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Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell


Songs Gone Wrong is kicking off Halloween week as we dive into Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell. Is this a legit hit or a song gone wrong? Can Michael Jackson save this 80s classic? We also dig into the video and try to figure out why Rockwell doesn't close the doors in his house.  

Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, for we, along with you, the fans, to sign if these hit songs got it right, or did those songs go wrong? I'm one of your host drew Zachumen, and joining me, as always, the wonderful Dave Schultz. Dave, how are you doing, Sir Hi Drewe? I'm a little concerned. I'm a little worried right now and I may need your help. Why? What can I help you with? I have this strange feeling that somebody's peepers, maybe a Peepin on war. Are you sure? Seriously? Yes, definitely. Everywhere I turn it looks like just about anyone I see is completely focused on me. Is that weird, is it? Do you think it's maybe the IRS? It could be could be my mail man. Yeah, yeah, I'm telling you, that guy's freaking me out. Dude, freaking me out. He has a little dude, I will say so. You know, that was my little spoiler. I guess it was a very clever or funny but you know, that's the best I had, so that's what you get. Yeah, I mean also, it's spoiled because are the episode, name is, Somebody's watching me by Rockwell, you know, I think reminding people by the think people by this. I have a good idea what we're talking about. You remind me of this each and every time I pull this stunt. Yet I do it anyway because I'm a glutton for punishment, or my own stupidity, I don't know whatever, but hey, I'm great. Thanks for asking. So, yes, we are getting ready for Halloween season, when I'm always a fan of Halloween. Are you just yeah, and in full time in general. I appreciate you. Know. Well, this year is obviously a little weird, but normally, right in the fall time, you know you're it's getting a little bit cooler, you know, so the hot summer days or kind of mellowing out a little bit. Sure for me, honestly, I the best whether I can think of is a hoodie and shorts. That's the best. Yeah, hoodies and shorts of the best. And then also normally right you would get playoff baseball, the start of football season, basketball starting up and then hockey starting up. This year again, you know, like I said, it's a different year, but normally, you know, you have baseball, which is my favorite sport. You know, you get playoff baseball, which is the best, and then you have the star part of the other sports. So it's a good time. Yeah, and you get on you get October Fest Beers, you do. And then you have all the people who like to jump the gun and buy Pumpkins and make Jack a lanterns early, so they're all rotted and gross looking on their porches two weeks before Halloween. Yeah, don't jump the gun on that, kids. No, no, but that's impossible. Like the other day I was going to buy a Pumpkin and bring it home, but then I realized if I did that, my son's going to insist that we carve it and for one it is too early, if for too I'm too lazy. I really don't want to do that right now anyway. So I was like, I'm going to hold off on that. Plus you get all the hipster's drinking the pumpkin spice stuff and you know, I don't know, man, Halloween so funny. I feel like it's a touchy subject for me a little bit, just because when I was a kid, my mom never liked to take me trick or treating. So maybe I'm putting a little bit too much out here on the table, especially when we're you know. But Hey, that's what I do. I'm honest, open with you, with our listeners, because because I love all you guys and I think you're hey, if I can't share with you, who the hell can I share with? But...

...anyway, when I was young, because I couldn't go trick or treating, ninety nine point nine percent of the time I would dress up in my costume anyway and have to hand out candy to other trick or treaters that showed up at my door. That's rough man, dude, I'll tell slap in the race. Yeah, so when you think I'm you know, or if you if you try to say hey, Dave, everything you just said makes you sound like an old, conmudgeonly fuddy duddy when it comes to Halloween, I got reasons, maybe legit reasons. Yes, sounds like it. HMM, all right, well, we'll keep that. Will keep that in minds now, don't be a pin in that. Let's get let's get up beat, let's get happy and let's talk some rock. Well, I think what I what I might do is maybe I'll mail you some like three musketeers and milky ways or something like that. To make up for it. You're going to mail them to me or I'll figure something out. That would be yeah, that'd be a strange package. Well, now I think it's normal, but still like f mailed it in a regular envelope. Yeah, I'm going to. I'm what what I'm going to do is like unwrapped like a recess pianut Butter Cup, put it in like a standard business envelope. Yeah, and then just mail it to you. That's what I'm going to do. Mash off the open. It is like lick the inside of the envelope and go HMM, Chugla Nice. You know that kind of thing. I'm not. I'm not going to look it, I'm just going to open it. No, me, ohh, I would have to lick it, and that is my like weird German. I love chocolate. MMM, I'm going to a naked voice. That just came out of nowhere. Okay, but anyway, yes, let's talk about rock well, please, please. But before we get to rock well, guys, if you haven't done so already, make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes and they come out, which in fact, is twice a week, and if you could be so kind. Maybe I was like a Halloween treat to us if you could leave us a five star review, that would be deeply appreciated. Way, you can also, yeah, you can also follow us on twitter at songs gone or drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom, or visit our lovely website, songs gone wrongcom. I do have to say I would love a five star review much more than an envelope smeared in chocolate. Yeah, I mean, I would too. MMM, most what? Yeah, I will depends how you ask. We think it could be a fetish. I don't know. And, if so, weird. Yeah, that's speaking of weird. This song, more so the video, but we'll get to that in a minute. But this song, as we mentioned, it's somebody's watching me by Rockwell, which was off the album of the same name, somebody's watching me, which came out in nineteen eighty four. Now, the writer of the song was Rockwell, whose real name is Kennedy Gordy. Did Not know that until actually researching all this, but one of the things you like to ask, you know, what are some of our memories of the song? Like I said, this came out in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. But Dave, what are you some of your memories of this song? I would often hear this song on the radio around this time of year to get us in the mood for the season, just to hand out candy to other children rather than receive candy myself. But no, it was kind of like a Halloween staple growing up, you know. Yeah, now it definitely is, and I remember this song for sure, and the thing for me that stands out as the video, and I'll touch on that a bit later, but yeah, the video and Michael Jackson and his brother Jermaine Jackson helping out the vocals. Yeah, that that something else that really stands out. By Guy, this is a song I definitely remember. But this song, as I mentioned, peaked at number two. Who in March of one thousand nine hundred and eighty five? Uh Huh, so went pretty high up there. And overall the song has been streamed over eighty one million times on spotify and Rockwell has over one point four million monthly followers on spotify, probably just for this one song. But when we look at the billboard... one hundred for that week, rock well was stuck behind the number one song, jump by Van Halen, and then behind rock well at number three was girls just want to have fun by Cindy lapper. For was footloose by Kenny Loggins, and five was here comes the rain again, by the rhythmics. Love that song. Couple couple spooky songs on the charts, and March, which is interesting. Right, you have somebody's watching. Yeah, you have somebody's watching me at too, here comes the rain again kind of has like an eerie feel to it. Right. And then at eleven you have thriller by Michael Jackson. So couple Eriie songs there and the top eleven, but in the Marfish, like you said, in March. Yeah, AD, yeah, I wouldn't have pegged it as such. I would have thought, yeah, it's October, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. Wrong, Yep. So that's what the chart was looking like. Also, at fifteen we had hold me now by the Thompson twins. I love that song. Seventeen was hello by Lionel Ritchie, wrapped around your finger by the police. At twenty three, another kind of like Eririeus Song, right, I would say. So okay. At twenty eight, our good friend Howard Jones, with new song and at thirty nine was, you might think, by the cars. One of my mom's favorite songs was at forty nine it's all the girls I've loved before, by Julio Freaking Iglesias and Willie Nelson. Holy Gez, I must have heard that song like three hundred times as a child. Julio Relaci Selson, it's not. Well, it's spooky to me now because the yeah brings back those memories. I'm like stop playing Julio Iglesias. I remember she actually she had the cassette tape in the car and I remember it got like really hot one summer and the cassette, like the cassette case, wound up like melting. I was like good, we don't have to listen to anymore. Nope, the cassette was fine. It was just the it was just a cassette case, so indestructible. Maybe it was possessed to kind of go with the whole spirit of Halloween. Maybe that yeah, that cassette was was possessed by a ghost. I don't know. Or I was even thinking to all the girls I I love before was a song about all the women he loved. Before he killed them. Could be no, it could be a stalk Irish type song. The you govern now see that? Yeah, there we go. I just tied it all together. You're welcome. I'm out. See you later, same time next week. Make sure you guys lose the five Star Review. And Yeah, you got it. So we also like to, you know, kind of run the song that we're talking about against the rest of the songs on the album and how does this song compared it that the rest of the songs on there? I'll be honest, it's weird. There's another song on their obscene phone caller. It's not a great song and in the video for it, Holy Shit, it's just, I don't know, like that song denied that. I don't know. The video didn't age. You could tell it was me in the s but man, it was just weird, really weird. Tax Man a Beatles cover. I prefer the original. Overall, I just wasn't really then impressed with this album and obviously the one song that stuck out was somebody's watching me now, while people remember rock, well, for somebody's watching me, he had another top forty hit with obscene phone caller. Somehow I don't know. So technically he's not a one hit wonder. Obscene phone caller actually peaked that nine on the billboard, hot one hundred in June of one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, somehow. I don't know. So, yeah, so he's a rock well actually has two top ten hits. Pretty Interesting, Huh. I wouldn't have known. Wouldn't get any. That's right, but we provide knowledge for you guys. Now, you guys know. Yep, see, it's recently, though. You're saying the album sucks. Yeah, I didn't want to see. Yeah, well, it's not great. It's not great. Then I wonder how he got Michael Jackson Oh to sing on this song. Boy, that's that's you know what? That's funny. You ask. Okay, so here's the thing, right, and you when you look at the lyrics of the song, right, and and I'll get to Michael Jackson, just just bear with me for one moment, please. Serves him...

...absolutely. Yes, the song is somebody's watching me. The question I'm asking, right, WHO's watching Rockwell? And he mentions, you know, is the neighbors, the Mailman, the IRS. And here's a lyric that I found interesting and it actually starts off the song right. He says I'm just an average man with an average life at work from nine hundred and twenty five. Hey, hell, I pay the price really. So digging into Rockwell's life here, I guess that his real name is. It's Kennedy William Gordy, and he's the son of motown records founder and CEO Barry Gordy. Now his dad. While part of the corporation, he actually wrote a number of hits, songs for the Jackson Five, including I want you back in ABC. The Dude wrote ABC. I love that song. It's so great. Anyway, rock heel on the being childhood friends on Michael Jackson. So there you go. That's that's how we got them on the track. Wow, and and also did a little more digging here. His paternal half sister is Ronda Ross Kendrick. Now you hear the Ross in that name, right, Yep, Ronda Ross Kendrick is the eldest child of Diana Ross. Also, I'm running out of also's here, his half brother Redfou, whose real name is Stephen Kendall Gordy, and his nephew sky blue, whose real name is skylar Austin Gordy. Apparently the family likes one names, like just like a singular name. Those two make up LMFAO. There's a little bit of Trivia. So his half brother and his nephew are lmfaoh. So, yeah, rock. Well, I don't think you're living an average life, bro working yeah, five so that I don't write. I Love Shit. I love this, though. It's just wonderful. It's just, you know, you know, nothing matters as far as talent or charisma or how hard you're willing to work, as long as you have the right connections, that's it. So you need my Dad's CEO the record company. It's pretty easy to have a record put out there. Yeah, right, Yep, Dad, can I have a record, please? Someone give me a record. So, shut up. Yeah, shut him up, give a record contract. Thanks to but yeah, so what's the song about? It's really kind of about paranoia. But the video. I want to talk about the video. I remember that be being spooky when I was a kid, and I'll be on. I feel like Michael Jackson's voice. It feels a little eerie and the chorus. So going back to the video, right, I liked how the Chinese newspaper, you know, starts. They start off with that in the video because he's saying China's watching him. I don't know it. And also, like his rock will, ahead of his time, talking about social media and how everyone shares everything, thus removing their privacy themselves. Wow, and you also said, is that, you know, is the IRS watching him? He talked about the government. Also, it looks like it's just him living there. That's a huge ass house. So yeah, people are probably watching you, since you are most likely rich. And going back to the video, like I feel like Rockwell was, you know, he was taking a shower, then he was out of the shower, dressed up in a suit, then he was back in the shower, then out with a suit and then shower, and then he was out of the shower wearing like a shirt and tie. Like how many? How many time is he like OCD like does he put the suit on and then, like, if you like, gets a little bit dirty, like gets a little dirt on his hands, as like I got to take a shower again. He's like Liberaci when it comes to showering, costume change, bathe. That's what he that's what the video was. HMM. It was really weird. And then he has a graveyard in his backyard. Why? Why would you have a graveyard in your backyard? Does I? Why? No, it doesn't make sense. But that's the thing to lyrically, this song basically makes no sense. You just mentioned it could be about paranoia. where, I don't know if you've got any information on this more concrete. Is it actually about that or we just assuming it is by the nature of the song and how kind of chaotic...

...the lyrics are? I I haven't found they think that was concrete, where rock well actually came out and said, yeah, it's about paranoia. But John, I mean my my assumption is that this song is just about paranoia. The song will make you paranoid, that's for sure. Yeah, does he rick? Yeah, speaking of being paranoid, right in the video also, he needs to close the damn doors in that house. There were several shots in the video with the doors open and there was a crow flying around and at one point there was a pig. Granted, the pig turn out to be his dog, but still a random animals walking around, and and the one shirtless guy walking around the house with the plate and the pigs head on. There Close Your Damn Doors, rock well, people are watching because you keep the doors open to your house. Also, I feel like my top three phrases I've been using this summer with my for and seven year olds are as follows. No, wash your hands and close the door. So that's my advice of rock well, clease, close the Damn door. I do like at the end of the video, though, when the guy in the front yard turns out to be just the mailman, but he has like a because the Zombie Mailman and and he ends up with him lifting his Zombie hand and that's how the video ends. I thought that was pretty cool. Nicely flare. Yeah, they yeah, that's funny that. Like I remember watching this video and I was like five or six, and it's back then it's scared the crap out of me and I'd always have like that, and that's why I think the Michael Jackson, you know, his voice is a little eerie, because I feel like that would always be stuck in your head and you know you kind of associated with the video and in back then it's scared the crap. I mean watching it now, I just have more questions for Rockwell and I don't have the answers to them. That's what I get. The lyrics could have been written by a four year old. You realize this, right? Yes, I mean just to read this this little bit here. I Bang the door real tight. People call me on the phone. I'm trying to avoid or can the people on TV see me? Or Am I just paranoid? That's there's no depth there. There's nothing to sink your teeth into. What I do like, and this is something that I enjoy about the song overall, are a little flourishes that are thrown in. For example, in one of the verses right before the chorus. Is a matter of fact that I believe it was the first chorus. He when he says the the lines. But why do I always feel like I'm in the twilight zone? He sings it like this, like I mean the twilight zone, and so he throws it in at the end. Little extra, a little extra, but dude, it matters, like seriously when you're listening to it. Makes it kind of like, Oh, I like that lyric now. It was so simple and basically useless before, but with that at the end it's very similar to a rob Zombie Yay, Yo, yeah, or a James Hetfield. That's what I just made, like an amalgam of both, but I meant to do was that, yeah, was the whole I feel like I got to sing a rob Zombie lyric now just to get the yeah out. But yeah, everybody knows that. I'm talking about the guy made his career on saying yeah, but here I like that as an added touch. It's a nice little bonus. Yeah, now I agree. And you know again, you know, you have you throwing Michael Jackson in there and you also had Jermaine Jackson also singing back up on there too. Who Cares, I'm hey now, I'm just educating people. Yeah, but yeah, but yeah, it's Michael Jackson, really, is what that's like. The main thing that I remember, really mean you kind of remember Rockwell a bit, but I feel like the main people remember is that it's also super catchy too. But yeah, Michael Jackson singing it's like, yeah, that's legit. Yeah, it's just like Michael Jackson. Being on your track is like getting good Halloween candy from a house. Like name brands are like a full size candy bar without like you would bring no, I'm your dreams anyway.

But having Jermaine on the song. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's cool's Jamaine Jackson wonderful, but it's almost like getting the generic or candy or maybe even just like some candy corn that came out of someone a sticky palm and is got thrown into your bag. You know what I mean, like yeah, that's yeah, that's like getting like some random brand of chocolate instead of like Hershey's or something like that exactly. So what I'm saying is Michael Jackson's the wow factor here. Michael Jackson is Hershey, he's the Wilton, your Milton Hershey. And I didn't even realize it was him because, very much in the same vein of my whole cont candy construct that I was just talking about, the whole ranking of Candy Edom, I thought it was just knockoff Michael Jackson Voice. I thought it was some other dude trying to pull off MJ, not MGM. So, but hey, I was wrong and very pleasantly surprised. We got the real deal. Real deal is legit. SNICKER is always satisfies. That's right, they're not a sponsor. So I should take that back. We should, we should edit that out. Or put like a redacted until until we actually get some money from the candy bar people. I mean they could or they could just send us. What they could also do is take a snickers bar, put it in an envelope and then real to us. I will accept what you don't even just slap a stamp on the Snickers Bar, the envelope and just mail us that. That's not that. That's going to be safe as hell. Oh Yeah, nothing, what could go wrong? Sanitary? MMM, yeah, all right. Anything else? Or do you want to? Are you ready to give this a judgments here? I'm ready to. Yeah, pass judgment on Mr Rockwell here. All right, man, well, somebody's watching me. By rock well, Dave. Do you think this is a legit hit, or do you think this is a song that went wrong? Well, you know, I feel like for the last few minutes, every time I've had an opportunity to speak, I've kind of crapped on the song because, yeah, the lyrics not so great, the guy's career not so hot, but maybe and again. It's weird that you mention is released in March, because I'm wondering what people were doing in March. One thousand nine hundred and eighty four where they really were in the spooky vibes. Because when you listen to the tune, what is necessarily scary about it? The keyboard part when it comes in kind of has that haunting effect to it. But if you just took again those cheesy lyrics and put them to the side, they don't necessarily spell out something that eventually turn into a Halloween classic. But still, all this being said, is catchy as hell. Michael Jackson's chorus is iconic. It's a wonderfully sung bit. So yes, this song, I do believe, will make you get up, get Funky, a little freaky, a little sneaky, and it is in fact a hello we hit. I feel like this song will lot and after watching a video, the song will make you take fifteen showers and one day. Yeah, I just did it. Took fifteen while we were doing this whole thing. You had no idea, no idea. That's why I seem a little scatter shot tonight, because I'm in the shower, out of the shower, getting dressed, back in the shower, putting it out, talking to you and talking to you. Yeah, so, in trying to entertain all these fine folks out here on the World Wide Web. So yeah, that's right, Yep. So yeah, I agree. Right. I think this is a very well put together product. Rockwell himself, he's okay, it's passable. Like I said, Michael's voice it's a little haunting, I think, as he sings the chorus. I really like that. The music does give it kind of like creepy feel. The lyrics are okay, but this with this is Rockwell's jam and and Rockwell's voices. Okay. I mean he's no Mj, but and this song...'s good enough and when you put all of it together, it works and it works well. And the only mark against this is, let's be honest, I don't think people are watching rock well, I think they're watching Michael Jackson. But I digress. Not only is this a wonderful Halloween song, I also think this is in fact a legit hit. So there we go right on. So let you we agree. We agree, but let's also ask the fans. Let's see what they have to say it. Who? So seventy seven percent of the fans said yes, this is a legit hit. So we're three hundred, forty three here. Seventy seven percent, the number of the beast. That's not I don't think that's the number of the beast at all. No, well, it's all my try a bit. Ah, crap, it's okay, it's yeah, really cool number. Who Seventy seven was my baseball number. Actually, really, you see that? That's not a coincidence. I mean, probably is, but now this is predetermined by which is in Salem. Three hundred years ago they knew we be talking about this song this very night, about Allos Eve. Well, I stink at this. Thanks, Ma well, we did get some feedback. Jeremy, he goes by at OPO TACO thirteen, said it's only hit, only because of Mj. All Right, okay. Victor Lee, who goes by at Victor Lee two thousand, said one of the funniest things I've ever seen was when they talked about the song on vh ones. I love the S and one of the commentators was like, ain't nobody watching you? You Ain't that fine? So, okay, yeah, there we have it. You just that's it legit. Well, I mean, yeah, you can't argue with the seventy seven percent. Our opinions on the song, Myne not being very well articulated, but still again. It's just one of those songs that Pussy in the mood for the whole the whole thing. You know, I mean I if I had to make a Halloween playlist, this would definitely be on it. Oh, absolutely, absolutely. And this would be at the top of a playlist too. You think so? It would be our top five, top you know what? Yeah, I can buy top five, sure, I like it sounds good. Maybe top three. Will you stop pushing it and just carry on? A beats up two. Okay, so maybe drop to too is a spooky number as well. Is that also the number of the beasts? Yes, now it is. I am just hilary. Any number. I want the number of the beast. What is the beast? I have no idea, and I'm going to keep talking in this spooky voice all night long. I should have started the show like that and just done the whole show with that voice. What do you think I would have been? Yeah, or we could. What we should do is maybe we could play like spooky music in the background. HMM. Well, ask me what I think about the song again. Just just let's do a little test run here. What do you what do you think of the song? I think it was very spooky, somewhat scary. But Damn Fine, I just forget my I can't. I just forgot my training thought. See, that's a stupidest voice of all time. Why I was even trying to do that, I don't know. I was going to say Damn Fine Ditty, and I couldn't even get that out of my face. Oh boy. Oh No, my voice is stuck like this. Oh crap, the witches from three hundred years ago put a spell on you. Oh No, yeah, my tongue is turning into a serpent. I need to go to the hospital. No, dear, that was terrible. That was ice. I'm telling you. I suck it Halloween, dude, I suck at it. It's okay. You know what I want? I want the fans out there to cheer me up, because now I'm down on myself. I'm feeling like one of those deflated Jack and lanterns I brought up earlier. I need a little pick them up. That's what I need, a little positive reinforcement, saying, Dave, that whole bit was okay, you'll survive. We hug cool, yeah, something like that. Reach, yeah, please, Geez,...

Louise, so gout. Yeah, Guy, everybody, every listening, please just provide dave with like a virtually high five or something. Yeah, that'd be great, a little virtual laffy Taffy. That's what I need. There I go name dropping candy again. I'm on a roll, a Tutsie roll. So anything else, Dave, Nah, I'm done. I better get out of here before I talk myself to death. Okay. Well, thanks again for listening, everybody, and, as always, you can find us on twitter at songs gone you can send us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our wonderful website, songs gone wrongcom. But until next episode, thank you, guys all, for listening to songs gone wrong, and close your damn doors.

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