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Kiss From a Rose by Seal


Drew is joined by the co-hosts from the Film Alchemist Podcast to discuss a legendary 90s soundtrack song, Kiss From a Rose by Seal off the Batman Forever soundtrack. To say they discuss alot is an understatement, so just listen and they will fill you in as they go.

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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got it right, or did those songs go wrong? One of your host, drew Zachman, and joining me this episode. I'm actually only thirty three percent of the hosts. Today we have special guests from the film alchemists podcast. Are Good Friends Dandino and Griffy. How are you guys doing today? Fantastic, glad to be here. I'm great. I'm ready to just like talk about this all time Banger. That's what I'm ready for. Oh Yeah, me too. But before we before we dig in, guys, why don't you tell our lovely listeners about your show, in case they don't know already what it is? Graft, do the intro? Are you okay? So, no, so, yeah, we run a film podcast where we do a monthly curations. Right this month we were doing news resolution movie, so we'd watch something like thinner wreck, went for a dream and we, you know, discuss what make those movies awesome. Kind of a love letter to movies, the way you guys do love letters to sons. Yeah, man, so, film alchemist, you can find us anywhere. You find pods are on Youtube film alchemist as well. Yeah, I highly recommend it. And now not every song that we talked about here is a love letter. For example, just listen to our Brantley Gilbert episode. But otherwise I actually had a massive beef you guys talking Shit about crash. Knew. I knew this is gonna come out. I was scrolling through and I was like, let me find an episode to get, you know, ready for this, and when I heard you guys talking I love the dummies, I was like this might we might have to cancel this in I forget what Dave's but that episode, I I I said crush as dummies was a legit hit. I like that. Actually. Yeah, I'm actually your friend here to defend himselves. Yeah, that that album actually surprised me because I don't think I gave it a proper listen to back in a day. Or maybe if I did, it was maybe like a one and done and then I just kind of moved on to other things. Is By then I was getting into heavier stuff. So but when I listened to it for that show, I was like, you know, I kind of like it. It's pretty good. So they any other band that could have made that work. Also, of the one million views they get a month on spotify, think you said, I'm probably like two Hundredzero of those. I'm very invested in this. You get a cut from that? Yeah, right, here's the there's big in the some td boards. You know, he's a big messenger. But before we dig into this particular song that we're going to talk about today, now, guys, if you haven't done so already, make sure he hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes when they come out, which in fact, is twice a week, and if you could also leave us a five star review, that would be awesome, and if you do, let us know and then we will have some songs going wrong stickers sent your way. And you can also follow us on twitter, instagram at songs gone drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom, and we also have our own songs gone wrong playlist on spotify so you can keep up the date with the songs we discuss each episode. Now, gentlemen, this episode. Why? Why did you guys pick this particular song? And actually, I will let you do the introduction to what Song Are we talking about? I think we're talking about the man, I don't know, the sexual awakening of every young man in the s just from a rose by seal.

Yeah, so our you know, I think there are older generations. They had things like led Zeppelin, our parents like this. For us was when you know, yeah, you're awakening occur right. But so alex and I actually met. We used to work together and we went to college together, but we really bonded over our love of comic books, Batman in particular being the biggest one. And Batman forever came, I think, in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, right, and that was the I was eleven years old. So you're just on that peak of okay, something's happening with my body, I don't know. And when I when this song came out, and it's one of those things I think people forgetting out. It's easy to make fun of that film. To me I was like, well, that's the, you know, third greatest film of all time, behind big trouble and little China and monster squad like. This is number three, obviously, and when that video came out it just struck me, and especially now at an older age like, Oh, that's the movie that's about everyone wanting to fuck Batman. Yes, and when I heard Cel kiss from arose, I was like, Oh my God, this is the song that Batman fucks to. Yeah, and so, as a young boy, I became obsessed with this song, playing it all the time, doing the the open shirt, singing in my my batement with my comic book spread out. There's just I think there's just a magic and a real weirdness, like a real dark, brooding weirdness to the lyrics of this song. That, I mean it just captivates me to this day. Yeah, I saw this movie seven times in the theater. I saw Batman for it was the summer. I was allowed to go to the like my parents are just drop you off at the movie theater and I can just do whatever I wanted. So I this was the movie I picked every time I went to the theater. And I mean it had like a three and this was like in the S, so like movies had like three month runs. So I just spent the summer going in the movies and watching Batman forever. And I think this just the single. And then the the space jam soundtrack like two years later, were the first two CDs I ever bought with like any money I ever earned for anything nice. But yeah, it's the Nick Griffey's right, it's the nail on the head. Like it's the song you heard. You're like, Oh my God, like two girls, can you get laid to this? Is that a thing? Like can you touch boobs to this song? It's possible? Spoiler alert, it wasn't. It was not possible. Without my friends remains and just like taking on this crazy life of its own. Man Like. I didn't know. I was like looking up the lyrics and like realist in the song anything. I didn't know Joel Schumacher directed the music video for it. I'm like, well, that's well, I mean he essentially just felt and see all with the shirt off by bad bad thing. Yeah, I have this like leftover bad singles. You just take your shirt off real quick and, you know, open it and then we'll do the video. Yeah, but that works, though. It really does. If you, I mean if you're if I was directing a seal video, id be like go stand by a light or by something and just take your shirt off, put your arms out like Vin diesel style, and then, yeah, I just think the words. Absolutely. Absolutely, I mean that that it's such a weird God. I'm trying. I'm trying to do this song justice because the amount I love this like, let me put it into context. This song almost ended my marriage before it started, because one night me and my wife are about to have a wrestling session, right, and I was like, Oh yeah, you know, I'm lighting my vary assented candle. I have a whole routine I go through and it you know, I was my turn to pick the songs. Right, it's hot, pick kiss from the road, and my wife's just like stop, hold on, that's what's wrong. And she's like this song gives me the creeps. And if it's a what Fark that? She's like, yeah, it's creepy, I hate it. It's like what, you know, I was like, you're ruining my time. So for like a week I was like I didn't even want to see my wife, like I was like I think this is over, right, this is right before we got engaged, and it's like how have we made it this long? And I never tried to put the moves on you to seal... I mean, that's how much this song meant, because I think of this is because the real sexual awakening for guys our age was Jessica Rabbit, I think. I think it's one of those you know, like its aussile records. They can be like, oh, that's where the asteroid hit, like in men our age, if they dissected us, like that's the Jessica Rabbit Line, right. Yeah, but this movie spoke so much more to where I was right that the Little Comic Book Guy, you know, I wasn't necessarily cleaning up, as it were, and at this is the movie where, you know, they brought in Nicole Kidman, and Nicole Kidman was the Real Life Jessica Rabbit to me in this movie, totally, when they look gratuitous amount of shots of her feeling at Batman's rubber body, like a lot. Yeah, the zoom in on Batman's ass is he's pretty as and as a young boy you're not processing this. Weird is being hit with this deluge of sex. Yeah, and it's funny to if you watch the movie seal doesn't that Song doesn't appear in there. It's not the first credit track. No, but I remember that about the movie more than anything else. Is that trap right, because this was back when we used to get together and just hang out and watch phone and MTV for four hours at a time. Actually, YEP, the video. So that had its own you're like, oh my God, not only is it a music video, but now I get to see Batman stuff. So it was this this odd mixture in time in my life where it was so vastly I mean, if you're doing a top five songs that matter to you, this has to be online for sure. So it sounds like it. I mean it's just too it's it's an incredible it's an incredible song because, like the lyrics are so weird, like the the the song has nothing to do with like if the song had it's the lyrics, an inserted the word Batman into the lyrics, like I Nah, don't work for me. Now it's a terrible Batman Song, but because it has nothing to do with but it's still like this weird sort of like gothic winter tail. Almost will dig into the lyrics. Don't you worry about that. It is like it is just it is the Batman Song, like that's like it's like it's like it's like Dan elphins, Batman score kiss from a rose. Those are the Batman songs. That's it, you know, right. And watching this movie you're like, if you were to pick, who would be the soundtrack song, you have to pick something like to pesch mode or like some man that like had like a nipple clampus. Right, think their fifth instrumental was. I was thinking, I was thinking prodigy. I was watching a lot of Dat. I mean this song was a firestarter, no doubt about it. See, I think for me I might be I'm a couple years older than I think from you guys. So for me, when I was eleven, I think the song that kind of made made it a little, made it a little tingly, was the Brian Adams Song everything I do, I do for you from the Robin Hood print of thieves soundtrack. Now was good. Yeah, Oh, was like. Oh, and then same thing, right, because that song, you know, was I don't think that's song, if I'm not mistaken, was even in the movie as well. It was at the end. But you know, like same thing. You'd watch MTV and there's the video and you're basically getting a mini trailer, like a five minute trailer, or the Robin Hood Movie Kevin Costner, and it was pretty fantastic. But I will also say this. Jessica rabbit not bad. I know who my first kind of, I guess, animated crush was was scarlet from Gigel. I don't know why. That is awesome. She had the red hair too, like Jessica Rabbit, but she was out there kicking ass like that's hot. They had some kind of marketing firm. WHO had daddecks. It was her and April O'Neil was a red hell just right her. Really were feeding into us, for sure, kimberally from the power rangers, and then it landed on for me like a landed on chase for idiot. You're like, Oh my God, and she's a doctor. You're like yes, well, also that. She just runs to the roof and she's like I'm a call Batman here now, Ye, how about you fucking booty with the bat signal and no one's around... say like Hey, what's up, what are you doing? And not cool. She's on the roof in essentially lodger reels. Right, what's up? I know you like strong women. It is an eleven year older like well, I do now to about and then they just have bumbling ass. Commissioner, Gordon come out and as Jamm he's like we're happ we don't need you here. You're interrupting what's about to happen. It's at that commission it committed. Commissioner Cock block shows up and it's like, Dude's about to happen. Yeah, I just like Commissioner Gordon Da that should have been that should have been the storyline they did for the music video, because I agree with you that the lost art of the music video. That was the kind of stealth trailer for the movie. Oh Yeah, you might watch the trailer once or twice, but you watch those music videos fifty times in a month, right. Oh yeah, it's because it also would be on like non stop to absolutely so she's in grain. So Joel Schumacher and crafted the story where like Chase Meridians up there flipping the switches and Batman comes up zip and he's whipping out the bat away and then all of a sudden commissioner comes out. He's like, Oh my God, it's like and re seal just busted baby. Oh Man, that would be off. Yeah, that was like that is like that magical time in the s when those like covert trailers, because I love of the songs from some movie soundtracks, specifically because the videos you got to see parts of the movie, like I mean like the like the apex of it, of course, is like the phantom menace one where it's literally just the movie, but this was like you get to just see clips and clips and clips, and that was always my even the our Kelly Gotham city from Batman and Robin and then the bone thugs and harmony one to my other's clothes from Baman and Robin in this fo auction. Bone bugs. Yeah, for sure. Well, you know the one, I think, the one that kind of drowned in a Baptub and was the last high mark of this art form was aerosmith when they did the armagawn. Oh Yeah, and that one you're just like at the end you're like, I didn't even like Armageddon that much, like, but now I look back at that is like, oh, that was a piece of our civilization. It's died. They're going to dig it up and be like where's the rest of it? Like this was so good. What happened after with this, a literal Armageddon? Was the movie a documentary? Guy, that was that was definitely like peak marketing, you know, my God. Well, because that one hit and pandem with Googo dolls, IRA, Oh my God, iron. It's like now they're doing this for like our mom and dad's movies, and I think it kind of brought the art form down. Well, yeah, and with arm again, right, with that Aerosmith Song, like after you, and it's it was a fine song, but man, that was overplay, like it was out a point where like you watch a video or like maybe that maybe the asteroid wins this time. Yeah, you're like, because the girl Bruce will. Yeah, it's still overplayed. Oh, yeah, and all the other one for me that I remember was it was was a coolie. Oh, gangs as paradise, so they would my God, yes, but never okay, when the actors used to show up in the music videos. That was there. That was to me. That was the gangsters paradise thing. Well, she was in the music video. Well, this was the other because Batman did it so well. Right, I was just a hair young, but I think it was the beginning, right, because that had Michelle Phi for his catwoman. Right, and it's the dangerous minds. Yeah, but I'll the that was the first album. I told my mom has like I need this album for Christmas. Right, Coulio's gangs has paradise, yea. To this day I could listen to that Song Fifty Times on repeat. It's such a vibe. Right. But my mom went to the store and she's like, Oh my God, explicit ratings. So she came back with the Jack Jams One soundtracks. That was my first album. I got tracks. Yeah, that makes sense, dam one, instead of gangsters, paradise and as like well, I guess this is a pretty good, you know, road find to wear my social life. Sweet clot, sad the JAS. Yeah, jock call one thing. Yeah, legit. No,...

...that's and it ended up being funs you're just out there shooting hoops like you know, Oh yeah, this is pretty cool. Al Right, I don't want my friends to drive by and see me, but like, yeah, I'm enjoying myself. But but I think even things like the you know, I don't want to miss a thing, or whatever it's fucking called, and Iris and those they were so bad and in that era had such a a saturation now, because I feel like now we absorb our music on our own, right, we're our own curators. Yeah, it's much radio and TV. So nothing's force fed to us. We find what we find and we have it as much as we want her as little as we want. But back then, I think now we've gotten to the point where, or at least I have personally. I go back and I look at those songs and it is this nostalgiabomb Oh to. Actually, they may should circle now, like even you see it with things like backstreet boys. I was so anti. It's like I'm a little Middle Guy, but now I have a backstreet Boye Song comes on, you're like, Oh hell, yes, I'm in those are vibes, new kids on the block. I'm like, Oh, fuck yeah, hanging tough, and then I'm like wait, I just say that out loud. It happened. Never be ashamed of better be a stay to that. Yeah, you, you raise the you raise a good point. You know, where before music was pretty much, you know, like fed to us right like, whether it was MTV or just like conscert radio played now and I think one of the complaints that US old folks have is that there's no new, good music out now. And maybe, but you, I think it's there into your what you're saying. Before, now we just have to dig for it. Yeah, you have to dig for the music. That's going to get you now, and I'll tell you what that's. That's the service that we hear at songs going wrong provide. You know, we talked about songs and we we dig into the rest of the album, you know. So, you know, with the crash just dummies, for example. You know, people know their one hit song, right, but then when you dig into the rest of the album, it's like you guys got to listen to it. So I think, I think you know it's got to do a little digging, that's all. Yeah, and this the songs that come out and just overwhelm US nowadays, like this year was whap, right or why? And I was like that song is a straight banger. Right, I'm not old enough now that I'm cremudgety and mad, but I feel like those songs now that come out and take over the the attention of all of us, are very rare and they're usually for things that aren't based in the song, right. But yeah, there is something that, you know, people of our age we remember when a certain song or album dropped because every single fucking person at the same time was getting overwhelmed by one thing, right, whether it was smells like Teen Spirit or when Green Day dropped American idiot, and that was just like every song was a number one for like two and a half years in a row. You know, it's just different. This is true. This is true. But here's the here's something for you guys. Did you do you guys know what seals real name is? Now the time, I head, though. I should have looked this up. No idea, I should. I'm gonna so, I'm gonna throw a little Trivi out here. So let's see if I can actually pronounce this right. So his real name is henry a loose agan olamide a Eightiola Sam well or seal, I guess. Yeah, that's a good that's a good decision. Yeah, good, good marketing choice on seals point. Yeah, I so. So this song was actually it was initially released as a single in July of one thousand nineteen and ninety four and was included in the movie never ending story three, because, honestly, that's a great idea. Yeah, I know, right, that's a great idea to make three of those fucking moves. I watched the first one like thirty two years ago, and I still can't get over our tax. So yeah, man, yeah, how can you an how can anybody watch two more when our tax still is you know, like first half hour of the movie gets fucking put on the scoreboard? Yeah, no, that was there. I Love I love them, Everett. I think part three is where they introduced Jack Black. I think that might have been one of his first movies. He was... of the bully room and Oh shit, yeah, that's true. So you get Jack Black and a CEO Renaissance. All. Yeah, one, one was enough, and especially with art tax, like I feel like that's something I probably at some point we'll bring up to my therapist and be like listening, I got to go back to nineteen eighty seven here. I got to talk art tax in this this say, and this session might run a little over, FYI, but anyway. So, so kisstopher rose was on the CELTO album, which came out in May of nineteen ninety four and then was re released a year later in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five as part of the Batman forever soundtrack. So for this episode, since we have you movie buffs on here, the album that will be referring to as the Batman for ever soundtrack. But and as like I said, so one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, it came out in the UK, but then it was released in the US and nineteen and ninety five. So I mean, I feel like everybody remembers, you know, this song. Now seal actually is the one who wrote the song, or Henry, but we'll call him seal. He actually wrote the song in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, which was a few years before seal released his upon miss debut album in Thu nine hundred and ninety one. And was interesting is that's yeah, seal felt embarrassed by this song. I don't know if you guys read this or not, but pitched it. Yeah, he was like, I don't know if I like it, like he actually was like debating whether this song was not going to be fucking fantastic or not, and he then eventually pitched it to his producer, Trevor Horne, for the recording of seal too. And it's like, and if anybody learns anything from this episode, I feel like what we all need to learn about is just believe in yourself. Guys, even even see you know, tea. Yeah, even about instead. And look what happens. He wrote one of the best love songs ever. But right now only there is high. I just went on to a hall of fame career right with the Heidi Klum Peck Oh fame life, my friend. But I read not only did he throw it aside, right, but they he said he was specifically very embarrassed of this song and then he had a friend who liked it and kept telling him like hey, man, don't give up, don't give up on it. So I mean it was like that Stephen King moment, right. We're Stephen King's like halfway through Carre's like fuck this book and threw it in the trash. His wife pulls it out and he became this pop culture, you know phenomenon. Yeah, and yeah, I think that's the lesson, man, is just they just put it out and let the public decide. Oh, and they decided. Oh, yeah, that day decided. I mean I think that's the interesting world is. What does this song become without Batman? Because, if I'm being one hundred percent on is, if my life was on the line, I'm not sure I could name another seal song. And so I've heard a couple of them. I mean, I know I've heard like and I know I could, but that's just because I listen to this song first. Like that's like the thing that's most important about kiss from a rose is it's like the gateway drug for seal music. Like, if you like, if you like kiss from a rose, you might like like two or three other songs by seal and in, you know, become a seal fan. Who knows? I think for me the first song I heard was crazy yeah, which was off of his first album. But I t your point. When this album came out in the US and ninety five, and to your point, I don't know, if it wasn't on the Batman Soundtrack, I don't know I would have really heard it. Oh, I mean one hundred percent I wouldn't. And so this song that is, I feel, like integral. If you were cloning me, this is in my genetic coat somewhere, this kiss from a rose, right, right, there's no way I would have heard this without the Batman attack, because I know absolute attached the Batman. For me too, I agree. Right, I had like the older cool cousin, right, who had like an army of darkness poster and you're like, I...

...want to do what he's doing. So, you know, he was giving me like megadeath and Metallica, Nirvana, you know, sound garden at that time. So I was starting to get into that kind of stuff, right. I was into like, you know, tough Guy Music, right, you've got you're like, I want to be that. I'm not, but that's what I want to listen to. Right. In this one at that time would have been every single thing I would have hated in a song, but the Batman gave me a pass to dabble with it, right, and so it's one of the first times that I was like, Oh, you can like a lot of different shit, right. Yeah, it's very rare that. You're like, I hate a genre of food. You take a bite of it, you're like, I've changed everything in my life and I've been out on vegetables for like twenty years. Right, there's no chance I'm going to eat like a new vegetable and be like, Oh, I like the Jason Dirty Cardboard, like I'm back in but like I would feel did for me. He made it okay for me to start listening to non you know, tough boy music, not only that, though it is like super because I I was looking up the actual like I forgot all those songs that were on the Batman forever soundtrack because, like it's super random, honestly, and compared to the rest of the on the record, it's like the whole record starts off with you two doing hold me, throw me, just me, killed me, and then it's massive attack Nick Cave, sunny dear real estate, like seal and Brandy are the real outliers in this one, like it's weird. Well, they had to have some some sensual love making music in that everyone, because I actually I was I read, I actually did read that Joel Schumacher requests of the song specifically for the scene, for a scene where chase meridian and Batman Fuck, but obviously that did ended up happening. But nevertheless, I mean literally went home and he's like, Oh, what a rough day and people got murdered. He's like, Oh shit, it's thirty, I can still make it. She's it's after that scene where he gets like almost blown to hell by two face right, yeah, hot had that Awesome, oh my gosh, we favorite part of the movie. He's mouth breathing and I like they just missed it the whole like exposed face in the cow, and here it's like, Oh, somebody about to get it and heard that it wasn't too fast. It was Dr Chase Murdey. We could easily have gotten there quickly. Mean, the guy's got a fucking Batmobile, so obviously right, are get there pretty quick. Yeah, long, it's you. This Chris O'Donnell wasn't stealing. It's a joy right around Dick. Yeah, the soundtrack is I mean that you two. Song is so damn good. Yeah, the all spring on their I love massive attack. Michael Hutchins was on there, Mazzy store, I love saw you laving lips. You want to love making song fading to you. You're welcome. That's too that's not if that's song does not get you laid and you got something wrong with you. I'm sorry. I feel like I took a turn on that because that was on the angus movie soundtrack. I believe it's one of my like lost gyms that I just love, is the movie angus. Right. Yeah, you're right. High School Katie tries getting shapes. You can go to a dance and that's the song that plays right it's kind of a Free Napoleon dynamite, but I feel like I hit a face somewhere in college where I was like I gotta switch it up from these normal, you know, trying to hook up kind of sack and with one of them I had to retire. So then I started trying to hook up to Weird Shit like twenty one. Well, right like that became my I'm gonna make a right, like I had these like Weird Zad phases. Yeah, like the traditional love making a more songs of my high school and college days. I just wasn't there for those. I'm right, we don't know. Two and twelve was a real panties rapper. So you know, that makes sense. Okay, first off, fuck you. If you actually listen to the song, it is essentially one long orgasm. Right. It's a rock space opera about Oh, I've discovered something. Right, if it's a you know, a ladies WAP instead of a guitar, and he's like Oh, what's this?...

He's gently fingering like discovering music, and then every was like no, stop, that's you know. You're like mom and dad like no, no, pre pregnancies and shit, and then it just hits this roucous finish. I mean I think it's only like thirty minutes long, so it's a marathon. But yeah, I stand by that. Wow, wow, you. What you need to do is you have to work in some port set into that shit. Yeah, once I found out that pretty fly for a white guy wasn't working, I knew I had it to get more creative. Yeah, once Iris ran its chorus, I pretty much was out. Any of you remember the first song, the first one that you got intimate with? That's a fair I do. Actually we do. Welcome to the jungle, guns and roses, a tracks. It's a good one. It's just like this is gonna set the tone of how I want my sexual life to go. I can't remember if it was this high school or Middle School Party or not, but possibly fat lip by some forty one. Not Proud, not proud. Hey, I don't my time, and she's like, neither do, I'm out. It wasn't my first, obviously, but I remember there was one particular incident where we were listening to an album from a day to remember, which is home. My God, it's not your typical it had whatever it work, so I'll take that Orse I love it. Yeah, well, I mean you to have limited options. I remember some like really bad nights were like the only CD I had that would play in my little discmnd with the cassette thing, was like CCR, and you're like, I like CCR, but like you know, they're on the corner, like this is not good, like saying that the tell for what I try. There was a bad hoobastank phase. So yeah, I mean who was stick? I remember them. Holy Shit, right, that's the thing. You're like, but it's because they're so tied to these moments, right. I think that's the because I was telling my friend on my other podcast was like the thing that I think is crazy about music and why it's so it just gets people riled up like almost no other art form, right, is because it becomes so viscerally tied to these big moments in your life. So for me trying, you know, seeing this kiss from a rose, I was like everything's different now and my wife's just didn't have that experiences like that's all blows. What are you tring? And it just made me really met because you get defensive because it's almost like they're insulting your actual life. Yeah, and that's what's funny to write, you know, and will and this kind of we can talk about the meeting of the song too, but but first off, but not not like that. But you know, first off, right, you can have like the same exact song, but two people, maybe someone didn't even like here does a song that you like so much. You know, I'm not saying that this song, but anything else. And you know, we could throw out there, you know, and you could be like, this song meant so much mean you. Other person can be like, I don't even know what song you're talking about, and that's what's crazy. But actually about music. And also, you know what, what the meaning of a song? Right, you know it. Let's we're ill, let's jump around, let's get into the lyrics here. You know, someone can say, you know what, this song means this to me, and somebody else can say, Oh, I thought the song was about this and they but you could both like the song and just think it means something completely different. So what is this song about? Now? Nobody knows, because Mr Seal won't tell us. Now. Some people think it's about drugs, some say it's about death and some say it's about love, which let's be honest, that really only narrows a down like eighty seven percent of all songs...

...written. But if we if we stick with drugs and death, it's you know, that's basically the dirt album from Alice and chains, which I don't know if anybody heard our episode on would, but you should check that out because Alice and chains are fucking amazing. Anyway, seal never gave us a specific answer, but he did say this, and this is a quote. He said I think it's the general vibe of what I'm saying that is important and not the exact literal translation. And he also said the song is always larger in the listener's mind because with it they attach imagery which is relative to their own personal experience. So it is your perception of what I'm saying rather than what I actually say that is the key. Now, that's a pretty awesome description here. Now, if you guys heard our episode on breath on the window from alson chains, I actually got an answer from William Daval. He actually answered that's kind of a similar question and his answer was pretty much spot onto what seal said. So it's pretty interesting. Yeah, I feel just came out like what's this Song Abous? Like my mom used to make this good macarroni and that's kids from a Rod. If you'd like what fuck like ruined for you. Yeah, it's like it's interlude. It's the perfect musician answer, like I was liking Griffy was to like griffing out of both and bands when in high school and stuff like that. But that is like that's one of those like musician answers. You're like yeah, of course you're not going to a divulge like the secret of how you feel that you're writing this song, of what it means to you because, like, just like we were just talking about, music lives in the moment that you listen to it. Like it's important to you because it signifies a moment. Then as it just it signifies a moment in time in the chorus of your life that makes that moment part. Like I could not tell you, like I'm an old emo kid, so I couldn't tell you all the fucking bands that I've listened to, all the terrible music that I think is probably cataloged in my brain, that other people think is garbage, that I think is awesome, but that's because it means something to me that I can't describe because they weren't there. If I tell you I was at a show and this happened and that's why this song is really beaningful to me, that's bullshit, like I'm never apps. Describing your sequence of events to somebody doesn't really work. I mean it doesn't give you the same vibe. We can all sit here and relate to kiss from a rose because, hey, it's a great song, but also we all had some form of experience with this song that's not just entertaining but also meaningful in a certain way, like whether it's kind of Corny, like hey, this is like one of those great sexual wakening moments. You're like, Oh my God, the cool Kidman is so hot. How do I get over this? Or, you know, you listen to fucking massive attack on this record and you're like Oh wow, like that was the first time I heard massive attacks, so I bought all mass attack albums. It's, I think, to it growing up like a kid, right. It's what arguments I used to hate because I had this roommate and him and his girlfriend would always go in on me like metal sucks. It's funny looking back on it now because they were pop punk kids. I'm like, Oh sorry, I'm not jamming the newfound glory and my fucking, you know, flannel shorts or whatever the fuck they were wearing back then, you know, but they would be like metal socks. In her argument would always be like, Oh yeah, well, recite to me the lyrics of that song you're listening to right now, and I was like, well, what the fuck does that matter? If I don't know what the lyrics are, what the song saying, she's like, then it's not a real song. And I don't retort with okay, well, recite to me the lyrics of, you know, the Moonlight Sonata. Well, there, or Nuny as, all right, well, the metal singer voice is another instruments, just adding a la vibe to a song, right. I sometimes people get so caught up in this. Are these lyrics clever enough? Like I've had this debate on my other podcast to bunch. I just think Bob Dylan is just the biggest sack of Shit, like the most overrated. Like I get a might have been important and inspirational to a lot of other artists, but I'm like that guy just sucks you can't saying. I think his lyrics are dog shit that...

...we have just done all the work for, and now we call him a poet because that just sounds cooler than you know, disheveled dummy or whatever. probally ruined the show by going in on Bob Dylan, but as just like this lost anybody who's gonna trying to listen to the pod what the Ben Diagram is of like kiss from a rose people and Bob Dylan likes fanatics. I would like to see even diagram. Yeah, I'd actually guarantee it's just a circle, probably all the same, but it's one of those I think sometimes people get, because this is what I hear. I it's like the country music argument from, you know, all of my least intelligent friends that I hang out to. A country just tails me a song and I'm like yeah, I know, like some lady teager car because you had sex with another five boots were under a bed, like that's cool, but let's not pretend it's profound, because you know that there's a beginning, middle in an end, like let's move past that. You know, because I think of music like this, this evil magic right says, you know in my mind every time I'm been a bar in Bohemian rhapsody comes on. You're like we should all be horrified by that, right you the fact that this song comes on and every person in every bar of've ever been in is taken over like a mind controlled puppet and we fall into this routine of singing and headbanging and dancing, and I was like that is something that almost no art can do to you, and that's like we should be aware that this is like taking over our lives and souls, but we can't help it. Right. Yeah, like the Lyric Shit and all that. Throw that out, man. What does it do to you? Does it make you get up out of a chair or cry or whatever? That's more important to me than what the lyrics are saying. I think it's both. Now, yeah, here, here, your point earlier. I would totally love if this song was actually written about his mom making a macaroni and cheese. That would be so awesome. Like he's she just like come intro, she like Henry, Henry, the MAC and cheese is ready, and he's like cool, another kiss from the rose, and that's a hid. Maybe his mom's name was rose and May that's yeah, are twenty four movie to yeah, that is the I was just about to say that is a fucking movie right there. Oh My, there go. Also, it makes that lyric. The more I get, the stranger I feel. Yeah, becomes almost more interest. He's he's clearly lactose intollerant child. His mom's just plying him with ACCARONI. Oh my God, it's mom just like this, stop, very stop. He's just crushing Mac and cheese. Yeah, that would be awesome. I think Schumacher needed to put that in the video. Or like, instead of a stead of seal, instead of like seal in the the Batman spotlight would be like a bowl of macaron and cheese and the seal comes out of like he's like across the town and then he's like, oh, fuck, the Max Ready, and then he like flies across the town and then he's like thanks for the MAC and cheese. That's a problem. Remote. I'm pretty sure we have, like we have a solid screenplay ready to go here, guys. I'll start drafting it up tomorrow. Perfect. But now their lyrics are important. I mean I you know, there are some songs where and now, like with I talked about our aliceon chains episode. Right, a lot of the stuff that did talk about in dirt was about drugs and death and I had never done heroin or drugs for that matter, but I still felt that I could relate to the to the music and to the lyrics and like kind of like the bigger message of kind of being an outsider from Lane staley there. So I always can agree with that. And but sometimes lyrics are important. Is that everything? No, because there's songs like peaches, like, I don't know, sure, maybe they're talking about sex, maybe they're talking about actual fucking peaches, I don't know, but the songs great and makes me happy, so I'm going to like it, so doesn't matter. Yeah, and I think the thing too, is what alison chains was so good at, is that song feels like you're on a drug. Right. Their albums have this entire vibe and the lyrics and all that add to the overall feel. Right. Yeah, I mean of course there are songss like what when Clapton did tears from heaven, and you're like that song purely exist for those...

...lyrics, those words. He's speaking to this moment of drama. Sure, I get that. But also I was like you know, when I see a video like the semisonic guys right, they're like, Oh, closing times, about the birth of a child. You're like, fuck off, don't lie, like we all know about don't be like that. I think I know who I want to go home with, and you're like, oh, really, you're unborn feat is. Could see you guys from the womb and was like check, I like these. I mean, I think I can. There can't say that about a like I think I've heard I don't know, four thousand artists do their rendition of Hallelujah, and every single one of them, no matter what, actually makes me well. That song is just like and the lyrics are deceptively simple, like literally, he's describing the chord progressions anyways in the middle, like in the second in the second verse. And I still the VIBE, though, and that's what I think I get what seals talking about, like that's the vibe from that song particular, like he wants you to feel something profound and like for a seal. I'm not sure what he's trying to get at with his VIBE, but I'm assuming it's hey, it might be time for sex. You never know, like it's something that is ethereal in its own right. You know, well, when you have his voice. Yeah, but I think here's all right, a couple things. Right. So I feel like I might be able to get on board with with the drug private right, because he says you're light to me, like a growing addiction that I can deny, right, yeah, and then he's and then he says my eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen. So he talks about either someone or something being his addiction and his eyes get large, and then he talks about snow maybe he's face down in a mountain of blow. I don't know. So it could very well be that, as a guy who's definitely had a share of those experiences, that is not how I mean to me that when I hear those lyrics red like that, that makes me think of the scene in the graduate right when you know, Dustin hoppin walks up and he's just like, oh, there's an old lady flashing me over there. Oh, my eyes are huge and the white shining from her nether's. You know, to me, I think the drugs is probably the least interesting of Oh yeah, up to be in general, though, I think most I've never been into drug songs per se, unless there's something better going on. Right. I don't think drugs are as interesting as people imagine they are. No, they are not. Now I put that out there because one I wanted to, I wanted to talk about coke, because I think it's just fun to talk about it. But also I honestly it's the songs. That's a love song. I mean it's not. I don't think it's about death. I mean I think where maybe he says a kiss from a rose on the gray. I don't know what the gray is, but maybe that could be death. I don't know. But and then he says you like your roses in bloom. Light hits the Gloom on the gray. So maybe like imagery of like a funeral there. Perhaps, I don't know, but I feel like it's about love. Right. He says you became the light on the dark side of me and love remained a drug. That's the high and not the pill. So I think that's I think that's really what he's talking about. And then he also says right, like a growing good diction that I can't deny. I think he's just like I really like hanging out with you, or I mean maybe I here's. I think the real thing is it's about love and drugs, because maybe he likes hanging out with her because they both do coke, and maybe it's I mean it could. To me I read it is because again, pairing it in my mind I can't separate the Batman Right. So you're like yeah, the fact it's kind of a wintry setting, right. You're like, Oh, this is a brooding love song. Yeah, and what it would to me? I always think of it as Batman. He's like fuck, Dude, all I want to do is go punch people and break bones. But you know, man, that Chase Meridian. So when he says you're my power, my pleasure, my pain, right,...

...maybe it's something he's fighting for. Obviously the pleasure part kind of his written on the wall. But you know, anytime you open up and love someone there's this enormous opportunity for pain and failure and vulnerability. That especially to someone like Batman. He's lived his whole life to armor that stuff out. To me it just I think it's just an interesting version of the low song. It's not just stinging the high praises, right, it kind of hints that this is Great Right now, right that maybe the gray is I was, you know, down in a bad place. You have lit this up, but I'm also aware that the seasons change. You know this, it could all go away. So I only seen it is the brooding, the brooding tone. It's the love. It's funny that you put it that way because, like Griffy and I've been recording for a February or month of a more and actually just recorded some episodes last night and I was thinking about this while we are I was actually reading the lyrics today and I mean to me like yeah, the whole thing is just about I mean, obviously I could be like crass. It's like Oh, maybe, like now that your roses and bloom, a light hits the groom of me, maybe it's like Oh, cool, now that like you know, I'm going down on you, it's like totally cool the world all together, to be a hundred percent. When I fell in love with the song, every time that later came out I was like, Oh, I know what that's about. I found GRANDPA. But I do think it, but I do think. I think there's this element of like the Gothic Romance, like it's this forbidden it's not forbidden love, I guess, but it is this like wanton love. You want this, you want this pain, you want all of it, like it doesn't matter what phase its end, like Griffy was saying, the seasons, but it's the thing that it's this thing, it's this thing that preserves that makes you feel connected to whoever this other person is. It's a again, it's it's a weird ethereal love song that I every time I listen to it, I just and it. Maybe it's because of the music video and the way that Gotham city is like built, which I'm assuming is it's just like built like a MC Escher painting. But yeah, it's like a hell raiser s and M club. It's like. But like every single time I hear the song, all I can think of is that like imagery of like a tower at like it's like a fucking Annabellae, like an Agroland Poe poem, where it's just like these huge gothic castle on the edge of the ocean. We're apparently they started a delicious macaroni and cheese which just delicious Shabe. I mean that could be a canke. I'm not here to share any I'm not your king shame anyone. Do Your think? No, no, not. That's the thing to the song kind of comes in deceptively small, you know, that so ibe that loots almost like Oh, we're letting you in on a secret, right. It feels like it feels like you walked into like an underground, secret basement. Yeah, and you're listening to him for the first time, it's like, Oh my God, I found it, I found the answer to everything I've been looking for. So I think, yeah, that's how I always played. It is just this can't have love without the pain, right, like it's never just gonna be all good. Yeah, and especially for a Batman love right, that makes perfect sense to me. I mean she's written out in the next fucking movie. True, he always loses the girlfriends. And then in the next, the movie after, you know, there was some like some weird excuse like left have that cheeks, and then it's like she's like I'm out, yeah, I'M gonna go dream hunting or whatever. The full leaving. There's a that this weird thing, I will say, always pisses me off as because I I am a bit of a Snob when it comes to like I like the album versions of songs much better than I do like when they put them on like movie out and then put them on soundtracks or inspired bys. Almost routinely they like cut out the intro and bring you like one bar in before like the verse starts, and they do that. They do that in the music video, like the music video version is the like the endings, the fade out. I fucking... the end of the album version on this, where it's like him solo singing the lyrics, like come on, man, yeah, that's that's like the that's that's where you hit it. That's where you hit it, the very empty here, such a great voice, Oh my God. But that also gets it at right, like it's this epic soaring thing that his voice is carrying you right, like the angel wings of an angel right and at the it singing it all quiet and sad by himself. You feel the snow starts of ball totally. Last man, that last bit to me is what solidifies it as a more than song. Yeah, that it's more than just the Batman Song. I can still listen to that and love it today. Is that. Ye know her Shindo at the end. That's just perfection, totally. Well, yeah, the song definitely for being, as you know what you're saying. It definitely is a more than it definitely has the credentials that back it up to write, because the song peaked at number one in all the one thousand nine hundred and ninety five and fi seal has eight so longs cracked the US billboard hot one hundred three of those making it in the top ten. Now crazy I talk about them. For its another phenomenal song. I fucking love that peak, that number seven. And if that wasn't enough, it won a grammy during the ninety six Grammy Awards for record of the year, Song of the year and best male pop vocal performance. So, yeah, I think I'm glad the academy is in accordance with us. That's awesome. I mean, Batman comes legit. Batman would not pull out the bat away to a less than song. Now, true, no way, here's here's enough. As I was a researching those scars that he has on his face, I don't know if you guys know this or not, but it's actually due to a type of lupus called discoid Lupus. I'M gonna probably butcher this, but a rhythmatosis or, as the kids call it on the streets, dlle. But it's basically an autoimmune skin condition that affects the skin and can leave large scars, and I found that to be interesting. But patients are usually first treated with sunscreen and then topical steroids. But if that doesn't work, in oral medication, most likely everyone's favorite, hydroxy chloroquine can also be used. It fixes everything, guys, it fixes everything. Staring to warn as all those years ago. Why didn't we know? I've kind of it's remember as a kid being a little crass and being like Oh, seals two faces, favorite musician. That's like, don't be a shit bag like that. Guy came out and all of our wives would leave us for see hill, right. Oh, yeah, overcoming and domination story, right, a hundred percent. Yeah, I remember being a little rude about it as a young man. I feel ashamed in my older ray. He has lupus, man, yeah, and I didn't. Can't help its classic, just jealous, like look at that fucking guy up there with Heidi Clum, like fuck that guy. Now I'm ashamed that that is that's someone I aspire to be. Like, Oh wow, I mean I certainly do now at this age. Be like that's the thing. Is like, as we get older, the musicians that I worship. When I was younger, I was like, man, that guy did not figure it out. And then, like this guy ended up dating Heidi Klum and like putting out what would you say? Like eight, and know he has eight number one singles to his name. He had eight top yeah, eight, eight songs crack the billboard. Hot One. hundry had three in the top ten. I mean, come on, like that's the guy. Yeah, be He's no gentlemination BECAF. I was like him and like you know, our Ip Adam Schlessinger into one person, like good Lord, that would be like my all time favorite guy. But this is this is a great an ad to make sure we all eat our macaroni and cheese. Otherwise you can because her not like steel. Well, let's say, I think we all think, we all know where we're going with this here, guys, but let's let's give our final verdict here. Do Youth. I'm a I mean, I know the answer is but do you think kiss from a rose by seals a legit hit...

...or a song gone wrong? Griffy' I'll start with you. I mean macaroni in a pot. legit hit. Absolute domination and I think it's one of those songs that will get better as I age into the winter of my own life. It was there for the spring, it'll be there in the winter. Altimer song for me, absolutely. Yeah, all right, Alex. how about you? In the winter of my eighty fourth year, while I sit in my grain tower alone by the sea, this is the only song I'll be playing. Alzheimer hit. Yeah, this is it's a good I feel like if you asked a fifteen year old drew, I feel like I might have said this was a song gone wrong back then. But thankfully we're not talking to fifteen year old drew because I could have you know, I definitely back on it now and I'm like yeah, this the song is great. His seals voice is legendary. I could listen to him sing pretty much about anything, doesn't matter. Like I honestly wish I could bring him to my regular job and have him sing like my sprint planning sessions and my daily scrums for me, but sadly I don't. I don't think he does that. Maybe we can figure that out. On Cameo, Camo, that's got your cameo. But I say, yeah, this is a legit hit. and and also Dave are are, my other cohost, he actually phoned in his vote and he said this is also a legit hit. So so we're all in here. But we also what we do is we also like to ask our fans and let's see what they have to say about this. And based on my notes here and off of the survey we ran, seventy nine percent said this song is a legit hit. So we have we have a unanimous that, but it should be higher. I think should be way hagger than seventy nine percent. I should be a mandate. Yeah, I feel like this should be at least like around eighty five. Yeah, but again, you know, maybe somebody had a bad experience with it. Maybe somebody played it and maybe the girl they're trying to woo was like, you know what, I fucking hate Batman, or I don't like seal. What you said, myself, a friend, my own wife probably, but yeah, my own house it's fifty. So I should that's not the should't reflect on seal. That reflects on you, my friend. I mean, I agree, I'll be winners is my dad told me no, but I mean no, I wasn't saying that at all. Buddy llery griff you can tell amys. But apparently twenty one percent maybe had some adverse reactions, as we say in the pharmaceutical world, to the particular song. So I would know it if that's firing back on Batman forever as a movie more than the song itself. Agreed. That's a fair that's a fair assessment. There's a there's definitely there's definitely a symptom of it's definitely a symptom of it, like because it does, it's associated with Batman forever. But again, like, I am an ardent fan of that movie. So I don't know, I'm one of the I'm one of the weird ones, I guess. But we got, we got a good amount of feedback on this one. So let me read off some of the notes we got from twitter. So what of our listeners? Irish, Keith at Tis Me Self, you know, said I bloody wall hate to say this, but it's a legit fucking hit. As soppy and soft as it is, it's still a decent tune. You can slap me now, be like soft. My God, Sir, to Messan't is what I'd call it at pipe and twenty said it's amazing. I learned how to play and sing this on my Ukulele a few years ago. Not Sure I do it justice, but I sure try. A true original with a unique progression and amazing vocal layering. That's that's funny, griffs, griffs whipping out that youth these days. So I think we got a new song for... to learn. Man, there we have all at it. I've been learning. Toss a coin to your which are right. The only reason I started playing Ukule we also have some feedback from our good friend Melinda Barnett. She said she said this song creeps me out, and another one of our listeners, snobby girl seventeen, said you, but you know? So there could be that we're just not interesting. Is there a gender issue? Yeah, I said the same thing. She specifically said the song gives her the creeps. Never figured out why exactly, and my wife, my wife, loves this song. So who knows? Man, yeah, and the last two that we have here, we have Tom Wengia from the hold on them. Almost there podcast said definitely hit, though I wasn't into it, and Frank Corona, one of his cohosts from that same pocket, said absolute hit. If you're still singing it, it's at the very least a wicked ear wig. It definitely isn't earworm, for sure, but it's a good tune. It's a good tune. That's a good metric to judge a song by. Yeah, I agree. The year worm thing is important sometimes. Well, there are at all video words. No, no, no, man. Yeah, wars of who let the dogs out? Yeah, that's true. The dark time. You know how many times, like so my oldest daughter, she's seven now, but when she was probably like one, we all, my God, we must have listened to the ABC song from Sesame Street, like we would, we would. She was not good, she was not good in the car and we I remember we went to Philadelphia one day. To forget what park it is, but I went to a park and now on the right home she was like losing her shit and I'm like please stop, like please just calm down, which you can't calm down like a one year old, because she's like fuck you on one. But then what we what use you would help calm her down was we will play music. So usual was like either like the frozen soundtrack or she loves sesame street back then, so we will play the UBC Song, and she stopped crying. However, we I don't even know how many times we heard that full we that's we played that song on repeat for the entire like ninety minute drive it was to get home, and that song was more than ingrained in my brain for like the next several days. I'm like, I just couldn't get it out. So ear were yeah, it, yeah, the ear worms. You know, criteria is moderately applicable, I would say, but I don't think it's everything. FUCKING SESAME STREET ABC song. I mean, yeah, that's true. A song that you liked right, because, yeah, I think every parent has that, like mine was my kids coming of age was Moana. Oh yeah, we're just like, I heard the rock thank you song tenzero times and then my youngest son was like in the baby shark age group. So Oh, that fucking song. That take those songs out, because that that again, that's getting back into the black magic of Bohemian rhapsody. We're like, how do I show their body down right, but it. Take a song that you liked. Is You know, because I think we have a lot of them right. Me and my wife did this a couple weeks ago, the back and forth. Oh Yeah, well, this song you liked it, thirteen sucked. Oh yeah, we are having a war, right. And some of them you look back you're like, you know what, I'm still not ashamed of that, because I'll still hear that in the shower. I'd be like, okay, that's still got something left over in my brain. Most of it you jettison, but I think if it hangs in there like that, yeah, I think, I think I'm going to start counting that as a an extra star up and extra bump up. Yeah, yeah, we're doing an episode on faith by Limp Biscuit coming up soon. And and I loved, I love that album when it came out in ninety seven and and so I put it on. I was I was working out the other day, so I was like this would be a good gym, you know, music to listen to me. I won't my tasking. I'm working out and brushing up for our one of our episodes, and I'll tell you what, man, it's still and then I feel like in the gym setting. It's pretty decent. But is that out there? First Record? Is that off significant other their bills, y'all, three...

...dollar building. We now we all had. I I remember that wrestling team out on I was at high school. It was like a lot of corn. Yeah, like I that faith were lent basket was just kind of in there and I feel like they're one of those. You but a lot of bands in that era you never settled on. So my wife came after corn hard. You're like, you know what, I still stand by corn right. Good Singer, unique sound. They were doing something at least different, right. And then rest is day. Luke bad bands that came after them. It all sounded, as I call him, Indiana radio right where I grew up, like the Indiana radio songs and limp biscuit was alway, because they have that uniqueness. But then you're I don't know, yeah, that's a tough I'll be interested to hear where you come out on that one. Yeah, I'll be honest, I'm still not sure. So if I had to oh gut, I would say F but like age, I think I would have been more like this is like a c plus. Oh, I back then, back in ninety seven, I would have been like this is one of the best albums ever made. But again, seventeen year old drew wouldn't know his ass from his elbow. So all right, thank me, I got its figured out. But, gentlemen, I think we, I think we. I think we did what we came here to do. We discussed the soul. We brought some good points up. Well, I don't before we sign off again, why don't you guys just give a quick, one more little pitch to everybody else and let them know where they can find you? We are the film alchemist podcast. You can find us on twitter, instagram, facebook, all the social media you guys do. We do that too. We have a youtube channel where you can watch video versions of some of the stuff we do in some other movie debates. Film malchemist. You can find that channel there. And yeah, film Malcolmist Podcast, wherever you find it, wherever you find songs gone wrong, you know, subscribe to both. Leave ratings in reviews for both. That homes. Just fight the alborythm overlords. Yes and yeah, man, the same way these guys talk about songs. We loved to hear from you guys and talk about movies people want to hear about. So the suggestions. Whatever you get cold, need to find way the program Batman forever. It's happening for sure. Yeah, cool. Well, thanks again guys for jumping on, and thanks everybody else for listening to songs gone wrong.

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