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Kiss From a Rose by Seal


Drew is joined by the co-hosts from the Film Alchemist Podcast to discuss a legendary 90s soundtrack song, Kiss From a Rose by Seal off the Batman Forever soundtrack. To say they discuss alot is an understatement, so just listen and they will fill you in as they go.

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Everyone and welcome to songs gonewrong where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got itright or did those songs go wrong? I' one of your host drew Zachman andjoining me. This episode, I'm actually only thirty three percent of the hosts.Today we have special guests from the film alchemist podcast ar good friends,Dandyikno and Griffy. How are you guys doing today, Bantastic clan, to teehere? I'm great I'm ready to just like talkabout this all time, Banger! That's what I'm ready for Oh yeah me too, but before you beforewe digin guys. Why? Don't you tell our lovely listeners about your show incase they don't know already what it is graft. Do The intro her o? Okay. So noso yeah we run a film podcast where we do a monthly curations right. Thismonth we were doing newer's resolution movie,so we'd watch something like thinner, reck Wim for a dream, and we, you know,discuss what make those movies awesome kind of a love letter to movies the wayyou guys do, love letters to songs, yeah man, so film Alchemist, you canfind us anywhere you find pods or on Youtube it film alchemist as well yeah. I highly recommend it and now not every song that we talk abouthere is a love letter, for example, just listen to our Brantley Gilbertepisode, but otherwise I actually had a massive beef with you guys talking Shitabout crash. I New I knew this is Goinna come out. Iwas scrawling through and ass, like. Let me find an episode to get. You knowready for this and when I heard you guys stockand ill of the dummies I waslike this might. We might have to cancel this in. I I forget what Daves, but that episode I said, creshe dummies was a legit hit.I like that o actually yeah, I'm asa your friend her to defendigsel yeah hat that album actually surprisedme, because I don't think I gave it a proper listen to back in a day or maybe,if I did, it was maybe like a one and done and then I just kind of moved onto other things is by then I was getting into heavier stuff so, but whenI listen to it for that Nob I was like you know I kind of like it. It's prettygood, so ma any other band that could have made that work. Also of the onemillion views they get a month on spotify. I think you said I'm probablylike two hundredhsand of those I'm very invested in this. You get a cut from that Y. AH, yeahright, here's a Vig, it's big, an the sntd boards. You know he's a big messenger, but before we dig into this particularsong that we're going to talk about today now guys, if you haven't done soalready make sure he hit subscribe to make sure you get all our episodes whenthey come out which in fact is twice a week and if you could also leave us afive start review. That would be awesome and if you do,let us know, and then we will have some songs going wrong. Stickers sent yourway and you can also follow us on twitter, instagram at songs, gone drop,US an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our website songs gone wrongcomand we also have our own songs going wrong playlist on spotify, so you cankeep up the date with the songs. We discuss each episode now, gentlemen,this episode, Why? Why did you guys pick thisparticular song and nextly? I will let you do theintroduction to what Song Are we talking about? I think we're talkingabout the I mean I don't know the sexual awakening of every young man inthe s...

...kiss from arose by seal yeah. So youknow, I think there are older generations. They had things like ledZepplin. Our prints like this for us was when you know yeah the awakeningoccurred right, but so Alixon I actually met. We used to work togetherand we went to college together, but we really bonded over our love of comicbooks, Batman in particular, being the biggest one and batband forever came out. I Han Onethousand nine hundred and ninety five right, and that was the I was elevenyears old, so you're. Just on that peak of okay something's happening with my body,I don't know, and when I, when this song came out and and it's one of thosethings I think people forget now it's easy to make fun of that film to me, Iwas like well, that's the you know, third greatest film of all time behindbig trouble. Ind Little China and monster squad like this is number threeobviously, and when that video came out, it just struck me, and especially nowit an older age like. Oh, that's the movie, that's about everyone wanting tofuck Batman, yes, and when I heard Seo kiss from Morose, I was like. Oh my God.This is the song that Batman fucks to yeah, and so, as a young boy, I becameobsessed with this song playing it all the time doing the the open shirtsinging in my my basement with my comet book, spread out. There's just, I think, there's just a a magic and a real weirdness like areal dark, brooding weirdness to the lyrics of this song that I mean it justcaptivates me to this day. Yeah I saw this movie seven times inthe theater. I saw bad manper. It was the summer I was allowed to go to tlike my parents, wor just drop me off at the movie theater and I can just dowhatever I wanted. So I this was the movie I picked every time I went to thetheater, and I mean it had like a three, and this was like in the NS, so, likemovies had like three month runs, so I just spent the summer going to themovies and watching Batman forever, and I think this just the single and then the the spaceCham soundtrack like two years later were the first two CDs I ever boughtwith. Like any money I ever earned for anything nice yeah, it's the nigrifphys right,it's the nail on the head, like it's the song, you heard a d youre like Oh,my God, like do girls. Can you get laid to this? Is that a thing like? Can youtouch boobs to this song? It's pass right, spoiler, alert it wasn't. It wasnot posibilty without remains and just like taking on this crazy life of itsown man, like I didn't know like, I was like lookingap the lyrics and, like the realist in the song, anything I didn't know JOLshemarker directed the music video for it and I'm like ell, that's well. I mean he essentially just fillsal with the shirt up by ve Bat Tinyeah. I have this like leftover, bad sing.You just take your shirt off real quick, Youo, open it and then we'll do thevideo yeah, but that works though it reallydoes. If you I mean I, if I was directing a seal, video I'd be like gostand by like a light or buy something and just take your shirt off, put yourarms out like Vin diesel style and then yeah. I just sing the words. Absolutelyabsolutely I mean that it's such a weird God I'v Tri, I'mtrying to do this sug justice because the amount I love this like. Let me putit in te context. This song almost ended my marriage before it started because whane night me and my wife areabout to have a wrestling session right and I was like Oh yeah, you know I'mlighting, my very ascentev candles. I have a whole routine, I go through andit you know. I was my turn to pick the songs right in'. So I pick kids fromthe roase and my wife's just like stop hold on that's. What's wrong and she'slike this song gives me the creeps it eve whatuck but she's like yeah, it'screepy. I hate it I's like Wa. You know I s like you're ruining so for like a week I was like. I didn'teven want to see my wife Si was like. I think this is over right. This wisright before we got engaged and it 's like how have we made it this long andI never tried to put the moves on you... seal it. I mean that's how much thissong meant, because I think of this is ecause the real sexual awakening forguys our age was Jesca Rabbit. I think I think it's one of those you know likeAwsol records. They can be Ike. Oh that's for the asterait hit like in menour age if they dissected US Tobe, like that's the JESCA rabbit line right yeah,but this movie spoke so much more to where I was right that the Little ComicBook Guy You know, I wasn't necessarily cleaning up as it were, and at this isthe movie where you know they brought in Nicole Kidman and Nicole Kitman. Wasthe Real Life Jessica Rabbit to me in this movie totally whand? They do ikgratuitous amount of shouts of her feeling at Batman's rubber body like alot yeah. The zooman on Batman's ass is he's putting I and as a young boy,you're, not processing this beer just being hit with this deluge of sex yeah,and it's funny. I you watch the movie seal. Doesn't that song doesn't appearin there? It's not the first credit track. No, but I remember that aboutthe movie more than anything else. Is that track right, because this was backwhen we used to get together and just hang out and watch bhone an MTV forfour hours at a time, AC, Clin Yep. This need the video so that had its ownyou're like, oh, my God. No only is it a music video, but now I gointo seeBatman stuff. So it was this. This odd mixture in time in my life, where itwas so vastly Inpu, I mean, if you're doing a top five songs that matter toyou. This has to be onmine for sure. So it sounds like it. I mean that's just to it's. It's an incredible. It's an incrediblesong because, like the lyrics are so weird like the song has nothing to dowith like if the song had it, the lyric had insterted the Word Batman into thelyrics ie. I Nah then work for me now that's a terrible badman song, butbecause it has nothing to do with, but it's still like this weird sort of likegothic winter tail, almost Yowel, we'll dig Minto the lyrics. Don't you worryabout that? It is like it is just it is. The Batman saw like that's like it'slike it's like it's like Damn Elkins Tatmanscore kiss from arose. Those are the Badman songs. That's it. You know rightand watching this movie you're like if you were to pick who would be thesoundtrack song you'd have to pick something like to pesh mode o, likesome band that like had like a nipple clampus right, I think they're itinstrumentalist. I was thinkingbin S, te Kinprodigy was watching a lot of O.I mean this song was a fire starter. No doubt aboutit see, I think for me. I might be I'm acouple years older than I think from you guys. So for me, when I was eleven,I think the song that kind of made a made it a little made it little tinglywas the Brian Adam Song, everything I do. I do for you from the Robin Hood,Prince of Thieves, sound Drankn Owoyeah. I was like and then same thing right,because that song, you know was, I don't think, that's song, if I'mnot mistaken, was even in the movie as well. It was at the end, but you know like same thing: You'd watchMTV and there's the video and you're basically getting a mini trailer like afive minute, trailer R, the Robin Hood move with Kevin Costner, and it waspretty fantastic, but I will also say this: Just ca: Rabbit, not bad. I knowwho my first kind of I guess animated crush was was scarletfrom Gijo. I don't know why that is AWESOM. She had the red hairtoo, like JESSCA rabbit, but she was out there kicking Asom like that's hot.They had some kind of marketing firm who had daddexs. It was her and Apriland Nal was a red heljus right. Herar were Eing into us for sure gimberlyfrom the power rangers and then it landed on for me. Lik landed on ChaseMeridian You'R, like Oh, my God and she's a doctor. Your likeyes, well alsothat she just runs to the roof and she's, like I'm a call Batban here nowyeh, how about you, fucking booty, Coe with the bat signal and no one's aroundto say like hey? What's up, what are... doing? It not quil. She's on theroof and essentially lodg or a LO, what's up, I know you like strong womenand Isad eleven year old you're like well, I do now to and then they jus a bumbling ass.Commissioner Gordon Come Out D. His jammhe's, like Wewe, don't need youhere, you're interrupting! What's about to happen, I's E, Commissionr, committe, commisioncockblock shows up, and it's like dude sthings about to happen. Yeah. I juslot commissioner Gordon Dthat should have been that should have been the story line they did or theMusic Madi, because I agree with you that the lost art of the music video,that was the kind of stealth trailer for the movie yeah. You might walk tetrailer once or twice, but you watch those music videos fifty times in amonth right, oh yeahs, because it's also beyon like nonstop to absolutelysoinin grain. So Jol Shumocker had crafted the story away like chasemridans up there flipping the switch is an Batman, comes up and he's whipping out the Batawag and te. all of a sudden, commissioner, comes out he's like Oh, my God, Isl Anrseil,just wasted Ba. Oh Man, that would havebeen awthat was like that is likethat magical time in the s when those like covert trailers, because I lovethe songs from movie soundtracks, specifically because the videos you gotto see parts of the movie like I mean like the like. The APEX. Seven, ofcourse, is like the Phantom Menice one, where it's literally just the movie,but this was like you get to just see clipsand clips and clips, and that was always my like even Ar Kelly Gotham city from Batman andRobin and then the bone tugs in harmony, one to like o thers cot from Pevin andRobin in this aach Boin, pugs yeah for sure wel Ou know the one I think theone that kind of drowne ID in a Baptub and was the last highmark of this artform was arow Smith when they did the arm again, O yeah, and that what you're just like at theend, you're like I didn't even like Armen, getting that much like that. But now I look back at that is like. Oh,that was a piece of our civilization. Thans died, the they're going to dig isup and be like where's the rest of it like this was so good. What happenedafter was this a literal arm. Agetnit was the movie a documentary. on't knowthat was. That was definitely like peak marketing. You Know My god well,because that wone hiandom with Googo dolls- I oh, my God. I it's like nowthey're doing this for like our mom and dad's movies, and I think it kind ofbrought the heart for him down well yeah and with arm again right with thatTha airissmith song like after you and it's it was a fine song, but man thatwas over playing like it was ot a point where, like you watch a video andorlike maybe tha, maybe the astroid wins this time, yeah ' like EA, it's still overplayed, Oh yeah, andthe other one for me that I remember was, it was: was It coolio? Ganks isParadise Ho they Wuld, my God. Yes, BU neer okayn actors used to show up inthe music videos. That was that that was that was the gangster's paradisething when she was in the music video. Well, this was the iter, because Batmandid it so well right. I was just a hair young, but I think it was the beginningright because that had Michelle fi for his catwoman right and then she's indangerous minds, yeah, but iu t that was the first album. I told my mom islike. I need this album for Christmas right, coulios gangs, Os sparadised Yip.To this day. I could listen to that Song Fifty Times on. Repeat it's Sarcha bibe right, but if my mom went to the store and she's like, Oh, my God,explicit ratings, so she came back with the Jack Jams, one sound track, so thatwas my first album. I got tracks, you know that makes sense, damn one insteadof gangses paradise it as like. Well, I guess this is a pretty good. You knowroad find to wear. My social life is a swee pot, sadn Jaz, yeah Juyeah Leit,... a and it ended up being fuck syou're, just out there shooting hoops like you know. Oh yeah, this is prettycool all right. I don't want my friends to drive by and SAV me, but like yeah,I'm enjoying myself, but but I think even things like the youknow, I don't want to miss a thing or whatever it's fucking called and Irisand those they were so bad and that era had such a saturation. Now, because Ifeel like now, we absorb our music on our own right were our own carrators,Yeahisas, much radio and TV, so nothing's forcefed to us. We find whatwe find and we have it as much as we want her as little as we want, but backthen. I think now, we've gotten to the point where early SIA. Personally I goback and I look at those songs and it is this tistalgabomb O toactually theyso circle. Now, like even you see it with things like backstreem boys, I wasso anti is like I'm a little metal guy, but now like if a bacry boy song comeson you're like Oh hell. Yes, I'm in those are bobs new kids on the block,I'm like Oh fuck, Yoa hanging, tough and then I'm like wait. I just say thatout loud, it happened, never be ashamed. BEAYEAH! You youraise the you raise a good point. You know where, before music was prettymuch, you know like fed to us right like whether it was MTV or just likeconcent radio play now, and I think one of the complaints that US old folkshave is that a there's, no new good music out now and maybe but y? I think it's there and toyour what you're saying before now we just have to dig for it. Yeah you haveto dig for the music. That's going to get you ow and I'll. Tell you whatthat's that's the service that we hear at songs gone wrong, provide. You knowwe talk about songs and we dig into the rest of the album. You know so you knowwith the crash jes dummies. For example. You know people know their one hit songright, but then, when you dig into the rest of the album, it's like, you guysgot to listen to it. So I think I think you know e's got into a littledigging. That's all yeah and this the songs that come out and just overwhelmUS nowadays like this year, was wap right or Wateraer, and I was like thatsong is a straight banger right, I'm not old enough now that I'm Chrimogenyand mad, but I feel like those songs now that come out and take over the theattention of all of us, are very rare and they're, usually for things thataren't based in the song right Ylik e. There is something that you know:People of our age. We remember when a certain song or album dropped, becauseevery single fucking person at the same time was getting overwhelmed by onething: right, whether it was smells like team spirit or when Green Daydropped. American idiot- and that was just like every song- was the numberone for like two and a half years in a row. God You knowit's just feethis istrue. This is true, but heres. Here's something Freo guys did you. Do youguys know what seal's real name is Atheto I hado. I should have lookedthis ut OAI. Should I'm gonna, so I'I'm gonna throw the little triviout here.So, let's see if I can actually pronounce this right. So his real nameis Henry Alucigan Olmide, Adiola, Sam, well or seal. I guess yeah, that's a good!That's a good decision! Yeah good marketing choice on seals, PA yeah, so so this song was actually. I wasinitially released as a single in July, one thousand nine hundred and ninetyfour and was included in the movie. Never Ending Story. Three, becausehonestly, that's a great idea. You know yeah. I know I that's a great idea tomake three of those fucking moves. I watched the first one like thirty twoyears ago and I still can't get over ar text so yeah man yeah. How can INEAN?How can anybody watch to more when Ar tack still lays you know, like first half hour of the movie getsfucking put on the scoreboard yeah? No, that was the Oneri lo I loe, I ever, Ithink, part threes where they introduce Jack Black. I think that might havebeen one of his first movies. He was... of the bully cremin. U Yeah, that'strue! So you get Jack Black and ASEALrenaissance all wanted Tobe yeah one one was enough anespecially with artext like I feellike that's something I probably at some point will bring up to mytherapist and be like Listenin man. I got to go B, one thousand nine hundredand eighty seven here I got to talk art tax TN. This session might run a littleover FYI, but anyway, so so kistomer rose was on theCL two album which came out in May one thousand nine hundred nd ninety fourand then was rereleased a year later in one Thouan, nine hundred and ninetyfive as part of the Batman forever soundtrack. So for this episode sincewere have now you movie bufs on here. The album that will be referring to isthe Batman for every soundtrack but and as like, I said so- one Thouad, ninehundred nd Inety, four. It came out into UK, but then it was released inthe US, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. So I mean I feel, likeeverybody remembers, you know this song now seal actually is the one who wrotethe song or Henry, but we'll call him seal. He actually wrote the song in onethousand nine hundred and eighty seven, which was a few years before seal,released his upon Misdebute, Albem, N thousand nine hundred and ninety oneand what's interesting, is that'. Yes, seal felt embarrassed by this song.Don't know if you guys read this or not, but ten pitched it yeah. He was like. Idon't know if I like it like, he actually was like debating whether thissong was not going to be fucking, fantastic or not, and he had then eventually pitched it tohis producer Trevor Horn for the recording of seal to and it's like, andif anybody learns anything from this episode I feel like what we all need tolearn about is just believing yourself guys, even even see, Uyeah even and look what happens. He wrote one ofthe best lost songs ever the was red not only ustwent onto a hall of fame careerright with the hidy Clu Pi othe same life, my friend, but I read. Not onlydid he throw it aside right but thay. He said he was specifically veryembarrassed of this song and then he had a friend who liked it and kepttelling him like. Hey Man, don't give up, don't give up on it. So I mean itwas like that Stephen Kig moment right where steman kings like halfway throughCarri's like fuck this book and throwh it in the trash, his wife pulls it outand he became this pot culture. You know phenomenon, yeah and yeah. I thinkthat's the lesson. Man is just hey, just put shit out and let let thePublic Decideoh when they decided Oh yeaht, they decided. I mean I thinkthet's. The interesting world is what does this song become without Thatman,because if I'm being one hundred percent honest, if my life was on the line, I'm notsure I could name another seal song at ive heard a couple of them. I mean Iknew or heard, and I know I could, but that's just because I listen to thissong first like that's like the thing that's most important about kiss forMaros is it's like the gateway drug for seal music, like if you like, if youlike, kiss from rose, you might like like two or three other songs by sealand in you know, become a seal fan. Who knows, I think for me, the first song Iheard was crazy yeah, which was off of his first album. But I to your pointwhen this album came out in the US in ninety five and to your point- I don'tif it wasn't on the Batman Soundtrick, I don't know, I would have really heardit. Oh, I mean whate hundred percent, Iwouldn't, and so this song. That is, I feel like intigratel. If you wereqlothing me, this is in my genetic coath somewhere this kiss from a roseright right. There's no way, I would have heard this without the BatmanAttakd, because I avte attackd bat M Formeto. I agreeriht I had like theolder cool cousin right, who had like... army of darkness poster and you'relike I want to do what he's doing so. You know he was giving me like megadeath and Metallica Nirvana. You know sound garden at that time, so I wasstarting to get into that kind of stuff right right. I was into like you know:Tough Guy Music Right. You you're like I want to be that I'm not, but that'swhat I want to listen to right in this one at that time would have been everysingle thing I would have hated in a song, but the Batman gave me a pass todabble with it right, and so it was one of the first times that I was like. Oh,you can like a lot of different Shit right yeah, it's very rare that you're,like I hate a genre food. You take a bite of it. You're like I've, changedeverything in my life. I've been aut on vegetables for liketwenty years right, there's no chance. I'm going to eat like a new vegeable mlike Oh. I, like the Ja dirty cardboard, like I'm back in so ike a Wa Si for me.He made it okay for me to start listening to non. You know tough boy,music, not only that, though it is like super, because a was I was looking at.The actual, like I forgot all the songs that were on the Batman foreversoundtrack because, like it's super random honestly and compared to therestofe on the record, it's like the whole record starts off with you toodone hold me, throw me kiss and kill me and then it's massive attack, Nick Cave,Sunny da real estate like seal and Brandy, are the real outliders in thisone. Like it's the met. Well, they had to have some somesensual lovemaking music in thet on Beca. Actually, I jus rea. I read. Iactually did read that Joel shemaker request to the songspecifically for the scene for ascene were chase maridian and Batman Fuck,but obviously that ended up happening, but nevertheless I mean literally went home and he'slike h what a rough day and people got murdered. He's like Oh shit, it'seleven thirty! I can still make it a shes it's after that scene, where he getslike almost blown to hell by two face right yeah. It comes out e, O hat. Ohmy gos e Othemovi he's mouth breathing and like they just missed it the wholelike exposed base in the cow you're. Just like Oh somebody about to get itand tur that it wasn't to face. It was Dr Case Meridy nd we could easly havegotten. There quickly mean the guys got a fucking Batmobile, so obviously egetthere pretty quicky as long as Du as Crisso donall isn't stealing itto joyright around Dick Yeah, the soundtrack in I mean thatYoutu Song is so damn good, yeah, the all bring on their. I I love massiveattack. Michael Hutchins was on there massie store. I love you want to love. Makin Song Fade intoyou. YOU'RE WELCOME! That's Yats! Not If that' son oes notget you laid hen. You got something wrong with you. I'm sorry I feel like.I took a turn on that because that was on the engist movie soundtrack. Ibelieve it's one of my like lost gyms, that I just love is the movie angasright, yeah, Youo, High School Katy tries get in shape, she can go to adance and that's the song that plays right was kind of a Free Napoleondynamite, but I feel, like I hit a fase somewhere in college, where I, as like,I gotta switch it up from these normal. You know trying to hook up kind of suckut. That was one of them I had to retire. So then I started trying tohook up to weird shit like Twn, N, twelve right like that became, I I'mGonnai had these like weird zag phases, the traditional lovemaking, a Morosongs of my high school and college days. I just wasn't there for thoseeont know twentyone O as a real panny dropper, so you K ow. That makes sense.Okay! First, if fuck you, you actually listen to the song, it isessentially one long orgasm right. It's a a rock space opera about. Oh I'vediscovered something right. If it's a you know a lady's WAP instead of aguitar and he's like. Oh, what's this...

...he's gently fingering like discoveringmusic and then Eywos like no stop, that's you know you're like mom and dadlike O, no r pregnancies and Shit, and then it just hits this raucous finish.I mean, I think it's only like thirty minutes long. So it's a marathon sashbut yeah. I stand by that. Wow Wow you. What you need to do is youhave to work in some portised into that now, once I found out thet pretty flyfor a white guy wasn't working, I knew I had it to get more created. Yeah. Once Iris ran it's chorus, Ipretty much was out any of you. Remember the first song, the first one that you got intimatewith. That's a fair. I do. Actually I my ide welcome to theJuno guns and roses attracts that's a good one is just like this isGonta set the tone of how I want my sexual life to go. I can't remember if it was this high school or Middle School Party ornot, but possibly fat lip by SOM. Forty one, not Prad, not proud, hey. I don't anbytime and she's like neither do. I I'Oit wasn't my first obviously, but Iremember there's one particular incident where we were listening to an albumfrom a day to remember, which is: Oh, my God. It's not your typical. Whatever it works so I'll take that is ourse. I love it. Yeah Welli mean yohave limited optons.I remember some like really bad nights were like the only CD I had thatwouplayin. My little disc min with the cassette thing was like CCR and you'relike I like ctother, but, like you know, n on the corer like this is not good.Like saying tt te for what I D, there was a bad hoobastank phase. So yeah Imean huva stank. I remember them Holy Shit Right, that's the thing you'relike, but it's because they're so tied to these moments. Right, I think.That's the because I was telling my friend on my other POK. I was like thething that I think is crazy about music and why it's so it just gets. Peopleriled up like almost no other art form right is because it becomes soviscerily tied to these big moments in your life. So for me trying you knowseeing this kids from Arosa's like everything's different now and my wifejust didn't. Have that experience? Shike, that's somethin blows. What areyou tying and it just made me really ment, because you get defensive becauseit's almost like they're insulting your actual life yeah and that's what'sfunny? It's you right. You know and Wel, and this kind of we can talk about themeaning of the song too, but but first off but n not like that. Butyou know first off right: you can have like the same exact song, but twopeople. Maybe someone didn't even like hear the song that you like so much.You know I'm not saying that this song, but anything else, and you know wecould throw out there. You know- and you could be like this song meant somuch man y other person can be like. I don't even know what song you'retalking about and that's what's crazy was actually about music and also youknow what what the meaning of a song right. You know,let's Wor, let's jump around, let's get into the lyrics here. You know someonecan say you know what this song means this to me and somebody else can say.Oh I thought this song was about this and they you could both like the songand just think it means something completely different. So what is thissong about now? Nobody knows because Mr Senel will tell us now. Some peoplethink it's about drugs. Some say it's about death and some say it's aboutlove which, let's be honest, that really onlynarrows it down like eighty seven...

...percent of all songs written. But if we,if we stuck with drugs and death, it's you know, that's basically the dirtalbum from allison chains, which I don't know if anybody heard our episodeon wood, but you should check that up because Alison chaines are fuckingamazing anyway. Seal never gave us specific answer, but he did say this,and this is a quote. He said, I think it's the general vibe of what I'msaying that is important and not the exact literal translation, and he alsosaid the song is always larger in the listeners minds because with it theyattach imagery, which is relative to their own personal experience. So it isyour perception of what I'm saying, rather than what I actually say. Thatis the key. Now, that's a pretty awesome description there. Now, if youguys hurt our episode on breath on the window from alsond chains, I actuallygot an answer from William Deval. He actually answered that's kind of asimilar question and his answer was pretty much spot on to what seal said.So it's pretty interesting yeah, the seal just came out likewhat's this song Aias, like my mom, used to make this good macaroni andthat's Kisse from Aris ye like what fuck likeroonit for you yeah me likeit's Alinelude, it's the perfect musician answer like I was like inGriffy. Was Tea like Griffing Iere, both and Bandswhend, we're in highschool and stuff like that? But that is like that's one of those like musician, ands,which you're like yeah, of course, you're not going to a divulge like thesecret of how you feel that you're writing this son of what it means toyou because, like just like, we were just talking about music lives in themoment that you listen to it like it's important to you, because it signifiesa moment not as it just it signifies a moment in time in the choruse of yourlife. That makes that moment. Part like I could not tell you like I'm an old emo kid, so I couldn'ttell you all the fucking bands that I've listened to all the terrible musicthat I think is probably cataloged in my brain. That other people think isgarbage. Thatd, I think, is oss, but that's because it means something to methat I can't describe because they weren't there. If I tell you, I was atthe show- and this happened and that's why those songs really being inful tome. That's bullshit, like I've. Never API describing your sequence of eventsto somebody doesn't really work. I mean it doesn't give you the same vibe. Wecan all sit here and relate to kiss fom marose, because hey it's a great song, but also we allhad some form of experience with this song. That's not just entertaining, butalso meaningful in a certain way. I, whether it's kind of Corny like heythis, like one of those great sexual awakening moments, you're like Oh, myGod, the Cold Kidman, is so hot. How do I get over this order? You know youlisten to fucking massive attack on this record and you're. Like Oh wow,like that was the first time I heard massive attack, so I bought all Mettwitack obers. It's I think too, at growing up like kid right, it is wat ofarguments I used to hate because I had this roommate and him and hisgirlfriend would always go in on me, like middle sucks. It's funny lookingback on it now because they were pop pumpkids. So I'm like. Oh sorry, I'mnot jamming the new found glory in my fucking. You know flannel shorts orwhatever the fuck, they were wearing Dacte, you know, but they would be likemental socks, and her argument would always be like. Oh yeah well recite tome the lyrics of that song. You're listening to right now and I was like well what the fuck doesthat matter. If I don't know what the lyrics are, what the song saying she'slike then it's not a real song and I dontats retort with okay. Well, reciteto me, the lyrics of you know the Moonlight Sonata well, Theyre aredutyThas, all right! Well, the metal, singer voiceis another instrument, justadding a lar O Bibe to a song right. I think sometimes people get so caught upin this. Are these lyrics? Clever Enoughor, like I've, got this debate onmy other podcast bunch. I just think Bob Dellan is just the biggest sack ofshit like the most overrated Ike. I Ge. He might have been importantin inspirational to a lot of other artists, but I'm like that guy justsucks. She can't sing. I think his...

...lyrics or Dogshit that we have justdone all the work for and now we call him a poet, because that just soundscooler than you know: disheveled dummy or whatever. No, U Protally, ruin theshow by going gin o Bob Doling, but is just like just lost anybody. WHO'sGetin Li thwath diagram is of like kiss from a rose people and Bob Dillan likefanatics ikids, I would like Thi en diagram. Yeah I' Actualli guarantee isjust a circle, probably all the same it', one of those think sometimespeople get becaus. This is what I hear it's like the country music argumentfrom you know all of my least intelligent friends that I hang out toa country. Just tails me a song and I'm like yeah. I know like some lady Kag,your car, because you had sex with another five oots were under a bed likethat's cool, but let's not pretend it's profound, because you know that there'sa beginning middle at an end like let's move past that you know, because Ithink of music like this. This evil magic right, as you know, in my mind,every time I'm been a bar and Bohemian rhapsidy comes on you're like we shouldall be horrified by that right, yeah. The fact that this son comes on andevery person in every bar I've ever been in is taken over like a mind,controlled puppet and we fall into this routine of singing and headbanging anddancing, and I was like that is something that almost no art can do toyou and I was like. We should be aware that this is like taking over our livesand souls, but we can't help it right sits like the lyric Shittand, all thatthrow that out man. What does it do to you? Does it make you get up out of achair or cry, or whatever that's more important to me than what the lyrics are saying? Ithink it's both now Eryour your point earlier. I would totally love if thissong was actually written about his mom, making a macaronian cheese that'd be so awesome like He. She justlike coming through she b like Henry Henry, the Mac and cheese, is ready andhe's like ool another kiss from the rose and that's and inhid. Maybe hismom's name was rose and Mana yetwenty, four movies Yeah Ias just about to saythat is a fucking movie right there. Oh, my nere, you go also. It makes thatLyrica, the more I get the stranger I feel yeah become hoot morning. The'sclearly lacked us and tolere child his moms just plying him with macaroni. OhLi, it's not like a stop. Ry Stop He's just crushing mack and cheese yeah. That would be awesome. I thinkshitmocker needed to put that inthe, the video or like, instead of insteadof seal instead of like seal in the the Batman spotlight, Itd, be like a bowlof macarone in cheese and H. Seal comes out of like he's like across the townand then he's like Oh fuck, the Max ready and then Ho like flies across thetown and he's like. Oh thanks for the mack and cheese, THAT'S A FRAT O! No, I'M K sure we have like. We have a asolid screenplay ready to go here, guys I'll start drafting it up tomorrow,PERVEC, but no l lyrics are important. I meanyou know. There are some songs where and now like with. I talked about ThourAllson chains episode right, a lot of the stuff that they talked about indirt was about drugs and death, and I had never done heroin or drugs for thatmatter, but I still felt that I could relate to the to the Music Anto thelyrics and like kind of like the bigger message of kind of being an outsiderfrom Lane saly there. So I always can agree with that, and, but sometimeslyrics are important. Is that everything? No because there's songslike peaches, like I don't know sure, maybe they're talking about sex, maybethey're talking about actual fucking peaches- I don't know, but the songsgreat. It makes me happy so I'm going to like it so doesn't matter yeah, andI think the thing too is what allison chains was so good at. Is that songfeels like you're on a drug right? Their albums have this entire vibe andthe lyrics, and all that add to the overall field right yeah I mean, ofcourse there are songs, like hat when...

Claptin did tears from heaven andyou're like that song purely exist for those lyrics those words he speaking tothis moment of trauma. Sure I get that, but also it's like you know when I seea video like the semi sonic, guys right, they're, all like oh closing timesabout the birth of a child. You're like fuck off, don't lie like we all nowdon't be like that ot it. I know who I want to go home with and you're like.Oh really, your unborn fetis could see you guys from the womb and was likecheck. I like these parents. Like I mean, I think that ca fear that the kidsay that about alike- I think I've heard I don't know four thousandartists- do their indition of Halalua and every single one of them, no matter what actually makes me Wellupthat song is just like, and the lyrics are deceptively simple, like literallyhe's describing the court progressions anyways in the middle, like on thesecond in the second verse, and I still the vibe though, and that's what Ithink I get what seals talking about, like that's the vibe from that songparticular like he wants o you to feel something profound and like for seal,I'm not sure what he's trying to get at with his vide, but I'm assuming it'shape. It might be time for six. You never know like it's something that isethereal in its own right. You know, but when you have his voice yeah, but Ithink here's allright a couple things right, so I feel like I might be able to get onboard with with the drug part of it right, because he says you're lik to me,like a growing addiction that I can't deny right, yeah and then he's and thenhe says my eyes become large and the light that you shined can be seen. Sohe talks about either someone or something being his addiction and hiseyes get large, and then he talks about snow. Maybe he's faced down in amountain of blow. I don't know so it could very well be that as a guywho's definitely had a share of those experiences. That is not how I I meanto me that when I hear those lyrics red like that, that makes me think of thescene in the graduate right when you know Duston hoppin walks up and he'sjust like. Oh there's, an old lady flashing me over there. My eyes are huge and the white shiningfrom her nethers. You know to me. I think the drugs is probably the leastinteresting yeah yeah, U be in general, though I think most I'venever been into drug songs per se. Unless there's something better goingon right. I don't think drugs are as interesting as people imagine they are no. They are not. No. I put that outthere because one I wanted. I wanted to talk about coke because I think it'sjust fun to talk about it. Also, I onestlyit the songs. It's alove song, I mean it's not, I don't think it's about death. I mean, I think,where maybe he says a kiss from a rose on the gray. I don't know what the grayis, but maybe that could be death. I don't know, but and then he says, likeyour roses in bloom, a light hits the gloom on the gray, so maybe likeimagery of like a funeral there. Perhaps I don't know, but I feel likeit's about love right. He says you become ha light on the dark side of meand love remained the drug, that's the high and not the pill. So I thinkthat's. I think. That's really. What he's talking about and then he alsosays right, like a growing addiction that I can't deny, I think, he's justlike. I really like hanging out with you or I mean. Maybe I here's. I thinkthe real thing is it's about love and drugs, because maybe he likes hangingout with her because they both do coke and maybe it's Oneen I mean it could to me. I readit isbecause again pairing it in my mind. I can't separate the Batman right soyou're like yeah the fact it's kind of a wintery setting right you're like Oh.This is a brooding love song, yeah and what it was to me. I always think of itas Batmanne's like Fuck Dud. All I want to do is go punch, people and breakbones, but you know man that Chase Maridian. So when he says you're mypower, my pleasure, my pain right,...

...maybe it's something he's fighting for.Obviously the pleasure part kind of is written on the wall, but you knowanytime, you open up and love someone there's this enormous opportunity forpain and failure and vunorability that, especially to someone like Batman, he'slived his whole life to armor that stuff out to me. It just. I think it'sjust an interesting version of the lot song. It's not just stinging. The highpraises right, it kind of hints tat. This is great right now, right thatmaybe the gray is I was you know down in in a bad place. You have lit this up,but I'm also aware that the seasons change you know this. This could all goaway. So I've always seen it is the brooding, the Brooding Tome, it's in alove S, it's funny that you put it that way because, like Griffy and I've beenrecording for February or month of emour and epectially just recorded someepisodes last night- and I was thinking about this while we were- I wasactually reading the lyrics today and I mean to me like yeah. The whole thingis just about I mean, obviously I could be like crasts and say, like Oh, maybelike now that your roses and bloom a light hits the grion an. Maybe it'slike, Oh cool. Now that, like you know, I'm going down on you, it's liketotally cool the were all together to be a hundred percent. When I fell inlove with the SOG every time that layer came out, I was like Abouti found. Grandpai do think, but I do this. I think, there's thisElner eaus like the gothic romance like it's this forbidden, it's not forbiddenlove. I guess, but it is this. Like Want Im love you want this. You wantthis pain, you want all of it like it doesn't matter what phase it's in likeGriffi is saying the seasons, but it's the thing that it's the thing it's thisthing that preserves that makes you feel connected to whoever this otherperson is it's again. It's it's a weird ethereal, love song that I every time Ilisten to it. I just, and maybe it's because of the music video and the waythat Goththem city is like built, which I'm assuming is it's just like builtlike a mcsher painting but yeah. It's like a Hellrazer SNM club. I ibut likeevery single time I hear thes song. All I can think of is that, like imagery oflike a tower at like it's like a fucking Anabeli like an a ground popoem wheres, just like these huge gothic castle on the edge of the ocean where apparently they sarve you adelicious macaronian cheese which is delicious Mae. I mean that could be aCak, I'm not here in to shape. I'm not here to king shame. Anyone do yourthing. No, no! That's the thing to the song kind ofcomes in deceptibly, small. You know that that l almost like oh we're, lettingyou in on a secret right. It feels like it feels like you walked into like anunderground secret, basement, yeah and you're. Listening to him for the firsttime, it's like. Oh, my God, I found it. I found the answer to everything I'vebeen looking for, so I think yeah, that's how I always played. It is justthis. You can't have love without the pain right like it's, never just goingto be all good yeah and especially for a Batman, love right. That makesperfect sense to me. I mean she's written out in the next fucking movie.True, he always loses the girlfriends in thein the next. He movie after you know, ther Tis AV, like fom, weird excuselike letcheeks, and then it's like she's, like e Mini Im, Ouyeah IM gonnago backdream hunting or whatever H. I there's a this weird thing I will sayalways pisses me off as because I I'm I am a bit of a Snob when it comes tolike I like the album versions of songs, much better than I do like when theyput them on like movie out, and they put them on soundtracks for inspiredbys almost routinely. They like cut out the intro and bring you like one bar inbefore, like the verse starts, and they do that they do that in the music video,like the music video version is the like the endings the fade out. Ithuckin love the end of the album...

...version on this, where it's like him.So Lo singing the lyrics like come on manthat, that's like the that's! That'swhere you hit it. That's where you hit it very Goe, uh a great voice G, but that also gets it at right, likeit's. This ethic soaring thing that his voice is carrying you right with theage of wings, of an angel right and at Teid be singing it all quiet and sad byhimself. You feel the snow start to fall. Totallytlamana that lat bit to me is what solidifies it as a more than so yeahthat it's more than just Ha Batman Song. I can still listen to that and love ittoday is that you know Crechendo at the end tit's just perfection totally wellYeah Thi wrong. Definitely for being, as you know, what you're saying itdefiy is a more then it definitely has the credentials that back it up toright, because the song peaked at number one in a one thousand, ninehudred and ninety five and FYI SEAL has eight songs. Crack Tha US Billbord,hotone hundred three of those making it to a top ten. Now crazy. I talk aboutthem, bfor, it's another phenomenal song. I fucking love that peakedthatnumber seven and if that wasn't enough, it won a grammy during the ninety sixgramy words for record of the year song of the year and best male pop vocalperformance. So yeah, I think I'm glad the academy is in accordance with us.That's awesome, I mean Batman comes legit. Batman wouldnot pull out the Battawaynto a less Tan SOG, no true IRS, no way. Here's as I was researching those scars thathe has on his face. I don't know if you guys know this or not, but it'sactually due to a type of lupis called discoid Lupis. I'M gonna, probablybutcher this but arythmtosis or as the kids calle t on the streets dle. Butit's basically an autum immune skin condition that affects the skin and canleave large scars, and I found tit to be interesting, but patients areusually first treated with sunscreen and then topical steroids. But if thatdoesn't work, an oral medication most likely everyone's favorite hidruxyCloro Queen, can also be used. No, it fixes everthing guys and fixeseverything to warn ull. Those years ago, did't we knowi kind ofremember as a kidbeing a little crass and being like Oh seals, two faceis favorite musician don'tbe, a Shitag like that guy cameout and all of our wives would leave us for seal right, N yeah, overcoming anddomination story right hundred percent yeah. I remember being a little rudeabout it. As a young man, I feel ashamed in my Owa. He has lupis manyeah and I didn't Oyou knowutiwas is classic just jealous, like look at thatfucking guy up there with Heidi Cloum like fuck, that guy yea I'm ashamed.That is that's somewhone I aspire to be like Oh Wowi mean I certainly do now atthis age. I'm g feel like that's. The thing is like, as we get older, themusicians that I worshipp when I was younger, I was like man, I kin did notfigure it out and then, like this guy, ended up dating heigdy cloom and likeputting out what what d you say like eight, no, his eight number one singlesto his name. He had eight yeah, eight eight songs, cracked, the billboard,houone hundred you had three in the top ten I mean come on, like that's the guyyea be He's. No Gemiation II was like him and,like you know, rip Adam Schlessenger, ind, O one person like good Lord. Thatwould be like my all time, favorite guy but thi. This is a great an ad to make sure we all eat ourmacaroni and cheese. Otherwise, you can we caner not like steal. Well,let's I I think we all. I think we all know what we're going with this targuys. But let's, let's give our final verdict here to youth. I'm assuming Iknow what the answer is, but do you...

...think kiss from arose by seals, a legithit or a song gone wrong? Griffyal I'll start with you, I mean maccaroni and apot legit hit absolute domination, and I think it's one of those songs thatwill get better. Is I age into the winter of my own life? It was there forthe spring, it'll be there in the winter, all time or song. For me, absolutelyyeah, all right Alex how about you in the winter. My eighty fourth year, while I sertin my brain tower alone bythe sea, this is the only song I'll be playing altimer hit yeah. This isthat's a good I feel like if you asked a fifteen year old drew, I feel, like Imight have said this- was a song gone wrong back then, but thankfully we'renot talking to fifteen year old Dru, because that kid had you know, I definitely look back on itnow and I'm like yeah this. This song is Great. His seals voice is legendary.I could listen to him siing pretty much about anything. Doesn't matter like. Ihonestly wish. I could bring him to my regular job and have thim sing like mysprint planning sessions and my daily scrums for me, but sadly I don't. I don't think he doesthat. Maybe we can figure that out on Cameo Camia, that's Goai Butbut, I say yeah. This is a legit hitand and also Dave, my other cuthost. He actually phoned in his vote and he saidthis is also a legit hit, so we're all eman here, but we also what we do is welost like to ask our fans and let's see what they have to say about this and based on my notes here and off ofthe survey we ran. Seventy nine per cent said this song is a legit hit, sowe have. We have a unanimousthat, but it should be higher. I think, should beway higher than seventy nine percent. I be amanded yeah. I feel like thisshould be at least like around eighty five yeah. But again you know, maybesomebody had a bad experience with it. Maybe somebody played it and maybe thegirl they're, trying to woo as like. You know what I fucking hate Batman orI don't like seal what you said: Frede Pbaly Yeah, my own house, aty s, that's notth o reflect on seal hat reflects on you. My friend I mean I agree. N Al bewinners as my dad tol no, but I mean no. No. I wasn't sayingthat at all butg you can tell Ayelsethat, but apparently twenty one percent maybehad some adverse reactions, as we say in the pharmaceutical world to theparticular song, so ioe knowit, if that's firing back on Batman forever asa movie more than the song itself, egreed, that's a fair! That's a fairassessment! There's a there's! Definitely there's definitely a symptomof it's definitely a symptom of it likebecause it it's associated with Batman forever but again like I am an ardentfan of that movie. So I don't know I'm one of the I'm one of the weird ones. Iguess, but we got, we got a good amount of feedback on this one. So let me readoff some of th the notes we got from twitter. So what AF o listen? IrishKeith at Tismey Selphino said I bloody will hate to say this, but it's a legitfucking hit as soppy and soft as it is. It's still a decent tune. You can slapme now if you like stuff, my God, Sir too. Messant is whatI go at pipe seentwenty set. It's amazing. Ilearned how to play and sing this on my Youca Liley a few years ago, not sure Ido it justice, but I sure try a true original with a unique progression andamazing, vocal layering. That's funrifts griff whipping out that Youkthese days. So I think we got a new... for you to learn man there. I haveall Adit I've been learning Tossa, coindor witcher right, that's the onlyreason I started playing Yucala. We also had some feedback from our goodfriend Melinda Barnett. She said she said this song creeps me out and another one of our listeners. snobbygirl, Seventeen said you, but you know so there could be rissue that we'rejust not sinteeis there a gender issue yeah. I said the same thing. Shespecifically said the sum gives her the creeps. I never figured O help why exactly andmy wife, my wife, loves this song. Sowho knows man yeah and the last twothat we have here. We have Tom Mongia from the hold on them. Almost air podcastsaid definitely hit, though I wasn't into it and Frank Corona, one of hiscohosts from that same pokast at absolute hit, if you're still sininginit it's at the very least, a wicked ear wig. It definitely is an earworm forsure butit's, a good ton. It's a good tune, that's a good metri to judge asong but yeah. I agree. The yearworm thing is important, sometimes well there all Vdeno N, no ars who letthe dogs? U Yeah, that'strue the dark time. You know how many times like so my oldest daughter, she's,seven now, but when she was probably like one, we, oh my God, we must havelistened to the ABC song from Sesame Street like we would we would. She wasnot good. She was not good in the car and we I remember. We went toPhiladelphia one day to I forget what park it is B. I went to a park and owin the right home. She was like losing her shit and I'm like please stop like.Please just call him down wbut. You can't calm down like a one year oldbecause she's like fuck, you I'm one, but then what we w. What usually wouldhelp calm her down was we wild play? Music so usually was like either likethe frozen soundtrack or she loves sesame street back then. So we wouldplay the BC song and she stopped crying. However, Wei don't even know how manytimes we heard that fue. That's we played that song on repeat for theentire, like ninety minute drive it was to get home and that song was more than ingrained in my brain forlike the next several days, I'm like I just couldn't get it out so er on yeah, it yea the earworm. Youknow, criteria is moderately applicable, I would say, but I don't think it'severything fucking sesame street ABC song. I mean yeah, that's true, a song thatyou liked right, because yeah, I think every parent has that, like mine was mykids coming of age. Was Mojana? Oh Yeah Itslike, I heard rock thank you sometensand times and then my youngest son was like inthe Baby Shark Age Group, so Oh that fucking song yeah take those songs out,because that's that again, that's getting back into the black magic ofBohemian Rhapsoty we'r like how do I shut this other body down right? But iftake a song that you liked is you know c? I think we have a lot of them rightme and my wife did this a couple weeks ago, the back and forth. Oh Yeah! Wellthis song, you liked at thirteen sucks, oh yeah, we are having a war right andsome of them you look back you're like you know what I'm still not ashamed ofthat, because I'll still hear that in the shower ad be like okay, that stillgot something left over in my brain, most of it, you Jedason, but I think,if it hangs in there like that yeah, I think I think I'm going to startcounting that as a an extra star up an extra bumpup, yeah yeah we're doing anepisode on faith by Limpbiscuit. Coming up soon and and loved, I love that album when itcame out in ninety seven and- and so I put it on, I was I was working out. Theother day was like this would be a good gym. You know, music to listen to Omay,both by tasking I'm working out and brushing up for ur one of our episodesand I'll tell you what man it's still and then I feel like in the jym settingit's pretty decent, but is that out their first record orthat offsignificant other ther dilyo free...

...dollar bill e o? No, we all had. I I remember thatwrestling team. When I was at high school, it was like a lot of cornohyeah Li. I W that phase where Lim bascit was just kind of in there, and Ifeel like they're, one of those you but a lot of bands. In that era, you neversettled ons. My wife came after corn, hard n you're, like you know what Istill stand by corn right, good, singer, unique sound. They were doing somethingat least different right and then theeas. This daylo bad bands that cameafter them. It all sounded as I call him Indiana radio right where I grew uplike the Indiana radio, songs and lympisgit was olly because they havethat uniqueness, but then you're, I don't know yeah. That's the tough I'llbe interested to hear where you come out on that one yeah I'll be honest,I'm still not sure. So, if I had to go gut, I would say F minus, but I think I would have been more likethis is like a c plus. Oh back, then back in ninety seven Iwould have been like this is one of the best albums ever made. But again,seventeen year old, drew wouldn't know his ass from his elbow so yeah right,thankme, I gotitfiged, but, gentlemen. I think we, I think weI think we did what we came here to do. We discussed the so we brought somegood points up, but I don't before we sign off again. Why don't you guys justgive a quick one more little pitch to everybody else and let them know wherethey can find you. We are the film alchemist podcast. You can find us on atwitter, Insacram, facebook, all the social media. You guys do we do thattoo. We have a youtube channel where you can watch video versions of some ofthe stuff we do and some other movie debates film alchemist. You can findthat channel there and yeah film alcomis podcast, wherever you find itwherever you find songs gone wrong. You know subscribe to both leave ratings inreviews for both that dol just fight the out or the moverlords yes and yeahan the same way. These guys talk about songs. We love to hear from you guysand talk about movies. People want to hear about so unther suggestions.Whatever you get co a FA, eed Finwanto programaman forever. It's happening forsure, yeah cool! Well, thanks again guys forjumping on and thanks everybody else for listening to songs, gone wrong.

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