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Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Higher by Creed


It might not get more polarizing than Creed and this 90s monster song might test Drew and Dave's friendship. Do you think Higher by Creed is a legit hit, or is it a song gone wrong?  

Higher from Creed was off their album Human Clay which came out in 1999. This song peaked at number seven on the US Billboard Hot 100 in July of 2000 and spent 57 weeks on the chart.  

This will be a close vote and you the listeners play a big role in deciding this one.


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide of these hit songs. Got It right or did those songs go wrong? I am one of your hosts, drew Zachman, and joining me as always as Dave Schultz, and if you haven't done so already, hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes when they come out, which in fact, is twice a week. If you could also leave us a five star review, that would be deeply appreciated and boy, that would just be swell. So please do so, and you can also follow us on twitter at songs gone or drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or you can visit our website, songs gone wrongcom. Now, Dave, this episode we're talking about today hire from creed. How excited are you to talk about this song? I have never been more excited to talk about any single topic in in my life. I can tell this song is definitely I feel like it's very polarizing this song. I feel like a lot of times people are heavily one side or the other. MMM and yeah, and a lot of the feedback we got on twitter, I feel, kind of validates that okay, so we'll see. We'll see what happens. But yeah, so this episode, like I said before, we are talking about the song higher from the band creed, and that song came on the album human clay, which was dropped in nineteen ninety nine, and it was written by singer Scott Stapp and his friends Stephen Harangue, and also guitarist Mark Trumanti helped write that song as well. Now, what's like? I said, this song came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. What are some of your memories of that Song? Wow, first off, I just want to thank you for detecting the sarcasm I had in my voice earlier by mentioning this song is very polarizing. I have no rose painted colored memories for this song higher or the band in general. I can't say I enjoy anything from them. And they're from Florida. Let's well, there's a lot of other good bands for Floria. Dated Remember from Florida? That's that's all right. Sigone kick us from Florida, for cryme out loud. Whoo well, that changes everything. They'll de sigone kicks from Filorida. I'm gonna grow mullet and I'm going to start the Party with those folks down I actually liked the party with them. They I feel like their guitars, Jason Bieler probably probably can throw a couple back. So back then I was definitely into creed. I feel like so like late, so early s for me, I was getting into grunge and alternative and my musical my musical repertoire was being built at that particular time. So I think the black album from Italica's kind of what started getting me on the track to heavier music. That was kind of my my gateway album basically, and then from there I went into some of the older Metallica, started getting into other metal, MMM got into grunge and then just started getting into like more just you know, hard stuff, you know, rage against the machine, and then some other alternative stuff, and then corn came out in ninety four, which kind of set the way for new metal, and by ninety nine I feel like I was probably listening to corn, limb biscuit, you know, all the great bands of the day, and creed was one of those bands. Now, you just stabbed me with that comment. It was equal to grabbing a dagger and jabbing it...

...into my side. Dude, I was nineteen. I didn't know what the Hell I was doing, all right, but creed though, I got their first album when it actually can't initially came out. I think I walked into like was it a like a power records or I think might been like the wall or something like that, and they had it on the on the side you could listen to a sample of it, so I did and I was like, Oh, it doesn't sound too bad. So I was kind of I was kind of hooked from there and then when human clay came out, I was already a fan at that point and that album was just astronomical. I mean they they completely blew up at that point. They if you didn't know who they were before off that first album, you definitely knew who they were when human clay came out, because you also couldn't avoid them because they were on the radio all the time and I saw them live a few times. Probably my favorite show of theirs was they came to Trenton, New Jersey, and seven dust open for them. Seven dust always puts on the good show. They absolutely crushed it. They have like trampolines on stage and they're just like jumping around playing the intruments. I don't know how they did it, but these guys from seven dust are amazing. So they open for creed and creed put on a phenomenal show. They were awesome and I will say step whatever. You say what you will about him. He has, okay, such an amazing stage presence. I cannot say anything against that. He is he just has the crowd eating out of his hands. He's a legit front man. Okay, I like your criteria for a good show. It's not lasers, light smoke, just great tunes. Is trampolines. trampolines. Yeah, man, it's all you need and you're impressed. I love it correct. I will take trampolines over lasers any day. I saw a tool and then the show was all right, but they I think they spent too much time focusing on the lasers and maybe the pot as opposed. Okay, I got, I don't know, I feel like Adam Jones got feedback for like thirty minutes and then they played a couple songs and that was that. So, but there were they were still good. I'll gladly go see them again now. This song, it peaked at number seven on the billboard hot one hundred chart on July twenty two two thousand, and it's spent fifty seven weeks on to chart. It's a long time. It also, yeah, it also topped both modern rock and mainstream rock charts, setting a then record seventeen weeks for the longest stay atop the mainstream rock chart. So yeah, it's it did pretty well in the charts as well and it's still doing pretty well now. So on spotify higher has over eighty seven million streams on spotify, while creed in general, as the band, has over three point five million monthly listeners. So people's that good or something, or it's not. I mean it's not, you know, Harry styles. Oh, okay, that yeah, that's a high bar. That's a tough one to get over. So yeah, so three point five million monthly listeners. It's not too bad, especially for a band who, and it really hasn't done much of late. So I'll give them credit. And Plus it's creed, you know, like I said, they're there. are kind of a polarizing band and it still have three point five million monthly listeners, whether they're from Florida or not, doesn't matter. They still, they say, still nothing to sneeze at. That's right now some other just to kind of give people a bit of kind of like paint the picture for what was going on at that time. Right. So, like I said, this song was number seven on the US billboard hot one hundred and at that time the number one song was bent by matchbox twenty. So you can kind of see already where where the charts were heading at this point. If match boxes number one, everything you want. By vertical horizon was at number two. Everyone's favorite, may meme. It's going to be me from in sync was number four, and this song was actually two spots higher. See what I did there. Then the real slim shade, which which actually was nine so higher, from creed was...

...actually a couple spots higher than slim shady at that point. And another song of note, the phone song from Cisco, dropped seven spots that week to number thirty one that on that particular chart, and smooth from Santana and Rob Thomas was forty one at that particular week and you could not get away from that song. Basically, at the time it was like smooth and higher on the radio. That was pretty much it. How this compares to other songs on the album? I mean I think I feel like higher is a happy medium compared to some of the other songs. Right. It's not as soft as with arms wide open, but it's also not as heavy as what if or say. I I think it's kind of right in the middle. I don't know what your thoughts are about how this song kind of compares to other songs off of human clay. Well, not even human clay. I think you're insane for considering any creedsong heavy. How's a crunch to it, man? I'm telling you, they may have a crunch, granted, but like in the Pantheon of heavy metal bands or bands just completely rated a pound you with sound, creed would not be on that for me. You know, I'm not saying they're heavy metal. I meant heavy, you know, compared to what the other songs that they have done. So heavy for them. Yeah, it's like listening to Paul Simon and being like the the album starts off wicked mellow, but then, oh my God, so heavy. Then it opens up. Yeah, I mean, I'm not saying, you know, it's I'm not saying they're as heavy as bands like fear factory or seven dust or anything like that. I'm just saying higher is not as heavy as a song like what if or say I and if you heard, know those songs are heavier for creed. But again, I mean, I'm not. I'm not saying those songs are heavy metal. I would say creed in general is just a hard, hard rock band. I put them in that category. Hard Rock. Okay, all right, hard rock. I think they're elevator music. Wow, with arms wide open, yeah, or like one. Some of their some of their softer songs, on their softer hits, I could say are. I wouldn't mind putting them as elevator tunes. The you go convert him to Musach. I wouldn't say that's elevator music and if it is, that's an elevator I wouldn't mind hanging out in. See you mentioned you know you have love for the albums. You've seen them live. You enjoyed them live to the point where you said Scott steps presents what was something you know to be seen. It's awesome. So obviously you know you have a deep affection for them in their catalog. I celebrate most of their catalog. I will say that all right lyrically speaking. Now. Right. So the song. Personally, I feel like this song can take two directions. It kind of starts off looking bleak, right, because then he when he talks about at sunrise, he's he fights to stay asleep because he has want to leave the come front of this place. And then he goes there's a hunger, a longing to escape from the life I live when I'm awake. So I don't know what Scott's saying there, but it sounds it sounds like his regular life as bleak and it sounds like he's battling that. Maybe some depression or something there. But I'm like it's not a it doesn't start off necessarily as inspiring, and I'm like where? And when he says, you know, let's go there, I'm like where are we going, Scott? I don't know. Unlike the trampolines, this does not make you happy. No, I love trampolines. Well, dude, like doing some research for this song because, again, not having that kind of knowledge that you have or love for it, I had to be the guy who went on Wikipedia to kind of understand these lyrics. Better. Yeah, but I saw a couple different explanations online. One this song pertains to lucid dreaming after Scott STAPP had some kind of nasty nightmare where he's being hunted down by a dude with a gun, and then to something about like a foot suicide note or something. Can You light me on that? You know anything about that? Yeah, so, I both. So let's we'll start with the suicide notes.

And I feel like if you write what I was just talking about, or he's saying at sunrise he fights to stay asleep because I don't want to leave the comfort of this place, because there's a hunger, a longing to escape from the life I live when I'm awake. MMM Right, you know, I feel like that right there. You could almost interpret that as being a suicide note. I don't think it is, but it doesn't. It doesn't start off so optimistically there. Hell, no, no, but but then like it gets as the song progresses, I feel like it gets a little bit more positive. But yeah, so that's so. That's the I don't think it's a suicide no, but it definitely it looks like I could take that turn. But to talk about lucid dreaming. Yeah, that's what Scott staps said it was about. Ah, I don't know. Here's the thing, right, creed, I don't think they've actually have come out and say there are Christian bands, right, at least not from my understanding. I feel like when bands come out and say Oh, I'm a Christian band, everyone's like, Oh, you are, and then they just immediately, you know, stop listening to them. They're like, you know what, I'm done you guys, for whatever reason. I know why. I feel like it's kind of Corny to be a Christian rock band and a lot of bands don't say they are, but when you listen to some lyrics for certain bands, it's like, yeah, there's definitely something like religious or spiritual themes here. Like you to write. You too talks a lot about spirituality. Even live, the band live. They have a lot of spiritual you know, I don't I don't know if live isn't necessarily Christian, but they're I feel like they definitely are spiritual or religious with a lot of the lyrics that they sing about. But they've never come out and said, hey, guess what, we're a religious band. They never, they never say that. Even like collective soul. I think same thing. They've never come out and said that because when you do that's almost career suicide. Then you're not going to be number seven on the charts. So well, I mean, I like it better when a Christian band rocks like outfits, like killer bees and they call themselves striper. That's true. Or there. I don't know if you ever listened to you. I think it's called red. No, what's that? There? They sound a little bit like Lincoln like they're almost like a Christian Lincoln Park is a good way to describe it. kind of NU metalysh, but they're pretty good. I like them and they have come out and said, yeah, we're a Chris should band. Other're not necessarily huge, but I mean I've listened to a lot of their albums and a lot of their stuff is really good. Those guys can definitely rock out. Do they have better lyrics than can you take me higher to a place where blind men see? Can you take me higher to a place with golden streets? Because if I was a blind man who could suddenly see, the first thing I would want more than anything is to see a street made of gold. Well, for me, I would be trampolines, obviously. Yeah, no, I mean so right, right, let's let's I was actually going to talk about that. So let's pull those lyrics out right. Can you take me hired to the place where blind men see? That? I feel like that's you. I feel like he's singing about heaven right, where there's no more pain, where blind people can see. I feel like that is a if like that has like a religious undertone to her right. I feel like it's almost like he's talking about he's so it's almost like he's kind of asking, like how to get to heaven, right, can you take me there? That's what he wants to do. I and initially when I first heard this song, that's how I interpreted it, before I, you know, really heard about the lucid dream story that he gave an obviously that was kind of also before I also looked at it from like a suicide note perspective. But I don't know. I and are these lyrics necessarily the strongest? Not Really, but I feel like he almost has like a religious undertone there. I think you interpret the song like someone who's completely, at least stoned off their key, stir. But the great thing is you're not. You're completely sober, but you're reading between these lines like you just I don't know, man, hit the guns for a wee bit too long, dude. I first off, I pass on grass. Yeah, but I do,... least for now. I don't know, man, well, rot month for in this pandemic, I might be starting soon. I don't know. Say nope to dope. Yeah, but no, I that's just me. I used you to just analyze the crap out of everything. So I don't know. I don't even. Honestly, I think the song really doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot, but Scott step really wanted to impress the ladies. The way you explain it to me is so deep, is profound, but when I look at the words just right in front of my eyes, I'm not overly impressed. The lyrics are are okay. I'm not saying the lyrics are the strong part of the song. I think the music is. I think the music is good. I think Mark Tremonti is a phenomenal guitarist. I would go so far as to say he's one of the better guitarists of the decade, and he's actually gone solo since then. He also did some work with alter bridge, but he has since gone. Sully's put out, I think, for albums now, Solo, and all of them are amazing. He actually sings them, plays guitar, but if you ever listen to those albums, he just absolutely shreds on them. Like I would say that stuff is metal. His Solo stuff Mark Tremonti is one of the great things about creed. I feel like he kind of gives it a little bit of that edge, because I feel like if you didn't have that edge, every song would be with arms wide open. There be no distortion on higher, okay, but yeah, I think the song does kind of board on the edge of radio friendly rock, but then it has that that crunch to it. I was talking about Dramati. He's definitely a metal head at heart. Overall, I like the music. It definitely is radio friendly, but I also like when staps says the word higher, when he gets in the chorus he says the word higher. The Guitar Chords actually progressed down, kind of creating like a nice little juxtaposition there, I think. I think that's a nice little touch that they did, but I don't know what do you. What do you think? How do you what are your thoughts on the music? I have nothing against the craftsmanship per se of the song. I might want to save some of these thoughts for later, I think, when we kind of lay out our final verdicts, if you will. My bias against the song, yet again, isn't necessarily with the sound itself, even though that song wasn't all to impress it to me. But yeah, as far as are they talented musicians? Yes, I will admit that fact. I'll take it. I will take that. Okay, cool, all right. So, whenever the lyrics, whenever the music, he gave a little bit of a backstory as far as how the song charted, how it compared to other songs on the album. I say we get to our final verdict here. So so, Dave, what are your thoughts? Did this song get it right, or did this song go wrong? I am going to vote for wrong. Let me explain why. Now, while the song does absolutely nothing to move me, I'm less about it being a faulty chart topper and mostly displeased by what the group represents historically. There's no doubt I'm guilty of looking at the s through nostalgia tinted glasses, considering it was an absolute blast. But the decade was robust with ECLECTIC artist eager to change the landscape of sound. Think about this. Back then, rebellion ruled, and what was the rallying cry? Down with hair metal, screw the status quo. Blind consumption was no longer cool. Fans wanted meet on the bone, actual content, something new, and they received it in spades. The Conventional Rules of mainstream rock music at tossed in the trash. Can we welcome the age of individuality and would never return to the days or dulgrums of old? Or would we fast forward a few years and that dream was over. And what did we expect? The medium market was now saturated with copycats of the indie artist that we cherished. Merchandising meant more than the music. Once again, to the masses, Corporate Cookie Cutter Rock had returned with a vengeance.

And enter the band that we're talking about today, creed. Oh and you know his one more thing, Scott step was trying to hide a sex tape with kid rock, and we'd even talk a lick about that. Yeah, that's right, we forgot. We forgot to talk about that. Yeah, we also didn't talk about how he, I thought, step stride starting a fight with Fred Durston. Maybe he did, but we also we were researching he apparently was picking a fight with three eleven. Yeah, who the fuck picks a fight with three eleven? They're probably the most chilled dudes ever. Only Scott Stepman. Yeah, I don't get it. It's like I was mentioning to you earlier. It's almost like getting into a fight with your mom's cool boyfriend, the one who lets you drink beers and stuff. It doesn't make any sense. They have their own brand of weed. There you go. They're trying to like fight Hoodie in the blowfish like they're nice. You know, you might not like them necessarily. Personally, I do. I love Hoodie, but I don't want to beat them up. I would want to fight Hootie. Yeah, you just I if I saw them, I be like I was want to give you guys a hog or like a high five. Well, I'm sad to inform you I actually did in fact get into a fight with the entire band of Hooty and the blowfish, and let me tell you, I came out worse for the wear. So don't mess with the Hoodie and don't underestimate the hootie. Now, drew, what about you? What is your final verdict? Yeah, so this song, I do. I think it's is this my favorite creed song? Not necessarily. Do I like it? Yes, I really feel like. I feel like this is a legit radio hit. When you also when you look at the chart at the time, I feel like this song kind of fits in. So kind of by like association, I feel like this song would qualify as a hit in that regard. But lyrically it's it's average. Again, like I said, I thought he was singing about something else, maybe more like religious or spiritual based, and then when he said it was about lucid dreaming, I feel like a kind of lost a couple couple points with me. But but still, the music, I think, is great. This song rocks. I love listening to this song usually, and we'll get to one of our listeners feedbacks as well, but one of the things that we both have in common is that this this finds its way on to my running mix actually, Oh, when I'm on the treadmill trying to run, I feel like this song gives me a little extra boost. So again, this isn't creeds best work, but I do think it's a good song. I and I do think this song is in fact a legit hit. So they got it right with this one. That's our vote, man. We're spling one one right. So now what do we do? We got to go to the fan vote. We got a lot of feedback. Before we release the final fan votes and decide whether this is a hit or did this song go wrong, let's read some of the feedback we got on twitter. So Ryan Boem, who's at Ryan Boems, said I don't like higher or with arms wide open very much, but I'm not ashamed to admit that the rest of the human clay album slaps. So there we go. Okay, faby and Neeber at Sir FABS, a lot said. No Way, point taken. Sir Tim Kendall, who goes by at seventeen candles, said, as much as I hated it, it was very much a hit. Creed was in escapable, and he's right, because you could not turn on a radio station and not hear them, and that was interesting to write, because they were hard rock but then also radio friendly, bordering on pop a little bit. You know, you would turn on like your mainstream radio station, they'd be there, and you turn on your rock station, they would also be there. Yeah, so they were. They were tough to get away from. Yeah, you go visit Your Nan at the senior center and they be rocking out to creed over there too. It's just they were everywhere. It's like, I don't know herpes well down did you grow up then? Man, if you don't want to know, you don't want to know. Her pees...

...was kind of a scapable. Her pees was kind of was it? Oh, now, you tell me, but yeah, or you, or you here any elevator? Jeremy Bed Narsky at Jerry Bennarski said, Hey, to admit it, but it's a hit, but it's the same as whitting the blowfish. Hold my hand. Was a hit. Bleah Jad Kelly at DB third and eleven and said, even though I hate it with every bone in my body, with arms wide open, is definitely a hit. I did enjoy my own prison. What's this life for? And one last breath is another one I won't turn off, and I consider hit. He said higher. No, Sir Gerard Angelo, who goes by at x Racer Four, said folks want to Baish creed, but they were a monster in the late s and early S, and he's right about that. Lonnie loved tailor at Taylor. Lonnie said, not my favorite creed song, but their first album is top notch. Our good friend Tom Mungia said it's a freaking awesome song. That one and my sacrifice are always phenomenal live. Those stay on my workout playlist and he's absolutely right. My sacrifice and higher, I mean when you see higher played live. I feel like it definitely gives it a little bit of extra umph. Victor Lee, who goes by at Victor Lee two thousand, said I hated the song and the band, but I won't deny that it's catchy and appealing. I can see why it was a hit. I liked it more than with arms wide open. And the last feedback we got was from Melinda Barnett, who goes by at Melinda Barnett, and she said this song is like a nice long drink of warm tap water that has too many chemicals. No offense. It's a good option. No offense to no offense to anyone that enjoys creed. I admit to liking new kids on the block when I was twelve. There is a time in place for commercial over were produced my numbing music, and then there's a place for good music. Thank you. So you know. Yeah, they're true. There we go, you know. Listen, taste is subjective, okay, when we tackle these top hits, yes, really is, absolutely and I'm really coming from that place. You know you're coming from a passionate place when you say you enjoy something, and I'm just doing the same from a much darker evil spot my soul. You know what I mean. But hearing that feedback right there, a lot of people do in fact agree with me. They just don't like it, but they can't deny the facts and listen, neither can I. You know, you laid down what that Song accomplished and it was a load. It was tons, and people still remember either fondly today or hate it. But I'm telling you, man, I got to come from my gut on this one. Yeah, no, I think a lot of the feedback probably more resembles your standpoint than mine, but we have the final fan votes and the final fan vote was fifty seven percent, so it's relatively close. Fifty seven percent said that this was a legit hit and did get it right. There we have it, man, it's a hit. Creeds, creeds higher is in fact a hits and this song did not go wrong. So two thirds, man, we live in a democracy. Well, you know, I can concede defeat. I'm a bigger man, you know I can do that. I respect it, I respect the talent put behind the song, but I'm going to come back and this Guld, I'm sure to me a song that we're going to talk about in the future that I will defend passionately, much like my friend drew here, and the people will agree with me now. They absolutely will, and you know that's that's what's greated by music. It's subjective and it's always fun to talk about and kind of figure out where people stand on things. So that's it for this episode. Dave, any final thoughts? Listen. This is the first one. This is the first time we get to do this show together. I love it. I had a blast, and hopefully the listeners did to please come back for more. Yeah, and I don't blast talking about it. I'm a big music head, so anytime I get to talk about music it's a...'s a good thing. So and we have lots of lots of other songs coming up to talk about. As a matter of facts, next episode will be about bottoms up by Brantley Gilbert. Good God. Anyway, wow, make sure. Sorry, I don't want to, I don't want to sway the fan vote already, but anyway, make sure you guys, you know, check us out on twitter. We are at songs gone you can send us an email sgw podcast at gmailcom and you can visit our website, songs gone wrongcom. And until next time, thanks everybody for listening to the songs gone wrong podcast. Ladies.

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