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Songs Gone Wrong Introduction


Welcome everyone to Songs Gone Wrong!

Songs Gone Wrong is a show where your hosts Drew Zakmin and Dave Schultz decide one song at a time if those songs were legit hits or did those songs go wrong. These two music buffs won't do this alone however, as you the listener have a say in the matter as well. Democracy rules on this show and 2/3 vote will deem each song a legit hit or a song gone wrong. Drew and Dave take a deep dive into each song and dig into the lyrics as well as how it compares to other songs on the album it was released on. They also take a quick look at other songs on the charts at that time.

So if you like music and love debating whether songs are hits or not, then this is the show for you and a conversation you want to get in on.


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got it right or did those songs go wrong. I'm one of your host, drew Zachman, and joining me as always as Dave Schultz. Dave, how are you doing, sir, on this inaugural episode of Songs Gone Wrong? Well, first of how Dy doody, drew, and I am so happy to be here. It's unfortunate that the format is audio, so people aren't able to see the fact that I am beaming a huge smile right now, ear to ear. Yeah, we're always smiling over here at songs gone wrong. No frowns, we turned those frowns upside down here. Yeah, happy dudes, you know that's right. So this is just a quick little introductory episode that kind of let everybody know what this podcast is really all about, and basically, songs gone wrong. It's a show where myself, I'm drew, like I said, and my lovely co host, Dave, we decide, one song at a time, if those songs were legit hits or did those songs go wrong.

Now now we don't do it as alone. By the way, you, the listener will have a say in this matter, as well as democracy rules on this show. And yes, thirds vote. That's right. Tooth words. Vote will deem each song either a legit hit or a song gone wrong, and we take deep dives and to each song, you know, and basically kind of what we do is we talked about our memories of the songs. This is kind of how the it's, you know, show kind of shakes out. Basically, we talked about our memories of the Song, how that Song Compares to other songs on the the US billboard hot one hundred at that time, how it compares to other songs on that album it was released on, and then we break down the lyrics and kind of get into the song meaning a little bit before we give our judgment, as well as give the fan votes as well. Now, if you're looking on how to vote for these songs, right now it happens on twitter, so you can find us at songs gone, but eventually we'll have it up on our website.

We're still trying to work out some of the Kings here, but for now reach us on twitter at songs gone, and that's where we can. Will put the song out and then we'll say, Hey, do you think the song is a legit hit, do you think it's a song gone wrong? And that's where you can vote for it. And you know, that's pretty much what we what we do. So you know, if you guys like music and you love debating whether songs or hits or not, that I think this is the show for you and a conversation you're going to you know, one to get in on right. You know, drew, you failed to mention you're also a statman. You're coming with a lot of information on our humble little episodes here, while I seem to be more of the color commentary guy, but it's a role that I truly savor and enjoy. Oh Yeah, yeah, there the conversations are going to be fun and yeah, we do try to provide some information that maybe you maybe you might not have known about a particular song and we get into some of the details, like who wrote it. I'm you know, just you know, some tippets about that, any other weird little facts about the song. So that's that's what...

...we do here. We try to drop some knowledge and we try to make it fun for everybody. That's that's pretty much the whole point of this show and another thing to write you. I know everybody's busy. You know, a lot of things going on right now, and we try to what we try to do is keep our episode short. We try to keep them between twenty and thirty minutes. That's kind of our that's kind of our goal for every episode. Keep it short. And we also are going to be releasing two episodes a week, so that way you'll get two songs every week to to hear about. So that's kind of what we're it's what we're all about here. HMM. And the timeline of these songs. Don't forget, drew, we also deal in that delightful drug known as nostalgia. Yeah, well, we yeah, it's a little nostalge there, but we talked about songs from the S S, you know, early s up in until current so that's so songs basically from the last forty years. That's what we're talking about. That's that's our that's our wheelhouse right there, isn't? That's a big wheelhouse. Yeah, so, yeah, that's we're just two music buffs.

I know I have a little background in journalism. I used to write for a paper called the Baltimore Guide. I covered the orioles for a bit, but I also for there. They had a nightlife magazine, so I covered some of the music scene down there for a little bit for be more live, which was a fun little project to work on. So I have a little bit of a background as far as music and journalism goes. But you know, at my heart, my core, I am a music fan. I always have been and I always will be. I don't see that changing. Right on, drew, I've got to say my background, I spent most of the s in indie bands, kind of roaming through life in a haze, but at my core I am just a terrible, horrible, despicable human being. Well, Hey, you know what, that's all right. We accept all people here at songs going wrong and we appreciate all opinions and all views agreed. That's what we do. So yeah, so we hope you guys joined us. You know, wherever you get your podcast from, you know this show will be available via Itunes, spotify. Will have it...

...on Youtube, messenger pigeon. Yeah, MESSENGER pitch. Yeah, we'll do we're working on Morse code and working on smoke signals, CEB radio. Yeah, CEB radios. Actually, Oh yeah, all the truckers love us. Boy, I think we just dated ourselves there. But yeah, it's available wherever you get your pocket from, Stitcher, you know, you name. It will have the show available there for you. Will be we're hosting get on sounder. Those guys that sounder have been great as far as helping US get set up. So thank you everybody at sounder. And you know, if you guys you know could subscribe, that would be awesome. Tell your friends, tell your co workers, tell your mom, tell your dad, tell your brother, sister, neighbor, your enemies, tell everybody you know. Tell them to check us out and you know, if you could also leave us a five star review on Itunes, that would be awesome, because that's how he helped the show grow and that's how we get more listeners involved... this wonderful conversation about music. Now you can find our website. It's pretty easy. Songs gone wrongcom and that's where you can find you know, we'll have like a listing of all the songs that we've covered. Will have the kind of final verdict there and we'll have you know, every all the information about each episode there. You can find us on twitter at songs gone you can email us, sgw podcast at gmailcom. And, yeah, and quick little giveaway. We're doing at least the kind of get things started. If you, guys, subscribe and leave us a five star review, we will will let me know and then we will have a songs gone wrong sticker sent to your house. Nice, I think. Is Pretty. It's pretty all. That's that's pretty nice of us, actually, Dave, that's right, it is. It is really nice, because who doesn't love a sticker? I love them, me too. I slap on everything. I got like four or five of them on my face right now. Just the other day I was enjoying at Chiquida Banana. Couldn't help it. Pulled off the sticker slip. What are my face? My girls, Mike, my girls love those stickers, especially when you have the Disney ones. Well, now...

...they're going to love songs gone wrong stickers. They're going to sweep the nation. They already have their stickers. So can be bigger than the Beatles, baby, close it'll be. It'll be close to it. Okay, well, we'll revisit that. will put it in in that one and see how that all turns. Out, but that would be lovely. So, yeah, those five star reviews can help us become bigger than the Beatles. That's right. Well, that's really Cuz and we hope you, you know, subscribe. Hope you join our wonderful conversation and with music, and thanks everybody for listening to songs gone wrong.

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