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Peaches by The Presidents of The United States of America


During the election season we are reminded who the real Presidents of the United States are, and they wrote a great song called Peaches. Do you think these Presidents are legit hit makers, or is Peaches by The Presidents of The United States of America a Song Gone Wrong? Hope everyone is keeping sane right now!


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Everyone and welcome to songs goingwrong where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got itrights or did those songs go wrong and one of your hosts drew Zachman andjoining me as always, is Dave Schal stave? How are you doing today? GoodSir Hello Hi There Howdi? How are you doing and listen? I want to dosomething a little unusual to lead off the show with my introduction, if youwould permit me to do so. Oh my granted, okay, you know I like to liftthe veil, maybe show everybody the man behind the curtain j. just you know alittle a little peak because we come on a couple times a week. We talk tunes,we goof around sometimes- and maybe maybe you want to know more about me asa human being well. Here is a key essential to really understand mypsyche. I do not and have not eaten fruit. Since I was a young child, RealyThas, a long pause there drew, I felt like I get along pause. I eat fruit at least once a day. A notme haven'tg eaten fruit and like actually I don't want to say, but it'sbeen decades. Is there a reason why just don't like it get health reason oryou heus, don't Wan? I am my wife cannot stand me. I am the pickiesteater on the face of the earth and I'm like you know this thing has seeds init. That's too much work, all theconsistency of a banana God forbid. Putting that this going to sounddisgusting, but putting something like that in your mouth. No, that soundssomewhat porntographic to maybe the whole. Oh I this episode. I think wemight go there, anywy, okay, all right but yeah. Listen! I just talk aboutbananas, fine outs, yeah and then like Anis, peaches, Okay and then, when Iget older, I'm like Oh yeah, they spra it with chemicals man, you n wash thatfruit, because othewiss going to like become a mutant or something so I kindof like rationalize what I was doing in my weird food choices and I will eatsomething if it's fruit, flavored, okay, like ice Ta, if it's peach,flavored ice, Ta givme some come on. That's that's! Just sugar I'll havesome of that with the Hay. But if you offer me a physical peach, I will slapyour hand and tell you to get away from me, Sir interesting m very interesting.I love eaches Weyeah. We actually so my my sister in law. She somehow acquired like a a massiveamount of peaches and I think it I think it's from down somewhere inGeorgia, and so we got like I on like forty pounds of peaches- and this islike a couple weeks ago now, but I'll tell you what man y they did not. Lastlong in my house between me and I'm between me M, my wife and I and ourkids like we had at least a peach a day, a peach a peca day, each it's good, apeach, yeah, okay, good for you, yeah we love fruit. Here I usually have atleast Ha Banana Dan. I know how you feel about bananas and your yeah. Ilike I like Binazar good. You know sometimes I'll, throw an apple in there and right now like so where we live.Now we live out in the country so now we're surrounded by farms and not farfrom us as a really awesome apple farm, and it's massive and now was like agreat time to go apple. Picking and hopefully my wife went with the kidsthe other day. They got some apples there. I want to go back with them nexttime and you know get as many as we can,...

...because there're so good. A D there'slike I know how many kinds of apples they have there, but there's just likerows upon rows of these apples, they're so good, and it's like right off thetree. Hmm Delicious so good for you and I'm glad for everybody who does enjoy.You Know Nature's candy, but it's just not it's not in the cards for me. Ijust can't do it, but you know: Hey Different Strokes, different folks,Nature's candy yeah and can or Pie yes fit. The theme of this show and thesong that we are about to discuss today. Yes, but before we get to that yes, Yeuhaven't done so already make sure you had subscribe to make sure you get allof our episodes when they come out which infactd twice a week, and if youcould also leave us a five star review. That would be awesome EA and we wouldlove you forever. We would love you long time yeah and you can also followson twitter at songs, gone drop, US an email s, GW podcast at gmailcom orvisit our glorious website. Songs, gone wrongcom, where, if you want so you cansuggest songs for us or help support the show, we would greatly appreciateit sure what so yeah. But let's, let's get into this episode. Man,I'm pretty excited about this one. This is a cool fun songs. We are talkingabout peaches, which was recorded by the presidents of the United States ofAmerica, oftheir album presidents of the United States of America, whichcame out in March fo, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five and Chris Beluwis the writer of this song. Now Dave. What are some of your memories of thissong? I the S, were my jam dude, that's what Icame of age musically as a fan. I was in bands, so I guess talent wise aswell, and I love the presidence of the United States of America or is you knowsome people say the Poza say that it's fun? It comes out of your mouth, goodPosa! You see PASA Posa whyw. Do you say it? I call them pre. I call it Podis. Ohlook at you, Mr Fancy. Ance I mean we could call it Puza. Okay, Anyway,memories, Memories, Memories Stroll Down Memory Lane, they had some bighits back then, and they were warranted. If you ask me, because they were fun,just quirky feel good tunes and peaches just happening one of them, and youknow it's something that I'm very excited to talk about today, because you know you're, the research guy youget into the knitty gritty of everything down and dirty with all theIMFO me. I just listen to the songs and revisiting this tune. After all, thistime brings me some joy, even though I don't like fruit,even though you don't like othings right, Yep, yeah yeah, I remember whenthis song first came out. I mean I love the video with the Ninjas and theorchard, like it's a so random, and you know the presidents there they are pures glory, no just this alternative band that did their own thing and they weresuccessful. It's awesome like these guys, wouldn't be popular now, becausea lot of pop music, I don'tant to sound, like you know the old man on the front. Porch LikYell Ing, get off my lawn, but I feel like a lot of pop music. Now it's sowatered down and like standardized really you know these guys are sodifferent. That's why I love the s was because something like this could get throughand succeed. You know and- and I love them mentyour point- they are just afun band and with suchthing is you know, they're from Seattle Yeah and you hadthe whole grun sound a few years earlier, and these guys definitely donot take things as seriously as lot of those grudge bans did and that's fine?U Don't have to Rigt. You know the s really allowed a lot of these nicheartists or we use the word quirky. Sometimes you might want to call H.maybe I hate the term. The fact that it is coming out of my mouth is hhorrificlike a banana, but like Nurrd rock.

When I think of the S I look at bands,like maybe gigy Ta Primis, I mean primass. Of course, being you know, oneof the biggest of all some of the other acts, I'm about tomention we're quite small in coparison but cake, okay, yeah some of some ofthese artists again kind of fit in this weirdlittle genre that I don't think and to you point that you just madewouldn't have had the success today or maybe in any other era like they wereallowed to back then yeah, and that's why I mean that's why I love Nes music.So much you know, that's why I have another s, podcast, that you know thatI've had for a couple of years. Now it's the decade. You know it was sodiverse hm. You know from start to finish, you know, and it was almostlike and even like fom like fashion to music, there was like yeah, whateveryou want to do. It's it', whatever you want to do, is going to be awesome,yeah and and that's kind of what it was yeah and youn't even mention you've.Actually gottent Zoobas pants tattooned on your legs. That's how far into ityou are. You are deep, deep, deep into the s; no, no, no, that's! Actually!Next Tuesday! Oh, yes, tell tbone. I said hello and I want to thank him formy Steve Erkl Tat. I don't ven o know where that Tattoo isbut presiencs F, th, United States, America Wright, so peaches peaked atnumber. Twenty, nine on the US billboard, hot one hundred in April, Oone thousand nine hundred and ninety six. I feel like when I looked at those numbers. Ithought it actually was higher than that, but twenty Ni, but peaches has been streamed oversixty eight million times on spotify and the presidents have over one point:Seven monthly sor one point: Seven million monthly followers on spotify,so they sill a little bit of folloing there hat's good. So there were twentynine on the the US Bilbert hottone hundred the top five for that week wasnumber one, because you love me by Selidion. Two was always be my baby byMari Carey. Three was nobody knows by the Tony Rich Project for was ironic byAtlantis Mor set and five was down low. Nobody has to know by our Kelly boythat did not age well. Some other tunes on the chart was onetwo three four something new by coolio at twelve missing by everything, butthe girl was also one of the charts at seventeen was one housand. Nine hundredand sevety nine by smashing pumpkins great song. Eighteen was be my lover byLabooch love that Song ninetys dance was the Shitman. I love it wonder. Wall drop down to twenty eightafter twelve weeks on the chart. HOODY was thirty one with time in themeantime, by spacehog was thirty four and sitting at forty seven was threedreams also by Labooch. I just wanted to say labouche one more time. I knowit's like the way you said Selin Deon. I was like this. This whole, like maybelike French aspect of a name, labouche trigger something in you somethinginside of you that should be let out to breathe. Maybe labouch is Wenies duSasilin Beon Celindeon there you garty it's like David Letreman when he usedto say Isabella Rosali labuch did I miss, I loved es, dance music. It wasso fucking great stereomcs and Itwa, like some of them were just kind oflike how are you guys, like you, know, dance music, but it was great so goodanyway, yeah well we're talking the opposite: Yeah Thats, music. Today.This is not dance, music necessarily, but so one of the things we ask youknow how does this song? How does peaches compare to other songs on thealbum? I think the album's great yeah, the first words on the album are Mao MoYamamam yeah. So right, right away, you get a sense for this band and whatthey're about with the first song off theres their album, which is calledKitty, is the first song on the album,...

...and definitely he get a sense of somedouble meaning there. With that song, which shows up, I think, which I thinkshows up through no throughout the album, the next song on the albumfeather pluck- and I love that song, it's just so ninys. You know it's sodifferent. These guys just didn't give a shit. They had fone with their musicY. I love that about them and then we get lump which was another hit oftheirs and then bullweeval, which is another unique song. Before we get Thopeaches und then after peaches we get Dunebuggy, oh doome, buggy yeah, it'sanother different song and it's awesome and this album et they namedrop spiderman yeah in Dune, buggy yeah, that's pretty cool yeah I mean I could talkabout the rest of the Salbum, but it's so good. I love it. You know it's funny,because noone will mistake these guys, for you know like slash or Joe SetrioniYoung Guitar, and that times they just sound like people messingaround in the garage. You know e H, and this is what you get, but it works so and how does Pichas fit in here? Ithink it pits. I think it fits perfectly on the album you know is andto your point it definitely is quirky and peaches, perfect, mix, perfectblends and that song is a perfect fit on this album. It's unique, Oh yeah,for sure another thing I like about them and mind you, I'm just doing thisby memory. My brain, I don't have I'm notpulling a drew. I don't have pages pages of stuff in front of me to totell you, but they made like hybrid instruments. You are correct: Yeah Yeah,it wasn't like a traditional guitar base drum bad. They were throwing baystrings on the guitar. We cultar strings. What have you creating theirown, really their own sound, which is very impressive, considering that theydid in fact have a couple hits yeah. I think if I'm notmistaken, they would their guitars or they was their guitars would have twobays strings on there and then the resto be guitar strings which whichprobably well, I think, by this point. Corn was already out there playingseven strings, but because the corn soft debut album, came out in ninetyfour but hey, you know it was interesting, unique and it was. It wasall their own how they did that. Talking about corn and presidents ofthe United States of America and the same conversation, it doesn't sit rightwith me. Well, it's corn and peaches. If you get you get O way, your vel lookat you veggies and fruit, buddy und I'm supposed to be the guy with all thosezingers you something correct. Oh yes, all right, so lyrically speaking right.I think everybody knows these lyrics right. I think of all the episodeswe've done. I feel like this is one of the ones where everybody can probablyeasily sing these lyrics. I think the real question here is: What is thissong about? So let me ask you Dave: What do you think peaches is about? Ihave no idea, I really don't, and I don't like to overanalyze things. If I enjoy something I enjoy it forwhat it is, I'm going to be, I'm just going to put it out there. These lyricsare dumb as hell, theyre, true intent or origin. Doesn't matter to me when Ioda, I mean I almost feel like. Sometimes these arelike trick questions a little bit because thrit's almost like a nurseryrhyme right where it's just these silly words strunkn together, th that rhymeand have harmony and sound good put to themusic. But I'm waiting for you to say, Oh when he talks about squeezing thebad peach and goes woma he's letting out a piece of his soul that he willnever get back until he. I don't know, slaves a beast and goes to the castleand rescues the princess or maybe Nelt saw, or maybe I fights off Ninjaz inthe orchard, Yeah Yeah. That too, which was yeah the basis the video, correctyeah. I get fantasy on the brain. Who knows well so apparently blue wrote this song.He said it's about a girl. He once knew...

...had a crush on and he sat under a peachtree. She had in her yard, while waiting for her to arrive, so he hadlet her know how he felt she never arrived, however, and and we getpeaches but with that being said, right, there's there's quite a bit of Innuendohere right I mean, I don't think this song is just about him waiting under apeach tree, oere, just thinking about how delicious peaches are which theyare. But if you listen to other songs on the album, especially Kitty, I feellike peachis a metaphor here right because there's the one part we says,if I had my little way, I'd eat peaches every day, Sun, soaking bulges in theshade. Why are you? I have no idea what thehell you're talking about. Why are you using the word bulges there that's justkind of interesting, but then he says take a little nap where their roots alltwist mwhat's he talking about there. This line, I mad for real this liral, Ipoked my finger done inside make a little rom for an aunt to hide. Youcan't tell me this is strictly about a peach or about this girl. It might beabout this. Girl is in a different way: listen you're, dirty you're, a bad guy.You know that I mean really true. I'm come on now. I take it off out of thegutter. I take it all back its some soap for your filthy mouth I'Mo,talking about innuendoes for pubes and poking and sticking and licking, and Iknw I never said pubes. Well, no, now, no okay, t no her's a dirty one. Oh I'ma dirty bird! I am a Darde Bird. It's only because I'm associated with you,you see. Damn it is that's it. Our friendship brings me to a dark place. I am a sap, I'm Brinng, I'm dragging you down, I'mso sorry! Yes, indeed the dark! Half there, you wis all right, so you're saying there's alot of sexual innuenda. There is yes, it can be it can it's it doesn'tstrictly. Doesn't you know strictly call it out? You have to know? Yes, youdo have to think about a little bit, but I think it's there and I think,based on some of the other songs on the album. Like I said Kitty, I'm like Oh,maybe it's not just about peaches. Okay, all right! Well, do Youdothe, wordbulges! whatwhen else. You Use the word bulge! Okay, you know you keep talkingabout Kitty. So why don't you do this for me and all of our wonderfullisteners out there? Do you remember the chorus for that Song? You want tosay it out loud. No, I mean come on that that you know, if you, if you told me, okay,this song is sexual innuendo. I'd be like well, yeah. Obviously yeah I meanhe says Y Knos Kitty at my foot and I want to touch. He says: KITTY REAR UPAND SCRATCH O my jeans yeah. That's what it's kitty ad you're going tospend the night yeah! That's there's other things we're not going toget we're, not GOINGNA, say them. But yes, the innuendo is it's everywhere. Yes, it's very Selin,Dion labouch, labouch, Labuche, all right man, anything else! You wanted totalk about about the song before we get into our final verdict. Here I did wantto mention that they were in another project after their fame, somewhatfaded, because when you think at presidence of the United States ofAmerica they had that moment in time right, yes, other than that they're notstill to the point today where people are going to large concert Venus to seethem and they're not remembered with such reveree to the point where peoplewould still have tshirts posters on their wall, merchandise would have you,you know what I'm trying to get at yeah, but they did do subset with Sir Mixalotanoter Seattle artist, and you should check out that album it's not that theLusa debut album from them. I've heard it it's not too bad, it's pretty cool. I did not listen to that, but I willdefinitely give it a Lissen. They would do well. You know on one of those likenostalgia s tours. You know when weere able to actually go to concerts again Imean I saw. Was it...

...bare naked? Ladies? I forget who openedfor them, but it was somebody bar naked. Ladies and then Hoodi- and I remember-I think sponge was on tour with, like a couple other, like Lik, almost like afestival, there was a bunch of bands from the S, so I feel like they wouldbe fine there. You Know Weu, don't have to do a whole. You know two hour set,but a good forty five minute set would be perfect. You know I was just sayingof an. I would love every song that Di to yes exactly but another one of thoseniche artists. My I don't know if it's overkill having them on the same tour,but I actually saw they might be giants live, I'm not I', not Okan, okay, butstill like that's the kind of fan base, I think would be like. Oh my God, thepresience h United States of America opening up for they might. They must begiants killer, show you know, because it's got that whole aura about it. Didn't know he dog song they might have. I wouldn't know again,I'm not a big fan and when I was at the show I was stoned out of my brain. I wasthere to like not even impress a girl for me, but to help my buddy out whosegirlfriend or woman he's trying to hook up with head tickets is one of thosekind of deals, and I was like, oh no. I think I think they have that song aslike east an bull or something like that, but then they also yeah. So onthe my youngest will watch the Micky Mouse Club House and at thevery end of every episode they do the Hotdog Song, Oh, and I think I thinkthey actually wrote the hotdog song. I don't know if they make it a sexualinnuendo, Yeah Micky Mouse's Club House is up to no good banana started tomaking trouble in my neighborhood yeah kitty boy. This episode right when Ione little hotdog and my mom got scared. She sent me to my uncle and Aunti andBellar so yeah my verdict right. That's what we're trying to yes. So do youthink? Okay, aches from presence of the United States of America is legit hit,or did this song go wrong? I'm going to reiterate the song lyrics,at least to me are silly stupid, but they fit the song itself.The music, I think, is amazing. The tempo changes the chorus the structure o the song toall, to which I think is very important. I mean this is a solid jam. PeopleLyrics acide and I feel like I'm beating a dead Horase, bringing up AlLerics, Tink leric sting. It doesn't matter, what's being sung over the songas long as it's rhythmically in Tume, with the song it'd still be a greatsong that has okay, the rhythm has a certain thud or a Thunkor, I'm trying to make aclunky sound, because it's just like this Chunky, rock music that infectsyour body and just makes you feel good, and it definitely brings you back tofor some may consider this to be a better time in their lives, not sayingme per se, okay or drew. But yes, this is an absolute hit and it holds upincredibly well and I must have listened to it. I don't know how many spotifiednembories you said it had, but I contributed to them a lot today. So yes, I love me somepeaches, I'm movingto the country where you live. Yeah, that's WHERH,ijus, come move next door and we don't have peaches here, but we havea lot of apples. So I'll watch you eat a peach, you bought it. The supermarketI go O. is that good drew dis that ta? I can't have it. I don't want it well, I was say on likeI think I just think it's you just don't want it. That's the thing! HMMPECURES! I don't but think back that all right very smell nice. They do yeah.What about you drew. What do you think is this? Is this did hy a hit or whatI'll sell you? What this? This song is just pure joy in music form, it's light,hearted like the rest of the album. It's one of those songs. Thatimmediately puts you in a good mood. You know t the video, for this is anall time great. You have the band and a peach grove nd. Then they somehow getattacked by Ninjas tit's, just awesome. They fight them off. It's so great.It's a little ridigulous and Corny, but...

...they're a little ridiculous in Corna.You know and not every hit song needs to be profound, like this song isdefinitely not profound at all yeah, but it is entertaining and immenselycatchy and that's why I love ninety so much because we had music like thismusic that stuck out. Was it ridiculous? Yes, Becaus I mean it's bad. No, andthat's I mean that's really it I mean peaches is a legit hit. I think it's agreat song and I miss that I missed the individuality. You know the quirkinessof the s. You know now everybody a lot of these acts. You don't get acts likethis Whi. We talked about that already, but you just don't get acts like thisanymore. You know I mean an maybe there'ssomething I've missed, and maybe that could be the case and if there issomething I have missplease, you know let me know, but if you look like what's in themainstream, because this song was in the main stream, twenty nine on the USbilerd hogwone hunter was on the radio. All the time like now like there mightbe some quirky bands, it's like sure I get that, but are they? Are they on theradio? Are they getting the airplane, O they're noton sound cloud? That's wherethey are yeah. You have to almost like go out of your way to find them.Otherwise, you're listening to like drake or you know, beeberor would Howhatever basically is popular B, so ye kids anyway. Can I can I real quickbefore we move on? Can I you know, I started the show telling everybody my deep dark secretabout not liking fruit, but let me go beyond all this and show everybody howthe sausage is made, because befo sausage really sauce yeah hoyogsBananas Paches. What cut it out cut it out? You filthy animal, so pre show me,and you were talking about this song a little bit and I told you a story about.I was at a friend's house looking at the coffee table and I was off by a fewyears as far as the release dates would have you, but still on that that tablehe had a copy of the president' CD and raging, as Ha machine's debut, and Iwas thinking to myself like amazing that at this point in time again a fewyears separated, but still you had rage against the machine. Personally, Idon't know your thoughts on them, but I think there were an amazing act. I love righolitical message being putout. There was intense. It was needed in many ways it's relevant to this day,maybe more than ever, but so you had this really serious album. It kickedass, but it was serious man. This is fucking heavy stuff heavy topic.Subject matter on that same space sharing the same, you know part ofEarth. At the same time was this silly, just fun album theyre, just making likeyou mentioned just makes you feel good. You don't have to think about it. Youdon't have to care about anything. You just have to show up and click play andyou're going to have a good fucking time. So it's just man again what youmentioned earlier, there's something for everybody plus more from thatdecade, and this is a beautiful example of that so anyway, now that I'verambled uncontrollably, as I often do that you permit me to do so withoutjumping in front of me, which maybe you should, maybe you should edit me alittle bit- I don't know I don't know, but I don't want everyone to edit youout you just let me roll, I let you're Olla fool out of myself, but I'm surethe next step of this program. If history has proven anything, we want totake it to the fans. Oh you. It's like you've done this before Nah. Well,that's exactly what we're going to do. So, let's see what the fans have to say, so the fans have spoken, an droves andseventy five nice, even seventy five percent of the fan said yes, this is ahit, so we have again. We have a trifecto here. We both agree and thefans agree with us. I feel and what I...

...think everybody gets, what thepresidents are all about: Yeah Yeah, so we got some feedback to. We haveatwaking robots said I'd, go minor hit, but it's a hit at Eric. Willlight saidthis is not a song about fruit, but definitely hit see. I'm not alone. Ohyeah at qb do said that song is the Bomcom Amazing Metaphor M at that tradeCarvelle said earworm of the first order and at Ryn Bom said Fanger. So Ithink people are. We all have agreements here with this gram downwith all OI yeah love it lot of so presents. tenies America, peaches,Liyou, hit yep, it's official, it's official anything else. You want to addany other, any other foods. You don't want to eat. Um Yeah! I don't likechicken wings with bones in them too much work, not enough food L lobster Isaid that, with my accent lobster its the cockroach of the sea, but listen.We have plenty of episodes coming up. I can talk about. You know how weird I am.I just want to thank everybody out there for taking the time to listen toour humble little program, and hopefully they follow us on socialmedia and yeah. That's it Oh yeah, five start review. Please do that! Pleaseand thank you so yeah so make sure you subscribe of you haven't already visita son twitter at songs gone, send us an email. If you have any questions, Jorstwant to talk, sgw podcast at gmlcom or visit our website songs gone wrongcom,and so then I want to move to the country and eat a bunch of peaches andthanks fogeerybody for listening to songs, going wrong.

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