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Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog


Long time listener Melinda sponsored this episode and wanted the guys to talk about this 90s great, Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog. Drew and Dave discuss the background of this band and if they are a true supergroup. Anytime we can discuss grunge, Drew is here for that! They also talk about this great 90s music video where they apparently hate sand but love flannel shirts.


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, the side of these hit songs. Got It right or did those songs go wrong? One of your host drew Zachman, joining me as always, as Dave Shultz. Dave, how are you doing? Good, sir. Oh, hello there, young man. How are you this fine evening? I'm doing well and I don't know if I would qualify as young anymore. Dave, I don't know, I just threw it out there. Do with it what you may. I appreciate it, okay, I really do. I really do. Guys, if you haven't done so already, make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes and they come out, which in facts, twice a week. And if you could also leave us a five star view, that would be wonderful. And if you do, let us know and then we'll have some songs gone wrong stickers sent your way. And you can also follow us on twitter at songs gone also. INSTAGRAM is the same at songs gone or drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom. And we also have our own songs gone wrong playlist on spotify so you can keep up to date with the songs we discuss. You episode. Now this episode, Dave, HMM, this is this a special one. Girls. I guess they're all special, but this one is actually sponsored by the Wonderful Melinda Barnett, who has been following US and listening to us since day one, and she suggested we talk about Temple of the dogs, hunger strike, and that's what we're going to talk about. So we shot out to her. I asked what she would like to talk about. This is what she came up with, and here's a little note from what she'ts from what she sent me. So this these are actually her words. Okay, I said so. Normally I just love to shit on things. I thought about submitting a song I hate so much that I would rather that music never have been invented than to be forced to hear it, like love shack by the B fifty two s or anything by Toby Keith. Instead, I think I'd like to hear you guys do a podcast about hunger strike by Temple of the dog, and that song is where it all started for me. Still remember the first time I saw that video and I almost touched Eddie vetter once in Buffalo. I think my husband was afraid to lift me up any higher and knowing I would never let go, which I would probably do the same thing actually, if my wife picked me up, I would never let go of him anyway. Okay, either here or there. Yeah, Yep, she said hunger strike was released in ninety one and I believe it as much, if not more, relevant today. Ninety one was filled with an amazing top one hundred and this song charted in ninety two. And she said we ki says it made it into the top for billboard mainstream rock tracks, and you are correct. And she also said it still hurts to talk about Chris Cornell. His voice is unmatched. He had that burning soul, something that we all want but can't control, and Eddie vetter at that time had this withdrawn like anger, like an animal prowling on the hunt. The combination of the two at that moment in time was damn near perfect. Just a good song all the way around, and the lyrics are timeless. PS, I hate toby Keith's face. So well said, Milinda, and thanks for sponsoring this episode. Yeah, so, yeah, I was actually under the impression since she was sponsoring me, I had to write her a letter because, I mean, she's sending me like twenty two cents a day, you know, for the cost of a cup of coffee, so I can be clothed and fed. So, I mean I was going to send her updates, photos, things like that, but she came and delivered with those notes. Yeah, those are great notes. Go Melinda. Go too knows our stuff. Maybe maybe we should do love shack by be fifty two is. That would be in interesting one to talk why not? I mean, well, I mean we don't want to agitate her now. She just contributed so much to our humble little program I mean that was like a stroke tree. Or how about we do or we could do red Solo Cup from Toby Keith, and I mean I will gladly shit all over that song, although I feel like...

...every time we do a country so I feel we need to do a country song that's actually good, because I feel like every time we've done country so far, between Brentley Gilbert and Rascal flats, I have not been a fan. So maybe we need to like change it and then maybe we could go back to toby Keith afterwards. Well, periscope, because good country is hard to find. There's there's a few out there. I will say that, but it's not. Let me just making noise. Yeah, now I don't man man, macael man. So yeah, but you know something else interesting about these guys. Supergroup, it's true. Well, but so is it, though, because they weren't, because they weren't super yet. They were like just getting started out this. So they recorded this like projim was even proljam. They were Mookie blaylock at that point. And this is this is and we'll talk about it a bit, but this is actually the first time we actually hear Eddie vetter recorded. So and this, I believe, as also before. Well, I will dig into but this is before sound gardens, bad motor finger to if I'm not mistaken. So they weren't. You know, a super group to me is when a couple bands, Ye, have already achieved some level of success and then a couple members of each then joined together, forming a super group. Right now, audio slave, that's a super group, right, because you had now Chris Cornell that point was well established. Sound good was, you know, everybody knew who sound garden was at that point in time. And then you had basically was everybody else from rage against machine. Everybody else knows rage. That's a super group, Velvet Revolver. That was what Scott Whyland and the guys from, some of the guys from guns and roses right so and again, those guys were already established and already had an oppressive resume. But this is like a I mean I know, looking back, there were a super group break because it is pearl jam and sound garden, but they weren't, you know, popular or famous yet. Yeah, but I don't really know. Color me stupid, but I don't recall hearing this or seeing that video that she waxed nostalgic about in her little letter there, prior to knowing about Pearl jam or sound garden and already being bombarded with their musical talents. So I don't know, man. Well, we'll talk about that too. Seems like we got a lot of things to talk about, drew. We sure do, so let's let's dig right in here. Dave. So, as we mentioned before, talking about hunger strike from Temple of the dog, which was actually names after a mother love bone, lyric from their song man of golden words, and if you don't know who temple the dog is. It was started by Chris Cornell. He was a roommate of Andrew Wood, the singer of mother love bone, who died on March nineteen one thousand, nine hundred and ninety of a heroin overdose, and we actually talked about him a little bit more in depth in the our episode about would the Alice and chain song. But Cornell actually reached out the stone Gozar and jeff a'Mt who were in mother love bone, and then eventually they brought in Eddie vetter, Mike McCready and Matt Cameron, thus forming Temple of the dog. Now, the album temple of the dog was recorded in only fifteen days and was actually produced by the band themselves and came out in April of one nineteen ninety one. Now, this particular song in question that we are discussing today, Dave, was recorded on October eight nineteen ninety. The same day Eddie vetter flew in from San Diago to meet his new bandmates. Some band at that time, as I mentioned, called Mooky Blaylock, but would eventually change your name to pro jam, and vetter was actually introduced to the guys based on a demo tape he sent them. It's actually kind of an interesting story, but basically vetter was living in San Diego, working as a part time night attendant at a gas station and he wounds up meeting Red Hot Chili Peppers Founding Drummer Jack Irons, who gave vetter a demo tape of some band from Seattle looking for a singer. vetter then wrote lyrics for three of the songs and then recorded the vocals for them and...

...those three songs would become alive once and footsteps. So Pretty Pretty Dad. It's a pretty damn good start. Not to also, yeah, seriously, also, this song is the first, as I mentioned before, official recording of Eddie vetter, as this was recorded before ten pro jam's debut album. So, man, Eddie vetter was like firing on all cylinders to start off. Huh? Well, he had a lot of time the gas station to sit there, twittle his thumbs, think of some lyrics and creon some tunes. He is a crooner. And now hunger strike wasn't released as a single until a year later, and this is kind of what I was talking about before, as the record company, when the AM records realize they had sound guard and now a very popular projem on this album. So Temple of the dog was reissued and hunger strike was promoted as a single, and I think that's when the video came out for it too. So the album wound up selling over a million copies and was one of the top one hundred selling albums of one thousand, nine hundred and ninety two. So they realized they had oh, by the way, like now we have sound guard, because sound garden had bad motor finger out and then pro Jim had ten out. So they were like, Oh, let's get this out again. Yeah, so everybody can see it. I fall you now, but still, my point, you know, has been made. So the album was recorded before they hit it big. Yet US pleads, US guys and Gals at home watching our MTV music videos, were not aware it existed until after both bands had some success. Maybe, what do you mean? Maybe? All right, I'll I'll give you partial credit. Okay. Well, please explain why only partial credit. Come on, teach, because they were brand new. I mean the album itself was they recorded it before they were yeah, I get it, you know right, but we didn't have access to it. Correct. I mean it definitely wasn't, you know, being promoted as much of it. But then, you know, like I said, am record was like, Oh, these guys are Song Guarden Projem. Let's you, you know. Yeah, actually, what you want us a little bit more. Will you working third shift somewhere at a gay station and someone's like, Hey, man, I can't pay for this high octane fuel. Here is a tape of a band you've never heard of before from to other bands that you've never heard of before, so how about I trade you that for the gas? And you're like okay, and it happened to be temple the dog is. Is that what you're trying to tell me? Maybe, okay, a lot of maybe's, but if that happened I would have said that would be great. Thank you so much. Yeah, forgive I I totally accept cash payment as demo tape and I will be fired promptly tomorrow morning. Please take all the gas lead you would like. Terrible gas attended. Drew, you're not run, but the song was written by Chris Cornell. Nowaday, what are some of your memories of this song? I remember the video very vividly because there's a lot of stump and of sand. The poor sand took a lot of abuse. You're right, you know, it was getting kicked around quite a bit. There's what did ever do to you? But I did like the video because it kind of reminded me of what I would do for fun with my friends back in the day, and there's a lot of camp and a lot of times on the beach sitting around, drinking, shooting the breeze and all that good stuff. But it was a very popular song as well, so it was unavoidable to hear on the radio and, of course, had heavy rotation on the m t V. Now, was I a big fan of the song back then? No, it was it okay? Yes, did I enjoy it somewhat? Yeah. Has it had a long lasting impression on me to the point where I would write a podcast a letter asking them to cover it? No, wow, yeah, but well not. Guess well, guess what? Now you're on a podcast reviewing it. So yeah, funny how the world works. Huh. Thanks, Melinda. I remember the video and you're right that this funny. You brought that a baby. They really did, you know, give the sand the business man.

They are laying into it. It's such a classic s rock video. I love it. The song is one that will always stand out to me. I like it, you know, lyrically, musically, just takes me back and and that video, I think the one thing that really stood out to me was the outfit that Eddie vetter war, which is like a jacket vest on top of a flannel and then shorts over long John's with white socks and black boots, which is basically pretty much what I wear around the house. Yeah, which I don't know what that says about me, but I really don't care. I fucking love it, since you're stylish. Yeah, and I was doing this pre pandemic. Now it's just every day I do that. I really I don't know, I really, I really like wearing shorts and either like really long socks or long guns underneath. I don't know. I guess I know why, because I like the whole grun scene in style from never let it die drew, keep the feeling live. Yeah, man, flannels all day. Yep. But there are two versions of this on spotify, the original and then the twenty five anniversary. But combined the song has been streamed over ninety eight million times and Temple, the dog has over one point three million monthly listeners. So not bad for, you know, a band that really only got together once and they did tour, I think, back in twenty sixteen for the really fifth anniversary. Yeah, it was just so I don't think it wasn't like a full, full tour, but they did a couple shows. But yeah, so not too shabby. Now the song peaked at number four, as Melinda alluded to, peaked at number four on the billboard mainstream rock tracks chart. So not too shabby there. Now how does this song compared to the other songs on the album? And, as I said before, they put this album together basically has a tribute to their friend Andrew would and I would say this song fits in because, I mean all the songs, I think are pretty good. If the album starts off with say hello to Heaven, a great song, and along with the second song reach down, those are both written about Andrew Wood. And one thing that's interesting is that it's not necessarily a heavy album. I would say hunger strike is probably one of the heavier songs. So I think in that regard it stands out a little bit, but it's pretty good and usually cornell handled all the vocals, but on hunger strike, obviously we have the combination of Cornell and Eddie vetter. But what are your thoughts? It's about this album. Have you given it a full listener? Have you listened to it before? I haven't listened to it since the early S. I am not one of those one point whatever, million, gazillion number people who've listened to it on spotify. One point three, sir, one point three, thank you, which is slightly odd considering it was a oneandone record. So somebody's listening to it quite a bit on probably on repeat, but noways Linda. It could be. But yeah, I know it's been eons, man since I have actually dug into this record. Yeah, I mean I listened to it every now and then, not not too often, like it's not something I keep on like a heavy rotation from me, but I'll go back to it every now and then. I really like say hello to heaven. That's a great song and and I think it's different because I feel like I like it more now because it's maybe not as heavy kind of some I get a similar feel to that. Speaking of super groups, mad season, right, I get you. I get a little bit of a mad season Vibe, whereas right you had bands like rate, prol jam and Alice and chains, right you had lane Staley as a singer, and I was kind of expecting mad season when it first came out, to be a little bit heavier, and there was, I think, a couple heavy songs on there, like I don't know anything, but it wasn't necessarily that heavy and I feel like at the time when it first came out, I still liked it. By still it's kind of let down a little bit, but now, I mean, I love that album. It's so good and this is the same way, you know, and it's not heavy, and that's fine. I think it's musically it's beautiful and I think it's a good album and that...

...doesn't have to be heavy to be good. Can I be honest with you here, because I'm probably in the minority on this? Heavily, but I kind of have a cutoff when it comes to listening to Chris Cornell, that meaning I don't mind his voice, but over time it does start to grate on me a little bit. I can't, I could not, have, for example, like a sound garden just straight up marathon. It would probably drive me out the door and tears, just because his voice, being unique, is highly screechable, yellable, showable, and I get it. And there's I never get to see him live, but anytime I would see a live performance of sound garden, I thought he sounded terrible, terrible. So when I meet someone like yeah, Sound Garden was great live, I go you sure about that? How much were you drinking? Not to say the man isn't talented. He is, or he was. It's just for me it's not my preferred style of vocalist. Yeah, his his vocal style. Definitely. It's kind of an acquired taste. And even me, like there's times I'm like, yeah, I don't know if I wan to listen to either sound garden or audio slave. You can dig it's a pictious yeah, in like Oh, yeah, I'm doses. You know what I mean? For sure, absolutely. Okay, good, I'm glad I got that out, man, I feel so much better. No, it's actually agreed with me. Like yeah, Dave, I can kind of kind of back you up on that. This is like a breakthrough for us. Yeah, I mean there are times that I'm and I love sound guarden. It's not that I don't like them, but I and I feel like the songs I tend to gravitate towards are the one where he's singing a little bit lower, like fourth of July, you know, like he has like a lower sound, or he's not singing higher. You know. So I definitely stand where you're coming from, for sure. HMM. Yeah, fell on black days, you know. So I those are the ones I tend to go to anyway. But no, I'm we do agree in that, which is nice. Yes, Melinda brought us together. This is wonderful. This episode is proving to be just a bass care joy. Yeah, so many ways it's amazing. Yeah, thanks, Molinda. Thank you, but, lyrically speaking, there's not a ton here. No, they are hungry. They're hungry, drew. Sorry, go on, I couldn't help it. I had to. lyrically speaking, you know, there's those two verses, but they're basically the same. Right, he says, I don't mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadence. I can't feed on the powerless. My Cups already overfilled. But it's on the table. The fires cooking and their farming babies, while slaves are working the bloods on the table and mouths are choking, but I'm going hungry, right, and then that's that's those are the verses. The second verse is basically the same thing. And then veteran Cornell both just say I'm going hungry the last bit of the song. So yeah, you know nothing there. But what the song is about? Well, let's I say we get the meaning directly from Mr Cornell and he said, and I quote, I was wanting to express the gratitude for my life, but also disdain for people where that's not enough, where they want more. There's no way to really have a whole lot more than you need, usually without taking from somebody else that can't really afford to give it to you. It's sort of about taking advantage of a person or people who really don't have anything. And then he also want to say hunger strike is a statement that I'm staying true to what I'm doing, regardless of what comes of it, but I will never change what I'm doing for the purpose of success or money. Huh Deep, deep stuff for lyrics that are so freaking limited. Yeah, I mean, Hey, the lyrics are limited, you're right, but he that's what he was going with. Yeah, I was going to say someone asked me, I just really only going hungry, man. Don't know what else you want to tell you. These guys need something to eat. Yeah, you know, come on now. But you know, I remember being a kid in here in this song. I mean I have this divine belief that everybody, no matter who you are, has a little weird Al makes into your DNA. And like me and my buddies would just come up with alternate...

...lyrics for all the songs, but this one in particular always stuck in my brain. But I don't know if I'm going to share that with anybody today with the lyrics were even I remember all these decades later, because they weren't necessarily the nicest choice of words to replace the original lyrics with. Oh my, yeah, had loved would being horny and you know, kids stuff, kids being kids. Yeah, I guess. Yeah, stupid, stupid kids. That's what it is. More appropriate. Fare enough. Well, you know, drew, you were known to overanalyze lyrics and, even though you read Mr Cornell's statement on the matter, do you have your alternate theories? No, I mean that's kind of what I had always envisioned it to be. M Don't, you know, be happy with what you have, basically, and and you kind of get that. You know, when he says I don't mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadence, but I can't feed on the powerless while my cups already overfilled. I mean that right there. You know where he says I can't feed on the powerless my cups already overfilled. So easy. Yeah, you know to me that always, that line always stood out more than the other lines. He was, I think, the future correct. He was like, screw you bezos take yeah, exactly. Yeah, he was sinking right. Yeah, he was projecting all this stuff way back when. So could for you, Chris Cornell, you know it's the stuff. Yes, indeed, lemon squeezy, you ready to dig into our final verdict here? Verdicts, verdicts, verdicts. Oh, I don't know if I'm ready to give of any judgment on any song ever again in the future. I might just have to retire. I'm kidding, of course I want to. Let's get into it, baby, all right, Dave, so, hunger strike by Temple of the dog. Do you think this song is a legit hit or a song gone wrong? Well, Mr Drewsky, I actually dig the riff in this song quite a bit. I love how it goes very rhythmically into a very heavy portion of the song. I like the transitions of it. Vocally, it's okay. It's sung well. But do I consider this like a great duet? Because essentially, many ways this is kind of what it is. Right, you got one person singing one set of the verse the other person singing the other, and even singing at the same time. This would not fall into categories like Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty or Mike Patton and Bebel Gilberto or hell, this is nearly and cantrall. Yes, I was going to say this is even say, say say by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson in you know my humble opinion. So I don't know, man, it's just one of those things. I admitted to you guys earlier I haven't heard this song and forever. It's not something I've actively sought out to hear. So I think it's an okay song. Do I think it's a great song? Sadly No. I think it could easily fall through the cracks to and which it did for me. Personally. So, Melinda, I have to apologize their kiddoh, but this would be a song going wrong. You're going to make her cry. Well, you know what, I don't know what to say that he's a tissue. You have an issue, that kind of thing. I mean, no, I feel bad, but this is like all versus. I can't. She can complain to me on social media, call me out, feel free to feel free to toss those daggers my way on the worldwide web. I highly advise her to do so. Oh, but I think about that. Well, well, let's see what you thought of the little ditty there, drew ski. All right, let's let's let's see what I had to say. So, you know, here we have Cornell and then Drummer Matt Cameron from Sound Garden, and then we also have any vetter JFOM and stone gozarda microcrie from typeally Mookie Blaylock, but eventually proljim on an album and on this song... particular, and also note a cameron would later move on to play with pro jam. So it's a little FYI for you guys. So yeah, right away, that's a good start, since I love prol Jim and I love sound garden. Now we have better singing the low parts cornel sing in the high parts. I actually kind of like that harmonizing between tw two of them. I know you said you didn't like it. I'm okay with it now. As we were saying before, is this as good as you know a stale or cantrail? Absolutely not, but I think I think it worked for this song. Musically, I think it's a great song make. The cready and stone gozzard are amazing guitarists. I've I think I've liked just what everything they've worked on, from Temple of the dog to Pearl Jam to mad season. They're just amazing lyrically, I think the song is spot on. You know, there's not a lot there, as I was saying before, but I think there's a few people in power in the world today that should give this a good listen and actually implement that in their lives. And also, let's be honest, I love flannels and wearing shorts with either long John's are really big socks. So, no matter how you look at it, hunger strikes a legit hit man. Wow, you know the thing about the lyrics. Who is like you're basing on one line essentially, and it is really good. But I don't know, man, I don't know. You know, I think it's about time we get the tiebreaker here and see what the fans had to say about this, because I don't know if I be alone. Let's say what they say, all right, Dave, HMM, eighty s eighty seven percent say yeah, yeah, this is, this is. This is pretty lopsided. Wow, I said this was a legit hit. Yeah, Uh Huh, okay, well, sorry to say it, but but yeah, eighty seven may not, it's a legit hit. You know, sorry to say. You a Melinda jumping up and down with joy. You know, I was. I was jumping on my dead, battered, beaten body. Go for it, have fun, enjoys. Yeah, yeah, Jeez, I'll tell you what that we did get some really good feedback and I think there's at least one person that agrees with you, and that is pipe seven hundred and twenty. Who goes by at pipe seven hundred and twenty said sorry, got us say no. Cornell and vetter are amazing vocalist, but it's the acoustic equivalent of oil and water. Just doesn't go together. So I think you'd agree with you there. We also heard from Irish Keith at his me self, you know, said this one kicks proper Arce. legit hit all the way. Mindy Smith at MJ Smith, Mindy, and also Jane at Jane Manning. They both said legit hit, and snobby girl at slimmer girl seventeen, said yes, so that is. That's and she spelled that yet h yes, so okay, that's what we have. All right, groovy. I mean, I gotta get behind it, Bro and the thing is, I wasn't really completely crapping on the vocalists here. I mean it was okay, I I didn't. WHO's that guy? He said there's like oil and water. I didn't even take it that five pipes pipe, and twenty pipes, pipe, pipe. Oh, is that todd pipes? It's Oh no, I hope not. I don't think it's not pipes. Okay, just checking, baby, something else. I'd be like, all right, I'm going to cry foul, cry havoc. Oh Todd, he's you know what, he doesn't want any part of this. He can't handle us. Yeah, and for people who don't understand that, that's not an inside joke whatsoever. You have to hit our back catalog look it up in our archives, but we did this song breakfast at Tiffany's. We talked about the pipe man, so definitely go check that one out, along with the rest of our awesome episodes, and they are awesome. But anything else, Dave? Oh No, I want to thank Melinda for submitting the song and sponsoring me. I do expect that check in the mail. I'm will we bit more expensive than she probably thinks to take care of on a regular basis, so be prepared. You know what, you might just want to forget about the check and just send your routing number my way. Might be a little bit easier in the long run. But yet again, thank you, and I also want to tell all the other listeners out there that I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you so much for...

...listening to our program I love you and I'm not going to go stomp any sand. I'm going to stay inside. Pound some sand and we'll get some sand. Tom My DARC Martin's man, don't get it on my flannel. No, but yeah, thank you very much, Melnda. I was fun talking about this song. Greatly appreciate you sponsoring the episode and, as always, guys, you can follow us on twitter and Instagram at songs gone drop us an email as GW podcast at gmailcom, visit our website, songs gone wrongcom and also, I said before, if you haven't done so already, make sure he hit subscribe. It's wherever you get your podcast from, so that we get all of our updates when they come out, which is twice a week. So that's pretty much it. Thanks again everybody for listening to Songs Gone Wrong.

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