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Songs Gone Wrong

Episode · 7 months ago

Songs Gone Wrong Update


Hey everyone, just a quick update for some new features for our show. Thanks again for listening!


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He every one. How are you doing this?Is your host drew Zahme or one of your host anyway, and I just wanted to giveyou guys kind of like a quick update as far as what's happening with the showand kind of a couple. Changes were going to be making nothing really we'retaking away we're just going to be adding to it and kind of doing a couple.Different things and there's gonna be two things: We're going to be trying toadd to the show so first off. I think you guys by now know I am a massive fanof play lists and what we're going to do is creek kind of playlist based oncertain things, whatever that topic might be so the next one that we doactually the first one that we do is going to be based on summer songs andwe'll probably have that out within the next. I would say two weeks we'll havethat over, so you guys can listen to it and we'll make the playlist availableto you guys and we've kind of like talked about each of the songs, and youknow, give a little back story Yorn each and why we think that's a goodsummer song and we'll do that for like a variety of topics and that's something that will be lookingto do and another thing we're trying to... is actually get musicians on theseshow that you know that wrote particular songs that we really likeand we really enjoy. We want to talk about, and we have one already. We weinterviewed somebody last week and we're just wrapping up, editing it andit was actually an awesome interview. I am beyond stoked to have this over toyou guys, so you can listen to it, but it's a we're talking about a great songand you know we had like a really great conversation with this person and you know just hearing the story and theback story from them. It's really something else, and I think you guyswill appreciate it as well. So we're hoping to get some more like artistsand musicians on the show to talk about their songs. It's not that easy to getpeople booked, especially for a humble little show like ours, but we are doingwhat we can. He try to get more of those so hey. If anybody has anyconnections I'll be more and happy to use those. So that's what we're lookingto do so, the next episode that we have coming out it's going to be Monday, andit's going to be that interview that I...

...was just talking about and after thatyou know, we'll have an episode, probably the following week, talkingabout that summer playlist and we're going to continue talking about eachsong. You know like we do right now kind of what he has been the basis ofthe show for the past. You know, however, many months now, so we'regoing to continue to do that, but we're also going to kind of have these theseadditions as well. So I hope everybody's doing well and I wanted tosay thank you guys again for listening to us at songs gone wrong and, asalways, you can find us on pretty much any pod catcher, whether it's I tunesGoogle place to cure spot ify. I heart radio. Were there social media, twitter,instar M at songs, gone set us an email S G, W podcast at g melcom would loveto hear from you guys and if you could also leave us a five serv you and Itunes that would be lovely and if you do, let us know we'll have somestickers sent your way to so again. You know we're going to be adding somethings to the show, and I hope you guys enjoy it and thanks again for listeningto songs gone wrong. I.

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