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Breath on a Window by Alice in Chains


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Hey everyone and welcome to songs gonewrong where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got itright or did those songs go wrong? One of your hostre Zacman enjoyining me isalways is Dave, Schal Dave? How are you today, Sir hidrew? How are you man, I'mdoing? Okay, it's really happy to be here guy. It's really really cool to bepodcasting with you and all. CAN WE BE FRIENDS? Okay, Hey I'm great, I'm good!I USPOSE! I would want to try something different. Don't ask don't tell I likedit great. I do now guys if you haven't done Sol alreadyt, make sure you hitsubscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes and they come out which infact is twice a week and if you could also leave us a five star view onitunes boy. That would be swell and thank you for doing so, and you canalso follow us on twitter and Instagram at songs, gon or drop us an email, sgwpodcast at gmlcom or Visi. Our website songs, gone wrongcom and also we haveour own songs going wrong. playlist on spotify, so you can keep up the datewith the songs we discuss each episode now Dave this song. We are continuingour back to back allison shanes episodes, and this is another one.TTHIS is a little bit different, because this is a newer alson. ShanSong. We're talking about today and the one we are talking about is breath on awindow yep which, as I mentioned, is a song from Elson chains, and it was offthe album. The Devil put dinosaurs here, which came out in two thousand andthirteen, and this song, just like wood, was written by the uncomparable jerrycant Trell, now Dave What are some of your memories of this song? Well, atthat point in time, I wasn't really heavily vested in a lot of musical acts,except for the ones that maybe I was like a lifelong or diehard fan for and,unfortunately, I had fallen out of touch with my good pals ase and shades.So I was pretty heavily at that time. Listen to sports talk. Radio. Can youbelieve that I was like? I don't need tunes ban. I need some people give metheir opinions on the the bats and the balls. So I I was an upto date withthis. When it came out interesting, no, not really yeah yeah, I mean I I remember when their first album willtheir first new Abbu with Williams of all came out, and I was slightlyhesitant to listen to it because I'm like oit's not lane, but then I did,and I was like wow it's. It's actually still pretty fucking good and then,from that point forward I was like all right, I'm just gonna, I'm! I neverleft the allison chains. Bandwagon I've...

...always been there. I was justmoderately hesitance, you know it's funny. You say that because somethingsimilar happened to me where in Ihad heard the replaced Lada, Staley and I'gint o come on now, you can't he's irreplaceable. What do you? What areyou nets? Yeah you're, going to be kidding me, but then it was one ofthose things where I didn't rush out to hear it. But then it found me because Ihad heard their initial single off that record on the radio and I was like hey.This is half tad yeah yeah, it's good. I mean I didn't get it right away I' Imean for me. I probably waited a couple weeks which usually Wen an alsondchains. Album comes out like I 'm getting you that dayee you waited. Iknow weeks. I know I was like you know what I don't know I just was like. I wasn't.I was very hesitant don know it was weird, but then I was like you knowwhat whatever let me just check it out and you were in a slump. That's whathappened to you buddy. You were moping around life at that point intime waiting two weeks, probably yeah. I know it's probably. I know this for afact Jack, but I mean so when this sobem came out.Like I remember you know, I got it right away this one and it kind of gotaway from ver the past couple of years. I'm not sure why, because it is a goodalbum, but you know over the pandemic while dealing with a lot of anxiety. Ifyou want to hear me talk about anxiety by the way check out our episode ontwenty one. Pilots boy, that's fun, but I feel this song is appropriatebecause of a line towards the end of the song which wiwe'll touch on thatlater. Okay, but Dave. I know I did a history lesson. If you will on Chicagothe other episode. Would you like another quick dissertation on Nallsonchains? Can you maybe do it in rhyme form or do a free style break dance orsomething for me while you do it now, Hey, listen to breakdancan thingdoesn't really affect anybody, because this is this is radio I can'tbreakdance and then, as if I'm spinning around, I can't read my notes. Well,you not my. I pretty much haven't memorized anyway, but still my my voiceis going to keep going around the microphone. It's going to sound weirdcrujus pretended dude. You must sucking job interviews, I'M GOINGTO, Hey! Ikeep it. I keep it honest and real yeah. Wonderful people love that all right anyway, I do I do want tohear I'm playing with Yot come on no hit me with anyway. Okay, so originallyalison chains was formed by Jerry, Kan, trill and Drummer Sean Kinney. Now, atthat time, John Kinney was dating a girl named Alinda, Star and Cantrellmentioned. He wanted this Guy Mike Star to play base for them and Melinta said:Hey, that's my brother. So at this point now they have a base player. Theyjust needed a singer and at that time cantrol was actually roommates withLain Staley and they wanted him to be their singer. However, Lane Staley wasin his own band at that time. So what can chall Kinny and star basically did?was they had these like fake vocalist auditions that were so bad? Eventually,Staley was like these guys suck. You need someone like me, which is whathappens and that's what theywere hoping for and that's how alisand chainsformed now that lineup stayed the...

...course for their debut, album, faceliftand then an EP sap and then dirt and then, after their long tour, promotingdirt Mike Star was fired for his excessive drug use and they brought inAzi Osborne's basist myguiness. They then released a seven song, EPI calledJariflies, which is the best album ever made in history of mankind that wasrelese in thousand nine hundred and ninety four, then in one housand, ninehundred and ninety five that same lineup released their last studio,album together, the self titled Allison Chains Album or as effectually knownthe tripot album due to the three legged dog on the cover they performedmtvs on pluged, ine thousand, nine hundrd and ninety six, and that wasreally the last proper album with that band lineup. They had a couple likegreatest hits and live albums come out. You know in the in the late S, butunfortunately in two thousand and two land sdaily died, which sadly put anyhopes of that line of getting back together to rest now. Well, Alisonchanges was kind of on Heyatis in the late s namly, because Staley becamelike a reclusive bit. Jerry cant troll released two Solo, album one thousandnine hundred and ninety eight boggy depot and then two thousand and twosdegradation trip, and then on that degradation trip. Album cantroll hadMike Boardin from faith no more on drums and Robert Torhol on bass. WHO's.Now in Metallica, now Kan challs backing bands for the degradation trip,tour was a band called, comes with Ha Fall and the lead singer of comes withthe fall. Was a gentleman named William Duval, who would eventually become thenew lead singer for Allis and chains? You see how this all fits together hereDaviv is is like an elaborate puzzle. Yan. I would never have solved my own,but thankfully you were here with the spray glue and it's now ready forframing there. We go well, let's put it in that frame. Now this new lineup hasput out three albums black gives way to blue, which came out in two thousandand nine. The devilpot dinosaurs here, which came out in two thousand andthirteen and then most recently, reineer fog, which came out in twothousand and eighteen also Williams of all put out a solo project called onealone which came out in two thousand and nineteen kind of like an acousticalbum. It's actually quite good, highly recommend that one and I think, that's,feel like that's a decent history lesson there I mean I can fill him alot more of the blanks but try to keep our episode short and sweet, but Ithink that gets people up the speed for the most part, an any questions Dave.No none I' good, carry Ome, fair enough, all right, so alson chains on spotify.They have over four point four million monthly listeners on spotify, sothey're still doing pretty good. Now this album peaked at number two on thebillboard. Two Hundred Shar and number one on the top rock albums chart hollowand stone. REACHD number one on Billboard's, mainstream rock tracks andvoices peaked at number. Three breath on the window was not released as asingle and never charted further proof that, just because a song doesn't chartdoesn't mean it's bad. Now. How does this song compare to other songs? Onthe album? I mean it's an owsome chains.

It's it's a good alsome chains album-and this is, you know, breath on te windows, a solid Allison Chan Song.There's really no misunderstanding about it. Now the album starts off withhollow one of my favorites on that album great leadoff song. Pretty doneis a good tome, but then we get stone which is awesome. I love the Solo inthere and that's another song that has like a nice sludgy baseline at thebeginning. Voices is after that and that's a hell of a song lab monkey is acool tune, as is low cealing scalpels kind of like a country is vibe to it,but I, I still think it's good fansom limb, straight up rocks, hung on a hookis kind of a sludgy song before the album wraps up with choke. One thing Iwas talking about with our good friends over a the digme AU podcast was a lotof times like as bands age. They tend to kind of mellow out, which is fine.You kind of expect it, but I feel like Alic and chains have stayed as heavy ifnot goine heavier. You know, especially in some of those songs. You know likehollow and even off of their first album with Williams deval there's asong called looking in view that song is awesomely heavy but yeah ell. Whatare your thoughts about this album? I was unaware, and you know we don't alloften give peaks behind the curtain or how the sausage is made. But you hadsent me a video that was a yes promo semi spoov documentary about thisalbum's release and it was pretty Darne funny and I'm glad you exposed me tothat because that's the side of Alson Chans, I kind of forgotten about whichis something that drew me to them in the beginning, was their sense of humorthat we've discussed how dark their albums can be lyrically. Yet these guyswere always having a good time and they continued to do so, and I think it's anawesome thing: Yeah Yeah and then basically it's called AIC. Twenty threeI'll include a link to that in our show, notes and I'll also put it up ontwitter and Instagram to fuck and Hilarious, but basically, instead ofwhat they kind of opted for. So instead of doing your typical marketing andpromotion for the album for the devil's put dinosaurs here, they just didalmost like a spoof. You know markiventory yeah like a ten minute,mocky menory and it is Hala Sean Kitti cracks me thefuck up. He is, I mean they're all funny in there, but my goodness it ishilarious and it it reminds me. I don't know if you remember this back in likeninety five, they did a thing called like the Nana tapes. No, no, it waskind of a similar. I didn't. I wasn't exposed o those because remember wewere talking about this and I was brnging up their headbangers ball.appearances. Yes, and you know that was cool because at the time being such abig fan of all these acts and stuff and also being addicted to headbangers ball,which the weird thing you alwayst want to be embarrassed about. I think, likeOh yeah, I used to stay up all late at night to watch. headbangers, ball and Pantera's. Walk was the strawbelight inmy room and I turned off the lights,...

...but seriously you get to livevicariously through these rock stars that just really didn't give a damn andwanted to. You know have a good time all the time.Yeah these guys definitely had a great sense of Hummer, and then there was theone. I don't know if it was. I don't know if Iwas headbangers ball, I forgetwhat it was. It was definitely on MTV and they were at Action Park in NewJersey and it was hilarious. I think was it jerry either Jerry or lane. Oneof them was basically wearing a speedo with like snirkles and flippers on andjust like walking around it was. It was fucking hilarious like these guys werelike giant goof balls and to your point, when you listen to albums like you knowdirt, you know, and it's like wow, that is like some dark stuff, and then yousee him walking around Action Park. Ind A fucking speedout, that's great yeah!These guys are Hilarious, Bofor, the whole social media like mood or spiritthing like OHS, you know Alison Chans was it man, you know yeah. That was itlike. You wanted to be those guys because they just didn't, give a damand they wanted to have the best time of their lives for as long as theycould. It was fantastic Yep, but yeah definitely recommend checking out thatAIC. Twenty three video, like I said I'll, put a link up and the show notesand I'll also post, that at all n our social media, but yeah absolutely hoae.I do also want to know I do not have the energy at my age to live life likeAlsatade, so, oh, no, that time is passed all my aspirations of, maybe you know, live in the Vida loca likethese dudes. Is God anymore? No, Oh God anymore. Now I want to nap yeah likemmidday. If I get a nap, I can hane. I had one today, who's delightful. The MIdid not the most thrilling thing that happened to me this week was. I hadfound inmind you. This is January. I was prowling my pantry looking for asnack and I found a box of count. Chocula cereal that was left unopened,fresh, sealed from Halloween to Sitin in the back, and I munchedon I copofbowls of that- and I was like this is. This is great it's the best day, if mylife, man, that sounds like a good day it well. You know, like I said when youlive a certain life and you're. You know walluped by the world, especiallyrecent events and everything else, and you just like, Oh God, what the heck isgoing on and you find a box account Chocula dude, it's like hey, that's itthis is it man alill pick me up more than little so lyrically speaking now, I'm not sureif this is about. I have a couple F different options here. Now, I'm notsure if this song is about being on the road for decades like Cantrel has or ifit's about living with your demons, so I will so dave. Let me put out bothoptions here and then maybe we can decide which one we think it is yeahsure about that yeah now, if, if we think it's about life on the road now, there's a lyric where he says long pasttime to close dead eyes, find a break in the highway out. Here, I'm invisiblevery few going my way now long past...

...time to close dead eyes. I mean he'sbeen touring for, like thirty years now and find ta break in the highway, maybefind tha proper time and pull off the highway, neither retire or just youknow not tore anymore and very few going. My way I mean how many peoplehave had a career like Han Shrell. Has You know so I feel like that might fitthat narrative and then he also says more at home and landscape. Strangeagain, Dud's been traveling for so long. It's not like he stays home for toolong now, as for living with your demons, the last part of the song wherethey say I'd, let you go but you're, always in the way. I'm the damage done.Your scar of yesterday, it's like trying to get past whatever it is,whether it's like addiction, depression anxiety, whatever you're O whateveryou're going through. You know, moving on from it and living with it. You knowso I feel like it could also be about you know kind of like living with yourdemons as well. So I don't know what what do you think Dave? I wouldn't livewith my demons. I would take their dirty dishes and leave them on theirbed until they moved out. Okay, that's whatI would do. Personally, I mean everybody's different feel free to dowhatever you want with your own demons. That's just how I'd handle mine, but you know you brought up a great wordnarrative now I is well documented. I don't read toomuch into lyrics, but I do think the narrative this song is perfect indescribing a road trip and it takes you on a road trip of its own. Really Imean when you think about what he's describing throughout the lyrical content of thesong, to even there's a major sea change happening towards the end of thesong. Almost feels like. Okay, we've been on the road now we're entering atunnel or maybe a different route, this a little different scenery. What haveyou so? I definitely think the the way the song is mapped out is very goodyeah and, to your point that the song does change it kind of starts off. Youknow like quick a little bit and then it kind of slows down a little bit inthe middle, just kind of like that middle, that middle section. It slowsdown a little bit and then you get to that and then it like builds a littlebit and then you get to that final part. You're, just like Holy Shit, is likeblows you away how awesome that sounds well. The final part is very retro,Alison Chains and when I say like the seed change, the first Alison ShamesSong. That comes to mind. That is something similar to that where it justkind of breaks down and then gives you something melodically this so sweet, and I when I say sweet I mean becauseit sounds good, o your ears, you know what I mean it's just like weal. Theyit hooks you it's like wow, that is really catchy was angry. Chair right,you listen to angry chair the song. The verse is like one tempo one melody andthen boom when they hit with the choruse. It takes you to a completelydifferent place. Man. It's almost like...

...two different songs that you n thinkwould completely be conjoined in harmony, but they made it happen andTha yeah that song definitely slams on the breaks, but that happens. I thinkhere too, wherein we're going in one direction and then boom they like okay.Now, here again it wasn't like slamming on the BRAKS. As you just said,it was more gradual. That's why I called it yeah traveling through atunnel correct, but even by doing so it's almost song with two halfs. Youcould take two different songs and they fit them together. Yeah I could seeyeah it's kind of like my limbs, because I'm Frankinstein no, I mean I like how they did you knowput it together. You know, I think it does. You have the beginning part rightthat kind of gets a going and en the middle part slows it down, but then itstarts to build back up until you get to that final part. It's so good, yeah,angry chairs. Good too, I like how it's like very like monotone. Oh angry,chairs, fantastic. I love that Song Yeah, and that was, I think, laneStaley only wrote a couple songs after I think he wrote too. I think hate tofeel was one of them and then angry chair was the other. So Lan Staleywrote that one but yeah that's a great song. It's a great album. I don't knowif you guys know that how I feel about the dirt album. But if you don't knowcheck out our previous episode on Wood. Yes, Che got o our entire back cataloge.It's there for the taking reach out and grab it now. I did kind of avoid yourquestion by bringing up like the whole malotic composition rather than a lyricitself. I I do know, there's I don't knowpeople going to say like some of the lyrics here a week right because heactually brought up ticktech to and the verse itself is Breth on awindow showing tick tectoe rear of yew, reflecting there ain't nobody homeconnect, the dut scribbling and you would never know, is that the strongestthing in the world? No, but yet again, if I'm not readingtoo much into it, that is something that would completely happen on a roadtrip right, correct. I am correct, I know I'm correct and the most correctguy there ever was wher ever will be, so he so he talks about kind of likebeing under ROADHP lyrically and figuratively. Okay. Well, you said:YOU'RE GOINTA lay out two scenarios for me right yeah, so so yeah H, the onescenario was you know just about life on the road right mean, guess that theGuyas been touring for, like thirty years sure, and the other option was.You know like living with your demons right where, and I think that I thinkthe first half of thes song really doesn't talk about that. I don't thinkI feel like the second half of the song is where you kind of maybe feel likethat's what he could be talking about. Maybe I's talking about a coupledifferent things I don't know but or maybe it's like a a careerretrospective for Jerry Cantrell could be very well, could be or could just bea song about road trip man. It could be it could. It could be that TA hoppingin the car, with a few homies going some place to hang out and play ticktacto on the window on the window,...

...but before we go ahead and get into ourfinal verdicts, there's actually one more person who would like to tell us acouple things about this song drue what's happening William Duvallef,Allis and chains here, and I just want to wish you look on your podcast showwhere you discuss a different song. Each episode yeah sounds like a cool idea, and so let me preface everything by first saying that you part of the charm of listening to songs and writing. Songsis how open to interpretation. They are you know and and with breath, on a window. You know,that's a that's a that's a cantro lyric, so I can't speak to what was on his mind when he wrote that and honestly wedon't usually discuss anything when he writes a LYRICOR. I write alyric, we just we let the work stand and speak for itself. You know more often than not I meansometimes well, both know what was on eachother's minds without having to say anything or sometimes we might sharewith one another if there 's like an inside joke in one of the lines orsomething like that, but for the most part, when we write something we just let it be- and you know there's so much harmonizing inour group that you know the other, the other guy,whoever wrote the lyric usually sings at first and then the other guy harmonizes on top of that and when the other guy is doing theirpart, you know tha the person who didn't write the lyric they just areleft to imagine whatever they want. So you know just like just like thelistener is so for me with breath on a window andagain this has no bearing at all on what may or may not have been onGandro's mind for me. I always think about touring like theendless cycle of oftouring, in particularly my early days touring, when I was youknow, writing round and station wagons andvans. You know when you're, when you're a lotcloser to the ground, so to speak, and you really feel much more acutely the the movement andthe road underneath you and the sense of feeling you know close to yet disconnected and divorcedfrom regular society at large and most ofthe people that you encounter every day...

...and also, of course, that takes or cantake an incredible toll on all of your personal relationships. Ther people athome. You know her love ones. You know you know girlfriends whatever I meanit's always it's always tough, and so that's kind of what I pikture I'. Inmy mind, whenever I hear that song and what I was picturing when we wererecording that song and making that record, but that's just me and again, I I leave any song whether I write it or not. I meanlieave it leave it for the listener to make make of it whatever they want so yeah all right. I hope that helps alittle bit and yeah all right peace. In case you don't know who that was, thatwas Mr William devalv from allison chains, giving a very thoughtful andincightful answer to that question so William. Thank you very much, love yourmusic and hope you up a great new year as well now on to our final verdictshere so dave breath on the window. Yeah alsome chains. Do you think it's alegit hit or a Song Gong wrong? I think I think I think everybody thinkseverybody has opinions to like assholes are everywhere and next I're going to start a fucking.PODCAST aren't yeah. I know right. Jeez, Louiss, Pucker, O people are the worButter Cup. I will give credit to the deval era forbeing much better than a lot of people hive it credit, for. We have talked offair and discussed all the home runs. The alisand chains have hit over theircareer right. All these great songs and albums and just their body of work istruly outstanding. This being said, I believe that breath and a window is agood song, a very good song and, to put it back into baseball terms, it wouldbe a solid double. Okay stand up double, but comparing it to the other tumbs and just history itself, grand old fathertime. I don't consider this a legit hit itagain, very good, something I would mindhearing every now and then, but it's not necessarily something, especiallywhen I'm thinking about Alson chanes and what I want to hear cracking my top ten. So there you gogood song legit hit. Not For me. I feel like this is kind ofsimilar to I'm, not comparing these songs, sayingtheire, similar styles or I think, but when we were talking about Chicago'syou're the inspiration, because I feel like in a similar scenario right, likeI mentioned you're, the inspiration was nowhere near my favorite Chicago Song,and I think I even went so far as say.

I don't even think it cracks my topfifteen and breath on a window. I don't think would crack my top fifteen eitherfor Olse and Chans, but I don't think that means it's a song gone wrong now, obviously I youknow like Alison chains and it's not that I'm biased here. I think this is alike legitimately good song and I'm going to say it's a Legitat, I'm notgoing to shock it one here but yeah. I think this is a legit hit. I'm notgoing to drag out this suspenseher, but people properly do what I was going tosay anyway, but now Iwas saying Lik is this: Is this their best song? No, Idoesn't mean it's Legit, ite people, you know and then, in this song rightyou know people talk about like the slow burn to kind of get to that payoff.I have no problem with that. You know everybody wants. I feel like a lot ofpeople like want everything now right. We, I think everybody has adhd to apoint wel yeah. Sometimes, though you need to build the song up and not everysong can get right into it like them bones where just kicks you in it teethlike immediately. You know- and I like to build up here and the payoff is sowell worth at other songs, right that have a nice buildup that people don'tseem to mind like stairway to heaven and freebird. You know they justgradually build and buill the next thing you know you're rocking out to aphenomenal page, Solo, R or collins and Rosington Solo. Now, I'm not comparingbreath on a window to stairway or freebird, but they all kind of havethat billd to it. You know what I mean: Slow Burns, yeah and another song. Youmight not know Davor our listeners to that matter.Herewas a song called curtains from a band called Arcane roots. I don't knowif you are famert that song or anybody else that matter. I highly suggest youcheck that song, Ga that one has a slow bilt to it and Holy Shit. That song isepic and finishes very strongly. I love that Song Great Song but breath on awindow lyrically, it's okay, musically! I like it a lot and as I've said before,that payoff is massive. So I'm going to say this song's a legit, hip, okay andthat's fair, listen, I don't think the whole slow burne part of it is whatkind of put the nail in the coffin for me not declaring it allegent hit. Ipretty much just put it in a vacuum with the rest of elsand chains,material and, like I said, if it came to you know, push comes a shove heywhich songs, ome, ouse and Chans. You can be listening to breath on a windowgood song, but it's not it's. Not U there. For me, you know it just isn'tthere that's fair, but I mean they have a massive Catalogu of mean they havewhat six full length albums m and then, if you put like jariflies and saptogether, that's what seven and four or sevennd five things actually five songson Sap, so wat twelve songs, which ul make a full album which, by the way, bean even better album than jariflies, is already because they're, both fantastic,so seven, so Syeah, so seven actual like albums of material and the vastmajority of it is good. So yeah, you know what a lot of good song we could.We could be Hashiwn this out all day.

You could be throwing numbers at melike they were Ninja Stars, piercing my body and leak in my blood, but that'snot what we're here to do. No, what are we here to do day, we're here totiebreak this son of a gun? That's what we're going to do. Let's do it. Yep Tishit up the fiens all right, let's se, what the fans have to say about thisone all right, so the fans have spoken andsixty three percent said this song is a legit hit, Oly macarony all right nowwe got a couple bits of feedback. Ryan Bolm at Ryn. Bome said love that band,but that song doesn't light. My fire, you just can't fit playing tick tec tointo a chorus and make it sound good. So he also called up the whole TICKTACtop. I think it sounded good. It's just yeah. I is a little offputding, maybeat first that's something coul hear in like a heavier type song. You know, and then Tim at ton, sixty two saidlegit hit, so we got a little bit of feedback there, but I have one otherbit of news for you. So since you know, covid is pretty much riked TAVOC onearth, Jerry Cantrell is going to be apparently releasing his third soloalbum this year, roughly about nineteen years since his last sola album, whichwas degradation trip and that came out in two thousand and two and his firstsole album came one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, which wasboggy Depo, both good albums. If you mix and match some of the songs offthere, I feel, like you, get one phenomenal album, but I just wanted tobring ups. Also, this is an episode were putting out in January. So Davehere are some other bands that I was researching that are having albumsreleased in two thousand and twenty one. So foo fighters, I believe, are havingone come out in early February. Florida Georgialine also, I think,hasn't coming out in February to just getting Florida. Georgia line blows.Okay, Rob Zombie and a Dato. Remember I think here having one. I thinktentatively in March Weezer has one coming out. I think in May now thesedats are tentative from a schedule. I saw this seems to be kind of theschedule for the year for some of those bands, but- and things can obviouslychange now, I believe garbage has ben coming out Lord, I love Lord. She is afantastic musician, avenge sevenfold bullet for my Valentine, more music forme to put on my Gim playlist, I'm sure coming out this year and then I thinkpotentially metallica might even have a new one coming out this year. So wehave some. We have some new albums coming out thisyear and then last year we got. I mean there was a couple good albums thatcame out last year mean pro jam released, Gigaton, which was phenomenal.That's probably my favorite album of the year, if not my favorite up therewith OMS from death tones which came out in the fall time, so some goodalbums coming out still so flaming aply, don't forget them American hew, that'sright thousand and twenty that's right. I also have some news in my own. I wantto formally announe that throwing intre stars and another human being is not agood idea and would be a terrible way... in fact die yeah. We we frown uponthat YEA. I know, even though you said then I still would not throwniga starsat you, yeah no practice at home, not with people. I also want to put a not a redaction, a clarification. Whatdo they put that in the back of the newspaper when they fix an article,isn't t in? Isn't it redaction and there's an aridical redactions when you like block something out Ow, you block somethingout: Yeah, I'm not black, and I get no markers. I'm not. You know doing that,but I anyway, whatever the hell. The word is. Maybe a listener can help meout because I'm not egimicated, but last episode. I called it alison chainsweek, but I didn't realize at the time that these episodes they are backedback and it is double dose of Alison Chay's content were releasing in separate weeks, so yeah there goesmy whole event. I had the tshirts made up the hats. The button is the wholenine yards, Kittn cabootle, you know tip to tail gone poof. I mean Iwouldn't mind doing another Allison Shane Song. We could do three of themin a roun. I don't know if we want to do that. Okay, I like to keep theprofile it diversified a little wide open. You know what I mean. I was justhappy. We were. We were allowed to do to Alison Chaine Song. So thank you forhumoring me on that. Well, who is going to stop us? NO NOBODY YEAH! So thereyou go! So you don't! Thank anybody. T your show, an an cry if you want to dowhatever the hell you want, except for maybe beatbox breakdancer, give usSoninja Star on injusttr yeah. That's you do anything. You want just don'tthrow them that just at MEES and me I want anybody yeah, but specifically atme first and then that'll trickle down to everybody else, but yeah, namely Idi Wenoted. Thank you anything else stave you would like to mention. I doas always want to thank the kind listeners who have taken time out oftheir day to spend it with us. This is a I mean come on now. This is awonderful thing: that out of a world full of shows, radio, podcasts,entertainment and Youh'd mentioned earlier- that we have tention spanproblems because we are in a. We want it now: instant gratification, kind ofculture, thanks to binge watching everything. The fact that you do so and choose tolisten to us is pretty darn awesome. So thanks and we do try to gratify youinstantly. So hopefully you are receiving some form of gratification.Fromoh drew feel so you are, I'm gonna StartCalling you the GUTA. This podcast feels so good anyway, thanks orybodyfor listening to US hat song has gone wrong and, like we've said before, youknow, check us out on twitter and Instagram at songs gone, you can dropus an email, sw podcast at gmlcom visit our website, songs, gone wrongcom andyeah. That's it and thank you guys very much for listening to songs, God, wrongand doN'thron Inju Stars.

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