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December by Collective Soul


This episode Drew and Dave discuss December, and apparently alliteration. This end of year episode was brought to us by listener Rikki, so thank you Rikki for the suggestion of this 90s classic! We also discuss:

-Drew's eggnog

-Dave wants a glam Christian band

-The band Red

-Dave and Drew's appreciation for Mike Patton

-2020 recap

-2021 plans

-Drew has watched every episode of Downton Abbey

-Shout out to Dueling Decades 

-Shout out to Shat the Movies

-Drew cannot grow beard connectors

-2021 resolutions and plans

-Thanks again everyone and we wish you all a very Happy New Year!


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Harrery one and welcome to songs gonewrong where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got itright or did those songs go wrong? I'm one of your hostrzachman and joining meas always, is Dave Shalt Tave? How are you doing good, sir? I am very good.Thank you for asking. I've survived the holidays, I'm happy about that andeverything went fantastic. So this is good news, speaking of which, how isyour holiday season? It was good thanks for asking yeah. It was also survived.It was low key. I guess everything this year is low key, but it was it was. Itwas fine. Now he's you know, spent some time with you know, just our immediatefamily. We visited our my brother and sisterinlaw. They have two kids thatwas about it unothing beyond that, so very ivery Loky. I know you made Eg Nog,because I follow you on social media. Yes, we make our own Egdog I make withthe kids it's fun. I mean it's like super easy to use, don't even use eggsfor crying out Lod S, it's fuckg, it's putting and milk. It's literally it'sputting in milk and, like some spices like out the hell, what's it like allspice, there's like some ginger a little bit o cinnamon nutmeg. I thinkthat might be Oh and like vanilla, extract or something that's literally.All it is you make the budding you put the spices and shit in and you add, themilk stirred altogether and s your pudting coming in there's or there's Regnog, I mean coming in two thousand and twenty one recipes gone wrong.Weltht I'll, tell you what that's a recipe gone right because it tastesI'll, tell you what it tastes, pretty good, it's not healthy for you, but Iguess Egnog in general is not healthy for you, but it's not bad, and I madeit with Allmon milk one time to that actually turned up decently. Well to soa healthier alternative. Then whole milk look at you. Guy Lookand she go yeah Nice T's. What we do at's what we do, but yeah it was fun.It was good. You know the girl of the girls had a blast at Christmas time, sothat was good and they're still having a blest. That's all they do have ablast every single day. So then I us be any different. You knowno, I know, but I feel like this year. You know a's been brutal for a dones,but like for our kids, I mean for them they're, probably like. Oh, I love twothousand and twenty other than seeing like their parents. Like stressed outevery day, I feel like in general, they're, like we just hang out at homeand play with our dolls and he's doing virtual school now so nookay. We why?Why would we change anything yeah? You know, though, I can't fully agree withyou on that. I think there's going to be a bill that needs to be paid in thefuture when it comes to like the psyche of these kids and all the virtualschooling and everything and being part of the generation that had to basically live life differently than tan anyone before them. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, airpoint. No, that's afair point. The social aspect of school is, you know, important for sure, yeah,and I mean I kind of like correct myself as I'mthinking, because I'm concerning myself now with like pass generations, maybeduring the age of war having to deal with things like that, it wasn'tnecessarily a pandemic or what have you, but still the damage will be done, oneway or the other, like I'm just saying this too. Out of my personal experience,because my son hates virtual school, it is like pulling teeth to get my eightyear old to participate properly. I think I'm dealing with a fourteen yearold than an eight year old, because he's so grumpy over the damn thing, Crr,our oldest dabby. I think she, I think she she says anyway, that she prefersvirtual school to going in person yeah. I would to Tbut, but I mean I mean ifwhen I was, I don't know, I think. Actually I was a kid I hen I got pickedon a bit, but I also liked playing...

...sports and stuff, so I feel like Iwould have still probably gone and dealt with the bullying stuff. Just so,I could go and play floor hockey. I really like floor Hocke in case youguys haven't noticed that yeah the second episode in the row, I think ivebrought it up. Well, I don't think I could have en virtual school,especially high school, because you can't really puff puff pass through zoom. If youknow what I mean, I you could you just can't pass youuse offn is puff. Look atme e Bum Mary over here pay, NO MIND TEACHERS YEP! You got that leave themkids alone. Now we're not here to talk about our kids, virtual life or howdepressing the world may be. Are We drew no that's next week on school'sgone wrong, Hereo go now, but yeah this this episode. We are talking about asong called December by the group, collective soul, but before wes digin,real, quick as always guys. If you haven't done soready, please make sureyou hit subscribe so that Wul, you make sure, get all our episodes and theycome out which is twice a week, and if you could also leave us a five starreview, that would be swell, and if you do that, let us know- and we will havea songs- gone wrong sticker sent to your house. That's really nice of USyeah yeah, and you can also foll us on twitter and Instagram at songs, gone ordrop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our glorious website,songs, gone wrongcom and we also have our own songs gone wrong, playlist onspotify, so that we can keep up the date with the songs. We discuss eachepisode now. I all that all the way this episode was actually brought to usby a very loyal listener. Ricki who goes by at STOBI girl, seventeen ontwitter and we always have fun talking tunes on the Twitter Webs, but shesuggested this song from collective soul. So, thank you very much rickiefor listening to our show and she also gave us a five star view on Itunes,really so yeah seriously ricky. Thank you very much. We really do appreciatethat, and hopefully we don't crap on this song for you. Well, hopefully sheput that sticker. You did send her a sticker right. I she did not send meher address O Ricki Peo, O Wan. So me your address, but I don't want alsolike I on't want to like pry and like be like. Hey give me your address, Imean. Obviously I'm going to do is send them a sticker yeah, but sometimespeople don't want that and that's fine I respected. But if you want onericking, let us know and we'll have one mailed out immediately. We could haveitsaid yeah the envelope waiting yeah an ultinate address. If you think trewis too creepy, you know that's true. We can send it to your neighbor, whatever works as long as you get thesticker to slap it on your your Fine Automobile Bass, guitar or whatever yousee fit, I think yeah. I think it would be. I think these are perfect for baseor regular guitars that matter right, yeah, but the song December bycollective soul was off their self titled, Album Collecta Soul, which cameout in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five and the song was written bytheir singer. Ed rollans now Dave what are some of your memories of thisparticular Song Hm? Well, it's named after a month correct. It is performedby a band known as collective soul. You are two for two buddy. It came out inNe Thousand Nine hundred an ninety five you're on fire. Well, you know I justmentioned virtual schooling and how I would have spent my time with that andninety five. I would have been a junior in high school, so I believe therewould have been a lot of puff puff passing activities going on and I don'tyou know to be honest with you. I wasn't a big collective soul fan backthen, and I wasn't paying too much attentionto them. So I don't have any rose painted colored memories of the waythey were, but December is a hell of a month. T iyhave a lot of fun yeah. That's it's a good month Christmas. You have...

...more Christmas yeah. You know thenthere's and then there's more Christmas. A lot lot of buying stuff a lot ofcapitalism going on supporting the corporate overlord sure. But you knowbefore this whole segment goes ary. Please save it drew and come in andshare you memories of December by collective soul, yeah yeah I mean Ipersoly. Remember the song very well like when it came out. It was plasteredall over the radio, along with their other song, the world. I know I thinkat that time I was kind of getting tired of hearing it December and theWorl to know because they both got so much airplay, but I had the album whenit came out. I really liked hinse allegations and things left onsaidtheir debut album. So I was excited for this album to come out and ill se. Idon't think it disappointed. I like the album, however, the radio killedDecember and the world I know so I kind of at the time I was kind of like e hthis song again but theretherre. You know ther're an interesting band,though you know when they came out mid s. They had like a slight grunge soundto them, but they weren't exactly gruge. They weren't really hard rock, but theyweren't really pop either or pop rock, really know theyre kind of somewhere inbetween, and I think that's it's always been kind of tough topinpoint this band, and I think that kind of works to their detriment,because I feel like when people talk about s music right, you always talkabout Grune right. You talk about kind of the buckets that you put bands inright. You have gruns, you have you have some of the hard rock likeMetallica in the s. You have other bands ore like Pantera for that matteror metal right, and then you have the all rock right. So you have bands likelive sponge. You have the PUK rock right. You Have Green Day. You haveblink enay, two offspring. So you know, and collective soul doesn't really fitinto ireally any of those may maybe Al Rock. I guess would be the if you hadto put them in a bucket. That would be the one I would put them in, but theyall kind of stand out. You know in their own individual way where ascollective souls just kind of like kind of hovering in the middle, you know,but I can see that yeah yeah, you know just being from like the MTV generationI am like. Are They headbangers ball? Are They Ayev twenty minutes? Oa trl,you know, and I think they might have been more trl. I don't know. Is that,like a C for them, you know Middo showing of their video. You know, Idon't know yeah and that's pretty spotend, I would say yeah. Theyprobably would be more crel than those toouse are not a headbanger band. Youknow, but these guys can rock you know they can definitely do that and N. Iwill say this: I'm a big fan of Ed rollins. You know he was shut down atevery turn early on and then in. Ninety three independently released collectivesouls, debut album, Hine aligations and things left unsaid and I got tons ofairplay on college radio stations, namely the Song Shine, and you knowthat caught the ear of Atlantic records who rereleased the album in ninety fourand you know, rolling, almost quict and then decided to bet on himself and hisband, which is awesome. So I always get inspired when hearing stuff like that.So and they also, I also saw collective soul in where is that birbbank California? Sowe did a road trip which I highly recommend by the way when people areable to actually go out and do Shit Uuh, we did a road trip, we flew out to LosAngeles and then rented like a SV and drobe all the way up te pch to Seattle,and it was awesome- and I want to do that again with the family. I thinkthat'd be a fun trip, but we went to a taping of the Ja. Leno show the tonight show andthe musical guest that night just so happened to be collective soul. So it'spretty cool to see them live there. Yeah Yeah, I'm I'm a collective soul,Fan I'll, say that Yep you're a mover and a shaker hitting up the birbank.That's what we doan yeah its I've, never been to Birdbank, but I know allthe shows get made there. Even though me personally, I might have gone to seethe priceis right, preferably over the tonight show withJay Leno. But I guess you know you...

...don't really choose right. Whateverline is shortest yeah, that's also true yeah emember. We spent quite a bit oftime waiting in line that day, but it was fun. We had a good time right onyeah man but collect the soul. You know they're still doing all right. Theyhave over one point: six million monthly listeners on spotify andDecember has been streamed over seventeen million times kind of thought.That number would have been a little bit more, but still not too terrible. Now, theyre,billboard hot one hundred chart information. Now klict tof soulactually has had seven songs hit the billboard hot one hundred and Decemberpeaked at number twenty back in September, one thuand, nine hundred andninety five. Now the top five at that week in September was you are not aloneby Michael Jackson, which that song actually debuted at number one that wasits first week on the charts and it came out at number. One number two wasGanksis Paradise by Culio number. Three was kissed from a rose by seal, fourwas waterfalls by TLC and five was boumbastic by Shaggy Wow Shuk, it yeyeah. Oh right- and he said this is September right September, one thousandnine hundred and ninety five, not December yeah, not December. That's toobad yeah, but hey it's December. Now we're talking about it and thisepisodeis going to come out on New Year's Eve. So wow there you go. I meanit I I know, but you know imagine that you have a song named after a month andit doesn't really hit in that month. It's just bad timing. You know, I think,here's poor planning, you know what t reminds me a little bit of thoseHalloween songs. Yeah that we were talking about was a thriller andsomebody's watching me. Those Taktin, like like March, O the Chrisisns to soyeah. No yeah springtime is, you know, what's slapping when it comes to thesesingles, but for some reasonlng yeah, it's just so weird. It is so bizarre. Idon't I can't fathom yeah, so that was the chart, the top five for that one.Now, how does this song compare to the other songs on the album and, like Imentioned earlier, this album, I think, is awesome December. I feel fits rightin the middle. You know you have some heavier songs like simple the this onesong is actulust called untitled and one of my favorites, where the riverflows, which is, I feel like where the river flows has like a good grungyheavy sound to it but December. You know it's not as heavy as those, butit's also not as slow as the world. I know which is a great toone, so I thinkDecember fits inperfectly in this album which, like I said, that's an album. Iwould definitely recommend. But what do you you know that song the world? Iknow right? Yes, yes, that was unavoidable. Okay, do you? Do you likethat song as well or no? Not Really? Oh Fair enough, yeah, I'm going to beperfectly honest with you here, the vocal stylings. Just aren't my I don'tknow they're okay, but it was just never enough to hook me especially backthen, because I was into such like a diverse profile of stuff. I liked andcertain vocalist- and I always name drop Mike Patten, because I think he'sone of the most amazingly gifted vocalist of all time, agreen in themids. I was totally the throes of faith, no more fandom so and I'm going torelate that to collective soul. Probably a little bit later in thisshow fair enough Yep, I'm a fair guy. That's what I do you sure are peopl seeme walking down the street and they go look at that guy. I bet you he's fairsoryou. Damn right! I am that's right, but yeah the world. I know that wasanother one see where he was all over the radio and MTV, so I just got burntout when that first came out and and at that time I was listening to heavy yourseff back in t in ninety five. So I was like yeah slower song. I was like yeah,that's what I'm saying yeah, but now I mean I I like pretty much every song on thatalbum. So it's a good one. I highly recommend it, and I you know even whenit first came out. I know I was a fan...

...already after the hints album. You knowthis one definitely did not let down. I would say if anything, it was a step upfrom their first album. So no sophomore slump here for these guys now, lyrically speaking, I kind of likethe lyrics here. So basically what this song is about the songs about collective souls,relationship with their then manager Bill Richardson. They had some legaland financial issues with him and they wrote this song to essentially kind oftalk about that. They called it December since December is the lastmonth of he year and with that manager. They were talking about their end withhim and on some of the lyrics I think, werepretty cool. Were it starts off with why drink the water from my handscontagious, as you think I am, and then he also says I think, which starts thesecond verse. Why follow me to higher grounds lost? As you swear, I am, andthen he you know, breaks into the course, but you know those lines kindof they're talking about their then manager consistently criticizing themyet still working with them and essentially collecting paychecks off oftheir success. So you know what fuck you bill, but anyway,and then at the end of the song right Rollin says December promise you gaveunto me December whispers of treachery December. Clouds are now covering meDecember songs no longer. I sink so shove that up your ass bill Decembersongs, so he's not carolling. Is that what he's trying to say he's not outthere? You know be bopping and rocking withBing crosby with December songs? Isn't he singing? I would love to hear EdRolland do Christmas, carols like if you just like, came to my front yard,an my door or whatever atds like started sining a Christmas carols I'dbe awesome. You kidding me Yeabe, fantastic I'd, be unique, it would. Itwould be so, but also right, there's the this isn' I also like was like, as Iwas like researching this a little bit one of the things I found that peoplethought this was like a sexual song yeah. It's not that, but there's theline where he says turned your head now. Baby just spit me out Y, a yeah thatthat has nothing to do with what you think it is and let's be honst likecollective soul. These guys are borderline. Like Christian Rock, you know they a lot of their songs,kind of have that and Ed roled. If I'm not mistaken, his dad was a pastor, sohe kind of grew up as a an a religious upbringing and thereli household. So Imean a lot of their a lot of their lyrics. ARE THAT WAY? But you know whatI did a little research or my own meaning. I looked on the Internet forlike thirty five seconds, and one of the things I did see wasthat he was adamant that they weren't a Christian rock band. They all do thatman, I mean creed the same way, but when you listen to like shine shine, isa re come on it's a religious song, you know and then I think, a lot of timesthey try to get away with it, because I feel like when people say: Oh you're, aChristian band you're like you know what you're not mainstream anymore. Youknow and that's why creed, I think fault so hard to be like. Oh we're, nota Christian band, but when you listen to a lot of t stuff, it's like. Are Youfucking? You are Yeh o what you're a Christian ban, but here's a next fineyeah. That is fine. If that's you thing go for Itd, I don't care you're, nothurting nobody, but S. I always consider it to be an incredibly easygenre to probably be successful in, because your lyrical content is fairlynarrowed to the point where I've been suggesting for years. You know what theworld needs. A Christian Rock Glamband, HMM, HMM YEP!That's what the world needs to really shake up that whole. You know Christian rock scene. Could you imaginethat some guy coming out he's all yeah looking grungy asn't shaven and youknow, that's look whateverbody' sings, hes, he's happy about God. Then you getsome some other little. You know axe or what have you, but then all of a suddenman, some dude, comes out full on. You...

...know: freaking high boots and makeupDavid boy style. You know, Zingi start us out there sining aboutChrist. Now that would shake things up yeah, but it's tough to pull off thebad boy. Look when you're a Christian ban, because that's caus right, likethese girls, come up to you and like Ohit's like I can't have groupies yeah,follow my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ right they're, not going to it's youand you would know immediately it's an act. So I feel, like I support youridea and I would love to see a glamrock Christia man. That'd, be amazing. Yeahwould hat's just not easy to do now. Have you ever heard of there's a bandcalled red R, Ed red? Have you ever heard of them? No, but real, quick.Just to clarify. I think that whole thing or the whole scenario I was justdescribing it like what a Christian band should look like. I was imagingDotrey at first, maybe like to me. I know he's not Christianrock but like he looks like the kind of guy who might be like all into thatkind of crap. You know what I mean, so I basically Havm I'm saying thisbecause I'm really struggling T, like figure figure out what would be theideal? Look for that so but back on to red, tell me all about red. Well, Imean theyre they're kind of a new metallyis band. They came out, I wantto say, probably around like two thousand and five somewhere around there and they're they're good they're, really good. Ilike them quite a bit and and they're like yeah whe're, a Christian bad likea Christian hard rock borderline metal bad, but they sound very similar tolike a Lincoln Park. Oh and yeah- and I mean I think, they're really good. Theyhave some songs that are really good, but you know I mean I don't know whattheir numbers are: Yeah, I'm assuming they're, probably not as popular aslike a Lincoln Park, or something like that, but I think theyre just as everybit as good, maybe not as good as Tliy in park, but theyr they're still good.I feel like they should get a lot more credit than they should youas what youwis state. What e is you know what I mean like Hey, guess what world we're apodcast and we're not afraid to admit it? Yeah we're not a e arent, no ArbiaChristian podcast, I'm assuming no, given the amount of FB o drop on here.I feel like if anybody, if anybody listens to our Brantley Gilbert episode,they're gonna be like ow. These guys are not a Christian. Yes at allameglass windows of be shattering, and Oh, my Lord clutchin them pearls drew Tisdropped into the F Boum, not again Yeah Ama. I try to keep it clean. I justhanging around with you with you. It's just bad news. What can they say?Influence you are most definitely are I'm so sorry, but let's get back tocollective soul, and I should never even started that whole debas justsomething I red online ner webs yeah exactly and you're like WT, they all say that dude, you know it's just t just they do. This is howit is man iswhats going on, and you know more than I do and there's bands,like I mean if you listen to you to a lot of their lyrics, are more spiritual.The band live, Ed Coalchik is very spiritual and a lot of his lyricwriting and you could be like yeah. These songs are boarderline likeChristian, but they don't call it Christian music they're like Oh, it'sspiritual well like all right- and maybe that's true, but I'm like that'skind of like out of the Christian good book there. What you're talking aboutso yeah I got to get a predit where credit is do here. True, though youwent from the song potentially implying that some people would believe is aboutoral sex to then completely flipping the switch and using the Christian rockcard, so we're really Spann in the whole spectrum. Here yeahwe like to diversify. Yeah, apparently turn you head baby or when it was theline again turn your head, a baby o you head, no Maby, just pit me out yeahbaby spit me out: Oh yeah, let's get back to that, shall we we could now move Aong? Well, let'smove on then. So what do you think Dave? Do you think December by collectivesoul is a legithite or do you think...

...this is a song gone wrong? Okay, I wementioned two things earlier I did say I was going to tie faith Thomore back into this, and I'm I'm going to do that. Just give me a second andI'm fair, which is also true. So to be fair, I don't really care for this song. Okay,I don't really care for the band, but I realize there are fans out there who are very passionateabout collective soul, and I can see why they would be. How does this tideof faith them more well, I was thinking about this the other day I love faithHan more. I love them, but a lot of people only see them for what theyproduced or their hit o. what's on the surface? So if I say faith and more tomany people Theyga, so oh yeah, they really set song epic and they disyard.Whatever happened the that little group faith Ti more and if you take a stepback and you look at their entire cataloge of music, it is quite theportfolio of just amazing work, spanding and jumping from every kind ofgenre. You can think of. I credited Mike Patten again for being just anoutstanding vocalist, but the way I feel- and I will passionately defendthem until I'm in the grave faith- no more, no matter what anybody says. Iimagine some people are like that with collective soul. So I want to appeal toall those fine folks out there don't hurt me, I'm not giving up my addressfor this very reason as well, so so hey. But I think this is a song gone wrong.You know well all right all right, W here's something else true and it'sprobably an unfair way that I kind of judge things, but I seem to do it moreoften than not and that's the whole like nostalgialins. You know what Imean. I haven't heard this song in twenty years, but say: Does it stillhold up in two thousand and twenty? It's a good song. It's just not to me agreat song. It's not something I need to hear, or I would have wanted to hear on my own without itbeing suggested by a really cool rad listener. You know what I mean so sorry. I know what you mean: that'sa hey and that's fine you're entitled to your opinion, Yes yeah and thenhere's here's a fun fact for everybody. So technically, yes, technicallyspeaking here, faith, no more is actually a one hit. Wonder shedoes Yure,filthy m yeah, because epic was the only song that they had that hit orthat that made it to the top forty of the hus billboard, hot one hundred. Soby definition, which is ou the definition of a one hit wonders youonly had one song crack that top forty now I think we all know that faithnolmore is much more than that. I mean angel dust from start to finish it ohominal, oh so, king for dayful for like menute making noise. As I mean the realthing is great, so I mean no matter it's just a label, you know andfaithfol more is fantastic, so I just wont O lwas wanted to point out alittle triviute there but yeah right on. But you hear what I'm saying to likeit's that woi knowso AD. I haven't taken a deep dive into, so I'm justbasing t on this song this song alone, yeah just this didty doesn't do it. Forme, that's FIR that's fair! Now! For me, I you are fair. I this is not my favorite collective soulsong. That doesn't mean it's a bad song. Now it's not even my favorite song on thisalbum, probably my third or fourth favorite song on thisalbum, maybe even fifth, but it's still a good song and I think it's wellwritten. I think it's a good little. I think it's a good little dig at theirmanager as it's kind of like a breakup song in a way right right, and you knowI think it's well done. I think eds just kind of like hey buck, you buddyand I think it did it. I think YEU did it well. So I think this is a legit hit.That's what I'm going to go with wow!...

Well, we are split, as you know, whenthis this happens on the show drew. What do we do? Oh we go to the fans.Yes, so the fans have spoken and seventy six percent. Yes, so threequarters just about Morn thre quarters, said this song is a legithite wow. Okay,all right! I can get that. I can understand that yeah. So we had it. Wegot some feedback JD Kelly at DB, thornd eleven said I'm finding myselfbeing on the legit hit side on just about all of these Malinda Barnet. AtMalande Barnet, said: Love Itt. I mean it kind of sums up how I feel about twothousand and twenty Iris Keith at Tisme Selfi know said definitely a legit hit.This was what the mid nineties was all about good stuff and then finally, wehave NMNJ. Ninety one at Tom Tomminson said ther, wo thousand and fifteenalbum C. What you started by continuing is the best album they have ever putout. Can't convince me otherwise- and I checked it out- it is actually a prettygood album they're still putting out good music. But I would say this: Ifyou are new to collective soul, I would saystart out they have on spotify. They have a Colik of greatest hits. I guesshe could say frone thousand nine hundred and Nty for to two thousand andone is called the seven year itch and if you go down to it's not like one oftheir albums, you have to actually scroll all the way down to the bottom,where it says compilations, that's where it is. That is, I mean it', it'sa good mix and if you're not familiar with them, I would check it out. Well,probably my favorite song of theirs is called heavy. I fucking love that song.Energy is good, runs a good one. So t there's a lot. I mean preciousdeclaration is good. Listen, I mean there's so many good songs that theyhave on there so check that out and yeah. That's what we got now Dave. Thisis we're going to go we're going into overtime right now, Oh okayextrainnings sure. Well, we are. This is the last episode we're doing all right, twothousand and twenty. So I wanted to talk just a couple things you knowabout like our years in general and you know we'll get some feedback from thepeople as well. Okay, you scared me there for me. He said this is the lastepisode we're doing and I'm like. Oh Great, I got fired two thousand andtwenty. It got me again, the years not over o yeah, but no we're one note thatI posted on twitter. A question actually was: What are some of yourgoals or resolutions for two thousand and twenty one USO before I. You knowwe dig into those. Let's talk about our thousand and twenty stave, so obviouslythere is some good some bad, but what were some? What were some bad thingsthat happened in two thousand and twenty? Well, I was going to say: Let me lead off with it. You know Imean I don't want to stay the obvious or anything. Everybody knows what theHellis going on with the world, but bad things. That's a that's a good question. Idon't know man, maybe I'm like a a glass half folk kind of guy orsomething, but nothing major strikes me if something is bad.That happened to me. You know what I mean Hm. I hate to sound like a coward like I'm,taking the easy way out or something but in the sames. No, I don't know man,nothing bad, everything's. Okay, I mean, I don't know Mayr just you know happyto be alive. I guess Kno, that's that's a good thing. Yeah hop should hope, sothis better than the alternative. Yes, indeed, but yeah, no, no, no bad, allgood yeah! We I mean we had. I mean overall, I think we had a good year.You know mean compared to a lot of other people. I think we definitely hadit easy. Yes, but I mean we, you know we kind of cut, kicked square, an ateeth when the new year started, as our oldest came home from school withheadlice, think it's funny it's funny now kind of, but that was early in the year. You know not sure ifanyone has ever had to deal with that. I don't know if you have Dave, but itbelows yeah. Three, for like three weeks we were sweeping the house likeliterally every day like sweeping the...

...carpet sweeping that sweeping themattresses. You know I had to buy a new vacuumcleaner, just to be able to do all that stuff chees and it was washing doinglaundry all day every day, like washing the sheets, washing our clothes.Everything like that was basically my job. You know cleaning and everything,while my wife would go through both of our daughter's hair, with, likeliterally a fine tooth comb, to get those little fuckers out Huh by timelike by time. We like did all of this like each day. It would be likemidnight and we would just be like wiped- have to dod all over again thenext day for the next three weeks and like I said that was, I think I thinkthat happened like the first, the end of the first week of the new years,that was remuch a a preview for two thousand and twenty yeah y a. But youknow I'm glad you clarified. That is a bad thing, because I basically juststumbled a all over the place trying to search in my brain. An look did Anybud,he die. was there any major catastrophe? So I'm like no everything's fantastic,true and then you like yeah fucking headlice, and I go o there. You go okay.Now now it makes mour cents which made me really emfairass. It didn't bring upthe whole shark attack. That happened to me, but anyway, as you were, SirYeah I mean I mean we did lose somebody I think a very close friend of ourfamily passed away in June. Unofficially to covid they wiund uphaving like a heart attack, not to be a negative Nelli here, but I mean thathit hard. They had like a lot of symptoms back and I think I was likeMarch and April, and then they wound up, unfortunately passing in June, but thatsucked and then remember. I talked about an our Toma pilots episode, butdealing with anxiety was superfucking rough. This year, my summer wasbasically a shult show times ten, but that's all the bad stuff I have, but Ifeel like it's always good to talk about the bad, because you know a lotof times. That's how you can kind of learn some things, which is what I havedone. Okay, you know speaking of anxiety, right turning that frownupside down. You know I kind of started working on myself and trying to figuresome stuff out, which was long overdue. I think, but figuring out what makes mehappy what I want out of life. That kind of personal journey has been tough,but it's been a mensely, helpful yeah and you know my wife and I have beendoing more charity work in our area, helping out our daycare where our onedaughter, Wellsheshe hasn't gone there all year, but we still, you know,support them. You know doing some volunteer work at asuper kitchen and downtown reading. We've been doing that. I really enjoydoing that. Looking forward to doing more of that in a New Year, I thinksaid: Ot Downton reading, like his Downton Abbey, let say downso I don'tknow, but it sounded like it to me, which is, I always called it downtownAbbey, and then someone corrected me. They, like you, idit, I'm like what sonow I know your it's Downchin atit down in a down tonretic. I will report youto Lord Grantham and yes, I watch that show. I have never seen Everyoneh Iwatch. I watched every episode and I watch the movie so yeah you go girl,yeah and it also like partially thanks to myanxiety, wonds up dropping thirty one pounds this year, so that helps so justyou know just trying to be healthier in general, proving Diet, drinking lessrunning, more shit like that, and it also right Ot age again, you know whanof turning a negative into a positive. You know the pandemic. Yes, it sucks.We didn't really couldn't really go anywhere, you know, but we spent a lotof time with our girls. You know and there's times when we're hanging outwith them. It's like. Oh we're hanging out with you again today, home schoolagain today an and it definitely is tough when you have to work from homeand then also watch them, but now usually don't get to Ben out of shapeabout that because in the fall our youngest maggie she'll be going tokindergarten, so I'm like well, we may never get a chance like this to hangout with them. You know so, maybe even ever you know so I'm like you know whatlet's just embrace this and enjoy every moment with them D. it's not easy! I'mnot saying everything is perfect because spoiler alert life isn't butnint times, Aut ten, like we're all pretty good in that regard. But so, asyou know, there were definitely some good things that happen this year. Buthow about you thereare some good things besides working on a great podcast yeah. Well,that was a highlight. This fall. We started this show, so that's been a lotof fun. Working with you drew some people, don't know we actually met viaanother podcast. So it's amazing how... radio ives a gift that Ke argood friends. They are good friends at dualing decades yeah, an I was going toyou, know kind of reinforce what you just said. Spending more time withfamily has been good. I guess I mean it's one of those things where in I'm going into it, I'm like this isgoing to be fantastic, because I am going to have these moments that willlast a lifetime, but as time dragged on you kind of like okay enough is enough.I've got to get the hell out of here. Calgon. Take Me Away M. I know I probably so ar taste. Notrust me yeah. I probably sound like a terrible parent and spouse, but noseriously. Well, one thing too is M. I don't work from home. I am withoutrevealing too much because I like keeping my allure as a man behind thecurtain here, but I am an essential. You are Bruce Wayne. I I'm bad man, but I mean no. I have togo out into the world and I feel terrible for so many folks outthere I mean talking about these stimulus packages and things like thatthat money and the support that people need is immense and the fact that thegovernment was dragging his heels on it and that people have just basically, ifyou didn't even catch the virus, you suffered immensely financially in other ways, because maybe you're asmall business owner. Maybe you know you work in an industry that like, forexample, of the cinema industry or something you're in usher. I don't evenknow I'm just throwing something off the top of my ead her, but it sucksthat that had to happen to you me. I was lucky I made out like a band, Iraked in money like it was going. I think I made more money during thewhole pandemic because I had to go out and work. You know- and I feel so badfor the lest fortunate, which is admirable beyond words drew that youwere going to downton redding and doing your Bas. No, I'm serious so to helpother folks, because that's something I always aspire to do more of, and Idon't ever think I do enough of you know what I mean hmm and I'm not aresolution guy. But if I were that something I would definitely try to putinto my new year's Diet. If you will is basically donate more time or money oranything I have spare to others, but I have enough struggles like I said,dealing with the ones I love half the time. I don't know how well I could really benefit a lotof other folks but yeah good things. I mean I'm just a happy person too. Idon't know I think. Overall I mean I got my frustrations like anybody else.Don't get me wrong, I'm not like crappind rainbows all day long. I havemy problems as well, but I mean at the end of the day I look at everything andI go well compare it to something else. Put My you know shoe on the other footor what to have you and I'm a lucky mother,Fucker, so yeah this pleases me Yeah. No likewise yeah that's fair yeah, wedefinitely lock down. I mean I get the work from home, so I mean normally inthe normal year. I would actually go into my office four days a week andwork from home once a week, and now I worked. I've literally worked from homeevery day since, like mid March or whatever it was so you o I'o, goingback baby. You can't go back now hit ist fine by me because it's like anhour fifteen commute one way. So I'm okay with that, but you know at thesame time you know I realize for sure I have been fortunteough to keep my joband be able to work from home. So but I mean, as far as my you know, twothousand and twenty one goals is kind of Gidtine won. I Wald start working onthis year. You know just being healthyor exercising Moremean. I law,OT lot of people say that Yep, but it's good. You know people should do itdoing more volunteerin. I think doing even a more trying to trying to figureout what I want to do in this life right. Like if anybody's watched thatmovie soul, which I loved and highly recommend it personally, but if you sawit I'm trying to figure out my spark right now I mean podcasting with Dave-is definitely one of them, but trying to find like an actual like job jobwere, I do spend you know nine ten...

...hours a day working but actually beingsomething. I like that's at least in an industry that I like I'll, put it thatway, because I like working with project management but trying to figureout the spark that' kind of the thing I'm trying to figure out, but you knowgetting outside of my comforts on. I think it's one way to do it. I likephotography, I like building more stuff. I like building shit, one random thing.I've been wanting to do for years and I was join a street hockey league. I knowI talked about. It always comes back to fucking hockey, man, I love Flor Hockeyand I love street hockey. So I'm trying to find a league toally random by lovethat shit hanging with the kids stuff. Like that now we got some feedback on twitter. Okay,yes, so I yeah, I posted a question like what are some of your goals:Resolution Fo, T, O thousand and twenty one, so our goodfriend Karmalida ValdezMcCoy, who goes by at Carmalida says, said I like to be better on startingthings like projects and such rather than just thinking about it for weekson end menace to society. Our good friend Alex over there said stilllearning Swedish will continue. Learning Swedish Gene Lions at Jenunderscore lions from the Shat. The movies podcast hiwlyrecommend that by the way everybody Checke that one out, if you like,podcast about movies from the EES and ys, those guys are great, but he saidI'm g learn to talk Spanish, Oh and then yeah and then Dan macholtzs at Danmacholt said I'm thinking I might need to put that on the list. So I thinkboth Dan and Jene might be learning Spanish, now, yeah, one of the thingsthat I do. One of the benefits with my job, like Isaid before you know, deals heavily with project management yeah. I carrythat over into my life, so when new years roles around, I don't likecalling them resolutions or like calling them goals, and then I put aplan in place now dade. I think you probably know off that spreadsheet thatI sent you earlier wouldnt o know. We were working on the show yeah I likemaking. I like making task lists and spreadsheets for pretty much everything,but I mean that's what I do with basically anything I work on at work orat home and those project plans kind of help, push me along and when you have abig project, it can be intimidating. So what I do to break it down an intosmaller test and milestones, and that way as I complete them, I kind of crossthem off or highlight them to show that they were completed an and like onceyou get going. You see the progress you made right and I think that helps youmake it get through and get to the end, and it shows like what you've done sofar. It shows your progress and it keeps you moving toward that completion.So I will, I will put the Soffwur out there for anybody. Ou know if anybodywants help putting their resolutions on paper and working to accomplish thend.Let me know I'm not saying I'm going to. You know magically help. You be moreproductive or anything like that, but it definitely helps me and I figured Ican. You know- maybe try to offer this to anybody elseand maybe it'll help. You guys start moving on your projects and you knowjust start writing it out. You know here's your project I want to builds, Idon't know a desk. You know you just like start listing shit out like by thewood. You know get all this this this you know get the screws whatever youknow what I mean and put a plan together and then, as you start movingalong, you know it's like okay. We I'm going to do this and then you knowlittle by little, you start crossing stuff off next thig. You know it's likeO. I have a fucking desk that I built Hor. Whatever the case is you know, soyou know for me putting stuff together like thati's. Actually I actuallyenjoyed doing that. So I've been working in project managerfor like thirteen years. No, some, I would say, I'm moderately good at it.So if anybody wants some help with their their O twoesand a twenty onegoals and resolutions. As far as like putting a plan ef place, let me know I'be more than happy to help you with it free of charge and Wel Wel, well, shipDave to you and yeah what know Idi like Yei'm going baby Teresso, some Freedosin there and a gallon of milk ty random yeah. I know I dude you'renot going toltony robins on anybody either right. This is not like noselfhelp. This is just basically putting all your ducks in a row,courtesy of drew, correct. Yeah I mean it's. I have no problem giving you aPatona backers and hey: go get them kid, but you know it's more or less just youknow, let's put a plan in place because... like say I want to do something andno matter what it is. You know like Hey, I want to lose weight, but if you justlike write down, I want to lose weight that can be. You know intimidating,because it's like how do I do it you know. Well, then, it's like okay. Well,let's put a diet plan yeah. You know, let's put an exercise plan on placelike let's get everything written out, so you have an actual. You know likescript. Yes, lik go off of yeah. I dig it. You know what just to keepeverything even I will offer the opposite. I am a snake oil salesman andif you are interested I will totally bloat your ego. Make you believe thingsare absolutely not true that you can attain the unattainable all for a smallmonthly fee. How much is the face? I don't know yeah. I depends on how muchI like you, but I mean you know. I will be yourself helpd Guru that offers youeverything and actually provides nothing. Sometimes sometimes that'swhat people need well yeah. I don't have the hair for it, though. That'sthe thing I don't have the the main. If you will, to kind of belike a personality that people would like see on TV and go yeah that guy hecould fix my life. I didn't Eve care he I don't. It doesn't matter what he says.He just looks good, so he's gotta be good, get one of those get like a tophat or like a cowboy had that'd, be pretty, I don't know, but to oby. Ithink we got to let the listeners know how the sausage is made here a littlebit, because you were currently rocking this very interesting beard. You get the IT with like noside Burnsthat connectit. So it's like the CHANL fuck you. I have no connectors allright. You got no connet, let's put then on the list for two thousand andtwenty one drew. I've been praying that on my list for the past twenty years,man, no no dice yeah. I've tried thanks for calling out that I have noconnectors. Hey Hey, I didn't know. If that was by design or not, I didn'tknow- is Ganetti no predisposed to have no boines. So I have I got no kid. I have A. Ihave a sweet stash I'll, tell you what my stash is pretty awsome mayor may notrival Tom Sellikor Don Matdingley. I will say that now my go to I grow apretty mean gote yeah, but that's really it like connecting he themustache to the to the beard or go te. Yeah, nothing got happened and goingand going from t e, the sideburn down to the beard. I have not shaved and I'mprobably going on about a month right now. Wow sure my wife loves it by theway, but I think this is like a month right here and I still I mean you cansee. I have arow connectors there. So I don't know. I'm wondering if this ismaybe should inspire an ama one of these days. So we can get the listenersto ask you about your facial, hair or me about. I don't know any crazy thingon the face of the earth. I have no idea because I was going to say to you:You know you, you get everything all mapped up or mapped out wrapped in. Idon't know whichever direction you want to go, but me I got no goals. None! I'mJUS GOING NA go with the Flowman, keep on trucking. You know whoever the windcarries me, I'm going baby, but you have the connectors, though right I do.There's EAI have nothing to worry about your set yeah. This is how life ismapped out in true form. It's like well, do you have connectors, I do then youget it made made. I DONK! That's why I got all kinds of fucking issues.Apparently, maybe if I grew my mustat shout likelong enough, it'll maybe reach maybe that's kind ofwhat I'm hoping for right now. So Yeah Lick it back ick up plan yeah totally.So that's that's what we got. Man Hope everybody has a happy new year.Anything else to an ad Dave. I will be partying with a twelve pack of seagrims wine coolers. There you go and I will be having some epic games of UNO,to which I actually tweeted out, and I don't think people believe me, but yeah.It's a rare thing for me because I used to be a heavy drinker. I don't reallydrink anymore and I was when I was in the liquor isle. I was actuallythinking to myself, Hey I goit to keep my wits about me to play Uno against myfamily, because they're good, so I...

...oftten Fi seems so this is kind of life.I live: okay, PPE, okay, but whatever you do decide to enjoy our new year'seve tonight, please be responsible, safe and you know good. So we can comeback and listen to our show. In January, twenty twenty one, that's right, Yep,an yeah thanks, Ginni Wady for listening and thanks Ricki at Snybygirl. Seventeen on twitter appreciate you suggesting a song. Hopefully wedidn't let you down and you know hope everybody has a great happy newyer overeverybody stays safe and looking forward so you're rolling in twothousand and twenty one with some more songs, Gon wrong. Thanks Yon EverybodyHappy New Year.

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