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I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd


Drew and Dave talk about Color Me Badd's I Wanna Sex You Up. What the heck were people doing in the early 90s??  


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs going wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, the side of these hit songs. Got It right, or did those songs go wrong? I'm one of your host Zachman, and joining me, as always, is Dave Schultz. Dave, how are you doing, sir? Howdy Hoo, drew sky, I'm so happy to be here. How are you? Oh, I am wonderful. Now let me ask you this question, Dave. When you spell your name, Dave, is it da Vee or is it dd a Vee? Oh well, funny you should ask, because I actually do in fact spell my name in a traditional manner. HMM, should I change that? Should be working on well, that wouldn't be too bad. Well, get it soon. See what I did, drew, I do that was pretty I was pretty lame. Well, what else is a lame? That's true, but ye, come on now. But guys, if you haven't done so already, make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes and they come out, which in fact, is twice a week. And if you could all sleeve us a five star review, that would be deeply appreciated. And you can also follow us on twitter. And instagram at songs gone or drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom, or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom, and also have our own songs gone wrong playlist on spotify so I can keep up to date with the songs we discuss each episode. Now this episode, Dave. Now, a couple episodes ago actually, we discussed Temple of the dog and and you and I kind of debated on, you know, whether they should be considered a super group or not. But right, make no mistake, this episode we are talking about a massive super group and the song we're talking about is I want to sex you up by color me bad, and that's bad, with an extra d at the end for the ladies. Yeah, while you sure only for them, you don't think I was for everybody. It might have been. Actually, yeah, yeah, yeah, this, I mean this group had massive star power, right. You had George Michael, you had Rick James, Vanilla ice with a mustache, and Kenny G for all the MOMS out there. I mean these guys had it all. They hit every demographic every age group, you name it. But yosters on every wall, I mean color me bad Pez dispensers and every stocking at Christmas. It was something else, a phenomenon. Color me bad socks, color me bad crayons. Boy, that's a marketing opportunity right there. Yeah, I was particularly fond of their brand of IB profit it. HMM, that was pretty good. I much prefer that one over like Beyer. Yeah, totally, they it's like Flintstones righteament snow,... way, give me those color me bad, you know, pharmaceuticals. But the thing is we jest, we joke, we're kidding, because some people might be listening to this and think, wow, these guys really that was really the group. And No, drew is making a funny because of the way they look. Yeah, I mean, if you just pull up a picture of them, Holy Shit, they really do look like those guys. But called me bad is actually Brian Abrams, Mark Calderone, Sam waters and Kevin Thornton and the four guys. They met in high school in the mid S and Oklahoma City and we're in the school choir and they actually came up with the name color me bad after a horse that was at a racetrack. So that's how but they added the extra d. That was their addition. So yeah, yeah, hip yeah, but I want to sexually up. was off the album CMB and it was also on the new Jack City Soundtrack and it came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one and Elliott Straight's, Aka dor freeze and color me bad, wrote the song. Now here's an interesting note which I actually didn't know until researching for this episode. Straight wrote this song and actually pitched it to Bell Biv Devoe, Keith Sweat and Christopher Williams, but they all turned it down. And you know who didn't turn it down? Oh, oh, dry bed. Oh, yeah, yeah. So, Dave, what are some of your memories of this song? I was not into the style of music. I was not an RMB fan back in the heyday there. I was more into the rock music, into some grooves to make them a move, but I do recall this song being quite the popular little little ditty and also being on like a lot of compilation albums. So there was definitely a need for people to be sexed up, which, I mean was fairly explicit even for that day and age, wouldn't you think? Yeah, well, we'll talk about the songs on the chart and I feel like it was a a nationwide thing, I guess. Yeah, a lot of ear muffs. Everybody wanted to get sexed up. Yeah, yeah, when, I mean when this came out, I was ten or eleven and at that time I was into kind of whatever was on the radio, but I really, I really, and this song was on the radio and I kind of like that new Jack Swing sound right like they'll be of de Vaux boys to men, heavy Dan the boys, Tony, Tony Twenty. I like that stuff a lot. And then, like eventually, I would get into like heavier's music, but at the and I still like that music now. Now, Bell be of de vaux would kind of push the envelope a bit lyrically, which I find interesting that they turned this song down. Give them the lyrical content and maybe they're a little too cheesy for them. But they had songs like poison and do me and they were all over my mixtapes and I thought I was hot shit. Little little ten year old drew this giant as glasses was like, what's up, ladies, I know it's sex is like really, ten year old drew, you just learned how to use a vacuum cleaner and make peanut butter and Jelly, like three weeks ago. So right, calm the fuck down, dude.

But with that all being said, yeah, one one might think this song would have been on those same mixtapes, but it wasn't, and I don't know why back then, but I think even back then I was like these guys are just weird. So I was never really into this song. Okay, all right, I mean you didn't mention it was on the new Jack City Soundtrack, so we have to say a mama brother's keep up. Yes, I am, because I mean, good Lord, I watched that movies hoody freaking times. It was obscene. But you know, you're a dad, you mentioned this many a time, and you get daughters. Could you imagine, like a boy, given your daughter a mixtape? And you know, normally that'd be like an innocent, cute thing that we all did, you know, back in the day, to show our affection or a little goofball kind of love for somebody else. But it has songs with the lyrical content such as this or the titles like that on there. When she be like Hey, man, I'm I'm sure of that Kid's house with a shotgun. Yeah, I mean that mean if a kid did that, I'm like, Bro, you're you're done. I mean, first of all, that's fucking Lazy, you know, like you can't put a song like this on him mixtape. It's like, Oh, what does he want to do? He wants to sex me up. I still don't know what the fuck that means, but that's what he wants to do. And ends. You know, like if you're if you if you're trying to make the moves, you don't go with this basic stuff. You know, you got to. You gotta go with something a little bit deeper, you know, like you can't just come with this like that's so fucking basic and stupid, and their raim be like hey, so, yeah, perfect. That's definitely a parent phone call for sure. Goddamn pervert, you put color me bad with D's on the freaking mixtape. What's the matter with you? What kind of Childie you raising over there? Your son sucks, and you know what, you guys suck as parents. Keep your click, keep your piece of Shit Son Away from my daughter's that's what Lord. Oh, yes, this is too good with us. You're not extra, do not. Yes, I mean you know, if you're going to know. Yeah, you can't put color me bad on him mixtape. It doesn't matter who you're giving it to or you can, you can beget could give it to nobody. Keep it to yourself. I still wouldn't put them on there. I you know what I have. As a matter of fact, I don't have my phone in from you right now, but I have my it's like a ridiculously massive s playlist on spotify and I have you know, I'll talk about some things a little bit later in the episode, but I there is not one color me bad song on there. And I don't even know how many songs are on there, at least two hundred, and there's not one color me bad song on there. You See, you know what I was talking about earlier with my memories, how you would be sold these compilation CD's on TV. You know, the scrolling songs highlighted and yellow when they're playing the track. And Yeah, you hear like, I don't know, walk the dinosaur. The next thing would be I want to see you up and you like, what the hell, you serious, like this is music or whatever the hell those compilations were called back in the day and these are the hits or whatever the crap. I don't even know, but man, unbelievable. You know, I used... be amazed when in this this just shows how old I am when they started playing like rap music on McDonald's commercials and stuff, not because I wasn't hipped to it. Man, like whatever. They're trying to appeal to my generation and I get it, but I'll send about like my my great grandmother is something watching her soaps and next thing you know someone's beatboxing about a big Mac and she's probably like wow, well, there goes society. They are God's flush right that Goddamn toilet, you know? So you even imagine we're all worked? Yeah, exactly, you know what I mean. Like there's a next generation really doomed, and then the hit song at the time is she goes into a car whatever, turns on the radio and it's I want to sex you up. She were lucky she didn't have a massive coronary right there in there. She could even handle the freaking the bebopping and rocking on the BK commercials, for Christ's Sakes. Yeah, now, these guys. But yeah, so, and this is an interesting thing, right. So, so I want to sex you up has been streamed over sixty one million times and color me bad has over eight hundred and sixtyzero monthly listeners on spotify. So I feel like that's not a lot for a band that had a few hits in a s and they actually had ten songs hit the US billboard hot one hundred and three of those songs reached the top ten and two of them were number ones, all for love and yes, like, when you actually look at how the songs written, the the for is actually the number four when you say all for love, and the other number one was I adore Mia Moore, which fucking schlocky cheese. Anyway, I want to sex you up came up close. It peeked at number two back in June of one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, when little drew was only eleven years old and didn't know what sex you up even ments. I mean, I don't even think forty year old drew knows what that means yet, but right anyway. Anyway, the top five at that time was more than words by extreme at number one. I love the shit out of that song. To was I want to sex you up. Three was rush, rushed by Paul Abdul, for was I don't want to cry by Mariah carry, and five was love is a wonderful thing. So you're kind of talking a little bit before days. So that's top five. Like all the songs are about love and sex. Okay. and number seventeen on the chart that week was playground, by another bad creation, and I really want us to talk about that song at some point in time, Dave. So I'd okay, not right now, not run right now, but just say yeah, I will. Can Talk about that song another episode. Yes, yes, okay, but in general the early S, like there's a lot of sex talk going on, man, you know, like, so here are some songs on the top one hundred that week. Right. There was I want to sex you up. There's a song called touch me all night long by Cathy Dennis. I touch myself by the DIVINYLS. People are still having sex by latoor. You can't play with my yo Yo, by Yo yo featuring ice cube. So I'm assuming the song is either about sex or an actual yo yo. Maybe, like they have like a dunk in Yo Yo, like a limited edition. They're like that you can't play with this. Kisses in a night... Brandon and my body says yes, by Toto, and then and then also right at number thirty three was my was place in this world by Christian singer Michael W Smith. That which kind of even things out. So okay, sure, I would just wanted to bring that up. Oh, and then also a number twenty six was we want the funk by Girardo, and we definitely need to do it. Girardo Song on here. Holy should no, no, Oh, you used up your yeses and now you get a bies Rico. Noave an, give a crap. But yeah, I mean right there, there's like a handful of songs that are moderately explicit, I would say. So people were back man, like nineteen nine, d nine, hundred ninety one, man, and people were banking left and right, apparently. Well, yeah, I don't know the days off the top of my head. I'm thinking like salt and pepper, push it to live crew me so horny. Yeah, I mean you're right, there's something going on there. I think it was one of those you know, hey, it's one of those generational things where it's like you to let loose man in the you can express yourself, and that was one outrageous way to do it, because you knew it would inflame and in rage a large part of the populace. Yeah, that must have been weird to be an adult then. Man, I was, you know, like I said, I was like ten or eleven at the time. But, Katy, I don't know if I don't know how I would handle being like a thirty year old back in one thousand nine hundred and ninety. I don't know. No, like that's or like or like a maybe like in my s and like in the dating scene. You know that that would have been interesting, I think. Well, you know, you'd be watching love connection with woolry. I leave me. At least they handled runs music, you know, coming out around that time. And then I'm like yeah, yeah, totally, yeah, but I don't know, I thought I was weird. You're like, Hey, I don't know how to handle like being me now. Then that'd be so weird. It's like now you'd still be you. I guess I don't know. Just yeah, I think we bring this up quite a bit, but you know, as parents, that really that's the big one, right, that's the thing that changes the entire equation, if you will, because you are really sensitive to what your young uns will hear and how that could in fact affect them? Correct? No, absolutely, and you know, and it's funny because like, well, like, I try to get my kids on like s music. So they they my one daughter loves the CRANBERRIES, which is great. They like that Song Send Me On my way by rusted root. They like the proclaimers, you know, five hundred miles, so they there. They like some songs from Nice. I'm trying to get them into some more stuff, but like this is like not a song. Gonna have noice. You should have an ex have an experiment. Have one daughter listened to the tunes that you think are righteous and wholesome, and have the other ones, the other daughter, just listened to smut and to see how they know. Yeah, no, not, see what happens. You know, who knows? It might be one of those funny like role reversal things, like the daughter who really likes the yeah, the you know, whatever songs we just bring up, like the replacements or something you were saying, or proclaimers, proclaimers, that you go. Thank you very much. Like she is up killing like a bunch of people. Maybe that was elongated pause.

I mean, I'm thinking about like I'm a really well, she could become a serial killer? I don't know what she shown some tendencies, you know, no, but you know what I'm saying, though, like we haven't spent a lot of time with them. Damn it, parents, I believe you listen. I'm just saying this for, you know, hypothetical speaking. Oh yeah, yeah, but the thing is, it's like, yeah, do we have, like, any evidence of someone who like grew up and became a nut job because they listen to you know, calling me bad or, you know, a deviant? Well, I think, I think they became nut jobs. Okay, all right, there, you are right. We'll get there in a minute. But how does the song compared to other songs on the album? This album's ass. I mean I it's almost as bad as Brantley Gilbert's still not that bad. It's just bad and it's horrible. Cheese. Right. There's a song and there called heartbreaker. That is horrible. There's a song called you'red one, one I love, and it's spelled dub one like da Oh, any and then one to love is one and a love like like what are you? Like, what the fuck are you doing this album? I don't I don't know. Now what's interesting, right this album right there are songs like I want to sex you up all for love. I adore me a more calling me bad. Your do one very kind of like sex and love heavy here. But their follow up album, the opening track is someone reading ecclesiasts eleven as their intro the time and chance, like I, and there's a song called time and chance that so it leads into that song time and chance, and I listened to that song to on that there follow up album. I completely forgot about that, that song. But then they have like other songs on there called close to heaven, and then they close the album out with God is love and let love role. I don't know what the fuck happens to these guys and I don't know what they're doing. I don't know if they know what they're doing, but that's death's what kind of happened to calling me bad. It's just really weird. Like one album you're like I want to sex you up, in the next album you're like God is love. I don't know what I honestly don't know what happens. They had the pretty big one hundred and eighty there, like what are we doing here? We're turning kids and horny maniacs and they're all illiterate. So let's rectify that with our follow up album. Guys, listen, America has gone this shit all because of your album. So what we need to do is fix that with your follow up album. So let's talk about God and let's what'll just we'll fix it that way. Yeah, but see, they were hardcore. They would not drop that extra d. If they drop the Extra D, You knew they meant business about changing that image. But they were like no, are at our core and our center. Want the Extra d where that we're extra bad. It's they are so bad technically. That right. Oh yeah, I could suck. But now let's get into the lyrics here. Oh boy, it's like the beginning of the song, right, kind of. It kind of reminds me of that baby it's cold outside, right, kind of get that vibe to it. Right, come inside, take off your coat, I'll make you feel at home. It kind of reminds me of that that Christmas tune, which...

...also gives me that kind of like rapey vibe. But these lyrics, man, like what the actual shit? All right, so let's dig into somebody's here. So he says, Girl, you make me feel real good. We can do it till we both wake up, like how does that make any look a sense, like is this a dream? was called me bad, like an inception here. No, like what do mean do it to? We both wake up, like where you sleeping? To begin with? Ruth agree that bad, and you just fell asleep, like well, what are you doing? And then the chorus, like listen to these lyrics. Right, I want to sex you up all night. You make me feel real good. I want to rub you down. I want to sex you up now. First of all, saying them just like, saying them like spoken lyricwise, is really weird. But have you ever use that line on a girl? There's twenty five year old Dave Right, he's out at a bar, probably watching your socks, and then out of the corner of your eye you spot this girl that just draws you in. Like now you're like, Holo, crap, those girls beautiful. Let me go over and talk to her. So I'm guessing your in Boston. So obviously you grab her and Nice Sam Adams Brick Red Ale, because they only make those in Boston and they are delicious, and you had over to talk to her and you walk up to her and say hey, my name is Dave and I want to sex you up. Like you ever use a line like that? No, well, listen, you get everything all that. I'll backwards and twisted anyway, because I oh, you were be busy watching Yankees game. I keep forgetting you love the Yankees. No, no, get the fuck out of here. No, but what I'm trying to say to you is, like I would not have been drinking like Sam Adams, despite my location in the world. I probably would offer the girl a cup of gasoline because I would have already been, you know, trashed wasted. So you know what the thing is is no rational person would ever say something like that. You're right, but I mean I wouldn't have put it past me. Where we talking about twenty five year old Dave. I never, I never use I mean even dipshit, twenty five year old drew, and boy he was dumb. I don't even think I ever used like that. Like probably, like if I was like that inebriated and I tried to go up to talk to somebody, I would just be like hey, like I thought that probably be about are. Maybe I'd be like well, true, sure, give me you know, give me your ddrew with the Extra d, like your best pickup line of all time. What is it? Can you remember it? Do you know what it was to any you know memory of it? I never, I never used pick up blinds like I would, like my friends. I would joke about it, I never actually use them, like ever, like not, not, like, not in actual, like an actual scenario. I never went out to someone and been like, oh, are your legs must be tired, because you were running through my dreams all night, like I never you gover pull that shit. You know, you could just said that. You didn't have to give me the whole like yeah, I never used him. You knew them. I mean you could just told me your favorite. Oh, yeah, I know, I never hurt nobody. I thought you're asking, like if I ever like actually used one. Yeah, well, you should have. Well, yeah, maybe. Okay,...

...back for the lyrics. Let's talk more about the lyrics here. Right. So, even if you're in an even if you're in there an existing relationship, like you know this girl or boy or guy grow whatever, you know, even then, like you would never say to that person, I'm going to rub you down and sex you up. And there's like a hundred other ways to say I would greatly enjoy engaging in some sexual congress with you. That are better than saying I want to sex you up, like it's just it's dumb. And then we get to the second verse and and Wow, like we're getting to like serial killer level shit right here, right then he says, let me take off all your clothes disconnect the phone so nobody knows. First off, if I take off all your clothes and disconnect the phone, you can't run away because you're naked, so you're stuck. To call the cosconnected exactly the disconnect the phones. Let me knows, you can't call the cops. Also, why would anyone care that you're having sex that person, unless you shouldn't be having sex that person? I thought, like that's a giant red flag there, like why are you disconnecting the phone? Like what's going to happen next? Like why who cares? Leave the leave the phone plugs in. If somebody calls, just don't answer it. It's not that you have a fucking deal. You love. They know. He's like kick it up. Yeah, he's like now I'm going to disconnect the phone. So essentially, you can't call the cops, or maybe somebody can't like check in on you and tell you to not be there because I'm probably going to like skin you alive. And then he says, Let me light a candle so we can make it better, making love until we drown. I think you were talking about this before and spoiler alert, you're not making get out of that house alive. Like sounds like he's going to make a like a doll out of your hair and then probably drown you. Well, that's the Bibe I get. Yeah, suspect as his because I mean really, I don't understand. Like what are they going to drown in? It's kind of disgusting. Sweat, I guess I maybe he will, which is weird, because he it sounds like he's sweats a lot, which is weird. Yeah, making it down till we drown. It's like, what the fuck, I don't know, man like are they're gonna do it in the bathtub or like the shower and then like actually drowned, which is not optimal. It doesn't make that doesn't make the sex better. Yeah, that's just weird. I don't know that. I don't know. That's that part is probably creep me out more than the whole phone thing. You know, I want to make a love to you until we drown. Yeah, it is weird, you know. And at the end of the song he says, open up your heart and I'll set you free. Your let's be honest, are you're probably going to wake up in a bathtub full of vice with an organ missing, and that's if you wake up at all. And I would bet would be that curly haired Kenny g looking motherfucker standing over you with a knife and a smile on his face. Right, that's the one who's doing it in that group. I'm pretty sure he's like, Oh, yes, I can't believe we're just basically insinuated that color me bad was selling organs in the black market, but I I can believe it. They only have made hundred thousand listeners on spotify. Man, they need the money, apparently. Yeah, yeah, there you go. Right. Yeah, so, anybody get twenty five bucks for a liver? Yeah, these guys are these lyrics.

I don't there. It's weird. It's fucking weird. Well, they're not, you know, well written. That's the things with this is this is not a welcomewnt in song by any means, you know. I mean we're talking musically, lyrically anything. It's not well put together. So it's kind of amazing that it had the success that it did in fact have, and I wonder if it was just part of the whole riding the way that we talked about earlier, like it was just the content that was, you know, hip to be square then, and people like hey, man, you know, they're they're speaking our language, even though we don't know what the hell they're talking and they may in fact murder us. Yeah, I guess sex cells, and so so do organs. Yeah, why do you think I'm so popular? Specially, especially kidneys? I'm sexy and I'm chuck full of organs. People love you. Go, there, you go now. The baseline from the song was actually sampled from Betty Rights. Tonight is the night which actually chronicles a young woman's very first intimate encounter, which is interesting because this song probably is describing your very last sexual and counter because you're probably not going to wake up after a night with one of these guys from the band's last timent on earth. Yeah, makes yeah, makes they came full circle. Yeah, that they did. Yeah, all right, Dave, anything that's going to talk about when to dig into the final verdict here. Well, I do have to not use my before we before even to segue into something else. So that's not a good sign. That really is is yeah, we kind of get the foreshadowing where you're going with this. As far as me and my final verdict, I bring up quite frequently, does anything that we talked about last the test of time? Now, we did mention that this was kind of pigeon holed to a certain era where again we can see it being popular. But yet I wonder why, because musically, if you listen to this, I wouldn't even imagine that this would get any downloads off soundcloud. Now you know what I mean. Like if some somebody was releasing this to the same quality, the same level of craftsmanship that this hit its heights at the precipice of their success, people now would go this is the crappiest thing that could ever be produced in the history of music. The singing is terrible, the lyrics are terrible, everything about it is God awful. The Band is terrible, they look terrible. I mean, do I need to go on calling me bad? As a whole should be thrown into a dumpster, maybe, then into a nuclear reactor, and then I don't even know what happens after that, just completely eradicated from existence because it's so freaking and I don't want to say it because I don't want to put on the double d. it's just so let me look for another word. Is Terrible, horrible. This is a song gone wrong to the highest possible or that. Yeah, it's anyway. Yeah, but if anyone listening...

...right knows me, they know I do enjoy my s music and I do enjoy some s cheese. Right, I like Marky mark in the funky bunch, I like Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer hell, I even like creed, and I'm good with those bands. But color me bad. I mean they we said up before. They spell bad with T D's. I don't know why. And these guys over the past few years, I've made headlines because they have like a major blob on TV and I think they have like a fight on stage, like with each other at a show, I mean, and just looking at them now, man, these guys need some serious help, I think. But this song, I just can't get into it. I couldn't get into it thirty years ago, which I feel old saying that, but I couldn't get into it then and I can't get into it now. But I found my phone and my s playlist. It's almost eighteen hours long and there is not one color me bad song on there. And they had, you know, they had to number ones. They had that number two song, which is this one. I I don't even want to put it on my s playlist. It's just it's terrible. I would rather listen to right set fred and, like I said, and yeah, well, yes, and like I said, I like s cheese, but this is some stale lass cheese here and I will not touch it at all. Like I want to sex you up. I called me bad with the extra damd at the end. It's a song gone wrong and I hope these guys can get their shit together, but in the meantime all I'm going to say is holy fucking Yikes, like the song is just it's garbage. It's just fucking garbage. Well, sorry. Can you imagine if humanity is ever wiped out and aliens come to our planet and the only thing left that they can find and salvage, like the Cock Roach, is a copy of I want to sex you up. They will look at our civilization and go they deserve all the annihilation that they got, every square inch of it. They deserved to be wiped out. Who could listen to this crap? But yeah, we're down. We're negative millies here, right, we just trash in this stuff. But I mean, realistically, we're not alone. There's there's another fraction of fans out there who neither voices heard. So what do you say? We turn to them and see what they think about I want to sex you up. Let's hear those voices. All right, the fans have spoken and Dave Hmm Yauza, Yauza, as all I'm going to say. This was a very close vote. Wow, I was I was surprised. I was surprised that was this close. But fifty one point four percent said Song gone wrong, so we got it right. Yeah, but that's I know. We got it right a boy, that was a nailbiter and we we had a ton of votes on this one too. So it was fifty one point four percent to forty eight point six percent. And we're hitting some good debatable...

...songs there. We just had a tie with the song from titanic which also had a lot of votes, but that was like a dead even split. So interesting, I'm sure be interesting. I can't get over there. That's yeah, I was just talking about like aliens, being disgusted with our, you know, the human race, for even allowing this to exist, and now I'm kind of, I don't know, upset with twitter sing's humanity. Yeah, well, yeah, totally, but we did get some feedback, so let's let's dig it to that. So Mike L at my load one thousand ninehundred and ninety two, said awful by that Super Suck Group with George, Michael, Kenny, G and Snow I could see the snow Irish Keith at his Meself, you know, said how the fuck can you even ask this question? This song was shite, their fashion was terrible, their hair cuts were godawful. They're fucking eyebrows freaked me out. Psalm gone morally wrongk. So, yes, Keith he is. I Love I love his I love his reviews of songs are great. But yeah, he eyebrows too. Yeah, that's a kicker. Like it's like, man, your song sucks in, your eyebrows pieces crap. Well, you know what you know, I feel like everything on them is fair game because, like I said, you're going to wind up in a bathtub full of vice the next day if you hang out with them. So HMM, every there. Everything is fair game with those guys. But here we have a comment from pail fire at Left Coast Two thousand and twenty one. They said it's a classic. So we're getting we're getting both sides here. Laura Bennett at me, second to none, said, as Sir Charles would say. Turbol Adrian at Curl and Rondo said I saw them two times opening for Paula AB duel. It's a terrible song. I don't know if it's a hit because it's just so bad now, like I get embarrassed when it's on and that I know every word. It's not a fun listen. I mean there's not there's not that many words in there. So it's also I got so much air played back in a day. Kind of got those lyrics. Probably got drilled in your brain. But then we have Latanya's not a cat at crafty scribbles said that songs good, okay, and then focus del x at the final days said I like that song back in the day, until I realized it was being used to learn teens into losing their virginity by any means necessary. Wow. So, yeah, you know, it's funny because we kept alluding to losing your liver, but we kept forgetting about yeah, I guess that would have been the thing. Like, you know, is tonight, tonight's Prom night, whatever. You know, it's going to get Frisky, it's gonna get hot and heavy. So what am I blaring from the Boon box? Oh, I might sex you, x you up, you know, let's do this and you. I guess they're right. Probably was a trick, a devious trick at that. To think, I don't know, that's something. You know, the psyche of human beings is something I'll never understand, but I wish I could pull people from then and just say, like, this song do it for you to is this put you in the mood? Because the...

...people who say yes, I would seriously question how balanced they are. They were yeah, you know, but if this song gets you're riled up, then I can only imagine what would happen to them. Of like a real song, they listen to like a real song and they might like spontaneously combust. Yeah, totally, if they listen to actual, real music. Oh, it's not small, it's crazy. Making love until we drown. Hey, when it come over my house and make love to we drown? No, because I don't want to fucking drown. How about that? Does not sound good at all. And do it one I owe wake up. Well, I'm already sleeping, so I'm going to fucking stay in my bed and wake up with my all my organs intact. Yeah, crazy motherfuckers. MMM, you get that right. Oh boy, this song, what a hunker crap. It's weird and I feel like who who made that comment was at Adrian. Yeah, Adrian, she was the one who just said it. It's like she gets embarrassed. I feel like that's how it is. Like if that song came on the radio, like, especially in front of the get kids, I'd be like Oh, like, I would turn out off immediately. I would rather them listen to like some heavy metal stuff, you know, even if there's like cursing in it, over this. This is just horrible, like this is just it's ass. Hey, kids, here's some dead skin mask from slayer. I prefer you check this out over color me bad. I want to sex you up every you know, every now and then I play some parkway drive for them, just to it's just to get a reaction out of them. Like not the screaming music again, dead, but I use you turn it off after like fifteen seconds. Yeah, like, why not? I have to listen to the frozen soundtrack for the last next seven fucking years. I want to play, I'll play parkway drive, unleash the screaming in my brain and I kids. Can I come on now, but dad express himself through music, through others talents. Please Fin I'll go b back outside and shovel again. Yeah, that, yeah, that be it, man. I'm telling you, holy Mac and Knowlie I. You know, I need a palette cleanser for this. Like, I have fun. We do our shows, the great we get to talk about tunes. I have a blast, man, but like this song in particular, I feel like this acid or something in the back of my throat. I need, I need to get clean it out, you know, like this is just unbelievable. What will pick a good song for next? And but we did have a good run at the beginning of the air right. We had some mouse and chains, you had temple the dog. So we had some good songs at the beginning of the year. HMM, this one is just. Did you pick this one or did a fan pick this one? So I picked this one a bit ago and I think snobby girl seventeen also might have suggested it, but I think we're we're going to do it anyway. Well, snobbys a cool cat. So what are you doing to me? Why did you want to punish me so on this very day? I don't get it. So I maybe I did something wrong. It could be Karma. I don't know. What goes around comes around. I did...

...something bad back in the s and now I have to relive this. I don't know, but this is this was torture, man. So I'm glad we're done with it. I mean, it's just I need to like Gargole. We even listening to the AD. The album was I was like this album just it sucks. HMM, like I said, and I like that new jack kind of like sounds, you know, like from some other bands, like, you know, boys to man or bubby devote whatever. But yeah, this was just it was just I'd almost felt like like forced in a way. Bell was just like big devot. Fuck. Yeah, man, yeah, bbd, I devot know those once the great kids in the hall. skit involved bell be of DEVO. So if you don't like his in the hall, you know less what I need right now. He's some good comedy. So we're going to end this show and I'm going to go watch some kids in the hall and just totally laugh my keyster off and feel good about life once again, because I need it. So yeah, fair enough, all right, I think else save. Thank you to the listeners for tuning in and hearing this rumble, grumble and bumble all over. Color me bads. I want to sex you up because you know, I know it's tough. It's tough out there. Sometimes, when we get it, we get to analyze these songs and they may not be the best hits there were ever produced in the history of Musac but you know what, we do it because we're troopers. We love you and appreciate you. So, yet again, you're the best. Keep Tuning in and tell your friends that's right, tyr friends, and then have your friends tell their friends. So, Yep, that would be great, but YEP, until next time. Thanks again everybody for listening to songs gone wrong. And if you're making love, please do not drown.

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