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Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell


Songs Gone Wrong is kicking off Halloween week as we dive into Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell. Is this a legit hit or a song gone wrong? Can Michael Jackson save this 80s classic? We also dig into the video and try to figure out why Rockwell doesn't close the doors in his house.  

Eveyone and welcome to songs gone wrong.Are we along with you, the fans deside? If these hit songs got it right or didthose songs go wrong? I'am one of your hoster Zaccmen and joining me as always,the wonderful Dave Shol Stave? How are you doing, Sir Huh Hi Drue Iam a littleconcerned? I'm a little worried right now and I may need your help Wy. Whatcan I help you with? I have this strange feeling that somebody's peepers,maybe a peeping on war, are you sure seriously? Yes, definitely everywhere.I turn it looks like just about anyone I see is completely focused on me. Is that weird? Is it? Do youthink it's maybe the irs it could be, could be my mailman yeah, Aha Yeah, I'mtelling you that guy is freaking me out. Dude freaking me out. He is a littlebeird. I will say so. You know that was my little spoiler. I guess it wasn'tvery clever or funny, but you know that's the best I had so that's whatyou get yeah. I mean also it's spoiled because our the episode name issomebody's watching me by Rockwell. You know, I think Yo miing people by thethink people by this have a good idea. What we're talking about you remind meof this each and every time I pull thir stunt. Yet I do it anyway, because I'ma glutton for punishment or my own stupidity. I don't know whatever, buthey I'm great thanks for asking. So, yes, we are getting ready forHalloween season. I'm always a fan of Halloween are yeah just yeah and infull time in general. I appreciate you know well this year is obviously alittle weird, but normally right in the fall time. You know you're it's gettinga little bit cooler, you know so the hot summer days are kind of mellowingout a little bit sure. For me, honestly, I, the best weather I can think of is aHoodie and shortz. That's the best yeah who is an shorts are the best and thenalso normally right. You would get playoff baseball, the start of footballseason, basketball starting up and then hockeys starting up this year again,you know, like I said it's a different year, but normally you know you havebaseball, which is my favorite sport. You Know You get playoff baseball,which is the best, and then you have the start of the other sports. So it'sa good time yeah and you get get October, Fest Beers, you do and thenyou have all the people who like to jump the gun and buy Pumpkins and makeJack a lanterns early, so they're all rotted and gross looking on theirporches two weeks before Halloween yeah, don't jump the gun on that kids! No, no,but that is impossible. Like the other day, I was going to buy a Pumpkin andbring it home, but then I realized, if I did, that my son's going to insist that we carveit and for one is too Orly and for two I'm too lazy. I really don't want to dothat right now anyway, so I was like I'm going to hold off on that plus yougot all the hipsters drinking thet, pumpin spice stuff, and you know I don't know man Halloween so funny. Ifeel like it's a touchy subject for me a little bit just because when I was akid, my mom never liked to take me trick of treating so maybe I'm puttinga little bit too much out here on the table, especially when we're you know,but hey that's what I do I'm honest open with you with our listeners,because because I love all you guys- and I figure hey if I can't share withyou who the hell can I share with, but...

...anyway when I was young, because Icouldn't go trick of treating ninety nine point, nine percent of the time Iwould dress up in myght costume anyway and have to hand out candy to othertricker treaters that showed up at my door. That's rough man, dude I'll, tellhim lap in the face yeah. So when you think I'm you know or if you, if youtry to say, Hey Dave everything you just said, makes you sound like an oldcomuginaly, fuddy duddy when it comes to Halloween. I got reasons mayby legitreasons. Yesh sounds like it all right. Well, wait we'LL KEEP THATWE'LL! Keep that in mind. No, don't be Apin in that. Let's get, let's get up,beat, let's get happy and let's talk some rock well. I think what I might dois Maybei'll mail, you some like three musketeers and milky ways or somethinglike that to makeup. For it, you Goin, no mail them to me or I'll figure.Something out that would be yeah that'd, be a strange package. Well, no, I thinkit's normal, but still like hemailed it in a regular envelope. Yeah, I'm Gon,I'm what I, what I'm going to do is like unwrap like a reces peanut ButterCup, put it in like a standard business envelope, yeah and then just mail toyou. That's what I'm going to do, Mash off the open it ist like lick theinside of the envelope and go HMM Chukata Nice. You know that kind ofthing: I'm Ot, I'm not going to look at I'm just going to open it. No me, Oh, Iwould have to lick it, and that is my like weird German, I love chocolate M,I'm going to lekit voice. They just came out of nowhere, okay, but anyway.Yes, let's talk about rock well, please please, but before we get to rockwellguys, if you haven't done so already make sure you hit subscribe to makesure you get all of our episodes Han, they come out which in fact is twice aweek and if you could be so kind, maybe as like a Halloween treat to us. If youcould leave us a five star review that would be deeply appreciated. Wai Youcan also yeah. You can also follow us on twitter at songs, gone or drop us anemail, sgw podcast that gmailcom or visit our lovely website songs, gonewrongcom. I do have to say I would love a five star review much more than anenvelope smeared in chocolate. Yeah I mean I would too hmm most. What yeah Iwill depends h. You ask. We think it could be a fetish, I don't know, and ifso weird yeah that' speaking of Weird, this songmore so the video but we'll get to that in a minute. But this song, as wementioned it's somebody's watching me by Rockwell, which wis off the album ofthe same name, somebody's watching me, which came out in one thousand ninehundred and eighty four now the writer of the song was Rockwell, whose realname is Kennedy. Gordy did not know that until actually researching all ofthis, but one of t thngs, you like to ask you know what are some of ourmemories of the song like I said this came o onethousand, nine hundred andeighty four but dave. What are what are you some of your memories of this song?I would often hear this song on the radio around this time of year to getus in the mood for the season just to hand out candy to other children ratherthan receive candy myself, but no, it was kind of like a Halloween staplegrowing up. You know yeah now it definitely is- and I remember this songfor sure- and the thing for me that stands out is thevideo and Li'll touch on that a bit later, but yeah, the video and MichaelJackson and his brother Jamaine Jackson, helping out the vocals yeah. That'ssomething else that really stands out, but a this is a song. I definitelyremember, but this song, as I mentioned peake at number two O in March of onethousand nine hundred and eighty five Uhso en we'n pretty high up there andoverall this song has been streamed over eighty one million times onspotify and Rockwell has over one point, four million monthly followers onspotify, probably just for this one song. But when we look at the billboardhot one hundred for that week, Rockwell...

...was stuck behind the number one songjump by Van Halen and then behind Rockwell at number three was girls justwant to have fun by Cindy Lopper. Four was foot loose by Kenny, logins andfive was here? Comes the rain again by the Arithmics Love Thi Song? A couplecouple spooky songs on the charts in March, which is interesting right. Youhave somebody's watching yeah, you have somebody's watching me at two. Herecomes the rein again kind of falls like an Earie fiel to it right and then at eleven. You have thrillerby Michael Jackson, so couple Erie songs there in the top eleven, but inhe markish, like you, said in March, yeah, O yeah, I wouldn't have pegged itas such. I would have thought yeah it's October, one thousand nine hundred andeighty four wrong yep. So that's what the trup was looking like. Also atfifteen. We had hold me now by the Thompson twins. I love that song.Seventeen was hello by Linal Richie, wrapped around your finger by thepolice at twenty three another kind of like Eriish Song Right, I would say so:okay, attwenty eight, our good friend how are Jones with new song and atthirty nine was you might think by the cars. Oh know, my mom's favorite songswas that forty nine to all the girls I've loved before by Holio freaking,Aglacius and Willi Nelson Holy Jees. I must have heard that song like threehundred times as a child who e reato Elson. It's not well, it's spooky to menow because e yeah brings back those memories. I'm like stop playing holioOglacius. I remember she. Actually she had the cassette tape in the car andremember it got like really hot one summer and the cassette, like thecassette case, wound up like melting. I was likegood. We don't have to listen it anymore. Note. The Cassette was fine,it was just the it was just a cassette case so indestructible. Maybe it waspossessed to kind of go with the whole spirit of Halloween, maybe that yeahthat cassette was was possessed by a ghost. I don't know, or I was eventhinking to all the girls I love before was a song about all the women he lovedbefore he killed. Hem could be no. It could be like a stockerish type song.The you gonvenowsee that yeah there we go. I just tied it all together. Yourwelcome. I'm out, see you later same time next week. Make sure you guys lovethe five Star Review and yeah. You got it so we also like to you knowkind of run the song that we're talking about against the rest of the songs onthe album and how does this song compare it that tarrest o thes songs onthere? I'll be honest, it's weird there's another song on ther obscenedphone caller, it's not a great song and and the video for it Holy Shit. It'sjust. I don't know like that. Song Denid, I don't know the Vido didn't agewhene you could tell it was me in the hts, but man it was just weird, really weird taxman a Beatlescover. I prefer the original overall. I just wasn't really that impressed withthis album and obviously the one song that stuck out was somebody's watchingme. Now, wow people remember Rockwell for somebody's watching me. He hadanother top forty hit with obscene phone caller. Somehow I don't know sotechnically he's not a one hit, wonder obscene phone caller, actually peekedat nine on the billboard, hot one hundred in June, O one thousand ninehundrd and eighty four. Somehow I don't know so yeah so he's a Rogwell actulshehas two top ten hits pretty interesting. Huh I wouldn't have known. Wouldn't itget me nither right, but we provide knowledge for you guys now you guysknow Yep seeresonally, though you're saying the album sucks yeah, I didn'twant to yeah it's not great. It's not great! Then I wonder how he got MichaelJackson, Oh to sing on this song boy. That's that's! You know what that'sfunny you ask! Okay, so here's the thing right! You you, whenyou look at the lyrics of the song right and I'll, get to Michaol Jackson.Just just bear with me for one moment:...

Please Sersm! Absolutely! Yes, the songis somebody's watching me. The question I'm asking right WHO's watchingRockwell and in he mentions you know- is th the neighbors, the mailman, theIRES and here's a a lyric that I found interesting and it actually starts offthe song right. He says I'm just an average man with an average life. Iwork from nine to five hey hell. I pay the price really so digging intorockwall's life. Here. I guess that his role name is it's Kennedy, WilliamGordy and he's the son of motown records founder and CEO Berry Gordy.Now his dad, while part of the corporation, he actually wrote a numberof hit songs for the Jackson. Five, including I want you back in ABC theDude, wrote ABC. I love that song, it's so great anyway, Rockewanthe beingchildhood friends on Michael Jackson, so her you go, that's that's how he gothim on the track. Wow and also did a little more digging here. His paternalhalf sister is Ronda Ross Kendrick now heare the Ross in that name right, YepRon, derross Kendrick, is the eldest child of Diana Ross. Also, I'm running out of alsos here his halfbrother Redfoo, whose real name is Stephen Kendall Gordy and his nephewskyblue, whose rool name is Skyler Ausin Gordy. Apparently the familylikes one names like just like a singular name. Those two make up: Lm Fao there's alittle bit of Trivia, so his half brother and his nephew are Lmfao, see Irockwo, I don't think you're living an average life bro working five, so thatI don't Wan. I Love Shit. I love this shough, it's just wonderful! It's justyou know, you know, t nothing matters as far as talent or charisma or howhard you're willing to work. As long as you have the right connections, that'sit so you need Wy, Dad Cyo the record company. It's pretty easy to have arecord put out there, Yeahright Yep Dad. Can I have a record? Please someonegive he a records o shut up. Yeah shut him up, give h a record contract thanks,Dod, but yeah. So what's the song about it'sreally kind of about paranoia, but the video I want to talk about the video. Iremember that being spooky when I was a kid and I'll be, I feel, like MichaelJackson's voice feels a little eerie in the chorus. So going back to the video right, Iloiked Ow, the Chinese newspaper you know starts they start off with that inthe video lecause he's saying Chinais watching him, I don't know, and alsolike, is rockwill ahead of his time talking about social media and howeveryone shares everything, thus removing their privacy themselves. Wow-and you also said is that you know- is the IRS watching Hims. He talked aboutthe government. Also, it looks like it's just himliving there. That's a huge ass house, Soe Yeah people are probably watchingyou, since you are most likely rich, an and going back to the video, like Ifeel like Rockwell was, you know he was taking a shower. Then he was out of theshower dressed up in is suit. Then he was back in the shower then out with asuit and then shower, and then he was out f the shower wearing like a shirtand tie like how many like how many time is he like OCD like does he putthe suit on and then like if ye like gets a little bit dirty, I gets alittle dirt on his sand is like I got to take a shower again he's likeLiberaci when it comes to showering costume change, bathe, that's whatthat's! WHAT THE VIDEO WAS! HMM, it was really weird and then he as a graveyardin his backyard. Why? Why would you have a graveyard in your backyard? Do Iwhy no, it doesn't make sense, but that's the thing that do lyrically.This song basically makes no sense. You just mentioned it could be aboutparanoia. Were I don't know if you've get any information on this moreconcrete? Is it actually about that or we just assuming it is by the nature ofthe song and how kind of chaotic the...

...lyrics are. I I haven't found anything that wasconcrete where rockwell actually came out and said yeah it's about paranoia,but Jo, I mean my. My assumption is at this song is just about paranoial. Thesong will make you paranoid, that's for sure. Yeah does Yo Rick Yeah speakingof being paranoid right in the video. Also, he needs to close the damn doorsin that house. There were several shots in the video with the doors open andthere was a crow flying around at. At one point, there was a pig granted, thepig turned nout to be his dog, but still a random animals walking aroundAndand the one shirtless guy walking around the house with a plate and thepigs head on there close your damned doors. Rockwell people are watchingbecause you eet the doors open to your house also, I feel, like my top threephrases. I've been using this summer with my four and seven year olds are asfollows: No wash your hands and close the door. So that's my advice: o Rockwell clease close the Damn door and do loike at the end of the video, though,when the guy in the front yard turs out to be just the mailman, but he has likea ies, a Zombie Mal man, and then he ends with him lifting his Zombie handand that's how the video ends. I thought that was pretty cool and I usedflare yeah thinko yeah. That's funny, though, like remember watching Thivideo when I was like five or six and it's back then its scared, the crap outof me and I'd always have like that. That and that's why I think the MichaelJackson, you know his voice is a little eerie because I feel like that wouldalways be stuck in your head, and you know you kind of associated with thevideo and back. Then it scared the crap I bebe watching it now. I just have more questions for Rockwelland I don't have the answers to them. That's what I get the lyrics could havebeen written by a four year old. You realize this right. Yes, I mean just toread this this little bit here, I Bang the door. Real tight people call me onthe phone I'm trying to avoid, or can the people on TV see me or am I justparanoid? That's there's no depth there, there's nothing to sink your teeth intowhat I do like- and this is something that I enjoy about. The song overallare a little flourishes that are thrown in, for example, in one of the versesright before the chorus is matter of fact, the I believe it was the firstchorus e when he says the the lines, but why do I always feel like I'm inthe twilight zone? He sings it like this. Like I mean the twilight Zonin,so he throws I in at the end little extra a little extrat but dude itmatters like seriously when you're listening to it makes it kind of like oNi like that lyric now it was so simple and basically useless before, but withha at the end, it's very similar to a rob, Zombi Ya, yeah, yeah or JamesHetfield. That's what I just made like an amalgum of both Wbat I' Mat to do asthat yeah was the whole. I feel like I ha to sing a rob, Zombilyric now just to get the yeah out but yeah. Everybody knows what I'm talkingabout. The guy made his career on saying yeah, but here I like that as an added touch,it's a nice little bonus. Yeah! No, I agree and you know again, you know youhad you throwing Michael Jackson in there and you also had German Jacksonalso singing back up on there too. WHO CARES IT? I'm hey now, I'm just educating peopleyeah yeah, but yeah. I e its Michael Jackson really is what that's like themain thing that I remember really. I mean you kind of remember Rockwell bit,but I feel like the main thing people remember is that it's also super catchyto but yeah Michael Jackson Sing and it's like yeah, that's legit yeah, it'sjust like Michael Jackson. Being on your track, is I e getting goodHalloween candy from a house like name brand orf or like a full size, candybar but withal like you? U Go IMYOUR Dreamsanyway,...

...but have in Germain on the song. I mean.Don't get me wrong. It's cools, Jaman, Jackson, wonderful, but it's almostlike getting the generic or candy or maybe even just like some candy corn, that came out ofsomeones, sticky palm and is got thrown into your bag. You know what I meanlike yeah, that's yeah, that's like getting like somerandom brand of chocolate instead of like hersheys or something like that.Exactly so. What I'm saying is Michael Jackson's. The Wol factor here, MichaelJackson, is Hershey, he's the Wilton Milton Hershey and I didn't evenrealize it was him because very much in the same vein of my whole c candyconstruct that I was just talking about the whole ranking of candy dumb. Ithought it was just knockoff, Michael Jackson, voice. I thought it was someother dude trying to pull off MJ, not mgm, SL but hey. I was wrong and verypleasantly surprised. We got the real deal real deal is legit snickes always satisfies that's right, they're,not a sponsor, so I should take that back. We should we should edit that outor put like a redacted until until we actually get some money fromthe candy bar people, I mean they could or they could just send us. What theycould also do is take a snickers bar put it in an envelope and then WeintoUS ye H will Ekceton don't even just slap a stamp on the snickers bar the envelope and just mail us thatthat's that's going to be safe as hell. Oh Yeah, nothing w! WHAT COULD GO WRONG!Fani, Tarry, MMM, yeah, all right anything else, or do you want to? Areyou ready to give this a judgment here? I'm ready to Yeah Pass judgment on onMr Rockwell here all right, man well somebody's watching me by Rockwell Dave.Do you think this is a legit hit, or do you think this is a song that wentwrong? Well, you know I feel like for the last few minutes. Every time I'vehad an opportunity to speak I've kind of crapped on the song because yeah thelyrics, not so great the guy's career, not so hot, but maybe and Akain. It's weird that you mentioneis released in March because I'm wondering what people were doing in Marone thosand, nine hundred and eighty four, where they really were in thesespooky vibes, because when you listen to the tune, what is necessarily scaryabout it? The keyboard part when it comes in kind of has that hauntingeffect to it. But if you just took again those cheesy allyrics and putthem to the side, they don't necessarily spell out something thatwould eventually turn into a Halloween classic. But still all this being saidis catchy as hell. Michael Jackson's chorus is iconic its a wonderfully sungbit. So yes, this song, I do believe, will make you get up, get funky alittle freaky a little sneaky, and it is in fact a hellweird hit. I feel likethis song will loand after watchingon video, the song will make you takefifteen showers and one day yeah, I just did it took fifteen while we weredoing this whole thing, you had no idea, no idea, that's why I seem a littlescatter shot tonight, because I'm in the shower out of the shower gettingdressed back in the shower puting. I out talking to you and talking to youyeah so and trying to entertain all these fine folks out here on the WorldWide Web, so yeah, that's right, YEP, so yeah. I agree right. I think this isa very well put together product Rockwell himself he's okay, it'spossible, like I said, Michael's voice, it's a little haunting. I think, as yousings to chorus, I really like that the music does give it kind of like creepy,feel the lyrics are okay, but this, but this is rockwells jam and andRockwell's voice is okay. I mean he's... Mj, but and this song it's goodenough and when you put all of it together, it works and it works welland the only mark against this is, let's be honest, I don't think peopleare watching Rockwell. I think they're watching Michael Jackson, but I digress.Not only is this a wonderful Halloween song, I also think this is in fact alegit hit, so there we go right on so, let's SA, we agree, we agreeable. Let'salso ask the fans, let's see what they have to say, so seventy seven percent of the fansaid yes, this is a legit hit. So were three for three here: Seventy sevenpercent, the number of the beast. That's not, I don't think that's thenumber of the beast at all: no Wel, it's Alf Mi tri a bit crap, it's okay!It's a really cool number HOO. Seventy seven was my baseballnumber. Actually, really you see that that's not a coincidence. I mean itprobably is, but now this is predetermined by which is in Salemthree hundred years ago. They knew we'd be talking about this song, this verynight about hooseve. Well, I stink at this thanks my well. We did get some feebackJeremy goes by at APO Tao. Thirteen said it's only hit only because of Mjall right. Okay, Victor Lee, who goes my at victorly, two thousand said oneof the funniest things I've ever seen was when they talked about this song onvh ones. I love the S, and one of the commentators was like ain't. Nobodywatching you, you Wain't that fine! So, okay, yeah there we have it! You JUSHATSI LEGIIT! Well, I mean yeah, you can't argue with the seventy sevenpercent, our opinions on the song, my not being very well articulated, butstill again, it's just one of those songs that puts you in the mood for thewhole. The whole thing you know t I mean I if I had to make a Halomeanplaylist, this would definitely be on it. Oh absolutely! Absolutely I justwould be at the top of t e playlist too. You think so it ould it would be ourtop five top. You know what yeah I can buy top five sure I like it sounds good,maybe top three: Will you stop pushing it and just carry young abeits up tookays Mbe Tob. Two two is a spooky number as well. Is that also the numberof the beast? Yes? Now it is, I am just El any number. I want the number of thepeast. What is the beast? I have no idea and I'm going to keep talking tinthis spooky voice. All Nigh I should have started the show likethat and just done the whole show with that voice. What do you think t wouldhave been yeah or we could? What we should do is maybe we could play likespooky music in the background, HMM. Well ask me what I think about the songagain, just just: Let's do a little test run here. What do you? What do youthink of the song? I think it was very spooky somewhat scary, but damn fine. Ijust forget my. I can't I just forgot my train of thought, see thats's estupidest voice of all time why I was even trying to do that. I don't know Iwas going to say damn fine didty and I couldn't even get that out of my face.Oh Boy, oh no, my voice is stuck like this. Oh crap, the witches from threehundred years ago put a spell on you. Oh No yeah, my tongue is turning into aserpent. I need to go to the hospital no dear. That was terrible. That was, I I'm telling you I suck it Halloweendude I suck at it. It's okay! You know what I want. I want the fans out thereto cheer me up because now, I'm down to myself, I'm feeling like one of thosedeflated Jack, an lanterns I brought up earlier. I need a little pick thim up.That's what I need a little positive reinforcement saying Dave that wholebit was okay. You'll, survive. We Gog... yeah, something like that. ReachYeah, please Jeez Louise, so I got yeah guy everybody. Every listening. Pleasejust provide dave with like a a virtually high five or something yeahthatd be great, a little virtual laffy Taffy. That's what I need there. I goname dropping candy again, I'm on a roll, a tensy rol, so anything else toDove Naw. I'm done I better get out of here before I talk myself to death.Okay! Well, thanks GIN for listing everybody, and as always, you can findus on twitter at songs gone, you can send us an email, sgw podcast atgmailcom or visit our wonderful website, songs, gone wrongcom, but until nextepisode. Thank you guys. All for listening to songs gone wrong and closeyour Damn Doors.

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