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Easy Lover by Philip Bailey and Phil Collins


Drew and Dave tackle Easy Lover, an 80s combo of Philip Bailey and Phil Collins. They also discuss is they themselves are easy lovers and also ask the question, how many of our listeners are here due to I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner?  


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Hey Everyone, and welcome to psalms gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got it right or did those songs go wrong? I'm one of your host drew Zachman, and enjoining me as always, is Dave Schultz. Mr Schultz, how are you doing today? I am rip roaring, ready to go and happy to produce an excellent show for all our fine listeners out there. That was very energetic. I liked it. Can I say, yeah, I'm an energetic guy. You sure are sometimes, are you? Are You an easy lover? Dude? Am I? I'm the easiest of lovers. You're getting me an easy lover. I look it up in the dictionary. You'll see my face. Oh Boy, Yep, oh boy. Oh Yeah. Well, well, we'll get we'll get into that. We will get into that. But before you get into that, if you haven't done so already, make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes when they come out, and if you could also leave us a five star review, that would be deeply appreciated. And you can also follow us on twitter. We're on twitter. It's great, it's wonderful. It's what my webs you can find us there, on twitter at songs gone you can drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom, or you can visit our lovely website, songs gone wrongcom and on there there is a little formed you can fill out if you want to suggest a song for us. That would be fine. You want to support the show, also fine. It's actually very fine if you would be so kind as to do that. But yeah, check us out. We're all over the world wide webs but this episode, it's a good one, man, I'm pretty excited about it right. I mentioned before we're talking about easy lover, which was a song by the Wonderful Philip Bailey and Mr Phil Collins. So I got the two fills. Yeah, and it was off the album Chinese wall, which came out in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, and Philip Bailey, Phil Collins and Nathan East were the song writers on this one. But, Dave, Wan't you tell me a little bit about some of the memories you have of this songs? You remember when this came out or remember listening to when you were younger? I do, but with all that film miss going on, you said the third writer of the song. What was his name? Nathan. Yeah, the third rite of the song was Nathan East. Nathan East. With all due respect to Mr East, I think this song would have been better served if philled donny hue worked on the tune with Philip Bailey and Phil Collins. That's just me, okay, and I know that's a very dated reference. You know, do you remember Phil Donahue? Oh, I remember Phil Donahue. Were you are Sally Jesse Guy or a Philled Onihu Guy? Neither. Oh, okay, all right, well, Hey, listen, you know whatever, whatever you know you like. Okay, some people like Ricky Lake, but I guess we're not here to talk about talk show host. WHO. We know what that's if? Well, if you if you want to, if you want to throw a third fill in there. Yeah, I'd say Phil Hartman. Man, I loved Phil Hartman. He was larious. Yeah, or Phil and Selmo. I think this song would have gone, Oh God, different direction he'd been working on the tune. Yeah, just as far as my memories of it, I was a young guy. You'd hear this playing in the car all the time and it was a fun little ditty and my God, was a catchy then and it could potentially be just as catchy now. Yeah, I think it's held up pretty well. Well, we'll talk about that too a little bit. But yeah, for me personally, I also remember hearing this song on the radio. I definitely remember the video.

Pretty pretty snappy little video. I liked it. Yeah, and to your point, I mean I was for when this came out, so I don't remember like, you know, wating around than hearing this new single. But you know, I yeah, to your point, you turn on the radio, it was going to be on. there. You go in the car hoping up, put the radio on. There, odds art was going to be on. Right, just a great song and you know, definitely I feel like it's definitely got the air play that it deserved. Can't argue with you there, drew. Yeah, so easy lover peeked at number two on the US billboard hot one hundred back in early February. One thousand nine hundred and eighty five. And this song, you know, it's still holding up. This song has been streamed over a hundred and thirty three million times on spotify. So these kids, these kids with their spotify webs they love it too. Everybody loves it them. Yeah, I you know what, I'm glad they did the Hula hoops and those Nintendo Games and got, I'm the skateboards. Yeah, yeah, who needs a skateboard when you can have some Phil Collins? And that's right, Bailey. You know what? I got to mention this right now, and I'm sorry I'm jumping all over the place here, but Phil Bailey, he e really gets kind of forgotten. He's is his song. But if you ask most people, Hey, easy lover, they say, yeah, that's a great Phil Collins Song. You know what I mean? Oh, no, I know exactly what you mean. It's I mean it's on Bailey's freaking album, for crying now loud. You know, it's not like it's on, you know, one of Collins's albums. It's Phillip Bailey's album. Right. So, but even now I'm inclined to keep saying, Oh, yeah, Phil Collins, Phil Collins, Phil Collins, when really this, like we just mentioned, it's a Philip Bailey, you know song. So, yeah, and actually I don't know a lot about him. Do you have any info one on Mr Bailey? I do. So, yeah, so, Philip Bailey, right. So, in case people aren't familiar with him. He was in earth, wind and fire. He was also inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame and has also won seven Grammy Awards. So he's a legit talent. Yeah, so, yeah, yeah, totally so, even if you forgot his name, that guy is sitting on some serious hardware. Oh, he's a point where he's like, yeah, what a get. Yeah, I've got all the grammy's baby. Yeah, he's like, Oh, you don't remember me, that's fine, but my seven friends over here at the grammies do Polish, Polish. Yeah, so, yeah, this is this is definitely Bailey's baby. Phil Collins Definitely, you know, helps, you know, bring it up as well. Right, put the two of them together. Yeah, this is what we get looking at some of the other songs that were on the hot one hundred that time. So we kind of round out the top five. Like I said, this song was number two. Number one was how many? How many babies were made? Did this song? But it's I want to know what love is by foreigner. Oh, yeah, like I would say seventeen percent of our listeners are here because that song. Either that or like sailing by Christopher Cross I was going to say seventy eight percent of the population, not even just our listeners. Holy Macaroni. Yeah, well, it can't be that much population. Well, maybe newer kids, you know, maybe the parents still listen to it. You never know, younger kids. Number three was careless whisper by Wham. Also, this is all baby make it wrong, baby making easy, easy, Lover Easy. I don't think easy lovers necessarily a baby making song. But Ye, careless whisper, yes, for was. You're the inspiration by Chicago. I don't know if that's a baby making song. Chicago definitely has some other baby making songs for sure. I don't know, man, we also need to do a Chicago Song on here. I fucking love Chicago. Any Chicago fans out there, anybody listening? Just send us a note. Maybe we should do like a pole. You're waiting for like a response, like an audible like yeah, like you're at a you were the singer for Chicago. You like Hello Cleveland. Do you love Chicago? Which one? They've had like at least three or four. I don't know, but I'm just saying,... there's a pause, there are point we okay with that's great one but you know, I was like, do you want people to respond to you right now? What's going on here, drew? What's up here's we're going to do? When we post this episode? M I will immediately put a poll up on twitter, so that way when people get to the part and they hear that question that I raise, Bill will be on twitter and then they'll be like, oh, as a matter of fact, let me, you know, respond to this request. Right, more information? Right it did your hit Song Number Five on this list? Or No, is that not yet? But number number five was loverboy by Billy Ocean Dude, like all of these songs. You're kind of like questioning the ability of any of these songs to get people in the mood. I would argue each and every one of those tunes is right there by the fireplace on your boom box, bearskin rug, ready to Boogie. Oh yeah, this is like I feel like you could put any of these like you get like when those infommercials where there's like the guy with like the girl, probably wearing like a polo shirt and they probably they probably have like white pants on and they have a fire behind them and they're talking about who and let's talk about these songs that are on this greatest hits album. And then and it's all like basically all of these songs pretty much. Yeah, and the scroll always the song that they're talking about when it's playing has to be like a light lettering. Yes, yes, I laid it in, yell, yeah, Dude, the yeah. But these songs were great, I feel like. So when I was at when I was younger, I listened to like a couple radio stations, I feel like in the morning or if I was, you know, early evening, I would listen to like Eagle one those six, which I think was out of Philadelphia, if I'm not mistaken, or ninety seventy five pst, which was out of Princeton, New Jersey. But a lot of times, like when I would go to bed, I would either listen to like a tape or whatever in my walk man or CD man, as I got a little bit older and they were available. But a lot of times I had one of those alarm clocks that you know, was like alarm clock radios, and there was this one radio station, and if anybody knows as I will be amazed, but it was called Star one hundred and four point five and they would have this like and I liked it because it was like songs just like this, like these like slower songs, and people call in making dedications and it was fantastic. But I put it on because, yeah, it was the easier listening help me go to sleep and stuff. But yeah, these songs would have been on. I think they had a segment called between the sheets, which was amazing. But yeah, it was like all songs like this. It's like a lot of like boys to men. Oh my God, it was amazing. I bit your lead. Injury bill was so high. Oh my God, that was now. That was a little bit before, before that happened. Okay, sure, like I was probably like twenty and twenty two. MMM, yeah, sure, we believe you, drew. Yep, that's put up a pole. WHO believes drew? Ninety nine point nine percent says nope. Ask the audience right now. They're listening and they're going to respond right now. Audience Audience, what do you think? No, no, Oh come on, yeah, sorry, that that station was great. If Anybody Remembers Star one hundred and four point five, please respond, and I don't remember where that was out of that one. If that was another Philadelphia radio station, maybe New York. I forget that. That might have been national, but I could be wrong, as it very well could have been. Not Too sure. But yeah, anyway, a lot of good tunes out at that time, though. You have ten, so those songs are maybe a little bit slower. But ten was neutron dance by the pointer sisters. You can't not get up in dance when you hear that song. Also, you get a hankering to watch beverly hills cop right you. Also, they had the heat is on by Glen Fry, which was thirteen. Also gives you a hankering to watch Beverly Hills COP. Jungle love by the time was twenty four. Born in the USA by Bruce was twenty seven. Relaxed by Frankie goes a high was thirty eight, and turn up the radio by autograph was fifty four. Quick shout out to you at trust science eighty seven for bringing this song up on twitter, since... has a kick ass intro. So that's why I want to give a quick little shot out to turn up the radio. But yeah, pretty answer. Pretty those are pretty good listing. There a lot of good songs. One of the best, one of the best ever, if you ask me. Yeah, so, you know, one of the things we ask you know. How does this song compared to other songs on the album Chinese wall? It's a pretty decent album actually. I've never really listened to the entire thing until now. Some songs do sound a bit dated, I think, but overall I do think it's a decent album. The second track on the album, I go crazy, was stuck in my head for the better part of two days. That, course, has a super infectious hook and then general it's a cool, upbeat song. I also like that the chillness of the album. I don't know if that's a word, chill chillness. It is not. Yeah, but the the chillness of the one song in particular, walking on the Chinese wall. It's like a really just cool chill song. I like it. Easy lovers, one of the more upbeats songs on the album. Stands out in a few ways, namely that Phil Collins is singing with Bailey. Here's a question. Yeah, what artist had the most top forty hits in the US and the s? I almost feel like this is a trick question and I want to say Phil Collins, because I think he might be setting me up. I don't know. So I'm going to go the complete opposite route and I'm going to say bet middler close, very close. Okay, it was Phil Collins. I think Michael Jackson actually had the most number ones in the s but collins, I think, had the most overall top forty hits in a decade. So pretty impressive when you think about it. Damn right, guy. GUYS got skills. So overall, I feel like easylover does fit in nicely with this album. So I feel like that has a good flow throughout, good mix of songs, you know, different tempos. I think overall it's well put together album to drew. Does it have star ninety four five written all over it? or IT'S PRETTY? You said it's very was the word used? Between between the sheets? Are the other chillness? chillness? Yes, it's got that chillness. So yes, if perfect for between the sheets. I feel like walking on the Chinese wall could have been played. Could be in a dedication to I don't know, some guy who screwed something up with his girlfriend. He's Louise. Sorry. Yeah, so sorry, Rebecca. Want to dedicate this song because I wanted to, want to walk on the Chinese wall with you one day. I like it. We're just like throwing names out there. I just said Louis and Phoenix. You said Rebecca. Yeah, we're riffin be bobbing and scatting all over the place here. Well not. We're not scatting like Steven Tyler, that's for damn sure. Oh, but lyrically speaking. So here's one thing that I found interesting, and the song and the second verse, Bailey says you're the one that wants the holder holder and control her. You better forget it. I feel like that's I mean, that's like the to? I would you want to control someone? And if they leave your controlling ways, can you blame them? I mean I'd leave to. I dated a girl that was controlling and I'm like, this is kind of not fun. Yeah, but is he talking about somebody else? Like Hey, you jerk, don't think you can do that. You better forget it. HMM, you never get it, you know what I mean? Like it. So he's talking about himself per se. He's saying you, MR pop caller guy over there driving the Trans am you think you're a tough guy, MR Jockey pants? Not. Was this all? So Louis? This is Louis from Arizona. Okay, okay, yeah, that's him, Lily with the Loue, with a pop callar there, real mean lar literally speaking. You know, I feel like it's pretty basic. Right. So, like what the song is about? Right, in general, the songs about an easy love or someone who gives their love easily to anyone and everyone, apparently. So, yeah, so here's here's a question for you. Yeah, you ever? Have you ever been with her dated and easy lover? Well,... the onset of this show we established it. I am, in fact, the easiest of all lovers. Melton, though, yeah, I can't believe it's not, but Um, but yeah, honestly, I've. Yes, yeah, I've had a few moments in my younger life where I probably rondezvoused with someone who could fit that bill absolutely. How about you, Yoh, yeah, Oh boys, there there was, I mean one in particular that definitely stands out of amongst the rest, and she it was really weird because, like she had this like obsession with cover bands. Like I, I can go either way with cover bands like I think that a lot of them played the at least where you know, where I lived, a lot of them kind of played the same crap. It's like, you know, come on, Eileen, you know they would play all star, they would play what's that other song by my own worst enemy, so that it was like it's like, oh, they're going to play the same freaking songs here every time you go out. This is not my idea of fun. But she loved it. I think she loved the guys in the bands even more. I think she had a bit of a reputation. I wish I had Phil Collins and Philip Bailey. You know, it's pulling me aside and said, Hey, you'd better forget it, man. She's she's an easy lover. Yeah, I didn't heat. I didn't heat the warning. I never got the warning thout the hard way. But you know something, Chife paid attention to the lyrics of easy lover, because I should have. She'll take your heart, but you won't feel it. You won't feel it. Yep, you won't feel it until you see your making out in the band's Van outside of the whatever carnival they're playing at or festival. Small time, rinkydink place, because they're yeah, Bruce springsteen cover. Beyond that, how are you? Yes, I was bad. Yeah, exactly. It is real. The Bar Mitzvah yea, you went to a Louis from Arizona's house. We played in his backyard. Why not? Guy Said, a killer car. So here's another question. Have you ever been in a situation where you knew a friend was dating an easy lover? And did you tell them, or would you tell them? Did I have to tell we're both dating the same one. What are you talking about? Are you serious? Yeah, absolutely, totally, and it wasn't like I had to like Pulymi Signbula came and I got to get serious with you right now. She is a easy lover. Nope, no, listen, you know, I feel like I'm giving up way too much information on our humble little program here. I'll just say I guess when I was young I was a wee bit of a madman. So yeah, man, how about you? Would you pull me aside and let me know what was going on, or am I not that good of a friend? You just let me roll with it, with the deal? I would. I would definitely let you know and I have been in situations where I would see my friends and be like maybe really was sure want to date this girl, but then, you know, usually it's like everything's fine, everything's fine. Then they break up like a couple weeks later and I'm like God, but maybe I think what I should have done was maybe broke the news to them in song form. So had I wrote had I wrote a song, and been like, you know, you're the one that wants the lover, one was the holder, you know, you better forget it. Yeah, but you see the key. There is also the harmonizing. You can't just sing it solo. So I need somebody else. Yes, totally, just like the song itself, you need that, that that to person vocal thing going on. But what I was just about to mention to you was I would be more prone to tell a friend he needs to break up with a significant other because they had like stubby fingers rather than that they were, you know, flirty and tend to, you know, roll around, so to speak. It's fair enough, Yep, but what if they what if they had stubby fingers and were had a wandering eye, the wandering I. Well, okay, a lazy eyes. Well, not...

...a let not a lazy King Lay. I want a wandering eye in the in the regard of you know, yeah, hanging out with their significant other. They're wandering eyes like, oh, they're looking around the room to see who else is there, right, I think. Next, the next score. Now. Yes, back in the day, no, because now, listen, we're all grown up, we all have wives and kids, you know, relationships, and now serious business. It's not like, you know, we just again dating someone for a month or two months or even a high school, College whatever fling. This is, you know, legit. So if I knew someone was married for ten years and their wife was off, you know, at key parties or something, I'd say hey, because key parties are also a very sophisticated thing. That only happened to married couples over a certain age. So these are the kind of things I would mention. But yet again, no, back in the dad say you could you know, her hands are disgusting, her feet are disgusting, get out of that relationship. Yes, I swear to God, these things are very, very important to me. And I got what. What do you mean? It's not nice. You know what, if they have, they could they you know what they might have. Their hands might be a little bit, you know, dry, might have maybe have dry skin, but maybe they have a heart of gold. You know this is true. Okay, dry skin is something that is fixable, but if you have a big toe thumb, you better forget it because as she's gross. Yeah, I know, you know what I'm talking about, when people have that thumb that looks more like a big toe than an actual thumb. I know you're talking about. Yeah, it's like the Megan Fox thing. She's got one. I I don't think I've ever looked at her hands. Google, Google it, Google it right now. I don't want doing I would not be an easy lover for her because I would see that hand and go, no way, baby, I'm about she's No. Well, that's lucky for Brian Austin Green then, because he's he's out of the picture, but she's with that what's his name now, Machine Gunn Kelly? Right, I'm glad you're up with your celebrity news. I don't remember how I worried about that fight, and maybe it was another podcast I was listening to. Anyway. Okay, easy lover. Yeah, you know, you know who you know who's a tough lover Phil freaking Collins. I read that he ended a marriage one time via facts. Huh? So I yes, I guess. Since he has a tough lover, I guess everyone else is easy by comparison, right. Was it like back to the future? Just like you're fired. It came out in a machine. I don't I mean, I wasn't there. I didn't get that. I didn't receive the facts, but yeah, I know I got I guess is a lot. I get dumped by DOT Matrix. That's a tough one to live down. The DOT Matrix from spaceballs, not just dot matrix printers in general. I mean when you're when you dump into somebody by facts we're talking. I mean this didn't happen in the S. I presume this must have been was the dot Matrix Sperry now? Yeah, you know. So. Yeah, it would have taken like probably a couple of minutes to actually finished printing the message. Yeah, it took four and a half days to find out she was dumped. Yeah, yeah, and then he'd like bill, ripped the paper off. Yeah, fill you son of a Oh he is. He is a tough, tough lover. That felt great. Great singer terrible dater, husband, whatever it was. It a marriage? Was it just a girlfriend? And Next ohe Oh, Phil, Oh, Phil, yeah, anyway, yeah, he should have been unfilled on you. Oh my God, tough lovers, easy lovers. We have. We have it all here. MMM. But what do you have for your final verdict for this song? Do you think this song is a legit hit, or do you think easy lover is a song that went wrong? I feel like we barely touched on what the song actually sounds like, largely for the reason that we don't need to, because it's such a recognizable song that's held up so well over all of these years. I mean even the drums, and this is going to sound weird, but I'm a weird dude.

It almost appears like they took the skin of a wooly mammoth to make the Tom Tom's. They just so deep and resonating. The perfect voice harmonies between Phil Collins and Philip Bailey there angelic in nature. This song will get into your head and it will never leave. We talked about doing this song. I swear to you, no lie. It was on my mind for no less than a week and a half. Everything I was doing, I was humming this song, I was doing the dishes, I was singing this song. If I had a moment I would ask Alexa to play this song because I just couldn't stop listening to this song. Yes, I get paid a nickel for every time I say the word Song, but seriously, this is is high as you can get in my mind of one of the all time great hits. How about you, drew? Yeah, no, I mean, I'm right there with you. I there's nothing I I don't like about this song. I love absolutely everything about it and it pretty much exactly what you just said, Bailyon Collins Gel together seamlessly. The harmonizing is flawless. They just play off each other so well. The Guitar by Darryl Sturmer is exceptional. The song kicks off with Collins and Collins played drums, by the way, and it doesn't. I don't think he plays the drums in the video, but he actually played the drums on the and the recording. But the song kicks off with him on drums and you get that cool riff by sturmer. Just good stuff. And also, yes, Collins on drums, as usually a good thing. This song is on all of my s mixes and other mixes of just damn good songs. It's catchy. There's an overabundance of talent on this track and we are all the recipients of this great musical moment. So, yeah, I say this is definitely a hit, for sure. Oh my God, yes, you even agree with me about the whole woman Willie mammoth skin drum calling. I'll give you that. Yeah, wow, all right, man, we are freaking cooking with grease here. I love it. Now, now we have a before before we get going, though, we don't we hear at songs gone wrong. Do not condone using wooly mammoth skin for really anything. No, but if you were to do it, I would say, you know, we should loop in Phil Collins be like can you put this on your drunk kid? Yeah, I'm all about the preservation of currently mammoths in two thousand and twenty. That's correct, super high on my agenda. But what I was going to say was this is you know, I mean I love it, you love it, but what do the fans think about it? We get the fan vote out there on social media. I want to know. Yeah, we haven't. Let's see what they have to say, and it turns out eighty five percent said yes. What this is in fact a hit. Yeah, I mean it's a it's a good number. But, yeah, I feel like I'm curious that because he had a lot of a lot of people vote on this one. Actually, now I'm curious as a why fifteen percent said no. Yeah, I'm just so if you, if you voted no and you're brave enough to respond back, I'm just curious as the why you would say this is a song that went wrong. I didn't think it was possible, but you know, maybe maybe I miss something. I don't think so, but yeah, well, you just talking about us know, big species with the wooly mammouth. Now I know this. Fifteen percent is nothing more than Dodo birds. Come on now, who serious? I know that was as a terrible joke, but still, who? I don't understand it. I don't get it. Please continue. Yeah, but please don't let us know why you think it was not. I mean, I think pretty much most everybody responded positively. Right. So we have. We also got a lot of good feedback here. See Have Matthew are that goes by at Matt Wreck said it's a phenomenal combination of two wellknown voices cool video. Also agree with you there. Adam Tong at Aj Tong forty, said it's Philip Bailey and Phil Collins. It's a hit. Tom Filmer, he goes by at t film or twenty, said it's all right. So I wonder if. I wonder...

...if Tom was one of the ones that voted nobod either way, we appreciate his opinion. Bo Are. Good friend, bobecraft at bowbecraft said heard this yesterday. I'll standy track. Bona fide hit hands down. Reginald Ray goes by at simply underscore. Regi old said it's still slaps. And then we got this awesome no ear from thy who goes by at pride of Hampton, said he actually the accidentally dedicated it to a friend on the radio during high school. He didn't think he'd get it through and when he did he got flustered, which is, I think, an awesome story. Apparently Tye said that she got mad, but come on, it's an awesome song. He also said she got over it, so that's good to hear. So I think everything worked out well for tie. So thanks for sharing all those stories. Guys. That's it. That's what we have for easy lover. And any other final notes on from from you over there, buddy? Nope, but I will still be listening to this song, probably day and night, for I don't know, the foreseeable future. I don't know when this song is ever going to become nauseating to me because no matter what you listen to, right over time you like, yeah, you can't eat Scherios every day, right, you got to switch up. You seriously, you need some fruit loops, you need some variety in your life. But for some reason, when it comes to easy lover, I don't need nothing else. It's still has its still as. It's still there. It's actually when I was at when I was younger, I listened to a lot of fear factor. I don't I mean I'll listen to fear factory onll like my gym mix, you know what I'm working out and stuff for my running mix, but other than that, like like both back in a day, I would listen to fear factory most of the day. Now I'm like, I'm older, I'm not that angry anymore. But easy lover, yeah, I was like covered Brown roll. Put It on I'll as soon as with the recording, I'm going to put it on, because it's me too. I'm telling you, man, it's like it's up there. Great stuff. Can't get enough this. Yeah. Well, thanks everybody for checking us out. I hope you enjoyed the episode. As always, you can find us, Oh, all over the INNERWEBS. You can find us on our website, songs gone wrongcom. You can find us on twitter at songs gone drop us an email. S GW podcast at gmailcom. You know, if you want to suggest a song, visit our website. There's a little form on there you can submit, you know, what you would like to talk about. That be great. Yeah, otherwise, thanks again for listening to songs gone wrong.

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