Dragon, I mean like complete opposite ends of the spectrum here. But no, you know, I don't mind the lyrics. I think they're well written. Yeah, absolutely, I'm I have... problems with the lyrics whatsoever. HMM, even though it took twenty five people to probably write them. It's well good. I mean it was Max Martin. Well, you go miss the Marton eminem Max, Max motherfucking Martin. Give him another em in there. It took. We can took away an e and we'll putting in an extra m. that's right. Well, I think he's yours. Well, yeah, can't argue all those hits, but I anything else want to talk about? Are Do you want to dig right into our final verdict here, Dave? Yeah, let's just do the verdicts. Let's get into that. Sounds good. All right, blinding lights by the weekend. Dave, do you think this song is a legit hit or a song gone wrong? What say you? Well, I tend to want to give a little bit of an explanation. Oh, my thought process behind the whole thing. And everybody, que up your drinks, had them ready to go down your gullet because, I'm going to say it again, synth pop, right when I was hearing is around this guy's cattle. Yeah, when I skipping around his catalog, I was very attracted to that aspect of his music, this song in particular, not knowing it at all or being familiar with it, because I don't Tick Tock, I guess. I don't know. was that the only only thing it was on or something? Was that the social media platform you said it was? Well, that was that was where that that viral video came out. Viral. Yeah, see, when you in my day you had a virus, you went to see the doctor. So wait, has only pointed to me. But I like the way the song made me feel, okay, because it felt so s to me and I love the s scene. Man, I you know me and you have that in common, like we just love that era and we love that era music so much. So I really dug that about this song in particularly, like I love the background to it, the vocals. I thought we was sung very well, I just mentioned I enjoyed the lyrics. Now here's where I'm having a tough time. Okay, I'm trying to project forward to the future where there are no ease, okay, a world without ease. Well, I still consider this a hit song personally in the future. I struggle with this because after listening to it a few times, I try to remember in my head and I couldn't. I just couldn't do it. Yet when I sit here with you this evening and I look at the lyrics. I'm reading them, but I can hear them being sung in my head. So subconsciously something has been planted. I'm just not aware of it yet. You know what I mean. Yeah, so on the surface I just want to say, okay, this is kind of a retread of a song. I can hear elements that he's taken from other artists that came before him. So how could I, you know, make this a legit hit? There's no way. It has to be a song gone wrong, because I don't think there's going to be staying power. Yeah, the same time, if I use that kind of criteria, I'm basically damning any other musician on the face of the earth, because everybody borrows from somebody else. Right. Where's the originality and anybody's music? Everything is a hodgepodge makeup of something or different influences they have. So, I just mentioned, I've been struggling with this all day. I've been sitting alone, sweating nervously this very moment in time where I have to render my verdict. But I'm going to tell you this. The number is just don't lie and it's hard to argue with and I think it's going to speaking of influences, help influence to make my decision where I think this is in fact a legit hit. Dave, you like new music. What the Hell happened to you? It's weird, I know. Huh. I. Well, it's not like I like it to the point where I don't know if I'm going to listen to this tomorrow or have a hankering to do so any time in the future. But there is something there, there's something going on there that I just can't deny or avoid, you know what I mean, and I can't argue we pop culture or the the listening habits of planet Earth is weird. So yeah, I'm going to say legit hit. Bro You are how about you? You are hip. Yeah, I'm hip. I see. I was trying to get away from that as as fast as I was. Like, what about your drew? Those are talking about how, yeah, how cool I am. This song is crossgenerational, you know, while it doesn't necessarily break any new ground, which you know, I think you're kind of talking about too. I...

...think a big reason of its success is the fact that it's a younger musician who can reach the younger audience, but this song also has that s feel to it. So it also reaches the older listeners as well. Right you add a viral tick tock video to it, and also this song came out right the beginning of a rowy pandemic, you know, which I think kind of helped that video, that viral video, really take off because people were stuck home, you know, doing these fucking dances. So, you know, I think that actually kind of helped it a little bit. You know, this song, it appeals to such a wide variety and a wide array of people and it checks off all kinds of boxes. You know. Do I think the weekend is a talented musician? Absolutely, but I kind of see him as like a like a Michael Jackson light in a way. You know. Okay, MJ was groundbreaking, whereas the weekend just kind of reinventing the wheel a little bit. And that doesn't mean it's bad. I'm just kind of calling it like I see it now, specifically the blinding lights. This song is great and I would say, yes, this is a legit hit. Do I think it deserves all of these accolades? I don't know, like all of the records and everything else. This thing is breaking. It's like, Holy Shit, like this is like the best song ever made. But I'm like it's it's great. I would say it's a great song. You know, I don't know if it's the best song ever. So I think it's over hyped a little bit. But again, it doesn't mean it's bad. It really is a good song and it does and to me it actually gets stuck in my head. But you know, I have listened to this song quite a bit over the last few months, but maybe it's new to a younger generation, right, like that style of music, that synthpop that we like bringing up, you know, but to you I this is just stuff from thirty five years ago that hit us during you know, that just has come back. You know, during this right past year or two, it's bell bottom pants, bro Bill bottom pants, the Latin and the last year has sucked probably the biggest dick on multiple levels and people are looking for things that make them feel better. And you know, besides alcohol, like this song is another comfort. You know, it's it's catchy. You know, it has a catchy beat to it, entertain the younger audiences. yets familiar to the older crowd. So it's something for us to kind of levitate to and also here's nothing too. If he did not have this song, I'm not so sure he would have been selected to perform in a super bowl this year. Like he has a he has a decent resume of hit songs right, like I said before, he has three songs already in the hundred most stream songs on spotify and he's got a hand full of number once. But I think this song is what really put him over to top and put him in this super bowl. If he didn't have this, I feel like they probably would have asked somebody else too. That somebody else is I'm not sure, but this song just being massive kind of on top of the already decent work he's already done, really brought him to that next level. So I'm going to say legit hit. Yeah, you know, I like that you brought up was the hype, because that's something I completely and utterly avoided, like I just wasn't in tune with that. I didn't know it existed. Yeah, you know what I mean, but you you're aware all this stuff. You're, you know, finger on the pulse. So I was. I was a little off the little. I was a little off the pulse on this one. I probably missed it by a like six months or so. Yeah, well, maybe maybe like three or four months actually, but still, either way. You know, I didn't hear it like right away when it first came out. This is one of those songs. I'm telling you right now. If it is okay, I again I'm not aware what's going on. So maybe it has already, but I could predicted being part of like a Volkswagen commercial in five, six years it will. It was actually in a Mercedes Benz commercial in Aha, you're that. I think it was at when was it like November or December of two thousand and nineteen? So like once it was released as a single, it was in a Mercedes Benz commercial. So there you go. Wow, look at that, look that. Huh. Well, all right, you know. So we both think this is a legit hit. It is worthy of the crown that we now bestow upon it. Or is it? Or is it? Or is it? There are still a faction of people that need to...

...weigh in. And who were those people? Drew our lovely, wonderful, well groomed listeners? MMM, I guess they're well rooms. I don't know. Okay, I hope so. Yeah, anyway, let's see what let's what the fans have to say about this one. All right, the fans have spoken and they have voted, and sixty percent said this song is a legit hit, which is interesting, right, for all the accolades and basically how much ass the song has kicks on all the charts. Only sixty percent said legit hit. So forty percent were saying, MMM, I don't think so. Yeah, so that's interesting, surprising to me. Yeah, totally based on those numbers, I would have said ninety eight percents that it's a legit hit. But here we are. Well, you know what, I might I might have been swathed the other way because if we were, if I had been more experienced with his catalog and not just heard the handful of songs that I listened to because I wasn't crazy about all his material, maybe I would have been like, who the rest, this stuff sucks or I don't like this guy because whatever, yeah, he dated the supermodel or something else. Who knows me? All that stuff, you know, plays a factor in that forty percent, which seems abnormally high. Well, you can't, I don't think you can judge the song. We're discussing based on the other material they have. Like I don't think those other like if they, let's say, they have like one album, right, and then ten songs you shit, and then one song is amazing. Like, if we're talking about the one amazing song, that's the only song we should really be, you know, basing things against. You can talk about the other songs, but that shouldn't sway your vote. That's our criteria, right. That is our criteria as host of this show. Yeah, right, that's what we're trying to do, is single out the one song, focus on that and what have you. But still, we're talking about the general populace here, when people have, you know, their own guidelines, opinions exactly. Like something that guy did turn me off and I will not ever listen to another song he does, even though he might have a couple good little ear worms in there, you know what I mean. So that I'm just trying to rationalize, because to me that number seems really hefty. On the song gone wrong side from the Internet folks. Yeah, no, I agree. I agree, but before we did get a good amount of feedback to so that I'll maybe help shine a light on it. But I have a question. Have a I have a question before we dig into that. No, okay, yeah, okay, all right, glad to all right, good talk. What bands are are Dave? Would you like to see playing a super bowl that hasn't performed there yet? Oh, that's great, because I was going to ask you that after we got the fan feedback. But, you know what, I'll do that now, because I wasn't really quite prepared to give my own answer, despite wanting to ask you the very same question. So for eight if I was like going to plan the perfect halftime show, I'm thinking now, like, okay, it's not just one artist anymore, right, there's all the is a collaboration. It's not like if you say beyonce is going to play the Super Bowl, whenever artist comes out, Shakira, I think, was one of them, right or something. They all Jennifer Lopez and jail. It's like there you go. Thank you. I'm always outside, like drinking or smoking butts or something. I used to smoke butts talk to people during the you know, a halftime shows. I come on, we're wasted, but anyway. So I'm going to give you a few acts I would like to see performed together. At one time. How many can I give you? What am I limited to? I feel like well, I feel like three. Three would be the most, because the only they only have what like fifteen or twenty minutes? Right, all right, so we would be like the most kick ass halftime show of all time. Okay, I'm going to say faith no more. The but whole surfers, and this one I'm pulling on my back pocket because I love them for so long and I've mentioned them to you before, not getting the recognition they deserved. But I think if it was like a whole jam sesh with FEM and Butthole, this would be great rustic overtones. Okay, and that's only if we're talking alive artist. We started talking dead man. I'm going with...

Bowie and everybody else. So let's not do that. Let's just get to you. Let me reverse the whole situation on you now. Yeah, I mean, I wasn't yet. Well, who's alive, is what I was first or okay, who's a lie. But what do you think of my choice is real quick. If I said faith no more, a whole surf is in rustic overtime, I'll be honest. I would. That would be a great show. Personally, I would rather faith them more do a set by themselves and then maybe the following year you could have the butthole surfers and rustic overtones do it. Yeah, but I told you like Super Jam. Yeah, I love faith and more. I've seen him live numerous times. I Love Them. I've seen Mike Patton all this acts, you know, at least once. But still, if I was doing the jam piece like a man, Mike Patton is ripping it up and you know, Roddy bottoms going to and then I don't know where GIB Haines from the but whole surfaces comes out with a megaphone and, Oh man, my mind is blown. I don't know what to do with myself. You know. Yeah, that's just to me. Would be insane. I could say it. Yeah, but yours? Give Me Yours real quick off the top of your dome. Well, I would say. Well, if we if we're doing a mix of three, I would say probably Brentley, Gilbert, Toby Keith and Jason and Jason Aldan. That would be a boy, that'd be such a great show. I would have to totally like get one of those hair straighteners from my mullet make sure it looks real nice and Shiny, like from my sister, and then make sure the kegs are all ready to go in the back of the pickup. I would hate that. Fuck it would be that I don't even know why they would need to have them on a I mean, like I mentioning to Brentley Gilbert episode. He did a halftime show for like a packers game on like a Monday or Sunday night football or whatever. It was horrible, but I I bet. I honestly I would. I would love to see Pearl Jam and I think they like legitimately could do that in the future. METALLICA, maybe, I think they might be a little too heavy. Foo Fighters, I think, would be a decent fit to probably a pro Jim in food. I think would be decent. Obviously I'm, you know, me, unbiased towards Alice. Some chains. I don't think they're going to make it there. Yeah, but I mean they did play, I have time, show for a seahawks game a couple years back, which is pretty cool. But I feel like Pearl Jam has a legitimate chance to do it. I would say foo fighters as well, because, do you know, they're are Wacky, middle of the road and but they're still talented and popular, so I think, I think they have a legit shot. But one of our listeners, Cynthia Kelly at Cindy seventy five, said ACDC should be playing the super bowl this year, which I would. I'd be down with ACDC. I have no problem with them. Yeah, me too, but I don't think. I don't think it'd be that popular with the younger set, so to speak. You know what I mean. Like, yeah, I wouldn't mind seen ACDC perform live at a halftime show, but with the young millennials of America. Really care about ACDC. But what are the what's the target audience? Though by I could be wrong, I always felt like the majority of people watching football are basically us, like a bunch of like middle aged white dudes. So that's why I'm like, oh no, if that was the case, you wouldn't have all the half show artist save had in the last decade. But maybe they're doing that to try to know, branch out and be like listen, we don't I know you're forty and you're Chubby, drew, you know that's fine, and you like folk. Yeah, that's great. We we know you're in. Let's try. We're trying to get some other people involved and interested in the game. So I don't know, maybe that's maybe. Maybe I'm wrong. I could be wrong. I don't know. I've been wrong once or twice before. That's a probably not. Yeah, but you know what, like even your picks were more grounded in reality than mine. I was kind of like having a wet fan boys dream with my whole super bowl halftime show scenario. You were like a man Pearl Jam, Realistic Shot. I mean, if I met Alica White, if it was those, tell me I think METALICA's going to get I guess I think they're a little too heavy. But I mean, yeah, I mean if I threw reality to the to the breeze, I would say alison chains, you could do. You could do a Seattle one. You could do you could probably put alison chains, Pearl Jam and... fighters in there. I mean girls from, MMM, nirvana original, that's where he started with. But right, you could. You can make that happen. Maybe if there was a game played in Seattle. Maybe I don't think they would, because it probably be miserable weather and I don't think they have a dome and Seattle. Do they? I didn't. I'm not sure if century link field, whatever it's called, has a retractable roof. As far as I know. I think it's always old. Yes, I think too, but yeah, I don't know. That's a that's kind of what a that's what I'd go but I would I would definitely enjoy watching your halftime show to thank you and thank you to the fan who responded. So we could totally ramble about this for a long time about who should be playing the super bowl halftime show. What everybody else think? Yeah, but let's so that was the feedback we have for the halftime show. But let's talk about what people thought about blinding lights from the weekend. So Denny, yes, Denny at Mama of the Java said it sounds like young Turk's by Rod Stewart. Every time I hear it I wait for the young hearts part and realize that's not it and then Hashtag. I'm not that old. Pipe. Twenty at pipe and twenty said so legit. It'll be one of those songs that gets played for years. The weekend is a true and universal talents. And then we have our good friend Tom Wing Gia at, I am Pol Nique said absolutely a hit out. Of course he should play it, play this song, since it's one of his most popular songs. That the Super Bowl. My kids really like him and will probably only watch the game to see his performance. See they'd be disappointed if he didn't sing it. So I feel, like you know, the weekends reaching out to that younger audience. We have mimig at Yoga. Mama hundred and eight said, catchy, but forgettable. Melinda, are good for Melinda at. Melinda Barnett said No. Yes, well, she said no, you go. Irish Keith at his Meself, you know, said now that weekend was worse than a Monday morning. I see what you did, dare, and like it. Yeah, I like it. Erico at Erico Terio said there's only one performer I wanted the super bowl halftime show this year, and that's SAS squatch. That's SA x squatch. Oh yeah, that's Kinky. I would watch that one too. And then, finally, snobby girl at, snobby girl seventeen said, I only know this song dude to the relentless tick tock dances its spawns met. So yeah, some, some, some mixed up to some mixed feedback there, you know. So that's why we guess we got sixty percent. So that's what we got. Yeah, totally, I can. I guess it all. It's it's a clearer picture now for me. Yeah, I went in all foggy and now I can see clearly. Now the rain is gone. There we go. So thank you to the listeners for all that feedback. I appreciate it, as do I, but they I think, else going to add before we wrap up. Yeah, let's totally date this show. What do you say? Let let's put our stamp on this, see it at a time capsule forever so we can embarrass us in the future. Who Will Win the Super Bowl? Okay, I you know what. I'm pulling for the bucks, because I really, as an old man, I appreciate forty three year old Tom Brady basically kicking gas, which is amazing to me. So I'm going to say the bucks. I'm going to say the bucks. They win by for I'll call it Thir thirty. What do you think? Hmm? Well, you know, I am a New England Patriots Fan. Friend of the listeners out there. That's where I'm originally from, is New England. So you got to ask yourself, is this guy mad that Tom Brady left town for greener pastures, or am I going to, you know, keep rooting the guy on, since my team now effectively suck ucks, you know, thanks to his well, actually, they're going to suck, even the fuse on the team or not, but still, you know, is it a painful thing? Yes, it's a painful thing. Boy. Here's I'm going to tell you, drew. I am actually rooting for Thomas Edward Patrick, a fucking Brady Junior, to win another ring. Ring Number Seven is super bowl number ten. So I'm going to pick the Tampa Bay Buccani is by a thousand fucking points. Guy. I... it. And this is and this is the first super bowl games to where the hosting team is actually also or the hosting city, their team is also playing in it, which is I don't mean nothing now now, but I'm just saying it's interesting that, in what fifty five years, is the first time that's ever happened. So, yeah, drew and his tidbits always come up with those stats and facts. People, I know, random shit. People. You do you do, but I think that's it. I'm good. Any thing else, Dave? Yeah, no, just want to say big ups to the listeners out there. You guys are all fantastic. No matter what anybody says about you, I am here and I care about you and I thank you. So yeah, you're the best. Yep, likewise what he said. So thanks again everybody for listening and the enjoyed a super bowl and the weekends halftime performance show, and also thanks again for listening to songs gone wrong.

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