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Episode 6 · 1 year ago

I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred


I'm definitely not too sexy for show notes.

One of the biggest songs of the 90s, I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred is sure to spark some interesting conversation between Drew and Dave. The fans also have their voices heard on this one as well, as they play a crucial role in determining if I'm Too Sexy is a legit hit or a song gone wrong.

I'm Too Sexy was off the album Up by RIght Said Fred which came out in 1992. It peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 back in February 1992.  


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got it right, or did those songs go wrong? I am one of your host drew Zachman, and joining me as always as Dave Schultz. Dave, how are you doing today? I am fantastic, but I do have one thing to inform you, Oh dear, and that is Oh yes, get ready, because I'm too sexy, full of this show. To sexy full of this show, Oh don't you know? Yeah, that's all done well to well, times terrible. We'll have to contact the fairbreast brothers and see if we can get to add that in. We're nothing. She likes the song too, apparently. Great. All right, so that is a case. You guys can tell by that. Guess what we are talking about. I'm too sexy by right, said Fred today. But before we get into that, if you haven't done so already, guys, make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes when they come out, which in fact, is twice a week, and if you could also leave us a five star review, that would be just swell. And you can also follow us on twitter. At songs gone or drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom, or you can visit us on our website, songs gone wrongcom. Now this episode, as I said, we are talking about not just any ninety song. This is probably like one of the songs from the S I would say, I feel like when you talk about nine, like iconic ninety songs, this one is. It's definitely up there. And this one is I'm too sexy, by right, said Fred. Now, this song came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and it was off the album up and the song was written by the fairbreast brothers Fred and Richard, as well as Rob Man Zoli. Now, Dave, what are some of your memories about this song? Oh my God, the memories are endless, because this song essentially took over the world. You know what I mean? You couldn't escape it. Anywhere you turned there was a shirtless guy in or in a nylon shirt of some sort singing to you in honestly a terrible vocal style. And Yeah, it don't know, man, I kind of feel scarred over the whole thing when you think about it. I don't know. If I don't know if I would go that far. You don't think so. I don't know. Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat and I imagine some bald guy just ruining over me. I don't know. Again, just me. Where do you live? That I need to take up with my therapist. ME. I lived in right, said Fred Land. Man, Jeez, I lived in the fair brass brothers basement, or maybe maybe it was at their gym. Oh, yes, there, Jim, that's where. That's where it all started. Man, tell me about it. Oh, oh, we will, but in the meantime, yeah, I mean I remember that song when it came out. I think I was in sixth grade. If I'm not mistaken, it was, I mean this song, you're right, was everywhere. You could not you couldn't go anywhere without hearing this song, and I remember, like at the time I thought it was okay, but since then I've I've actually grown pretty fond of it as time as going on and wow, yeah, I know, I know. And people would be walking around the halls of the Great Richard C Crockett middle school singing I'm too sexy, and and people like would try to do like catwalks from one class to the next. I mean that's that's what was going on in our middle school. Man, is such a such a great time. I missed the s people, Dude. People used to prank each other and they...

...would call somebody up and be like, I'm too sexy for this phone, and you go, you son of a. You know it was. It was just terrible, man. It was like being infected with something horrible. Well, the song was everywhere, everybody, you could not get away from it. And and I'll tell you why, because this song actually hit number one on the US billboard hot one hundred on February eighth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. So when you have a number one song on the billboard, hot one hundred, yeah, it's going to be played a couple times on the radio, just in time for Valentine's Day. Two, that's right, all, that's right. Oh boy. Yeah, nobody, no girls sang that to me back then in sixth grade. I'm not better. Oh, I'm just saying. I think we both have some serious issues. We need to dress when you have always over yea, have dreams about the fair breast brothers crooning over you, and I'm still angry about the girl situation in sixth grade. Yeah, no, Valentines in sixth grade whole. MMM. Well, I didn't get any better, and that school either. It's neither here nor there anyway. But spotify, I'm just sex. He's been streamed over forty eight million times on spotify. Forty eight million, man, that's that's that's a couple times insane. And, right said Fred, has over one million monthly listeners. Get Out of here really, yes, sir, over a million monthly listeners listen to right said Fred, and I'll tell you why. We're going to get into you, why people get listen to them, because there's there's several reasons why. We will all we will cover it off on that. Don't you guys worry. We will not leave you hanging. But, like I said, this song, you can get away from it. Back in one thousand nine hundred and ninety two some other songs and I as I was kind of looking at the billboard, hot one hundred for that particular week in February of Ninety two. Man, I just Poof, I I just got superness. DOALGIC because this this just listen to this chart you have. I love your smile. By chanise, which was number two. I love that Song, all right. I always put you in a good mood. Number three was don't let the sun go down on me from George Michael and Elton John. Love that song. Number four diamonds and pearls, from Prince and the new power generation. I love that song. Color me bad all for Love was number five. And and smells like Teen Spirit was number six. Wow, and that mean that's pretty ECLECTIC. It is eclectic in something that's worth noting is all of those artists, unlike right said Fred, had a respectable amount of talent. All right, such, Fred had town. I mean they, I mean they have the so in the US, technically they're kind of labeled as one hit wonders here in the US, but in the UK's they had, they had a handful of hits. But chanise, I don't, I honestly don't remember hearing much from her besides that one song. Maybe there's like one other. But yeah, I mean also, just like, you know, the the diversity of it, all right. You had, right said Fred, who are it's almost like, but just like a sarcastic dish type song. Right, you have chnie was like she was like a younger singer at the time. And then you have George Michael and Elton John. I mean those guys are titans, you know. And then you have prints, for crying out loud, he's, you know, one of the best ever calor me bad, you know, kind of like a boy bands basically, and then you have nirvana and there, I mean that's a pretty diverse group, all within the top six songs. That's pretty nuts. Just reading those songs off immediately takes you to a better place. And then you had mysterious ways, by you two. That was number eleven. Remember the time from Michael Jackson was thirteen. To legit, the quit from MC Hammer was fourteen. I mean, I honestly I could continue reading like this hire list and I will have a giant ass grin on my face while doing so. Well, glad that makes you happy. I get it really does. Sin Being one of those artists like George Michael, was probably really pissed off. He's like these blokes get to number one...

...and me and Elton a behind him. Oh bollocks, that was a terrible British accent by I wasn't. I was gonna. I was everybody. I brought St momment on your accent, but I'm sure George Michael's like, yeah, I've had, you know, my fair share of yeah, but dude, it's like being at work and a guy less qualified than you get some promotion that you want so badly. You know what I mean? He's getting on Alariety, all the pats on the back, all that great stuff, and you're like, Hey, don't forget about me, I'm pretty decent to you know, cud. It's all right, it's some kind of like that. Okay, but it's like a it's like that guy who had, you know, obviously is less qualified than you and getting a promotion. But you know, if you're George Michael, you're still like, you know, I still get to go home and still make a pretty ridiculous salary to begin with. So I'm like, you know what, you can take the promotion, I'm still getting paid over here. I'm like, this guy's going to be fired in two months anyway, and then I get the job. Yeah, we'll get you know, this song will run its course and I'm still going to be putting out phenomenal music for the now. Okay, this very true, very true. So one of the things that we like to talk about is. You know, how does this song compared to other songs on the album? And up really, up until now, I've never listened to the album up from right, said Fred, and I got to be honest, I wish I'd listened to it sooner. Really, I yes, it's really I think it's good. It's it's a good dance album, like a good s dance album. Now I guess that I listened to the whole thing. There's definitely some quality tunes on there. Obviously I enjoy I'm too sexy, but I also really liked there's a song and they're called is it true about love? That was a really good song. That was probably one of my favorites on the entire album. Deeply dippy was a huge hit over in the UK. It's kind of a silly song which strays from the rest of the album, more like an acoustic song, and that kind of picks up steam in the latter half, while the rest of the album is kind of more dance oriented. I also like Swan. That ro is really sounds like a fantastic s pop dance tune. Don't talk, just kiss. I remember hearing that Song actually back in the day another great tune on the album and this song actually followed up I'm too sexy as their second single, and this one hit number three in the UK and seventy six in the US. But it's a cool, fun s dance song and also, I like those simple things as well, which was the last track on the album. But, you know, to bring it all together, I'm too sexy fits in nicely on this album with the other dance songs. It's a dance song. It's a little, you know, kind of tongue and cheek, but I think, I think it fits nicely with the rest of the album and, like I said, I honestly wish I'd listen to this sooner because there's some there's some good tunes on here. You See, I've never listened to the entire album, even for my research for this show, because back then I was one of the guys buying smells like Teen Spirit and now I will admit to this. So I saw their movie and it was fantastic. Up was great. I mean there's so many balloons in it. It was feel good, it was light, well, except for the beginning. But you except for the beginning. Yeah, you know, I kind of spoiled everything at the beginning of the show. I don't want to hit everybody with spoilers now, so I'll just back off a little bit. Oh come on, man, no, I'm serious. I could not, if you like gave me money right now. He said his twenty bucks. Listen to up. I'd probably do it, but I wouldn't be happy about it. Speaking of giving US money, if anybody out there would like to help support the podcast, just visit our website. Songs gone wrongcom that wasn't a great segue for a plug. Hey, that's what I'm here for. You Know Me. Not only can you donate and listen, if you up the Auntie, maybe I will listen to up and I'll invite you to watch me listen to up so you can see a human being being tortured and immense amounts of pain. But if you haven't heard this song in a while and you're interested in hearing this song, you can also do that on our website as well. So go check it out right now. Well, actually, wait until the show is over,...

...but then definitely check it out. Yeah, give it a second, listen to the rest of the show, then the check it out. Absolutely. I'm too excited, I'm too happy, I'm too sexy. It's you're too happy for this show. Okay now, so lyrically speaking. So the lyrics there? Yeah, I will say they're a bit Sophomoric, I guess you could say, but I still love them. Why? On the scene, I think. I think my favorite line in the whole song is when he goes I'm too sexy for your party, no way on disco dancing. I love that line. I really did it just it just cracks me up, dude. It is iconic. I'm not going to argue with you there, because that's like the mainline everybody remembers the most. I will give them credit for one thing. They and feel free to bleep me out sensors, but they found a way to work the word Pussy into this song, which, you know, bring it up that whole like juvenile aspect of what they were doing. And I mentioned his tongue in cheek and what have you. But right when that happened I'm like, yeah, I don't know, I just don't see a lot of merits to any of these lyrics whatsoever. So so that is what put you over the edge? No, I mean I I like the word. I'm a big fan of the word. I got hats and tshirts with the word printed all over. But what I'm trying to say to you is this, is that when you do a little research on the song and you find out that, what you had mentioned earlier, these guys owned a gym. Right, maybe trying to give us the backstory before I hop all over this, because you are much more the deep, in depth guy when it comes to information about the song. Yeah, I mean, I'm not going to get, you know, to too crazy here, but yeah, so, basically, the fair breast brothers, they're from London and and they were running a gym and, you know, in the late S, early S, and in that gym, right, that's kind of how this whole thing, this whole song, basically got started. And they they noticed a lot of people were posing and they just notice like a lot of narcissism in the gym at that time. And keep in mind, I mean the both are the fair breast butthers. I mean those guys are no slouches when it comes to, you know, working. Yet those guys are pretty jacked up. And Yeah, and then, and then one day Richard took a shirt off and like, in a joking manner, said I'm too sexy for my shirt and and the rest is really history at that point. So while, you know, I think a lot of people might think these guys are serious, because if you look at them, those guys are pretty jacked up right, and they all these guys really think they're sexy and it's like now they're they are just poking fun at people that are full of themselves and, you know, they think they're too good for whatever. So I I'm okay with this message. I had read too. They recorded this initially as a rock song, or was it the kind of like a garage band style, maybe to even rival Nirvana, right, because they were both on the charts of the same time. But unfortunately that just didn't stick. So they went with the whole dance music electronica route and of course the legend was born. But you know, not to kind of beat a dead horse here, but I'm going to do it anyway. So I apologize, Mr Ed, but dude, the lyrics are just absolute crap. They are just terrible. And the other thing, you know, I'll give him credit for this. They might have been the originators of Asmar because it sounds like it was recorded in one take and he's half awake when he's singing the song. Now, come on, dude, there's no there's no, no roxy of Oom. Oh, get out of here. You so full of it this dude. It sounds like the dude is like dying. You when he when he's seeing the lyrics. I mean he literally sounds like he just leaned into a microphone, talked and boom, I'm done. See you later. I'm going to go back to the gym and do whatever the Hell I do there. There really isn't a whole lot of craftsmanship involved in this song. I mean, I could be making fun of Valley Girls Right. Oh, they're so shallow, they don't have any substance whatsoever, and I'm going to create a stupid... Going girls like to shop, they love to shop. Oh, no, karate chop right, I know, this is terrible. What am I doing? They could, but I mean, but my original version won't work. Now if you throw a little house music behind it, who knows, Oh, I might have a hit here. I'm going to leave you behind. I'm on the bigger and better things. But I just brought that up off the cuff to show you that they're really isn't a lot there, at least from my perspective, to write a song like that. Yeah, I get the lyrics are not the most in depth or you know, these lyrics are not going to make you question what this song is about. Really. I mean, yes, there is a little, there's a little, you know, sarcasm in there, but you know, it's not like, you know, a Bowie Song where you can have like maybe five interpretations of what you think it actually means. This one's kind of Eire, like, are these guys serious or are they not? That's not poetry. That's what you're saying. There's a right poetry, right correct or, if it is, poetry, is done by a three year old or, you know, a couple meatheads at a gym, or a three year old who deserves a bar of soap in his mouth because he said the word Pussy. And I'll tell you what, that three year old is not going to want to go disco dancing. No, no, but I mean musically though. I mean this song is catchy. It's like it's really, really catchy. So I'm it's actually so catchy. Taylor swift sampled it off of for one of her songs. So I mean, you know, you know it's legit when Taylor's show me works with the best man, so when she's ripping you off, you know it's good. Why? She's not ripping anybody off. I'm sure she paid them. She yes, she actually reached out to them. She did it the right way, and even even right said Fred said that. to us and they worked out and agree with whatever it was. I don't know, but you know they did at the right way. So kudos too to her and to and to them. Yeah, it's probably a deal for some nipple clamps and some head shavers. Some like Mesh tshirts. It Mesh, like I said earlier, than nylon. So we need some stockings, baby. You can take this song now. I this is a good song. Hey, dude, I'm gonna listen. I will admit I like the music to the point where I think this song would be better served without the lyrics and just the music itself, because it does have a hook, you know what I mean? It does that tip. It definitely has the bass drop everything else going on in it. It's catchy. The song itself is catchy, it's just that damn vocal track this driving me mad yea, it sounds like it is very much so. Oh boy, all right, anything else you want to add before we get to our final verdicts here? No, no, let me say what I got to say about this piece of you know what? Oh dear Lord, okay, what do you what do you have for us here? Is this? Is this song a legit hit, or did this song go wrong? Well, first off, let me lay out a little disclaimer here, because I have a feeling fans of the show may grow frustrated with me, in large part due to my inconsistency of establishing criteria when crowning a classic. That being said, I'm too sexy checks a fair amount of boxes that traditionally annoy me. Yet when we talk about Cultural Zeitgeist, this one hit wonder cannot be ignored. We've covered how big the track was at the time and whether you loved it or hated it. Much like myself, you sure as hell will never forget about it. Plus, this piece of fluff is structure just right, containing the components required in any true hit. The recipe requires simple ingredients, and goes something like this. Lyrics, the mindless masses can sing along too. Sorry, drew season. With a catchy hook, a dash of dance music. Now pop that some bitch in the microwave and Wallah, you get yourself a hit. And... know, here's the thing. Using this cooking analogy, the problem with this is the song is hard to digest today, meaning that nostalgia is one hell of a drug. When you first hear the title of this song, you go, Oh, yeah, I remember that I like this song for this reason or that reason, but when you push played at a man, it just does not hold up well again in my humble opinion. Now the actual verdict. I'm sure you've been waiting for this. I have to inform you and all of our listeners that I declare this it. It's a hit. I mean you really just cannot ignore all the success that surrounded this song. So am I angry about it? Do I not like it? Yeah, but facts do not lie. In this song is officially a hit that I hope I never have to hear for another thirty years. But is a hit, unless unless somebody wants to donate to the show, which you could do that at songs gone wrongcom you can, and then I hope someone donates ear drums for me, because mine will be blown out of my skull after repeated listening to this. You know, that's another thing to like. I don't know who could listen to this four times a day. You know, who uses this as their workout music or to get psyched up and like, Oh, you know what I need right now? I need some right set front. I'm too sexy, baby. That's what I need right now and that's going to change the way I feel. That's going to change my mood, it's going to make my day brighter. Who is this person? Because I want to meet them and slap them right across the face. So I I love music. That's why I am one half of a show that that talks about music. In case you guys right, just so, I create all kinds of playlists and the only one, and there's there's a lot of songs that crossover from one to the next. This one. It's strictly on my s playlist. And to your point, yes, I would say this is not a song where I will, you know, if I hear it, I will hit repeat and like, you know what let's do it again. It's not. It's not that way for me, not for this song, but it would this make my my workout mix? No. Would this make my running mix? No. Would this make my I don't know, like anxiety to make me feel better mixed? No, it doesn't, doesn't, doesn't make any of those even though the songs kind of saying I'm too sexy now. It doesn't. Doesn't really help and end any scenario. But that doesn't mean it's not a hit, and it's your point. Yes, I would not listen to it more than once, but it's still good. So for me I I would say not only is this a hit, it's definitely a banger. Catchy beat lyrics, while basic, have a more sarcastic meaning to them. Also, the song was sampled by Taylor swift and, like I said, you know she only works with the best, and on the surface this song comes off as a, you know, kind of a gimmick, but it's a little bit more than that. The fair breast brothers are talented writers and musicians and once you know what this is about and some of the other work, you will also appreciate what they bring to the table. Also, they were in their late s when they wrote us. So they are also inspirational and give me hope that life isn't over just yet. So I appreciate the fair press brothers for doing that. And the song, you know, as you said, does hit hard on the nostalgia, but I believe it's a little bit more than that. So I would say yes, this song is in fact a legit hit. Huh. Well, I mean we both agree that things are hit for different reasons. Yeah, but I think the most shocking revelation that came out of this whole conversation was the fact that you have a workout mix and then you have a running mix, or what do you call playlist? I'm sorry I'm so old or different man back in the night, but that's the thing. I think that's very odd that you like Whoa. This song is not for working out and getting Jack...

Bro. This is not for for leg day. Now, this is for you know whatever. Obviously I don't exercise a big fat Schmuck, so I can't even think of something you'd work out your lats. Is that a thing, lats, that it is practicing cats? Yes, I would say the majority of my my workout playlist it's there's some s in there, but it's I would say it's a good mix of just metal. So a lot of fear factories, Sepultera, you know, there's some of some new metal in there. I have some corn, I have a lot of deftones. There's all some chains, but it's like avenge sevenfold, heavy stuff, like lamb of God. Oh there's there's as I lay dying, there's there's actually a lot of as I lay dying actually in there. I pegged you all wrong at that there'd be a heavy dose of some burnt Bacarak in there, but you learn new things about people. That's well, that's hey, the BACCA rock. That's for cool down, man, you got he got, you gotta slow. You can go heavy. You go heavy with slayer. You cooled down with burt. That's I'll make sure to remember that. That's what I'm going to remember. Going on old age, man, I am my old age. I can't just stop. I got a cool down, cool down, and one guy that can cool down just right. Really, I was going to say. I was going to say it's not a guy. Maybe Taylor Swift, since you just based everything around her. That, man, this song is cool because Taylor's swift used it. Dude. I live right next to why? I'm missing where she's from. So we're all fans of her around here. This is this is Taylor country. Buddy. What if you live next to a serial killer? Would you be like, oh, he's the best one out all. We love it. We all want to be like him. We respect the hell out of him. He's one hell of a serial killer. My neighbor. Well, does he is he writing music? He might be using, I don't know, human bones is his eylophone? Who knows? Those motherfuckers are free like the like they did in the goonies. He made. He makes that he may like a piano out of like bones, which, by the way, they that makes no sense. Like these guys spend so much time building that fucking piano. I could he try to find a way to get out of there? We will say that for our movie podcast or our bonus material at people can find on the website. Oh pirates, yeah, right, so can. So we agreed. We agreed that the song is a hip but let's, you know, let's see what the fans have to say about it. We put up a poll on twitter and I think that. I think we all we have like a trifect to hear. The fans also said yes. Seventy two percent of them, as a matter of fact, said yes, this is a hit. So we had one one feedback from Melinda Barnet, who goes by at Melinda Barnett. She said now that song is going to be stuck in my head all day. Maybe it will round the grumbling and swear words. So hopefully it did drown that out for you, molenda. But yeah, songs a hit. It is undeniable. We both agree. Rainbows are coming out of my eyeballs right now because we both agree this song is is a well, top of the POPs, I guess, except for when you actually have to listen to the damn thing. Oh dear, well, dear is right. All right, that's it. I'm too sexy. It's a hit. It is a legit hit. Anything else you want to say before you wrap up? Oh No, I'm just glad that you didn't like mention that you when you talking about listening to the song. I kind of went into this whole diet tribe aut physically hurting somebody who gets enjoyment out of listening to this song and you immediately were like, well, I dig it, but I wouldn't listen to it for this or that or any other reason. I'm like, Haha, this guy doesn't want to get punched in the face by me. Well, no, I don't. Yeah, to be honest with you, that would all. I mean. No, it wouldn't be. It wouldn't be, but I'm just saying, you know, it's like you were. You were very careful. You were walking on some eggshells there. You like this guy is all riled up over here. I don't know about him. He's a wildcat, this guy. So that was very smart of you, drew, very intelligent. I have my reasons and I wasn't.

I wasn't basing my reasons on whether art whether or not I'm going to get punched in the face by listening to the song. That's a good thing. Yeah, you're nobody, nobody, nobody should have to make that decision and their life. No, they shouldn't, but they will have to at some point of the other. So just be prepared for it, people and not listen. The best thing you guys can do is just kind of wins it's hard as you can and clench your jaw, okay, and as POW, take it and do your best with it. Oh Yeah, and ice it up after a lot of ice state yet ever, peas, it's all good. Keep the inflamation down, please. That's right. But we covered a lot on this episode, didn't we? That's what we do, baby, talked about the fair best brothers. We talked about the goonies, talks about how to take a punch to the face. I think we think we emotional. Setar Rx is here. Yeah, yeah, I think people get their money's worth to day. All Right, sure did. Oh, yeah, all right. So, guys, thanks again for listening. I'm to sexy. It's it's a certified hit, all right, and you guys can find us all over the worldwide webs you could find us on twitter, you can visit our website, you can, you know, send us an email, even reach out and just say hey, we love the show. That'd be great. We'd love to hear that. Also, if you have a song you'd like to hear US review on the show, be you know, drop us a note on twitter at songs gone. You can send us an email sgw podcast at gmailcom, or just visit our website. Songs gone wrongcom and we'd love to hear from you, guys, and love to hear any suggestions you might want to throw our way, right and yeah, and thanks again for listening to songs gone wrong and hope you enjoy your disco dancing.

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