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Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard


Drew and Dave talk about a topic so hot Drew got blocked on social media - Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard. Find out why this 80s classic is apparently so controversial. Also discussed:

Drew and Dave discuss coffee

What is sugar melted?

Episode properly starts around 3:00

Dave used to play drums

Drew hates cover bands

Drew goes on a Bachelor rant

Dave and Drew discuss strip clubs


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, the side off these hits songs. Got It right? Or did those songs go wrong? Not One of your host, drew Zachman, and joining me as always, as Dave Schultz. Dave, how are you doing today, sir? Hey, Drewsky, question for you. Yes, our one lump or two? Here we go. Yeah, here we've here. Also legitimate question. I'm asking you. One lump or two? You know what? ZERO LUMPS? Yeah, no lumps. Really. You drink your coffee black, do you? You Damn Right. Ye. See, I'm a splendid guy. Now heard it's drink. Don't do that splendid shit. I'm sorry, man, but it's like one of those things where I resisted and then my wife's like, oh no, you can't consume sugar anymore, dude, and she got me on the splendid and now if I taste sugar in my coffee or tea, I'm like good. So, yeah, I don't know, man, is it's terrible. Do you drink hot coffee or ICED FUFFY? I at home I always drink hot coffee. The problem that I have found when I drink coffee outside of my dumbicile is I'm so used to ordering it a certain way. That I think was more regional from New England, wherein I would say, okay, I want my large ice coffee. First off I say a large ice Regula, sugar melted, and then people look at me, I don't know if it's the accent or whatever, and they go what the Hell's the matter with this guy? But then I try to explain to them what sugar melted means. Do you know what that is? I honestly do not know what that means. That's...

...when they take the cup for your ice coffee, when they put the sugar and they actually put in a little hot coffee and they swirl it around so when you're drinking it you don't get those granulated chunks of sugar sand, okay, up in the straw down your gullet. Gotcha. It makes very much smoother experience, enjoyable, if you will notice. Oh yes, definitely. Next time you go out for ice coffee, try ordering it that way and see what kind of response you get. I'll, I'll, I will, I will order that and then prepare myself for a blank stare. Yep, and I'm glad that we are discussing beverages rather than songs, which seems to happen anytime we talk about anything in liquid form. We forget about the song at hand and would rather talk about the you know, whatever is in the cup. You all. I feel like this is an episode. Rather talk about liquid really now, but anyway, let's let's, let's dig into it here. Let's dig into it right. Thank you. Talk About Disabled Zoo animals now? We're not. We are not talking about that, but Oh okay, yeah. So hey everybody, if you haven't done so already, maybe make sure he hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes and they come out, which in fact is twice a week. And if you could leave us a five star review, that would be lovely. And if you do, let me know and I will gladly send you some songs gone wrong stickers free of charge, just as a nice way to say thank you for liking and supporting the show, and you can also follow us on twitter and Instagram at songs gone you can drop us an email s Gw podcast at gmailcom or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom, and we also have our own songs gone wrong. playlist on spotify is and keep up to date with the songs we discuss each episode. Now, Dave, this episode yes brought to you courtesy of some Weirdo on social media, for they blocked me for seemingly no reason whatsoever. What else is new? Yeah, it's true. You know, they had so they had a deaf leper trod on. So I asked them like, Hey, what's your favorite DEF Leppard Song,...

...and their response was the typical pour some sugar on me. So I responded with the the face Palm Emoji and which elicted it. An angry response from them, and then I was blocked after I told them to calm down. Now, after dating a few of these crazy people back in the day, hmm, you know, you would think I would know better than to tell all them to calm down, but yeah, we are. Yeah, you know I was. I wasn't even mean or anything. You know, I don't. I don't mind discussing music, hence the whole concept of this podcast. But they only went from like zero two hundred and sixty eight one tweet. I know, but you you these things that you're HIPP and cool. I don't understand them sometimes. You know, listen, I'm not trying to defend this person for blocking you for the hand on face Emoji or slapping yourself in the in the you know, Pork Chops Emoji, whatever the hell it's called, but you know what you do to me that drives me crazy. Oh Boy, what's that? This is when you text me, you lol me, and I know you're lying. No one lolls, nobody, there's nobody on the face of the earth. It's like really rolling around on the floor laughing that hard. And if you worry, you wouldn't be able to text it. You know what I mean? So just gonna maybe I calm down and then you Lolm. No, no, this is it can't work. So it's like I was like a retroactive loo. Don't retroactive lol me. Just don't do that. I mean maybe chuckle right, right. That I mean is are abbreviations for it? Probably not, but we can create one. All right, maybe a snortal or something like that. Is there like an Emoji for like mucous membranes flying out of someone's snout? I don't know. But the lol man, I'm not buying it. It's not it's not genuine well, are you going to be? Are you gonna Block me now on social media? Like not guested? No, that's all I'm saying. I would never go that far. My Pal, you're my buddy, you're my confidant. Ah, you know, but every time you lol me, man, I'm like, fucking Liar. Why? I will keep that in mind. Yeah, I will work on that in the future. Yeah, sure, see, that's see, this is how this is how we...

...discuss issues and problems like that's in public. We don't just block each other talking about music, for crying out loud. Yeah, that's right, that's right. Anyway, here we are and we are talking about pour some sugar on me by deaf leopard, which was all their album hysteria, which, I'll tell you what, that album had a kind of a lot of emotion behind it, as this was the first album they made after Drummer Rick Allen's car accident in nine hundred and eighty four where he lost his arm, and also this would be the last album to feature guitarist Steve Clark before his death in one Thousan nine hundred and ninety one from alcohol poisoning. and Hysteria came out in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven and was written by Joe Elliot, who's the lead singer from DEF Leppard, Mutt Lank, which is actually this is our second episode of recents talking about Mutt. He also was involved with writing everything I do. I do for you, Brian Adams, also Phil Collin. Not Phil Collins, Phil Collin, who was one of deaf leppards guitarists, Steve Clark and Rick Savage were the other writers to the song. Nowaday, what are some of your memories of this song? Well, before we get into the memories of it, want to point out there's two members of the band that have last names that can serve his first names and the producer of the album is basically named after a slang word for a dog. How Weird is that? Oh, I mean Mut Mut's not his actual I understand. I get its nickname. Okay, I got you, but still I had to point that out. There's just a weird dichotomy or something, or fancy word, you know. Yeah, anyway, my memories of the song. I recall and I'm not a deaf leppard Fan, I never have been, but this song was hot, it was Popula so I can see why anybody rock in the t shirt would instantaneously, for a lack of knowing their catalog, to say yeah, pull some sugar on May yet again. I would update it to pour some splendor on me. Maybe some Stevia, I don't know. But at the time I was in high school band...

...and if you want to be cool, you did the drums man, you know, you want to wield the sticks, slam around, walk around with them in your back pocket. showed the chicks you were cool. And unfortunately, when you first start out on the drums, they don't give you like a drum kit and let you go wild. It's like this little remo drum pad and it kind of negates the whole sticks in your back pocket thing when you're walking around with this this, you know, large circular whatever the heck you want to call it, Bongo. I like the word bongos all to say that, but it's nothing like a Bongo, if you know what I mean. Anyway, it's a wait, it's not an actual drum. It's look at just like a know, it's a flat freaking pad. It's not. Yeah, just like I give me a couple notebooks, I'll tap on those instead of the same effect, but still, like the teacher would be like trying to show you how to do different techniques on it and whatever. So, since I was so not interested in that thing, I'm a Jiggy, I wrote Deaf Leopard on it and put the triangle logo and yeah, I was opposer, man. So, yeah, sign me up to block you next. I'm on it, baby. Great about you, drew. Yeah, but this, I mean, I remember. This song was all over MTV back in the late S. You, you could not get away from it. And and honestly, when I was a kid I didn't mind it as much. Now, fast forward to my s, when I would hear every cover band play this. Different story. Well, we'll get there. But yeah, I mean, I mean you. You would hear this song everywhere. Well, you know why, Dude? There's a reason why every cover band on the face of the Earth would play it. Oh, I know. Oh you do. Oh, yes, I know. What reason? Is it true? Does it? All the girls love it, and then I yeah, makes those panties drop. Pop, pop, pop. We well, Oh, I will. I'll touch on that later. Don't you worry. I have copious notes on this one. David, going... be saying the word panties a lot, drew, or the word moist. Who you were, you were unstoppable. Watch out, YEP. But but yeah, this song is it is a monster, right. You know, on spotify, poor some sugar on me, it's death leppards most streamed song, being streamed over a hundred and sixty three million times, with, I'm assuming, a hundred and sixty two million of those times being played at a strip club. The second most stream song is hysteria, which has been streamed over sixty nine million times, which is insane. With like a death lepper. They have a massive catalog, I think, and and to have such a sizeable gap between their top two stream songs, I don't get it. But but yeah, overall deaf LEPPARD has over five million monthly listeners on spotify, so not too shabby. Now, poor some sugar im me peaked at number two on the US billboard hot one hundred back in July of nineteen eighty eight. And overall deaf leopard hit the US billboard hot one hundred nineteen times. It's pretty good, with for top ten songs and one number one, and that song being love Bites, which hit number one back in October of nineteen eighty eight. Now some other songs on the billboard. Hot One hundred that time. Number One. They I'll tell you what, deaf Leppard cannot get passed the incomparable Richard Marks. With hold on to the nights. And number two, as I mentioned, was poor, some sugar I me. Three was new sensation by xcess great song for was roll with it by Steve Winwood, and five was the flame by cheap trick. Also a shout out Tracy Chapman at twenty seven with fast car. Thirty one was the Valley Road by Bruce Hornsby in the range, thirty four was sweet child of mine, by guns and roses and thirty five was when it's love by Van Halen. So decent little chart there. Yeah, can't argue. Yeah. Now how does the song compared to the other songs on the album? This album was massive, like I don't think there's any other way to describe it.

There were seven yeah, yeah, huge. There were seven singles released from this one. There was animal women, pour some sugar on me, hysteria, armageddonet Love Bites and then rocket, which is actually my favorite off this album, my favorite deaf leppard song overall. I love rocket, such a awesome tune. Love Bites also might be one of the best power ballads ever. I feel like that's that's up there, man. For me, when it comes to ballads, I may think hystory itself might be the best single out of the whole lot. That's it's there. is also a good song. Absolute I'm not even a DEF LEPPARD fan. I've admitted this from the from the get go, but yeah, that's pretty good, diddy. Yeah, no, I completely agree. I'm always I'm just a partial to rocket. I don't know, I really like that song. I don't know. I still like it, but I mean I think poor some sugar on me it. It's a deaf Leppard Song, man. You know, it fits them. I can just I don't even I could I just close my eyes and I see Joe Elliott wearing like one of those like tank tops with the jeans with like a billion holes and rips in them. Yeah, that's that image just immediately comes to minds. And they had groupies like underneath the stage. Is if they were keeping women hostage and cages. I mean this is this is crazy. Those guys were like can you imagine the lives they lived, the rock star excess of Death Leopard is completely off the charts. Yeah, that's that's some next level shit right there. Yeah, but I mean, yeah, I mean overall, this album is it's a great album, like it's not good, it is great. And I feel like poor some sugar me fits their m you know. So, okay, it fits everything, flows, is their profile. It works. Oh Yeah, yeah, definitely work for them. Now, lyrically speaking, and Dave, let me, let me. I would like to start with this theory here. Do you think Elliott is actually singing this from the perspective of a Mixing Bowl?...

Nobody. Be Pretty cool if he was right. I think this this now. If that was the case, this song is a legit hit. But you know, he says, obviously take the bottle, shake it up, break the bubble, you know, pour some sugar on me, come on, fire me, Yup, sacker in, loosen up. I like how they use the word Sacrin by the way. But then they say I'm hot, sticky, sweet from my head to my feet. Maybe that's like the top of the bowl to the bottom. And then he says you got the peaches, I got the cream and and as you alluded to before. Do you take sugar? One, lumper, two? Yeah, this is a this is a mixing recipe. Here, Dave, I I see you're comparing him to a chef, and I think he might be like robocopper from the future. I mean, look at the lyric. Love is like a bomb baby. Come on, get it on, living like a lover with a radar phone, looking like a tramp, like a video vamp demolition woman, cannot be old man, Ya man. I mean, I know, I can only imagine these guys just sitting in a vineyard and maybe admiring the sunset or thinking about fine works of art when they crafted lyrics such as these. It could have been yeah, I think so. I mean, you know what it the thing I was most excited about doing this episode with you was I was waiting for you to come and tell me what the sugar actually was. Do you know what? Do you know? What? Does he really mean? Because it's not a sugar no, it's no, it's just sugar. It's some you know, they're they're here. I think what he's singing about it they're making like a peach pie. You know, when you if you ever make a peach pie. There's a lot of sugar involved and you know he's talking about you know, I got the peaches. Are you're some you have? You got the peaches, I got the cream. So I guess maybe as a friend over and they're making a nice pie and I think that's probably what they're talking about. Well, why, what do you what do you mean? What is the sugar about? You know we're talking about peaches here. If you're making a peach pie, you're adding sugar to it. That's just irresponsible. I mean, you just looking for a wild case...

...of diabetes because maybe a cobbler of sorts. Well, that could have been a cobbler, but I mean peaches already have enough natural sugar in them. You should know this now. You read the back nutritional labels. I do. I know this. Yeah, I des Look you preferred reading for your time off. So I don't know. I definitely have a inkling sliver, if you will, have a theory that sugar is, you know, slang for something else. Well, theories away. Well, no, I don't want to do that because my Nana could be listening and I don't want to burst through ear drums with naughty words. My knuckles have been wrapped enough with with rulers in my life. I just I'm leaving this up to you because you know you're an innocent guy and I just want to hear Oh yeah, from you now. I mean, I mean, I think here's what I think the songs, but I think this. You know we're I'm joking around about you know it's a recipe, but I think the song is actually perfect for this time in history. You know, we're in a pandemic right now and it really brings up the idea of needing to wash your hands. You know, if you're hot, sticky sweet from your head to your feet, you definitely need a shower. At least wash your hands for a solid twenty seconds. I think this song is about prevention, you know, the prevention of spreading disease. That's what the song is about. Okay, well, you know they are going to say true, they say you're going to sing happy birthday when you wash your hands. What if you sing pour some sugar on me while you take a showers at the correct length of time? It could be it could be all right. But yeah, I think actually this song is about is about spreading all kinds of diseases. That would be what the song is basically about. HMM, okay, that has perhaps engaging in some kind of adult style congress, if you will. Yeah, possibly. I mean, like you mentioned the lyrics, you get the peaches, I get the cream, but you got a squeeze, a little squeeze, a little tease, a little more easy operator come and knocking at my door.

I was a lousy singing voice, by the way, sound like I was like Peter Brady going through puberty on that one. Change is but yes, Little Miss Innocent, sugar me. Yeah, yeah, give a little more. This motherfucker just wants sugar all day long. Man, Oh, Mr Elliott, and he's a check, is a one sea levels? Yeah, totally. I think, if he wasn't already, he's probably going to be in some kind of fit, running around like naked or something, screaming that he's like I'm sure, I'm sure that happened back in Egyptian king. Yeah, I don't know, man, this is this is a lot of a lot of sugar going on. Holy Cow, it really is. Yeah, and you can't get enough copious amounts of sugar. And I mean he even ends the song by going sugar me. You should say that next time you're in a diner and you order a coffee and the waitresses like, would you like creamer sugar, and you say sugar me. See what kind of responds you get to that. I don't know if he'd be very friendly, a warm maybe that's like a like a like a secret code. And then if she looks to you and says one lumper too, yeah, then it's then it's on. The next thing you know, you're going to truck stop restroom doing unspeakable things to the poor woman a minimum wage. Yeah, it justls and cream. Yeah, exactly. Oh, drew, we're uncovering so many layers. You're like an onion. Speaking of cooking, I know we know kind of sordid affairs you're truly up to. I liked, I I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I like to I like to cook. You just talked about the waitress and and secret code. We know now that you're in a truck stop places diners. Was that? was that show with that blond guy can't stand diners, drive ins, dives, or something? Diners, yeah, Guy, fe Eddie, yeah, but yeah, so, anyway, you're in those places, talking code to the waitresses for a little sugar time, chick, says ce Bass. That's never I think of whenever I think of a diner. That's what I think of. Yeah, that when he thinks she's me. Excuse me, flow the soup to...

...your all right, Dave. Yeah, let's let's get into our final verites here. What do you think? Oh, do we have to? Yeah, pour some sugar me by deaf LEPPARD. Do you think this is a legit hit or a song gone wrong? Well, if any of our listeners had kind of thought about the criteria that I've issued two hits in the past, especially see those of the Genre of Rock, this song has two elements that are absolutely essential. Keys. One, chanting. Okay, when you got a song that you can Serena rock right, the crowd can sing along, the whole band singing along. You love chance, Dude. I'm just telling you. It's not even just loving them, is that society loves them as a whole. Correct. Now, something that I do particularly enjoy, and this might be more me, but I think this again, is maybe a society thing. Who knows, I could be nuts, but anyway, is when you have drums, whether they're electric or natural, but you add echo to them, when you add that little bit of echo effect and you're like wow, makes the drum sound thicker. Man. It was like when we were talking about well, that might know a compensation thing. Well, no, no, I mean that was a stylistic thing. I don't think it was just because he only had the one. I'm listen, I understand he was playing electronic drum set. I get that, but even then you know what I mean. I just referenced another song that I talked about that. So now another big factor when I think of any of these tunes is has it stood the test of time? I would not have listened to this had we not put it on our radar and said this is a song we're going to cover because drew up block those social media because some crazy lady who was wearing the shirt, blah, blah, Blah Blah. The answer would be no. I do not care much for deaf leopard to the point where they are anywhere near my daily diet of the detais. Yet this song made all the girls show their tit um. Yeah, it's a legit hit day.

That's fair. What do you think they're buddy? Yeah, now, let me just start with this, right. Let me be clear. I'm not some you know, music hipster that hates on any song that's popular just because it's a popular song. Right. I'm not one of those people that hates smells like teen spirit because it got so much airplay and soul the ton of records. I mean, I love hooting a blowfish and from what I recall, those guys were pretty popular. And, as a matter of fact, I love the entire hystery album except for one song. And if I feel like if reality TV was a song, it would be pour some sugar on me. You know, I feel like this is the musical equivalent of the Bachelor, like, you know, like I'm I'm just waiting for someone to pop up and say the usual shit you here on that show, like I could anestly say I see my future wife in this room, or you know, she's not here for the right reasons, or I just want to make myself vulnerable, or Oh, can I talk to you for a second? Or they're like, oh, I like this look, of course you like this dip. Should you get a mini vacation from work and can eat and drink all you want in a giant mansion while you hang out at a pool trying to get laden famous. So yeah, you should like that, even though they never eat on camera, right. They go on these like fancy dates with these fancy meals on the table in front of them, but they never eat it, like what they're shit is up with that? You know, I've never seen one of those shows ever. So sorry, I kind of yeah, I checked that gray age. Let it go, man anger las to do it. Yeah, totally why we don't watch that show anymore. I can't handle it anyways. Poor some, yeah, poor some, sugar me anyway. You know, like this song is Great. If you want to go strip to it, that's fine, but for me, like it makes me think of all the mediocre cover bands that play the same core songs every night. Right, you get the same once, living on a prayer. Come on, Eileen, don't stop believing. All Star, my own worst enemy. I want you to want me, crazy bitch, and pour some sugar on me. They're it's like the lowest common denominator of entertainment. Now I like most other Bond Joe be songs. I don't mind...

...lit. I pretty much like every other death leopard song. Like I said, but not this one. Also, I feel like crazy bitch deserves to be on this show so I can get the last few people that still like me to hate me. So now pour some sugar on me. I don't need every song to make me ponder my very existence, but this one is just brutal for me. I feel like. You know, while my seven and eight year old drew may have liked it, forty year old drew cannot stand it and as felt that way for the better part of two decades now. And also seven and eight year old drew like Zoobez, those zoobaz pants, fanny packs and members only jackets. So I can't really trust anything that kid says. So, regardless, poor some sugar me is a song gone wrong. Also, I love the marketing campaign, by the way, from members only jackets. I came across and added and it said members only. When you put it on, something happens. Like no shit. Odds are that's something is going to happen and that's something is you're probably going to go outside. That's why you're putting a jacket on. So yeah, something will happen. They're going outside anyway. Song gone wrong. Holy Macaroni, it's a song gone wrong, and they openly a big Ley Song gone wrong. Drew, sure me one lumper to Oh to please, to scoops of the Stevia. I shouldn't even know the difference between splendor and Steadia. Maybe someone can enlighten me. I just know it's not sugar. But speaking about being enlightened by people on the outside, yeah, when we go to the World Wide Web, let's see what other people thought of this song, Hun drew, yeah, let's check it out, see what the fans think of this song. All right, the fans have spoken, and sixty seven and a half percent, Huh, said this song is a legit hit. Nice and they gave. We had a lot of votes on this one, and I guess maybe I deserve to get blocked. I don't know, but I stand by everything I said. But let's see. We got some feedback here.

Erico, are good friend, Erico, at Eric Onterio said, massive hit. This is the song that got me hooked on Def Leppard, and you know you have a massive single one. It's a goat too, for every amazingly talented stripper of the late S. give it up for Porcha. That was funny. Well done, Sir via getty at Real Moses tweet said the only song to continually bring out your one to be inner, drunk stripper self every time you hear it. I'm sensing a theme here. Drew, yeah, yeah, Ryan Boem at, Ryan boems at, absolute Banger, double Endendra intended. HMM, you speaking French. What's going on here? Well played, Ryan, Melinda, Melinda Barnett, at Melinda Barnett said, Yuck. Adrian at Chris Rondo said, I'll never turn this off. It's super cheesy but definitely a hit. Okay, Elias Khan at alias Con said, wow, damn, good question of ponder. You've got me thinking. Photograph is the pop diagram drawn up to near perfect execution. This tune is a little odd, but became ear candy somehow. Cheers man. Well, cheers to you, alias. Yep, Irish. Keith at his Meself, you know, said I don't know what it is about DEF Leppard. I just never liked their sound. I always thought Joe Elliott was a cool cat, but sorry, this song is simply shite, and to which he'll billy ocean at doom's fifty four applied girls like to dance to it. I like watching girls dance. I like it. was that a billy ocean? You just know it's his friend. He'll billy ocean. AH, Bumma. Well, it's a fair enough equation. He brings up there, so it's honest. Right. Yeah, I like the one word answer her by Melinda Barnett. That was pretty straightforward. Yeah, it's like a little kid who didn't like their cereal. Yuck, maybe because I had too much sugar in it. Yeah, this true. It could have. Man, those are a wheat bryce checks or whatever they make checks out of. This isn't right. This is freaking frosted flakes, and you know in Mexico they call frosted flakes Sucretas. My goodness. Yeah, but you didn't know that. I did not...

...knowledge. Bombs drew, and I know the show's almost over, but I cannot leave tonight without maybe potentially embarrassing you with a question, so I've got to do oh boy, okay, you know, the whole thing that that's been the running gag all night is the strippers. So my question to you is, when was the last time you went to a Nudi Bar? Beyond? You can say yesterday, it's fine. This afternoon whatever. I'm trying to think. It's been a while, I'll be honest. The I don't like going to those places. MMM, those places. Yeah, I don't know. I'm trying to think. The last time I went to one was probably, I would say, maybe ten years ago and now. And the only reason why we went was because we were down in South Carolina and, like all of my friends went to the club and I'm like, I don't have a way to get back to the house we were staying at, so I'm like, I'll just I'll go with you and I I hate going there. I don't know what it is like. I'm just not a fan of strip clubs. There's just weird, you know, I can know you can only pay for so many girls to get their master's degrees, you know. Okay, I don't know, I'm just not. I'm not a fan, you know. Well, it's weird. I'm just I feel weird going to those places them. I go look boobs. I don't know, it is weird. I appreciate your honesty, but unfortunately now I'm going to have to block you. Ba Audios beets an, see you later. Fuck you when your deaf leopard shirt. Yeah, I got it a hot topic. Probably he's cool fuckers. Hey, little known fact. When I was growing up, the Strip club in my town there's only one and it was called the fuzzy grape. That's a great name. For Real. Yeah, that's something. That's a great name. That's one of those things like as a kid, who's taboo, right, but I really w wish I owned like a piece of merchandise, like a t shirt from the I'd totally rock that right... as a forty year old or forty something year old man. Check out my fuzzy grip tshirt. Yep, fuzzy, great. MMM. I'll tell you why I'd rather have that than a fuzzy grape. Shure. I rather have a nice songs gone wrong t shirt. Yes, and you recently sent me mine and it's a fantastic fit and I cover up my bosoms. I do not expose them for cash, saying there's nothing wrong. If you do, trust me, I totally endorse all forms of legitimate at work. But Um, people really probably don't want to see what I am sporting underneath the songs gone wrong t shirt. I do, however, but I feel like I'm going to make this demand every episode from now until the end of time. I want to see those sticks. Show me those sticks, people drew sends and tea in the mail. I want to see what you're doing with them. Maybe you're doing something indecent, maybe something wholesome, I don't care what it is. Look at Hook us up on social media. Let Davy see what's up with those adhesives. Maybe they're pouring sugar on it. Well, that'd be a waste of a perfectly good sticker. Or maybe the sugar. I don't know. You never know. I don't know anything else when I ad Dave before we sign off. No, I was rambling a little bit there and I have to apologize, but I do want to thank all the listeners for taking the time out of their day to check us out and listen to our humble little program I appreciate it and love you all. What Dave said, yeah, we appreciate you guys very much and you know, if you haven't done so already, you make sure you guys hit subscribe to make sure you get all our episodes and they come out. And if you could leave us a five stir review, that would also be sweet, and you could also fall us on twitter and Instagram at songs gone and you know we love talking music. As long as it's as long as it's apparently not def Leppard, then you guys are going to block me. So hopefully I didn't piss you guys off too much on this one. Anyway, thanks again for listening, everybody, to Songs Gone Wrong.

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