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Thank You by Dido


Drew and Dave review Thank You by Dido as a way to say thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful listeners. Dave lets us know what he is thankful for and Drew proves that Jones Soda marketing was the reason he got into Dido in the first place. Happy Thanksgiving to our listeners in the states and hope everyone stays safe!


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, the side of these hit songs, got it right, or did those songs go wrong? I want of your host, drew Zachman, and joining me, as always, on this wonderful Thanksgiving episode. It was Dave Schultz Deve. How are you doing that? Hey, happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else on the face of the earth, even though we only celebrate it here in America, while least our Thanksgiving, which I'm also kind of finding something to be a little bit oddrew, what's that? What's on? Normally, listen, I understand the whole relation to birds. A Big Turkey on your table right being thanksgiving, but we usually talk about music. Why, today are we talking about extinct birds? What, Dude, aren't we talking about the the Dodo Bird today? Now, come on, day, oh about we're not talking about Dodo's, we're talking about Dido. Dido, did Dodo? You say tomato? I say to motto. Let's call the whole thing off. Oh, dear, Oh dear, Oh, I got dad jokes up the Ying Yang. I didn't see that one coming. That was that was a good one. I do say that jokes. Yes, sir. Yeah, well, before we before we dig get everybody, if you haven't done so already, make sure he hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes and they come out, which in fact US twice a week. And if you could also leave us a five star review, that would be deeply appreciated. And if you do so, let us know. Shoot us a note and we will have some songs gone wrong stickers sent over to you and you can follow us on twitter at songs gone instagrams the same at songs gone or you can drop us an email. SGW podcast at gmailcom or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom. And if you go to our songs gone wrongcom website we have some fun videos. That's what we're calling them, fun videos, yeah, that we put up there, so check them out. You know, again we're still in the pandemic. We're celebrating thanks to giving pandemic style, which blows, absolutely blows, but we're getting through and you know, we're doing what we can. So we're trying to find ways to help keep people happy and entertained. So, besides our actual podcast that we put out two episodes a week, were now venturing into the land of video editing, and that's what we're doing, making these fun, I want to say pop up videos, because that's, you know, licensed, but it's you know, they're fun. Their songs gone wrong videos, their educational, their entertainment. Yep, absolutely, they're fun. That's what we do there. So check out our website. Songs gone wrongcom yeah, tell your friends, absolutely. Yeah, that's how our podcast can grow. You know, we tell your friends. You know, we thank you for listening and which is the episode we're talking about. Thank you. See what I did there. I did this. I appreciate that you see that and you know, you tell your friends and they can tell their friends and then we can get more people listening to the show, which means we get more people involved in this wonderful conversation that is music, and that's that's so that's the kind of that's the point of the show is they get the conversation about music going and just have some fun talking about it. Yeah, you know, drew, I love your videos. I Love Them. They're hilarious, they're awesome and you know, I was wondering, though, what's your rate for like Bar Mitz Fiz or maybe a wedding. Bo Mitzvah's are ten bucks an hour. Wedding fifteen bucks an hour. Great. Okay.

Why is the wedding five dollars more? I honestly don't know, as made that up right now. Yeah, so for fifteen bucks an hour, drew will show up and, just like a pop up video, pop his head up from a table wherever he may be, go for a style and give you a funny quip. Yeah, that you know what? That actually wouldn't be a bad idea. Yeah, people, people can send me their like wedding videos and I can, you know, pull a pop ups on there. Yeah, there you go. Or donate some cash to the show and we'll send you to the wedding. And then what are you gonna Send Me? In a crate? I will you six son of a bitch. You're always trying to ship me somewhere and I am and I'm working. They don't like that. Listen, we're going to save a lot of money we use the same crate. That's true. See what I'm saying? Can you at least do me if favor and put air holes in the crates? I can get air. Yeah, no, there's holes in there. Don't worry. Okay, this is yeah, I think so, but yeah, sure, sure, holes. Okay, fair enough, that was gonna make a very inappropriate joke, but I would. I'll let that go. So anyway, guys, Oh, come on, happy Thanksgiving. We are talking about thank you, just just to show how thankful we are to you, our listeners, and we are talking about this Dieto Song, like I said, thank you, off the album no angel, which came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, and it was written by Dieto and Paul Herman. Now, Dave, what are some of your memories of this song? I don't. This is another one where when it came out I wasn't really it's not something I was on my radar. So the only time I really became familiar with her was that Colab with Eminem. Yeah, yeah, that was that was big. Mean that I've she was doing okay before Eminem came along, because this is her, you know, her debut album. MMM. And then m andem comes along and really, you know, just brought her to a help, you know, bring her to another level by just, you know, introducing her to a much bigger audience. So yeah, yeah, that definitely, definitely didn't mean hurt. I heard it, but it wasn't like wow, this is something or this is this is I should be at paying attention to this. You know what I mean? Yeah, so, when I was around nineteen, there was this little mom and pop grocery store across from the across the street from my church, and most Sundays after church I would head over there to grab a Jones Soda. And again we're talking about Jones Soda. And one day I was over there and there was this bottle of Jones soda with this picture of a girl and on it it said no angel. I had no idea what that was all about, but I think the flavor was like bug juice, Oho, I. It's tough to describe. It was like a yell, like a green yellowish color, yummy. Yeah, it was kind of like a lemon limey type flavor to it. So it was it was good. It was delicious. So get the bottle, drink it down. I kept the bottle on my desk at homes I thought was cool. You know. Well, maybe a few weeks later I go to my local CD store and he wouldn't you know it, right on one of the front racks was this CD with this picture of that same girl and it said no angel. I was like, no shit. So I had the I had to buy the album because trying that the same album, I did not know. Okay, yeah, so I bought the album and you know because, because you know, I just bought the Jones Soda bottle like a couple weeks earlier. Here's the CD as like out, I'll make sense. Turns out it was Didoh. And and turns out I immediately fell in love with the album and I don't think there was anyone I knew at that time that was into her music. And then, like we were talking about before that, I'll change. When eminem sample thank you on his hit song stand off, his album the Marshall Mathers I'll pee, and I heard a song over a friend's house and I heard the thank you intro. I was like, no shit, you got you like Diet Oh. They're like this is eminem and they shot me like they shot me this like weird look, but I know my dieto Bro. Anyway, I was all over this song an album when it came out, and the album still in rotation and I also think I still have that Jones soda bottle. They...

...had a lot of cool like bottle labels and I would just keep them ass kind of like decoration. I still have it in a box, I think, somewhere. I just have to find it. I'll see if I can try to find it before we go live with this episode and I can shoot a picture up on the twitter webs. But yeah, I have a little photo shoot with that thing. Got To work. I might work. A girl might, yeah, but so, yeah, so let's talk about how this song actually performed on the US billboard hot one hundred. It peaked at number three the week of April Twenty Eight, two thousand one, so right before my birthday. And stand from eminem peaked at fifty one on the US billboard hot one hundred back in December of two thousand. So if you know that song, not necessarily safer radio play. But you know thank you has been streamed over a hundred and thirty nine million times on spotify, with Dietoh having over three point nine million monthly listeners. I was I was pretty impressed by that three point nine million monthly number. So good for her. That is something, is it? Yeah, sir, is so the other songs on the billboard hot one hundred that time. Number one was all for you by Janet Jackson. To was survivor by destiny's child. Three, as I mentioned before, was Dietos, thank you for was missing you by case, and five was angel by shaggy and Raven mm some other songs. Six was hanging by a moment by lifehouse. I feel like that was like that song was always on at every college party I was at at that time. Yeah, there's probably a lot of people who got sharpied eyebrows in their head or, most like particular words on their face with that song was playing in the background. Probably number seven. You may have heard of this song before, this classic, this legendary tune, butterfly by crazy town. No, never, they had a they had a great career. Nope. Twelve was again by Lenny Kravitz. Eighteen was south side by mobi Quin Stefani. Twenty four was I'm like a bird by Nellie Furtado, thirty seven was drops of Jupiter by train and fifty was drive by incubus. There was a lot of country on the charts of that time too. Brooks and done. We're at thirty two, travish trip at thirty three. Faith he'll at thirty eight, Tim McGraw at forty, Kenny Chesney at forty one, dixie chicks at forty three, faith hilling again at forty seven, Toby Keith at fifty two. I guess they call this the beginning of the end, right. Yeah, I'm still hung on Nelly for Tardo. I say four Tarto Fatato Tardo, because what was the song? She had the fun of me, fun of me, fun of me, fun of me, down, down, down, and for some reason, just because I could say that really fast, I thought it was cool because I was like, she could say fast, I could say fast to yeah, let me fun we fund about it, and so, I don't know, is here I am, all these years later and I can still do it and I still think of it from time to time happily. Yeah, that's that's that's goodness. That's taken a positive out of a negative with all those horrible country songs on there. Yeah, well, what are you gonna do? Yeah, we'RE GOING TO WE'RE gonna listen to other music. That's what we're going to do. He'll billies get the years to you know, I mean right of them, most of them. Yeah, right. So how does the song compared to the other songs on the album? That is a question we always ask and, as I mentioned before, this album is awesome. That was a fan from day one. One thing I noticed, however, is the lyrical contents like this is this is basically a concept album, and the concept is you just broke up with somebody. That's pretty much what this album is pretty much all about. Okout starts off with here with me. I love that song, first track on the album. Great Intro to Diedot because that's, you know, the first song you're hearing on the album. So it's a very epic song. The course, I feel like the chorus is just like, like, just massive. It's a great song. Also, this is in love, actually, which is a weird ass movie. I feel like I could talk about that, I don't know, for probably longer than I should. My wife is a big fan of that movie, but when we watch it I'm like,...

...what the fuck is going on here with these people? Know that, like, most of them are terrible. Just expect to talk about it by yourself. That's all I might the next song is hunter, and I feel like hunter and here with me, or my two favorites on the album. Great start to the restarts to the album there. But let's recap quickly, right and then we can move forward. So here with me. It's a song where the person really misses their counterparts. Hunter is where she wants to kind of go at it alone. The next song, don't think of me as like a post breakup song where her exes with a new girl. My lovers gone. Great Song, kind of haunting in a way, but I think that's about a lover who passed away. All you want is another song where the main character is significant other, I think either cheated on them, or at least that's kind of my interpretation of it. And then we get to thank you and we'll talk about that in a second, honestly. Okay, it's a cool tune where she sings about just wanting to be happy with you know, just be happy with yourself, just be happy in general. Slide is about Dieta when she was in a depressive stage and she wrote this for herself, and that song is highly applicable today during this pandemic. One of the lines is staring at the same four walls. Have you tried to help yourself? Pertinent pertinent selfcare. People don't don't slide. Nobody slide. Just help yourselves out. SELFCARE is important. Now, guys, it is Abel. I think this is about abortion or suicide, or both, I don't know. Uplifting stuff your folks. That's what I'm getting at. Yeah, that's what's what this album's kind of about. But anyway, thank you. Fits in, I think, super well and this album is awesome, highly recommended. As for Stan, it's pretty interesting and if you don't know the song stand, I mean definitely check it out. It is a good song. But if you but like you have like the innocent sounding thank you playing right, and that's pretty much the chorus as well. And then you have eminem telling this story that progressively gets darker and darker, you know, but any still have this like kind of upbeat thank you. You know, Corus, and that that little snippet from dieto. So it's real. It's real interesting blend that they put together. So good stuff. And any thoughts from you on the album? I have never listened to the album drew, never once in my whole life, and nor you know what listen before I even get home negative this. You know, you have to be commended, because here is a situation where you're a fan, and that's great. So you've heard the album, you listen to the album on a regular basis. But even if you're not, let's say you despise and low that, you listen to the album anyway just to give your perspective to our listeners, and that's a trait that I admire. I cannot do that. I am incapable of doing that completely and utterly, and this is I have really no interest in listening to the album anyway. So thank you. Ah See, yeah, I see what you did there. HMM. Yeah, I got to listen to the album, you know. Well, we'll let you guys in on a little secret. So one of the first episodes that Dave and I recorded was actually about bottoms up by Brantley Gilbert, and I mean we've recorded this thing back in like what, like August or July or something like that, as while ago, sure, a while ago, and I wanted to do that song because I have my reasons. And then I I haven't put that out yet because I feel because I listened to the whole album and then I just went off, hmm, on the on literally every song I pretty much gave a description for every single song on that album and I feel like that breakdown took a while. But also I cursed a lot just because I was very angry that I listened to the entire album. And I'm on the fence, like do I push that episode live? MMM, I feel like I might need to edit it a little bit more because I feel like I did drop a lot of fbombs on you. Did this. This is very angry. Yeah, this is not when you'd want to listen to with your church group, nor, you know, listen. This is also the one that... would not want as a holiday episode, well, like the one that we are offering to our fine listeners today now. Should you put it out? Absolutely. It belongs on the INTRAWEBS, out there in the world for people to hear, because your rage over this Gilbert guy is valid stuff and some will find it humors. Some may even find it borderline psychotic and maybe you need to, you know, seek some help. But it's on wax. It's in the CAN. You're the person who has to decide if you want to let it out. It's like cranberry sauce. It's in the CAN. Yep, yeah, I don't know, I I feel like I feel like I would be helping people in case they ever came across that particular brently Gilbert album and they're like, Oh, maybe I should give this a listen and you know, maybe if they listen to our show, maybe like, you know what drew said, not to do that, MMM, repeatedly essentially during that episode. So well, I'll put it out there. Maybe I'll try to clean it up a little bit, drop some of the bombs in there, because I did. I went way overboard. I was very angry. I went to I we had that. We had another dark side of drew moment. Yeah, Oh, yeah, I was there. It was not a pretty picture. NOPE, definitely not. Yeah. So, anyway, back to didoh. Now lyrically, you know, this song kind of paints the main character is having a rough day and then there's significant other lists their spirits. The one line in the song I found kind of a bit humorous was when she says I missed the bus and there will be hell today. I'm late for work again and even if I'm there, the all imply that I might not last the day. And then you call me and it's not so bad. It's not so bad. Huh? I guess what? Guess what? died. Oh, you're late for work again, right. People are already implying you're going to get canned. Yeah, and you respond to that by take a by talking to your man on the phone at work. Yeah, you're totally going to get the boot, kid. Hang, hang that shit up already, you know, get back to work. You're going to get fired because you're talking on your on the phone to your boyfriend. Yep, Oh, yeah, so doesn't doesn't help your cause. I just found that humors. I'm like, I'm late for work. People are already saying I'm going to get fired. So what do I do? Yeah, I'M gonna talk to my boyfriend on the phone. It's like, no, just do your do your do your job, kid. She's really into this, Dude. So I'm looking at the lyricy really now and I'm my holy macaroni, this this very tendance. Yeah, can I read this verse here where she says, push the door, I'm home at last, and I'm soaking through and through. Then you handed me a towel and all I see is you. And even if my house falls down now I wouldn't have a clue because you're near me. It's like, seriously, really, yeah, if I could be wrong, but if my health felt my house fell down and I was in it, I would have a pretty good idea what was going on around me. Yeah, you be near me because you be dead. Do you be the wicked witch of the West through your fucking feet throwing up on aneath ground? Seriously, that's that's pretty wild, you know. Yeah, now, no, correct, you're not wrong. But yeah, so this this particular song, right. So, while the rest of the album is mostly like breakup stuff, where they're trying to either get over somebody or just, you know, moving on, MMM, or wanting to move on, you know, this song is about thanking her significant other for helping her get through a rough day and, in general, just having her back. And along those lines, we hear that songs going wrong. We like to thank you, our listeners, for all US having our backs and being there for us every week. So thank you for that indeed. Yeah, so I'm a I'm ready to jump into our final virtue. Dave, what do you think? You Ready? Yeah, sure, why not? Let's go for a broke do it. So thank you from Dido, Dave it's this a legit hit, or do you think this is a song gone wrong? Well, in the spirit of the season, I'm trying to be kind, loving, compassionate, a better human being, but this song is...

...not helping my cause because I find it so blend boring and uninspiring. There's nothing else I can truly say about it other than it's definitely a song gone wrong. This is not a tune that I'd really have any desire to listen to any point in time throughout my day, my week, my year or even decade. So, as much as I respect the fact that you're a fan, drew, I think this is just some boring ass crap. That's that's fair. Happy thanks giving. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Yeah, here's the thing. This song, it's not even I don't even know if this particular song cracks my top ten from Dido right, not just this album, her follow up album, life for rents, actually pretty good too. But I still think it's a still think it's a good song. Musically, I think it's great. Yes, it's a little, I will say, bland, but it's kind of, you know, basic, but that's fine, and I think the song paints a nice picture of someone being there for their significant other. No matter what. I'm always down with that Tito's voice. I her, I love her voice. Her voice is ethereal. I'm going to throw out my ten cent word for the day. Yeah, her voice is a theeal. I think she has a phenomenal voice. I'm going to say I think this album is a legit hit and this song, get particular thank you, is a legit hit as well. HMM, so that's what I'm going with. But yeah, but we have a we have a tie again. Yeah, and you know what that means, Dave, gobble, gobble, gobble baby. It kind of means that. I I was going to say. It means that we go to our listeners. Dude, just stay in the theme, will you? Come on, man, I was trying to get us all rocket and rolling on the thanks given tip. But yeah, fans a great too. Okay, all right. Well, well, let's see what the fans have to say about this. All right, so the fans have spoken. HMM, and seventy six percent. It's a pretty good number. There said, this song is a legit hit. Wow. So there we have it. I am always amazed by the will of the people. Yes, Huh, isn't that something? Sure is. We did get some feedback and we I think the first one agrees with you, as name's Jedge shaffer goes by at Streech, a Jed said Dido, for when you find any yet too intense shape those that was a good one. And our good friend Iris Keith, at his Meself, you know, said this shit is a legit hit. Every now and then for me a pop song gets it right. This is one of those songs. I dig it. Huh. So there we have it. There you go. Yeah, absolutely. So that's it. The one last question for you, sir. Is there anyone in particular you would like to thank, since we're talking about thank you and we're also what the Thanksgiving holiday? Yeah, well, I want to thank you for being my pal, my buddy, putting this whole thing together, this whole show. I want to thank the listeners for being incredibly awesome, the best listeners on the Internet in the entire world, and I know you want to thank a couple of people too, but before we do, I actually have a question for you to you think. Yeah, what is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Mash potatoes, really, oh, yeah, you took the words out of my mouth. I was going to say, go ahead, guess mine, and then I was going to say, if it's going to be that kind of party, I'm going to stick my stick mad yeah, yeah, there we go. Yeah, exactly, and just so you know, we do not endorse putting your appendages in the food on the table. What. Yes, I love the mash potatoes. So, now that we both agree, let's see what the fans think. Do you love kidding? Okay, seriously, though, who do you want to thank? Yeah, well, besides you, thank you day for always jumping on these these episodes. It's always fun talking music with you. I definitely...

...enjoy our time together and our conversations always fun. I would also the thank my wife for putting up with my shit during this pandemic. So thank you. I'd also the thank by two little girls who have been, you know, very brave and amazing during this time. I could not be prouder of them. Love Them. I would also like to thank our lovely listeners, last and definitely not least, for tuning in every week, and I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving and I hope you guys are staying safe, sane and healthy during this crazy year. So that's what we got. That's it for this particular episode. Thanksgiving, two thousand and twenty mm and the books. And want to thank you guys again for listening to our show and, as always, you can find us on the social webs at songs gone drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom. Make sure you hit subscribe and if you leave us a five star review, like I said, let us know. We'll have some songs gone wrong stickers sent to you. But, with that being said, thank you all for listening to songs gone wrong and thank you. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Yeah,.

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