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Bottoms Up by Brantley Gilbert


Drew and Dave discuss this bro country tune Bottoms Up by Brantley Gilbert. Spoiler alert, Drew curses alot and gets fire't up, so maybe don't play this episode around your kids, but tune in to see how Drew really feels about Brantley Gilbert and bro country in general, and find out how Dave will rule on this song.

Everyone and welcome to songs Don Raler be along with you, the fans deside. If these hit songs got it right for didthese songs go wrong. I am one of your host drew Zachman and joining me, asalways, as Dave Shultz Dave. How are you doing today bud? I am fantastic.Thank you for asking, even though I have to say this, okay and I'm speakingto the listeners out there. Yes, you, there are times where you have toconcede something in life and right now I have to say that this is going to bea grab. Your ankles type of episode, Wel we'll get into all of this, becausethere is plenty to unpas sure but it', all you, but I tell you what tdeve I amready to slide into this episode like Y'all was up. Okay Hat. Did that YeahNice? I am. I am ready to rock this quit little country town so before weget into it, though everybody, if you haven't done so already make sure youhit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes when they come outwhich in fact is twice a week, and if you could also leave us a five starreview. That would be greatly appreciated and you can also follow uson twitter, ATS, songs, gone or drop us an email s, GW, podcast, agmlcom orvisit our website. Songs gone wrongcom to find out all of our latest updatesand also find out ways where you can support our podcast. Now this episodeis it's an episode we are talking about.Yes, we are we're talking about bottoms up by Brantley Gilberts, the artistBrantley Gilbert and I am using air quotes around that word artist. Thissong came on the album, just as I am, which was released in the year of ourLord Two Thousand and fourteen now this song was written by Brantley, Gilbert,Justin, weaver and Brett James now Dave. What are some of your memories of thissong bottoms up? Okay, so imagine me at the therapist sitting on the couch andthey ask me just that I'd have to respond with my only memories, ar your seething rage,because I have never heard of this guy before I think I've called them by thewrong name numerous times in our conversations- and I wasn't even awareof his existence until you told me that he was a singer yeah singer sure wecould call them that air quotes on that one too Huh, Oh yeah, we'll get there.Okay yeah, I mean so so my memories, I never.I never heard Boft this guy, my brotherin law a couple years ago, Iprobably Wen, probably when this song blew up back in two thousand andfourteen, maybe two thousand and fifteen. He introduced me to this song.He had heard it before and had it on, and I was like what is this and he toldme and I was like horrible- then we saw him Brantley Gilbert playedthe. I was the Dick Clark Rock and New Year's Eve, so he played because welike to watch that we know with our kids. They like that and we're notcrazy, don't really go out SOE. We watch that and he was actuallyperforming bottoms up. I forget like what city he was playing get ing, buthe was involved. He played this song and also Andat that point I was like Ireally Braley Gilbert and then this past fall or wintertime he played ahalftime show. I think it was for like...

...a Monday night football game for theGreen Bai packers and he did his song fired up and yes, it's fire with anapostrophe t up. I don't know why. I don't know why you W LD, you wouldn'tjust say, fired up like it's. The aposhaphe, I think, is extra work andwell really makes sense, apparently he's also in love with the word up. Yeah I was GOINGTA say the same thing.He likes it and he also likes to rhyme the word up with up we'll get into that.Okay anyway, but I mean just watching that performance on you know, for thehalftime show o the packers game was. It was hilarious and sad, and it didmake me feel a little bit better about myself, just like seeing the othermembers of his band. They look like these. Like failed new metal musiciansand there's Brantley with his stupid brass knuckle microphone. He' justtries to be weights offor than what he is he's he's he's like a failed hardrock musician, but he's not good like he's, also like not pretty enough to belike a pop musician. So hey guess what we're going to stick you with likethese bro country tools and that's where you're going to hang out andthat's where he's been and guess what apparently he's moderately successful,because this song bottoms up Pak at number. Twenty on the US billboard, hotone hundred back on April, twenty six, two thousand and fourteen twentyethDave Hm Twentyet. Yep, that's a that's! I mean I don't understand that. But hisnumbers on spotify are also you know. Relatively decent bottoms up has beenstreamed over a hundred and forty million times wow. Somehow I don't Idon't I don't know but anyway. So what were some othersongs in their tried around? That time so number one on the US Bover hotonehundred at that time was happy by Forrel Williams. I'm okay with thatSong's, not bad yeah gets his point across right. You know, we know youknow for Al Hes. He has an identity, I'm okay, with that anoother countryartist, Luke Bryant had a song at fourteen that week called playeid again.I've never listened that song, I'm not the biggest Luke Brian Fan I, but thatsong was number fourteen. Maranda Lambert had a song at forty one and therascal flats somehow are still making music and they had a song calledrewined at forty four. So there's there's a decent little countrypresence on the charts at that time right, but otherwise I looked at thatShart. I was really unimpressed with everything else on there, which I guesshelp pave the way for this srash to hit number twenty, apparently so yeah, andthen I now use the term country loosely by the way it falls under the countrycategory, but I mean it's broke country which, which is basically like trash.It's just like new metal. It's like new metals, like long lost cousin, that you hate it'shillbilly, hybrid, music, it's terrible! That is true. It is so bad, it's so bad,but- and you know, l there's like country- I don't before you get going.Let me just say this: I don't hate country music, I'm not a country heaterprovided its actual legic country, music, Eric Church, I'm okay with him.I like him. Chris tapleton quality, Zack Brown quality like theyare country. They are talented artists, I'm perfectly fine with them. I enjoylistening to them. This is not country music. This is brokcountry and it's garbage it's absolute garbage, so you probably know whichWII'm voting by the way at this point in time, but true have you everactually visited bro Country, it's apparently it's down a dirt road withwith a beer, yeah and you're cauht, with a beer in your console with, likesome girl wearing daisy dukes in the back seat, and you have your and youhave a pickup, try it's great its fantastic, because the beer is cheapand you get to kiss your own cousin. I would not be surprised if that's whathappens in bro Countra mean as long as you as long as you hit those key words.That's that's all that.

That's really what matters! I GUESS! Ohboy, okay, now, let's, let's before we get into the actual song, and we startlooking at the lyrics- and you know the music in the song. One of the things that we like to lookinto is how does this song compare to other songs on the album? Now Iprevious to doing this episode, I've only heard this one song bottoms Zup.I've never actually listened to the rest of the songs on the album, butbecause you know what I'm dedicated and I am a professional, I listen to theentire album and I will I will share my thoughts and Ifigured since I listen to this entire album. I willmaybe save someone else. The trouble of listening to this seizure inducing noise. Don't likepunish yourself for nothing. You know what I mean you did this. You sat down participated in the research which musthave been just. I can't even imagine or even fathom painstaking terribleterrible for you, but you know what you did it. This can help someone. Itreally can n and it's amazing that you subjected yourself to that to in facthelp others. So, for that my friend, you deserve a puffy sticker. Yes yeah,I did listen to the entire album like like actively like. I didn't just youknow, put this on and do other things in the background I actively sat downand listened and was taking notes for each song. Well, let's hear what I didso again this this isn't for me at this point. This is for all of our wonderfullisteners out there, and hopefully this will help someone out there, so thealbum starts out with the first song, which is called if you want a bad boy. This I mean this song honestly might aswell have been a kidrock song and that's not a compliment by the way. Tome, this sounds oddly similar to kidrocks cowboy, although a bit morebro Country and not rap rock, like that trash kidrock put out on thatparticular song. So that's that's! The opening track- basically it's a kidrock knockoff, pretty much the next song is seventeen again turns out.Brantley has a FOOTFETTERH. It sounds like he things about pretty little barefeet, but hey you know, that's that's your own thing, but this is yourtypical and nostalgic song singing about teenage love, typical bro CountrySong right there. That's kind of how I interpreted that one song three isbottoms up, so yeah, just fuck my face on that one. The next song was that wasus. I have no idea what this song is about because it sounds like Brantleywas singing this with marbles in his mouth. I have no idea what the fuck hesaid it was terrible, but I listen to it. I'm still angry about it. Okay, thenext song is called. I'm gone typical bro Country Breakup Song, but myfavorite line is when Brantley mumbles yeah all those times you didn't. Listen,I'm like yeah good for her seems like a smart girl to me, which is probably whyyou broke up. Why you guys broke up in the first place. If she did listen, youwould have broken up sooner so seems like a smart girl. She eventully didlist was like wait. Let me get out of here. The next song is called my babiesguns and roses this long as a let down, I'm a big GNR fan, but I thought maybehe might crank up the rock on this one, since it mentions GNR in a song titlebut nope let down well, someone in the relationship needs to have an actualidentity, and if it comes down the Brantley, Gilbert and guns and roses,do you even need the question which direction you should go and also again,with the we'll get into the lyrics for bottoms up, but there's a trend herewith the shitty rhyming schemes. He ends the court. This is the couruse bythe way course is a pretty important part of the Song Abso. I really heatednumerous times. He ends the chorus with she's, my little rock star man. Sheknows it. My babies, guns and roses. IOA Trey come on man, Andehe Mentiond,Sweetchild of mine, Paradise, city...

November rain, knocking on Heaven'sdoor danceit the devil. It was like he did, fucking mad Livs and for all theproper nouns he just used guns and Roses Song titles and Im g and art.This point I should sue the shit out of him, terrible terrible, okay, next one lights of my home town, what the actual fuck is this, so thechorus s such a great course he goes. You know the lights of my home town.They come alive when the sun goes down really Brantley, where the lads goingto be on during the fucking day like when else do you want the lights tocome on like? Why is that? Why is that your chorus here? He also sings aboutpopping a top and pouring a little out at the grave of one of his friends.Just to let him know we're still thinking about hem. I does anybody. Dothat like can't you just can't you justthink about him, I'm assuming you friend is now and he after life. Heprobably is you know just dancing all around like a spirit. He probably knowswhat you're thinking at this point, so you can just think or say your prayerfror him. You don't have to go to his grave site pop thetop and pouring itout on the grave side, I'm like just say, Yearyo, just or just think abouthim. That's all you got to do is a waste of perfectly good booze. That too-and- and this I mean this long- is about Brantley Gilbert as it getsstupid, Corse Line and then towards the end of this six minute song, mind yousix minutes. This song is six minutes long and yes, I'm repeating that,because it's six minutes long, he says, let me see them lighters, obviouslyencouraging the fans at his shows, both of them to get their lagters up again,trying to be cool, that's his Mo. Yet he just comes across as thirsty as shit anyway. Next Song, one hell of an amenboy. I was hoping after lights of my hometown, that that was the end of thealbum, but there's actually four more songs and this song isn't that badagain, my bar has been dropped considerably at this point, but I'mdown with the lyrical content here, musically speaking, I'm not the biggestfan, but it's okay. I give this like a four five out of ten, and this is likethe best song so far, which is like being the best player in a New Yorkjets. So not much to say there neck song is small town, throwdown yeah,that's the name of the song. This long was performed by Gilbert, along withJustin, more and Thomas Rett, not that that makes us any better. The entro tothis song basically ripped off walk this way, just a little slower andtuned down a Smidge and after listening to them, rip off Aerowsmith the rest ofthe lyrics. It's your typical film ef blank broke country song some itemsmentioned are as follows: Kegs a beer bunch of girls, letting those TailGates Down Daisy Dukes party back in the woods, and I think the only thing Iwas missing off my bro Country Bingo card was a dirt fucking road, and thisline right here just lets y know how bad it is. He said it's time to tallboy up and let them tail gates down so yeah, the only thing worse than thanmusic. In this song or the lyrics. I don't feel- and I don't feel bad forJustin More Thomas Rea. They should have known hat. They were gettingthemselves into so you're fucking you're guilty as well add as many othermusicians as you want to this one is. This might be as bad as bottoms upactually terrible, fucking terrible anyway. Next Song, let it ride typical,slow country song. I guess you need at least two on each album. I was notimpressed and the very last song was my faith in you. I think this is actuallythe best song on the album, which again it doesn't mean much, but I'm payingGilbert a compliment here. He doesn't go all growly voice on this one, likehe's trying to be like a tough guy rock singer. Even though he's not, he seemsto be a bit honest here when he sings about his faith. I feel like he shoulddo this more. You know find an identity and go with it. And if faith is youridentity, then man more power to you.

Just just just be you, you know, don't try to be Brok country, you know want to be newmetal, musician or Popstar, whatever weer the fuck. He is. I don't know, butthis song it's not bad, I'm okay with that song, if the whole album was thatI mean it, wouldn't be that great necessarily, but still again by thispoint, this is the last song on the Albun. I've just gone through likefifty minutes of just ass. So the fact that you know by the time you got tothis, like you, could have played me, the mockerain and Iwould bee like allright, not bad. So well, I got ta say something: Man, Heyreal quick. If I had a nickel for every time that you said Bro Country I'd havea fucking boatload in nickols baby. That's what he is! That's what he is! It's it's terrible, but that's that's howit's defined it's! It's a brok country sound. You say those few keywords: It'slike they're like trying to get their seo up or something like that. You getthose key ai, Gara, bro Country Yeah. Is that, like anofficial label, it's officially unofficial because they were myundersting was it was a writer kind of slapped that label on artists an airquotes like Brantley, Gilbert and Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean and BlakeSholtand, none of them like the term bro country, because it's kind ofderogatory in a way? Because, basically, it's just saying you know you guys- arevery formulaic and basic and Florida Georgea line to therere another one. Soit's it's unofficially IFFELIK. These guysknow ousthm their country, but it's it's Brok, country yeah, but I meanreally. If you talk to let's say like the death tones right and you like: OhYeah, you guys are what was I termless it Wasnat Emo, butther was emo something metal. I can't remember it off the top of myhead. I've only heard ha deaf tellen, I mean to be the death tones, are they'reactually very eclectic, but I would just call them metal. Okay mean theythey get lumped in with new metal because they came out. I think cornactually helped get them their starts, so they get lumped in with corn as likenew metal, but and deaf tones are way way more than that ther. Okay, let'sjust take newmental, then if you went to a band yea, Oh you guys are newmetal they're, probably going to Sit Yai now we're rock music man, fuckinglayoff it it's like the same thing. If you went to Kirk COBA and said: Hey man,nirvana is a grungeband. He be like what the fuck you calling it grunge forthat's just a way to you know slap a label on something to sell it. Thatreally has no basis on the way that we write perform or anything that we donow with Brok country. I could be wrong, but maybe these guys are part of anIlluminati. If you will they sit around the the big Oak table with candles AFburning, trying to figure out what kind of lousy sound they can a leash uponthe world. I have no idea popping tops yeah popin the tops baby, but I'm justtrying to point out that you mentioned it's, not officialunofficial, all this other stuff, but I mean if the shoe fits there, you go or if the boot fits. Theboot fits sorry. If the beer can fits in your console on the dirt roaddebtson. If the MARLBOROHS fin your front pocket smoke them all right. Sothere's that's the album everybody so you're welcome. I sat through it.Please don't just okay, don't now getting back to bottoms up now. This Imean when we break down the lyrics hereright. They're, not they're, not awesome, he he likes to rhyme up with up yeah. Likeyou mentioned. That is don't do that. I don't know I'm not like none of none ofthese. None of these lyrics are it's like. Have you ever gone into a party,and you said Y'all was up or Never Hav... ever have you ever won a you know prettylittle Mama looking at you like that, make you want to slide on in like girl,what's up like as ta girl ever looksing, you at a party and then have you goneover to being like girl? What's up? No, nobody fucking! No, I don't thinkso and then e and he keeps rhyming up with up the whole time, yeah throw yourhands up all right, so I mean he's driving down so first of Oll, the songstarts off. He's apparently he's driving ninety five miles an hour downa highway. That's not impressive! Ninety five and I've I've done that before it's not anything to really brag about to behonest, Itno and then, and then he goes, he pulls into the party like Yall.What's up tonight is bottom's up so right away right, going right into the leading into the chorus he's rhyming upwith up that's how he starts it off and then he ends the chorus with rhiming upwith up. So he goes make you want to. The lyrics are horrible, so ne Goes Pretty Little Mama. Looking at you likethat, Mak you want to slide on in Lik girl. What's up tonight is bottom's upand then he says get him up, so he rhymes up with up and then with upagain and then earlier in the course he goes, find a keg and fill your cu yeah,and then he says up afterwards. So it's like, like Whar D, You like did you just likeGoogle? I don't even think he did that. I would think like yegers, like Google,like hey the songs, called bottoms up. So what are some words that rhyme withup? But at least if you did that you would have found other words that rhymewith up- and it's not that difficult of a word to rhyme with it's fucking up,hey, there's a lot of things. You can Rin with hit me with some right nowcome on. I want to hear you rhyme. Some words with up. Show me what you can doI mean he already heareae used the Word Cup. He also used, you know up whichdoesn't count. He could do yeah like hey yea, that's a cute little pup right,nice, shit, zoo, yeah that there you go or he could. He could go a little bitmore creative with. I don't know like interrupt like interrupts. You knowit's, I feel like that's close enough or how here's a good one. How aboutSyrup Y'all want some Maple Syrup, tenice bottoms ar I can like that? Well,he I think that's a good one. Is He Canadian kid not even close? You know what else is a good one. I was was a big baseball player back inthe day stirups I lo I used to wear you know stirups, so he could have rhymed,stirrups or stir up with up yeah. You know right there mean there's optionsthere there are, they really are. You just gave h a handful. I don't know whyhe didn't think of these way back in two thousand and twelve or thirteenwhenever the hell he wrote the song, you know what honestly, I would not besurprised. One Lick if he just made these up while he was in the booth hemight have been and then heriously here's another lyric I'm going to share.He goes never thought a country song going tomake Yiu move like that and she's doing it in daisy dukes. So there we go daisy,dukes girl, she's got you tapped on the boy's, shoulder hate dog check this outand that's how girl do it in the dirty South Yeah? That's a you did not soundcool at all like when you were like hey dog. You sounded like the nerdiestmotherfucker on the face of the earth. Well, it doesn't sound any better inthe song. Well, I think you need a microphone with brass knuckles on it,which you reference earlier yeah, which you know realistically is not apractical thing. It's not like you know, fans going to hop on stage and yougonto knock his fucking teeth. Out with that I mean really, I D, I don't reallyunderstand it. Maybe that's why he has it. Maybe maybe maybe there's a lot ofangry fans that stormd the stage and he was like man. Why is everybody hate, mysong? Let me get a microphone brass knuckle. So if they storm the stageagain, I can you know at least protect...

...myself. Maybe that's a maybe that's why he has it thou. Ididn't listen to the rest of the album. I only listene to this song. Thankfully,now what I did do was because that's a little curious, I'm always interestedin how a studio recording compares to a live version of the song either way youslice it or dis it. The song is not very good, but I didt find itinteresting. He always led in with the same thing to the crowd. He would askif any drinkers are in the crowd that night or if anybody was ready to drink.So I mean you know. After listening to him, Iwill definitely get back on the wagon yeah yeah lyrically yeah. The lyricsare trash. I think we've covered that, but here's another one so towards theend of the song. He goes. Let's give a toast of the good times and Y'all getyour drinks up high. Everybody feeling all right, damn right, so he rhymes allright with right. So again, it's like the most basicrhyme yeah, like n t, undersgind o said fight could have said night could havesaid myriad a different things, so maybe he was drunk on the on the Syruphimself at the time of right, Madbe e recoiding this this track, I'm notentirely sure he was. He was bottoms up on Maple Syrup, yeah ow. That would bea that would be a song. I will gladly listen to that bottoms up on me. PARRUP.Let's make that happen, I think that's going to be a project for Sameand youwe're going to put it on wax and become big time stars. Let's do it so the song right I mean I don't the song. Is your tip? It's! I know.We've said Bro country a thousand times, but that's what this song is reallyabout. It's the same thing as any of the other. You know: trsh Music hasalcohol, girls, trucks, rural settings, this Duche canoe pretty much hit allthe main talking points of broke country. So that's what this song isabout. As far as the music, I mean that Horrible Guitar Intra like it usessomething like like a chorus or a flanch to kind of give it that sound toit, and it's just it's just bad tho, like the music.Here's, the thing: it's kind F, it's like a song. It's almost like a partysong in a way right. You know bottoms up when someone says yeah bottoms up.You know you want to get up and you know go a little crazy. You know get ampedup a little bit, but the music its like the music slow and it's holding it'slike holding the content back, which the content was already holding thecontent back. Yeah Isou know the music is holding it back. So it's just yeah man, it's funny! You bring that upbecause that opening rift. When I heard it, I could have swore I played thattwenty years ago, when I first got a new pedal, you mentioned like theFlange or the chorus yeah yeah. I think any aspiring musician in their teenageyears played that same thing. It's just like a universal sound. So when I firstturned on the song, I was kind of surprised. I thought it was going to bea raw demo from one thousand nine hundred and ninety four is somethingrecorded by me to be honest with Tou, because it wasn't. It was a lot ofcraftsmanship involved and then, of course, like any of these hybridcountry rock songs they have to. I don't know if his band Joe, but I knowthey threw slide guitar in there, but they try to pick up the pace. A littlebit get the tempo going. I suppose- and it's just not for me it doesn't fit.That's the problem. I don't think it they do, throw like that little, likekind of like a slide guitar or whatever in there it just doesn't. It doesn'tfit, can't put that shit in there Sori. So the lyrics are not great. The music is not greatanyway yeah. So that leads us in you ar our final verdict here. So did thissong bottoms up by Brantley Gilbert? Get it right? Is this like a legit hit,or did this song go wrong? Dave what'...

...say you well drew. There are undeniabletruth in life that should never be ignored. You may have heard thesebefore and that's okay, after all, is prudent to accept sage advice fromsuperior minds, but they go as follows: Never Keep Chang in your wallet. Don't eat Sushi from a gas station at avoid, Brantley Gilbert at all cost, because you see the world is full ofcool guy truck guys, and this is one hell of an uninspired song. You knowit's one thing to let others pave the way or to use a successful song as aroadmap, but you need to put your own spin on it and to be brutally honest inthe battle of the Gilberts, I would prefer to have Gilbert Godfrey Sing.Bohemian rapsody Gan you DOTA Fan Dango. That was a terrible Gilber Godfreyimpersonation, but it' still. It's still better than the song, Oh yeah,for sure it's still better than this song, so you know what they got itwrong. I just I really don't understand the audience for this. I know they exist. Okay, I've seen JOEdirt. I know they are out there, but to kind of get into the inner workings oftheir psyche and their tastes is just something I'm incapable of doing. You know what I want Gilbert Godfrey tosing that Maple Syrup Song. I think that yeah, I think that's you we can put the guitar down. You canwrite that you can do that with again from one thousand nine hundred andninety four and then we'll get the lyric sgon for Gilbert about MapleSyrup. I think that's, I think we're basball Sera you ar me Ta thing: Bout,Paple, Sarah Yeah! Imagine that there's another guy. His whole career isyelling, but he has an identity. Hhe has an idea. Does he truly does? Andyou know this is- is something else so here's where Ilanded on this now. I actually had the detox by listening to some Jim Croachyand sound garden afterwards. After listening to this entire album by theway, don't do it in case you somehow skipped over that park, don't listen tothe album, but yeah Croache Songguardyou know thetwo acts who know what they're doing an ar a bunch of you know. Posers andlately personally, I've been Ling with a bit of anxiety. A and one way I tryto Comebat said anxiety is music therapy and I you know now it might nothelp me a hundred percent o time, but it's pretty darn close and I've beenusing music to get me by for the better part of three decades now, notwiththaut being said, and it only listend to bottoms up fromBrantley Gilbert, but I a subjected myself to listening to the entire. Justas I am album, and I actively listen to it and it's funny, it's almost ironicthat is called just as I am because he I don't know who he is after listeningto it. I didn't just have it on the background. I listen to this dumpsterfire of noise in my headphones and try to pick everything up, which goes toshow my level of datdoccasion by the way to the show my level ofprofessionalism here. So again, I will take those puffy stickers. Thank you.The fact that this mediocre bro Country Horseshit hit on the US billboard hotone hundred blows my mind. If I was this bad at my job, I be put on aperformance amprovment plan. If not outright terminated. Listen life isstressful right. I get it especially now we'rerecording this episode. Duringwhat month for of this pandemic, and as of now, we don't really see the lightat the end of the tunnel just yet we'r getting there, but it's still ways away,and sometimes you need basic stuff to get you through or to get your mind offthings, and there are times when I don't need to watch inception or blackswan or memento. Sometimes I want to watch Ason churter, Billy Madison, andwhen it comes to music third times, I don't need to listen to u cats in theircradle or comfortably number euology...

...from tool. Sometimes I need a song likeparty rock anthem from LMFAO, but here's the problem. Brantley Gilberttook party rock anthem lyrics and put it with the fucking music fromunchained melody like it just doesn't mix, and he is serious about this songlmfio knew their. They knew what their stick was. It was good fun and that'sthe problem of broke country. Duchenals was like Branley Gilbert JasonaldeanorFlorida, Georgia line. They sing about the same shit over and over againalcohol, dirt, roads, partying, pickup trucks, objectifying women, it's afucking joke that theyn their fans actually take seriously the biggestproblem. I see with these bro country tools like Gilbert as they have noidentity. When you listen to Gilbert, it honestly sounds like he's trying tobe cool. He has that guy grovely voice, like he's, trying to be cool you're,not dude, not even close isnit making Musit, because he wants to he's doingit to try and be cool and fit in. Well guess what I see right through yourformuleg Bullshit Blake Shelton Ho also fits inthat. His broke country genresaid it best when he responded to criticism from old farts, apparentlywho didn't like their songs by saying? Well, that's because you don't buyrecords anymore Jackas, the kids do and they don't want to buy the music youwere buying, and that quote says it all right. There they're just making musicto sell records, not to get their message across or to be an actualfucking artist. Can you imagine if someone like Bob Don or Kirt cobainsaid that no way- and in case you don't know where I stand on this one? This isa song that went completely wrong. The fact o hit twenty on the US billboardhot one hundred, shows how far off the right path we've gone. If I ever playthis song out loud, I won a hundred percent and do it in an ironic way andthen usually shuld talk it while it's being played just like. I am right nowand the best way to sum of all of this is by quoting Billy Madison when thejudge gives his vote on Billy's response and says- and I quote at nopoint in your rambling, incoherent response or even close to anything thatcould be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber forhaving listened to it, I aword you no points and may God have mercy on yoursoul. He might as well have been talking about bottoms up by Brantleyfucking Gilbert, I'm done how about this. I'm done drewdrew how about this, let's drink a little syrup and go for a ride. Mamashe's your bride, going to Canada as what we do, and you know I likeShampoos. There we go. I like it, that's good! There you go. I just tookI just tooke the opening verse put my own spin on it, and I mean that wascompletely off the cuff in Anano. Second, it took the the synapses in mybrain to fire and I think I was even better than the original song, so theYeugo where's M, my freaking acolades. Why am I not on the billboard, hot onehundred, I put you at nineteen there's one so one spot higher than him feelslike a maded. So all right, so I mean at this point right. We both havecompletely said this song has gone wrong, but let's, let's see what thefans thought about it as well, and we had rigt really great commentsfrom our good friend and listener, Melinda Barnet, who goes by at MalendaBarnett and again she brought the heat this time and I do appreciate herfeedback on these songs and she went to say we live in a society that pays forits own popularity. They market garbage to us by telling US everyone else lovesthis. You will too songs that suck shows that no one has watched politics.It's all bought and paid for and fed to us like Hog slop Milinda bring in theheat. I love it. What she says is true, no arguments here, but yeah so fanvot.Eighty three percent voted that this was not a hit, so they think that thissong didn't fact go wrong and yeah. I'm...

...surprised it's not a hiher percentageto be honest with you, but lyeah bottom's up ratly Gilbert Song gone wrong. I'm glad ourlistenership is not easily fooled. We have SOMMART listeners as yeah. I meanit's kind of like what Malinda was saying where they try to trick. Youwish the old boy painting this fence is a whole lot of fun Y. AH, wouldn't youlike to do it too? You know and Yeah I don't get it. I don't fuckingget out. I don't get a lot of things, but you know I did like the fact thatyou compared it to watching a movie, because you were right, a popcorn movie,for example, you just go you enjoy it. You don't need a whole lot of substancerect, but you do need a hook. You need something to keep you there, whetherit's the laughs or the drama or whatever- and this is the equivalentfor any of you that are familiar to sitting through Adam sandlers, Jackind,Jim Meaning. You will never get thosemoments of your life back. They are gone, complete history and it's a terrible thing to waste yourtime. It sure is- and I did, but you did it for us- I did I ISO reAPP. I appreciate you yeah totally man, you did it for the right reason. I tosay I took one for the team is now understayming here. That was boy that I don't know if it'scommendableable, I think you've got rage issues and, tobe honest with you, you hate this guy's guts and I'm very angry at you formaking me go through this because I was living mylife perfectly fine happy just you know doing my own thing and then you stumbleup on me and say you have got to listen to this song, so we can talk about iton the show, and I really wish you didn't wellll just wait until we do aJason Al Dean Song. I don't know if I goin to say really upto the same. I don't know if I could survive it. I really don't. I don'tthink it's going to happen, quilly as rough all right. I think that thatwraps it up any any final thoughts on this shit show that is bottoms up. I don't know man, I'm more worriedabout you than anything else. Are you? Okay was just kind of like therapeuticyeah, I'm to go through this or kind of I feel like. I can now close thatchapter, I'm actually going to go. Listen to some poor dissead right now,so I'll be good. Give you abou forty five minutes and I'll be good. All right, cool ool, glad to hear itcool all right guys! Well, thanks again for listening to US- and you know youcan find us on twitter, we are at songs gone. You can drop us an notes viaelectronic mail, SGW podcast at GMALCOM and again our website songs, gonewrongcom. We put up all of our songs and kind of where they were they placedyou know. Did you know? Do People think they actually were a hit or do we thinkthey went wrong and also you can find additional information there about thesong, some of our notes- and you can also find ways to help donate to ourshow and keep us going. So that's it and thanks again everybody forlistening to songs, going wrong.

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