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Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts


We tackle our first cover song as we discuss this Rascal Flatts cover of a 90s classic from Tom Cochrane, Life is a Highway. Is this cover a legit hit or a Song Gone Wrong? Also Dave learns about the dark side of Drew and they discuss other great cover songs.


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Hey everyoone and welcome to songs gonewrong where we, along with you, the fans decide of these hit songs, got itright or did those songs go wrong? I wont of Your Host Drew Zahmin enjoyingme, as always, is Dave Shal Stave? How are you doing today? Good Sihe am ashappy as a harmonica. Thank you so much for asking that's what I do I'm always.I always want to make sure you're happy and in a good mood. I appreciate that.That's my goal now, speaking of being good moods, this is a song that might not put me in a good mood, butwe'll get to that in a quick second. But if you haven't done soalready guysmake sure you hit subscribe to our podcast, so that Wey, you can make sureyou get all of our episodes when they come out which in fact is twice a week,and if you could also leave us a five star review on itunes boy. That wouldbe swell and we would be so happy for that and if you do leave us a five starview, an Itunes, please let me know and we will have a sticker. A your veryyoung songs gone wrong sticker sent out to you. So let me know when you do thatand we'll have one sent over to you and you can also follow us on twitter,instagram. facebook. All of our socials are at songs gone. You can drop us anemail, sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom andyou can also visit our playlist on spotify. So every time we do an episode,we will put thes song out on our spotify playlist a day in advance andthat's just called the songs gone wrong. playlist on spotify, so you'll know wecan you can study up brush up on whatever song we're going to talk aboutthe following day? And that way you can, you can be all ready to go handy dandy.Oh super handed Dandy. Now this episode, we are talking about Toja. It's a songcalled life is a highway, but we are talking about the version by the rascalflats, which was off their album me and my gang, which came out in two thousandand six. The song writer was Tom Cockrin. He wrote this back onethousand nine hundred and ninety one and was featured on his album med madworld now dave. What are some of your memories of this song? Life is ahighway, the remake or the cover, absolutelynone, but the original. Interestingly enough, I had a friend in the hometown that Igrew up in and his dad looked exactly like Tom Cockran. Even to the pointwhere his nickname was Hollywood and we took to callinghim Hollywood Cochrin.Can you believe that that's awesome? You well yeah? I mean that's kind oflike I don't know most people if they want to be compared to somebody, maybeit's a little higher up the food chain than Tom Cockrin, but hell if the glovefits yeah. I wouldn't mind that also, I feel like from the S and s and evenmaybe a little bit further back me like two, but like growing up in the s an S.I feel like a lot of the musicians that were maybe a little bit older,definitely look like dads and especially like baseball players likeif you look at Ba, because I have a ton of baseball cards from the S and M s,you can just pull up pretty much any card and you could just be like wowthat that just looks like somebody's dad like sid bream, looks likesomebody's dead. You know there's like some, so many guys, that's just likethey look like someone's dad and it's fantastic. But now I mean you look atsome of these guys that are you know... in their lates. You know. Maybeyou know some of them. Theyre hanging around early for, like Tom Brady,doesn't look like anyone's dead he's forty three and he's still slinging teball around. Like a champ, you know so it's pretty pretty insoon o see howthat's changed a bit, but well it was a completely different training. Rigmenback thanthat did include like a pack of camels in a six pack of, but youknow in Bestween, indings yeah, exactly and you're right like lot. The ballplayers, look more like your local insurance agent or something that theydid starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers or what have you yeah, yeah andsome musicians that way to except Stephen Tyler. He still looks, like youknow, he's a rock star good for Nana yeah, but I remember, I rate te outle.I remember the original song from Tom Crocker and I liked it. I wasn'tenthralled by it necessarily, but I did like it. I vaguely remember when theRascal Flats version came out, namely did a Disney pretty much plastering itall over commercials and anything at all involved for the cars movie beforeI get into some more hero, a question for you, sir, so soth as is a cover.What are some cover? Songs? You, like wow, that's a wonderful question: let's seese cover songs. I, like, I would have to say easy by faith. Nomore probably my might top that list, Miss Robinson, the lemon heads andthere's a fantastic album by David Bowei called PINUPS, which is allcovers, and he does a hell of a rendition of CE emily play, which Ihighly recommend how about you drew yeah. Those are good ones. Definitelythe faith. Nomare one is fantastic. I Would Solway Wel O. definitely thatone, my other one suck come on. No, I mean I like the other ones, but if Ihad to pick one of the ones that you mentioned, I would have. Saie is yeah.Those are good ones and easy was a good pick, the other ones Han that' so sure,but now no din keep going. I know I oo putting words in your mouth, I'm sorsure are Yon, you sure are yeah. For me, the I would say my favorite is thechauffeur by the deafh tones. That's my all time. Favorite cover, I wouldactually go so far as to say they surpassed the original bides randa ran,although their versions also good hurt. I love the ninech nails version,but johnny cash, an amazing job with it I feel, and it's Sori I feel like Tretresrers version was dark and creepy. While cashes was almost like dark andsad, you know it just. I was definitely had his own spin on it and it was great. Both of them were just you know.Awesome. I also really liked love spit loves rendition of the Smith's. Howsoon is now great tune- and also I like take on me- rol big fish- did the Ahacover. I think I, like the Aha version better, but I think rol bicg fishdidday a good job with that one. Well, that's the AO question right there. Youknow true. You just mentioned you like some of the covers better than theoriginal. That's like yeah, enjoying the sequel more than the first film ofa franchise Yeah Yeah I mean for the chauffeur definitely and the deaftones also did a really good version of simple man that Leonard Skinnard Song.I think winner Skinnard is still the better of the two, but they did aphenomenal job covering it, though so yeah. I MEA it's not easy to have yourcover be better than the original, but when they do it's pretty awesome also,was it Kip me honest Yeur, I think it waspennywise. Did a version of landdown under really pretty sure I'm the wrong guy? To keepyou honest on that? I do not listen to Penny wise at all. So, whatever you say,I'm just going to say: Okay Sure Yep they did it yeah. It was pretty fuckingawesome. I thought I'm almost POSI IV ispanny wis. I said the UBBLE checkmake sure I's Pany wise but yeah. They also. I think system of a down did acover of as a song called Metro and...

...that one might have been a blondioriginal. I'm not a hundred percent sure. I think it was Blonzi but yeahmetro there. They did it for the Draculat twohousand soundtrack, prettycool cover, so yeah there's a lot of there's a lot of good covers out thereand the one were talking about today. Is it's a cover anyway, Tom cocran saidthis song was almost called love as tha highway and Cockran was inspired towrite this. After a trip to Africa with his famined relief organization, WorldVision and that triprealy touched him- and he said, the trip was mindbendingand soul sapping and said he was mentally physically and spirituallyexhausted from that trip and he wounds up Brigting a sketch of the song inabout an hour, and he also said it was the most positive song he had writtenand it came out of a very heavy experience for him and he needed tokind of give himself a peptokto kind of break him out of that, funk that he wasin u, after that trip. So pretty cool good that good to see that he was, youknow, doing some stuff to help people so so yeah. Now the rascal flats version peaked atnumber, seven on the US billboard, hot one hundred in July of two thousand andsix and like I said this version was feature on the Disney hit movie carspretty much helping it kind of clumb Wut the charts. Now Tom Cockrin'sversion peaked TAT number six on the US billboard, hot one hundred back inAugust, Oe thousand nine hundred and ninety two. Now the rascal flatsversion that song has been streamed over twohundred and fifty million times on spotify and rascal flats have over sixpoint five million monthly listeners on spotify. Now here is the real crime.Tom Cochran, who wrote the song his randition of life is a highway, hasbeen streamed only sixty two million times on spotify, and he has only eighthundred seventy six thousand monthly listeners on spotify so yeah anyway, I was going to say youknow what honestly prior to us kind of like pregaming thisepisode, I had never heard a rascal flat song and then, coincidentally, wetalked about baseball players being you know, kind of like Dad bods back in theS and yeah. I was not a father at this point in time when cars came out, sothis whole cover song completely eluded me. Thankfully yeah I mean at that time.I was not a father either, but I feel like N, I would put on the TV and you Ifeel, like the odds were you're going to see a cars, commercial and you're.Just your piks are fanatic, admit it. No, not back then mean. I trust me, mykids and I watch movies. You know all the picksare and Disney movies. Now wehave Disney, plus I mean Disney plus, is like one of the gras on vencionsever because we do use it on almost daily basis, but yeah back then now that was aboutthwend a twenty six back then I was probably I probably Wa. I was busydoing things that I don't even remember anymore. So yeah you were drunk Eatin,Roman, that's what you were doing or like cheese, sandwiches and Burger pretty much like everything. I regretnow happened around that time, so but yeah so other songs around that time.So if you look at the rest of the chart, number one was: do I make you proud byTaylor Hicks? I do not remember that song at all number two was hipstont lieby Shakira number. Three was premiscuous by Nelli Fortato andTimbelin, for was it's going down by young Jack. Five was riding bykamillionaire and crazy bone. Great name number six was crazy by Narls,Barkeley and then seven was life is a highway. Now some other songs out there.Fourteen was Danny California by the Chili Peppers. Nineteen was, I write,sins lot: tragedies by panic at the disco, hat's cool tune. Twenty threewas unwritten by in Tha Tasha Benfield. Thirty five was summertime by KennyChesney. Thirty seven was another rascal flat song. What hurts the mostand then finally, sitting at forty was Jersey's own. Bon Jovy with WHO saysyou can't go home, so you can see. I...

...mean I feel like tiylor Hicks was kindof like a countryish guy. He I think he was on like American idol or somethinglike that. So you have that you have two rascal flat songs and you had aKenny Chesny Song in there. So there's definitely a little country presence in the top, forty back intwo thousandand six. I don't know man CNW is definitely one of my blind spots as faras is like recognizing who the artists are the songs that they do so I couldn't even tell you a Kennychesnew song right now. Oh, I could tell you probably more than I thoughtmy wife is a big Kenny Chezzi Fan soerwas. My my brother and sisterinlawthey're, big Kenny Fans E, actually went to go see him a couple years ago.It was owas the fun conser Kenty Chesthese, basically the younger kindof newwer, maybe a little bit more country or version of Jimmy Buffet. Sobasically you go to his concerts to basically just yeah your tail gating,your pregaming you're, getting hammer in to parkand Lotin Oan to go in andwatch the show I mean he's. I I don't mind Kenny, there's some songs that Idon't like from him, but I feel like, for the most part, he's not too badhe's he's one of my least offenders he's not a Brantley Gilbert or okay.Well, you know whatever the case may be here. I don't know him. I don't knowanybody else, so I am presenting you with my music offician ato card andfeel free to tear it up and throw all the little pieces back into my face.Come on, I'm not going to do that. I have I have I have class, I'm not goingto do that now. Well, discuss like gentlemen! Okay, we do here. I knowwhat this is: It's just a great team workthis is partnership. You're, goingto inform me about these guys sing about pickup trucks, cows and I don'tknow daton theres, yeah yeah, pretty much well PS, we'll get there now. One of the things you like to talkabout is like how does this song compare to other songs on the album andwe know, like I said, there's another hit song on there. What hurts the mostI'll tell you, what hurts the most having to sit through and listen tothis whole. Damn album. The first song stand is one hundred percent cheese.The second song on there was what hurts the most, not a fan of that one. It'skind of it's pretty much trash. I don't like it every now and then I'll come across thesong that when I hear it like it, just it gets to the core of me and it drivesme fricking insane. It just makes you want to like punch something or it justlike takes me to a very dark place. You know- and it's makes me want to likestart like punching somebody or something it just drives me insane.That is one of those songs. I hate that song. It's terrible anyway, go anothersong: U Cow! fucking rascal flats anyway, there side of the drew sorightneed to get hat printed on a TSHIRT. Now, okay, there o the dark dark sideof the drew well the Tshirt drafted up and then we'll have that available onour T, public stort, which, by the way guys we have our tea public store open.We have one shirt on there right now: R Our songs gone wrong. Logo so feel free,we'll put a link out on that. SOTER ASTER! Look at you, man, I'msorry fur interrupting, but that was smooth as oh wow, baby's botto as good.That was good. Now, there's no song on the album called backwards. Now theintro reminded me of we shall be free by Garth, Brooks love. We shall be freeby Gorth Brooks backwards. I don't like that. Song is pure ass. It's basicallyabout that saying right when you play a country song backwards, you get yourdog back, your house, back your girl back Yadi Adiaa, what that's what thissong was thisis, a Sol yeah. This is a song on their album. It's like! Oh, youget your wife back, your dog back your money, it's like it's! So this is one of the things I hate themost about country artist. When country arts do these songs that are basicallyLik. It's like a slogan net should be on a tshirt right. EAH, there's save ahorse ride a cowboy that's a song. It...

...should just be a tshirt and leave it atthat. And now we talk about Kenny Chesney and I don't like some of thelady, I like the majority of the stuff, but there's some songs from Kenny thatI don't like one of them is she thinks my tractor sexy. That's pretty sure,that's what he closed his concert out with, but I'm like that's like theworst one of the worse songs. Ever again, she thinks by tractor sexty. YouKnow Funny Tshirt Haha Song, no there's another one called Honkey Tonk BadonkaDonk, that's a country song, Tra Sadkins, some Beech Red Solo Cup, likethose songs, are tshirts at best nothing more. They should not be athree or four minutes song stupid slogan. You see it a store. You look atthe shirt, you give it a quick, two second grin and then you keep onwalking by so anyway. I'm I'm done well. I mean I imagine these the shirts beingair brushed, not even legial problem, screened, yeah, yeah, yeah for sure orlike an Ironnot, or something like that right, but I yeah over. Overall, I wasnot impressed by the album. I just got the feeling that these guys weren'tgood enough to be a rocker pop band, so they went country. That's my that's myassessment of Rascal flats so anyway, but I think when you look in the lyricshere, I think when you everyody knows the hook to this one, but the lyricsare pretty uplifting right and very blue collar. You know they're very realand down to Earth they're gritty a bit and there's lines like this is the roadand these are the hands and I'll be there when the light comes in just tellthem where survivors, you know, the lyrics are good. You know nothing.Earth shattering there, but still good, just positive, uplifting stuff and yeahwaty. What do you think about the lyrics? Are you ar you a fan of themessage yeah here we go again with messaging. I just I'm kind of curious. As far as you know,you just said: Oh well, they oo they're uplifting, I want to see through, iskind of like any when you turn over a stone, if you think there's any kind ofsubliminal messaging going on in there, but for me yeah justlike explore life enjoy it have fun. I got no issue with that. Unless youagain, you have something else. You want to add like it's about. You know finding yourselfor talking to your inner child or any of the other Gobity Gook. You tend tocome up with. Well, to be honest with you Dave, I kind of think that thissong is actually a bit more literal than what people think I feel like thessong is about the infrastructure in America and how we desperately needCongress to reallocate funds to helper, broken down roads and bridges and also,by doing so were create thousands of jobs and help the economy. So I mean, Ithink, that's a total win win oally! That's what Tom Cochrin was saying younever! Let me down ever yeah now, Ta bit this songs. Like I just Lik pickyour head up. Keep on moving life. Is tough FOT keep plouing ahead. That'spretty much pretty much. WHAT THE SONGS ABOUT!That's all! I got okay, anythiyng als from you, you want to you want to diveinto the final verdict here. No well! I do want to mention. Onething is that one time when I was sleeping over my friends house, the onewho had the dad that looked like Tom Cockran Hollywood, cockrin HollywoodHollywood, yeah yeah, he he got really drunk hone night came in and pissed inthe kitdy litter box. That was in my friend's room thinking. It was thebathroom so yeah I don't know. Maybe it's like every time the song comes up.It's like one of those things is going to be with me forever: a grown manpeing in a kiddy litter box. Maybe I'm traumatized, I don't know, but I wantto throw that out there into the Internet and to the world. That's agreat story, not really EALYNO. It's awesome, Buti might knowhim or his child. Perhaps but or me I was there. What are you talking about?Butit wa Orod, you know if I was like, was Likedad Stop Ping into Kitty Litteragain yeah ie arsing, so well. I think I've done worse over time, so yeah,that's forgiven, yeah, all right DA, so life is a highway by rascal flats rightrememberwe're, talking about the rascal flats version here now. Do you thinkthis is a legit hit, or do you think it... a song gone wrong? It's funnybecause when we originally talked about doing this song, I was ready just torip it because it was in fact a cover, and then I listene to it quite a fewtimes. Today again, I wasn't exposed to the the ads like the nauseeating ads that youar you know. You recalled and everything t e have to do with cars andand what have you and do? I think it's a better version of the song? No. Doesit have more bells, whistles, frills and everything else yeah it does theyspruce it up a little bit. Does it make it better? No, so then Iboil it down to what I even consider the original song to be a legit hit. Idon't know man, I think that's one of those boardline ones for me, we're init's a lot of people, you'd have to remind them or maybe sing a couple barsof the song for them to go. Oh yeah, I remember that one. So I guess the song did serve a purpose.It kept it kept. The you know the tune in the limelay a little bit, but Iwould have to say it is not a legit hit, so you're saying then life is a highwayby rascal flats is in fact the song gone wrong. Yeah, it's a Song Gongwrong. Yes, thank you for clarifying that for me and everybody else thereout there it' statesjust, it's MDACKS, no, no I'mkiding! It's actually notthat bad of a song. Don't get me wrong! The remate here, it's just yeah! I don't think there'sany kind of redeeming quality to it. That would make anybody look back,favorably upon it and go man. I need myself some rascal flats life is ahighway right now, yeah. I think it's appropriate that the songwas using a Disney movie, because this you know rendition of life is a highway,is kind of like a disnification of the original by Tom Col whow, just okay, erjust watered down for the masses. The original was a bit more raw and genuine.The Rascal Flats version was done by musicians who seem like studio smusicians, just cranking out a song to collect a paycheck and a guaranteed hit,since it was already a hit ther. Their version has no heart. Ialso can't get over how I think the lead singer is the love child of GuyFietti and Steve Harwell, the lead singer from smashmouth. I can't getthat out of my head th, that's a problem for me and, as Iwas putting my notes together for this episode and I like to listen to thesSong, you know just keep it going as I'm putting my notes down then stuff. Ihad to stop listening to the Rascal Flats version and put on the cock renversion instead, because it was just driving me insane. I hate it. Life Lifeis a highway. is to me it's comparable to Yinlink. I don't know how many ofour listeners out there have the pleasure of drinking Yin Ling, butthat's a delicious Pennsylvania, logger so good, but to me Tom Cockrin, his version, it's that'sYenlink, it's good! It's awesome! I, like it. The Rascal flats version.That's Yinling light now as much as I love Yennling, I really hate yellinglight. That is an ask light beer. It is garbage and that's what this song isgarbage. The Rascal flads versin of life is a highway as a song gone allthe Dan way wrong, not only that their whole album is an album that went wrong.Music like this is basically like the lowest common denominator ofentertainment. This these guys, would be a cover band at best, and I hatemost cover bands fuck this song and Fuck Rascal flats. That's what I got tosay about that and the Horse. They rode in on that's right: okay, yeah wow! Iwas going to say it's a very polished song, though I mean you just Mab Yeahostudio musicians who went in, but you just saying it's a polished, Hurd well coming from them. It is, I meanthey just just just because you add an extra lake, fucking, ucalaliar andextra band jo to make it more country sounding it doesn't make it better. Imean they it's the production of it, I think, was better because they just...

...overproduced it. So that's fine, youknow it's insanely clean and they have all these like extra things in there,but that doesn't mean it's. You know doesn't mean it's better or good at all.For that matter, right I mean you can when you, when you gets to the core of,if you take all those bells and whistles away, and you listen to the tothe singer, there's like there's nothing. He has no heart in this song.Okay! Well, you already told me how he looks and I feel like that's terriblehorrible and if I ever saw someone like that inpublic, I probably have the point and laugh and I'm not a nasty guy but dodthat amalgum that you just describe to me that Combo is just a we bit icky,that's what it looks like t'sa. It's all Oferu, all right all right, so weboth think this thing is, I dump of a tune right, yep some going wrong, butit doesn't always matter what we think does it? No, it doesn't. No! So who dowe turn to the fans? Let's sae what the fans have to say about life fiss ahighway by rascal flats, all right, so the fans have spoken andsixty seven percent sand. This is a song gone wrong, so yeah, thankgoodness the fans got it right. I had I had faith in them and they came through.So thank you guys for that and we did get some feedback. So we have at Ryan.Bome said, can't stand that song didn't care much for the original either, butat least it was less country at. I am Paulinice said as a father of smallkids. When cars came out, I can tell you this is a legit ite. I could notescape the song if it gets kids singing along. I must concede it's hitness atJol, Sixix, six Smith said No. They just made it sound like shit you're right on joe and at seventeencandles said I used to say I don't think you should be able to releasecovers as a single. So I'm conflicted on this choice, which is a that's afair. That's a fair point. I don't think you should not. You know releasea cover as a single, but I feel like, if you're going to do that, you bettermake damn sure that covers pretty damn good, hmm. But now I have a questionfor you with the original Tom Cockrin version be on your road trip mix. Maybe probably it is definitely on MI mean it's on mys: playlist, okay, so yeah it made like basically the best of the decade kindof, but would you take it with you on a a long journey, sure a trek, yeah yeahwhen it's a good tune? No, I definitely I like the original, like Tom cockrin'sversion. I remember the video for it nd, the video. Wasn't anything you knowEarth Shattering, but you now it was still cool. I like the original song,okay, Great Yeah, all right. I think that covers it. Rascal flats version oflifas a highway was punintended. There drew what you just said that covers it.So I just said a ttended there that was not wasunintended, wo good catch eah thanks yeah I catch catch as well as any beerbellied to pack a day, smoking, a habit, baseball player, Steve Belboney. Thereyou go, I'm about bony all over the damn place, yeah anything else sor. Wewe good to go here. No, I just want to thank everybody for tuning in. Iappreciate it. I love you and see around the bend yeah and guys, asalways, make sure you hit subscribe where you get your podcast from and youcan find this on. Social Media at songs gone twitter, Instagram, facebook,that's where we are send us an email, sgw podcast at gmlcom, or I vis, aorwebsite, songs, gone wrongcom and also, like I said, misurey check out. Oursongs gone wrong playliss on spotify, so you can kind of keep up the datewith some of the songs that would be talking about for the following days:Episode Bu other than that thanks...

...sorbody for listening to songs, gonewrong and remember guys. Life is a highway.

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