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Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie and the Blowfish


Drew welcomes guest Big D Dick Ebert from Shat the Movies to discuss a 90s classic song from a 90s classic band - Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie and the Blowfish. Can Drew change Big D's mind on Hootie?  

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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got it right or did those songs go wrong? One of your host drew Zachman, and joining me today, is a good friend of mine. Some of our listeners might know him from the shot verse, the Rock of the shot, the movies, big D Dickeper Big d. How you doing, buddy good? How are you doing? Doing all right? I'm am doing all right. We're talking about a I feel like this episode is going to be. It'll be interesting to say. I think so. They were coming at it from two different approaches. Michael is, just to be fair, you know, just don't let my preconceived notions of all things Hootie, because I know you're a Hootie lover. So I'm coming into this and I'm going to try to be fair. Now. That's why, that's that's what we that's what we ask and you know, and that's the good thing about having this conversation, because you know, sometimes you might be a big fan and they maybe you find something out or maybe got a way around. Maybe you're not a fan and next thing you know you're like wow, these guys aren't too shabby. That happened with me with I got to be honest, man right side Fred. That album up not it's not too bad. I kind of I kind of dig it. But now, if there are, if there are any listeners out there who have not heard of your show, doubtful, but if there are, what is your show about? So we do two different we do shot the movies, which was our first. We have a three host, gene lions, myself and as Chaff Lee. We go back and we look at the S and s movies that we loved his kids and we try to see did they hold up? You know, will occasionally we'll compare them to today's standard, but mostly it is is it still as good a movie as I remember? Was it something that, you know, when we were a kid we were very passionate excited about. Today we watching like how is that? How is that even something that we'd like see in the movie there. So it's about revisiting your memories and we're lucking up that our listeners right in. They select the movies and they'll share with us. They are memories. So it's all about the collective like image that we have of films and how it impacted our lives. And then we also do TV, so we'll do series like lovecraft, country, game of thrones, West World. You could find all of that shot the moviescom or shout on tvcom and you can find something pretty much all the streaming services. But yeah, it's it's pretty much anything TV or movies we're trying to cover. Yeah, now I'm a fan of the show and I cannot recommend your guys work enough. I mean I think I've been listening to shat the movies for it's got to be at least three years, probably three or four years it's been, so I've been there. I don't think I found it immediately once you guys started, but I probably called on maybe like episode, maybe fifteen or so, so I was kind of towards the beginning. Yeah, Fretty, I think that's when you had reached out with a question and I went and listen to your first podcast and it was it was for the one headlight and you were doing a Disney film and you want to take on Disney princesses. That I was like, I've never heard this, this unique angle you're coming up. So you were kind enough. You guest hosted with us. I think on three episodes that you did toy story, the natural was a two or three. Oh yeah, it was those and total recall. Yeah, Schwartzenegger movie. So we appreciate it's been nice to have you along with us for the ride and glad to join here. Yeah, yeah, and it's always on chatting it to we always talk about our kids, so it's always fun talking, talking dad stuff. That's always good. But now, if you guys have been done so already, make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you give all of our episodes and they come out, which in fact is twice a week. And if you could also leave us a five story of you, that would be deeply appreciated and also refers to a friend boy, that would be swell.

And if you do, let me know and we'll actually have your very own songs gone wrong sticker sent out to you. So they're pretty awesome stickers actually, I'm not gonna lie. And you can also follow us on the socials, twitter, instagram at songs gone drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom. visit our website, songs on wrongcom and on there. Actually we have a couple I started dabbling and video editing and I started making my own little pop up videos for some songs from the S and s. So check those out and we have our own songs gone wrong. playlist on spotify is to keep up the date with the songs we discussed each episode. Now, Mr Ebertt, this episode. What Song Are we talking about here today? Oh, we are. We are talking about the wonderful who dy in the blowfish. I really want to be with you, that's right, which is off their album cracked review, which came out in the year of our Lord One thousand nine hundred and ninety four, and fel like Thousan nine hundred and ninety four was like one of the best years in music in general. I feel like that might be a another debate for another day, but man, ninety four was awesome and songwriters Mark Bryant, Dean Felboerd, Darius rocker and Jim Sunfeld, Aka Hoodie and the blowfish. And No, there is no actual Hoodie, it's just a nickname that they had. Now Big Day. What are some of your memories of this song? I can remember it was it was new years of it that to be going into ninety because this stem one hundred and ninety five. The album came out in ninety four, but I think single wise it was probably like early ninety five. So I think he was around the year's Eve. I can remember we were setting up for a party and it seemed like every other song was Hoodie. And if I'm wrong here, they didn't just blast out a single and then wait, I feel like the main four songs in this album they released pretty much like Chopun because you would almost hear them within an hour. You could hear too who. I don't remember the actual release days, but I know exactly what you're talking about because you pull on the radio you'd hear hold my hand and then, you know, probably half hour later, as kind of what you're alluding to, you would hear only want to be with you. They Ne'd here time, and then you'd hear letter cry. And those were the four main singles. They also released a fifth single. They released drowning as a single, which I don't remember hearing that on the radio, but by that point I was already listening to the album itself. But yeah, you're right, man. Those singles were pretty much on constant repeat for it seemed like a good year. Yeah, and then in back this was before you have Internet radio, so you would have the general station on, whatever the popular one was around, and I was in college at the time and it would it just seemed like all Hoodie all the time. They came out of nowhere. So it was just like, all of the sudden's band you'd never heard of. That was just every other song and I think I had a vision of them being bigger than the work. Yeah, they that's a good point too, because I don't remember anything else about them before crackeder view and next thing you know, like it's their debut album and it's like, who are these guys and why is like almost every radio station playing them on repeat. But I mean for me personally, I've been a fan of their since they first came out. I think the first song I remember hearing was hold my hand. That I was kind of hooked ever since, and I'll be honest with you, man, I it hasn't always been easy being a Hootie Fan. I like a lot of genres, but I would say metals probably my favorite if I had to really pick one, and a lot of my friends that listen to metal would always give me crap about being a Hootie Fan. Even Max, even Max Cavallera from Sepultura and soulflight talk smack about Hoodie and their ninety eight song. No, I don't know if you guys have heard that song, but check it out. But he says no more motherfucking Hoodie and the blowfish. So Max Cavallero not a fan of Hoodie, but but being a Hootie Fan, it has let has been he's, but I'm a proud fan of their's and also my wife and I. We went to go see them in her she back in two thousand and nineteen, before everything went to Shit. We saw them on their cracked rear view twenty five anniversary tour and that shows great also that makes me feel super old because that was twenty five...

...years ago, twenty seven now. But see, like I was saying, I was I'm a big metal fan and at that time in ninety four, you know I was. I was definitely getting really into some metal music. I mean at that point I was probably more into the you know, solidly, I would say, into grunge. Sool fear factory slayer corn was out by that point. So I was kind of navigating towards them. So I was, you know, that's the route I was going, but something about Hootie man, I don't know, I just I just kind of gravitated towards them. I feel like Hoodie they were like the nickel back before nickelback. For some reason they went from very popular on the radio and then there was like a turn, like you said about supple turba making fun of them. It became really cool. But I mean now we have key and peel. They did. I sent you the video yes where they had drus rucker on sage of people like Hey, who do you go, just mocking him, and I don't know where that change. It somewhere along lines, I feel like people turn. Probably, I mean I feel like it was probably after their fair weather Johnson album, because that album it did okay. I think it's sold like four million copies, but that came out in ninety six and I mean it's tough to follow up crackery review. I mean that things sold, I think, over twenty million copies. So I mean that's one of the best selling albums of the S. it's tough to follow that up in no matter who you are. And I think when fair weather Johnson came out, I feel people were like all right, we're it. Maybe it was burned out too. I mean maybe people were just like all right, we we've had enough. We heard you guys are pretty much a solid year straight. We're done with you guys. Those that that's why'm two. People were getting more into kind of you had at that point. You're getting towards like the the mid to late S, you would start getting into kind of like the boy bands and the girl bands, right, spice girls, you had in sync backstreet boys. So they're kind of dominating the pop scene and then, from like an alternative scene, you're getting more into kind of like that punk pop. So I don't think who do you really had a place at that point and they kind of were kind of seemed a bit nerdy to certain groups of people. I'm not bitter, but I took I took a lot of heat, I can imagine. But who do here's what was kind of intering, right. So we look at their spotify numbers. Only would it be with you is Hoodie's most stream song being streamed over eighty three million times, and hohody has over two point one million monthly listeners on spotify, which I feel that numbers pretty low. Actually. Mean I'm not I'm not saying they're going to get, I think Pearl jams around like fourteen million or ten million or something like that. I don't think they're going to be pearl jam numbers, but I mean two point one million. I mean there's a lot, a couple one hit wonders that are around that like one or two million marks. I was kind of surprised to see it was that low, but I mean I'm of those two point one million monthly listeners. I'm sure I'm probably the I probably pull in at least a half million for them. So it's probably tenzero listeners, including you, that are listening, including I am a large percentile of the hoodie listeners and I am perfectly fine with that, but only would to be with you. It peaked on the US billboard hot one hundred at number six back in October of ninety five. Now, looking at some of the other songs, number one was fantasy by Mariah carry too was gangs this paradise by our good friend Coulio. Three was run away by Janet Jackson, for was kissed from a rose by seal, which we cover on here a couple weeks ago, and five was you are not alone by Michael Jackson, which, looking back now, boy that that song titles a little lesson daring and more threatening actually, but neither he nor they're. Also shout out to all for one, coming in at fourteen with I can love you like that. I don't know why I want to mention all for one, I just felt like mentioning them. And also at twenty nine was breakfast at Tiffany's, which is totals, but also check out our episode on that one, because I clearly lay out why that song is terrible. Now,... does this song compared to other songs on this album? And, like I was mentioning before, this album was a massive hit. Cracked you of you sold over twenty million copies, with ten and a half million copies in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five alone, and this album hit number one on the US billboard. Two hundred. We talked about the singles. They're released off of it. There is five, hold my hand, let her cry, only going to be with you time and drowning. Now, big D did you ever own this album at any point in time? No, I didn't. Need to anytime. I wanted to it, but the radio one was there. No, I did not own this. And and going back after we talked about picking a song, what we're going to cover, I put on my Hoodie playlist and I went back and I did my research, because I'm taking this serious, and right away I texted. I said I said only one to be with you. I said it's awful. I said I can't stand it. I was quoting lyrics. I was telling you why I hated it. But as I got pasta and I went to the rest of the album, it made me enjoy the other songs much more than I anticipated. I found myself humming along, I was singing. There is an infectious nature to this album that it almost it did transport me back in time, almost to where I was care free. I could picture I was in the car driving to the beach. I was is paying attention to the lyrics. is almost in the background, but it was that field good music and I think the album is a whole was pretty strong. I don't know how much the songs are different from each other. They're all pretty much different flavors of the villa, but it's it's an album that you can put on and it would be pleasant. Yeah, clearly I'm a fan. I've mentioned this once or seventy five times, but yeah, I mean it's a good album. There are some you know kind of feel good songs, right. I mean the the opening track, Hannah Jane, Great Song. They kick off the album. Kind of get the VIBE. That songs about kind of two friends who would go out partying in college, but then one of them winds up settling down and the others kind of trying to, you know, pull them back into that partying lifestyle. Then we get hold my hand as the second one. That when peaked at number ten on the US billboard hot one hundred. Also, that song actually has a backing vocal from David Crosby and according to Darris Rucker, he says this is a protest song about racism for him. So Great Song. Love it. Then we have let her cry, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six Grammy Award winner for best pop performance. This peaked at number nine on the US billboard hot one hundred. Love the song. I feel like Rucker's talent is apparent on this one and it's a very cool kind of like a storytelling song, right, who do their big fans of Tom Waits, weights is like a legendary storyteller in his music and is kind of fits that mold. And who he also covered closing time from Tom Waits on, if you've ever heard that song. But it's a it's a great song, I think who he does a great cover of that good stuff, just like an acoustic cover of it, but it's really awesome. Then we get only one to be with you. Well, we'll dig into the lyrics a little bit later and then we start getting into, I think, some of the I want to say, more meaningful songs, but the maybe something like the deeper content here. Right. Then we have running from an angel. It's a great song. I think this one's about Darius Rucker's Dad. His mom basically raised him and his five siblings by herself and I think the dad kind of left them. So that's some deep content there. Then we have I'm going home, which is another song about ruckers mother, who passed away in ninety two of a heart attack drowning. Like I said, this is one of their fifth single actually that was released. It's a great song about prejudice and racism. Then we get time, which I feel like time is probably the song that really has changed for me the most over over time. Pun attended, but you know, when it came out I felt this kind of know it had like a poppy vibe to it, you know, good vibe. So, but then, as an adult now, you kind of look at those lyrics and you see you think about time, you know, you look at time differently and it's just like Holy Shit. So it to me at the time it kind of felt like poppy,...

...kind of care free, but looking back now it's like I gotta get crack it on things, you know. You know, man and doing research for this, listening to it. One of my knocks and who do he's always been the lyrics. I feel they're superficial. They're like sugary pop. That's something like. I feel like if Disney had like sponsored or band, the lyrics would be there. But when you go into, like you just said, some of the songs like I'm going home or some of the deeper songs, yeah, those aren't the ones they release now. All the stuff they released were like the hooks and the same chorus. We could picture everybody the crab book singing together and taking out their lighters, but the deeper stuff, if you don't buy the album and you don't listen to it, you're going to think they're all I only want to hold your hand. Yeah, yeah, and even hold my hand. You know, I feel like that song I'd at first I didn't realize it was his kind of protest song. I mean he's they're not rage against the machine or anything over here. I kind of feel like, is that song really a protest song, you know, because I'm like, are you just saying that's kind of make it seem more complex than what it is. I mean, he says it's his protest song, but I see your point for that one. I mean that Song, the lyrics are kind of it's almost like they wrote that song to be a pop yeah, yeah, and I don't think it could be a protest song. Of people don't know you're protesting, it doesn't count. You found you the sack up. Go out there and actually make people realize be rage against in machine. Climb the scaffolding with an award show. Actually prove a point. Go out there, because then people realize what you're protesting. Actually get people on your side. This two years later say and yeah, yeah, as so then after after time we get look away, which is another great song, and this one's about, you know, an interracial relationship, and then we get not even the trees. I know I was bugging you earlier about this song. Man, this is this is hands down my favorite song on the album. I think overall it's one of my I haven't ranked my favorite songs ever, but it's it's up there for me. But this one it's about his mom and the album itself was actually dedicated to his mom as well. I feel like the song really if I if anybody says, Hey, what's a good song, from whitting to blow fish, I would actually point them to this one. So I feel like this is one of those great tracks and it really shows their depth. After that, a great way to follow up. Not even the trees would get goodbye, which is actually an even sadder song. But this one is just kind of about like relationships ending, which we've all been there before, but the way rucker sings this one, I think again this one really shows the guy has a great voice and that at the very ends there's a hidden track. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child. It's kind of a spiritual song that Rucker sings for his mother and yeah, great, and to the album. So and now comparing right, only one to be with you, right, you kind of hit on that before. When you get to the second part of the album you get some of the deeper stuff. Only would to be and like, I feel like every song for the most part kind of has a particular point to it, you know, but then when you get to only want to be with you, it's kind of like, I mean it's I guess it's about love. We will against the larrys goings. You can't hear well. They get to the lyrics, but you know, I feel like some of the other ones it's like wow, the it's touching on some serious issues and you get only going to be with you and it's like so, I mean, I feel like it fits on the album, but I feel like it definitely stands out. So let's let's dig into those lyrics, shall we, sir? Let's do it, all right, I so, lyrically speaking, it's the songs interesting got. I feel like this guy, you know, the person who's like, you know, in first person, it seems like a douchebag. All Right, Huh, okay, like I recommended to you. There's a show on NBC called Song Land and there's a podcast song that and it is three song producers. They're all Grammy Award winners, are all, like, have produced number one hits. It's Esther Deine, I think... is, the guy from one republic, Ryanteeter, and then Shane mccawen, who does like a lot of country. They get songwriters in and the songwriters are pitching songs foreign artist immediately, on the spot, after they play the song, the three producers like, okay, let's do that Hook. There's the song, let's do this, try to do this melody, and you see them working their their craft right there. The things I've learned from watching that is the importance of a hook, is the importance of the story. I can see all of that within this, the this song right here. This is such a fabricated song that they said we need an album, we need a song that we're going to release on the radio. It's going to be our are single. That's what this is. So they're like, okay, how can we do this? Let's say let's talk about things that the universe and let's talk about things that everybody kind of likes. So I don't feel like these lyrics are that deep or we should look in necessarily that who they're singing about. I think they just wanted something that people could like really get stuck in their head and just repeat them on end as we do the chorus eight different times. Oh yeah, I mean it. And I feel like this is one of those songs where if you ask somebody, Hey, do you know who who do in a blowfish are, this is going to be the song that probably sticks out to them. Right. I feel like this is probably the most popular one that they have. But Yeah, the lyrics, I think our if fabricate is a good word to put it. But when I when I was actually like looking into the lyrics, the guy, the main guy, seems like a Dick. You know, he's all right, when you drill down to lyrics, right, they're the guys in the relationship. He's checking out other girls in front of his current, let's call her girlfriend, right, most likely future ex girlfriend, judging by how shitty he is. So that's not, you know, not a great idea to check out other girls in front of your current partner. And then he cries when his favorite team loses and trust me. You look, I can remember. I've liked the browns and dolphins since I was a kid. I was a huge Dan Marino fan growing up, watching him losing a playoffs pretty much every year. It's sucked. But you know what, I never did, I never cried. So and if in you, you actually you were the one who told me about the Post Malone cover. He says the cowboys make him cry. Yeah, wait, a way to add your own touch on that post Malone. Well, do you even? I know we're talking about the song here. Yeah, but I think a lot of my disdain for Hoodie and this song is tied to the video. Do you remember the video? Oh Yeah, yeah, let's hear it. Let's see, I want to hear your member. No, I mean you had you had Dan Marino. When there you had a was it Dan Patrick? Was it nick foul? I would say a lot of a lot of sports references. I mean ESPN was also kind of blowing up at that time too. ESPM is getting very popular, and it was I don't even know, like what the point of that video was, because it really wasn't tied into the song other than the fact that you had a dolphin in your video. I think they wrote this song just to be on sports center because if you remember the video, the video starts out it says like Special Edition of Sports Center, and it's a full sports center video. You Got Dan Patrick, you've got Keith Oberman, you've got resperiman. I don't know Ferman's in it, but there was a third one and it's like it's a an espn episode and they're making fun of Hoodie throughout. So we get to see, you know, we get to see who the out there's playing. Some go they're playing the actually the Hoodie and the blowfish are playing pick up basketball and Alonzo morning dunks on Darius. At the end we get that whole Dan Marino where he comes out in like a like a Haynes sweatshirt and like mom Jean and throwing the ball and Darius can't catch it. To me it just felt so forced, like it was like how do we get a tie in with ESPN? It didn't have anything to do sports other than this one line and they took that piggyback on the ESPN and said Hey, let's try to promote this artificial yeah,..., yeah, they this was their single though. I mean this was what they were using to really get them out there, and I guess it works to a point, but I mean, he had damn in a video. That's pretty freaking awesome, though, really wasn't? I I have no problem watching Marino throw throw some tight spirals and mom jeans. I don't care, man, I'll take a spin tour where they rip them apart. Kill Marina Kilburno. I sventure is so good, but yeah, so so. Not only does this guy cry when Miami loses, he also moans and palates until he gets his way like a freaking child. Then he says, I just want to love you, but you want to wear my ring. Now the girl, for some wellknown reason, wants to settle down with this guy and he's like, I just want to hook up and have fun, but actually commit. Nah. So I don't know why anyone to marry this dude. Nozzle. Right. And then we get to the whole Bob Dylan line. Right. So he gets to that Bob Dylan line and says, I shot a man named gray, took his wife to Italy. She inherited million bucks and when she died, gave it to me. I can't help it if I'm lucky, and that's actually from a Bob Dylan Song called idiot wins. Honestly, I had a hard time listen things. I listened to that song to just to check it out, and I had a hard time listening to it because it was Bob Dylan. I'm sorry, buddy, sounds like shit. But anyway, Dylan wound up suing Hootie for unauthorized use of his lyrics and he actually received the large out of court settlement in ninety five. But I would I'd rather hear Dareius sing it than Dylan. If anything, Dylan should pay Hooti from making that verse Palatable, but yeah, I mean lyricwise. Yeah, it's it's a little all over the place it. Yeah, it really is. Like the first couple lines, the first couple verses, are like, all right, the guy seems like an Asshole, basically, and then you get the last line. He's talking about Dylan. I'm like, I don't know what you completely lost me right here. Are we giving him a bit too much Crev here? Are we trying to find some meaning? No, not necessarily. I was just digging into the lyrics to really bring out like what he was talking about. It because I feel like when you hear the song it's like kind of like happy and poppy, but when you dig into it it's like, well, this guy really seems like a jerk off, you know, like why would this girl want to be with him? But I mean he's a dolphin fan and then maybe the way that she wants to wear is like his dolphins eighty four playoffer and he doesn't want to give her that, I mean, because what other ring can to be talking about? There are no other well, well, was that seventy nine? Seventy, seventy eight? I forget the year they had too. They had two rings in a row. But well, I'll tell you what, if he was a browns fan, he'd have no ring for well, did they have some back in the day, like early on, before the yeah, before the when it was the Ale, before the AFL NFL merger? Yeah, but anything else you want to talk about before we dig into our our final verdict here? No, I think the lyrics are one thing, but what gets me is the song is comprised of that Ding Ding Ding Ding, Ding Ding Ding Ding. You know the guitar. Yeah, it is Um non stop loop from first second almost until the end, with the exception of only want to be with you, and that starts back up, its back up. Yep. So that repetitive nature. I think two tracks from any of these lyrics, and I mean I couldn't even pay attention to the lyrics. I mean he says, I only want to be with you. What one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten eleven, twelve, thirteen times. So I think he gets to be the only want to be with her, only want to be with you. It's like I was that tub thumping would chumble one. But I think they, I think they actually said that. I get knocked down line. I think I counted it. We just counts. You did. It was like twenty seven times. Yeah, like that was like Holy Shit, so this isn't that bad. Yeah, yeah, so,...

...all right, big day. Only want to be with you by WHO, you know, blowfish. What do you think? Do you think this song is a legit hit or a song gone wrong? Well, an some clarification hairs, I usually do. Are we judging a hit by was it was it influential? Was it a song that achieved something special? Or we asking was it a good soul? Was it a good song? Oh, do you. Do you think so? Obviously right when you look at the numbers. Based on the numbers alone, this song is a hit, right, but do you think it deserved such a that's what we're saying, right. Do you think the song really deserved to be a hit? If I mean it was, it was crafted. It get it burrows into your brain and it cannot escape. Whoever crafted this song, whichever combination of producers, writers, Darius, the band. It is meticulous in the ability the first time you hear it you can't on here. And I sent you a video of me playing this for my five year old daughter for the first time. Yeah, she gave it an emphatic thumbs down, but I I caught her later on humming it. So it is infectious. So for that is the success. It launched their entire album, their career. But as a song, is it a good song? No, I think it's probably comprised by maybe like thirty five notes. The lyrics are joke. But yeah, it achieved the goal. But I think listening to the rest of the album and even the other singles they release, this is not even nearly the best song and this album or that they've put out. So I don't think it deserves the credits got. Okay, so your lady an more towards song gone wrong. Done. Yeah, I mean someone parsley right, partial mission accomplished, but it really wants me the best, you know, so you thump them all right. Yeah. So one, one quick story. So when we when we went to go see them in her she a couple years ago, it was pretty funny. Right. So it was a small arena but it was I mean it was pat I mean this thing was sold out and everybody was standing. Right, we were standing, we were like in the bleachers, and then you had like a whole section like right in front of the of the stage that everybody was standing, everybody. And Darius Rucker looks at the crowd and goes, you know, everybody in the stadium is standing and here's my daughter in the front row sitting down and it looks atting goes this song paid for your college. So I thought that was pretty funny. Also pretty true. But yeah, that was that was pretty funny. But I mean, if you want to gage the fact that you could put Darius rocker on TV right now and people will recognize them. Yeah, to be not, I wouldn't say, totally relevant. But to have like even post alone covering the song, to be still in the conscious, the consciousness of like the just the popular, you know, listening audience, I think is an achievement. He's managed to stretch out this career and this particular album. It's incredible. Oh yeah, yeah, and then obviously he has his country career, which that's all right. I prefer him along with the blowfish, not calling him Hoodie, but I'm just saying. I prefer the whole band as opposed to his solo stuff. But but yeah, I mean, like I was saying before, right, and I think for better or worse, when people think of Hoodie and the blowfish, I think this is probably the song that comes to mind. Is this their best song? Note? Is this the best song on the album? Not even close, I would say. Honestly, I think this is probably my least favorite song on the album. However, that doesn't mean this isn't a legit hit. To me, it's as you're saying. It's catchy, that Acoustic Guitar, I mean it's just it's humming along the entire time, except for the chorus, even when the when they when mark does the Solo is still playing behind that. So it just it's unrelenting. Yeah, it is this, it's unreluctant, basic want to smile does yeah, it is catchy, it's upbeat and I think it does fit well on the album right, kind of as a contrast to the other songs on the album that's ago, deeper stuff, right, like the...

...loss of his mother, his father abandoning him and his family, racism, love, loss and a racial relationships, you know, friends, growing up, living in a moment, like he talks about, in time, and so having like that kind of poppy, care free almost just ridiculous, kind of almost like a bloss song in a way. You know, I think it's fine having that on the album. It kind of lightens the mood a bit on this relatively deep album. So I think for that I say it's a legit hit. You know, even though it's not my favorite song of there's, I still think it's a legit hit. It had Dan Marino the video. I wish he was wearing Zoobaz instead, of course he seriously, I Miss Marino. I missed watching him throw the pigskin around every Sunday. Man, that's when football was fun to watch. I think I watched a video of him like a couple years ago. He was at like some studio a couple days before the Super Bowl, and he just probably like late S, maybe mid the late S, and someone's like, I want to catch a pass from Marino and he man, he brought it. Holy Shit, this guy's like probably like late s and he just throw an absolute piss rod right to the guy. He could even guy could even catch the first one. Yeah, I eat, he had very will touch. Everything's a thousand miles and Oh yeah, absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, I miss watching him play. Now I'm just addicted to playing Retro Bowl on my phone. I actually might have a problem here. So seems like we are split here. So what we do is we like to loop in our fans, because we put a pull up on twitter and we have our listeners vote on what do they think? This song is a legit hitter song going wrong, because we love democracy here at songs gone wrong, you know. So let's see what the fans had to say about this one. So the fans of spoken. I'll tell you what big do. This one's actually pretty close. I think fifty eight point seven percent said that this song is a legit hit. So the audience is spoken. Not exactly a blowout. We've had some songs recently that we're just straight up blowouts. I think. Was it under the bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers? That was like ninety percent, I think. Would from Alice and chains was like ninety percent. So and they were like pretty obvious. This one, though, was pretty darn close. So we actually had one that was a dead even tie. We actually had the fucking theme song from the Titanic. was fifty percent. We had a lot of votes on that one too. That's it was a total head, total height. I couldnt say it's a hit. I couldnot say it's a hit. I'm scarred for life from that song. fucking one thousand nine hundred ninety eight senior prom but yeah, so fifty eight point seven percent said the song is a legit hit. So some of the feedback we got from our good listener, our good friend Irish Keith, at his Meself, you know, he said it was not a legit hit. So I almost feel like hooty. Their fan base is very similar to Dave Matthews. Dave Matthews and fans will be Dave Matthews found fans until they're dead. Dave Matthews could come out with a spoken word album. He come up anything and people will love it. They'll always remember, I think the hooty crowd. They're still out there. So I'm surprised it's actually that low because the Hoodie fans, I even just put out a tweet saying hey, am I the only one can't stand this? There was some push that. I was a little bit shocked. I was surprised. The hoody love is still strong. So fifty eight percent, I would have expected to be ire. Yeah, I feel like that number seems about right because I feel like this song like if I said what do you guys think of out let her cry, I feel like that number would have been higher. Same thing for time and probably hold my hand. I feel like those numbers would have been higher. But I feel like this is that one song where it's kind of like, kind of, it's kind of on the fence. That's a fair point. You're raised up, because I remember when we went to go see them, like we weren't. We didn't tail get. We actually wanted up going out to a bar in Hershey. So we went there before the show and like that's their crowd. Man Like that. The the parking lot was just people tail getting. It's almost like... Jimmy Buffett light. I feel like Jimmy Buffer. Right, you have the point of you go. I don't like Jimmy Buffett, but you go to see Jimmy Buffett to basically get hammered in a parking lot before the show. Canny chesney basically is the new Jimmy Buffett, and I don't mind. She's need that much, but I feel like he should pay some kind of royalties to Jimmy buff because I feel like that crowd has moved over to Kenny chest and I feel like hoody. It's your point, like a Dave Matthews right, you're going to go to that show and just drink and have fun and just enjoy it. Yeah, I think who dois he's be couldn't have planned this out any better, because we saw from this video that he likes sports. Yeah, he now has a fan base that's older, has disposable income and he's now in the sports community. How many times do you see my look like sports and they're doing like Charity Golf? Who the hell else is down doing charity golf? Definitely not any other artist from ninety five. Yeah, they do that. I think they do that every year actually. And so then they're they're big with charity, you know, they do a lot of ARY Works Ole. Definitely give him credit for that. But yeah, no, I mean that's and I think also it actually kind of wounds up playing out. Well was, you know, he was Hootie or they were who do blowfish? Right, they had a good, you know what's probably maybe like a ten year run, I guess you could say. And then like mid two thousands, like two thousand and five is two thousand and six, he went solo. So he did the solo thing. He still does it to he does both. But then they released another album in two thousand and nineteen. Actually. So, and I mean judging by the crowd at that twenty five anniversary tour for crack review, they played every song on there. I honestly wasn't sure what they're going to do, but they played every song on there and and it was great and it's sold out. So I picks an entire blowfish fan be I'm like, who do you come out? Let's go back on tour. Hoo Do Commu Rus? Oh, absolutely, the next time they do. Man, I am we're definitely going back out to watch because I was an absolute blast. I think we might do it right next time in tailgates, that of going out to a bar. But either way it was fun. But yeah, there. I mean then obviously we saw them in August of two thousand and nineteen, so they had maybe a handful of shows after that, and then obviously covid would shut down everything. So I don't know, I feel like they got to be like maybe we should stick together guys. Oh yeah, I guarantee there are the many assholes in the crowd. It's impossible to listen to hooty and just like just want to start a fight. Most maybe even if bumped into me and still to be here, I probably got whooty show. Yeah, Dun, Dun, yeah, you like minis, just like fucking is somebody like try to hold their hands, pull the hand. Man. Yeah, they kind of like a bunch of a drunk hippies going out and watch judy, which is mine. By me. It's a much more tolerable parent head, much better. Yes, yes, cool man. Anything else you want to add? No, I want to thank you for me on. It was good. It was, I think, the mission of because we talked about what you were doing here while ago, when you said you wanted to really engage with music. Yeah, you have taken this opportunity. I was a hooty hater, a hundred percent. I despise everything. To now I actually give them credit for like what they've done on this album. When it comes on the radio I've found myself bobbing my head and going along. So you've converted one. I'm not a hooty lover. I'm not going to be there in the front row with you and dollars, but when it comes on the radio, I might said, all right, now, that's that's what we that's what we do, you know, try to drop some knowledge on bands. And I think I had a stretch maybe when I like turned thirty, prior from like thirty to thirty five or so, were I was like I started turning into that old man and I'm like, you know what, this new music sucks. Everything sucks. I want Pearl Jam, I want Alice and chains, I want, you know, old school metallic got. This new stuff is ass. I don't want it. And then at some point in...

...time I was like I gotta let me branch out. And then I started listening some other new things and I started listening to twenty one pilots, and then I think they kind of got me into listening to newer music. Is I'm like, you just got it's a little tougher, I think, to find good musics. I feel like some of the pop stuff now that's on the radio now, I think. I think that does kind of suck, but there's good music out there. You just have to dig a little bit more. And that's kind of you know, what we do on this show. I mean a lot of the songs we wind up talking about our more so from the S or S. that's really our wheelhouse. But we talked about newer songs too, but even those songs right, like I'm too sexy by right, said Fred Or. We talked about by the crash test dummies, that crash test dummies album I hadn't listened to other than the one song and when I listened to it for the show, I was like this album is actually pretty damn good. So you know, it's just a matter of and this show kind of forces me to listen to everything and hopefully, you know, everybody else listens to and the fact that I partially converted somebody to liking, or at least moderately tolerating hoody, I respect. We'll take it. That's a win in my book. Cool Man. Well, seriously, always good talking to you. Always enjoy our conversations. Why aren't you again real quick, before we signed off, why don't you tell people where they can find you? We are all the podcast catchers, shot the movies or shot on TV, the TV shows. Just search for whatever your favorite show is. Game of thrones, West World, true detective, watchman. They're doing right now American God seasons three. So we've done a bunch of shows over there. But the movies are the my primary goal. We do them every week. We do all the movies that you have buried in the back of your mind from when you were a kid. We just did cannonball run and I could not believe how much of this movie lines I remember situations. It came out in one thousand nine hundred and eighty one. I haven't seen it because it's not available really anywhere and at least thirty years, but it was like the first time I was there sitting in front of the TV's a kid and caught it on HBO, so join us over there. Just like you, it's good to go back and reminisce about a simpler time, you know, when music, TV and everything that was the only thing you talked about for the Internet. So We'd love to have you with us. Yeah, yeah, I cannot recommend your guys show enough. I feel like you guys were one of the shows that really got me interested in just listening to podcast in the first place. So I have stuck with you guys the whole time and I am thankflight Dick, because every episode is great and you guys keep raising the bar every single episode. So keep up the good work, buddy, and thanks everybody else for listening to us over here at songs gone wrong. Like I said, you can find us on the socials at songs gone website, songs gone wrongcom, and we have a couple good episodes coming up to so make sure you guys stick around and we'll keep talking more tunes about. Thanks to everybody for listening to songs gone wrong.

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