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Sweet Freedom by Michael McDonald


Drew and Dave discuss like gentlemen an 80s classic hit, Sweet Freedom by Michael McDonald. They also discuss the Lost Prophets singer (seriously, Google him, you will instantly feel better about yourself), Paul Rudd is an ageless wonder and can you woo woo woo? Also, we frown upon dancing on the ceiling. Sometimes. We will also discuss whether or not this song will make Dave dance, and Dave also owns 0 pairs of sweatpants while Drew might need to be forcefully removed from his.


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, decide if these hit songs got it right, or did those songs go wrong? I'm one of your host drew Zachman, and enjoining me, as always, is Dave Schultz. Dave, how are you doing? Good, Sir drew. Hello. Doing all right, buddy? I guess so, I suppose. Yes, yeah, yeah, sure, okay, why not? Yeah, good, great, if I need to cheer you up, and I think we have just a song to do it, really, I think so. Which one? Oh, oh, it's a good it's a it's a it's so good, dudes, hen't even say it. It's so good I can't even say it. Yeah, we are. We are talking about sweet freedom. Oh yes, sweet sweet freedom, by my bumps all over my body now in autumn, places that I might need to see a doctor about, as saying, Oh, yeah, talk to somebody about that, but before you go to the doctor. Yeah, if you guys haven't done so already, make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes when they come out, which in fact it's twice a week, and if you could also leave us a five star review. That would be greatly appreciated, and you can follow us on twitter and Instagram at songs go on. You can drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom, or visit our lovely website, songs gone wrongcom, where we have some of our very own pop up videos that were not calling pop up videos. They're just fun videos, but they are fun and they are great. YEA, and you can check them out. Yeah, we, we just provide entertainment and education for you. Well, you did fail to mention that if you do leave a five star review right now, that you'll be entered to win an opportunity to have drew show up at your home dressed up like father time, ready to ring in the New Year. I don't. We didn't. We didn't say we were going to do that. That was only no. No, we were just saying I wouldn't dress up. Is the baby, but you would definitely be father time. Now. We we talked about it. We as a potential idea. We didn't say it was definite. I bought you the damn beard and everything. Oh, great, wonderful. You know what we communication guy works both ways. Hello. Well, I'm just glad. Usually like to shit me to people's houses in a crate. So I'm glad. I don't know if that was going to be your method of shipments this time around. Not. Now we're going to fly. Yeah, fly a coach. The only thing is you're going to have to wear the father time costume, which you know it really is going to be beneficial to you when going through security because very little to check. Yeah, I'm good to go. Yeah, but you know, the temperature on the plane think could affect you and maybe your Ariolas or something that could be a problem. I don't know about still, I'm in Pennsylvania and it's pretty cold right now. So that, yeah, he and not the ideal. Well, the great thing wasn't really cost efficient to us, so that did in fact have to be scrapped. But the father time thing, I think, is very much still on the table, despite which drew says. So let us know what you think. Would you like drew to come to your home dressed up like a creepy old man to say happy new yeah, I don't know, I'd I guess that's good, though, right where? You know, we're two months or so into our our show and I feel like maybe our budget has increased significantly based on how many listeners we have. So that way where we're able to afford an actual flight ticket as opposed to shipping me via crate. Yep, that's thirty seven sends. Goes a long way, baby, it does, yeah, it does. So, yeah, all right. So, like I mentioned before, we are talking about sweet freedom, MMM, from Michael McDonald's and it was actually released as a song for the film running scared, starring Billy crystell and Gregory Hinds, and is also one thesand nine hundred and eighty six rerelease of McDonald's eighty five album.

No looking back. So the year this song actually came out was on thousand, Nin hundred and eighty six. Now, who wrote the song? Guess who wrote this one? Dave, the Lord above, because it's such a beautifully written tune it can only be handled by someone of heavenly traits. Well, it wasn't him. Is Written by our good friends Rod Temperton. Oh well, the temper yeah, okay, we talked about him a bit on our thriller episode, as he wrote that song, along with a handful of other great tunes. But like, yeah, so, Dave, sweet freedom, Michael McDonald. What are some of your memories of this song? She how old do you think I am? This song came out in eighty six. What are you? What are you thinking here? You think I was rocking out to Yat rock or a Michael McDonald? You know, let me stop up there, because I don't actually identify this song is Yat Rock, like everybody else does, even though I just said it. That was a mistake, a grave mistake, because just because something may fit nicely into a genre, was to say it's not gray car rock or sitting on your couch rock or maybe, I don't know, hanging out with your buddies on the cellblock see rock? WHO's to say really? But maybe if you're running around scared. Yeah, you know, did you ever see that movie? I did not. It's not seat. I've seen the the video to this song. Yeah, numerous times, and I remember the video pretty well. I just never the video. It's better than the movie. Yeah, the video is fantastic. The movies, okay, is about these two cops who decide they going to retire down in Florida by opening a bar and everything else. But then, you know, hijink's trouble comes the town. Well, basically when they go home and they get a I don't know, it's I'm not going to spoil the whole movie for Ay, but it's worth a watch. It's just not like wow, you know what I mean. But what I do want to say is this is I had an uncle and my uncle was into death metal, like hardcore stuff, Cannibal corpse whatever. And then at the same time you'd be flipping through his CD collection and you'd see Neil diamond and you go, Guy, what's up with this? This accidentally fall in here and someone leave it over your house. He's like no, man Neal rules and I go you listen all this heavy metal, like again, like stuff this this insane that's not even mainstream, kind of like hard rock. Yet you think Neil Diamond School, sure this isn't king diamond? He's like no, it's Neil diamond, man, and I always thought that was funny. Yet it kind of open up avenues to me because at the time you either were really into something or you could be doomed a poser. Oh you not into the scene, man, how dare you listen to anything else? So we're new other t shirts of rock and the other style, then the music that we're all into is a click. But I love Michael McDonald. I thought Michael McDonald had pipes, yet again, for be crafted from some angelic place, but it wasn't okay to like him. It wasn't permissible. And when I saw that Neil Diamond CD amongst all the gross ass covers of the other death metal band, Cannibal Corps, that basically and I'm like those Song Titles, Oh boy. Yeah, and I'm like, you know what, What's wrong with me? Like in Mike McDonald, I can dig the Doobie brothers to man, and I just want to tell that story now because that actually happened to me and allowed me to go to my friends and say, you know what, fuck this shit, dudes. I don't care. I'm gonna like what I like, no matter what you say, and I think that's important for everybody to live their life that way. You need egg. I know exactly where you're going with this. You need to you need to have that sweet freedom. I wasn't going there, but I'm glad you brought it all the way back. I'm Brown. That's like what the song is about. Yeah, I like Ye. All right, my sweet freedom, sorry, sweet freedom, when involved cake or confections. That was that's what you know, would make it sweet, because I'm kind of fat, so I like all that stuff that, you know, clugs your arteries and rotsy teeth. This, I mean, okay, I see what you do, I see what you're talking about. Okay, good, but but...

...the song, I mean the song, you know, spoiler alert, the song. Basically, like it's like about like focusing on yourself and not relying on anyone else for your happiness. So I think what you talked about there is a perfect example, uh huh, for sweet freedom. Yeah, I see. We were like running, scared together on the same, like parallel path, but we didn't really need to, you know what I mean, it didn't have to connect because this everything was so similar. Yeah, you did, Daddy. Oh Yeah, give me some bungoes. I was kind of the same way, a little bit like your uncle, like I listened to heavy stuff, like fear factory, a lot slayer and like whatever was heavy the time. But I also was like a huge who still am is a huge hooting a blowfish fan, and it's kind of like which one of these is not like the other? But I also listened to like other madlist like a wide variety of stuff, especially now, like I've, you know, toned down the heaviness, but it. But even back then I would listen to music that wasn't necessarily I loved Howard Jones. You know he's not heavy, but you know whatever. Yeah, but you don't think. If you like music, then you like it now. Don't. Don't fucking listen to other people. To say now you have a sue freedom. Yeah, but you cross the streams. You can't like slayer and Hootie. Come on now, what's the matter with you? Yes, you can. No, you can't. Hooty fucking rocks. Know you care this, Cann I'm just kid with you. He's better Beca I am busting your balls on the air. I will continue. I will defend hootie forever. I am high on the sweet freedom, unless they go lost profits on me. Then I will defend hooty. Okay, you on the what lost profits are? Just Google lost profits, lead singer. You will get the answers you are seeking. But my memories of that Song, you know, I remember the video. I think I liked the video a lot, probably a little bit more than this song. I wasn't exactly into that particular kind of music back then, but it was it was like it was a cool tune. I didn't hate it. I always I was enjoy whenever the video would come on, I would always watch it because I thought the video was fantastic. But also, in forty year old virgin I remember Paul Rudd's character hated Michael McDonald. Yeah, probably because, like, they played him on repeat at the store. So I know. Well, I love this quote when when Rudd's character said I would rather listen to Fran Dresser for eight hours then have to listen to Michael McDonald. Nothing against him, but if I hear a Yamo be there one more time, I'm going to Yamo burn this place, that our grounds. Yeah, that that I loved. His like rants on Michael McDonald was pretty hilarious. Also, you know what? He Shit on two American treasures right there. He really did. And I know Paul run everybody thinks he's like this ageless wonder. He's, yes, man, but yeah, he's cool. There still no Fred Dresser's great, come on, what she done awesome. Also great, but again he's been no staying, you know, working in this store where they have Michael McDonald on repeat. You know, I'm only take so much that Shangra la for me. Okay, that's fair, I guess, for you, but I guess we have to listen to it every single day, all right, would do it so. Sweet freedom peaked at number seven. Wow, US billboard hot one hundred back in August of one thousand nine hundred and eighty six. And I'll tell you what Michael McDonalds doing pretty good. He has over one point one million monthly listeners on spotify. So people still showing them love, of course. But yeah, so let's looking back at that chart, right from August of eighty six. Pretty solid top five. There you have a higher love from Steve Winwood at number one, Venus by Banana Rama at to Papa, don't preach by Madonna at three, take my breath away by Berlin at for and dancing on the ceiling by Lionel Richie at five. Also, please note that we hear it songs gone wrong do not advise dancing on ceilings. So that could lead to some serious injuries. So please do not attempt to dance on the ceiling. A little P sa for you guys. Anyway, number six was friends and lovers by Carl Anderson and Gloria loring. I honestly do not remember that song.

But and then we have seven was sweet freedom. Eight was rumors by TIMEX Social Club. Nine is the classic stuck with you by Huey Lewison and news, and ten was mad about you by Belinda Carlisle. Huh So, pretty good, pretty good. Top Ten, they're pretty good. Top Ten. Shitty PSA, hey man, Hey, I'm staying hurt, hi, I don't want people getting hurt. I want to see it. I want to see more people dancing on their ceilings and I want to see it right now, because I would frankly be amazed by that. We care about the safety of our listeners, but I want listeners who know magic and can defy gravity. Actually, yeah, that would be kind of cool. Yep, all right, some other great tunes, and there's a ton, but some of our favorites. Here at Twelve was glory of love by Peter Satara. Also there was the Glass Tiger Classic Song, don't forget you what I'm gone. I really love that song. Twenty one was you should be mine by Jeffrey Osbourne, Aka the Woo Woo song. Do you know that song is? No, I'm not familiar. On Song Jeffrey Osbour. He's like, could you woo Woo Woo? No, no, I cannot woo woo woo. Hmmm, I just would for you right there. But I love that song. It's fantastic. Okay, fantastic. I'll take your twenty for it. Please do, please do. Twenty three was dreamtime by Daryl Hall, thirty six was love walks in by Van Halen, great one, and thirty eight was dangerous known by Kenny loggins. So yeah, top gone making the rounds during that week. So pretty good, pretty good chart right there. I would say. Well, yeah, but none of them are as good as number seven. That's the issue. I would beg to differ, but number seven was good. It was the best, if you say so. Listen, okay, I'm going to be I'm going to be completely honest and forth right right now. Are you okay? Yeah, for the first time in my entire life, I may burst into flames right here in front of this microphone. I love Michael McDonald. I think he's just an amazing, outstanding, talented human being and if anybody else says otherwise, they can you know, I'm I don't want to say what I was going to say because I don't want to be negative or mean to anybody, but you can insert your own phrase where I just stumbled right there. HMM, so they can. When? What would you say? If they disagree with me? They can have the sweet freedom to disagree. Or they could put on a Hawaiian shirt and get down with Gregory Hinds and billy crystel. Okay, that's fair. All right, that that actually would be. Well, we can't really get down with greggory hinds anymore, but yeah, I would love to hang out billy Christ Leb be awesome. Yeah, probably would be, and I'll do it wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Hell Yeah, yeah, just talk about city slickers all day. We could do that. Yep, we'RE MONSTERS INC my kids love that movie, So do I. Just for the record, monsters university is better than monsters INC is one of the rarest sequels. Yeah, that's actually better than the original. I agree. Yeah, I think my whole family actually is an agreement on that one. Good, good fits gunny. You guys lived live to fight another day. Yeah, right. So, you know, we always talk about how is the song compared all the songs on the album? HMM, listen, I I think it compares just fine. This is a staple Michael McDonald's song. You know, it's just like what you would expect from one of the DOOBIE brothers. This is this is a Michael McDonald's classic hit and it fits in with all of his other songs. Okay, I don't know if you have anything else to add their May I feel like this one's well about this one's about his cut and dry, I think, as it gets well, yeah, I mean Michael mcbih. I would argue he's actually very versatile and all the people they can't always separate him from the Doobie brothers, because the Dubie brothers had a handful of hits too, maybe even more, you know, off the top of my head I can just, you know, think I think of the handful there. But my point is is just as a solo artist in his own right, he's just outstanding. He's amazing. So, oh, agreed. I have a my Michael McDonald Tattoo right here on that Butt Talk Yep,...

...and we're going to post that onto twitter once we post this episode and we'll have it on our website. Songs gone wrongcom Yep, actually donate. If you guys donate to us, I will get a tattoo if we can like fun, like the Tattoo itself. You guys want to pay for it, I'll get it, not necessarily well, on your cheek. Well, I was trying to stop you there, trying to stop you there, but it's in consideration. Will keep that on the table so you guys can keep sending the money. It's gonna be like a telethon. We're going to have like a big thermometer. Will keep putting using a dryer race mark or or something and coloring it in and then, when it reaches the top, will decide where the Michael McDonald Tattoo should in fact go. Yeah, right next to the thermometer are rexell thermometer. WHOA, but I didn't say that. You did say that. Darn you, sope I just sounded like my eight year old right there. Said where. I'm like, darn you. Yeah, so lyrically, I feel like lyrically, this song is okay, I don't think the lyrics are the best. Okay, I know Temperton's a legend, but these lyrics while positive, I felt they're pretty basic. I honestly, I was not super impressed with them. You know, I don't know. I was there anything that stood out for you? Well, again, I don't think is has to be the lyrics. He could be singing about, I don't know, any kind of nursery rhyme or fairy tale. To me, it's all about the voice. But I mean I'm just looking the lyrics right now to like the right in front of my face, and we eve, when I read them, permit me to do this, when I read them, in my mind they going like normal runing down the room, row days and to Al do for your dream. and to me, when I first read them, I would think, yeah, those lyrics aren't so great, but then I heard the voice in my head. I'm like this lyrics a good do you know what I mean? I hear his ways. Yeah, yeah, I mean Mike, I mean Michael Does a great job of selling this. You know he I mean, he presents it in such a way that is glorious. Well, okay, let me use this first. Will be dancing in the moonlight, smiling with the rise and Sun, living like we've never done, going all the way it's joyful, it's happiness, it's good vibes, good, you know, makes me happy, and the song does make you happy. HMM, YEP, songs of it's about freedom, right. Well, I think we don't make you happy. I think everything, when you talk about the s to a lot of the songs is about having a good time, right. Yeah, yeah, living life as a majority of the yeah, living life to his fullest capabilities and probably doing more cocaine and capable by the limits of the human body. That's correct. That's the S in a nutshell. And then grunge came along. Well, yeah, and they yeah, so they just took the whole concept of singing about boliving marching powder in a different, you know, way, but still correct. HMM. Yeah, but it's I mean, yeah, lyrically, I don't know, but okay, I agree. It's not rewriting that the history of sound here with the lyrics, but it doesn't have to. But I mean this song rite it. What is the song about? The song is about the freedom we enjoy every day in America, you know, the sweet, sweet freedom that was bestowed upon us by our founding fathers. Micha McDonald really likes his history what the hell are? He talks about our he talks about our freedom of speech, freedom and right to bear arms, freedom to assemble, and their freedom to wear sweatpants every day since March eleven. You know, Michael McDonald loves America and he is a patriot. Okay, that's what the song is about. Oh, okay, the Patriot thing, I guess. So to say that he was, you know, predicted that, the pandemic and the whole sweatpants that he called everything he said in the fact that I have worn sweatpants like ninety eight percent of the time. MMM, okay, I don't even think I'm own a pair of sweatpants. It's I have one pair and that's the only one I've been wearing. MMM okay, so we'll have to peel those off of you with like a blowtorch or something. Yeahh I'd run through the sprinkler some time to get it clean.

But now, but this is but the Nik. Yeah, but, but, yeah, this song is about. Songs actually about like believing in yourself, you know, leaving yesterday in their rearview mirror, focusing on yourself and not relying on anyone else for your happiness, which is what your uncle did right when he was listening to death metal, and then all would also throw on Neil diamond. Yeah, you know, though, he was meant uncle by marriage, and they're no longer married anymore, so I don't know if you can call him my uncle anymore legally. Maybe I should just call him some dude. Okay, some dude, yeah, some dude, but he was. He was teaching you about sweet, sweet freedom, he was, you know. And for me the song is all about just being happy. Yeah, that's fair. You know, being happy be like head, being happy with yourself. Yeah, sure is. Yeah, I just want to be happy all the time. I saw all. That's it, man, that's all I want is your straight up joy in my life. He's sweet. Yeah, it is pretty serious. It's freeing. See, Yep, now resolutely. So let's get into our verdicts here. Sweet Freedom, yeah, Michael McDonald's. Is this a legit hit, or is this a song gone wrong? Well, let me tell you, drew, I think this song kicks it in the ASS, right out the gate, with the horns, right, the horns. Come on, you know you're in for a hoot, nanny, and that's what this song provides. We joked about it this entire episode with the true meanings are, but they could be, I don't know, any kind of meaning for anyone. It doesn't matter as long as you just lay back go along for the ride. Now, mostly when people hear this song they think they're laying back on a beach or some kind of Kabana, hopefully enjoying some fruity drink with the sun shining on them, you know, tropical paradise, and I think the video had a lot to do to illustrate that point for people in their minds. But for me, yet again, this song, the construction of it, the music of it, lyrically and the voice just exudes happiness and joy. And as a guy who doesn't dance, this song will in fact make me Boogie, which I don't know if anybody really wants to see that, but doesn't matter if I do it in private and public, as long as sweet freedom is on the air waves. I think this song is a legit hit in the highest order, and I will even go as far as to stand on a ledge and shout to the citizens below. This may wouldn't be one of the greatest songs of all time. Holy Shit. Oh yes, wow, yep, okay, you got it, bubbsy. That's fair. You think so. So you agree? It's one of the greatest songs ever written. No, AH, no, Oh, go ahead, say I'm more time so I can grunt. No, but it's it is. This is a great eighty song. Okay, yeah, all right, Righty, song, it does is so s yes, yes, it is definitely s and I feel like you know, when you have your s playlist, this song should definitely be on there. It should be the only song on it, just on repeat. Note that. No, that's false, false. I got a nickel for every time I grunt on air. Yeah, we get paid by that, by the grunts. Had A great video with it. Love the video. Some of the lyrics are a little hokey, like one example was where he said reaching out to meet the changes, touching every shining star. That's just like sounds like some shit like you'd write for like a a high school speech or something like that. You know, I don't know. I just thought it was Corny, like like just insanely. Yeah, just basic you right now, but for the high school speech, to which you'd be received by applause, everybody would be standing. I don't think it's rooting you on for that wonderful speech you just delivered to the graduating class of one thousand nine hundred and eighty six. I didn't graduate eighty six. Well, but but the correct, yes, thank you. Continue with your verdict, my friend. But yeah, but I mean lyricle man, but I can let that slide. When you have the smooth voice of Michael McDonald feeding you those lines, I can I can get behind that. I think overall, this is a legit hit, but I feel like barely, like. It's definitely not...

...a song gone wrong. It's not the best song I've heard. It's not the best song from the S or in general, but I will also give them credit for using a sinclavier on this song, so I will give McDonald a bonus for that. So I will say this is a legit hit. Yes, it doesn't matter like how we got here, but the fact that we're here now is all that we gatters exactly, and we both call it it hitting. Now me to the highest order, and you'd buy a slim margin, but still hit, still hit. I'm glad. You know what, though, you know your opinion matters. My opinion matters with both you know it's valid. Yet there's still one more key element we need to hear. What's that, Dave? What do the fans think? Let's find out, all right. So seventy percent of the fans say that sweet freedom by Michael McDonald is a legit hit. All right, so we're all, we all, we all agree on this one. That's nice. Yep, I was looking for at least ninety nine point nine, but I'll take whatever I can do. That's seventy's not bad. It's not bad. Okay, so we did get some feedback, which is good. We have ricky at snobby girl seventeen said, damn it, it's a catchy one. That's yeah, I agree, it's catchy. to Tim Kendall at seventeen candles said I liked it without irony and for a nostalgia and the mid S. I still like it. Now, Irish Keith at Tis Meself, you know, said Jesus. I always thought that was billy ocean or Lionel Ritchie or somebody. I had to go on Youtube to see what song you were talking about. Anyway, it's Shite. Oh my God, I don't think. I Res Keep liked it, I know, clutching my pearls. Jason Bowen, at J Bowen Seventy Two said Michael McDonald only rights hits. Yep. And last we had from the for keeps podcast. At for keeps podcast said written by the same hit maker who wrote thriller, and you are in fact correct, because it is Rod Temperton. Yeah, that's good. Those are good comments for the most part. I mean, ma'am, you know, I've mentioned in the past you. I think every word ever uttered or to pass the lips those wonderful pipes of Michael McDonald is a hit. Like even when he is in a restaurant and he asked for the check, hit, put it, put on a wax, sell it. This guy straight up hit. I would like to. I feel like if I was him, I would like sing everything I did. I'm telling you, man, that's why, when I even read the lyrics, I was kind of like saying singing them, because that's how I hear my brain. Like he yeah, like, like he like orders a drink at the bar. Yeah, he but hit, but he has to sing that he wants like a gin and tonic or something like that. Drinking Gin and tonic? I don't know. MMM, he's a whiskey I would I would say without knowing, he's probably a whisky guy. Really. That's my that's my guess. I think the voice is too good even now. That whiskey would have destroyed his vocal chords long ago. Thanks. Oh, yeah, just just, you know, suspicion here, but like, okay, the hard alcohol probably not so much. I mean, I could be wrong. Maybe he does. Maybe he's a, you know, regular average Joe and he's like Joe's order. But Lad you know something like that. I was going to sing more, but I didn't want to like you, going it's somewhere, trying to know the brand new beer. Yeah, there you well, you kind of had a little southern Twang on there. Yeah, I'm not really bringer. Yeah, so I can. I can't do mic McDonald, and that's my fault for you taking the sponsorship. Go in old way do. Oh, he gin and tonic, I don't like. Yeah, whiskey, wood trash my voice. All right, sorry this. Let's get out of here. We proved the point. Michael McDonald is fucking awesome. Yea, and the show. See you guys later. Audios. By Bye, Gould talk with see you later. Yep, yeah, there's a guys. Thank you very much for listening and, like I said, you can follow us on twitter at songs gone also on...

Instagram at songs gone as well. Drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom and until next episode, enjoy your sweet freedom and thank you for listening to songs gone wrong.

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