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Maneater by Daryl Hall and John Oates


Drew welcomes back Back and they tackle an 80s hit from the well decorated hit makers Daryl Hall and John Oates. Also we'd like to give a shoutout to Melinda Barnett from hudson Mill Home Bakery for sending Dave and Drew cookies. That is seriously awesome. But this episode, Drew and Bak discuss:

The poor janitor in the video


Online Dating

How much they both miss the 80s


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Hey everyone and welcome some songs gone wrong. Where we, along with you, the fans, the side of these hit songs, got it right? Or did those songs go wrong? And one of your host drew Zachman, and joining me again is our good friend the wonderful and marvelous back tonious Bok. How are you doing today, bub I am doing great. My muscles are feeling a lot better and my back feels a lot better from all this snow shoveling. So I'm all overcoruperated and I'm ready to rock. Yeah, I am also ready to go and I'm also over this snow. We're going to get a bunch more. So if people, if people don't know our listeners out there. So, Bach Your you live in New Jersey, where where I'm originally from, and I live on Pennsylvania, but we've been getting hammered with snow the past couple weeks and we have a whole bunch more into forecast. So I am I'm done with these. First of all, I'm done with these like two hours delays that my daughter keeps getting. They are horses. HMM. So I'm like, just because we don't because we don't work, we just do this stuff for a living, right? Well, yeah, I mean we are successful. I mean how, man, how much money do we make? I mean I like, I literally white my ass with hundred dollar bills because of this part. And then what I do, because we make so much money, I make it to ply. So I use two one hundred dollar bills. Jealous? Well, you, you your new yet, so you're you only use fifty bills. Everybody, everybody likes you. Lyssi us. So. But before we get going, guys, if you haven't done so already, make sure he hit subscribe, so that way you make sure get all of our episodes and they come out, which in fact US twice a week. And if you could leave us a five star review on Itunes, that would be awesome. And if you do,...

...let me know and I will have your very own songs gone wrong sticker mail to to your house for free. All you got to do is leave us a review. That's all I got to do. And you can also follow us on twitter and Instagram at songs gone drop us an email. SGW podcast at gmailcom, or is that our website, songs gone wrongcom? Also, we have our own songs gone wrong playlist on spotify so you can keep up to date with the songs we discussed each episode. Now, before we get started, I would like to give a quick shut out to one of our listeners, Melinda Barmnet. She's been a longtime listener of our show and recently she shipped Dave and I homemade cookies from her store, Hudson Mill Home Bakery in Irvine, Kentucky, and I just want to say these cookies are delicious and we're also approved by my wife and daughters and, if you guys follow us on twitter, Dave also was a big fan of fi cookies as well. So, Melinda, thank you very much. And yes, we also do work for cookies as well as all those hundred dollar bills. I am love it. I'm not too picky. But but speaking of cookies and eating those delicious cookies, back what Song Are we talking about this episode? We are talking about the nineteen eighty two hit man eater by hollow notes. Can I just say it's not hollow notes. It is Daryl Hall and John Oates. Yes, because that's what their ticket is. But the media made a jess hallow notes correct. Yes, but you know for us first and then you know we can just call him haul a notes are we can. We can just call sometimes we call him Darryl and John and we still know. Not, of course, because these guys, because these guys, what I love about them is their local to us. Yeah, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, that's right now, and you are absolutely right. This came out in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, off the album hundred, and the people involved in writing the Song Sarah Allen, Daryl Hall and John Oates. And now, if you want a little fun tidbits, you know that Song Sarah Smiles from Halla notes. HMM, well, I love that song.

That's that's a good one. Well, I'll tell you what. Sarah Allen was in a relationship with Daryl Hall which actually ended in around two thousand and one, and she helped write a few of their other hit songs. You make my dreams private, eyes and man eater. Well, Sarah Smile was written about Sarah Allen. So little, Little Fun Trivia there for people. So you tell your friends and watch how much you impressed them. Sort it's a thirty year relationship. Not Bad ride for to Sharon Darryl. Yeah, not to not to shabby at all. As say. Also, John OATES was born in New York but is from North Wales, Pennsylvania, which is actually where I work when I do actually go into the office, which I haven't done on like a year now, and and Daryl Hall is from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, which is like thirty minutes from my house. So not bad having these local guys on the charts. Hum. Yeah, do you do you know where they met? Was it? And it was in Philadelphia, somewhere, right. Yeah, they both went to temple and they were in two different bands and they met that met each other at a at a bandfest, right, and a big fault up, big fight broke out and they they scattered and they met in an elevator. That's that leg, and then they just they took off and then they're like, you know what, listen, let's make a bunch of hit songs for the next like twenty years. What do you say? Thirty years? They're still going, baby, there still yeah, they still are. But Pete, what are some of your memories of Man Eater? Well, the first thing about the band who notes is the mustache. That was the first and the hair, you know, but the crappy video, I mean I think all the early are early s moved videos always kind of captured that crappiness, the looking at each other, singing, the bandmates and, you know, the band lighting. But what topped it off of that song was the panther in the video. Oh Yeah,...

Oh yeah, and you know, you know there's some dumb prick janitor that didn't get the memo that the panther was going to be in there that day. He walks in about them up the studio and he sees his Goddamn Panther. Someone Y has someone definitely let him know about that. But I mean, it wasn't one of my favorites, but I mean it's a classic. I mean nineteen eighty two. I was four, but that song just kept it just kept on being played and played. So it when I heard it was nineteen eighty two, I felt like it was like more nineteen eighty five, hundred and eighty six because it was just so ingrained in my brain. Oh Yeah, Oh, and it got plenty of airtime as well. So Dave is actually not on this episode, but he he's a big fan of this song and he just wanted to say before I get into my memories of the song, but he just said he said that he lost his virginity. The John Notes is mustache in one thousand nine hundred and eighty five. So, I mean, you're not wrong. I mean the mustache, man, it's phenomenal. I mean, when you think about some of the best mustaches in history, right, you got you got oats. For me personally, Don Mattingly had one of the best mustaches ever. Keith Hernandez, Tom Selik, magnum Pi. Yeah, these are all great. Yeah, you got to put all Cogan in there too. Yeah, he had a good one too. I mean, and you know what, my dad had a pretty sweet I know, if you remember my dad, he had a sweet stash. He's well, he actually he's brought it back, which is good. I'm out. That made me happy. He shaved it off for a while, but then he's like, you know what, I'm bringing it back. So did he? Did? He have like that Fu Manchu, if I remember correctly, at some point, and maybe I'll just as just a stash it is, it was a yeah, it was just a stash, but it was that thing. He should have given me out a name. Now. When do you ever grow your beerd or a foot like a Fu...

Manchu or goatee or anything. Yeah, I mean I when I was like nineteen or twenty, I actually had a pretty legit goatee and I may or may not have like bleached it. That's neither hand or that. It was a weird face for me, Bro what. What is wrong? There's a lot wrong with me. But but I recently, like I went around like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Jan and most of January without shaving. So I had a pretty legit beard and mustache, like I could actually twist my mustache and have a little bit of a handle mare there. But I tried trimmed it a bit. So I don't have that anymore. But that's the I'm like. I usually have like about a like my ideal spots, like about a week or two stubble and then I'm and then usually I rinse and repeat. Love it, yeah, love it. But yeah, this song, I mean you're to your point. Like it's one of those songs you hear on the radio growing up, no matter what in the S I don't necessarily have any memories tied to this song, but I mean it's all notes. So I was, I've always been a fan of them. But speaking of being a fan, a lot of people are fans of whole notes, because man eater has been streamed over two hundred sixty nine million times on spotify and I know and hollow notes have over ten million monthly listeners on spotify, which is pretty damn good for these two Pennsylvania Boys. I love it. They're still they're still hip with the kids, which is good. Yeah, I mean they're they spend all different kinds of genres. I mean they were correct me if I'm wrong. They were on the RB number one billboard for being the only Caucasians to ever have a number one hit. Is that? Is that crazy or what? That is crazy. I didn't I actually didn't know that. I mean they and to your point, they do. You know, they do kind of fall under rb. They also kind of fall under kind of jazzy sometimes and, you know, soft rock. I would say. Yeah, I would say they're their rock. They can be rock sometimes. So they they kind of check a lot of boxes with their with their style.

Is is cheese sometimes a John Ron? Yeah, yes, and I think sometimes they do have some cheese in there. For sure. One hundred and one. Yeah, that one is kind of just you know you're not wrong, but it's still a good song. I wouldn't mind it. I wouldn't mind that song. It's not bad. There's so much. There's so much elements to their music. If you just listen to there's so many things that are intertwined, and I mean from the saxophone to, you know, different guitar play the base, just the way they incorporate a lot of them. I mean they it's very well produced and it's very well done and some of the sound effects that like from the keyboards, it's like where did they come up with some of this stuff? It's like unbelievable. Yeah, and it's like that those like little finishes, right, and it's not in overall. I get's not. Sometimes it's not anything major, but it's like now what, let's put a little like like a like a flourish right here for like like a half second. But then when you hear it, it's like wow, that's pretty awesome and it but it really does add to it. No, it's great. I think there's like a little bird sound in this song. I'm like, what arely these guys? That's how what that's all. You what the saxophone is pretty legit. I will say that. Yeah, I mean any song that has legit sacks player, you know, just knocks it down the park and as their solo. You know, I'm when it's done right, yeah, when it's done right. Yeah, these guys definitely did it right. But hallow notes you were talking about before, right, how many hits songs they had? They have had six number one singles on the US billboard hot one hundred. That's pretty nuts overall. Over all, these guys have had thirty four songs hit the US billboard hot one hundred chart, with sixteen cracking the top ten and, as I mentioned before, six of those one all the way to number one. And as for man eater, it was one of those number one hits and it reached the top spot back in December of one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. Now,...

...looking at the chart from that time, in December of eighty two, the top five at that time was man eater at the top spot. Then you had Mickey by Tony Basil was number two. Gloria by Laura Brandigan was number three. Yep, love, that's the girl is mine by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. If anybody's ever heard of those guys? That was number four and number five was truly by Lionel Ritchie. So it's up the pretty solid top five there. Yeah, say so. I mean that's how many? How many weeks were they on top that? I don't know. Okay, but that's pretty impressive though, when you think, when you see that they are ahead of, you know, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. I mean that's you know, that's like legit company right there and lie no Ritchie. So the hollow notes, man, hallow notes, these coast would you? Would you think of the album, huo album? Well, let's let's get into well, let's let before we talk about the album, which I think. I think it's okay, I don't. I don't think this is their best album, but they, I feel like overall whole notes need credit for being borderline legendary. I think, like I said before, write sixteen top ten hits, six number ones, thirty four songs making the billboard hot one hundred chart. But let's you know, if you look at their discography in general here right hto came out in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two was their eleven studio album, right. They eleven. They had the hit songs man eater, family man, which peaked at number six, which I thought was I was okay, and then one on one peaked at number seven off that album. So they had three singles on there. Now, a year earlier, in one thousand nine hundred and eighty one, they released the album private eyes, which, let's be honest, right, if all notes were detective firm, I would totally hire them for all kinds of shit. Right. Also, also, how is that not a movie, or at least a TV show, like whole notes, private eyes solving crimes by day, playing massive concerts at night? Like that would be awesome. I can see the opening and just, you know, with the comb on his mustache and then turning over, you know, and he's got the pistol right on this...

...hip, and I totally see this here. Like hides a gun in his saxophone or the saxophone is a gun. Oh yeah, I like this, I'm telling you. I mean, fuck rigs and Merton. I love them, I love with the weapon, but I would haullow notes solve in my crimes and then, when they like, present the evidence as to who committed their crime. They present the evidence in the a glorious song, I think. I'm telling you, we are sitting on a gold mine right here. And when? When are they? Are they always spray in their hair with the with the hair spray the whole time? We yeah, obviously, maybe not. Maybe not the whole time. I would say like minimum eighty percent of time. It's going to be, you know Ots, you know, keeping his hair fresh, and then and then you have haul, you know, comic, because he has some sweet hair too. So combing his hair and maybe oats becoming his mustache. So a lot of combing, a lot of hair spranging. I have to tell you a mustache story with him. Oh boy. Okay, okay, so I read on this that John oates, he, you know, had that iconic mustache and and his wife always had like an earth. You got it, you got a shave, that I'm sick to end this, and that he said, no, this is my my iconic this is me, you know. You know, this is what I'm all about. Well, they had a rocky relationship and they had a bad divorce. Okay, yeah, you know what? The first thing he did after the divorce shaped shape. This must kind of a big fuck you, I guess, but that's a big one, you know, like you know I you asked me all these times and I didn't do it. I'm just now I'm going to do it out of spite. But how do you tell? But how do you tell John Oates to shave his mustache all? I don't know, I don't know, I don't I don't understand that. Like there's I thought it was a hilarious story. Anyway, private eyes...

...came out a year before H oh and on that album they had hit songs. Private eyes. I can't go for that. And did in a minute and then in one thousand nine hundred and eighty. So a year before private eyes they released voices, which had hit songs. Kiss on my list and you make my dreams. That's a pretty good run for only three years. Three albums in three years, and then two years after each two they were released big Bamboom, which had my favorite of their's, out of touch. I love that song. So these guys were just cranking out hits in the S and s so good. But I mean overall like this album. I thought it was okay. I think I like private eye a little bit better. I think I like big bamboom better, but what did you think about this album? Whenever you have a song called Italian girls in it, you know it's going to be it's going to be a number one hit for me. But there there is a song called family man. Yes, and they're what a piece of crap that is. Yeah, that that was one that I think hit number was at six. I'm like, who's listening to this stuff? Oh, man, leave me alone. I'm a family and push me too far I just might shit. Doesn't sound like a family man, or maybe it should have been like family comma man, like this is my it's a family man proud. The video is hilarious. It's a bunch of kids hanging around them while they're playing their music. Oh my God, I was like, what are you guys smoking? S Man? Yes, man, I don't know what to say. Man, that's great, but yeah, that's so. Those are those lyrics are great. But if you get into the lyrics for man eater, now, I don't know what your thoughts are, but I'm trying to figure out if this girl's a vampire or just not attractive. Right, if we go the vampire route, right in the first verse, they say should only come out at night, the Lean and hungry type, and then in the second verse they say the beauty is there but a beast is in the heart, so she'll only come out at night,...

Lean and hungry. I've never met a vampire, but I feel like everyone I've seen on TV and in movies they usually come out usually at night. Right. That's kind of the whole Spiel, unless you're watching was the those twilight movies whatever. But otherwise usually they come out at night and usually they're hungry because they're just kind of waking up. So maybe she's a vampire. M There's actually not a theory. This song is actually written about New York City. Now, yes, I disagree, telling I'm telling you. So it's not about so it's not about vampires, or it's this is not a girl that's just not good looking. This is not about the girl. This is about how New York City can cheer you up. And she's a man eater. Or Yeah, I think. Also, maybe hall notes can see into the future of maybe online dating. Right, Oh, maybe that's it was right. So maybe this girl doesn't want you to see her in the daylight. Now I so I had this happened a bit before I met my wife. Right. So I did the whole online dating thing and let's all you what, man, you'd be surprised by how many people do not look like the picture they have in their profile. I believe that. So maybe they were thinking about people that would lie about how they look in their dating profile and would only meet you in a dark alley way late at night on the date. And that's what's a man eater is. So it could be about New York City, it could be about or maybe it's about Army Hammer. You know, it turns out he is a man eater, or I guess, maybe just like a human eater in general. So could be that, but I I so I actually thought this was about someone who will just like use you for your money, right, or it could they or whatever or whatever else they want, and then throw you away the second they have what they need or if they get bored. So I don't know the man either. Yeah, I mean, I mean I wouldn't when I used to go on some of those dates from those online websites, where I got the sense maybe a few of them just wanted a free dinner and some drinks, or maybe they's didn't like me, which is also perhaps the more likely scenario. But did you carry the conversation? Was it basically you kind of carrying it, or was it kind of diffic it was those usually trying to...

...think. I usually there's a long time ago now, but usually it was. It was a solid I mean some girls are just kind of like sit there and I'm like, am I that boring man, which is not great because I have a fucking podcast. So I hope that's not the case. By married, I didn't get the experience and married my high school sweetheart, so I didn't get the right hearings. That you did not miss, an I mean typely. I eventually found my wife on matchcom. So we've been together, okay, seven and a half years now, so it's going strong. But I mean I've been there. Were a few man eaters in the way before I got there. Kay, scary, man. There's some scared people out there, brother, dude, it is. I'm so glad I'm done with that. I feel horrible for first for people, like if people are like legitimately trying to find love. I mean obviously, like this year has been a shit show in general, but like even without this year trying to you know, what do you do? What? You can't go out, you can't. I mean, what are these what are these guys doing? I don't know. I think red tubes going through the roof. That's all go to buy. That stoff more than likely. More than likely. But yeah, I don't know. But even in even like right, let's say, it was a normal year. I mean just like the way online dating is. It's crazy. It's kind of like Oh, if something, if the smallest thing is wrong, people are just like, you know what, I'm going to go online and look for another person to date. Like it's weird, like you like. Usually people just kind of work through things, and I feel like now it's like people's attention spans are just short and I go if there's like some thing even remotely wrong with some of the like, yeah, I don't want to overlook that. I'm going to find somebody brand new fucking online dating, but I worked out, so I'm proudly. Probably Orgies are probably down during COVID I would assume. So I haven't you know what, I haven't seen the statistics on that box. Now, I could be wrong, but I would I would agree with your assessment. I do think those numbers are also down. Goddamn Covid, I know right.

But speaking of for Geez. So, Pete, are you a do anything else to an ad or are you? Are you ready to render your final verdict here? Other Than Daryl, Darren Hall looks like David Bowie and John Cougar mell can't had a baby. Oh that is, CRA as, a fair assessment. Well, I'm dating myself. Let's let's drop that Cougar. No, he does, he really does. When he drops the Cougar, then no, no, what he looks like melon camp and Bowie if you put it again. So I'm talking my mom about them and and she like was all like wide eyed and she's like do you remember there? Do you remember their show that they had? I used to watch it. I'm disaband impression. My Mom. Apology. Should I watched it at three o'clock in the morning with theyre and they're how they was. Everybody went to his house and they were sending then they ate and I love them and they're such nice, Nice guys, and I'm like, I think what she'lly is this. I thought this came out in the eighty no, it just just came out like two thousand and ten or eleven. They have couple season it's very recently he I think it. Yeah, I think it's like at his house and he just like has people come over, which would be pretty awesome. I'm still waiting gett invited. But yeah, it's a pretty cool show. Actually. It's kind of like a very intimate it's like an intimate evening with Daryl Hall. And another thing that the guitar player, Je Smith. He was that Goofy Guy. Will Sound at line the guitar player in the s at the the S and two thousand. Remember that guy? Know, yeah, he's the one that made all the like. You know, they had the band playing and he would make all the like the weird facial things, because that's the only time I watched that then. Ow, it was like I'd I would say the s early. So I watch it now? No, I don't. I noticed them and I noticed them in the video, fair enough, but I can remember us. Yeah, yeah, I don't know. I watched our night live. Not Not on the regular now, but...

...well, we'll catch up on if it's on demand, we'll watch a little bit of it, but I am not too impressed with some of the stuff lay. There's like some good people on there, like Kate McKinnon, I think is a damn national treasure, but otherwise it shows men. Yeah, so man eater to me was iconic in my generation and listening to him over the years and it's it's not a song that that really kind of resonating with me as as an eighty song per se. I know it as an eighty song. It just seemed like it blend. I don't even know what year came out like it just blended right. It's a song like okay, and you might listen to a couple you know, I don't know, if you're in on the radio, you only listen to a couple of minutes, a couple seconds of it, and you turn it off. I it had it. It had his John Red had his had his head is flare at some point for me it just didn't cut it. I I like a lot of hollow note songs. I mean you make my dreams come true. Is Like I want to have my own like video me doing something, shaving or working out or you know, like when stepbrothers came out and like they took all my juice. I wanted to do this so long time ago. You know, I wanted to do this. You know, look like man eater, just false flat on me. It's just it's a good song. It's played. It's just been played out. It just I what my wife she's like, yeah, not, not a big Fan. I would put this as my fifth or six or seventh best song from hollow notes. So it falls a little flat from me. So I just think they missed it and I don't think it carries over into the new generation. But all in all it had its purpose and had it's you know, it was it was welling, well made song. Ages it doesn't do it for me anymore. All rightough.

So, so you're calling this one a song gone wrong, then, Huh, two thousand and twenty one? Yeah, okay, it's fair. That's fair. I mean for me I really like the sack solo like a lot. I really do, and I you know, I've been a longtime fan of hallow notes and I do celebrate their entire catalog. I will say I think this song is not in my top five, or maybe even top ten, of theirs. Kind of reminds me of the Chicago episode that I did where we talked about one of those songs. I was like, I don't think that Song Hits the top twenty for me now from from that particular band. But that doesn't mean it's a bad song. I mean I just think I like a lot of their other songs that much more now for this. I mean if he's talking about, you know, some girl who's like a man eater and you know, just using you up, I feel like I can relate to those from my previous dating history. Not Bitter, but you know, the music's great. I think the sack solo is a fantastic I will say it again. It's your point. The production, I think, is good of it. Hall has a fantastic voice, oats has a fantastic mustache. Over all, this song is to me, it's a legit hit. I still think. I still think it, I still think it holds up and I still think it's a good song. HMM, okay, but I will agree to disagree. That's fine. But you know what, when we are split, even if we're not suplit, we still bring in our listeners. So let's hear what our fans have to say about this song. All right, so the fans have spoken and seventy seven percent said this song is a legit hit. So two third's and also if we include Dave's vote, which would be a legit hit, it's at one vote. So sorry, Bock, your overruled on this one. But what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? Yeah, but we didn't. We didn't get too too much feedback on this one and I feel like this is one of those songs that doesn't really elicit a lot of like responses from people... like some songs, people are like adamant there like I hate that song, er, I really love this song. This song we just kind of it really does kind of fall in the backgrounds a bit. But the one person, Tim atwousand and sixty two said legit hit. But that was about all the feedback we got from this one. So is again, it kind of just fell into the background, I guess, for some people. But during their hall of Fame Speech Quest Love from the roots, the guy, I think they're on the tonight show, yeah, said when they got inducted hall and notes music cures all illnesses. He I don't think he's wrong. He's not wrong. When I listened to out of touch, I mean that puts you in a good mood. I love that song. It's great. It's great, it's good stuff. Well, buck anything else to an ad or? Are we good? To wrap up? Yeah, other than the the HQ album cover is is it's it's interesting. It's a yeah, I mean it does sweaty. It has got h too on it. Right, it's ripping from their face. Do you miss the s? My God, I miss it. Yeah, you could. You could do anything. You can wear wigwams in the summer. Ze Cabalchi's Zoobez did the S and S. I mean I feel like I try to like stop thinking about it, because if I do, all I will do is go down this like rabbit hole and be like I don't want to be here right now. I want to go back in time to the S and N S, like I want to relive that time again. It was did the s were like you could wear anything and it was like all right, even now you don't even have a cell phone. You just go and leave and I'm coming back and don't worry about me. It's just live for so much simpler. Yeah, I mean, we're really sounding old and I really don't care, but I yeah, I miss is like being able to go to the park and like play hockey year with football or baseball, whatever, football playing, playing at the... the bus stop after school. That was that was so much fun. And listening to this great music. See, there it is. She's a bit skill and no to fuck of God, Fun and anyway. And, Dude, making up your own lyrics. You could do that on any eighty song. And then when you play it back, remember was so hard to find lyrics and you just like listed on the radio and you're just like that's the words that a song, and then you yeah, then you'd make it up and be like, I think that's what it is. Then when the Internet came out, like fifteen, twenty years later, you're like, Oh, I've been wrong all this time. or I mean, if you didn't, if you didn't have the the cassette tape or the CD that actually had the lyrics in there exactly. Yeah, did I spend so much time reading the the liner notes from like take cassette tapes and CD albums like it. It was weird. I would just like sit, which is kind of sad. I'll least like sit in my room and like read them by myself, like a fucking sneeze. I gotta Sneeze. Hold on, hold on, hold, I gonna Sneeze Nerdos. Fuck you, buck you. Well, look that's it's paid off. Man, look at me now. I have a successful podcast. Like I said, I'm wiping my asse with a hundred dollar bills. So, yes, people send US cookies. Yes, cookies. Cookies are good. Yeah, they are. But all right, I think we're I think we're good here. You think? You think the Panther was the most expensive thing in that video? They rent that Panther. I feel like the Panther was probably John. I thought it was John oates pet. I thought he actually had I don't know, I'm making that up, but I could totally see him owning a panther. WHOA, Whoa. They're kind of mimicking the what's the two guys in Sick Freedom Roy? They were no sick free. Now they're better than well, I think sick freed Roy might have been before them. But did mean who would you rather go see? Sick freed and Royer hallow notes? And if not, what would you...

...rather? What would you rather see sick food and Roy? When when Roy got mangled? No, you can. I just being at that show. Show I say would I would much rather see hallow notes with a panther just singing songs the Panther Nice. That's it, it is. It's I feel like I still would rather see the hollow notes private eye firm. That like I want to see that movie made or that TV show made. But if I can't get that, I would still I would still be okay with seeing who notes with the Panther. Yeah, well, the two thousand and twenty concert didn't happen, so maybe they'll be coming out in the next couple years. I hope something there. They're like in there early to mid s now, so holy shit man, yeah, but hopefully they'll. Maybe you can still see one more time, a couple more times. Yeah, we'll see. All right, my brother, you were good. That was fun. Yeah, had a blast. Talk and man eater by whllow notes and everybody else. You know where to find us on all the social innerwebs and make sure you get subscribe wherever you get your podcast from. And thanks again for listening to songs gone wrong.

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