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Faith by Limp Bizkit


CAUTION: NU METAL ALERT! Drew and Dave dive into the underworld of nu metal as they discuss 90s powerhouse Limp Bizkit's cover of Faith. Lots to cover here, so you just better listen. Also, make sure to check out Melinda Barnett's bakery - Hudson Mill Home Bakery. The cookies are delicious!!!

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Hey everyone, and welcome to songsgone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide ifthese hit songs got it right. there. Did those songs go wrong? I'mone of your host Terw Zachman, and joining me, as always,is Dave Schultz. Dave, how are you doing? Good, sir.Hello, drew. It feels like eons, maybe millennia, because I've been onour our show, been a while. Glad, glad, you're back.Thanks. I should make up a really funny story about where I've been, but I don't want to do that right now. Oh sorry, it'slike, Oh, I'm finally back out of jail. Well, that thatis true. Yeah, and I can just leave it at that. Yeah, I was in the WHO's Gau so I'm a change man, though.I'm reformed. Have you are? Have you? Have you found the Lord? The Lord is always been with me. Okay, don't ever question that,drew. I'm just I'm just checking. The Lord has never left my side. Well, I I just figured I bring that up because you know, a lot of times you just have to have faith. Yes, Ha, ha ha, and DNA did. There there's a dull and drew lands. Good. That was good. But before we dig it, guys,as always, if you haven't done so already, make sure you hit subscribeto make sure you get all of our episodes and they come out, whichin fact, is twice a week. And if you could also leave usa five star of you and Itunes, that would be awesome. And ifyou do, let me know and I will have some songs gone wrong stickerssense to your house. And you can also follow us on twitter and Instagramat songs gone or drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit ourwebsite, songs gone wrongcom. And also we have our own songs gonewrong playlist on spotify so you can keep up the date with the songs wediscuss each episode. And before we dig into this episode, Dave, Iknow, we want to say thank you again to one of our lovely andwonderful listeners, Melinda Barnett, who did send us some delicious cookies. And, Oh yeah, and I reached out to her personally through twitter on DM'sdirect message, and I oh shit something. Yeah, and I was like wow, I'm talking about these cookies, how good or cookies are and howmuch you change my life, and I was like maybe I should delete thesemessages. My my wife's going to read these and thin I'm having in afail. Yeah, that's what's funny. Like, you know, when youwhen you I feel like a lot of times on twitter I see people sayingthat go these scumbags are sliding in the my DM's and I'm like, like, if I DM somebody, it's I'm making that because they sent me cookies, or like I'm like trying to get them to listen to the podcast.Like that. That's the excent of why...

I'm in your DM's, or Iwanted or there's like a couple friends I talked to on twitter about like baseballor hockey cards from the S. Yeah, that's what I do in the DM's. I get it right, but I'm still just trying to say,like, you know, is so innocent and because, listen, these cookiesnot my freaking socks off, man, these were no joke. These werelegit one of the cookies with the best cookie I ever freaking had in mylife. And you usually wear and you usually wear two pairs of socks.I yeah, so something, Dude, flew right off my feet. Itwas like they were just like propelled with fuel. Or something. But yeah, man, and but I'm looking at the DM's and I'm like, Oh, I mean, I'm just praising this woman for the cookie. I didit all for the cookie. Huh. You did it all for I waslike yeah, other, but you beat me to it. Yeah, well, we're both pretty cheesy, drew. But the thing was I was like, yeah, I don't know, I don't want my wife to see these, gonna be like what's going on here? Telling this woman she changed your lifewith her cookie. Yeah, I'm in trouble now. I've been thedog house, baby, baby, for those cookies here were delicious, butnot. Yeah, on all seriousness, they were the best cookies ever.So yeah, totally. If you can ever hit up Melinda Barnett and tryher cookies, you better they're delicious. MMM, they're good. Now let'smove on to our episode. Here, Dave, we are talking about thisnight, late, late, s classic. Okay, faith. We're about faithfrom look biscuits, which was off their album three dollar bill, y'all. Yep, yeah, came out in nineteen ninety seven. Now, incase you didn't know, this is actually a cover. George Michael is theOridge, is a writer of the song and he released this version off thealbum of the same game back in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven.Now, did you also know, Dave, that are good friends Alvin and thechipmunks covered this song as well on their nineteen eighty eight album, thechipmunks and Chippetts born to rock. Really, I wasn't aware, but now Igot to go look that up. I got to seek that one out. I feel like maybe we should have done this episode on that version,as supposed to olymp biscuit one. Well, did it chart? Was it ayou know, I don't even know where that would happen. Like,you know, it didn't change records. Yeah, that's weird. I don'tknow when. Alvin the chipmunks? No, no platinum there. Well, I'lltell you what I mean. I played the shit out of that chipmunk'sChristmas tape, that cassette tape I had from like the S or whatever.I think the cassette was probably from like the S or whatever, but Duwhen I was a kid I played that shit all the time. I'm suremy parents were like stop fucking playing that. Well, you know, it's evenweirder about it was the chipmunks are probably just like adults and they ofcourse, they just spit up the tempo to make them sound like chipmunks orwhatever, but they're probably changed, smoking butts, drinking beer years laughing aboutlike Oh yeah, get paid to do this. You know what I mean, like this is a ridodiculous but hey, whatever. You know, got topay that electricity bill, man. They're like snorting blow off like ahooker's stomach. Yeah, like, all...

...right, let's do let's do allthat. One for Christmas is my two front teeth. There you go,the Theodore Baby. Let it roll, it's put it on a wax.But, Dave, what are some of your memories of this song? Okay, I saw limp biscuit open for Primus back in Maine in the late sand before I even saw the band, I found it fairly interesting that Primushad a normal tour bus, right, they had their rock star set up. You seat outside. You very impressed. You like, okay, man,these guys know how to travel. Yet limp biscuit had a u haulthat they put duct tape on to make it read three dollar bill. Youhaul. That's clever right. Considering the name of their record and then Isaw him. They were okay. They were fairly high energy, which issomething I could appreciate the time. But here's a little tidbit that some peoplemight not be old enough to remember. They threw cassette singles out into thecrowd, so I brought one of those home and I believe faith was onthat. And Yeah, I don't know. I was never the big biggest limpbiscuit fan. I guess it was like yeah, cool, I sawhim. The other huge loddi Daddy du Fred or sucks. But those arebasically my memories of Limb Biscuit and this did he hmm. Yeah, mine, I feel like my members are a bit different, because I even knowwhere to begin write this album. I feel like hit me at the righttime. You know, I was this angry, like angsty junior in highschool at that time. Yeah, I was listening to mostly metal at thattime, like corn deaf tones, fear factory toll. Still had my aliceand chains, going on rage against the machine, vision of disorder, likeour in our school, like hardcore music was very popular at that time,so bands like Earth crisis, you know Vod I forget some of the otherbands that we listened to. But yeah, there were a lot of them thatwe listened to. So anything that was kind of heavy was popular atthat time too. And and then we get this band right from Jacksonville,Florida. They come into the scene and and to your point, yeah,they were definitely full of energy, definitely full of anger, and so wasI. You know, most of the people are hung around with had thisalbum on steady rotation. I feel like ninety seven was Olympiscus, three dollarbill y'all in the deaf tones around the fur. I feel like those albumswere getting regular play and everybody's car and at this point, I think allthe cool kids in school had their gene coo jeans and bleached frosted tips withthe giant wallet chain and limbiscuits CD. Oh, yeah, I had them. Yeah, I had the limb Biscuits d but that was about all Ihad in common with the cool kids, although I did have a lot ofadidas jumpsuits back then. So still didn't help me outward out, I meantrue. Yeah, feel like I was so angsty and angry. Well,why? And then you like, man, I was, I was jumps youcrazy. So, knowing you and...

...your youth must have been a veryinteresting thing. It was. It was a weird kti young man. Yeah, correct. Well, let's just leave it at that. But before weget moving into the upside, let's let's give a quick little lesson on newmetal. What do you think? Yeah, because I was thinking to call newmetal. I was going to call it hybrid, because I was hugeat that point in time. You know, you mentioned we're talking about LIMPUSCAP it. Of course corn. I think corn. Yeah, the catalyst fora lot of this, even though they really weren't. Yes, please educateme, sir. Yeah, because this something is the first time we've reallytalked about like a new metal or a band like this on this show.So and and LIPISC it. Does you know there you can call them raprock, which I feel is probably a better description for them as opposed tonew metal. But new metals so vague, right. And basically, new metalis alternative metal that has elements of other genres and they're like hip hop, funk, industrial, things like that. You know, rare's the occasion you'llhear a guitar solo and a new metal song. Usually they would kindof opt for like a DJ scratching or and corn. You just have likeJonathan Davis, like beatboxing or whatever, to where the fuck it is thathe does off a new metal bands tune their guitars way down. Now,grunge, I think. Maybe keep me honest your day. I think grungewere the the first bands that I can think of that tuned their guitars downa bit like sound garden and Alison chains would use a drop d tuning.I don't I don't know if they're the first ones to ever do that.No, but the thing is I think with the new metal sound less thanjust the guitar tuning. It was at the bass strings were tuned so loosethat they were actually, Oh yeah, off the stage floor because it wasjust corress. I can't, I don't want to imitate the song with myface, but you, anybody who knows what I'm talking about knows that soundfieldy. Yeah, yeah, and but baby have bands like corn would tunedown, you know, even lower, and they would use a seven string. So basically a seven string you get a six string guitar a seven string. That seventh string is actually a thicker string than you know what. Thenthe top string that's they're already so it's almost like a bass string they're kindof putting on the guitar and they would tune their guitars all the way downto like a drop a, if I'm not mistaken, Cornwood, which isbasically you're like a bass guitar at that point. But they would focus onthe rhythm and beat as opposed to complexity. They would use like a lot ofpedals, like a course or a Flanger, the occasional wah pedal withtheir guitars. Now going into rap rock right, I think our guys RickRuben Right, I feel like if you were around that time, I feellike Rick Ruben's name was definitely popping up with run DMC, the Beastie Boys, the Red Hot Chili peppers, amongst others. Run DMC and the Beastieboys might be the early adopters here, with their first mainstream rap rock songbeing a remake of walk this way. Between run DMC and Aerosmith, anthraxin public enemy collaborated on bring the noise... ninety one, which is that'sa cool song. I like that. But going back to eight, ninetyninety, your boys faith Mo more release their album the real thing. Andon there was a massive single, some might call it epic. Get it, it was. So, yes, that is that's that's proper advertising there. Yeah, now, a great song, but yeah, epic definitely has raprock in there. And that song was released as a single in Jenuerorof one thousand nine hundred and ninety. And then you have the judgment nightsoundtrack, which mixed a rap group with a rock group. You had biohazardan onyx collaborating on a version of slam, which is pretty cool, and thenwe got rage against the machines debut album in ninety two, and alot of these things, you know, kind of led to, I guess, the new metal genre blowing up in the mid S and I think peoplesay corner at the epicenter of new metal, or at least where the first reallyhit it big and you know, kind of bring that genre, Iguess you could say it, to the mainstream. But what are what areyour thoughts on new metal? It sucks. Oh God, I hate new metal. I listen, I'm not big enough labels. I've said this timeand time again. It's yeah, if you want to call something goth oremo or something, it's like, come on, man, it's just music, whatever. It's just how it how it makes people feels and make itfeel good, as make you feel happy. Apparently made you feel angsty and angry. But I mean, whatever going to rise out of here. Butyeah, if you, if you look at new metal as a whole inthe way you just described it to we're it wasn't just a couple bands andmaybe some of their songs. We're talking about a style that it produced.I mean it's just it's one of those things where could you imagine seeing adude walking on the street now dressed up the same way you would have seenpeople dressed up at olymp biscuit show in say, yeah, two thousand?You'd be like, Whoa Toude, like, grow up, man, it's timeto to reassess your life. And I think that's new metal as awhole. It was a fad, it was a whole thing that really didnot make its impact on me long lasting. Yeah, and and for me itmade an impact at that time, but I don't I'll talk to ita bit more, but I don't really listen to it all that often.Like everything, I feel like of late I have been listening to it alittle bit more and buy a little bit more. I mean like maybe Imight listen to a couple songs like every other week, so it's not likeon regular rotation for me. But yeah, some of them I'm just like,what the hell was I doing back then? Right, but but there'sa lot of there's a lot of bad ends, I mean that get lumpedin there and again like it. Labels are kind of dumb, you know, like like the deaftones get lumped in as new metal. They are notnew metal. Chevelle gets lump lumped in there. I wouldn't call them newmetal. Fear Factory. I'm like those guys are like industrials speed metal,basically. I don't know why they get lumped in a new metal flaw.I used to listen to the shit out of them, but I haven't reallylistened to him too much of late. Godsmack they blow. Yeah, cornobviously new metal. I listened to their...

...first album a little bit and maybelike once a year I feel like I have like a corn week. Iguess you could say it's kind of like Shark Week. But I listened tocorn and and then I might go like the rest of the year without listeningto them. It's kind of weird, like for like a week I'm like, well, I really want to dig into corn and life is peachy andissues and follow the leader and all their album at least our first like fivealbums or so, and then I'm like, okay, I'm good, yeah,I'll listen to you guys again next year. But Limp Bisco, Imean I haven't really listened to them, like I don't even know the lasttime I really gave their album a listen. It's got to be at least tenyears. Yeah, for me, Lincoln Park. Yeah, I meanLincoln Park. I listened to them every once in a while. Lost Prophets, hikes, that's a I'm not even going to go there. Papa Roachnot a fan. Seven dust gets looped into new metal. I don't.I think they're just straight on metal. They're so good. Switched is anotherband there, those guys from Ohio. I actually they're probably one of thebands I listened to the most. Actually, but I don't. I don't knowif I call them new metal necessary. I think they're just regular old metalstained. I hate them. Static X, I like them, taproot, I like them. That's kind of a there's a whole bunch ofother bands. Of those the ones. Yeah, well, I was gonnasay for the listeners out there. It just so you know, drew getsa nickel every time he named drops a new bit new metal band. Sothat's why he's really getting hot and heavy this list of bands he's throwing townconcrete. Oh Yeah, Ding, Ding, I just got paid, slipping on, I'm just cash and checks. Yes, right, baby. Yeah. So let's look at their numbers from spotify. Limp Biscuit is over sixpoint eight million monthly listeners on spotify, which I kind of finstounding. Yeah, yeah, George Michael's faith has been streamed over two hundred and fifty threemillion times. And also George Michael has over thirteen point six million monthly listeners. Also, George Michael was the shit, he was so talented. So he'samazing. And his version, George Michael's version of faith, hit numberone on the US billboard hot one hundred back in December of one thousand ninehundred and eighty seven and stayed there for four weeks. And Limb Biscuits versiondid not chart on the US billboard hot one hundred. So there's that.Take that, limp biscuit. Yeah, put that in your pipe. Nowthis album, this the songs written by Limp Biscuit are pretty much angry,right. So how does the how does faith compared to the rest of thesongs on the album? Faith doesn't fit in lyrically, necessarily, since theyalso didn't write it, but the rest of the songs are pretty angry.I think musically it's kind of similar to the, you know, the restof the music on there, but lyrically, yeah, it's it definitely stands out. Now here's something I want to talk about real quickly. I'll significantother, which was their follow up album. I remember the hype for that albumand it was massive, at least for, you know, everybody thatI knew and like all the outlets that I followed and and I was justout of my mind waiting for that album.

What were some albums that you rememberbeing like super excited to come out, like an album you might have liked, waited outside of a store to go pick up and round that time, anything by Stone Temple pilots. I loved STP oh boy. At thatpoint in time too, I was really getting my groove going with David Bowie. So I don't remember what you're earthling came out, but when that cameout I was super jazz to get it. Again, one of those things whereI'd be willing to wait in line to purchase it, anything lemon headsrelated. But now I'm getting paid a nickel for very big named drop offthe top of my head. But yeah, I'm wondering, though, with thisquestion that you're asking me, is there one man in particular you're expectingme to say? No, okay, yeah, Bowie, faith, nomore. All basically my usual suspects of bands I'd been following for a whileand I really totally dug all their material from. Yeah, wasn't Limpist,and I'll tell you that. I mean I remember, you know, becausethat that time, you know, when that album came out, like Igot it when it came out, pretty much, maybe not like immediately,maybe like a month or so after it came out. It kind of onceit started getting around, and you know, at that time I was seventeen,so I was like I can, you know, go around to storesand go get albums like as soon as they come out, and I rememberthat when I was like insanely excited for. I remember the Tripod album from Aliceand chains. When that came out, I was very excited about that one. Metallica load, because at that point I I was well versed inmetallic and I was like I can't wait for load to come out, andthen I feel like rage against the machines. Evil Empire might have either that orfear factories obsolete. We're probably the two albums that I was probably themost excited about. I'm like just could not wait, like I remember fearfactor. I think I like pre ordered it at the wall, or maybeit's like Sam goody. It was one of those stores, and I becauselike back that he didn't have the Internet, or at least it wasn't, youknow what it is now. And I would call them, I wouldgo there. I be like Hey, is it out? Yeah, becauseI think it got pushed back like a couple weeks or like a month orso. Now would go like every other day, but like is it readyit and no, it wasn't ready yet. Well, here's one for you,and it's not exactly from that year, but when I was a teenager Ihad to do crazy ass chores to earn the money for my mother tobuy a cassette megadeth countdown to extinction, because I was so hyped for that. And now ask me when was the last time I listen to that record? Hey, Dave, when was the last time he listens to that record? Oh, buddy, it's been decades. I mean it's amazing how you prioritizesomething in your life and you think it's going to be the biggest thingsince sliced bread and then you age, you get older and go, Ohshit, I can't believe I was crazy for that stuff way back when,and that happened to be one of them.

Yeah, now it is. Itis. I could take this conversation completely different direction, but I won't. But yeah, just about like you know, things that we thought wereimportant when we were young and like now we're like what? But but yeah, it's like like those, a lot of those bands, and gently likelimbasquet. I was like I love lamb biscuit. Now I'm like, no, I don't like Fred Durs as a douchebag and they're their music kind ofsucks. Yeah, I mean corns, life is peachy was another one.I mean there's probably around the fur by the deaf tones to but you know, a lot of those, I mean I still listen to the deaf toneson a pretty regular basis, but they're so diverse and talented. I meanChino is amazing, but yeah, but some of those albums I'll still like, I still listen to the awls and chains Tripod album. I don't reallylisten to fear factory too much anymore, like, I'm pretty sure, likeI listen to fear factor like nonstop for like a good six years. Yep. So basically we're getting to the point that limp biscuit is one of thoseacts that does not age well, to the point where, no, youif you were there from when it was happening, you were like in thatPrime Age, like you said you were. Oh Yeah, man, yeah,that that is not something you took with you as a journey in life. It was just yet again, like I mentioned earlier, a fad.That's what they were, you know. I mean what commercial of the onnow that I want to say is Guyko with a woman has the broken carstereo and it keeps playing. I think it was nookie and yeah, yeah, off. You know. I mean in Fred Durs and it's any sheellike Fred there's walking by and he's like what you like? Oh God,this piece of crap. Look at you, piece of Shit, you know,and like, I don't know, man, but that's the thing.Like it's a joke. Now is a joke. Is Unbelievable, but that'sjust that's just how things work, man, with music, any kind of formof art, really, I suppose, except for maybe a painting, Idon't see any van go guy go commercials. No, no, nottoo many, but still. Yeah, you know, just limp biscuit,man, it was a slinky. Well, actually know, slinkies are better thanlimp biscuit. What the Hell am I talking? Yeah, slinkys arethings. Are Pretty good limp biscuit. They were tight rolled. I don'twell, I don't want to say Chrystal pepsig's I fucking love crystal PEPs yeah, no, Co ed naked t shirts. That's what they were. Yeah,yes, they are Lim Biscuit. They are the CO ed naked tshirtsof music. Yep, there you go. There we go, all right.If any anything else to an add or you want to just get rightinto our final verdict here, I guess we can get into the final verdict. I mean we mentioned it's a cover and and it bothers me because Idon't think Fred Durris is a good singer. Off Him, obviously, but Imean when you listen to this song, it seems like he puts zero effortwhatsoever into actually crafting this cover, when if you were like, let'ssay ween right, that might be your stick, kind of a little goofyand oddball and what have you, it...

...makes a little bit more sense.But I think this was just lazy. It was just terribly lazy. Theenergy is, in fact there at one point in the song when he proceedsto scream, and I think it's the his own original lyric to this songabout getting the fuck up for the DJ start scratching, does like it wasa great addition. Thank you very much for yes, yeah, Fred DursCheer, are a modern you're a Modern Day William Shakespeare. Yeah, heis. And in the DJ started scratching like he's got a ration and yougo wow, okay, now I can see all the metal heads thrashing andMohtion and going crazy to this man, but I mean I do remember beingimmensely popular. He said it didn't chart, but I mean it was on everycar stereo that I can remember, every party I went to, peoplelike yeah, man, got a crank faith and then later on they covered. What do they cover? The WHO? I believe. So they behind BlueEyes. Yes, they saw the formula was effective for them and theytried to carry through with it. Keep on the keep those dollars rolling inthe back door. I keep them rolling. They see if I'm rolling in.We should be ashamed of ourselves, should be cast of the streets,naked, it hard and feathered. But I'm say, you know what,Dude, I you know I've listened to them for so fucking long. Ineed to somehow use that knowledge, at least in Corny Dad jokes. Sothis is me kind of trying to get some value out of the wasted yearsI have spent listening to this fucking band. So, Oh, Yep, you'regonna listen to it, whether you like it or not. I yea, yeah, best the way it is. But I mean, yeah, myverdict is this song fucking blows, man, this sucks. This isa song gone wrong on so many levels. The band is a band gone wrongon every fiber of their being. I cannot stand limp biscuit, andI really if I woke up tomorrow and scientist said, Hey, listen allthe bad memories, we can wipe them away with this little implant that weput in your brain, I say no, you don't need to do that.Just I raised all my memories of Limp Biscuit, please, and Iwould live content and happy for the rest of my days. Now, drew, what are your opinions on this song? But here's the thing, though.MMM, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you rather have those memories so you knownow not to listen to them? No, I wouldn't, as if you,because if you have those memories removed, might be like, Oh, who'sthis limp biscuit? Let me check them out, and now you're goingto ruin your life now. So I feel like you know what it's done. It's in the past. I don't. I know better than some listen tothem. That means I have no taste and that I have no objectiveear to understand what is good and what is pure trash. And if Iraised my memory of limp biscuit yet found them to be grew delicious and worthyof my time, throughout the course of the day to listen to. I. I mean, I am not suitable to be mixed in with the humanpopulace and I should probably be eliminated. Okay, fair, that's fair.What about you, man? Come on,...

...drew ski. What do you get? All Right? Well, so, if you ask seventeen or even twentyone year old drew, is this song a legit hit, his dumbass probably would have said yes. And and truth be told, even backthen I wasn't the biggest fan of this particular cover of this song. Ilike the other Olymp biscuit stuff I would like. I said I was angryback then. This was it really hit me at the right time. Youknow, I was an angry teenager. These guys are putting out angry music. Hey, it's a good it's a good mix. This was probably myleast favorite song on that album because I like some of the angrier, edgiermusic instead. Now, you know, like now we have forty year olddrew and I'm not that angry. You know, I feel like since Ibecame a Dad I've mellowed out quite considerably, like I'm an good other things,like we're talking about before this episode like politicians and people in charge andin power that don't actually help people. But I feel like, especially ofthe past year or two, like just I know, I don't really worrymuch about stuff I can't control. You know, it's something I've been tryingto work on and controlling my emotions and and I don't really get too angryanymore, you know, which means this music doesn't really have a place inmy life. Also, I like music that has talent and talented singers andtalented musicians. I don't mind WESNT Borland. I think he's a decent and talentedguitarist. But you know Fred Durst, he's a Douche. You know that. That that's nothing. That kind of turned me off from them inthe first place as well. Now I know I have my Gym Music,my gym music playlist right which is heavy music, and maybe I could listento limp biscuit on there, but I don't really have them on that playlist. So rearranged. That's kind of a cool song, which was off significantother I don't like why it was written, but if you take it and applyher I'm meaning to it and it's not. It's not a bad tune, but this music, you know, specific to olymp biscuit, doesn't reallyhave a place in my life right now. I also don't want to waste mytime listening to them. Now, if you ask about other songs onthe album, like stuck or sour stalemate, you know, Leach, like thosesongs are okay, I don't. I don't. I'm honesting not toosure. If I would call them legit hits. I would call them alegit hip before faith. But we're talking about faith. I mean I thinkthis is a song gone wrong. I think overall, limp biscuits are bandgone wrong. Fred durst is a human being gone wrong and yeah, FuckFred Durst, I got that's well, you know what, that was enough. So the cut. You're good. Yeah, I mean so we're bothin unison here. We are calling this absolute trash, but there's still anotherparty to be involved to weigh in on the final say. This is true, and those are the fans, and let's see what they have to sayabout this. All right, we have our verdicts here, Dave Yep,and the fans. Seventy seven point eight percent said faith by limp biscuit isa song gone wrong. Thank you. So we have we have that.We have the TRIFECTA. They got it...

...right. Yep, yeah, sopure and got a good amount of this. Yeah, yeah, well, thissong is not awesome, but we got a good amount of feedback here. Irish Keith at Tis Me Self, you know, said Nope, nope, nope, nope, just nope. Ryan Boem, at Ryan Boem saidFred's singing on this song is an abomination. I do like the heavy course,though. That's the biscuit I signed up for. Mike and the apocalypseat Habachi Justice said they definitely have songs. I would argue our legit hits,but this isn't one of them. At trust science eighty seven said.I'm a limp fan, but can see why some don't like it. VictorLee, at Victor Lee two thousand said one of the worst cover songs I'veever heard, and I'm not a limp biscuit hater. I like nookie andmy way. Pipe twenty. At pipe seven and twenty said, faith byGeorge Michael is a legit hit. Limb Biscuit was cooled decades ago, butthat sound just doesn't hold up for me. I feel like that's like so far. That comments really a kind of hissing nail on the head. Ericoat Eric Onterio said, so awful, it sucks hard. Back then,it's as if there was a massive musical disconnect when Limb Biscuit was popular.It blew my mind back then. And then finally snobby girl at snobby girlseventeen said so much. No, I always appreciate her short and very specificresponses. Hey, so that's that's what we got, man. Yeah,I think it's good, not the song but the responses and the overall verdictson faith, or this version of faith by limp biscuit. I think it'sfair. Yeah, just I mean, you know, like obviously, likesometimes you have things that make comebacks, right, you know, you have, like we talked about the weekends and that Song Blinding Lights. Now,how that song is kind of that s I'm going to say it again,synth pop. I also get a nickel for every time I say that.Yep, you know. So it's kind of bringing that sounds back a littlebit. You know, I kind of wonder when grunge might make a comeback, but I'm like, well, new metal ever make a comeback? AndI don't. I mean it. I'll they will. I'm sure there's aband called fire from the Gods. They're I think they're from Texas, ifI'm not mistaken, and they are, they're kind of like a rage againstthe machine meets podsh kind of a band. They're not bad. I kind oflike them. They're very political. That's why I kind of think they'resimilar to like a rage against the machine. So I appreciate their lyrical content.I mean, other than that, like a lot of the metal bands, I feel like metal core is still kind of like the new, notnew anymore, but that's kind of like the heavy sound that's out there.So I'm kind of curious if, like grunge will make a comeback or,you know, if like what's next, and I don't think it's going tobe new metal, which hopefully that's the case, and yeah, that wouldbe a good thing, but I mean everything, you know, people takeinspiration from all sorts of music, all sorts of different areas. So Iwouldn't be surprised to yeah, have bands out there. They may not exactlysound like a new metal band, but they in an article or something andthey're going to be stating that those are...

...the bands that might have shaped themor get them into music. Yeah, whatever the case may be, butI would nothing really surprises me anymore after the lives we've had over the lastwhatever five years. So if new metal came back tomorrow, big, hot, heavy and it was the new it thing, I would be like,okay, yeah, that's that's it. Makes Sense, I guess, parfor the course. Sorry how things have been going for the past year.Yeah, that's it, man. We just live in a crazy world wherealong for a while Ade. You know, we we get it. We geta pandemic, we have, you know, massive like power outages andfreezing weather and Texas. You know, we get a crazy winter in generaland new metal makes a comeback. It's only a matter of time, Ifeel. I think you should head to Vegas right now and put some moneyon it. No, okay, I'm good. I think I'll say no. Just want to thank the listeners for taking the time out of their dayto check us out. Please tell your friends about us, your family,anybody really on the street, whoever yell at from the rooftops, I don'tcare. Just let people know about us and then leave those reviews so youget a sticker because they're really awesome. And Yeah, thank you, andwe do accept payment and cookies. Oh to we ever odd. I couldtalk about cookies all day now, like I don't even want to talk aboutlimp biscuit. I just want to it's funny. Biscuits your cookies. Iwant my cookies. Tell you like cookies so good they are. So yes, we do accept payment and cookies. And again, Melinda, thank youvery much and if anybody is interested, you know you can reach out toher on instagram. Hudson mill home bakery. That's that's that's the cookie factory rightthere. I think she makes other things too, but yeah, thanksagain, MOLENTA. Greatly appreciate it. So thanks agin everybody for listening tosongs gone wrong.

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