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Songs Gone Wrong

Episode · 11 months ago

You're the Inspiration by Chicago


This episode Drew and Dave talk about an 80s classic ballad from Chicago, You're the Inspiration. Does this song hold up? Some other things this episode:

-Drew gives his Doctoral Dissertation on Chicago

-Sledgehammer = Glory of Love?

-Chicago has 46 songs on the US Billboard Hot 100

-Songs in the Shower

-Drew hates the Kardashians

-Drew may or may not have butchered Erico's name

-Dave might have solved a master riddle between two men born in 1946


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Everyone and welcome to you songs, gonewrong where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got itright or did those songs go wrong? One of your hostrew Zachman and joining me,as always as Dave Shaultz Dave. How are you doing good, sir? I am Bee bobpingrocking and ready to talk some tunes. My good old buddy drew. How are youdoing good man and yeah happy New Year and after the two thousand and twentywe had, we can all use a little, shall I say, inspiration as we had yo othousand an twenty one so Su I did there. I did I you didn't have tomention it. I definitely heard that I think a lot of people did as well andour listeners are the smartest ever so of yes day that bat, the best, but youguys haven't done so aready for new to our show, make sure you hit subscribeto make sure he get all of our episodes and they come out which in fact istwice a week, and if you could also leave us a five tor review. That wouldbe greatly appreciated and if you do so, let us know we'll have a songs gonewrong, sticker mailed to your house. It's Nice, you can. It is very nice andyou can also follow us on twitter at songs gone also, Instagram is at songs,gone, coud drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or WEU can visitour website, songs, gone wrongcom and also we have our own songs gone wrong,playlist on spotify, so you can keep up to date with the songs we discuss eachepisode now, David. Yes, you DONET talthin about our media empire, allRight: Oh the biggest empire, so gas tig, bigly, sor ois. This episode, Yepspeaking of social media right. We talked about doing a Chicago Song onher previous episode and we put up, we put up a poll on our twitter webs yeahand here's where we landed. Okay, ow, we put, we put four songs up coming infourthplace was: Will you still love me that that pulled in six percent of thevotes? Ouch yeah look away. Had twelve percent of the vote m hard to say. I'msorry had twenty nine percent and the winner pretty clearr runaway win here. Wasyour the inspiration. Hey took home the win with fifty three percent of thevotes. Now this was I'll sel at this is tough thou like trying to figure outwhat songs to put in the top. For you know to it's, I'm not saying these aremy top, for I just figured these would be t. You know, four songs that peoplemight know Chicago has a mountain of great songs to choose from so yeah. This was. It was a little trickybut hey. This is where we are so you haven'n guests already also by judgingby the title of this episode, we're talking about your the inspirationwhich is from the band Chicago, which was author, album Chicago Seventeen,which came out in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four now dave yeah.If I may, you may yeah Wat', don't think you. Thank you very much beforewe dig into the song. I think it might be worthwhile to talk about Chicago asa whole. Now I'll try to give a quick history lesson in just a few minutes,because their history is pretty amazing. Okay, I well say so. Are you ready Ihold on let's seemy body my mind, my soul? Yes, I am ready. Okay, nowChicago they formed in on thousand nine Huneen and sixty seven now did you knowthat actually the members are from Boston of all places. Did you know thatI did not know that, but now I respect them even more. I'm just kiddingthey're from Chicagoo Boston. Anyway, they initially callthem. So I love Boston by the way that it's a great town. I have nothing,don't don't yeah, don't start diing on... oking. I was because you're wewerehaving this whole twitter, spet yeah, not a spat, we're just talking. Well,it wasn't a spat, because apparently fans of the show there's some very fine.Ladies out there who are Boston, well, one's a Boston fan the other onesupported my views of Boston me being from Massachusetts, so you know a spat.Would I wouldn't call it that I think your know overstep Ow Your BoundsShinatigins? Perhaps Tom Pitom foolery, if you wal, yeah, not Boston's Bostons are great. I lovegoing there to hang out it's a great place, but they are yeah Chicago. Theyare from Chicago. They initially calle themselves the Chicago TransitAuthority before changing it to just Chicago one housand, nine hundred andsixty nine. Now earlier they had a big jazz sound as they use a lot of horns,an our music so kind of like a rock pop band with a horn section. So, like rockjazz, I guess you could say was their smile. But anyway you know starting off.Terry Cath was the singer before they brought in Peter Sitara to play, baseand sang as well. Also Robert Lam handled some singing duties as well,then startindg or like the lates early s. You saw a shift where Satara kind ofhandled, more vocals, but then Tragicl, one thousand nine hundred and sevty.Eight Cath actually died of an unintentional, selfinflicted gunshotwound. So after that, Satera stepped up as vocalist with lamb, also singing aswell, and then Rone tousand, nine hundred and eighty one. They brought ina Keyboardist Bill Champlon. Who would eventually sing on several monster,Chicago heads and Satara, eventually left Chicago, one thousand nine hundredand eighty five after helping them put out? Seventeen albums Satara would thengo on to a successful Solal career belting out such hits as glory of love.The theme from the karate kid part two and the next time I fall at duet withamy grants, but after Satara left lamb and Champlin handled vocalist dutiesfor several years, along with new basist Jason Chef, now Startin, onethousand nine hundred and sixty nine. They released an album every year untilone thousand nine hundred and eighty, which is pretty crazy and then in the sthey released albums every other year and then, when the NS rolled aroundthey kind of to, they started to fade a little bit. But here's what is sointeresting about this band right. They had dealt with tragedy in the death ofTerry Kath earlier right, and then I know at the onset they had kind of moreof like that, jazz rock sounds very kind of like horn heavy. I guess youcould say you know, and they had a lot of hit songs like twenty five or six tofour great song and Saturday in the park, and I think you start to see whatdirection they might head on. Ther, one thousand nine hundred and seventy sixalbum Chicago ten when they release the single. If you leave me now, which wastheir first number, one hit kind of had that like smooth, slow jam, balladstyle to it and then in their early s, you see them they're working now atthis point with David foster a bit more and they lean towards the power. Ballodsongs right with hit such as hard to say, I'm sorry off their eighty twoalbum of Chicago sixteen hard habits to break and you're the inspiration, ofonethousand nine hundred and eighty four album Chicago seventeen. And Will youstill love me oft, one thousand, nine undred and eighty six album Chicagoeighteen and then look away off? One thousand nine hundred and eighty eightalbum Chicago nineteen. Now one thing I want to point out when you listen towill you still love me for the longest time I thought that was Peter Sitara.Now, eventually, a young drew did some digging and found out about JasonScheff, so I've known about this for a bit now. But if you listen to that song,it sounds like Satara, especially when chef sings the high parts. It soundsvery satera ESQK. If that's a word, it should be Satara Esk, but you can hearthe difference. I think a little bit in the lower parts, but still I was likeHoly Shit like they sound, pretty, damn familiar, which leads me Dave to mynext topic. Can you name me any bands...

...that has had five singers sing on hitsongs, Wow, that is a yeah piece of Trivia off the top of my head know I'dbe hard pressed to do so so that is very impressive. Indeed, yeah I meanhit's crazy, five different singers. You know and also like how many bandshave kind of changed their sound like they did. You know like initiallystarted out like Morly, jazz, rock and then kind of transitioning into moreBalla, its kind of like a AH calle like a classical s band not classical is inthe music genre, but just like your typical s, kind of power, ballad bands,but- and they threw some horns around- you know when the eits two it wasn'tlike they completely got away from that, but it's almost like they had almostlike two sounds: you know earlier on. They were kind of a little bit moreedgier. I guess he could say with the jazz and the Rock, whereas in the S itwas like. Oh we're, jus going to you, know, basisting about love and lovelost and things like that, but the fact that they did it, you know kind ofchanging their style a little bit and then also with that many singers. It'simpressive. You know, I mean I how many bands have even been successful withtwo singers right. I mean Van Halen right. We talked about that during theright. Now, episode Y. U Know David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, I'm only goodthem credit for two singers, not three. Sorry Gary Sha Ronsure, you know AACDCright had bon Scott and then Brian Johnson Genesis, Sad Peter Gabriel,then moved on to Phil Collins, we're seeting it a little bit with alsandchains right as William Devau, I think, is on a great job with them. Afterformer former singer, laneds Sdaly passed away in two thousand and two,but you know, but these bands had success with two singers, not three orfour. Five Chicago did what they did with five singers, so I'm inspired bythem Nice Nice Way to tie that in yeah. I got ta say, but so yes, like I saidthis song you're the inspiration it was on the album Chicago seventeen whichcame o one housand, nine hunded and eighty four, and it was written byPeter Sitara and David Foster. Now, if you don't know who David Foster iswhooblo now I'd known about him for a bit and then one night, I was sittingwith my wife. While she was watching a real house. Whili was of I forget, likesome town in California, and David Foster was on there. He was, I guess,married to somebody who was one of the cast members, and I was like oh no shit,ther threat this, like massive house with, like this beautiful piano and onthe wall or like all these, like grammies and stuff yeah. That was DavidFoss. I was like, ah no shit. Well, he is no longer with that housewife and issince married Catherine mcfee. Who is thirty six? He is seventy one W W. Ihope you at all Yeah Holy Macorony yeah, that's something else anyway. I hope hecan write some baby songs because they're expecting a baby like she's DuLi with the baby. So I hopefully he has enough energy to keep up with a childthat seventy one but yeah. Maybe it's something about a not being able toraise you, but I'm going to leave you a whole. Oh Yeah, Bat, a whole bascinet full ofcash seriously. I'm sure Katheric married him strictly for his. You KnowCus, she loves him, has nothing to do with his money. It's good look. Also, Ihave like a sneaking suspicion, theyr Nannyis Probay, going to raise the kidanyway, but we to go doad of the year anyway, Nice Judgy drew yeah o can shoomhah. Sorry, the Ka'l say what the kids going to be a Hel, a musician. How, butbe he fossi really is thoug an accomplished musician writer producerhe has on sixteen gramy awards, including three for producer of theyear, has been nominated forty seven times. Wow, that's nuts, so here hereare some other songs he has written. I don't know if you know this one, it's aKenny, login song called forever. No, I feel like I feel like if you hear atyou'll know, but he also helped. He also helped write glory of love withPeter Sitera, some other Chicago songs, hard to say. I'm sorry, which I'mguessing makes sense since foster, has experienced hince the apartment sincehe's been married five times now, but anyway, the witty Houston Song. Ihave nothing mm love me tomorrow by...

Chicago he helped write man in motionfrom the Sane Almos Fire With John Parr. He wrote helpright stay the night byChicago. He also helped bright voices that care, along with his den wife,Lynda Thompson and Peter Sitara. I also mentioned he wrote: Will you still loveme by Chicago you're, the inspiration by Chicago and those are just like?That's just like a small sample of some of the songs. He R N There's like somebig, hits there right but yeah, but so I s so tave. What are some of yourmemories of this particular song from Chicago? Are You done with yourdissertation I yeah hold on. Let me turn the page. Yeah Nope we're goodwe're good. That was some heavy lifting there Dre, I'm just trying to educatethe FANSOS. Yes, you educated me as well. I just sat back and listened andI was wowd flord. If you will now, I've got to admit something. When you talkChicago to me, it all boils down to basically one man and that is PeterSitara. Now, when this song came out, I was a a Wei Lad. I wasn't a Chicago Fan,but I mean who could really avoid glory of love by Peter Setera when coredy kidto came out Yep and I as a kid really enjoyed that song and I liked his vocalstylings, but we have a confession to make. I always had this thought I don'tknow, blame itg on you know childhood idiocy or something that he and DavidRashi the actor who starred at the time in a show that I loved calledSledgehammer. I don't know if you're familiar with it. Oh I yep. Okay, Ithought they were the same person. I yes, they do look very similar. I completelyagree- or at least they did- and I I'd be, watching sledge hammer and I'm likehey or vice verst, or see the glory of love video and be like hey, it's the same duthe's. Quite thetalented chap look at him go and it took me many years to figure out. Theywere actually separate human beings, both talented in their own rights. Now,over the years I grew to like Chicago more when I became aware of them,especially when I kind of branched my listening tree out, becausewe've mentioned many times on the show were kind of stuck in ruts as teenagers.It was like. Oh it's Goin to be heavior, nothing else or you know you go through phases. If youwill yeah Chicago was something that came to me more in my mellow stages oflife and I do enjoy their songs but yeah, it's all. If it's got Peter Sitera in it. I likethe song more than any other yeah. Now, you're, not I mean hey, that's that',er, an hate, real, quick thing, because you came with all this. You knowknowledge, dropping the knowledge bombs on us to be fair to myself. David Rashiis from Illinois and he went to the University of Chicago so tying that into Peter Sotara, who was a bass, player and Singer of Chicago? So you know,maybe they are the same. We should investigate this, shout be shobecome athing. We're not oh, shut up ohokay. So here e we go heter Sontera is seventy.Six years old he was born in September, one thousand nine hundred and fortyfour David Rashi, also seventy six years old. He was born in August O onthousand nine hundred and forty four. So about I'm about five weeks beforePeter Sitara woll understand you know what I thinkyou're on the something but yeah totally Yikes, and they called me crazy.I tell you dre, they calld me nuts. Now you know what yeah they very well mightbe. Very well might be the same person but yeah. I remember hearing that Song.I remember that showsle Chamra, which was phenomenal by the way, lovewatching that yeah, but I remember hearing Chicago and like all their hitson the radio, so I was aware of them, but then my sister had there it's likea greatest hists Fr, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two tr, one thousandnine hundred and eighty nine that album- and I remember listening to that quitea bit. Actually, I think we have like I...

...want to say it was like ninety three orninety four. We had a really bad snowstorm here in the northeast andboth F. my parents are at work so just my sister, who was like four yearsolder to me and we're just like hanging out at home while school was out, youknow just because of the snow storm and she would just like play this CD. Soshe was a big Chicago fan to and like this album. So I Wul just listen alongand man. It was great. I had a ton of great songs and then, after that Istarted checking out their other stuff, and I was just impressed that how goodthat band was and they had a lot of like diverse song, I mean in the eitesI feel like thet kind of went one way, but when you factor in the entireCatalogue of Chicago they ha a lot of good stuff to pick from right, yeah,but I'll tell you what and people still like Chicago, because on spotify theyhave over six point two million monthly listeners, which is pretty good. Isthat all that's not bad man thit's, not bad and you're? The inspiration hasover a hundred and fifty eight million streams and yeah and of all the Chicagosongs. That's the second most streamed one well. Hence. Hence it success inour pole. Right, that's true, that's true, and if you leave me now is theirmost stream song now Chicago. If you look at the billboard, hot one hundredChart Infro here Chicago has had forty six songs crack the US billboard hotone hundred forty six David. Yes, forty six YEP, I was waiting for you to usemy full name like my mother. Would, if I was in trouble, you like David. Yes,it tha is quite the hit list. They've had twenty top ten hits and threenumber ones now you're the inspiration peaked at number three back in January,one thousand nine hundred and eighty five. So maybe people were inspired forthe new year, maybe ther liusand, nine hundred and eighty four thate likeyeahited and eighty four whatever. But you know what it's a New Year: Let'sget spired and listen to Chicago forget this George Orwell crap, I know yeah,but they had forty six songs crack the hot one hundred Dave. Forty six- Idon't know if you heard me, I did. I heard you might want to get thattattooed, so I tramp stamp of that. I might but yeah other songs on thebillboard hot one hundred at that time. Right Wo, look at the top fivespecifically number. One was like a vergin by Madonna number. Two was all Ineed by Jack Wagner. Number three. Was your the inspiration? Number four was.I want to know what love is by foreigner and five was easy lover byour good friends, Philip Balley and Phil Collins, and if anyone wants tolearn more about that song, I think there's this one great podcast thatdiscussed that song. If I'm not mistaken, Atloto great information makesure you hit up our archives immediately, because we have a laundrylist of great tunes for you guys to check out. Well, I mean I wouldn't: doit immediately wake finish this episode and then go back to the archives. Well,you can always bepausein if you're not caught up yeah, I mean, if you want toits up to you, I mean true, you know you kind of force on people, you, likeyou, listen Er else. You don't stop. This show you got to finish it. Youstarted it you going all the way through. This is hey. You know whatthis is a resolution, people's a lot of times. People start things, they don'tfinish. I want them to start this episode and finish it well, I'm morewilling nily that will help them in their goals and resolutions for tothousand and twenty one, I'm trying to help our listeners day yeah. No, I getthat. I get that, but I'm saying, if you want to bounce around a little bitto hear me and drew talk, some songs be my guest. That's what I'm here for iswhet. I live for preathe for I'd. Rather, people just follow the rules and stick to your standard operatingprocedures. Here: okay, okay, either way when t, whichever way you want todo it as long as you're listening to songs gone wrong, there are no right.Yes, that's right! Yeah! Well, honestly, I'm not going to complain one way orthe other, but how does this song fit into the albumhere? I think it fits in perfectly well. You know you have a decent mix on here.There's another power ballot and hard habit to break. Miss Album in generalis a monster album because they had hard habits to break. But then you havestay the night, which is a great tune, and along comes a woman, which isthat's my favorite on the album actually once in a lifetimes anothergood song. So I think this song fits in...

...perfectly well with the rest of itssongs and yeah. Along comes a woman, so awesome great soon, but that's prettymuch as pretty much it you know. Do you know that song hard habit to break yeah?You know it's one of those things where I I don't know if I've revealed this onthe show before and if I have apologies in advance and even then in itself,this is a confession of the highest order. But when I do research for ourshow, I'm nothing like Dru jrews got spreadsheet. Heer he's got pages, AFDnotes pouring out of his Yingyang me. However, I listen to songs while I'm inthe shower, and this might provide a terrible mental image for some folks,but I bring this up because you know showering, isn't a one song thing, I'mnot in and out like that, so I tend to ask. Well I use Alexa. I don't want tosay her name too loud, otherwise she might hear me and start doing as Icommand that I tend to ask her to play the whole album or even then, sometimesI might say, play the greatest hits of or whatever the case may be, but yeah it'sa it's a good record. I like it. I like it very much and again it's got PeterSitara on it, so you can't go wrong or can you sick tround to the end yeah, but yeah ewe're also going to change our podcast named to songs in a shower yeah thatway this yeah they'll be the spinoff show Dave in the shower yeah Yep I wash myself with a rag on hestick. I love a good spinoff, but lyrically speaking I mean this songwill not blow you away. I mean it's good, I I'm not saying it's terrible,but it's very simple, yeah but kind of boring. Like is literally saying whatyou mean, you know like you're, very important to me. I love you very muchyou're, always on my mind. Yadiyadada, like fast, is a terra bas laid all outthere for you like it's. It's like a paint by numbers, except this pick bynumbers, is being painted by Peter fucking Siterra. So we have that goingfor it, but lyrically like I'm. Not It's not the worst song.I've heard like lyrically speaking, but it's also. Okay, Oh you're, theinspiration yeah, but you don't get my life true, thes, there's so many times.We've had the this discussion on the show and you have looked in the cracks.Okay, the tiny crevaces of the words to find meaning, okay and sometimes you'reright, sometimes you're wrong. But still you kind of get your owninterpretation of what the artist is trying to say here. It is verystraightforward, laid out, oh yeah perfectly, and I enjoy that because whether it be any other form ofentertainment, I don't like to kind of be let around by the nose or ifsomething ends have having something left open to interpretation. It has its times it has its moments,but there are those instances where I really justprefer. For you just to say, this is what this is about. bigate Bam, biggetyboom is good, as is you're welcome, and I think this fits that bill. Yeah. No,I mean I'm not GOIN TA ARIG there. It's right to the point. You can write thisson. Imagine you ere! Fourteen years old and you 're writing a love letter.You would have paid someone to write poem, this good and I would have paideven more to have Peter Sinterra readon Wir, the girl than I was trying to wil.Well, you know Oh yeah interestingin. My budget was limited back in W NThouan, nine hundred and eighty four, it probably would Hav cost you a lot ofmoney, because I read that he originally was going to write this songfor Kenny Rogers and Oh wow yeah. He was asked lastminute to put it together, but he was packing for a trip to Italy, so he worked on the music and then he flewoff to Italy and then he said he was among like the columns and all themarble and everything you know living a life of grandeur and luxury, and he sawsomething by Michael Angelo or a statue. Micael Engelo. I could be wrong here,but he was like. Oh there. It is inspiration that is inspiration, andthen he came home and wrote the lyrics.

So that would have been a very costly love note to have written by Pete,Sitera thit's, true, which is also a weird thing, because when you thinkabout songs or art, do you prefer knowing that somebody was rich beyondwhat? Maybe you could imagine when they were crafting their works or let's sayon the polar opposite? Like a s? Gru Grange Band, there were just some kidsin the basement who couldn't even scratch enough money together,basically for like a pack of smokes, but they still crafted this song. Youknow I mean like that is. I think it depends on what the content is, thoughyeah no true true, but I mean, if they're like I'm, not going to listento like fucking Toby Keith sing to me about how hard it is to like get byeverythidy. I'm like Brow, you're, fucking, rich sining, about your littlered fucking Solo Cups. You Know Yeah Ik. I don't need him. Tell me now, on theother end, you know, like pro jam's. First album writing to me or youwwriting about songs. You know about like black, I mean good. Lord. I meanthat song gives you all the feels you know and if it's like, I said I feel like itdepends on what the content is, and anybody can write about love whetheryou're, Richor poor. I doesn't matter you're going to feel that either way,but when you're rich, I mean yes, you may have struggled previously, but nowyou're you're on the other rand. You know soI'm not. I don't want to listen to you. I'd rather listen to somebody WHO's.You know coming up yeah, it's just a weird thing to me, like I have a hardtime grasping like Oh yeah. Well, I'm going to go, take a two week tripto say the Mediterraneor Mediterranean or something and I'm on my private jet,I'm going to be on a yeah yeah and for me it's like well. I would assume it'seasier to work that way. Then I work a full time job. My Life Sucks. I comehome to a crappy apartment and I still have to find the inspiration to craft something worthwhile. I don'tknow I would think the path of the wealthy would be easier, and maybe Ijust assume such a thing, because I've never been that wealthy and I dream ofit as many others do as this life of just pure joy and everything beingwonderful, I'm sure it's not for everybody, but yet, if you said to me,oh I need you to make this and you could do it here or there. Iwould assume it's ultimately much better place to do so from a pointof indisa dispensable income with yeah. Iknow I know what you're saying there well good. I don't w Ur to stop mebefore. I went on the whole Wa about the damn thing. No, but no, I know whatI know. What you're saying that's true yeah I mean it like. Itdepends on each person. I MEA everybody has different goals, mea, maybe somepeople just like being rich and sitting by a pool all day, whereas maybe someother people like you know what I want to W. I think about my legacy. I wantto Ha. I want to write as many hit songs as humanly possible. You know, soit depends on what what people want to do. Maybe there's at wealthy musicianout. There is like damn. I can't write anymore. I need to go hit the streetsyeah, but I mean like, like if Kim Card Dashin wrote a songbutt inspiration. Iwould not look for that. One big S, I'm Gik Care, first of all, she's a fuckingMMORON, but yeah of all, I'm like like O. I do not want to listen to you. I meanI talke about anything, let alone inspiration or anything so yeah so yeahand I think that's part of it. But, okay, when you H, you got Peter Sterayeah. True, so I mean what's the song about, I mean honestly, it's probablysome chick Satara and or David fossor, trying to nail. I think, that'sprobably what the song is about anyway, Dave. Yes, what do you think you're?The inspiration by by Chicago? Is this legit hit? You think it's a song gonwrong. I personally enjoy this song immensely from the INSHRO. I mean itreally. It's NIC Hav the piano kicks in, but then they hit you with the guitar.I love that its that thump n the beginning of the tune. I it's like oneof those things where you might not be paying attention, but then you get toturn your head. You know what's going...

...on over here, the song is beautifully,crafted it's wonderfully written again, lyric's acide being simplistic,but here is some of the crinteria. I'm going to judge this song on now. Aslong as we have high school dances, weddings or digital photo frames, thissong will never die okayect because no matter what situation you're in, ifsomeone wants a little bit of inspiration, they going to use thissong. All that being said, I am going to say this is a legit hit drew yeah. II'm so I'm guessing David Foster, told Catherine mcfee. She was espiration andboom panty dropper, but no he can't use that line. Everybody knows he wrote thesong, it's not like, he could just wel. He could. I don't know I D, I don'tknow, I don't know if it would have worked for him to say. Oh, I wrote thishit song for Chicago Becauze, mcfee Givin, her youthful age, like I said,she's like thirty sixhe's, like seventy one, werd, probably B like who Chicagobut Anyway Jealous No, don't tell the truth. Come on now you got a vendettaagainst this guy over this whole thing. No, I ust just weird he's like he's.Like my dad's age, I know right now her, but still this hole she's younger thanme weird anyway. Okay, all right, you'repor hid and e're having a KI verdict. But Dou is this my favorite ChicagoSong, O it's actually not even close like I don't. I don't think this wouldeven crack my top fifteen, maybe even top twenty now do I get the same feelsfor this one that I do other songs from Chicago? Not Really I mean wh n. Sowhen I hear the opening pianoso, will you still love me man, my my nipplesperk right, the fuck UN. I love that song got is so good now Dave. I think I feel thesame way in general about this song like how you did about sweet freedomright lyrically. I don't think either soing necessarilyblows you away its very basic from the lyrical standpoint, but you like howMicael McDonald sang that song. I really like hows the terrace thingsthis song, you know a while this song isn't anywhere near my top five Chicagosongs. All Time and honestly, I think this is like my fifth favorite song onthis album alone. I still think it's a legit hit and- and I think that speaksmore to how good Chicaga is where you know they can put something out there-that maybe isn't. This is o their best song in my opinion anyway, but it's sogood enough to be a hit. That is the power of Shit, the Chicago TransitAuthority, good sir, so I say this is a legit hit, I'm buying it. Did you everslow Dancse to this in high school or anything was a s bcause. I know for myexperience in high school dances is this? Was the jam like w? You knowbefore youeven answer that I got another question for you. Okay, I is itthat kids are always afraid or boys are always afraid to ask girls to dance. Oh,I don't know tha, you were weren't, you you're afraid you like. Oh, I was afucking nerd. Are you kidding me she's gonna, say no she's correct and it'sfunny how all these years later, you realized. That's like nothing, it wouldnot matter you one. I owna. If that girl said no to dance to. You know, you're the inspiration, butit was like the world breaking at the time. Oh yeah, I mean when I croseryounger, I mean with a lot of things. For that matter. I mean I back when Iwas a kid. I was a huge sports night. I mean baseball football basketball. Iwatch every sport and I was heavily invested in them. You know, and now you know I if you know the Yankees LoseHi'm like whatever I don't. I mean. If I win, I'm happy, you know don't get mewrong, but if they lose Al, my what I don't fucking Careo, I'm not making anymoney off this or you know this really affects me like. If I have a bad daylike do, I think Erin judge is going to call Ip and be like hey jor, listen. Iheard you had a bad day right. Torthyou still, let me buy your, let me Buy YourJersey, yeah or your podcast or whatever you know, which our podcast isfree by the way right think I's very nice of us Yep. But you know I don'tyeah a lot of those things and when you were kids and you know dating- and youknow that stuff in general, it's like your look back and you're like justfucking talk to them. You know like the...

...worst thing that can happen. is theysay no and even then who the fuck cares? You know and ten, not even ten years,like five years later, going ta be like whatever stupid, I don't know or you could haveasked, they might have said yes and your life would have changed forever.All with this song is the backdrop to you becoming a successful human being,but I apparently I never listend to a song, given my lack of success as ahumidityeot fucking suck it life. Man Holy Jeez- Oh my God, but yeah we arein agreement, which is Nice Yeph. That is a good thing, but let's, let's seewhat the fans have to say about this, what do you think well, first, offstarting off two thousand and twenty one like this is a beautiful thing. Soif we can go for all three, the trifecta of everybody approving thissong is a hit. We are often run it baby, so yeah, let's find out all right. So sixty percent ave yepsixty percent said that this is a legit hit. Okay,now yeah now I so I actually I took a video of it and my she put the Kabachon it, but I asked my I played the song and I took a video of my seven year olddaughter Abbey. I was like I wanted to get her reaction to it. She was like this is the worst songever Al, so she so she doesn't like Chicago, which is unfortunate, but wellI'll, still work on that, but we did get some other feedback now on twitter,so ryn Bom at Rin. Bome said this is cheese ball, trash MILENDA Barnet, atMon de Barnett said I mean if Chicago only existed, to make the corriticatsoundtruck that'd be okay, but I don't like this song, but it's a legit hit,whether I like it or not, and Erico at Erico and Erico correck mefrom wrong, I'm woing to say Yo Rit's, Erico Teryo. I could be wrong or Tarriolt, I'm fing,O Tatro, it's ther IA, ult, I'm Gointo say, is Tario, I'm he Satario YeahErico. Let us know if this right, but he said LE hundred percent a legit hit,but I do know what you're saying Dj at DJ. Sko D said love most Chicago songs,but this one is not one of my favorites Jemmy, Patrick at APO Taco. Thirteensaid how is this even a debate. Irish Keith at Tismy Selfyou know said aChrist Almighty. Why did you make me listen to this? This is purit uttershight me head is Wrecke, now sorry buddy and speaking of you're. Talking aboutyou know how the songs played at weddings and dances and stuffso. We hadfeedback from FOLLOWR. Her name see. She goes by atReal Moses tweets said it was the song I danced to with my husband at ourwedding ind, which I divorced shortly after it will always be a song gonewrong for me. Yeah Yeah, O. We just said like imagine yourworld changing for the better, because you aske the girl to dance during thesong and she just completely showed the the other side of the coin. If you willfor that one, oh, she showed it yep ias like nope and then finally, we havecarmla deval does Mecoyat Carmalida says she used the Sesame Street YepitMartians, but she actually went note nope Nope, oh so andit any time someoneuses the Yippip Martians. I always appreciate that. I Love I love thatshow yeah well yeah, but that was a nope nope, no, no nope! So that's M. Ithink that number is low. The sixty percent, I mean there's a lot of votestoo. On this so yeah. I think I think this song is you get you get both sidesand also CRARMALEDA said. She also said that it could just be me, but I have adeeply unpleasant viseral reaction to Chicago. So you know it's. You get thegood in the bad yeah. I do have to get prop so to Irish, Keith and MalindaBarnet, for they seem like theyre chiming in on every song, and I trulyappreciate that on social media you guys guys are champce. 'RE gonna haveto have like an Allstar club. Not Saying is favoritism or anything. Welove you all the same,...

...but and I'm speaking to the listenershere, but they always give us there their two cents on these tunes. I digit yeah non. We get. We get a lot of great feedback from all of our listsbecause we have we have the best listeners in the world yeah and Malida.If I'm correct was also part of the Yankees red socks, you called it. What skirmish? What was it again? Im TomFolery to Shananic geanigains? That's what it was earlier, because that's theother thing too. If you follow us on social media, we may just make foolsout of ourselves in real time for your amusement. We do Yep, what's the HeyFarber: what's the restaurant, with the matsraw six and then Goofi Shit on thewall? Oh Shenanigans, please time! You know what I'm talkingabout, there's from wasn't it waiting or something Supertrivers Super Troopers! That's what it was. I thought you talking about the EA.I knew therew's some kind of well. I think that I believe the restaurant inwaiting, I think, was actually called shenanigains in might have so yes andthat movie by the way, both of them super troopers and waiting, are fuckinghilarious movies, but but yeah. That's all we got man nom.Is it wow? That's it right for our first episode of Two Thousand andtwenty one now a and guys also Mein on my offer stands. If anybody wants help,you know turning their resolutions in their project plan. Just let me knowshit me a note over on twitter Wel, hey gram, orm whatever, if Li ill you outstop, because if people didn't listen to the last episode, they wouldn't knowabout that offer. So you goan guide them over thit, because right now somepeople a e going what it Wa I'm hung over newear just happen. I don't knowthe hell's going. What is he talking about? Well, the offer is we're goingto have Dave Shipp to your house. Yes, yes, with a bag of frios and a gallonof milk gown of milk, yes, but beyond all that, if you have not listened toour previous episode or any of the other ones, make sure you check us out,what are you waiting for because that's ha great thing about two thousand andtwenty one and I would like to have some new listeners. So if you like, theshow, tell your friends, your coworkers, your Nana, your cousins,your enemies, neighbors, pastor, bys on the street, yes, you say: Hey check outthat song's gone wrong, show that's what you should be doing and if youwere cool enough to leave us at five star Ovou, you could even sport asticker and show them our swell logo. So that should be your resolution fortw thousand and twenty one listeners, and I start yeah act now. Well, sendyou a second sticker for fe. You go we'll, send you some more stuff, anmaybe you just random stuff. We keep saying we're GOINNO. We never do so.Let's, let's really throw some crazy packages together. All right we'll dothat will do, and also by the way that that first sticker is also free. Soit's not really like a by whene to get one free becausethey're, both free yeah.The was a five Sa Review. Well, give you stickers and shit. Yeah operatorsare standing by here's. What we can do, how about I'll put together a little care package?It might be two carepackages, but what we can do is I will have. We can dolike a song's gone wrong tshirt. We can have that send over to you and maybeI'll we'll do some songs, Gong, wrong stickers and maybe I'll put togetherlike a CD bundle. There you go and we'll have that ship to guys well we'llfigure something out the wil well work on that e put together like some kindof like raffle or some shit there you go. That would be that Fhin tastic. Ithink the sands wuld like that, yes, and if you are a regular listener, youknow that I offered autograph ate by tens to all of you who are interestedand glossy aws, yeah and yeah. But the thing is, I don't thinkanybody askd for one so not yet, and not ever so, yeah if you're a newlistener, you're missing out on offers that you may not take us up on, but we're GOIN TA actually come withsome cool stuff this year so yeah I dig sure well, YepYep, I'v I've just totally volunteered you to go to the post office way morethan you probably want to so you're welcome. Yeah! That's fine! Yoowe doyep we care about our listeners. So...

...that's all! That's all I have soanything else. Tave Nope, just thanks to the listeners yet again for beingthe DOPIS coolest rattest, most bodacious tubular awesome people on theface of the earth. I hope the best things are happening to you this yearand when they do, hopefully we are in your ear buds. So yes, Gracius, yes andour listeners certainly are our inspiration. HMM want to dance, want todance. True! No, oh I'M gonna go back and stand over here by the wall. I don't know how to dance. I don't anyway thanks forbody again forlistening to songs, gone wrong and hope. You have a very happy New Year.

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