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My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion


Drew and Bak discuss this 90s monster hit My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. They briefly discuss the 90s blockbuster Titanic and Drew talks about his senior prom that he would just like to forget.


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got it right, or did those songs go wrong? I am one of your host drew Zachman, and joining me this time is our good friends the voluptuous Buck tonious back. How are you doing, buddy, voluptuous, of course, sounds good. I am doing. I'm doing excellent today. That's great news. My my hair is through the roof. I buddy, this is the longest my hair is ever been. Really, like, I've never, ever been, ever been. No, yeah, ever been. I might be. I might be there as well. Really, yeah, I had it grow long back in like April and May, and then eventually I got to cut. But yeah, I mean I haven't gotten a haircut since like the early Novembers, like right around and Halloween time I got a hair cut and that was the last time, and usually I'm usually on one of them, on once a month kind of guy. Okay, but yeah, it's it's definitely long now. I'm heatering. I don't fall off your chair. I'm teetering with a mullet. That's awesome. That's what that's what I'm talking about I always I've been. I've been watching roadhouse and there, watching all these s and s movies with all these Goddamn mullets, and I said, you know what, this covid is making me crazy and I'm gonna grow a mullet. And I did. I wish more to make a comeback. Well, I'M gonna make it come. I can. It's curly, though. It's it's like this, this beautiful curl, and I'm making it work. I'm making it work right. But yeah, yeah, I could. I could rock amule. I mean my hair is getting like long in the back a little bit, so I feel like if I just like trim the sides, we could be in business here. But I love it. I also started wearing like headbands of recent I'm like taking this pandemic to another level. So my wife is like stopped wearing them, but I'm like, you know what, I'm going to continue to wear them because I like headbands all the sudden now. I don't know why, I just do. That's all right, it's all right. Just go with the flow. Brother. I'm doing so, if you guys haven't done so already, make sure he hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes when they come out, which in fact is twice a week, and if you could also leave us a five star review on Itunes, that would be lovely, and if you do, let me know and we'll have your very own songs gone wrong stickers send out to you. And you can also follow us on twitter and Instagram at songs gone you can drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom, and also we have our own songs gone wrong playlist on spotify so you can keep up the date with the songs we discussed each episode. Now this episode back. What Song Are we talking about here? My heart will go on on on. That's the song we're playing today. I love the energy. Is that too much? Is that two months out? I'm sorry, now I think you know what we need to we need more of that. I'm sorry, I I overreacted. No, but here's the thing, though, like this song, like the song, needs more energy. I mean they have like they have a go flute in there, for crying out loud. Anytime you have a flute in the song you need to bring the energy a bit. But energy, but the ending is the energy bro it's like that long. Well, we'll get their. Will get there. Yeah, we'll get there. Will Get will get there. But yeah, we're talking about my heart will go on by Saline Dion, and it was actually on two albums. It was on the titanic soundtrack and it was also on saline Dion's album. Let's talk about love now. The Titanic Soundtrack is actually the fourth highest selling movie soundtrack of all time, selling over thirty million...

...copies. Now, Bock, what do you think the other three are? You're killing me. If you can get if you can get one, if you can get one on credit. Dirty dancing. That's number three, sugar. I'm not even looking it up. I'm not looking it up. Greece, no shit, kind of kind of Oh, I dance fever Saturday, turn out. See, yes, that's number two. Okay, number one. I'm not looking it up. Krandy kid. Now, m is he give me, give me a just give me a year. Early S. I forget what years either. Nine Er Dasy coiffused. Nope, I don't know. That's a good body guard. Oh, yes, yes, I wouldn't have it. I know that one. That's great, dude. It was as basically Whitney. Yeah, she was the best. Forty five million copies sold. The bodyguard, yeah, that was fortunately, I still feel like the last action hero. And the crow too, best sound I love the crow soundtrack. That's that's awesome. Nice. Yeah, but Titanic Soundtrack, fourth highest selling movies sound track of all time. Came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. And the songwriters for this pretty, pretty powerful guys. We have James Horner, who wrote the music, and will jennings, who wrote the lyrics. Now Jennings also wrote the lyrics. Are Helped Eric Clapton write the lyrics for tears in heaven, which is a lady sad song lady in red to write. Yeah, he was involved with quite a bit. He also helped write songs for Steve Wynnwood, like Valerie and higher love. Didn't we almost have it all. Whitney, Houston and, and I'll tell you what, horner is no slouch either, as he was a celebrated film score winning two Academy Awards, six Grammy Awards and two Golden Globes. He scored star truck to the wrath of Khn forty eight hours commando. Such a great movie, Cocoon, Wow, for Brimley, aliens, glory and field of dreams, such a good movie. HMM. He also scored braveheart, Apollo, thirteen and titanic, and he also composed and Co wrote somewhere out there with Barry man and Cynthia while, for the American Tale animated movie, which, anytime I hear that Song I feel like I'm seven again and I seriously tear up every time I hear that Song Song. I don't know what that says about me. Sounds Great. Yeah, but two legends wrote the song and a third legend, and Celine Dion, handled the vocals. So yeah, he had. He had a solid career though. Yeah, dead man, it's all those, all the movies that you just kind of just rattled off, man, I mean too great movies. Yeah, great movies to be a great movie. Yeah. So, bock are, what are some of your memories of this song? This song, I mean this was my well, the titanic's really movie was kind of like getting back with my girlfriend, my my wife now, and continuing our wonderful journey together. So this one's has a special place in my heart. You know, it's got a little bit of a cheese factor. But man, this this is just well, well made and just like at some point it put a little tear in my eye. You know, this is a wellmade song and just they knocked it out of the park. But it's the ending. The ending does it for me. Man, it just like boom and I'll you know, maybe it. Maybe, if the stars Aligne. At the end, maybe I will partake in that high note. I don't know, I don't. Well, call me crazy. Yet you never know what's going to happen. You never know what's going to help. We don't. But the fee the flute in the beginning, and I mean they, I mean they can just it's just really it's really well done. But it's not like...'s not my cup of tea. I mean I'm not, I'm not dancing the Juggalo to this song, you know, but to see it in concert or to see it live, probably I I didn't do it as live. I never did this, but I would. I would assume it must be very emotional and you know, specially the women in the Fort Fifty Sixty age group. Maybe. I'm sorry. Yeah, and when the when you take your wife for that two hundred three hundred four hundred ticket and you come back to the hotel room and then you thank Selene Dan and I. Well, then then you do. Yeah, well, so funny you should mention that. So first off, right, titanic, the movie pulled in the box office of over two billion dollars, two hundred million dollar budget. The soundtrack was essentially carried by this lean dion song and the soundtrack became the highest selling primarily orchestral film score in history. Well, with worldwide sales, like I said before, when over thirty million copies. Now the soundtrack album is the fourth highest grossing soundtrack in the world, but it's the number one orchestral score in history. Yet as successful as the movie and the Soundtrack and the song were my memories of this song not so lovely. Boch. Oh. Yeah, Hey, so we have a little we have an old saying where I come from, spill the beans. Yeah. So, right, this movie came out in November of one thousand ninehundred and ninety seven, and I graduated in Nineteen Ninety Eight, which means my prom was some time in like May of nineteen ninety eight. And and he guesses out there as to what the theme from my senior Prom was. It was my heart will go on, and if you're keeping score at home, that means this song was our prom theme song and, much like the titanic and he hopes I had of hitting it off, my prom date sunk much quicker than that damn boat. Now the only difference was my iceberg was her ex boyfriend. Who was there? Was Somebody else man? Yeah, I mean anyway it turned to. Anyway it turned out just fine. I'm very happily married now with two beautiful daughter so things do have a way of working themselves out. But at the time I was a wreck because I was like Super Shy and remember, I was like a bit of a nerd. So for me to grow a set of balls and even talk to a girl took like a Herculean effort. And I made that effort and in turn I got the shaft and as it turned out, she probably got someone else's shaft, I suppose, but I mean neither here nor there. But so it's funny because, like right, you're your memories of this song are that of love, HMM, and mine are of heartache, which is interesting. Yeah, completely polar opposites here, but a lot of people like the song man. My heart will go on has been streamed over two hundred and ninety four million times on spotify, and Seline Dion has over nine point nine million monthly listeners on spotify. She's just hanging out below ten million. So she still she's still pulled in the listeners, and I mean she always has. Really she has had twenty one songs hit the US billboard hot one hundred. Ten of those crack the top ten and four of them were number one. And my heart will go on is one of those number one songs and hit number one back in February of one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, just in time for my senior fucking prompt. So thank you, selene. But the other songs, the other top five, my heart will go on with number one, nice and low by usher was number two, getting Jiggy with it somehow. was number three. Together again by Janet was for and truly madly deeply. By savage garden was fine garden. How are they of bands? How is that even a band name? Like I feel like a lot of bands in the late's just stuck two words and like threw them together. Yeah right, like savage garden, Marcy playground, she's blossomes. Yeah, it's like this, like let's put the...

...this like two words, put them together in the there's our name. So I don't know. But how does the song compared to the other songs on the album? Like I said before, most of the soundtrack was orchestral music, hall denting right, as I mentioned, the soundtrack sold over thirty million copies. Seline dion's album, let's talk about love, that's sold over thirty one million copies. This album was produced by a ton of people, but some of them include, as I mentioned, James Horner, who also had his hand in, though my heart will go on Song, David Foster, who we talked about during our Chicago episode, and also Corey Heart, was involved in this up as well. He wears a sunglasses at night, and I'll never surrender and I'll tell what. Those Canadians stick together a hey, no, she's good, she's good. Now, she's she's she's very talented and and my heart will go on one the Grammy Award for record of the year, Song of the year, best female pop vocal performance and best song written specifically for a motion picture or television. So it is a well decorated shot on the Oscar. There too, I don't remember, but probably well, she didn't want to sing this song. She didn't want to sing this song, she didn't want to come right after and because she did the beauty and the beast song, which is great, which which is called, which is great for my Che's like Ah, you know what said, the genie in the bottle, you can't put it back. And she was very hesitant about doing this song. But that girl, they said, her husband, her late husband, says, get your ass in there, her little ass, get your ass in there, and the girl did it in one take. Boom done. I sang it one take, dude, one take. Pretty cool. She's a pro, but he really is. I mean she really has a great you know, like when you she's one of the great, know the whole S. I mean she was all over the place. You know what? It's the whole orchestra, you know, at that whole bringing it all together. You know, you know what, you know what. This is a crazy little thing. You know, which a French Horn player makes to over two hundred thou dollars. Really do they make sick money, dude. Pick a low players and all these freaking odd job Obo. If you play an Obo, you basically can write your own ticket. Well, yeah, I mean there's not many professional Obo players out there. What I was I doing? I was playing Rhythm Guitar, messing up my making calysis on my fingers. I can barely play now. Oh yeah, I try to pick it up again. I did try to pick it up again and my baby fingers are hurting me. I'm like, yeah, I play guitar, but too and when I was in elementary school I played the trumpet. I wish I should have maybe shifted my focus to, apparently the oboe or French one. Yeah, exactly, but that's about that's all good, though. Yeah, but let's talk about the lyrics a little bit here. Yeah, right, near far, wherever you are. If you ever watched the movie, you know this song is absolute Horse Shit. Right, there's plenty of room on that raft for both rows and Jack. Just move your ass over right, thank you. She got what she wanted. She had her fun, she pissed off Billy Zane, even though he was a Dick, you know, she had her little flaying, showed a little Boob, I think you know. And then you know what she's like, I'm gonna go back to being rich. Get your poor ass off my raft. That's what this movie is all about. The rich can get away with pretty much whatever they want, and the poor consistently eft in the A at every turn. Can I kin show quick question. Is Sh she really attractive? Kate winslet? Yeah, Oh, hell, yes, okay, I mean, they're absolutely there's some people that not so much. Oh, she is. She is a gem. Wow, a gem, a gem, I would not say no, okay, I'm just strong just right now. She's I mean her herself. She is. She's definitely, definitely you to okay, her character rose. However, in the movie, I got, I got a bone to pick, and that's that's poor Jack frozen. Yeah, right,...

...yeah, the rich people got on their there. All the poor, poor people were on the bottom of the boat. Weren't rich enough to get a room towards the top of the boat. They're all dead right. The rich get on the boats are like, you know, screw you poor people. It's movie isn't about true love. This movie is about true life. I mean, yes, your heart what? Yes, your heart will go on because Jack sacrificed his for you. Exactly are we talking about? Like where they going? Like when they put those boats in the water, it says capacity on their ten and they didn't put eleven. Is that was? That what we're dealing with? Oh, they definitely overpacked some of okay, they had to. They have to. Oh, yeah, for sure, okay, but still, there is room on that on that little rafts. And then there's the one lyric. Right, once more, you open the door. I'm guessing it's the same door that you got to lay on while Poor Jack froze's ass off and drowned. Selfish Prick. God, I'll tell you what. You know, we just we just talked about man eater. I feel like rose is a man eater. Hmm, maybe hall notes, maybe hallow notes wrote that song about rose. Wow, true love, who love? Yeah, but what do you think about the lyrics? I mean it gets the point across. You know, I think this song is is a musically perfection. You know, every collectively it's it's it's a perfected song. It really didn't matter how much these lyrics kind of made sense, but it just it's very generic, very you know, love can touch us one more time, last for a lifetime. The thanks for shining a light on that. Yeah, but here we God, that's I'm going to leave it at but that's pretty good. That it's not dead, not bad. But, dude, when they go crazy all dude, your heart just like, Oh wow, I love this, just go nuts and the music and just like the whole orchestra, and that's what makes the song, Bro. That's it. That's it, and it's dude. I would even get to the high point of that song. It's hard to sing that and you need a special singer like Selean Dion to do it and she, yeah, knocks it out of the Frickin Park. She does a good job. I'm not. I'm not saying that. I feel like. I feel like you're ready to get into your final verdicts. You not, not, not, not, not yet, not yet, not yet. Okay, all right. What else? What else was like to discuss over their box? I think just swing dianas there as a person. I mean she's been through kind of like you know, she's kind of you know, she's been the spotline on the spotlight. You had death in her with her, with her husband, that husband. Yeah, I mean little little fun facts. Selene's actually younger than her steps on. She was the youngest of fourteen siblings. I mean, you know, like the the drive, you know, being the youngest of fourteen siblings to be successful is always is something that's I always like. It's never that middle child, right, it's always that like that. The youngest, though, is the one that or the the oldest, or it's always that the youngest one is hookens. Yeah, I was sure the best. I I'm a big fan of her. What do you think she is her net worth? What do you think her net worth is? It's a fair question. I would put her at I would say three hundred and ten million. How about over under a billion? Would you what? Would you what? We say over, under, over, under a billion? I would say under. Yeah, eight hundred million. She's worth. Holy Crap. Yeah, yeah, dude, her sure shows. She does seventy. Oh, that's right, I forgot about dude. Her shows in Vegas. She would do seventy of them. Should make a half mill nice school, half mill every show. Holy Crap. I threw that number to my mom the...

...other today and she's like, I said, she's like puts these numbers. She's like what Barry Bonds like makes fiftyzero every play the parents. Yeah, I'm like, Barry Bonds hasn't gonna play baseball, mom. Well, he dead. That's insane. Yeah, that's that's a fair so fair points of her. Three hours of work, five D K. I'll take that, man. Or bryce Harper makes. I don't even know how much bice Harper makes per at Bat. It's something ridiculous. It like in the Eightyzero something around there. Probably he's overrated anyway. But yeah, he does have great hair, I will give him that. And he wears headbands too, so I got you have to root for him. Yeah, anybody who wears a headband. I'm a fan of this. I'll give him a rent for his money. We might wear my hair is going Bro all right, I'M gonna have to pick. I'M gonna have to show you a pick. All right, we're gonna have to do a live show. That's how I show the fans the beautiful locks. Bring your headbands, kids, it'll be fun. She's a talent and that's all I got to say. Man, you know she's I just wish you will fair enough. All right. So let's let's get into our final vert here. So, Boch, do you think my heart will go on by Selene Dion is a legit hit, or do you think it's a song gone wrong? Legit hit? Man? You don't. You don't move people as much as she did. The forty five million views or I'm just just it's mindboggling how much this song really impacted everybody. I mean you picked it as your as your your song, and every privately, every person in one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight put that as their promp song and there and then, if you go into a wedding and maybe it was in your wedding song or I don't know, you know the flute in the beginning. Everything that goes on to that make that song is just unbelievable. Man. I'm a fan of the song. It moved me. The lyrics is a but you don't need it because it's just well produce, well produced. They got the right singer to sing it, they got the right movie for it. I don't think you could put this song out, and you know, for a Batman, but for titanic this is the this is the song. Great Song. I love it. If it's on the radio, would because I'm not listening to these songs on the radio because I just don't listen to this kind of genre music. But when I do hear it it I'm going to belt it out, man. So and that's it, brother, I I think it's a definitely thumbs up and it's definitely not a song gone wrong. Okay, all right. So, in theory, right, this is a soaring love song that should be Sung on top of every mountain in the world, yes, right, or the front of a ship about to hit in iceberg. Now, even with all of that, our job here is to be completely unbiased when we judge a song, but I honestly, man, no matter how hard I try, I don't think I can for this one. Okay, this song split right down the middle. Bro this song hit my life at a time when I should have been happy, but instead this song was a soundtrack to a horribly miserable night at my senior prom. And write. The song has all the accolades to make it hit right number one on the billboard, hot one, hundred monster movie that the song was used in talent at every level for this song. Yet all I can think about when I hear this song is why was I playing volleyball with some friends while my prom date was playing either hide the pickle or penis or finger with her ex boyfriend. And then, which really shows how much of a more and I was, I gave her a ride home after all that. So this Jack Ass probably knew what she was doing from the start. Hangs her x the whole night and then I still had to give her a ride home afterwards, my gray one thousand nine hundred and ninety four miles of protegee. The Song Gone Wrong and bitter Song gone wrong. I did...

...her, boy, it was. If it was like any other date or any other night, I would have been like find that, but the WH fuck with somebody on there and she was like two years younger than me too. So, you know, it was my senior prom. You know, at least hang out and dance a little bit. I'm not a dancer, out there and dance. She was like my feet hurt, like really, so she sucks, Dude. I tripped in fall to funky Cole Medina. You'll you don't see me freaking bitching about it. See, I with my explain my list somebody and it was their senior prom. You would have hung out with them. Yeah, you had a little bit of a nightmare, Bro that's all right. Like I said, it was like any other night, like a random date or whatever. I I don't think I would have been that you know, I've been like yeah, whatever, that sucked, but but it's not senior problemm. So luckily I had. I had a senior problem after that. I went to like the year later. Are you need I had a lot more fun at that one. Need a hug, you need are you went to one? You went to another senior prom after that. Correct. Okay, yeah, the girl I was dating the following year, she she had her senior prom. She went with a completely different school. So can I shoot that? Was that your question? Yes, sir. So you went to senior Prom and you got pictures. You have those pictures, I know you do. Did you throw them away or is it in something that's in a box somewhere? This is a probably a probably is in a bottom where that bought? I mean it's I'm assuming it's somewhere in my basement. Okay, I like where or what box it's in? I have no idea. I mean how much, how many boxes of things from your past you have like that, if you ask my wife, too many, like I have a lot, man, and the vast majority of the yeah, the vast majority of them are like baseball card. Okay, I have like all my CDs, okay, or most of them anyway. I have like a lot of my computer games from, you know, when I was a kid. I have I have like my starting lineups. I have so many of them, like Gi Joe, Keymans. What I like? All that stuff. IS ANYTHING WORTH MONEY? That's what I'm trying to get at. The Gi Joe's are yeah, okay, like those things. Those things go for like ten bucks. That's toy now. So you can and I have like a bunch of se could probably make a couple hundred off of them. Yeah, there's a whole genre which I wasn't aware. I only go to thrift stores. I'm don't get it wrong, you can get some really good stuff at their store. I just don't buy clothes. I don't buy any clothes. I just I just wear what I have and I'm I'm getting a little fatter and then I just say, well, I'm just going to go on to die and then I can fit in the clothes I had before. But whatever. I digress. But when that's what happened, you're like, at I go to my wife and my pants don't fit, I guess I just won't eat for the next ten days and then and then I fits. But whatever. But I go. I go there just to finish off my you know, I'm a big Halloween Guy, right, and I I make my own outfits and it's it's a production. Right. And I go to a thrift store there's people that wait to ope to get toys, to get these things that are hand me downs that are worth money. I'm like, Oh my God, this these it's not just one or two people, there's like ten. I'm like really, yeah, it's very weird, dude. That is weird, very weird. But what my heart will go on. Well, that's so. We're so we're split. Right. Yeah, it's legit hit. I think it's a song on wrong, but let's let's see what the fans have to say about this one. Right, it's here. So I have some news for you, Boch, but you got I have the vote right here, and there's a good amount of people that voted to, by the way, fifty percent. It's a it's a split all the the way the voting worked out from all of our listeners and, like I said, there was a bunch of them. Fifty percent said it was a legit hit and fifty percent said it was a song gone wrong. So this is like our first tie Roun, like episode thirty five or...

...something like that, and this is the first time we've ever had this happen. So I honestly don't know what to do right now. I could flip a coin. I feel like I should just leave it as a tie. Well, let's well, let's we got some feedback, right. So one of our listeners, Tom and GIA at, I am polly Nique's, said absolutely legit hit. I saw her on tour, I think for that album. Deep, deep down to my metal heart, a shot of joy sprang out as the front of the titanic came on stage, as she sang that song on the deck, like Leo and King. I incredible site. Nice and and Tom's he's a big metal fan. So for a big metal head to he looks a lot of music too, but he's a big metal fans of for someone like that you know, be down with this song. It's something. Then we got some favorite from Jed Shaffer at street. To Jed he said overwrought, melodramatic, can't be and annoying and worst of all, you cannot escape this song for a full year, which she's right about that, because this song was everywhere that year, fully here, maybe a lot more than that. Yeah, and then finally comely to vowed, as McCoy said, make it stop. So we're it was. It was split, you know, split right down the middle. So I'm I feel like I'm going to leave it as a tie. Okay, I like it. That's fine. I don't. I don't want to flip a coin. I don't want to let it could could I? If I sang the whole verse, would you think that would steer people? That might make them go towards this? I'm not gonna do it. You gotta you got a little bit of taste. I can't get that high note at the end. It's tough stuff. To do anything else before we wrap up, I love you, brother. That's I got the I mean, I love you too. Move. No, no, I just treat your wives and your girlfriend's good man. That's all. They want is your attention. Write something cute in the card. Write something from the heart, you know, do something. Sometimes buy an hundred dollar, two hundred, three hundred dollar dinners and stuff like that. It's not it's not all cracked up to be. It's what what comes from your heart, and your heart will go on with your love. One that's all I got. That's right. I will say this you listeners out there. I love all of you. Thank you, guys, very much for listening. You guys make this show what it is. So thanks again everybody for listening to songs gone wrong.

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