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Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie and the Blowfish


Drew welcomes guest Big D Dick Ebert from Shat the Movies to discuss a 90s classic song from a 90s classic band - Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie and the Blowfish. Can Drew change Big D's mind on Hootie?  

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He everyone and welcome to songs gonewrong where we, along with you, the fans decided these hit. Songs, got itright or did those songs go wrong? I one of your host rew Zachman andjoining me today is a good friend of mine. Some of our listeners might knowhim from the Shat verse, the Rock of the Shat, the movies big D, tikeeper,big D, How you doing buddy good good? How are you doing doing all right,Ma'am doing all right we're talking about, I feel like this episode isgoing to be it'll, be interesting to Sei thinkso. They were coming out fromtwo different approaches. Michael is just to be fair. You know just don'tlet my preconceive notions of hall, Things Hooty, because I know you're aHoodie lover, so I'm coming into this and I'm going to try to be thick now.That's why that's that's what we that's! What we ask- and you know- and that'sthe good thing about having this conversation, because you knowsometimes you might be a big fan and then maybe you find something out ormaybe Gott a way around. Maybe you're not a fan, and next thing you knowyou're like wow. These guys aren't too shabby that happened with me with. Igot to be honest man right, sid, Fred that album up not it's not too bad. Ikind of I kind of dig it, but now, if there, if there are anylisteners out there who have not heard of your show doubtful, but if there arewhat is your show about so we do two different. We do shatthe movies, whichwas our first. We have a three hosts, gen lions, myself and Ash Cheffley. Wego back and we look at the S and s movies that we loved as kids and we tryto see. Do they hold up. You know, well, occasionally we'll compare them to youow today's standard, but mostly it is. Is it still as good a movie, as Iremember? Was it something that you know when we were a kid? You were verypassionate excited about today, we watchit en, like how was that? How wasthat even something that we like see in the movie theter? So it's aboutrevisiting your memories and we're luckingough that our listeners right inthey select the movies and they'll share with us their memories. So it'sall about the collective like image that we have a filmed and how itimpacted our lives. And then we also do TV so we'll do series like lovecraftcountry, Camea, throunes, west world. You could bind all that shout themoviescom or shout on tvcom a d. You can find yourself pretty much all thistreaing services but yeah, it's a it's pretty much anything TV or movies,we're trying to cover yeah. Now I'm a fan of the show, and I cannot recommendyour guys work enough. I mean I think I've been listening to shat the movies,for it's got to be at least three years,probably three or four years it's been so I've been there. I don't think Ifound it immediately once you guys started, but I probably caught on maybelike episode, maybe fifteen or so so I was kind of towards the beginning, yeahFreo. I think that's when you had reached out with the question and Iwent and listened to your first podcast and it was. It was thehe one headlightand you were oing a Disney film and you want to take on Disney princesses thatI was like. I've never heard this. This unique andle you're coming at so youwere kind of up you guest, hosted with us. I think on three episodes bee thetoy story. The natural was I two or three Oh yeah. It was those and TotalRecall Yeah Schwartznegger movie yeah, so we appreciat it's bee nice to haveyou, along with us, for the ride and glad to join ar yeah yeah, and it'salways fun chatting it to. We always talk about our kids, so it's always fun.Talking talking dad stuff, that's always good, but now, if you guys havebn't done so already make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you give all ofour episodes and they come out which in fact is twice a week and if you couldalso liave us a five stor ofview. That would be deeply appreciated and alsorefers to a friend boy. That would be...

...swell and if you do, let me know andwe'll actually have your very own songs gone wrong. Stickers sent out to you sothey're, pretty awesome stickers. Actually, I'm not GOINGNA lie and youcan also follow us on the socials twitter, instagram at songs, gone dropus an email, sgw podcast at gmlcom visit our website, songs, doon wrongcomand on there. Actually we have a couple. I started dabbling and video editingand I started making my own little pop up videos for some songs from the S andso check those out, and we have our own songs gone wrong. playlist on spotifiesYo an keep up the date with the songs. We discuss each episode now, Mr Ebirt,this episode. What Song Are we talking about here today? Hoh? We are we eretalking about the wonderful whooding, the blowfish. I really want to be withyou, that's right, which is off their album cracked review, which came out inthe year of our on Thusand, nine hundred and ninety four and I feonetousand, nine hundred and inety. Four was like one of the best years inmusic in general. I feel like that might be a another debate for anotherday but man. Ninety four was awesome and Songwriters, Mark Bryan Dean,Felburd, Darius Rocer and Jim Sunfeld, Aka hooty and the blowfish, and nothere is no actual hooty. It's just a nickname that they had now big d. Whatare some of your memories of this song? I can remember it was it was new yearsof had to be going into Niney, because this tame out hundred nd ninety five,the album came out. I ninety four, but I think single wise. It was probablylike early ninety five, so I think it was around the years eve I can remember.We were setting up for a party and it seemed like every other song was hooty.If I'm wrong here, they didn't just blast out a single and in wait. I feel,like the main four songs in this album. They released pretty much like shotup,because you would almost hear them within an hour. You could hear too. Idon't remember the actual release days, but I know exactly what you're talkingabout, because you Punton the radio you'd hear hold my hand and then youknow probably half hour later, as kind of what you're alluding to you wouldhear, only want to be with you, then Yo'd hear time and then Yu'd hear lether cry and those were the four main singles. They also released a fifth single. They release drowningas a single, which I don't remember, hearing that on the radio. But by thatpoint I was already listening to the album itself, but yeah you're right man.Those singles were pretty much on constant repeat, for it seemed like agood year yeah and then in back. This was before you Internet radio. So youwould have the general station on whatever the popular one was around andI was in Collenge at the time and it was. It just seemed like all hooty allthe time they came out of nowhere. So it was just like all of a sudden. Thisband, you never heard of that, was just every other song and I think I' Abusion of them. Being bigger than theyr yeah, they that's a good point too, because Idon't remember anything else about them before cracker review and next Tinyouknow like it's their debut album and it's like who are these guys and why islike almost every radio station playing them on repeat, but I mean for mepersonally: I've been a fan of their since they first came out. I think thefirst song I remember hearing was hold my hand that I was kind of hooked. Eversince and I'll be honest with you, man, it hasn't always been easy being aHoodi Fan. I like a lot of genres, but I would saymetals, probably my favorite, if I had to really pick one and a lot of myfriends that listen to metal would always give me crap about being aHoodie fan even Max even Max Cavalera from Sepltara andsofly talk smack about Hoodi an their ninety eight song. No, I don't know ifyou guys have heard that song but check it out, but he says no more mother,fucking Hoodi an the blowfish so Max Cavallera, not a fan of hody but butbeing a Hoodi Fan. It has Lisbenes, but I'm a proud fan of theris and also mywife and I we went to go, see them in Hershee back in two thousad andnineteen. Before everything went to Shit, we saw them on their crackedwerreviewd. Twenty fifth anniversary tour, and that show was great. Alsothat makes me feel Super Old, because...

...that was twenty five years ago, twentyseven now but see like I was saying I was I'm a big metal fan and at thattime, in ninety four you know I was, I was definitely getting really into some metal music. Imean at that point. I was probably more into tha. You know, siledly, I wouldsay UTO GRUNCH, tol, fear, factory, slayer corn was out by that point, so Iwas kind of navigating towards them. So I was, you know, that's the route I wasgoing, but something about hooty man. I don't know, I just don't know I just kind of gravitatedtowards them. I feel like Hooti. They were like the nickel back before nickelback. For some reason they went from very popular on the radio and thenthere was like a turn like you said about Suppaturman making fun of them.It became really cool to wint, I mean now we gat K, MD Peel. They did. I sentyou the video yeah, where they had do instructor on sage and people like heywho d he go just mocking him, and I don't know where that change came, butsomewhere alongthe lines. I feel like people turn probl, I mean I feel likeTitwas, probably after their fairweather Johnson, album, becausethat album it it okay, I think it sold like four million copies, but that cameout in ninety six. I mean it's tough to follow whup crack. We Review, I meanthat thing sold. I think over twenty million copies, so I mean that's one ofthe best selling albums of the S. it's tougf to follow that up, no matter whoyou are, and I think when fair weather Johnson came out. I feel people werelike all right where and maybe it was burn out too I mean. Maybe people werejust like all right. We've had enough. We heard you guys for pretty much asolid year. Streigt we're done with you guys. Also that' time to people weregetting more into kind of you had at that point, you're gettingtowards like e the midlate s. You would start getting into kind of like the boybands and the girlbands right spice girls. You had insinct backthe boys, sothey were kind of dominating the pop scene and then from like an alternativescene you're getting more into kind of like that punk pop. So I don't think whohe really had a placeat that point and they kind of were kind of seemed a bit nerdy to certaingroups of people, I'm not bitter, but I toock. I took a lot of heat I can imagine, but who do you here'swhat was kind of mintoing right? So we look at their spotify numbers only wantto be with. You is hoody's most stream song being streamed over eighty threemillion times and hoody has over two point: one million monthly listeners onspotify, which I feel that numberis pretty low. Actually I mean I'm, notI'm not saying they're going to get. I think Pearl jams around like fourteenmillion or ten million, or something like that. I don't think they're goingto be pearl jam numbers, but I mean two point: one million I meanthere's Lik couple one hit wonders that are around that, like one or twomillion mark, so I was kind of surprised to see it was that low. But Imean I'm of those two point: one million monthly listeners, I'm sure I'mprobably the I probably pull in at least a halfmillion for them. So it's probably ten thouzand listeners, including you thatare listening to including Pedien. I am a large percentile of the Hoodilisteners and I am perfectly fine with that, but only woing to be with you. ItPaks on the US billboard, hot one hundred at number. Six back in Octoberof ninety five. Now, looking at some of the other songs, number one was fantasyby Maria Carey. Two was gangsters paradise by our good friend. cooliothree was run away by Janet Jackson for was kissed from a rose by so which wecover on here a couple weeks ago, and five was. You are not alone by MichaelJackson, which looking back now boy that that song titles a little lessendaring and more threatening actually, but neither he nor there also showedout to all for one coming in at fourteen with. I can love you like that.I don't know why I whent I mentioned all for one. I just felt likementioning them, and also at twenty nine was breakfast at Tiffany's, whichis total ass, but also check out our episode on that one, because I clearlylay out why that song is terrible. Now,... does this song compare to othersongs on this album and, like I was mentioning before this album was aMassiv fit cracter abuse sold over none million copies with ten and a halfmillion copies in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five alone, and thisalbum hit number one on the US billboard. Two hundred we talked aboutthe singles the release off of it. There is five hold my hand, let her cryonly wint to be with you time and drowning. Now, big. Did you ever ownthis album at any point in time? No, I didn't need to anytime. I want to drinko Wut, the radio on it was there. No, I did not own this and going back afterwe talked about picking a song. What we're going to cover I put on my Hootiplaylist and I went back. I did my research because I'm taking this seriesand right away had Texago, I said I said, only want to be with you. I saidit's all. I said I can't stand it. I was quoting lyrics. I was telling youwhy I hated it, but, as I got past that- and I went to the rest of the album itmade me enjoy the other songs much more than I anticipated. I foundmyself humming long. I was saying there is an infectious nature to this, albumthat it almost it did transport me back in time. Almost to where I was carefulI could picture. I was in the car driving o the beach. I wasn't payingattention to the lyrics s almost in the background, but it is that fiel goodmusic and I think the album as a whole was pretty strong. I don't know howmuch the songs are different from each other, they're all pretty muchdifferent flavors of Vanilla, but he sit's an album that you can put on andit would be pleasant, yeah. Clearly, I'm a fan. I've mentioned US once orseventy five times, but yeah I mean it's a good album. There are some. Youknow, kind of feel good songs right mean h. The opening track, Handa JaneGreat Song, to kick off the album kind of get the vibe that songs aboutkind of two friends who would go out partying in college, but then one ofthem winds up settling down and the others kind of trying to you know pullthem back into that partying lifestyle, then e get hold in my hand as thesecond one that went picked up number ten on the US billboard, hotone hundred also that song actually has a backingvocal from David Crosbi and according to Daris rocker. He says this is a aprotest song about racism for him. So Great Song Love It. Then we have lettercry one thousand nine hundred and ninety six grammy Aword winner for bestpop performance. This peak at number, nine on the US Bilbert Hou, one hundredlove the song I feel like Rucker's talent, is apparent on this one andit's a very cool kind of like a story telling Song Raght who dothey're bigfans of Tom Waits waits is like a legendary storyteller in his music andthis kind of fits that mold and whod. He also covered closing time from TomWeits ont K ow if Youe ever heard that song, but it's a it's a great son. Ithink who D dos a great cover of that good stuff, just like an Accousiccarver of it. But it's really awesome. Then we get only when to be with you.Well we'll dig into the lyrics a little bit later and then we start gettinginto. I think some of the I want to say more meaningful songs, but th, maybesome like the the deeper content here right then we have running from anangel. It's a great song. I think this one's about Darius Rockers, dad his mombasically raised him and his five siblings by herself, and I think thedad kind of left them. So that's some deep content. There then wehave I'm going home, which is another song about Rucker's mother who passedaway in ninety two of a heart attack drowning. Like I said this is one ofThei, their fifth single. Actually, that was released. It's a great songabout prejudice and racism. Then we get time which I feel like time is probablye. The song that really has changed for me the most over overtime punattended,but you know when it came out. I felt this cin you now I had like a poppyvibe to it. You know good vibe so but then, as an adult now you kind of lookat those lyrics and Yous. You think about time. You know you look at timedifferently and it's just like Holly Shit. So it's to me at the time it kindof felt like poppy kind of care free,...

...but looking back now, it's like I got to get cracking on things. Youknow you know an a doing, research for thisand listening to it, one of my knocks of Hooty has alwaysbeen the lyrics. I feel they're superficial they're, like sugary pop,that something like I feel like i Disney had like sponsored a band. Thelyric could be there, but when you go into like you just Sai, some of thesongs like I'm going home or some of the deeper songs yeah, those aren't theones they released. Now all the stuff they released were like the hooks andthe same courus whe you coul picture everybody, the crowd of sintingtogether and taking out the lighters, but the deeper stuff. If you don't buythe album, you don't listen to it, you're going to think they're all Ionly want to hold your head yeah yeah. It even hold my hand. You know I feellike that song and at first I didn't realize it was his kind of protest song.I mean he' they're, not rage against the machine or anything over here. Ikind of feel like. Is that so really a protest song? You know because I'mlike are you just saying that's kind of make? It seem more complex than what itis. I mean he says it's as protest song, but I see your point for that one Imean that song, the lyrics are kind of it's almost like they wrote that songto be a pop, and I don't think it could be a protest.Long F people don't know you're protesting, it doesn't Coun de VotnYeuh the sackup go out there and actually make people realize be rangeagainst. I, the Shit Climb, the cafialding on Te war show Atal pprove apoint go out there, because then people realize what you're protesting anactually get people on your sid this to yours later sa and yeah yeah an so then. After after time we getlook away, which is another great song and this one's about. You know aninterracial relationship and then we get not even the trees. I know I wasbugging youear earlier about this song man. This is this is hands down myfavorite song on the album. I think. Overall, it's one of my Imani haven't ranked my favorite songsever, but it's it's up there for me, but this one it's about his mom and thealbum itself was actually dedicated to his mom as well. I feel like the song,really, if I, if anybody says hey, what's agood song from hitting o Blowfish, I would actually point them to this one.So I feel like this is one of those great tracks and it really shows theirdepth after that. A great way to follow up, not even the trees, woul get goodbye, which is actually an even sad or song, but this one is just kind ofabout like relationships ending which wevevolve been there before, but theway rucker sings this one. I think again, this one really shows the guyhas a great voice and at the very ends there's a hidden track. Sometimes Ifeel like a motherless child. It's kind F, like a spiritual song that ruckersings for his mother and Yeah Great, and to the album so and now,comparing right only went to be with you right. You kind of hit on thatbefore when you get to the second part of the album you get, some of the deeper stuff onlywent tot be and like I feel like every song for the most part kind of has aparticular point to it. You know, but then, when you get the only Wen tot bewith you, it's kind of like I mean it's, I guess it's about love, we'll. Takeinto the Liowell te get the thelrics, but you know I feel like some of theother ones. It's like wow. It's is touching on some serious issues and youget only woing to be with you and it's like a so I mean I feel like it fits onthe album, but I feel like it definitely stands out. So, let's? UWhat's Teginito those lyric Shaw. We, Sir Os, do all right. I solyricallyspeaking this. This looks interesting. I feel like this guy. You know th theperson who's like you know the in first personar he seems like a Dush bag right,huokay lit, I recommended to you, there's a show on NBC called Songlandand there's a podcast on it, and it is three song producers they're all grandyawardwinners ar all tlike have produced number one hits...'s esther dean. I think it is the GuyFan, one republic, Ryan, teeter and then shame mcallan, who does like a lotof country they get songwriters in and the songwriters are pitching songs,fornits immediately on the spot after they play the song. The three producerslike okay: Let's do that Hook? There's the song: Let's do this try to do thismelody and you see them working ther their craft right there. The things I've learned from watchingthat is the importance of a hook is the importance of the story. I can see allof that within this Te, this Ong right here. This is such a fabricated songthat they said we need an album. We need a song that we're going to releaseon the radio it's going to be or single, that's what this is so they're like.Okay, how can we do this? Let's SI. Let's talk about things at a Universei,let's talk about things that everybody kind of likes, so I don't feel likethese lyrics. Are that deep or we should look, I necessarily who they'resinging about? I think they just wanted something that people could like reallyget stuck in their head and just repeat them on edds we do the chorus eightdifferent times. Oh yeah, I mean- and I feel like this is one of those songswhere, if you ask somebody hey do you know who whoDing to blow Fisar? This is going to be the song that probably sticks out tothem right, I feel like this is probably the mostpopular one that they have but yeah. The lyrics, I think, are yeah fabricateis a good word to put it, but when I, when I was actually like looking intothe lyrics the guy, the main guy seems like a Dick.You know he's all right when you drill down to lyrics right, theyre the guysthe relationship he's checking out other girls in front of his current.Let's call her girlfriend right most likely future ex girlfriend. Judging byhow shitty he is. So that's not. You know not a great idea to check outother girls in front of your current partner and then he cries when hisfavorite team loses and trust me look. I can remember I've liked the brownsand dolphins. Since I was a kid. I was a huge Dann Marino fan growing up,watching him losing a playoffs pretty much every year. It's sucked, but youknow what I never did. I never cried so, and if, and you bro You actually, youwere the one who told me about the Post Malone cover. He says the cowboys makehim cry. Yeah, wait a way to add your own touchon that postmalone Welldo. Do you even I know we're talking about the songhere yeah, but I think a lot of my disdain for Hooti. An this song is tiedo the video. Do you remember the video Oh yeah yeahlet's? He it, let's seewant to hear your member. No I mean you had you had Dan Marina in there you had.Was it Dan Patrick? Was it nick fowl? I sad a lot of a lot of sports references. I mean ESPNwas also kind of blowing up at that time too. Ou Now EUSPM is getting verypopular and it was. I don't even know like what thepoint of that video was because it really wasn't tied into the song otherthan the fact that you had a dolphin in your video. I think they wrote thissong just to be on Sportsof, because if you remember the video the video startsout, it says like special addition of Sports Center and it's a Fulbl sports,cener video you got Dan Patrick you've got Keith. Overman you've got isperman, I don't know Verminson T, butthere was a third one and it's like it's a an ESPN episode and they'remaking fun of hooty throughout. So we get to see you know we get to see whothe authors plaing to go. They're playing the action, the Hooti and theblowfish are playing pick up: Basketball and Lono morning, Dunk SongDarius. At the end, we get that whole, Damn Marina, where he comes out in likea like a hane sweatshirt and like mom jeans, and he trowing the ball andDarius can't catch it to me. It just felt so forced like I was like how Diwe get a tie in with Esban. It didn't have anything to do with sports otherthan this one line, and they took that picty back on thespn and said: Hey.Let's try to promote this artifice yeah,... yeah they. This was their single though I meanthis was what they were using to to really get them out there, and I guessit worked to a point, but I mean he had dam rein. A video, that's prettyfrigging. Awesome, though really was it. I have no problem watching Marino,throw throw some tight, spirals and mom jeans. I don't care man I'll, take acepentorwer they rip them apart, kill, Mario Kilmbrina Ispensur is so good,but yeah. So so not only does this guy cry when Miami Loses Yo, also moans andpowts until he gets his way like a frigging child, then he says I justwant to love you, but you want to wear my ring now. The girl for Someo noreason wants to settle down with this guy and he's like. I just want to hookup and have fun, but actually commit Nah. So I don't know why any want h'marryd this tution asal right, nd ne MoD, get to the whole Bob Dillan lineright, so he gets to that Bob dyll line and says I shot a man named gray tookhis wife to Italy. She inherited a million bucks and when she died gave itto me, I can't help it if I'm lucky and that's actually from a Bob Dyllan songcalled idiot wins. Honestly, I had a hard time listening. I listene to thatsong to just to check it out and I had a hard time listening to it, because itwas Bob Dyllan, I'm sorry, but he sounds like shit, but anyway, dillanwound up suing Hooti for unauthorized use of his lyrics and he actuallyreceived Ha large out of court settlement in ninety five, but ld I'drather hear Darias sing it than Dylan. If anything, Dylan should pay hoody formaking that verse Palatable. But yeah I mean lirickwise yeah, it's it's alittle all over the place. It yeah. It really is like the first couple lines.The first couple: F verses are like all right. The Guy Seems like an assholebasically, and then you get the last line he's talking about Dealang, I'mlike I don't know what you completely lost me right here. Are we given them abit too much credit here we trying to find some meaning? No, not necessarily.I was just digging into the lyrics to really bring out like what he was talkingabout n, because I feel like when you hear the song it's like kind of likehappy and poppy by the when you dig into it. It's like boy. This guy reallyseems like a Jerkov. You know like. Why would this girl want to be with him,but I mean he's a dolphin tin and then maybe the waythat that she wants towear is like his dolphins et four playoffer, and he doesn't want to giveher that I mean because what other ring could he be talking about? There are noother well well. Was that seventy nine seventy ninen? Seventy eight I forgetthe year NA to they had two rings in T E row, but Weli'll tell you what if hewas a browns fan, he'd have no ring for why the thin di do t didn't they havesome back in the day like early on before the before the, when it was thea before the AFL NF mergery yeah is anything else you want to talk aboutbefore we dig into our final verdict. Here. No, I think the lyrics are one thing, but what getsis the song is comprised of that Din Dingticdicdanin Dindak, you know t theguitar yeah. It is nonstop loop from first second, almost until the end withthe acception of too want to bbf Yu and then starts back up an back up yep. Sothat repetitive nature, I think, detracts from any of these lyrics, and I mean I couldn't even payattention to thers I mean he says. I only want to be with you an one, two,three, four, five, six seveneight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen times, so I think he gets to be the only onesto wo with her. He wants to be with you. It's like was that tub thumping withchumber one, but I think they I think they actually said that I get knockeddownline. I think I counted it. We Dot Co. Yo did it was like twenty seventimesyealike that was like Oy Shit, so this isn't that bad yeah,... a rigt Bigdin only woint to be withyou by whon o blow fish. What do you think? Do you think the song is a legithit or a song gone wrong? Well, I need some clarification hairs. I usually do.Are we judging a hit by was it? Was it influential? Was it asong that achieved something special or we asking? Was it a good suf? Was it agood Song Doo? Do you think so? Obviously, right when you look at thenumbers based on the numbers alone, this song is at hit right, but do youthink it deserved? Essentially that's what we're saying right. Do you thinkthe song really deserved to be a hit? I mean it was. It was crafted it get itburrows into your brain and it cannot escape whoever crafted thes song.Whichever combination of producers, writers, Daristeband, it is meticulousan ability. The first time you hear it, you can't unhear, and I sent you avideo of me playing this for my five year old daughter for the first timeyeah. She gave it an emphatic thumbs down, but I I caught her later onhumming, so it is innfection so for that it's asuccess. It launchd their entire album their career, but as a song is it agood song? No, I think it's probably comprised by maybe like thirty fivenotes. The lyrics are a joke, but yeah. It achieved the goal, but I thinklistening to the rest of the album and even the other singles they release.This is not even nearly the best song in this album or that they put out. SoI don't think it deserves the credit. This guy, okay, so you're lading moretowards Songgon wrongten yeah. I mean some en partlly right, partmissing thecomplice, but it really wants be the best. You know so, o all right, yeah.So one one quick story. So when we when we went to go, see them in Hershe acouple years ago, it was pretty funny right. So it was a small arena, but itwas I mean it was packed. I mean this thing was sold out and everybody was standing right. We werestanding, we were like in the bleachers and then you had like a whole sectionlike right in front of the of the stage that everybody was standing. Everybodyand Daris rocker looks at the crowd and goes you know. Everybody in thisstadium is standing and here's my daughter in the front row sitting downand he looks Er andhe goes this song paid for your college, so I thoughtthat was pretty funny, also pretty true, but yeah that was thatwas pretty funny,but I mean, if you want to gauge the fact that you could put Garrys rockeron TV right now, and people will recognize it yeah to be not, I wouldn'tsay totally relevant, but to have like even postin alone, covering I soul tobe still in the conscious the consciousness of like the just thepopular you know listing audience, I think, is in Thetav. He 's managed tostretch out this career and this particular album. It's incredible, Ohyeah yeah, then. Obviously he has this country career, which that's all right.I prefer him, along with the blowfish, notcalling him hoody, but I'm just saying I prefer the whole band as opposed tohis sola stuff, but but yeah I mean, like I was saying before right N. Ithink for better or worse when people think of Hooti and Thel blowfish. Ithink this is probably the song that comes to mind. Is this their best song?Not? Is this the best song on the album? Not even close, I would say honestly. I think this isprobably my least favorite song on the album. However, that doesn't mean this.Isn't a legit hit to me. It's as you w're, saying it's catchy that AcousicGuitar I mean it's just it's huming along the entire time, except for thechorus, even when the when they when mark does the Solo is stillplaying behind that. So it's just it's unrelenting yeah. It is it'sunreleted. It makes you won Smil it does yeah. It is catchy it's upbeat andI think it does fit well on the album right kind of as a contrast to theother songs on the album. That's al go...

...deeper stuff right, like the loss ofhis mother, his father abandoning him and his family racism love lost,enderacial relationships. You know friends growing up living in a momentlike he talks about in time and so having like that kind of poppy carefree, almost just ridiculous kind of almost like a bloss song. In a way youknow, I think it's fine having that on the album. It kind of lightens the mooda bit on this relatively deep album. So I think for that I say it's a legit hit.You know, even though it's not my favorite song of their's, I still thinkit's a legit hit. It had Danbrinain the video I wish he was wearing Zoobazinstead, of course seriously. I Miss Marino. I miss watching him throw the pig skinaround every Sunday, man, that's when football was fun to watch. I think Iwatched the video of him like a couple years ago. He was at like some studio acouple days before thes super bowl and Yeus, probably like late S, maybe midthe lates and someone's like. I want to catch a pass Marino and he man hebrought it Holly Shit. This guy's, like probably like late T isnand. He justthrow an absolute piss rod right to the guy you could't, even Guy Couldt, evencatch the first one yeah he had very little touch. Everything was a thousandmiles an hour, Oh yeah, absolutely absolutely yeah. I Miss Watching himplay now, I'm just addicted to playing Ritro Bowl on my phone. I I actuallymight have a problem here so seems like we are split here. So what we do is welike to loop in our fans because we put a pull up on twitter and we have ourlisteners vote on. What do they think this song is a legititor song go wrongbecause we love democracy here at songs gone wrong. You know, so, let's deewhat the fans had to say about this one. So the fans was spoken. I'll. Tell youwhat bigd this one's? Actually pretty close. I think fifty eight point. Sevenpercent said that this song is a legit hit, so the audience as spoken, not exactly ablow out. We've had some songs recently that were just straight of blowouts, Ithink was it under the bridge by Red Hot Chili peppers. That was like ninetypercent. I think wood from Allison Chans was like ninety percent so andthey were like pretty obvious this one, though, was pretty darn close, so weactually had one that was a dead even tie. We actually had the fucking themesong from the Titanic was fifty percent. We had a lot of votes on that one too.It was o totally. I could not say it's a hit.I cannot say it's a hit, I'm scarred for life from that song, fuck onethousandnine hundred and nety eight senior prom, but yeah. So fifty point,seven percent sad the songs legit hit so some of the feeback we got from ourgood listener, our good friend Irish Keith, at Hismey Self. You know he saidit was not a legit hit, so I almost feel like hoody. Their fanbase is very similar to take Matthews Dave. matthes ban fans will be Dave,Matthews Bayo fans until they're dead, Dade matthes, could come out with aspoken word album he could hav anything. Af people will love it. The lawsremember, I think the Hooni crab they're still out there. So I'msurprised is actually that low, because the Hooti fans I even just put out atweet saying hey, am I the only one who can't stand this? There were somepushback. I was a little bit shocked. I'm surprise the Hoony love is stillstrong, so fifty eight percent, I would have expected to be higher yeah. I feellike that number seems about right, because I feel like this song like if Isaid what do you guys think about Lett her cry. I feel like that number wouldhave been higher same thing for time and probably hold my hand. I feel like those numberswould have been higher, but I feel like this is that one song, where it's kindof like kind of it's kind of on the fence,that's a fair point. You're raised up, because I remember when we went to go,see them like we weren't we didn't tall git. We actually waned up going out to a bar in her she, so we went therebefore the show and like that's their crowd. Man Like that,the parking lot was just people tail...

...gating, it's almost like, like Jimmy Buffet Light, I feel likeJimmy buffer right. You have like the point that you go. I don't like JimmyBuffet, but you go to see Jimmy Buffet. The basically get hammered in a parkinglot before the show. Kenny. Chesney basically, is the new Jimmy Buffet, andI don't mind Chesney that much, but I feel like he should pay some kind ofroyalties to Jimmy Buffet Becaus. I feel like that. Crowd has moved over to Kenny Chesdy and I feel like Hoodi toyour point like a Dave, Matthews right, you're going to go to that show andjust drink and have fun and just enjoy it yeah. I think whoold US he's. Hecouldn't have planen this out any better, because we saw from this videothat he likes sports yeah. He now has a fan base. That's older has disposableincome and he's now in with the sports community. How many times di you see mowith like sports, an them doing like charrity golf who the hell else is outdoing Cherry Golf? Definitely not any other artist from ninety five yeah.They do that. I think they do that every year actually, and so thenthey're big with charity, you know they do a lot of e Worksi'll. Definitelygive him credit for that. But Yeah No, I mean that's and I think also itactually kind of wounds up playing out. Well was you know he was hooty or theywere whodo blow fi schright. They had a good. You know, what's probably maybelike a ten year run, I guess you could say and then like mid twousand like twothousand five Istwo thousand and six he went solo, so he did the Sola thing. Hestill does it to. He does both, but then they released another album in twothousand and nineteen. Actually so- and I mean judging by the crowd at thattwenty fifth endiversary Toure for crack review, they played every song onthere. I honestly wasn't sure what they were going to do, but they played everysong on there and and it was great and it's sold out. So I picture the entireblow fish fan being like who do you come out with Hus? Go back on tourHooty S, oh absolutel! Next time they do man,I am we're, definitely going back out to watchin ECAUS. That was an absoluteblest. I think we might do it right next time in tail gate, sead of goingout to a bar, but either way it was fun but yeah there I mean, then. Obviouslywe saw them in August of two thousand and nineteen, so they had maybe ahandful of shows after that and then obviously cove woucd shut downeverything. So I don't know I feel like they got to be like. Maybe we shouldstick together, guys, Oh yeah guarantee who aret to many hassoles in the crowd,it's impossible to listen to Hooti and just like just want to start fightingloss Mi. Even if you bumped, in I mean still the beer, I probably like ody,show Yeah Don d yeah, you likefukin somebody like try to holdtheir hands the hand. Man Yeah kind of like a bunch of drunk hippies, going out Mac Huity,which is in me t'it's a much more tolerable, parentead mets go yes, yes,cool man! Anything else you want to add no want to. Thank you a fir meon. Itwas good. It was, I think, the mission of because we talked about what youwere doing here while ago. When you said you wanted to really engage withmusic yeah. You have taken this opportunity. I was a hoody hater, ahundred percent. I despise everything to now. I actually give them credit forlike what they've done in this album when it comes on the radio I've foundmyself bobbing my head and going along so you've converted oner, I'm not abooty lover, I'm not going to be there in the front row with you and go, butwhen it comes on Te Radio, I might say all right now: That's that's what wethat's! What we do. You know try to drop some knowledge on bands and Ithink I had a stretch, maybe when I like turned thirty, probably from likethirty to thirty five or so where I was like. I started turning into that oldman and I'm, like you know what this new music sucks everything sucks. Iwant Pearl Jym, an wone AL, some chains. I want you, know old school metallica.This new stuff is ass. I don't want it...

...and then I at some point in time I waslike. I got it me branch y out and then I started listening to some other newthings and I started listening to twent one pilots and then I think they kindof got me into listening to now. Heur, music, beas,I'm like Youjust, got it's a little tougher, I think to find good musics. Ifeel like some of the pop stuff. Now that's on the radio now I think I thinkthat does kind of suck, but there's good music out there. Youjust have todig a little bit more and that's kind of you know what we do on this showmean a lot of the songs wo end up talking about our more so from the S orS. that's really our wheelhouse, but we talk about newer, songs too, but eventhose songs right, like I'm too sexy by right, said Fred or we talked about bythe crash ces dummies that crashed has dumie's album. I hadn't listened toother than the one song and when I listened to it for the show, I was likethis album's. Actually pretty damn good. So you know it's just a matter of, andthis show kind of forces me to listen to everything. And hopefully you knoweverybody else listens to ind the fact that I partially converted somebody toliking, or at least moderately tolerating whoexect. I respect we'll. Take it. That's a win in my bookComan well seriously, always good talking to you always enjoy ourconversations once yougein real quick before we sign up. Don't you tellpeople where they can find you? We are out all the podcast catchers shut, themovies or shot on TV. The TV shows just search for one of your favorite show isgame of thrones West World. True detective watchmen, they're doing right now,American God seasons. Three! So we've done a bunch of shows over there, butthe movies out of our primary goal. We do every week we do all the movies thatyou have buried in the back of your mind from when you were a kid we justdid cennaball run and I could not believe how much of this movie lines. Irememberd situation, Dickan, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one. Ihaven't seen it because it's not available really anywhere and at leastthirty years, but it was like the first time. I was there sitting in front ofthe TVs, a kid and caught it on HBO. So join this over there. Just like you,it's good to go back and reminisce about a simpler time. You know when music, TV and everythingwas the only thing you talked about for the Internet, so we'd love to do withus, yeah yeah. I cannot recommend your guy show enough. I feel, like you guys,were one of the shows that really got me interested in just listening topodcast in the first place. So I have stuck with you guys the whole time, andI am thankful Di, because every episode is great and you guys keep raising thebar every single episode so keep up the good work, buddy and thanks everybody else for listening tous over here at Songas gone wrong. Like I said you can find a song. The socialsat songs, gone website, songs, gone wrongcom and we have a couple goodepisodes coming up to so make sure you guys stick around and we'll keeptalking more tunes, but thanks Youg everybody for listening to songs, goingwrong.

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