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Songs Gone Wrong

Episode 4 · 1 year ago

Butterfly by Crazy Town


The late 90s were something to behold, and this 90s hit was right at the forefront. Did Butterfly by Crazy Town go wrong?  

This song was off the album The Gift of Game which came out in 1999. Butterfly peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 in March of 2001.  

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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got it right, or did those songs go wrong? I'm one of your host drew Zachman, and joining me as always as Dave Shultz. Dave, how are you doing today? Good, sir, like, Oh my God, drew, I cannot wait to drink a bunch of emdy two thousand and twenty eight and talk about this tune. I got this, I think. I think when this came out, I was probably drinking like Milwaukee's best. So like some like that. This was it, like the best. Are used to call them old yucks. Yeah, it's gasolene. That's what you're doing. That's pretty much which you were drinking for effect, not flavor. Yeah, well, yeah, also, yeah, it was poor back things. I was what the song came out. I was like nineteen, so I was a nineteen year old college student. So yeah, mix, mix, about makes about sense there. But before we get into what this wonderful song is so wonderful, if you haven't done so already, make sure you hit subscribe it to make sure you get all of our episodes when they come out, which in fact is twice a week, and if you could leave us a five star review, that would be deeply appreciated, and you guys know so we would greatly appreciate it, as a matter of fact. And you can also follow us on twitter at songs gone or drop us an email sgw podcast a gmailcom or visit our lovely website, songs gone wrongcom, and if you want, you can suggest a song on there. You know, let us know what Song you want to do and you already could help, you know, support the show either way. Will gladly appreciate it. But go visit songs gone wrongcom to get all that information right on. That's like our hub. I always want a hub and now we have one. It's an awesome thing. It's like it's like our head our ghostbusters headquarters. Yeah, Tree House. Yeah, that's what it is. Yes, freaking great. So I want all of you people to come join us there. It's going to be great. You know what, it's even better because, unlike a tree house, you will not get a splinter, that's right, and we get to talk about music and it's wonderful. Sweet. Yeah, it's win win, all right. So this episode, speaking of Old Yucks. We are talking about the song called butterfly from the bands called crazytown, which I guess means this episode is sponsored by axe body spray, so as acts body spray for helping something. But Anyway, butterfly was a song from crazy asy town off the album...

...the gift of game, I am not making that up, and it came out one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine s this the song is over twenty years old, which is kind of weird, and the writers of the song are Seth Binzer also goes by shifty shell shock. Apparently he likes a literation Brett Mazer, Michael Flea, balls ree and John for shanty. Now those last two names, Michael Lee balls ree and John F shati, might sound familiar, probably because they are, because that's flee and John for shanty from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and we will get into that a little bit more, but before he kind of, you know, to get deep dive in here, Dave, what are some of year memories of this Wonderful Song? Well, with my whole lead in there, I was trying to imitate a drunk chick from the late S. I think I did so fairly successfully, wouldn't you? Oh yeah, I totally would have talked you at a party. Yeah, right, well, that was a thing if you kind of get a little too involved with a girl at a party, but you really wanted to have some fun. So, yeah, you agree to jump in her car. This was a tune that she would crank up to ten and sing all the lyrics. So that's what it kind of reminds me of. This like a drunken mishap, if you will. That's sounds about right. Yeah, so this this came out I was in college. I was like nineteen or twenty when I heard this for the first time, and for a few minutes I thought this song was okay, but I was listening to heavier stuff at that time and I never really dove into the lyrics beyond what you could really decipher on your own. But now that I'm digging into these lyrics, HMM, Yikes, it's all. Yeah, Yaikes is right. You know why? Because they use the same words and I know you love this. To rhyme with themselves. It's always a winner, always a winner. Yeah, you know I'm a fan of that anyway. But yeah, this song, this fucking song. So Butterfly by crazy town peaked at number one. This is a number one. This is the number one song during the raising on during, I I mean that's the number. Was Number one during the week of March twenty four, two thousand and one. Now Butterfly has been streamed over one hundred eighty five million times on spotify, and crazytown somehow has over two million monthly listeners. They do. I mean, I looked it up. It's true. I don't get it, but that's that's what's going on here. But if you take a look at some of the other songs that were we're on the billboard hot one hundred that time. Sitting in the number two spot was angel by Shaggy and Raven. I remember that Song. Number three was stutter by Joe and mystical for was again by our boy Lenny Kravitz, and five was love don't cost the thing by Jennifer Lopez. So not a bad had top five seen better. You wavered on that... man. That wasn't very solid coming out of her race. Yeah, you're right, it's a I was trying to be nice. I Love Kravitz. I Love Lenny Kravitz. Okay, he was the one thing, kind of holding that top five down. But some other songs of note in the top forty at that time, where thank you by died out at twelve. I loved Didoh, great singer, awesome voice. It wasn't me. By Shaggy and Rick Rock at fifteen survivor by destiny's child, that's seventeen, hanging by a moment, by Lifehouse at twenty one. I remember that Song. Speaking of songs people would love listening to a parties. That was definitely one of them. And dropping nine spots to thirty seven. You might have heard of these guys before. Dave so, sitting in the thirty seven spot, was with arms wide open, by creed. Ever hear them? NOPE, nope, have no clue whatsoever. Never say that name in front of me again. So sorry. Huh. Okay, so getting that out of the way. As I said, this song was off of the album the gift of game, which it's this reminds me of that. I don't know if you remember watching this show, but there's a show on. It was either MTV or Vhone, and there, I think his name was like mystery or something like that, was like a dating show where this guy who would wear like all these like weird random hats and shit and he would call it, Oh, you have to peacock, you know, try to stand out from everybody else, and he would get these like other kind of like nerds on the show and try to teach them essentially the gift of game, you know, how to kick game. Two girls. That the that's what this reminds you of. That guy was also a douchebag. So I feel like this is that's about it. So now how does butterfly compare to, you know, some of the other songs on the album? And all I have to say is Holy Shit. So the only other Song of theirs I listened to on this album was toxic, which was the first full song on the album after a twenty five second intro, which was just a horrible twenty five seconds. Anyway, I'm going to say as well I was probably one of the dumbest twenty year olds listening to this absolute trash. So toxic, as I mentioned, I listened to this before, probably blasting it with the windows of my one thousand nine hundred and ninety four miles of protege way down, thinking I was this shit, and after and I mean several years. I've passed this point. Since I've live I haven't listened to this song probably at least a good fifteen years. And this song is trash. Toxic is terrible. The music's okay, I'm fine with it, even though it's like your typical like rock, rapper, rap rock music. It's nowhere near the biggest offender here. The vocalists. Dear Lord, I actually got a headache after listening to this song. shifty she'll shocks his voice shift. These vocals are so fucking annoying. Like his voice makes me long for tonight, as it was that terrible. Anyway, if their voices weren't bad enough, the lyrics are even worse. I have no idea what the songs about, but they're just like screaming the word toxic like they're trying to improve their SEO somehow. And here's one of my favorite lines in a song where they sing rapper, whatever... is the hell they do they go. So fuck the critics, we leave them hanging like in excess. So I'm like, okay, obviously I'll reference, yeah, obviously a reference to how in excess frontman Michael Hunchins died back in ninety seven, not long before this song was written. However, INEX US I'm pretty sure it gets the last laugh here, since they were actually talented and they were nominated for three grammys, they won five MTV video awards and they had eighteen songs appear on the US billboard, Howe hundred seven of which reached the top ten. So I don't know, maybe rethink your lyrics, they're shifty, or, I don't know, just think about them for the first time, because they are trash. Also, let me check crazy town's hot one hundred chart listing and let me see here, they had one song on their one, just butterfly. So I known't played. I don't want to listen. I know you got you're fueling a lot of fire here right now. I can feel the heat. Sorry now, drew. Okay, I know you're enjoying stoking the flames over there and I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I think it's interesting that you brought up reality TV earlier and shift he's real claim to fame may have not even been this song or his participation in the band crazy town, but rather the fact that he was on celebrity Rehab and he was introduced to the television masses smoking crack in the back of a limousine, and many people who don't know what happened to him. Their lasting image is him on a roof, much like a scared rodent, or basically, do someone coked out of their gourd trying to be talked down by Dr Drew. Yeah, he has, he has some issues. Yeah, I think. Yeah, but I am shocked the man is still alive. Yeah, it's honestly, it's kind of a miracle at this point. It's I don't want to say it's impressive, because doing drugs, you know, we don't want to glorify that. By the way, everybody crack his whack and yes, on grass. Okay, that's your PSA for this episode. All that, he's he's definitely, yeah, he's. He's made his rounds when it comes to when it comes to Rehab and doing drugs, amongst other things. And also he also has a bit of a record, a criminal record, which y'all, I'll touch on that a little bit later. To please do yeah, well, well, we'll trust me, we'll get there. But now the rest of the album. It's honestly, it's horrible. Rap Rock. Now I don't mind that genre if it's done well. Okay, faithful Moore could handle it when they did it all on occasion. Hell Limp Biscuit, I think, could even do it right. So could rage against the machine. Lincoln Park, Non Point Etown Concrete Jersey represent that's right. And a newer band, fire from the Gods. I'm a big Fan of theirs and I feel like they, those guys get it right now. Crazy towns music. It's not the worst, so I'll give him a little bit of credit there. However, the vocals and lyrics are a joke, a fucking joke. Now, how does butterfly compared to the... of the album? Style wise, it's similar but not as heavy at the rest of the album. So it's kind of like a rappy ballad, I guess you could say. There's another slowerish song called revolving door, also terrible. So I feel like this song fits right in. It's trash on a trash album, okay, but style wise it's a little bit slower, more ballady. I guess you could say it's kind of like a love song, and I'm are quoting the shit out of that. I will get to that in a second, trust me. So, yeah, but that's that's how it kind of fits in. You are powering windmills with that air quoting over there, dude, I probably lit my house for the next three months. All right. So let's get into the lyrics a little bit. So the lyrics were written by Seth Binzer, Aka shifty shell shock, as he wrote this song about his girlfriend, Cynthia, who turns out had some this story is phenomenal, by the way. So he wrote this song about his girlfriend, Cynthia, who turns out had some issues with the stuff he usually wrote, which I don't know why she would have issues with the things he would write. You know, for example, another lyric from toxic where they say I rock the mainline and party with fine bitches, which is a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. Now, I don't know why Cynthia would take issue the lyrics like these, which he's the outpaced anything written by Shakespeare for that matter. Also. Yeah, also, in the song revolving door, they say now ladies come, ladies go out my revolving door. Some ladies never come back, most come back for more. So ever, he also said that in the same see also said in the same song. Since a kid I've been surrounded by beautiful women and slipping in them. So I mean yeah, also the yeah, Oh God, that's so fucking terrible. I'm sure lyrics are cringe words like. I mean, I remember being a nineteen and and, you know, twenty year old. I don't think I ever liked would say shit like this. It's just, it's gross. It's fucking weird. Well, let's get on the butterfly. Would talk about the butterfly lyrics for crowd loud. It's not like they really stretched that far for these either. We're getting we're getting there. Okay, so, so and right, like I said, this girl, Cynthia, they were dating whatever. She wasn't happy with. You know how we would write some of these lyrics. So he wanted to write her a song, basically that, you know, could show he wasn't a shoven his pig. So why she's dating this guy, I don't know. Also, his nickname is shifty, which is a nickname you probably gave himself, because I feel like he seems that the kind of guy that would give himself a nickname. So come on, Cynthia. Anyway. So, as I said he basically wrote the song to show he wasn't a show ofn his pig. I hope she left him if this was his best effort. I mean this song is basically just objectifying her. But let's be honest, if she was dating this tool in the first place, I think we can safely say she's only running her boat with one more. So he wrote the song to prove he's not some showbiz...

...pig. And what does Chauvinis pigs do? Right, amongst other things, they objectify women, which is obviously clear when he says the only thing I really know is she got sex appeal. That's all, you know, like really early shifty. That really boy. That really hits right to the heart. Anyway, they were living together and he said he started bringing home butterflies because she had a collection of butterflies. She had an actual fucking collection of butterflies, as they will collect butterflies. By the way, any of our listeners and of our listens, if you call it butterflies when when you hear this episode, please just like tweet at us or drop us an email and let us know if you actually in fact collect butterflies. I'm I'm curious don't. Just let us know. I want to see him. Yeah, it sends some pictures of Your Butterfly Collection. I really would like to know. I'd be under the assumption they'd all be dead. Who has like live butterflies fluttering around their house at all times? They were real, they were real wow. Anyway. So yeah, if you guys like butterflies, please let us know. Anyway, I feel like we're really painting a proper picture here, but a literation aside. They're broke up after dating for three years, so that's a lot of fucking butterflies in the house. But when they were working on the song, shift he said he wanted a pretty mellow feel, like under the bridge by Red Hot Chili peppers. So instead they just sold a rhythm from pretty little ditty off the Chili peppers. One thousand nine hundred and eighty nine album mother's milk, and I love reading about how these lyrics came up. So shift he said he was making a left off of Santa Monica Boulevard and for some reason he said you're my butterfly, sugar baby. So that's there. That's their creative process. I guess. I don't know. HMM. Anyway. So what is the song about? I mean, I think we can all figure out this point. I guess the song is about hooking up with your girlfriend who likes butterflies. Has Our NIPPLES pierist the tongue ring while you do shots of yeager lines of coke while bleaching your hair. I feel like that's what the song is about. What do you think? Yeah, is that the impression you come away with here? I don't disagree with you, because some of the word play is very crude, but even relate it to we talking about John Fruciante and flee the red hot chili peppers. Can Be accused of that in certain aspects as well. With the lyrics kind of make you scratch a head and go what the hell they talking about? Yet the song is a much more cohesive and original performance. Now one line, though, really, I think, touches me deeply in my heart, my soul and other soft places, and I probably shouldn't be talking about on a radio show, but fierce nipple piers, you got me sprung with your tongue ring. That, my dear friend drew, is poetry in motion. It's I actually need a minute. What all yours nipple piers gets you messed up, there it will end and sprung. You ever been strong with your tongue and you drew? Have you ever been sprung? Can You for count any times in your life where you go, Oh, damn, I got sprung? No, you ever sprung from prison? Oho, shifty..., stay a little skate. Oh Yeah, you're going to talk about that, this son of a gun do oh, I will, I will tell you, I will tell you, I please. I bet you involves crack's gotta be crack. Well, we'll get there. I don't want to. I want to. I want to build a little drama here before we get to our final verdict. Okay, these are the days of our lives in crazy town. That's right, okay, but yeah, the lyrics are it's a joke, right and, like I said, he were just hilarious to right when you think about it, because the girlfriend was like, I don't like the lyrics that you write. So the rest of the album is basically the normal stuff he would write. Like right, I gave you a couple examples. Ast what that was, just like two or three examples. Butterfly is apparently his best effort to try and make it seem like he in fact is not a Douche. All I got to do is look at them and it's like, yeah, this guy's a fucking Douche. But if I was dating someone and I'm like, I don't like the way you write those lyrics, and then they're like okay, I'll give you one song, okay, cool, but what about the other like twelve? Why are they still why are they still douchey? And why are you keep singing about revolving doors and girls coming and going, most of them coming back like that, like that's doesn't make sense. If you were really in love, you turn yourself into bing crosby or something here, trying to impress her with clean lyrics, but this is the exact opposite. Yeah, well, I mean and well, he tried again. Are quotes. He tried for one song and even then it was just like basically, he's just like I think you're hot and I love having sex with yet, like that's basically that's it. That's that's really all he's talking about. Oh, crazy town, terrible. You know, earlier I mentioned I want a tree house. What would a tree house be like in crazy town? You probably, I think, in order to gain entry into your Treos, you probably have to like frost your tips and get like one of those like ball bearing necklaces and a tribal tat. Yeah, you definitely need that. You definitely need that and probably work when those like wife beater like t shirts. Oh Yeah, dude, that right care I literally just described what shifty looks like. I know it is and I can't reside in crazy town. I don't. I can't pull that off. There's no way in hell. There's also so chance you probably should have already had HEPSI. Yeah, terrible, terrible, I say. Also a prerequisite. I hope no one earlier, when I reference Dr drew that I was talking about you, is, if you were legitimate medical professional. Now that you're talking about sexually transmitted diseases and whatnot, because he's a rustle. Every probably cleared him from some of those. Two we're here's, here's you, cream shifty anquitment. Also Change Your fucking name. Like shifting might be cool if you're like like an early teenager, maybe, like I would. I...

...feel like once you hit eighteen, it's like, all right, you shouldn't be called shifty anymore. That's kind of like all right, yours asking for it. Now it's like a four year old still dressed up like he's sixteen or he's like a member a crisscross or something, and you go, dude, you like forty four years old man, like what's I deal with the SAGGY PANTS AND THE REVERSE BASEBALL JERSEY? What's going on there? Huh? Can you imagine him like a corporate America, like he would like sign his emails like like warm regards shifty. Really, it's like no, your name is seth is fucking sign it, Seth. Come on, man, it'd be in that cartoony kind of Crayon esque font. Oh Yeah, sure, sure, yeah, absolutely. So let's get to his crime. Just tell me what put shifty, this very respectable obviously, you know, man of High Society, in the clink. So he has so I think this was before crazy town started, but he actually had a police follow and he did some time in prison for burglary and he saw. My understanding was he was dealing drugs. Of course, there you go, there's the drugs and he was. There was somebody else, I guess, who was also dealing drugs, kind of like a competitor. I think he tried to steal from that person, and then that's when he wounds up. I think he evaded police. I think he adventure. We got caught, so that's why he wound up doing time in prison for burglary. So I think he also got off for are not got off. I guess they has never pressed him an each our pressed any charges against him for dealing drugs. So it was strictly the Burgery, from what I remember researching. What do you think? He was trying to steal? Crack. You should try to steal. Everything's about crack. Look at him. Everything is about crack with a guy name is shifty. Or he was trying to steal some kind of cream for his like syphilist or Gonnoio, whatever the fuck he has, or something. I thought he's gonna try to steal some like lorial ladies hair colored kit or something so we can keep up that mean frost you mentioned earlier. Yeah, maybe that was the deal. Who knows? Or you probably is like going in like hot topic and stealing like the hair die or something like that. Grab that manic panic. I'm run, mother fucker. That's it. Math I remember Matt that's the name of the manic panic. Good Memory, man, good fucking memory. Oh shifty. Anyway. So, Dave, now we are we're getting to the end here. We figure out what our final verdicts are. Right, we ask, is this song a legit hit, or is this in fact a song that went wrong? So, Dave, what say you? Good sir? Well, you know, it's a weird thing, because the music is you mentioned earlier. It is catchy. This is something that cannot be denied, and it does get into your head, but much like an earworm, the chorus even, for some reason, gets stuck into your brain. All these years later, I have not listened to the song once,...

...but the moment that we reached the subject of putting it on the show, all that I could hear was come my baby, come, come, my baby, and I went no, Oh, please God, not again. So does it have, I guess, much like this song's creator, and addictive side to it? Yeah, a little bit, which is a key to having a hit song and having a lasting impression on the listener. But overall, I mean there's just too much trash in crazy town to ignore, and I do not think this was worthy at any point in history of being a hit near the top forty, let alone a number one. No, sir, indeed, this is not hit. That is a that is well said. That is well said. What about you, buddy? What do you think? I mean, I know where you're going, but you could surprise this, you know, you never know. It's like people change, we get older, we mature, things that we didn't like before and now we've become accustomed to it and use in our everyday lives and, you know, we look back and kind of laugh at the kids that we once were. You were this kid in college drinking old Milwaukee, eating rob Roman noodles or what have you. So maybe now, at this stage in your life, you just in love with crazy town, I don't know, Phill us in. Well, here's the thing, right, and that's funny, right, one of the things about doing this show is when you look back at a song, you know from like twenty thirty years ago, you know, you like you were like going to mean, I mean when I was like one thousand nine hundred and twenty, I was in a completely different place in my life. You know, like I probably if I ran into him now, I probably smack him in a head one for like a lot of reasons. Why? But one reason particular for listening to toxic by crazy town. Like that song. seriously. I was listening to it with my ear buds in and I was like I remember this song, and then when shifty started singing, I'm like, oh my this is so annoying. Like you know what it his voice sounded like the sound that Jim Carrey or Lloyd Christmas does, and dumb and dumber he's like you want to hear the most annoying sound on the world? What they should have done was just dubbed over Jim Carrey with fucking shifty singing on that song toxic. That is more annoying than the noise that Jim Carrey made, and it is terrible. Now I mentioned you know why. I'll shifty shell shock had a police file for doing time in prison for a burglary. I think it's safe to say he never stole any creative lyrics or actual musical fucking talent and, as I mentioned, he wrote the song to proved his then girlfriend that he wasn't a show of in his pig and this was apparently the best he could do. The lyrics are clearly off the mind from some more on the frost of tips, who thinks he's this shit, which is how you end up with only one song on the US billboard hot one hundred. Now one can say, hey, how many songs do you have on the hot one hundred, drew, and that answers zero, which is what I would prefer over having my one song on the hot one hundred be this poser, tough guy, horseshit pseudo love song. The question at hand is, would this be a legit hit, or... this a song that went wrong? And I tell you emphatically, this is a song that went all the way wrong. My only suggestion to you is, if you like the music but don't want to Douche lyrics, or actually any lyrics at all for that matter, I strongly suggest you listen to pretty little ditty from the Chili peppers. And this researching, this episode actually made me angry at myself for wasting, you know, hours of my life listening to their music, and I feel like it really hit a nerve with me and I it really made me angry and I don't I feel like I should sue them for for me listening to me, and that's my own fault. I guess. I was one who lists. I willfully listen to her music. So it's my own fault. Yeah, I'm angry. I'm angry at myself, is what I'm getting at here, and I'm trying to find someone to blame. It's really just me. But yeah, this song is not here. This is a song that went way the frig wrong. Wow, now you always pose a question to the fans out there on the twitter sphere, in the Internet, the World Wide Web's, because you know we want their opinion. They are basically the third voice on this show. They're part of our show. They are absolutely part of our show. And now you did surprise me here with your verdict on butterfly. But you know, the night still young. We still get to hear from these fine furry folks. So what do you have? Yeah, so you you voted this was not a hit. I also voted this is not a hit. We already got we already have the two thirds vote at minimum. Bud let's see what the fans said, and they also agree with us. Sixty one percent said no. I feel like that was a little closer than I was kind of hoping for, but still, yeah, our fans came through. Sixty one percent said no, butterfly indeed, is a song that went wrong. Now I posed the question on twitter and asked when I say butterfly by crazy town, what's the first thing that pops into your head? And I'll tell you what, we got quite a bit of feedback. So let's see what they had to say. Kendall in Cleveland, who goes by at seventeen candles, said red hot chili peppers in a non parallel universe. All right, there, I think you're kind of talking about Chili peppers to a little bit. It's I feel like that's fair. Sure, right. Ryan Bowma, goes by at Ryan Boem, said pretty little ditty. It's which I say, well done, sir. He knows is his stuff. They're Mark James at underscore, Mark James from our good friends over at dueling decades. So who they are? Drunk girls, he said, drunk girls dancing in college. So yeah, that's about right. Yeah, that's where I was talking about the leadoff the show. So me and Mac we're some PATTIICO. That's right. Laura Bennett, who goes by at me, second to none, saids and here you go. She said Celebrity Rehab, which would be in reference... the two times shift he was on that show, along with two stints on sober house. So he was on sectly a technically for seasons, of some kind of a rehab show. Good for him. There you go, Ryan. See, he goes by at Gr Copel, copple, copel. We're gonna go by COPEL. I'm wrong, Ryan, please let me know. He said that random dance scene in Orange County. I honestly don't. I've never seen that movie. I've never seen the film. So, yeah, but now you know what. No, no, that's the problem is you know you're going to fast forward through that scene that now that you're aware that's part of the soundtrack, or would you actually subject yourself to like all over again? You need it. I need to see it. I need it. Hey, man, you're a glutton for punishment, just like freaking shifty needs and eight ball. He's coming back from more baby. That's right. Okay, so trey carvill, at that tray, carvill, he just posted an Emoji of a guy throwing up with you there, Trey, Carmelita Valde' McCoy, who goes by at Carmelita, says, well, she didn't say anything. But she posted a jiff of a dumpster fire, so I second that, ma'am. I think that's a great summary. At EC, I'm sorry, at EESCA, underscore, Bernard said make it stop, and he said that in the all caps. Mind you. Reverend Johnny Blumpkin, who goes by at Blumpkin show, said how a decent album was ruined for me by all the high school girls squawking about how this was their best song. I don't know if I call it a decent album there, johnny, but I could see how people could ruin it because of this song to each of their ad at. Yeah, we have at Edelstrom said butterfly baby, at Paulind Singh said John for Shanty. Nasty done, Paul. John Mutfrey, goes by at book mindset, said Chlamydia. See, there you go. So I feel like. I feel like this song does apparently trigger a lot of feelings from people most fault under that dumpster fire category. So Hmm, I agree. And speaking of dumpster fires, you said Jiff, which annoise the ever living crap out of me, just like I'm a guess. The Hound drives give them. Yeah, it has to be. It can't be jiff. It has to be gift. It has to be in. Anybody who says otherwise you included because it starts with a GE. Jiff is the peanut butter dude with an know. What about DREFF? What about DREFF? Why does Jiraffe start with the g? No, it's graph. Come on, dude, like, don't act like you ever went through the first fucking grade here. That's been a long time. You know, my daughter, my daughter just started her first day of second grade today. So maybe I'll I'll ask her. I'll be like, listen, you know, I will. I run it by her. No, no, I'll see it. No, please don't. No, I don't do that. How do? I'll give her the letters GIF and I'd be like, how do you? How do you read this? Yeah, all right, well, you know what I says. Mean, what the Hell? Just what? She...

...eight years old? Seven, seven, even better, seven years old. I think. You know what. I will officially take that opinion in verdict is Gospel. So go for it. Let's do this. You know what, that's another thing. If you get a butterfly collection, if you say yes for gift, contact this anyway. You know about anything. It doesn't matter. Tell me how you do it. I don't care. I think we should also post a pole if you have. You have a couple. We have a couple action items here, Dave. So one will post the poll. How do you pronounce? No forgift? No, I will not know. I don't want you to do that because it's like that's like a typical podcast fodder, stupid question, just like I hate it when I'm on twitter and I see a podcast ask what platform do you listen to your podcasts? On spotify, apple? That? It's like, come on, Dude, like what? How is that even going to help you? You know, we're gonna use the metrics that you are provided by your platform any way to figure that out. But here's here's here's why I would like to ask our listeners because, okay, we have a very special group of listeners. They are wonderful, lovely people and I want to know specifically how do you are? I don't care how anybody else says it. I want to know how our listeners say it. That's that's what I'm that's what I want to get to. Yeah, I was going to say our listeners are probably the brightest human beings ever aside from Mark James. So yeah, I definitely want to hear from each and every one of you, please. Yes, and I lost my track. I was going to post. Oh, the butterflies. Yes, so we'll reach out to everybody again and we'll ask you, if you have butterfly collections, to please show that to us, because I have butterflies in my stomach anticipating seeing these collections. Yes, all right, Dave. Anything else like to add about butterfly by crazy town? No, not really. I just want to thank all the fine people out there took the time out of their day to listen to our humble little program we appreciate it. We love you and keep coming back from Mobe Babe. Yep, we sure do. And you guys can find us on twitter at songs gone you can visit our website, songs gone wrongcom. If you want to suggest a song, like I said, just go to our website send it our way. And you know, if you guys want to contribute and help support the show, that would be awesome. Again, you can do all that at songs gone wrongcom, drop us an email. SGW podcast at gmailcom. So all kinds of ways you can reach out to us, and we're always willing to listen, just like you listen to us. We're good listeners as well, so thanks again for listening to songs gone wrong, and don't forget to US stop collecting butterflies in your house. GIF.

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