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Partyman by Prince


This episode we discuss the merits of an 80s classic, Partyman by Prince, as well as the Batman soundtrack. Can Prince really make anything amazing?


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Everyone and welcome to songs gonewrong. wher we, along with you, the fans teside an these, had songs, got itright or did those songs go wrong? Iam One of your hosts drew Zachman andjoining me, as always, is Dave Shultz to Shultz? How are you doing on thislovely day? Heyhey we get a live one here. I cannot wait to do this. ShowI'm so happy. I'm thrilled, I feel, like that's genuine joy, because I knowyou were even looking forward to doing this song. Yeah Man, that's like myenergy should be infectious here. You shouldn't be second guessing it give mea break Buddy Wyou'll hear why I'm second guessing, but that's not to sayanything because guess what we are talking about a great song today, sureand if you haven't done so already make sure you hit subscribe to make sure youget all of our episodes when they come out, which in fact is twice ha week,uys twice a week, it's pretty good and you coul also leave us a five starreview. That would be deeply appreciated, because that's that's howpodcast grow right? We can'. We can't hang with the Joe rogan he'sows he'srich has a lot of money, so we need. We need you guys to help us kind of get up.There word of mouth, tell your friends and then and then tell their friendsand then tell your friends, friends and then exactly and then have them leaveus five startviews as well, and it will be great and lovely it's kind of like aplant. Don't you think I mean you can have a great house plant, you bring ithome, it looks beautiful, but I mean it's going to die unless you give itsome water little sunlight. PODCASTS are the same way right without somefive star reviews, little word of mouth. What good are they it's going to wiltaway will to we? I don't want to wilt. No He's give me some Wata Naw. We donot. We don't want wilting here, which is funny because I w'll talk about thatlater in this episode boy. That was a Segway Holy Shit Anyway. Now guys youcan follow us on twitter at songs, gone or drop us an email, sgw podcast atgmlcom or visit our website songs gone wrongcom. Now, if you want to suggest asong by all means, you can do so. Goo O our website songs, gone wrongcom, andyou can send that our way and you can also help support our show by going tosongs, gone wrongcom there, and that way we can have information there forhow you guys can help support us. Now. This episode, we are talking aboutthe iconic party man from Prince, which was off of the Batman Sound Track inone thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, the Michael Keaton Jack Nicholson,a classic movie was so good that was so good. Ah that Du that movie waseverything you can meet. So good is not doing it justice. My I'm trying to keepit I'm trying to you to keep it basic right now, but it was written by Prince.But Dave. Tell me some of your memories of this particular song. Bat Mania wasrunning wild back in eighty nine and I was not immune to ITCs charms. I lovecomic books, growing up enjoyed Batman and boy. This was a special time to bealive if you weren't, or maybe you were just too young to remember the wholecrazy scene in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. Oh, my God,you missed out on one hell of a good time. Yeah it was. It was nuts to say the least I mean soI was nine when this came out. I honestly, I don't remember hearing thissong on the radio I might have. I just don't remember it, but I do rememberhearing bad dance on the radio and I remember Batman, as you said, beingeverywhere like when that movie came...

...out, you could not escape it, and I wasokay with that. I remember we went to like a local carnival and like ninetythree percent of the prizees. There were Batman themes, cups, shirts, youname it yea. They had them and I do believe I got a ther're like those likeplastic cups, with like a weird grip on the top of the handle where your thumbis like you can get those cups for, like probably like ten cents, but Iremember I won some game at that. The carnival and I got a Batman Cup, I'mpretty sure it's like you, know long gone by now, but yeah I was prettystoked. I was pretty stoked to get that. I also feel like. I also feel likethere's a lot of Bond Jovy prizes, but I grew up in New Jersey, so I feel likeit was Batmann and Bon Joviy at that time. True, listen man! The two bestthings you could ever win at a carnival were a band mirror, remember those andthey came in like the really crappy cardboard frame. Yes, okay or ParoRoach clips with feathers on it that you ere too young to understand whatthey were actually intended for. So your parents just said they were adream. Catcher yeah, I never won one of those. Oh, Imust have missed out YEP. You sure did ohboy so party man hit number eighteenon the US billboard, hot one hundred the week of October, seventh, onethousand nine hundred and eighty nine. Now overall prince I mean rest ofhe pieace body he is still is followed heavily on spotify. He hasover nine point two million monthly listeners on spotify, so people peoplestill appreciate his good music. So, let's take a look at some other songsthat iron, the billboard hot one hundred at that time in the US nownumber one was another great song from Jane Jackson called Missyu, Much GreatToan love it cherish by Madonna was number two girl. I'm going to miss youby Milly. Vanilly was number three yaks. Heaven from warrants was number four gasuch a great song, and if I could turn back time from shere wearing wasn't themore she was like wearing like nothing on an aircraft carrier yeah, that's theworst place ever to be wearing a g string, I'm speaking fom personalexperience. So take it fror me don't do that. I do not have the experience of wearinglike the what were they like, assless chaps on on, like a fucking aircraftcarrier, no, that you're thinking like David Leroth or something with thosechaps. She was literally just had a dental floss on her backside, so yep anyway. Bottom line is wear clothes onaircraft carrier, but that Song turnd back time was number five and there's alot of great tunes on the Chart. Ton You have love song from necure wasnumber seven eighteen in life by skid. Ro was number eight sewing the seeds oflove from tears for Fr. As I love that group that was uner, thirteen eleven anelevator from aerosmith was sixteen and Dr fielgood from Motley crew wasseventeen. So that's like a pretty eclectic mix. You have there. I toldyou man whan a time to be alive right seriously. No, absolutely I'm notdisagreeing at all Party man beat out cover girl from new kids on the block,which was nineteen and Angelis from the Jeff Hily band was thirty one. I lovethat song and I love the. I love the Jeff Hilley Band and also I loved Hileiand Roadhouse by the way, hmm so good, baking of films, sure such a greatmovie, another song outside and now outside the top. Forty at number, fortytwo and I'm mentiong it because it's our show and I'm going to fucking talkabout because I live song and I love the band number. Forty two was glamorboys from living color, absolutely love that song and living collor iscriminally underrated. Everybody ree, listen to them, issuch, talentedmusicians, they right anyway, now back to prints. Now Princebasically did the entire Batman Soundtrack and it was. It was good and-and you know what we always like to ask-... how does thes song we're talkingabout compared to the other songs on the album? Well, all the songs are frorthe Batman movie, but you can pull most of them out on theirown and Theu'restill cool songs. I love the future and even scandalous, but party man. It doeskind of get you out of your seat and it usually puts you in a good mood andeverybody knows ever everybody knows bat dance and that's a great song tocaa the album but yeah it's a good. It's a good mix on thereand again it's coming from print so yeah, but you know, bat dance gets allthe glory gets. All the girls gets all the love, but I think party man isbetter than batdance. Do you yeah? That is like a little pause there. You kindof shocked like how dare he say such a thing. Who Are you? Why am I on the airwith you, but not seriously, because party man is okay, first of its toolong and then? Secondly, it takes samples from the movie and O baddanceYeah batdance. Sorry, it Pusim the song. While party man stands on its own okay,because hopefully everybody listening has seen one thousand nine hundred andeighty nine Tim Burton Batman film, but there is niconic scene in the flick ina museum where the joker is trying to impress Vicky Vale and the Song ReallySist the tone for that entire scene. Batdis doesn't have that credibility.Okay, that's just a song put out to be related to the film to market the movie,but it's not integrated into the film like party man is. I agree with that. I'm not disagreeingat all. Okay was going to say when that scene comes on, they click play on theboom box. You just hear that he yeah N, you like, oh here it comes here. Itcomes just pure goodness and I'll hail. The new king in town, ther you go and,like you said it makes you want to dance dude. This song is great for thatand I don't really. I don't know if I have like a cold dead soul inside of me,but it takes a lot for me to get out of my seat and kind of do the two step ordo the Charleston Ay. Those cool moves, all the other kids doing out thereright now, but this song totally gets my juic is flowing. It does no, it doesfor sure it's I mean it's called Party man. Yeah t makes you want to party manyeah, okay, dre. Now, when you, when you look at thelyrics of the Song Right, the song, I think, is actually like anhonest look at climate change and and how the gradual warming of the earth isleading to more severe storms. You know the ice. Caps are melting and thegradual rise of sea levels are, you know all over the planet, and you knowPrince also touches on methanes, since a ton of mething absorbs much more heatthan K, ow a ton, wood of carbon dioxide. So what I think princes reallytrying to say and party man is that we coontinue to party. We won't have aplanet sweet mother of God. Man Are you for real right now, either eithereither that or he's just talking about the joker one of one or the other yeahdude, like totally man. I don't know what you're thinking about dude goingall crazy in depth on this stuff, but you know spyou got to be kidding this.That's the most ridiculous thing. I've ever heard. Are you really no methe? I S have a global warming here. You know you just brought up the jokerright because yeah AC to that scene, I was talking about you automaticallyfuse the two right and being that big joker scene. You think the song isabout the joker, but it doesn't have to be. The joker is never mentioned inthis song at all. It's true, that's true yeah yeah, so he never says allhail. The joker in town never needs it doesn't even need to just the moment.You hear it. You know who he's referring to and that's the beauty ofit he's ne Ye King Yeah, but you know... many songs in the history of musicrefer to superheroes, mostly they're, about superman. Some are good. Some arebad, but not many refer to villains if at all and then even when, if they do,if that does exist out there and I'm not aware of it as I'll, find and dandy,but in this one yet again doesn't need to mention anybody and association isalready there. That's an amazing thing, that's burned into people psyches, andI love it. I love the fact my brain is branded by prints. No and that's andagain that goes to his level of genius and it just andthen also Hel Tim Burton also put it all together too, as a total, completepackage, sure yeah I mean the song is nuts man, I mean when you, when youlook in the lyrics dude. They are insane right. Take this verse, forexample, and this this is easily my favorite verse in the entire Song Princes ain't, nothing but a muffin. Wegot a lot of butter to go yeah and, if it break, when it bends, youbetter not put it in Eah, was that meant for a mother movie,I'm not sure. No, that's about Methan. Yes, that's what that was a bas globalwoman right there, baby er, but butter on that thing. But no I but that's thegreat thing is like you: Don't need the substance there either. You know itdoesn't matter wit. The music is so good. Okay, it's just a great jam, sothe lyrics are kind of. I don't know man that is tossed in for fun andbecause it's Prince, you know it's going to be good. It's going to bemusically! Well crafted and lyrically there's Gong to be a lot of sexualinuendo in there et again. Who We talking about? Who is the writer ofthis song? I mean come on now, yeah, so yeah, you know, but then you know youhave the iconic line to song right. You know: A'll hail the new king, an townthat that and basically get that flacid shit out of here prince doesn't want it.No does the joker who would nobody that's how we get global warming?Kids, you're, a terrible science teaching.True, you know what I love about. This songis how he gets deep, not not lyrically, justhis vocal tone and he says, tell you what his name mis and then hey hit youwith a potty man, Boddy Menn Rock Potdy Lake. Nobody Kan! I mean it just theflow dude. I don't know man. It just gets like right now. I won't revealwhat time of night that we're recording at, but I should probably be in bed,but no because I'm talking about this song singing the lyrics, I want to getup and have a good time. I don't have any butter on me, but hey that's of nofault to my own again, it's late at night, I'm not near the fridge. I justwant to hoe like no one Kan. I was goingto say if you have butter on you, I don't know. If the TI man well yeah,I m not wielding a stick of butter. Okay, Atbe a weird thing just be likewalking around waving butter at people. Ey, listen to me also like it gets allover like our like your microphone when you're recording it. It's just a mess:Yeah thes, kids. If you're, you know a lot of kids, you know during thepandemic, you're going to be homeschooling right, at least for thefirst couple months or so going virtual d. just don't don't have butter like inyour hand or on your person, while you're doing your class for numerousreasons- budgets, no, okay, OK, child or anybod service announcement. If anyminors are listening right now and taking any serious advice from USwhatsoever, theres yeah life is oh yeah. It's not going to get good from Herei'sgonna be bad. Life will be bad yeah. Also, your parents are failing yousoyeah and they're, probably going to sue US. So let's carry on, shall weyeah no more butter? So yes, so this lyrically, you know it's fun. You knowit does as t as you said, get you up and the music along with it right. Itgets you up an and you want to you want to party it. Just it puts you in a goodmood. Do that Sayng that that's that's... man. If I start singing on this show,you know it's got to be good yo, that's exactly what that means Yep. So I thinkthat's! That's! A good Segwa that'll lead us right to our final verdict here.So so what do you think did you? Did you find that party man was a legit hit,or do you think party man was a song that went wrong? Well, I mean, ifyou've listened to this episode up until now. I think you kind of knowwhere I'm going with this, but really besides the bias they talkedabout earlier wherh people prefer the bat dance over Party Man, which I thinkis basically just a complete crime against music as a whole. This songholds up incredibly well all these years later and yet again you can putparty man on a pedestal all of its own without having the context of the movieand appreciating it for what it is: A slammin Prince Song, I'm not personallya prince fan. I've never owned any of his albums, but but I can trulyappreciate his artistry and I think it was on fine display here. This song isa hit, absolutely paint my face: white color, my hair green. Let's broaden ourminds. Laurence lareds yeah this this song, you know first off and wedidn't get it. We didn't talk about it yet, but this song had candy Dulper onSaxophone. Now I don't know if anyone remembers Candy Dulper, but she had asong. I believe it's called Lily was here and that song charted the USbilward hot one hundred Pekan get number eleven, and I think that was inthousand nine hunded and ninety. When I hear that Song, I think of shadowStevens. Introducing you know, Kandy Dole for leuly was hereon American top forty, but she's I mean she's, a very talented musician andprince got her on this song. Also, I'm pretty sure that song was in likeeighty seven percent of porn movies in early S, Oh yeah, right right alongwith enigma's sadness, part one. You remember thats long what Anigma'ssadness part one yeah. I think I got a message once to that song and I don'twant to talk about that, because that in fact did involve a lot of butter, sono butit's. No to keep that my back pocket, Yeah Yeah, that' Song Holy ShitAnyway M. I'm getting way off track here: Party, man, okay! So here's thedeal. So I overall right when you look at princesentire cataloge. This is not at least in my opinion, his best song. Now Ilove Prince. I think he was insanely talented and if he had, if for everreason, if you don't believe me and you don't think princes talented just watchthis super bowl, halftime show or watch the video from two thousand and fifteen,where Prince Steve, winwood, Jefflyn, Danny Harrison and Tom Petty we'replaying. While my guitar gently weeps prince goes off and it is something tobehold like I seriously watched a eait like once a month at least and juststare in awe and how fucking cool princes about to mention how insane heis on Guitar Rhe's. Just that cool and and party man is while I like, I saidit's, this isn't is best song, but this song is fucking cool. Now I also- and Iknow you were talking about how you think this is better than batdance. Ipersonally, my preference is bad dance and I t nmaybe Jus because I'm maybe isbecause I'm more into Guitar Music Bor. Maybe I on t know, maybe that's justsomething I really like to focus on in Solgs, but you know there's a prettycrazy, Guitar Solo and batdance step that prince does now. Maybe that'sprobably why I gravitate towards that song. I don't know if I would have putparty man at eighteen on the hot one hundred, I would say, maybe in the swhich I think is fair, but it still makes it a hit right and I'd be finewith that. So overall I say yes, party man. It is in fact a legit hit. Youknow what drives me crazy about bat dance to is how they reference Batman,sixty six in that song and they do the...

Bat Ma and I'm like dude. This movie isleaps and bounds and eons away from that Campi t style of film, yet theykind of refer to it, because it's catchy ace, I get it and it'srecognizable, but that always rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know yeah now this was this was definitelynot. This is this was pretty serious yeah. This is like a darker look at thecomet compared to the now kind of like the the comic comicy feel that you knowth the show had with Adam West, which was was fun and good, but this wasdefinitely a different look at it, and you know I think Keaton did a great job. I think I think he was a little bitahead of his time and I think people enjoyed that movie, but I don't thinkthey really enjoyed it as much as when Christian bail came out with his know,rendition of Batman, which was also good, also very serious right. That wasvery real and gritty, and I don't, I always feel like Keaton and thatoriginal batma movie didn't get it's. I didn't get credit where it was due kindof you know it was. It was a little bit ahead of it sign. It kind of actuallyreminds me of I'm a big James Bond Fan, and you know I so I grew up you know.Obviously you know watching the Roger more movies from like the ES andobviously I've seen every frecking bond movie ever numerous times. Usually, butyou know growing up, Rojer more was the bond at that time. You know I, the etsyou had was an Octopussey, I think came out like in the in the early, the mid S,and after that, then you had Timothy Dolton, who was esecially Daniel Craig before DanielCraig. You know like the doltan movies, were very real and very gritty, and itwas definitely a step in the complete opposite direction from what Roger Morewas Loing, and I love Roger More don't get me wrong, but it was just his weremore serious and very realistic too, but then I don't think people were ready for it.Much like people, I think, didn't, show Batmaan the love that itdeserved. It ilike, I said it did. It did get some love. I just think itneeded a bit more. I don't want to get too far into the weeds here.Considering we are a music show, not a movie or Comic Book Show or Pop CultureShow per se, but fans of the source material were accustomed to a darkversion of Batman. It was just that people at large, new, Adam West,Andbert Ward, climbing up the side of the building style can't be yet again.You know very pop art. It was a fun thing to look at, but that sixty sixBatman series so yeah everybody else was taking a back. Oh my God, thismovies so dark. And what have you and everybody else is like yeah? Well, youjust not familiar with Tatman. Are you there newbe? So I don't know, but thissong is a hit. I'm glad you agree with me, but I'm more curious now to what dothe fans think. So the fans also agree with us, whichis, which is great news. Sixty six percent SAI. Yes, this her is a legithit. Yeah. You were just talking about sixty six right E. I know it's trippy.I don't know man is this for Real Imisiing da Javou. Oh my God, I' better,go by a scratch ticket right now and then go rub it off and then well dolcing yourself in butter.Listening to Candy Dolpher, I was going to say: There's not nough butter in thebol for that baby. Yeah, yes, so yes, two thirds or two thirdsthat's pretty legit and they say yes, this is a hip becauseit's, a good jam.What can I say you don't need to think too much about it. You don't have totake it too seriously. You just have to be willing to have a good time. That'sit! That's the title. Man Party man,...

Partyman Yep, alredy party, fucking manby Prince. He really is good on guitar. I know he is so good anyway. Anythingelse Yo want to add for this wonderful episode of Partyman by Printe. No, Ijust want to thank everybody for tuning in. I appreciate it. You Guys Rock and make sure you go check out a website.What are you waiting for? The show is over so now you can go jump on overthere and have more of a good time. That's right and our website. If youdon't know, songs gone wrongcom and you can also find us on twitter at songsgone. You can drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmalcom, and you know, likeI said: If you guys go to our website, songs gone wrongcom. You can suggest asong, you know it'llall happen there on the website. You can, you know, helpsupport the show. Any little bit helps sand. We are always appreciative of it. So, thanks again for listening to songsgone wrong, Hey drew you never brought up the whole thing about withering away.You said You'e going to talk about it later when I brought up the house plantnow, it's the end of the show and you're going to leave this all hanging.What happened there? Well, oh so the wit the while the withering away wasreally the withering away to me and my mindwas like you know where me princes and if it break when it bends, you betternot put it in so you don't want to be withering. Basically Dirty Erdy man,I'm starty man, Darty man, dril Tikin, dirty whenever he came Iyou know what well. I was researchingthe lyrics to this song and don't don't give me any lip. Okay, welthose arethose are those are princes words, not mine. Okay, you got it yeah you justpunchline was a little non joker Isk, I'm very serious. I know very seriousall right thanks you getting ready for listening to songs, gone wrongTudaluskis by by audios a pedus, an.

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