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Episode · 1 year ago

Everything I Do I Do it For You by Bryan Adams


Drew welcomes guest host the Great Baktonious as they discuss this massive 90s hit from Bryan Adams, Everything I Do I Do it For You. They cover alot of ground on this one, so buckle up!

-Drew sings for some reason

-Drew has some issues with the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

-Baktonious and Drew talk about their Glory Days

-Drew likes cheese sandwiches

-Baktonious likes mix tapes

-For some reason, Baktonious doesn't like Bryan Adams' skin

-Baktonious sings for all to hear

-Shout out to Doom Crew Dan


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got it right or did those songs go wrong? I'm one of your host drew Zachman, and joining me today as a special guest host. Now, first I would like to apologize. We were supposed to have an out and chains episode today, but I started a new workout program from Don Saladino, who is actually Ryan Reynolds trainer. So for the record, now that's just two things Ryan and I have in common. Now, we both followed Don's workout programs and we both love s music. Just saying. But the other day I started his one program and, Dude, I was like wiped the crap out by like zero PM. There was no way I was going to record the alice and chains episodes that night. So I do apologize for that. We will have those up to you guys next week, but I'm not sorry for having a very good friend of mine on, the Great and wonderful Bach, tonious Bach. How are you doing, sir? I am doing excellent and I am going to have a blast with you today. Looking forward to what I'm looking forward to. Men Me more. Yeah, you know, and it's funny because I appreciate it. First all, I appreciate you jumping on, you know, with such short notice, but I would we we've known each other for like like what, thirty five years now? Isn't that crazy? Man? I know that's insane. It's also insane you still talk to me after like three and a half decades. I feel like you should get from sort of like metaller. You were the hug, you were the first person I got pulled over by the cops with and we got out of that ticket, damn it. Good Times, good times. So, yeah, yeah, I'm some soaked to have you on and it'll be fun. And now everybody else, if you guys haven't done so already, please make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes and it come out, which in fact, is twice a week. And if you could also leave us a five star review on Itunes, that would be deeply appreciated. And if you do, let us know and then what we can do is have a couple songs gone wrong stickers. Now it's you, so you leave us a review, let us know that you did send me your address. Then we'll get those stickers over to you as quickly as possible, or as quickly, I guess, as the Post Office will get them to you. And you can also follow us on twitter and Instagram at songs gone drop us an email sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our glorious website, songs gone wrongcom, and also we have our own songs gone wrong playlist on spotify so you can keep up to date with the songs we discuss each episode. And speaking of songs we discuss each episode, Pete, we have a good one this week. We are talking about everything I do. I do it for you. From Brian Adams. Isn't that the most? I don't know, I could chills when I hear that song on the radio. The kids are like, Dad, what is this stuff? But we, and my wife and I, we just built this thing. Wow, and I just like, let just sing this song. It's the best, it's a good one and it's funny. So I played this for both of my daughters today. Okay, just as I like getting their opinions in their takes on things, and Abby, my oldest, she left the room, she did not like but Maggie, my youngest, she gave it two thumbs up. So okay, there's they're split. Their split. But can I ask you? Did you sing along? No, I mean because abby left the room before Brian even started singing. Okay, so I was just like, well, let's let's let's let Brian to the singing this time, but next time I'm absolutely definitely I'm going to be singing along with them. All Right, I'M gonna get you to sing one little lyric tonight, just one. This one is at the part ...

...right before Brian, like at the very end. The brand's like how to for year? You can pick whatever you want. Well, I just did one right there. I got to hear it again. A Da for you when, when I got your earlier, I thought you were going to do that at the end. That's good. Yeah, it's that. I'll tell you what, man, when Brian, when Brian Sings that part, man, that must have been like the biggest panty dropper back in it had been. I know, man, I look, I didn't. He knows what I knows. But looking back at the song, I don't know the song. It's so corny. You're not wrong. Well, we'll get to that in a minute. But so let's talk about the album that this song came on. Right. So this song was so massive it could not be contained on just one album. It was on to it was on Brian Adams is one thousand nine hundred and ninety one album, waking up the neighbors, and that's neighbors with a you in there. So Hello Canada. And also it was on the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Soundtrack, thus making this song the Second Soundtrack Song we have talked about on here, along with party man from Prince, which was off the Batman Soundtrack. But this was actually written for the Robin Hood Prints of thieves soundtrack and then Brian just added it to his album afterwards. And, like I said, they both of those came out in one Thousan Nin hundred and ninety one dr I got beef. You have beef. What' You're beef with? I got beef with the song being on the sound I know they made it for the movie, but they could have put it in the movie, not in the credits. I made no sense to me. Yeah, I mean this I feel like the song was more of like a it's just a marketing tool. Yeah, you remember the video on MTV right. I love. I mean yeah, every time it was on, it was almost at your busy watching a trailer for the movie. I'm like, do I do? I want to watch more Kevin Cost Hell, yeah, I do, so, you know. And then you you just had Brian Adams music in a background while you watch Kevin Costner, sure laming arrows. I'm like, yes, Christ you think Christian schlader should it could have been robin. I think you could have, when he did play a little bit of you know, like I'm gonna get back at them. No, I don't want to spoil the movie. If you have a come on, if people haven't seen it, get with the program here. Guys, don't getting. I'm kidding. It's been now for thirty years, which makes me feel really old. But now I mean that there's no way. First of all, I'm going to paste myself here because we'll talk about the movie a little bit. But okay, yeah, but that, I don't think there's any way. Christian to US later would have been even robin whatever. And Anyway, anyway, the song was written by three men, Brian Adams, Michael Caman and Robert Mutt Lange. Now you probably know about Bryan Adams. But if you don't know about the other two guys, don't worry, we got you covered here. Michael came in, by the way, is a damn legend and sadly left US way too soon. He was a very skilled composer and orchestral arranger and worked with like basically everyone, and some of my favorite work of his includes his work with Aerosmith for a version of dream on with an orchestra, which was featured on the last action hero soundtrack, Queen's right silent lucidity, which we covered a few episodes ago, and also real world from Queens Reich, which was all three album promised land, and also again all the last action hero soundtrack. Great songs. He worked on those. METALLICA's SNM concert in San Francisco in the late s. He work with them. He also worked with Jim Crowchy as well. I love me some Crowchy and a shout out to Trenton New Jersey. Mari Mule Heisen was the you know, the guitarists and you know he helped write songs or Crowchy. So always like to give Trent New Jersey a plug. Right. He probably was at the millhouse right, probably nice when the last time you bet at the millhouse? Oh Man, probably ten years ago, maybe twelve...

...years ago. This is amazing. It's been a while. Yeah, been a long time, but I mean like if those you know acts, you know, weren't enough. Michael came in. Also scored several movies, some of which you may have heard of, movies like, I don't know, lethal weapon, the first three diehard films, the Three Musketeers, which again in that one he worked with Brian Adams again. That was Brian Adams, sting and Rud Stewart. He worked on the highlander movie Rob Hood, Prince of Thieves, obviously one of my favorite bond films, license to kill, highly underrated. Timothy Dalton, I don't think, gets enough love for his job as James Bonds. And he also scored the band of Brothers Series on HBO, which was freaking unreal. That series was amazing. So if you don't know Michael came in, now you do it and you should be impressed because came in is it was just an absolute legends. Now I haven't even gotten the Mut Languet. So he's a legendary producer who work with Brian Adams, Huey Lewis, ACDC, Def Leppard, Michael Bolton, the cars, and he also worked with nickel back. But I mean, I guess they all can't be home runs. But mutt is also a legend. Well, so lots of talent on this track and I think it absolutely shows. How about you, pet you know, are you fans of any of those bands that the that Mut or came in worked with? You know what, nickelback? I there. I still think they're they're underrated. Bro I'm kidding, I was gonna say. And that's the episode, guys. We'll see you later next week. Now, a lot of those bands I grew up listening to and I just like hearing those names and just thinking about like the people he just like rub shoulders with and, you know, just the legends and they're going, man, the s cats are dropping and it's sad, but yeah, dude, we just live on man with their music. It's amazing. Yep, Yep. And well, let's talk. Let's talk about you know this song, right. So what are some of your memories of this song? Everything I do I do for you from Brian Adams, my first where I when I heard this song and you told me, let's let's do this song. I said, Hey, I used to say this every freaking time. Look into my and I just like said ass every freaking time, every time, makes that song and and I did a karaoke that way, not even knowing, and they're like, dude, you're the jackass. But I love this song because I try to do with Karaoke. I try to do the raspy voice, but it's it just doesn't come out like like him. Man, and at the end, the Crescendo, forget about it, I'm cracking like Peter Brady, you know. Oh, yeah, yeah, that end is good, man, and the guitar man that that that's Solo. You just feel like he is just going to come out of the shirtwood forest, you know, like having like a solo for Brian Adams in that video. Dude, the best. You know what you remember? Do you remember the video for November rain? Yeah, you could almost swap out walking out of the Church and they bust out this solo here. Exactly. Yep, but it's got to go with the movie. You gotta go with the shirt with well, come on, correct for a forest, not a not a church, something like that. Yeah, I don't remember the very first time I heard this song, because, I mean I feel like I've heard it probably thousands of times by now. But I feel like if you were on the planet Earth in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, you heard this song multiple times most likely. I mean that's what's plastered all over the radio. And I probably saw the video for this I think like seven hundred forty eight times. When they play videos, you know like yes, yeah,...

...yeah, those were the times. But yeah, I mean that that was a good thing because anytime you got to see no, like I said, Kevin Costor, that's a win in my book. And if you saw the movie Robin Hood, Prints of Thieves, you know it was at the end there and also like in the I think was in like some of the commercials and like a lot of the marketing for it. So one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, I feel like Brian Adams own a good portion of that year. All right, let and they give you a question. All right, all right, so the song won a granny, okay, yeah, and it went for an Oscar and they lost the WHO Beau, need to be good man. You're good. I know. Yeah, they they this. This song is well decorated and we'll talk about some of their numbers too, but let's I want to talk about the movie now. I feel like now is a good time to talk about the movie just a little bit. I think we're pretty there's like so much to talk about, but I'm trying like to keep it short here. But Man, I love a cruise. Man, that girl there, that Princess, whatever her name was. Man, Oh, Mayor Mary, was Mary Master Antonio? Right? Yeah, yeah, Nah, did you know where it is? I remember my mother getting them dcre and bringing it over and I sell we sick that day from school. I just never Miss School, and I remember putting it in, just covering a big blanket and just passing Arrow listening to that freaking movie. Ah, Dude, I love that movie. Man, so many memories. Yeah, the I feel like when I watch it, I mean you can't watch it with the critical eye because there are so many glaring issues with the movie, but it's a I feel like it's a fun movie. I mean you had a lot of yet cost on their right and Morgan, Freeman, Christians slater, Alan Rickman, in my opinion, stole the movie. He was phenomenal and there's a lot and there's a lot of great supporting actors too, but I have to say this, right, there's a few things that that the what I think the biggest thing that bugged me in the movie. Well, well, one of the things the fact that little John lived by the Stream and by water but he still couldn't swim, like really, well, come on, man. And and also, I think this was probably my biggest gripe with the movie, like Morgan Freeman's character, Azem performed, I think, like the first c section in the history of man. Right, yeah, I think you did. Yeah, and so he performed it on Fanny, who was little John's wife, and he said they go. I saw this done a couple times on a horse. I was like, okay, maybe I could let that slide, but not really. But the next day is when they get attacked by those or like Celtic warriors or whatever. Yep. And and Fanny, who is, keep in mind here, like not even twenty four hours removed from having the first see section and the history of the world ever, without any kind of like anesthesia or pain meds or anything, she's running around with the baby like she's very fucking sanders, like dude you just had the first sea section ever. Probably have some blood loss, they're probably have an open wounds. There's there's no way she was for vibes it, let alone runs around like that afterwards. was there a time laps or not? I don't like I don't remember that. I feel like it was like the next day. That's for like a couple weeks. Or was it the next day? I feel like it was a NAST. I interpreted it as the next day. Okay, sounds good man. That's what I'm going with. Also, they were kind of there. Were they like Dicks to Robin. Servant Duncan like that. Dude had his eyes removed as punishment for basically being associated with Robin, and all Robin and his merry men do is like crack blind jokes at him. That's kind of messed up. The Guy Loved, the guy lost literally had his eyes taken out of his head. Yeah, that's what the good brod you ever like memorized stupid lines and movies? Oh, all the time, Dude. There's so many corny ones in that. I'm gonna be Robin Hood's hot out with a bluie spoon and when the a I goes well, I sping. Course he,...

...because she's show you twitted him more. And we went to a school call nine him, Dude. You know right, we did. Our high school was nothing him high school. That's right, dude. We went to the I was a swimmer. I'm to twenty four. No, I'm not to twenty eight. I am like an anchor more than I'm a swimmer. But I was on the swim in high school and we went to the states and first like a relay. We weren't that good, but we made it to the stage for it and they're like Nottingham, up to the up to the blocks and they're like yeah, we're true. Would for is do we no one heard of us before. Like school, it's a thousand thousand kids school, right, more than that, like like one thous three hundred or forty. Yeah, the good days, the good old days, the skinny days, skinny days, good God. That was the sports was what made it, man, Bro Sports based. Well, you know. Well, my so you you're you're older me. So you already graduated. But my senior year for baseball, we sucked. We were like we I think we went one and twenty. Oh No, I didn't. I didn't follow you guys. We went. Well, nobody did. We won our first game. We like ten run ruled. I think it was like heights town. Two days in a row. The first time you played them at the game got called just due to darkness. We had the plan again the next day. We smoked him again. I was like, Oh, maybe this is our year. Noe. We lost every game after that. Ah, blood, what happened? Yeah, that was rough. That was rough. I remember one Stud Pitcher and the first that bat. I think some Kid Jim Act in it that they got a base it and I go there goes is no better. Guy Looked at me and he's like, suck my ball, dude. You know so, Dude, you know what happens. The fucking kid throws a one hitter. But I'll say what, speaking of running up the score, this song has been streamed over two hundred sixty nine million times on spotify and probably, yeah, probably, by time this episode airs, I will have personally streamed it another million times myself. So I mean I'm going to bring it up to two hundred and seventy million and then the one thing I found very interesting is that Brian Adams has almost nineteen million monthly subscribers on spotify. That's a lot. That's a lot. Yeah, I mean some like artists that are still, you know, popular and good, don't even have anywhere near that. I was playing some songs I did not know and my wife knew a lot of her a lot of the songs. I was like Oh, wow, nice, yeah, I can yeah, on Alexa. That's good stuff. So now let's let's Dick into the billboard hot one hundred charts. So and I think we forget sometimes how much Brian Adams was all over the radio back in that day. So the dude has twenty five songs on the US billboard hot one hundred. He has eleven top ten hits and for number ones, that's pretty damn impressive. Wow. Yeah, and everything I do was one of those number one hits, hitting the top spot in July of one thousand nine hundred and ninety one and holding that spot for seven weeks. And, as you talked about before, like as if that wasn't enough, this song did bring home that one grammy. Adams came in and Lang. They won the Grammy Award for best song written specifically for emotion, picture or television. And they were nominated for two other grammys. So yeah, I mean this song it's got the numbers, it has the hardware, it's got a lot. I was I was looking at some songs on Youtube and I saw the message right under it, right, and the last message it's said from it someone guy, I forget was from. If you're listening to this in two thousand and twenty one, I love you and you're not alone. I I thought that was beautiful. That's great. Dude... your this is what Brian Adams is. Man Rings People Together. It brings people together. He's waking up the neighbors. Yeah, so here are some other songs on the billboard. Hot One hundred of that time. Right, so easy like to kind of read off the top five. You know that were on the chart at the same time as the song we're talking about. So this is a pretty sweet top five. So right, Adams had the top spot at number one. Jesus Jones was number two, with right here right now. That's another great song. Yeah, it is MF with unbelievable. Was that number three? Nice Passion by the Rhythm Syndicate was number four and number five was summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince, and I dare anyone to find a better summertime song than that one. HMM, it's so good. It's just summer time. Okay, again, I don't know. This is he's describing. Good Day. You know, it's I love it. It's cheese sandwiches. Brocheese sandwiches is drew's given fantasy name. I gave him, so that's he likes to eat. Choose Sandwich is during went I do we cut, we we we give up meat for lent, and I'm also so I'm also giving up alcohol right now. I'm doing a dry January, which is the dumbest idea in the world. So I immediately regret this decision, but I'm staying strong right now. So please, thoughts and prayers. You can do it, brother. Yeah, I mean, I've got up before. I'm not worried about that, but now I'm like a boy. I could really use one. But also on the charts, and number fifteen was I want to sex you up by color me bad. And that song will be appearing on this show within the next couple weeks for good reason. And Yeah, I like the preface that episode with a giant Yikes. and also at number seventeen was wind of change by the Scorpions. I like that tune, but that those are some of the songs on the billboard, the score. Where were they from? where? They're not that from journey, you think. Nice. Okay, and when did change do? Wind of change was a Scorpions Nice. Yeah, that was I remember them playing that when, or maybe it maybe was the video. They had like all kinds of I think they had like the protesters in teniment square, they had the Berlin Wall coming down, the videos, it was all kind of like, you know, political stuff, you know, like just like changing times. It was it's a great song, yet in radio. But so those are the other songs on the charts at that time. But how does the song compare to some of the other songs on the album? And for all intents and purposes we will compare this song to the waking up the neighbors album. That album was a massive hit and it hit number one on the album charts and at least eight countries. There were seven singles off that album, most notably everything I do I do for you. Can't stop this thing we started. Thought I'd died and gone to heaven and do I have to say the words? So, based on those songs, Adam Adams was cranking out the love rock back in the early S. I feel like when this album came out, I would probably hear do I have to say the words late at night on star one hundred four point five, and little drew was probably like what is love and what are boobs? You know, basically stuff drew would learn about in his s apparently. But anyway, this song fits in perfectly, I think, with the majority of the album's content. You know, I find that interesting that he called the album waking up the neighbors. Maybe he was making them up so he could spoon with them while listening to this album. I feel like that's a possibility. Yeah, definitely gonna happen. Yeah, do you do you remember this album when it came out at all? My I feel like it was this another thing, right. This was kind of like everywhere, you know what, I heard this song and that's it and I whatever was on the radio. I kind...

...of absorbed it. But I am really I was into more of a heavy, heavy stuff at this time. Yeah, I was in Jewing, enjoying my youth and really out with some good classic music. Man. Yes, yeah, I think at this time I was kind of listening to whatever is on the radio. I would probably take about another two years or so before I started getting into the heavier stuff. So, Brian, Brian caught me at a very vulnerable time in my life. When did you start getting into? You like he s, like kind of classical music? I would say, yeah, probably about when I was around thirteen. Yeah, because then I well, why the happening was the and I feel like this album gets a lot of crap, but the black album from Italica was pretty much my gateway album into heavier music. God. And you know, I from that point forward I started, you know, I started going back and listening to the older Metallica and then I listened to like other are you know, like hard rock from s then and then I just kept going back further to like, you know, Zeppelin, you know pink Floyd who, you know, like some other you know, like s bands and stuff. So you sound like you were definitely a Columbia House Guy. No, but my sister was. Ah. So she would get like some albums and I'm like, Jimmy a favor, go pick up a super unknown from sound guarden for me are like or like we got was a pro jam ten. So I was like hell yeah, I remember when we got them to I was like this is amazing, so great. When did you get your first CD player? I probably like ninety two or ninety three. Wasn't it the best? Yeah, I remember. So we are. We did like a family trip. We went to like tower records in Philly. It was a big deal in the Zachman household because we went out, my dad got this like killer CD player and we all were like allowed to get like like a CD or two. So I went up getting and justice for all and I wound up getting the Lizard from Saigon kick. So those are the first two albums I got. Did you have to listen it that those with the family, or you could take it into your room? I we would. I would use the CD player that we had in the family room. I think it was actually in the basement, but I would not. I wasn't listening to it when my family was around. Yeah, I was recording all my cassette and making making tapes for my girlfriends Nice. Well, yeah, once I got, once I got my like my boom box from my room, then yeah, then, and then the mixtapes were on. Man, then I was making them like crazy. I still have a couple of them lying around too. I got all mine mix guys, man good time. But, lyrically speaking, I mean normally I love digging into the lyrics, but with this one I feel kind of like Chicago's. You're the inspiration. It's pretty darn cut and dry. You know, everything Brian Adams does, he does it for you and I don't think it matters what he does. You know, taking out the garbage every Tuesday night, he does that for you. Laundry, he's doing that for you. Cutting the grass, if you're following the pattern here, he also did that for you. So I think the song is really just about how selfless Brian Adams is as thinking. He was thinking of you, fighting for you, lying for you, dying for you, name it, Adams will do it for you. Yeah, but you're missing the people. He said, take my length. He's given his given his future wife and out and just dude. Then you like he said it in the song. To me, that's true. That's true. That's a valid point. Come on, you don't think robin kind of went around Sherwood forest and did some other things. There's more to the story there, drew. Oh absolutely. I mean when any time you're walking around wearing tights your you're engaging in some kind of other sexual congress. All right, I got one beef with the song. It's long. It is well all the extended version. Yeah,...'s long. It's like six minutes with the when the song ends, right even that is like about five minutes, which I think is still kind of long, but then it drags off like another minute, just kind of like replays the like a Little Guitar Solo. It's like, all right, we heard the first Guitar Solo and yes, it was great. Wrap it up, Brian, let's go. Did you agree? Did you hear me? Baby, the Brady one. What's her name? She redid it. Oh, brandy, Randy. I saw that when I was researching it. I did not listen to it because, yeah, Cuz maybe because I was putting Brady, and that's probably in the youtube. They're like no, idiot, brandy is yeah, I definitely did not listen to that one. I saw it and I was like what now, not happening. All right, all right. They said the song was written and under an hour. Also, all the lyrics, not the music probably, but the lyrics were under an hour. I could see that. You can see it. Yeah, I think Rod Temperton wrote thriller in like in like a cab ride or something like that. So I can see it being written quickly. I mean it's not like it's it's a song that's very cut and dry, you know. So I can see it being written in a short period time. Like. I wouldn't I wouldn't question that. I would totally go along with that. God, what do you why do you think it's not possible to write that Sid much? I'm come on, they're smoking or drinking, they're having a good time. That that that our turns into an hour and a half and I'm just calling bullshit. I don't think it was an hour. Maybe it was like an hour and a half. There we go. I'll compromise of an hour and a half. Yeah, all I was gonna say maybe it was like an hour and a half in real time, but maybe forty five minutes, because maybe they were all stones. I doubt it. So some doing research on this guy, right, and and he's got bad skin. Right. It's so like right, whys? Brian Adams have bad skin and I get I get this reddit and she goes the question and someone else answered the question and she goes, she goes. Why do you even care? What if he had pimples or not? You know, dying, Dude. I was absolutely dying, Oh my God. So, yeah, he's got some bad skin, but I couldn't find out what happened to him. When you have when you have a voice like that, I think you can overlook his skin. That raspy hit a beautiful I love his voice. Man. So what? So what do you think? All all the song? What do you feel? Well, I'm going first this time. This is this is the first for me. So that's right, it's all right, I'll I'll lead off and I'll let you hit second. So I mean, like I mentioned earlier, like you could not escape this song, right. You know, thirty years ago, even if you wanted to, it was everywhere. Radio, movies, TV, commercials, MTV, you name it, the song was there. And now you'll probably hear it at your local grocery store, which I think is okay. I'm all right with that. I do think the song is a little cheesy, but, as we have talked of before, I do love me some s cheese. So, on top of like the numbers and accolades, this song pulled in. When you have Mutt Lang and Michael Caman involved in really anything, it's going to be good. And the song, I mean it's yes, it is a little cheesy, but I still like it and I think this song is, I'm going to say the song is a legit hit. So that's that's what I'm going with here. So, Buck, do you think this song is a legit hit or do you think this is a song gone wrong? This song, at some point in my life, maybe maybe multiple times, made me cry.

Great, I don't I'm gonnamit. This probably the first time to any but it's just like like to be that macho person in your life and like the song made me cry. A man and the sing the song and belt it down and have a a blast with it, you know, correct cursing a little bit, go for it. There is no no this. I mess up. That's it. That's all I got. Brother, I love you. So I'm going to assume you think this song is a legit it based off of all that you gave the best man you. Yeah, Ditto on that, man. I this song has a lot of emotion to me and I heard on the real I kind of go, I go, I always go nuts and put it louder. So it's Gott A. It's definitely a thumbs up. All right. Yeah, anytime you crank the volume up, that means it's illegit it. So all right, so you and I, we agree, but we also have to loop in our fans here, because, you know what, we appreciate democracy over here at songs gone wrong, and we still want to hear what they have to say. So let's see what the fans have to say about this song. All right. So we have our poles in and sixty five percent of the fans say this song is a legit hit. So we all agree. Yep, everything I do, I do for you. It's legit hit. So we got some we got some good feedback to so let me read that off real quick. All right. So some of the feedback we have pipe at pipe sundred and twenty said I shouldn't be allowed to vote on ballots. I'm a pretty tough judge if I'm trying to be as objective as possible. Nope, I still can't listen to it. So yeah, we have someone who's not a fan of that song, and that's all right. Erico at Erico Terio, and yes, I completely nailed that name. It's not Barico, he said. A huge hip but with a Robin Hood Summer Blockbuster, it was a double whammy. But I found that being insufferably overplayed. I still can't sit through it. But I do love the Great Solo by Keith Scott, and yes, I agree. Scott is a great guitarist and he, he, Scott's actually been working with Brian Adams, I think, if I'm not mistaken, since the seventy so good putting that out. Erko Palefire at Left Coast Two thousand and twenty one said there's no dispute here. Andrew Waller, at one waller said I understand why people like the song, but I hate it, as I do most of Adams's work. I saw an interview once with Brian when he said he couldn't have written everything I kill, I kill for you. I thought, why not, it's actually better than what you actually did write, so that would actually be an interesting song. Everything I kill, I kill for you. Like a baby, he goes on hunting. Is I go I caught us a rabbit for some rabbit stew. I killed it for you. I don't know. See at real. Moses tweets said I've been known to pull up at the House and sit in the car until the song finishes. So I think I think back. I think we're aligned with her on that one, just not not in the garage and closing the door. That's not good either. Now correct. Yeah, we we've found upon that here. Melinda Barnett at Melinda Barnett said, I love Brian Adams. Every request made on the FM radio hotline, every mixtape trying to win you over, every phone called, the boy trying his best to serenage with a Brian Adams Song. Man, this one brings back memories. Finally, we have one from gender forest at Gengen. Defo said this song was the final number at my sixth grade band concert. I'm sure we crushed it and the audience wept. legit hit and JEN. I don't doubt that. I'm sure you...

...guys did crush it. So that's the that's the fan feedback we got. What do you think the percentage of wedding songs were that you think along? I did go to a wedding and had this this this crazy song as the actual wedding song. Yeah, I mean back then. I mean it has to have been a sizeable percentage. Yeah, but don't you cringe it there, a little bit there, but there's, you know what, there's people. I mean maybe some people like, generally like it, and then sometimes people like, I don't know what Song I want. Oh, this song happens to be popular right now. Let's go with this one. Yeah, I don't know. Definitely a probably would have been the proms song, you know, back in ninety one, I'm sure. Yep, we had the theme song from Titanic. That's Alene Dion Song. I'm like, yeah, that that explained lanes my prom just me a song, a kind of equivalent, equivalent to this. You think the Armageddon Song? I don't want to miss a things kind of like this. Yeah, I feel like they're in the same boat. Yeah, it's a good song. I feel like I like this song better than the Aerosmith Song. WHOA, Whoa. Yeah, HMM, they're fighting words, man. I'm kidding, man, sorry. Would you see about my Mama? My Mama wrote that song. Did you say about Arrowsmith? You say about well, I mean I get that way about alison chains and never anybody slanders alison chains. I'm like, Uh Huh, all right, let's let's maybe have this conversation outside. Have you ever met Alison Kans? MMM, I have never met them. No, I've seen them a couple times, not with lane. I saw them with William duvault twice. As a hell of a show. Yeah, yeah, yeah, really was really good ten years ago. Now, time fly, brother. Sure it is good times, Bro. Yeah. So we have one more bit of feedback. I would give a quick shout out to our new listener, doom crew. Dan. He found US and left us a very kind note on twitter yesterday and said I discovered a podcast yesterday songs gone wrong. I listened to fourteen episodes while I was torching steel at work and let me tell you, these guys had me taking mini breaks because I was laughing too much. It's a fun listen. Go check them out. Well, Dan. Thank you very much, sir, and also I hope you stay safe at work. Don't want you to be laughing and torching steel at the same time. So Safety First, but thank you for listening. Also, badcus. What our show. We have listeners in thirty seven countries right now. That's pretty insane. Maybe after this show you're probably going to lose a couple. Now we'll be up to like forty bytime this episode is you are out for you are too kind, but now that's that's pretty much all. I have. Anything else from you, sir, unless you want me to sing more on which I doubt it. So back Tony has. Thanks again, as always, a pleasure speaking with you. That's always good having, you know, a lifelong friend on the show. So thanks for jumping on, especially with such short notice. Now, if anybody wants to reach out to you and chat some music, where can people find you? Instagram right now at Buck Tunius. Yep, cool. So, yeah, and we're on Instagram as well. We're at songs gone and we're also at songs gone on twitter as well. So well, we probably won't have a spell up, Tony. So it's be Ako nioe US said instagram. Is that how you do? I don't even know. I'm got to get this damn interwebs. I think it's I think it's just at Bock Tonius. That's all sounds good. There we go. Well, Bock Tonyas thank you again. Sir and everybody else thanks again for listening to songs gone wrong. Everybody see you.

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