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Sunglasses At Night by Corey Hart


This episode was kindly sponsored by listener Cassie and she wanted us to break down an 80s classic Sunglasses At Night by Corey Hart as we try to figure out if this 80s song was a legit hit or a Song Gone Wrong. Also we try to figure out the root cause of poor Corey's relationship issues. Thanks again Cassie and Randy!


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Hey everyone, and welcome the songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, the side if these hit songs got it right, or did those songs go wrong? I one of your host drew Zachman, and joining me as always, is Dave Schultz. Dave, how are you doing? Good, sir. Hi, my name is Dave and I wear transition lenses. I see what you did there. You do. Huh. Right. So what you did? Yeah, yeah, my glasses turn into sunglasses, but they're environmentally sound. That's good to hear. Thanks, that's good to hear. Be Take our environment over here. Well, I'm just saying, you know, like it's one of those things where I need sun for them to become sunglasses. I can't be one of those cool guys rolling around at midnight wearing sunglasses. You know, it just wouldn't work. I wouldn't be able to see a damn thing anyway. So there, that's that's a valid point. MMM, which raises questions about the song, which we will absolutely dig into right but before we yeah, before we get there, if you haven't done so already, make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes when they come out. which in fact is twice a week, and if you can leave us a five star review, which we have a bunch already. So thank everybody for leaving those five star reviews right, but if you have not done so, please do that and it would be deeply appreciated. And also let us know once you leave a five star review, and we will have your very own songs gone wrong sticker mailed right out to you. Nice. Yeah, mail is when you get good. Mail is a nice thing. That's what we do, and I and guess what I did. It doesn't I'll partly take you like a minute to leave us a five star review, right, and you get your very own sticker. We don't charge you for postage or anything. We're not going to bill you after. It's all free and you get a pretty cool sticker. Right. And One lucky five star reviewer will get drew ship to their home in a crate. No, no, I don't think we'd discussed that yet. They've. We actually know we did discuss it. We just not going forward with it then. Huh, now you forgot that night. Now don't remember that? Oh, okay, yeah, we didn't discuss it. Yeah, all right, sure, whatever you say. Big Guy? HMM. Yeah, oh, Dave. Anyway, you can follow us on twitter, actually yet twitter, instagram, facebook, all those wonderful social interwebs. We are at songs gone on there. You drop us an email. SGW podcast at gmailcom. visit our website, songs gone wrongcom, and guess what...

...we have just put together? I show thnes before, so I apologize, but we have our songs gone wrong playlist on spotify. Completely forgot to do that earlier on, but we have it there now and it'll be just a building playlist, because you know me, I love my playlists. My My playlist. Have playlists, but basically any song that we talked about will be on there. And then what I'm what my plan is. So we release our episodes Tuesday and Thursday, so then Monday and Wednesday I will upload or update the playlist. So the song that we talked about on Tuesday on our podcast, I will have that on the playlist on Monday. So that way you guys have it there and check it out ahead of time. So Nice. Sounds like I finally found my running mix there. It's going to be two songs gone wrong spotify playlist. I like this a lot and this is going to be a versatile playlist. You can use it for running or your cool down or your workout, or go for a walk, or using chores around a house, karate, karate, especially you're doing what work in the basement? Skydiving, skydiving, yeah, you name it. But lunking it, spelunking. Yeah, yeah, sure, why not? Get you need a playlist when you splunk right, putting a puzzle together. You go as a big one, four hundred eighty pieces. I need some music. Yeah, see, and we have you covered here nice now. So this episode, Dave, we've only been live for almost two weeks now, okay, and you know, we we have our first sponsored episode. Wow, holy Mac, and now we have to ship you in a crate, as we did in fact discuss, which you denied to this very person, who is a lucky listener receiving their very own live drew. Well, so all right, so again, I'm not chipping myself in a crate any format. Sorry, but listener cassie was kind enough to sponsor this episode and she wanted to find out if sunglasses at night by Corey Hart was a legit hit or a song gone wrong. So Ok, thank you, Cassie for sponsoring this episode. Also, thank you, Randy, for listening to the show. So that's what we're talking about today. We are talking about sunglasses at night by Corey Heart, which was off his album first offense, although heart as Canadian, so would it be first offense? Oh, how that works. Listen to you are you should go dip your button a bath and Maple Syrup right now after that one. Oh Lord, you are something else. Don't insult our brethren to the north. What is the matter with you? Huh? That's all they pronounced it. I'm not. Does that make me wrong? No, it doesn't. I just like busting your Hump. It's what I do, it's why I'm here, and I just emediate is automatically apologize. I'm usually wrong, so I just immediately go into apology. Move. Yeah, matter what. So, yeah, yeah, but this came out in no member of one thousand nine hundred and eighty three and the writer of the song is Corey Hearts himself. Now, Dave, like I said, this...

...came out in late one thousand nine hundred and eighty three. But what are your memories of this song? Well, I was out alligator wrestling with Corey Heart in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. Now, at this point in time we weren't great friends, but we were casual acquaintances. Still a little too soon to be alligator wrestling in normal circumstances. But wait, that didn't happen. My memory of this song really is the same as anybody else. I had heard it. Basically it was more at the time, when I was a teenager, considered a classic hit, albeit from the S, and it wasn't something I was particularly fond of. But I suppose it would be something I play while wrestling an alligator. That's interesting. So to be on your alligator wrestling playlist, then, wouldn't you know what? I think it'd be on the alligators wrestle a human playlist. It goes both ways, it does. It goes both ways, it sure does. Yeah, so I was three or so when this came out, so I don't remember it's actual launch, but I ever since I could remember, this song has always been there. You know, the thing with me because that I always had a hard time relating to this song because when I was a kid I wore glasses right so I couldn't wear sunglasses at night. Or in a day for that matter. So the song really didn't resonate with me as much as maybe it should have. But musically, you know, I definitely remember this song for sure. Yeah, how about the CLIP ONS? You didn't try? Where the clips funds back then? You know, I think I had a pair of them, but then I realized that they were clip on sunglasses and I was like, I should not be doing this. Yeah, they're pretty Dorky. I had some too, because I'm a glass wearer, or I wear glasses, whichever where you want to say it, and back then it wasn't so cool to do so. I always wanted to flip up pair, but I never got those like the baseball players aid. Yeah, exactly, right, right, and those were not accessible to me. So I did mention at the beginning of this humble little program that I wear transition lenses and they are one of the greatest inventions of ALD I'm indeed well this, this song, was apparently a great invention, because guess what? whow song peaked at number seven on the US billboard, hot one hundred back in September. One thousand nine hundred and eighty four. Huh Seven? Yeah, pretty good. Now Sunglasses at night has been streamed over fifty eight million times on spotify and heart has almost eight hundred thousand monthly listener. So not bad shabby, HMM. But now some other songs on the billboard. Hot One hundred at that time pretty solid list here. Number one was what's love got to do with it by Tina Turner. Missing you by John Waite was number two. Stuck on you by Lionel Richie was three. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Junior was for number five was when doves cry by Prince. She BOP by Cindy lapper was six, and then sunglasses was seven. Some other great tunes on a charts. My Man Peebo Bryson at Zen with if ever you're in my arms again, I'd love me some Peebo. At fourteen was drive by the cars,... of the best songs ever made. Fifteen was I can dream about you by Dan Hartman, another great tune. Twenty one was cruel summer by Banana Rama. Twenty five was sad song, say so much by Elton John. Twenty eight was hard habit to break from Chicago. Also love me some Chicago. Thirty two was Panama by Van Halen. And thirty three was I just called to say I love you. By stevie wonder. This list is my childhood. Yeah, it's pretty good. It's a solid list right there of her songs on the chart. Yes, pretty good. Yeah. So one thing that we also ask is, you know, how does this song compare to the other songs on the album? Now first offense or first offense, I. You know, the furrow. So the first song on first off offense is sunglasses at night, and I gotta be honest, it kind of goes downhill after that. It really feels like a s album, but not like good S. I honestly I prefer his follow up, boy in the box, never surrender, is an awesome tune and it's on that album. But, like I said, the album starts off with sunglasses at night, then the second track Peruvian lady me, and then the third track is lamp at midnight, which makes sense. I mean if he's wearing sunglasses at night, probably needs a lamp at midnight to see. So that that makes sense, I guess. Very true. Yeah, she got the radio. I just wasn't too impressed there. It ain't enough. Not a bad song, kind of like a typical s slow jam. Then towards the end of the album there's a song called the world is fire, and I would venture to say, yes, cory, the world is in fact fire right now. Maybe those sunglasses can see into the future, I don't know. But Anyway, I think sunglasses at night fits in. You know, it definitely has an eighty sound to it, as does the rest of the album, but I think sunglasses just a whole lot catchier than the other songs, which I guess that's why it was on the billboard hot one hundred. But overall I wasn't super impressed with the album. The song fits in fine, but not necessarily an entire album, I would recommend. So jumping over to the lyrics now, the lyrics are interesting to say the least, but it's actually it's actually not as bad as I thought it was. When you dig into this, you find out this is a song about a guy who's significant other is essentially being unfaithful, and he starts off the song saying I wear my sunglasses at night so I can watch you weave, then breathe your storylines, and then you get to the precourse, he says, while she's deceiving me, it cuts my security. So Poor Port Corey Heart. Yeah, and now he's he on the back. I'm sure he's in the bad relationship here and that's that's not nice. But here. So here's my question. I love doing root calls analysis at work where I can drill down and figure out like, what was the real cause of whatever went wrong, and that at my work we build website. So something goes wrong, I get looped in and try to help figure out why it went wrong and and oftentimes it's not what happened at the end, but something early on that had a trickle down effect. Right, so next time? Yeah, so next time the people involved in that part of the process won't make that mistake again and just helps...

...make the processes more efficient. Sounds boring as shit, but Ionesti like that part of my job, but anyway, cool. With that being said, my main question to you, Dave Hmm. is she being unfaithful because he wears sunglasses at night and she's like really cool, you're going to wear sunglasses at night, or is he wearing his sunglasses at night to cover his face because she's being unfaithful and he's checking see what she's doing? I don't think that would be very effective, you know, like, Oh, what, what are you invisible now because you bring the sunglasses. I mean really, Oh, I'm looking left. She thinks I'm looking straight. That's SIH's not. No, that's not any kind of me. I'm going to I'm going to pick your first option, which was she's like, dude, what are you doing? It's nine PM, you're in the kitchen, you're eating cereal and you're wearing sunglasses, like, dude, get a life, come on now. Yeah, and then she's like, you know what, I'm gonna go hang out with some other guy. Yeah, I'M gonna go hang out with the guy with WHO's like, I don't know, not visually weird or odd corey, you know, hang out with somebody who doesn't wear sunglasses at night. Yeah, I mean or just takes some off occasionally, I guess. You know, I don't understand the need. So, Hey, yeah, that's that makes sense. That makes sense. Now, if now, what was that movie? They live with? Yeah, Roddy Piper. Right now, if the if he could do that with his glasses and like see things that way, then I'm like, all right, that makes sense to me. Don't think it is you're thinking he's looking at messages, hidden messages in the world with the shades correct. Okay, no, no, well, I mean no, I'm not saying he is. I'm saying if that was in fact the case, then I'd be like, I'm all for wearing well, yeah, whenever you want, I don't care, night, day whatever. Right, if he was sideclops from the x men and he was also the control his laser beams that shoot out of his eye, well, yes, you have to wear them at night. You know what that actually that actually leads me to my next point, and maybe you're on the something there. Maybe he is, I clops, because I also like the line and the song where he says don't switch the blade on the guy in shades. Oh No, now, maybe if you pull a switchblade on he's gonna pull the glasses off and he has gonna like shoot laser beams at the offender. That'd be pretty nifty. That'd be all sabby. You know, I like about that line the most is when he sings it, he actually sounds like he's getting stabbed. Oh Yeah, he sings like he's in pain. I I mean, I wonder if he's getting a proctology examination in the recording booth while actually performing this song, because it just out of nowhere. It's just like these really loud how you? How you like really like over and Enuncie. It's the word blade. Yeah, it's just, yeah, exactly. It's just to me it sounds like he's hurting. He's he's not right. which he's which he is hurting? He has heard yea, because his significant other is apparently being unfaithful, because right, so style choices. There...

...he goes. He's like, don't switch the blade. Oh No, it hurts. It hurts. Yeah, life hurts. Sorry, Cory, yes indeed, but that mean that that line really brings you back to s whe switch blades. Where the Shit did you? Did you ever have a switchblade? I had the one that was a comb Oh, yes, yeah, so I was a cool cat, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, I I definitely have one those which blade comes I was I think I was like an elementary goal. I thought I could like impress the ladies by being tough and having sweet hair. Yeah, but the problem was I had those huge as glasses that people love making fun of me for. So that kind of canceled out. My switchblade comb. Have they been sunglasses? Drew Your Life? Me It turned out a wee bit different. And imagine this. If you tried doing that in two thousand and twenty, if you brought a switch blade comb to school, you'd being some serious trouble. Oh Yeah, you would get locked up. You beyond the news. Yeah, yeah, HMM. Yeah, so what one last thing I want to mention, and I think this is moderately important here, but there's one line where he says I turned to her and say don't switch the blade on the guy in shades. Oh No, right, he says. I turned to her, which is how I'm interpreting that, as his girlfriend is the one pulling the knife on him. Right like it doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. If you ask me now, my wife and I just celebrated our seventh wedding antiverse and I don't believe at any point in time over those past seven years she ever pulled a knife on me. So I don't know, Corey, you might want to rethink that. Also, if he's trying to be stealthy, why, why are you wearing sunglasses at night? It's almost like he's putting a giant neon sign over his head that says look at me. Anyway, I digress. So all right, that's that. Covers off on the lyrics there. And what is the song about? I mean, I think the songs about a guy who's significant others cheating on them. So Poor Cory. But any any last notes before we get into our final verdicts here? Not Really. Let's see what we think. All right, Dave. So do you think sunglasses at night by Corey heart is a legit hit, or is this a song gone wrong? It's one's kind of a toughie for me. I was on the fence a little bit because it has some elements that are pretty key to a hit song. It's got a really killer of synth part that leads out the tune that everybody knows. It's really iconic, followed up by some really thick bass that's really pretty darned good. I mean just the opening lyric. The eye wear my song glasses at night, so I can, so I can again, everybody knows it, but do I want to hear it? This is this is really the the bottom line question that we're our I'm asking myself before I respond to you, and the answer would actually be? No, I don't think overall this song is terribly good or has a...

...lot of relistenability. Every once in a while I can see it bringing you back to another time, yet again, the S, and it tickles your nostalgia noodle. But is the best crafted song in the world? No. Is it something I want on my I don't know. She just name any kind of arbitrary playlist. The answer would also be no. So I'm going to say this is a song gone wrong. Drew, wow, all right, he say Song Gone Wrong. I didn't. Didn't see that coming, but yes, it's I told you it's on the fence, though. This is a tough one. I was teetertottering. See, I also teeter tottered a little bit. But this song is interesting. I mean right off the bat your hit square into face with that infectious synthesizer and it carries on throughout. It's tough to get that beat out of your head. The lyrics are catchy. I'm guessing this guy was in the CEO back in one thousand nine hundred and eighty three and apparently wanted to corner of the market on the keywords sunglasses. But I mean this song is catchy as hell. Is it dated a little bit? Yeah, it definitely sounds like an eighty song, but it's catchiness and kind of ridiculousness make it a fun hit, although it sounds like poor corey wasn't having fun into song, since this girl had quite the wandering guy, it seems. But I'm going to go with legit hit here. Yeah, and and you know me, I love my playlist, my playlist of playlists and the like. We said with thriller, where if you have a Halloween playlist but thrillers not on there, you don't have a Halloween playlist. Yeah, I would say this is similar in that if you have an s playlist and this song is not on there, then you in fact do not have a s playlist. I would strongly disagree with you on that one. But Hey, listen, we're at that point in the show. We've rendered our verdicts and I say something isn't a hit, you say it's a hit. So now we need the tie breaker. And who do we turn to? Oh, we turn to you, the fans. So let's see what the fans have to say about sunglasses at night. All right, the fans have spoken, and a resounding seventy six percent said yes, HMM, this is a legit hit. So there you go, cassie. The fans and you seem to agree. This is a legit hit. And there we have it. That breaks our tie. Yep, I lose. It's not a competition, but still I feel like a loser. But I mean I want. Oh, come on, there's how can you say such rude things to be true? That's right, this is not a competition. Music is arbitrary and we just like talking about it. There's no winners or losers. We're all winners, we are of us. But I'm still waiting for my apology for what you just said. Your you mentioned earlier you apologize to everything. But yeah, Whoa, now it's too late. The fact they had to ask for it. No, you can't do it now. I'm sorry. My I'm sorry was too late. Oh, very good, that...

I will accept. Yes indeed, but we got some good feedback at DB third and eleven said I love the song when it first came out. Then I got to an age where I hated it, but about fifteen years ago I got to the point where I realized this song is a jam. At twenty seven, bad fish said this song is legit, as did at Anthony Bunk for at Ryan Boem said, however, it's gimmicky, Corny and doesn't hold up well at all. So I think Ryan's probably more on your side there. HMM. Yeah, I mean it does sound like a song from the S, so I don't think. I don't think he's wrong there. And I mean does it hold up? I mean, you definitely should not at any point in time where sunglasses at night. Well, that's you're going to you're going to impair your vision. This is this is especially not when you're driving. Go by those ones that you see on TV, that the miraculous ones that are like yellow, yellow, yes, yes, go buy those instead. They might. You know, they're missing a really huge marketing opportunity by not getting Corey Hart to promote those. seriously. So what do you guys thinking? Who? I won't name the product is, even if I did remember it, because I want to give a free plug. But they should hire me because I just gave you a wonderful idea. Yeah, and I'm I mean he only has eight hundredzero listeners on spotify, so he might be needing some money. MMM, yeah, just saying Corey, there's there's money in there, there's there's gold in them their hills. Think about it. Yeah, so that's that's it, man. Anything else you want to add? They've no just I love our listeners and I would like to if I could, I would shit myself in a crate, unlike drew, who's unwilling to do so because he's selfish and he doesn't care about human beings as much as I do. I would come to your home, you would use a crowbar to open the crate, hopefully get a really nice waft of me, who's been living in the crate for God knows how long, and then I would give you a hug. What is it with you and and shipping people and crates? Telling me, maybe, but we can't talk about that on air, Dear Lord. Okay, well, Cassie, thanks again for sponsoring the episode. Greatly appreciated. Thank you also, randy, and thanks everybody for listening. And, as always, you can find us on all the socials, twitter, instagram, facebook, where at songs gone our website songs gone wrongcom you can drop us an email. SGW podcast at gmailcom. And if you guys are on spotify and you want to check out our playlist. It's the songs gone wrong playlist. Pretty easy and, like I said, we will put the the song that we're talking about for the upcoming episode on there a day in advance so you get to hear what we're talking about, kind of brush up, so to speak, on what we're going to be discussing for that episode that we drop the following day. So that's it. So thank you guys, for listening to songs gone wrong. And seriously, to keep the keep the sunglasses off at night kids.

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