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Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by Crash Test Dummies


If there was ever a song this podcast was created to discuss, it is this 90s classic Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by the Crash Test Dummies. Is this song a legit hit or Song Gone Wrong? Are the Crash Test Dummies more than just 90s one hit wonders?


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got it right or did those songs go wrong? I'm one of your host drew Zachman, and joining me as always, is Dave Schultz. Mr Schultz, how are you today? Hello, drew, I am fantastic. I'm so glad to be with you this evening. Yes, and I'm glad you're with me as well, because we're talking about a doozy today. Boy, this one's going to come down to the wire, I think. Really Oh, it's going to be. It's going to be close. Okay, but if, yeah, if you guys haven't done so already, to make sure he hit subscribed to our podcast, make sure you get all of our episodes when they come out, which in fact twice a week, and if you could also leave us a five star review on Itunes, boy, that would be swell. That would be a great and then make us happy. And if you do, let me know and then we can send you your very own songs gone wrong sticker, because they're awesome. Yes, and it's it would cost you nothing and it's free and we would just it's this our way of saying how much we'd love you and thank you. Yeah, totally, and you just started the show with a major teaser, just so you know. You like. This one's going to be. It's going to be on the wire. It's going to be really close. And now I'm like, I'm wondering what's going on here. What are we talking about? Film me in well before we get there. Okay, now, if you guys want, you can follow us on twitter at songs gone, actually, twitter, instagram, facebook. They're all at songs gone. If you want to email us, that's fine, we love emails. SGW podcast at GMAILCOM, where you can visit our website, songs gone wrongcom, and we also have our playlist up and running on spotify, the songs gone wrong playlist, where we will put the songs that we discuss on our podcast. So that way you guys can kind of hear, you know, the song we're talking about on the following episode and will put the songs out a day in advance of the episodes. Of that way you'll know what we're talking about and can know brush up. But this one, guys, we're talking about MMMMM AH, by the crash test done. Can you say that again. I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear you. MMMM. Is this a chunky soup commercial? No, it's not, sir. This is the one thousand nine hundred and ninety three classic mmmmm by the Canadian group crash test dummies. Nice, and it's off the album God shuffled his feet and it was written by their eat singer, Brad Roberts. Now, Dave, what are some of your memories of this song? Oh, I hated it, I could not stand it. I loathed it with every fiber of my being because I had a friend who, at the time, wanted to mimic the lead singers voice and just about every activity known to men, even to the point, lets say he was having lunch, he would hold up a slice of pie and say, wounds, I heard a piece so cover and pepper Rownean, it tastes really good, and I would say shut your mouth. I'm so sick of this song, I'm so sick of your voice. Enough is enough and I never wanted to hear the crash test dummies for the rest of my life. But fortunately I paired up with you and here we are and I'm giving it a ree visit after all these years. Wow, that's that sounds terrible, that the guy would sing like that forever. Oh that's not even the worst story. I even had not not pretending to this song but to some other music that we will discuss, hopefully in the future, future, future, future. Fair enough. Yes,...

I I remember the song, I remember the video, I remember our our boy shadow Stevens announcing on American top forty radio show, you know, talking about this song, and I also remember how this song is used in one of the best movies ever made. A dumber. Okay, yeah, I like the song back then, but it was interesting because at the time I was getting into have your music. But, like, I cannot forget this song in any format. It definitely is one of those songs that sticks. It sticks out and it sticks with you. It sure does. It's kind of like burning your mouth on hot PEZZA. See, I just made it all come together. You, sir, did. Oh, yeah, shadows Stevens. I love shadow Stevens. He's greed. Don't come on, everybody loves shadow, but with any MMM, peeked at number four, which is awesome. Yeah, on the US billboard, hot one hundred back in April of one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, and that song has been streamed over a hundred eleven million times on spotify and crash test dummies have over one point one million monthly listeners. So they're they're still getting some love, which is good. So what were some other songs that were around at that time? So, if you look at the billboard hot one hundred for that week back in April of one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, somehow at the number one spot was bumping grind by our Kelly. Well, he was just he was just giving us clues the whole time. Well, yeah, and we're just wearing song and paying attention. I know, we just turned a blind eye. We're terrible. He's just leading, leaving bread crumbs, and were like what are you talking about? Yeah, Nice Jam, Uh Huh oh boy. Anyway, number two was the sign from ace of base. Number three was without you, never forget you by Maria care like I said, was in the for spot by the crashest dummies, and number five was the power of love from Celine Dion. Some other great songs on their chart or candloop flip fantasia by US three love. That one loser from Beck was fourteen. RETURNED TO INNOCENCE BY ENIGMA was sixteen. I don't care anyone says. I love that song and maybe we do an episode on that one one day. We'll see. We got some more ace of base again at twenty seven. With all that she wants, please forgive me, by Brian Adams, was thirty two. All for love by Brian Adams, Rod Stewart and sting was thirty six. Boy, I feel like around that time you would put on the radio. That song was always on. MMM and found out about you. By Jim Blossoms was forty one. Also, forty four was mother by Danzig. I never had that Song Shire. I never knew that song charted on the hot one hundred. Good work, lend. Yeah, that was my Danzig was my first concert ever, by the way, so really yep. Yeah, Danzig and CAIUS. White Zombie was supposed to play but they didn't show up due to inclement weather. So yeah, so much would be in hardcore White Zombie. Yeah, my first concert was pretty hardcore as well. It was Christopher Cross and the beach boys. I trade with you. If these were like bubble gum cards or something, I'd be like, you know, I give me some of that, Christopher Cross, I'm going to give you some Danzig. And it was weird because at that concert he, you know, he'd Christopher Cross has that one song sailing, which is I mean that's I if that's not a love making song, I don't know it is. So he and he said as much. He was like some of you here are probably here because of this song. And then I was kind of like wait, what? And then I kind of did the math and I was born in one thousand nine hundred and eighty and I'm like, wait a minute, Christopher. So I don't know. Yeah, it's a that was he might have been spot on. So I don't know, he could have been. This is this is very true. Thanks, Mr Gross, and about you. We wouldn't have drew. Well, that's true. That's true. Fifty two was pumps in a bump by MC Hammer. Good luck getting that song out of your head. And then at fifty five...

...was dreams by the cranberries. I love that song. Also, my four year old loves that Song. So that song always makes me happy. So that's a pretty good that's a pretty good r Kelly, that's a pretty solid list there. You know, would make me happy, drew, if you said Celine Dion one more time, because I think this is a second time. Yeah, she was noted on the charts this one episode we've done and every time you say it, I love it. Got To hear it. Seline dion. Thank you. It's it just rolls off the tongue, man, sure it does. It is good. A lot of Canadians, though. I like it though. I like the I like the diversity. Hmm, I like it. So one of the things we ask, you know, how does this song compared to other songs on the album? First off, just just wow. Like I have never given this album a proper listen. I probably gave it a quick once through back in the S, but never gave it a proper shot. But right off the Bat God shuffled his feet. Starts off with a little funky beat. Kind of sounds like freedom ninety actually from George Michael. A bit there. But if I can digress a bit here, Dave, sure please do, sir. Now I try to be open minded when listening to all music, unless it's Brantley Gilbert, because Fuck Brentley Gilbert. But that's the only way to listen to music. I think right. Just try to keep an open minds sure, and also this podcast forces me to listen to new music, because now we always talk about like the songs that we discuss like we're going to know them, but the the rest of the album we may or may not do, you know, depending on the song. But it but this podcast forces me to listen to new music and, like I mentioned, I never gave this album a proper listen until now and there is a period where I would be kind of that old guy screaming in the wind about how music was better the s and the new music sucks. And maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but you won't know until you listen. You know, you try to listen as much as you can and if you keep listening to that old music, sure it's good and you know it. But one feeling I love, and I'm, you know, pretty much addicted to, as when you hear a new song for the first time and they just fall in love with it. Now you can't do that if you keep listening to the same stuff over and over again and share some songs make you feel like you're listening to it for the first time, no matter how many times you've heard it, but those songs are definitely in the minority. Like black from Pearl Jam don't follow from Alice and chains. They kind of quickly come to mind. Glory box from Portera said, just ratting these off the top of my head real quickly. Those songs kind of stand out, but I urge all of our listeners to try and listen to new music. You can't get that high you feel when you hear a new song for the first time. I'm less you hear songs for the first time. So that is the that's our songs gone wrong. Tip of the day. Yeah, the more you know that's right. But yeah, and I'm glad that we're talking about this song because I odds are maybe I wouldn't have listened to this album, but I did and I honestly have been listening to it for the last couple days now and, as I said earlier, this album really surprises you. There a good that's like. They're really tough to pin down, but they're kind of like an alternative folk in a way, bands like the they tell really cool stories in their music. Their lyrics, I think, are done well. But you get the title track right off the beginning. God Shuffle this fee. It starts that Funky beat, a little bit than an Acoustic Guitar, but that songs amazing. I love the song because this is some stuff I think about, like when Brad sings, do you have to eat or do you get your hair cut in heaven? I love that song. I think about Weird Shit like that. I don't know. But and as with a lot of songs by crashes stummies, they're in fact not dummies and they make you think a little bit. And besides deep lyrics, they also talk a lot about outcasts, which is probably one reason that I identify with them so much. So this album is good. And then we get afternoons and coffee spoons, a more upbeat song, although I think it's he's kind of like glorifying living in a nursing home, but that's what they do. And then we get M that's the third song on the album. After that, I like swimming in your ocean.

Great Song about sex, but I think it could even be deeper than that. I could probably talk about that song for an hour, but I'll leave it right there. But it's a good song. It's deep. Listen to it here. I stand before me. Love this one. It's kind of like an upbeat song about someone going to a hospital. Kind of a an interesting juxtaposition there. I'm actually I'm just going to stop right there, because this is an album you should listen to. Like I said, it's very surprising and it's surprising in a good way. So guys, listen to God shuffled his feet by the crash, stumpy's the whole album. It's good. I'm telling you. They're not just the one hit wonder. That's all I got. I believe you, drew. I'm going to believe everything you just said. Okay, I'm I think you're a little worried. There might be some doubters out there. They're going to reach out to you and say what the Hell you talking about? This album is terrible, but I trust your opinion and I do in fact believe you. Fair enough, I appreciate your faith. HMM, it is it is deeply appreciated. You got a Kiddoh so this particular song, MMMMMM, talks about three kids, one of which gotten an accident and, since the accident was very stressful, his hair turned white. Now Brad Roberts himself added that. He added that in there, since he mentioned he was in a few car accidents as a kid himself. So a little a little close to home there. And then there was a girl who had birthmarks on her body and was ashamed and embarrassed a change in the locker room since other kids would see it and make fun of her. Now Robert said he himself actually has a birthmark on his back and was teased about it a great deal when he was a little kid and he was bullied a lot. So the first two scenarios are kind of autobiographical there, although his hair never turned white. Okay, but yeah, and then we get to the third verse, which was not about Roberts but, from what he said, is about a girl he knew whose parents were pentecostal Christians. So it's interesting song and I think that in general, the songs about empathy, which is something we could all use more of nowadays, and every day for that matter. But he gives us three stories of kids who stick out a bit. But just because they stand out doesn't mean we should cast them aside. And bullying is bad and we hear it songs gone wrong. Duoc condone any bullying. In fact, we could not be more anti bullying here at songs gone wrong. So right, don't bully people, please don't. I always like how you really take a deep dive into the lyrics and you try to interpret what's going on. Now, I mean you did some research to see what he thought when he wrote it, but at the same time you'll kind of throwing your own interpretation of what you believe the lyrics are. Well, I've become jaded in my old age to the point where it is blame everything on drugs. I just say, these guys just wrote this during, you know, sesh. They were high or drunk or what have you. I mean I was thinking before we came on the air. One of my favorite songs is just by radiohead, and I'm more apt now to latch onto a lyric rather than the entire content of the song or try to interpret what it means. When I was a kid, that's all I would do. I thought they were speaking to me or the scenario was relatable to me in some fashion or the other. Now I'm just kind of looking for a hook, you know what I mean? HMM. So, and honestly I believe this song has them, mainly because he had none seats so well, which seems like such a trivial thing to bring up, but realistically speaking, is kind of fresh thing to hear sometimes compared to a lot of the mumbling or incoherent vocalizing that happens during the majority of music. Yeah, well, and I don't know. Yeah, he's his voice is definitely a unique voice. Like, I don't I'm trying to think of other singers whose voices that deep, like Barry White has a deep voice, but other than that, well, yeah, I was going to say deep, or just even like we'll call it like a broccoli voice, right, for some people, just like Broccoli has to grow on you a little bit, like the first time... might hear something like Tom Wait's right, you're gonna go, wait, these guys a singing. This isn't a singer. You know. Same thing here, where you might think, Oh, I'm listened to the crash test dummies and he is he really singing or is he talk like that in real life? Does he go in and say, Oh, I'm going to go buy a gull on the milk at the market, or did voice change? You know? So that's where I'm coming from with that. But as far as someone identical to the deep voice, or not even identical, but something similar. Yeah, I guess she's. You're hard pressed to find it. Yeah, the good I like them. Well, great follow up. Good. When drew that, you basically sound like you didn't listen to a darn word I just said. You like yeah, UH, Huh. Yeah, so, no, I like, I was listen. I'm I'm glad you appreciate the Annunciation as do. I like Good Annunciation. Huh, and these guys have it in spades, that's for sure. They can and UN see eight they can better anything else, anything else you want to get into before we render our final verdict? No, let's just go rendering. Let's render away. What do you say? Hey, render all over this. So if some gross that is that is. Yeah, MMMMM, by the crash test, dummies, do you think this is a legit hit, or do you think this is a song gone wrong? Well, I did mention there was a point in my life where, if I had heard that song one more time, I may have went on a rampage or taking a long walk off a short peer now and a strange role reversal. Normally I will hear a song that we're covering on the show and I'll have some really deep nostalgic feelings about it going in. But then hearing it before we do actually discuss it, I go you know what, it doesn't hold up very well. It doesn't stand the test of time. Here is a complete opposite. This is a song that I don't remember liking. I actually recall loathing, but upon hearing it again all these years later, I couldn't be more amazed by how layered and deep the song actually is. I compared to Lasagnia, when there are so many components to it and it is so good and tasty, you kind of want to keep digging in and hope you never find the bottom. So I'm really shocked and surprised to admit to you today this song is pretty Gosh Darn Amazing and I think it is in fact a legit hit. Wow, I did not see that coming. I thought you're going to go the other way. Yeah, well, I was all excited about your teaser to start the show and I kind of you know, I threw some some hints out there that may have implied that I hated the song, which I did. You did you? You would think that I still hated the song, but that's not true. People Change, but you really founded those seeds. I am a seed planter. Yeah, uh, I render all over the place. Oh boy, Oh yeah, what do we what are we started? All right, well, so, for me this is one of those songs that I think made our shortlist when we had the idea to do this show. That's one of those polarizing songs from the s. Now I like the song back then, but it was interesting because, as I said earlier, at the time I was getting into heavier music, you know, the Grun scene. I was really into rage against the machine, metallic. I was going down that path. Yet this song somehow still intrigued me. The meaning of the song, I think, is great and the way Roberts presents it as beyond interesting. The music is rather soothing and almost therapeutic. This is one of the many reasons I love s music. I know I said to listen to all music and I stand by that, but when you look at decades musically, the s were amazing and I think that's because the diversity you had in the mainstream. You know, there's good music now. I think you just have to look a little harder to find it, but back then all genres were represented. You know, I feel like all genres...

...seem to have a fair shake toward. I loved it, but I like the song back then, I like it now, and to me the song is a legit hit and this album is legit as well. You know. True, you make it a great point here to about the decade, and I've said this many times, so I guess I'm just repeating myself. So feel free to hit me with a wet noodle. But the s let a lot of acts get nurtured and develop been signed and what have you that I don't think would have thrived so much another decades or anywhere else. I mean we're looking here today at crash test Tummies, but if you think of something like Gigy ta or cake, and you know I mean where else. So what other age or era with those albums or songs or acts thrived in? You know what I mean? So, yeah, I mean, God, I love the Ninebe the S. maybe I don't know, maybe maybe I'm telling the s were something else. Brother. You know what? I know, I agree. You know. I so great. Yeah, I mean, if I had to pick one deck, I would have said the s. But the S, I think definitely had the most diverse music, you know, all kinds of different genres on the charts at the same time. It was pretty pretty awesome. Plus we yeah, plus, we had like a lot of amalgams, different kind of styles meshing together only for the first time. I mean, there's just it was. It was wild. But you know what, we're not here to, I guess, wax nostalgic about the s per se, because I think we could do that all night, right, we probably could. Yeah, yeah, all year. But we both agree on this song, which is cool. I'm glad we both enjoy it. But now I'm really interested about something else, and you know what that could be. What is it, Dave? What is what? What did the fans think? Oh, let's find out, Dave. Hmm, I'll tell you what. This was the closest vote yet. I honestly I don't think can get any closer than this actually. But the fans spoke and the final vote fifty one point nine percent said yes, this is a legit hit. Wow. As toights like AIG, yeah, I said, is not holy macarroni. Yeah, yes, yes, twitch like at twigger. Yeah, that was a that was a nail. By today it was close the whole way too. I kind of kept an eye on it and I feel like it was fifty the entire time. So Hmm, yeah, fifty one point nine percent of the listener said, yes, this is a legit hit. Yep, that we got some great feedback to. At Jen k Bernstein said so many misplaced modifiers and that damn song. Okay, great analysis. They're gen at great song. Pod said that album is dope. I concur at is it. Milo one thousand nine hundred and ninety two said weird out made a parody of it. So I say legit hit like that correcteria. I like that a lot. Yeah, yeah, at Tis Me Self, you know, said I listened to it now and it's Shite, but when it first came out I loved it. I'm saying legit hit. At Ryan Boem said, I don't care what anybody says, that's a great song. Stupid lyrics but Quetchy as hell and immortalize and when the great films of the decade or any decade, dumb and dumber. Ryan, I agree with you, sir, and also that John Denver is full of Shit. And last one we have is at seventeen candles said, I like the band. I went song gone wrong. Not Big on novelty or how this is their defining hit. Not a good tag, like say blind melons, no rain. No rains are well written to in, no matter how played out it got this song. People might smaller laugh, but it's all just silly. So, okay, fair analysis. Well, you know, Shit it. Yeah, no, totally, I do appreciate it as well. I just think to as I've mentioned on the show before, wherein I see you get those those rose tinted glasses when you remember something and you love it. This is kind of like in reverse, right, because you just went on about... great the album is, you know, and that it really opened your eyes to a band that's been around forever. Yeah, I don't even know if they're still together, but yet you appreciate their material so much. Here we are decades later. That's amazing, that's wonderful, you know. So I think a lot of people would have been like me, like if you asked me, what do you think of the song? I've been a song gone wrong, hands down. Don't argue with me, I'm going to say it all day. But then I re listen and I stopped and I think and I go, wow, there's something going on here that I did not appreciate on the first go around. So I do recommend to anybody who did vote it's not a hit, give it, give it a shot. Don't just base it on memory alone. Yeah, no, I agree, you know, and it's tough because they're always busy now, any any time for that matter, not just you know the fact we're in the pandemic, but we're always busy right road alts have a lot of stuff going on and sometimes it's tough to like actively listen to a song, like you might have a song on in a background. But I remember when I was a kid, I still love, I would just like throw on tunes when I'm like going to bed, just like laying in bed listening to my Sony disc man, you know, and I could just actively listen to, you know, whatever music I had on there. But you know, and sometimes I think that's the best way to do it, but because then you're really giving the song a fair shake that it deserves. But you know, try to do that. If you can, try to give it a really good listen and yeah, you'll be you'll be surprised what you can find so, in other words, those that percentage, that really tight vote. We just had to those folks who voted not a hit. Come on now, I mean we think you'll pose is sue people. I'm curious as to why. I mean I we got some of the feedback there, but I'm curious, like, as it were, they just was it Brad's voice, like, was that why? Or was the song, you know it? It was the chorus of him going. Was that it? I'm just curious as the why. Yeah, but it's really good harmony. That's something I awesome missed that the first take of this tune. You know, I don't think I appreciated it how well they harmonized everything and how everything was in sync and aligned. I don't know, maybe that's the case or again, like I just mentioned, it was like me, I was just annoyed by it because it's such a big hit. There were so many parts of the song basically based on vocals and my friend mocking it. That just made it so annoying to that I couldn't take it anymore. Do you know what I mean? Understood? Yeah, yeah, that's MMM MMMMMMMMMMM. Yes, all right, anything else you got to nobody just want to thank the listeners for checking out the show. We appreciate it. Please give us those reviews. We Love them so much I can't even express in words how much I love them. Like Im, my aura right now is completely in a good color. So whatever color makes up a good aura, I'm beaming that stuff. I mean it's literally coming out of every little poor on my body. So thank you. Should probably get that looked at, but yeah, yeah, no, thank you, guys. And if you do leave us that five star view on Itunes, let us know and then we will have a songs gone wrong sticker sent right out to you, so I could use that to cover up my my aura holes. Yeah, see a plug, plug your oral holes with our songs gone wrong stickers. That's a plan. That's it's a solid plan. But yeah, anyway, guys, you can follow us on twitter, Instagram, facebook at songs gone drop us an email sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom. And also don't forget to check out our spotify playlist, songs gone wrong playlist over on on spotify. there. So until next time, guys, thank you all for listening to songs gone wrong and just remember be nice to each other.

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