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Episode 2 · 2 years ago

This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan


This episode we talk about the classic 90s hit This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan, off his album of the same name. This hit came out in 1995 and peaked on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number one.  

Join Drew and Dave as they take a deep dive into this 90s classic from Montell Jordan and find out if it is a legit hit or did this song go wrong.


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, the side of these hits. Songs. Got It right, or did those songs go wrong? I am one of your hosts, drew Zachman, and joining me, as always, is Dave Shultz. Dave, how are you doing today? Good, sir. Is Not Friday night and I am feeling all right, man, I am glad to be here. That's that's good. That's a good thing then, right, because everybody feels good on Fridays, no matter what. Usually. Yeah, but see, I feel good every day of the week. You see, that's right. I'm living my best life. So I don't think you need to know how to do it. It sounds like you already have that down Pat. I'm doing it right now. See, you know. Oh, yeah, you already know. 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Yeah, those, when you get new socks, that's pretty awesome, I'll be honest, every Christmas, man, can't wait. Boy, I you know what, I might send you some on Christmas, maybe even before Christmas, just to throw things off. I wouldn't know what to do with them then. If I don't get them off Christmas, I'd be like, what are these? Think what? You'd be lost. Where do I put these on my hands? Oh, hello, suck puppet theater. Yo and guys, you can also follow us on twitter at songs gone or you can drop us an email, sgw podcast at gmailcom or I can visit our website, songs gone wrongcom, where you can, you know, see what other songs we've talked about already and you can also help, you know, support the podcast. Toss a couple bucks our way. We will not say no and if you want, if you guys, you know, donate some money. Well, you can also pick a song for us to review, which we will gladly do for you. So make sure you visit songs gone wrongcom to do all that. I like the word donate, even though when you say donate, I think it needs to be an organ you think so? Yeah, it's more like, Hey, if you donate your spleen, we will talk about any song that you would like, because I might need one soon. I will y'all tell what you can take a spleen. I might I might need a liver. So, okay, a Nice Kyanti. No, no, Keyanti, because probably a Keyanti and everything else is what's probably gotten to this point. So songs Kyanti right now. The point is support the show. People get a get over the songs gone wrongcom and, yeah, show us you love us. I need that even more than a brand new pair of tube socks. Love me because we love you. I do. It's only fair. Right, all right, so this episode, in case... didn't already know what we were talking about, we are in fact talking about this is how we do it, the hit song from Montel Jordan, also off the album this is how we do it, which came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five now. This song was written by Monte Jordan, oh g pierce and Ricky Walters. Now, Dave, what are some of your memories of this hit song? Memories? Let's see, movies. Yes, memories. I did. I didn't like the song when it came out. It wasn't my jam. I know people feel very nostalgic about it, and they seem to love this, did he? I mean it is highly danceable, but I'm not really a good dancer, so you know, it didn't hit me in any the sweet spots per se. But yet I can always remember that infamous line. This is how we do it. But yeah, that's all I got, buddy. Are What you what do you remember about this tune? Did you mean? Did you like sing it that way? Yeah, yeah, absolutely, maybe the same tone you're after year after year. That's the only way I've ever said it. This is how we do it, like I'm a very husky lumber jacky sounds almost like like like I could see somebody like in Russia. Oh yeah, yeah, that's like that. Those like big wool hats, you know, just like singing. This is we do it. That's actually Zechoslovakian. Sorry, so sorry, Jizz. Yeah, please, I'm so sorry. Yes, yeah, I remember this came out as well, and I think, like you, I at the time was not necessarily a fan. So I was a freshman in high school when this came out and I remember half the baseball team was singing it, and at that time I was like, I said, listen to heavier stuff. So, you know, a lot of the kids that like the song, we're also the more popular kids, and I also hated them too. So when it came out and when it happens, I was not necessarily a big fan. Is this like grace? The baseball team was like snapping their fingers, doing a little dance number and going, well, I'm going to do it again in my check republic style. This is how we do it and like you're like a freaking baseball team. I hate you preppy sons of guns. I mean, that wasn't like that, but but it wasn't that far off, I don't think, because I imagine every member of the team is doing this, not just a random select few the way that you describe. It's an entire squad of people here. But it wasn't everybody. Okay, you missed. I wasn't everybody. You Miss let the audience as well. I apologize for that. But if it was, that actually be pretty cool. For it was everybody, then I feel like that would be that would be intimidating. I can you imagine having to face a team where they're all in Syank and singing the same song coming at you? That's pretty I think that can be intimidating. There I don't know about baseball, though. I mean I really wouldn't think, Oh yeah, now they're going to kick out a butts left and right all over the diamond because they're singing in unison. You'd be surprised. Yeah, true, you'd be surprised, but yeah, well, I mean anytime I hear that song now I immediately go back to freshman in high school, but now Montell so he a quick update on him. He actually stepped away from the music industry back in two thousand and ten to become the worship leader at Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia. But he did release a new album in two thousand and nineteen, even though I think it was a couple years earlier. He was going to put out an album and he said he I don't know if it was I forget. He said it was in a dream or a vision or something, but he said the good Lord spoke to him and said to step away from music all together. So he did not put out an album, but maybe the maybe Jesus, sent of a note and he was like Hey, listen, two thousand and nineteen, I know you give some thought, I know you know. Thanks for listening to me, but I think it's cool now if you go out and drop an album. I think he kind of like paid for his sins of releasing this song upon the world because, I mean, think about this for a second right now, the way that you had just stated this, he didn't quit music right away. This is...

...maybe what decades afterwards, he said the Lord told him to stop like fifteen years yeah. So so this is how we do. It came out in ninety five and then two thousand and ten was all stepped away. So fifteen years. so that's either a convenient excuse that he just completely sucks and he said, well, I've been had a hit in fifteen years. I guess I'm going to blame it on somebody or something and just leave this all behind, or this was God's way of yet again saying I apologize that Montell releases track in the first place and now I am casting him out of the music industry. Now, see, I I see what you know. I see the question you're posing here. I have, I believe, pretty fair examples of why. It wasn't because he was terrible or that, you know, he was not hitting any more charts or anything like that. I think it was strictly because he wanted to do the right thing and he listened to the Lord. Well, I don't know. I'll oh, oh, I know, I don't and we'll talk about it. I will hope you what it tell you something. Right now, I went to listen to this song for research for this show. I click play on Youtube. Struck by lightning, Dude, I'm fried. Maybe that lightning will help inspire. You know, that was God say do not play this, stay away from Montell Jordan. Well then, why didn't he do that? When I listen to the entire Brantley Gilbert album, just as I am, because you're a heathen and that's the punishment that you deserve in life for the probably you are. Probably would not be surprised. Oh Boy, I've sinned so much, apparently, since I had to listen to that album. Okay, now, this is how we do. It's peaked at number one on April fifteen one thousand nine hundred and ninety five on the US billboard hot one hundred, and it replaced not just anybody, it replaced Madonna's take a bow from the top spot. So you know it wasn't just, you know, some week song. He knocked off Madonna to be number one. That's pretty impressive. Yeah, and and the song is going strong still, right. You know, the song has been streamed over a hundred thirty million times on spotify and Montell himself has over two point three million monthly listeners. As I was actually a pretty as a decent number. Yeah, you know, for somebody who hasn't really put out, I mean he put out album Ounta in two thousand and nineteen, but otherwise, you know, not too too much. Yeah, but that was a gospel record or something, right, I mean he's really just rideing the cah yeah, yeah, track, he's like a he's like a hip hop creed. Yes, I don't know the man personally. I don't know if I want to put that tag on them per se. I mean I am kind of trashing his song here, left and ripe it. Still, that's a that's a low blow, my friend. Oh, I mean that they're Christian, even though they don't admit it, but they are anyway. So what? Yeah, what was going on at that time? Right? The number two song on the US billboard, hot one hundred during that that week, was red light special by TLC. Candy rain was number three by soul. For Real, take a bow from Madonna. As I mentioned before, it actually dropped from the top spots. Number four and what I flick? One of my favorite s bands from like a dance standpoint. Real McCoy was number five with runaway. I know why. They always had good stuff. Other great songs in the charts were, I know, from Dion Ferris at number nine. You got to be from desire at number twelve. I love those songs. Hold my hand. From hooting to blowfish was at twenty and another another great real McCoy Song another night was at twenty one. So, though, that's what was happening on the charts when Montell was taking it over. HMM, good stuff. So, you know, Montelle had some stiff competition and he took down. He took down to Real McCoy songs. That's that's not easy to do, man. I'm not impressed by that at all. The Madonna stuff you have me Hook, line and sinker. Yeah,...

I don't know, man, I don't so for real is good. I'm not saying like the material isn't good or what have you, but it's still when we talk about getting into the ring and taking down a number one hit, when you talking about some of the icons that existed back then and for a long length, the amount of time, but DON's no flash in the PAN. So right to do something like that is a very impressive feat indeed indeed. It is. Now the album. This is how we do it. It's not it's not bad. Again, you know, we like to, you know, research and listen to the entire album to see kind of how you know the song we're reviewing compares to the other songs on the album. There's a lot of slow, smooth jams on this album. It's the second song on there's something for to. Honey's was the follow up single to this is how we do it and was another hit from Montell as. It peaked at twenty one on the US billboard hot one hundred. Another song called payback. It's pretty, it's it's a cool song. MONTEL collaborated with coolio on I'll do anything and don't keep me waiting. Are Two of those slow smooth jams on this album, as is I wanna there's there's a good mix of slower songs than more upbeat songs like this is how we do it, and I think it fits nicely on the record. Together it's a good overall mix. So that's that's what I have to say about that. Overall it's not a bad album. Are you trying to claim the song mix is more for like, okay, you going to make love to this, you can a party of that that. Now you're going to make love to this, and now you will party to that. Like that kind of style or well, I think what and the way that the album's kind of split up. It's, you know, some of the songs earlier on are a little bit more of like the upbeat tempo, right, because something for the honeys and you have this is how we do it. So that's like getting the party started, right, okay, and then I think more of the songs on the latter half of the album are a little bit slower. Right there to smooth James. So then I think what you do, right, you go to the party, everybody gets amped up, right, then you start talking to a girl, right, or guy, whatever, whatever, whatever they talk whatever, you're talking to somebody that you are into, and then you guys click. Right. Then what happens is, boom, that second half the album comes on. I'll do anything and don't keep me waiting. Yeah, but at this point you're you're with that person one on one. Right now, now you can make your move. So I think it's a good playbook for your evening, for your Friday night. Well, to Harken back to the whole baseball team thing you were talking about earlier, it must have really sucked if you struck out, because then your home alone, listening to the slow jams going cheese. I wish I had somebody well that then, and that's funny because that's actually what happened to me. so thanks a lot, Dave Oh jacket. Sorry, now I apologizing to you, which is usually your routine, apologizing to me for all the rude things that you say over the chorus of a show. Yeah, but now it's my turn. I'm sorry, drew, I didn't mean to hurt you that deep inside. That's all right, I'm mostly over it now. I mean, it's only take twenty five years, but I've got say until I bring it up again. Yeah, I open old wounds. That's what I do. I'm a pro. I'll I'll make sure I bring up this is how we do it in the whole Montel Jordan album to my therapist next week. Thanks a lot. He's got it so so. Yeah, so that's where it kind of sits on the album. Now, lyrically speaking, I cannot stress enough how much I love these lyrics for a few reasons. First off, this is how we do it is probably one of the most adult, polite and responsible hip hop songs ever created. Why, one might ask. Oh, Oh, I will tell you, don't you worry. All right. First off, right very early in the song, which sets the tone for the rest of it, Montell sings about reaching for his forty and handing the keys to...

...his truck over to his designated driver. So Montell doesn't drink and drive, and let's be honest here, nobody should. So point number one to Montell for drinking responsibly and and that. Yeah, and that's he sets the tone with that one. And then, speaking of drinking, when we get to the chorus, Montell says he's kind of buzzed, and it's all because this is how we do it right. He's kind of buzzed, he's not hammer he's not true ashed, he's kind of buzzed. Again, Montell being responsible here and not binge drinking or getting so hammered he can't function. A little buzz is perfect right. That's when you can play darts real well. That's when you can shoot pool like a champ. You don't ever want to go over, you don't want to go below. That's a great spot right there, and that's Rore Montel likes to hang out. It's responsible and it's even more perfect when you have a designated driver back and you up so point number two, Mr Jordan. And also he wants people to be happy. Now he talks about having such a good time that the gang bangers forgot all about the drive by. They're having so much responsible, pure joy. They even these tough guys, are like, Hey, you know what, let's hang out here, because this is way more fun than whatever else we were supposed to do tonight, which we've already forgotten because we're having so much fun on this Friday night. possibly. Yeah, that's right. Point number three. Number four, he loves his neighbors when he says to all my neighbors, you got much flavor. So he's a giving, generous person. He loves everybody around him. Okay, that's fantastic. He also doesn't care who you are. He wants you to be happy, whether you're a og MAC or a want to be player. He doesn't care. Just wave your hands in the air from here to there. He's so nice, isn't he? I guess. So that's point number five as far as I'm concerned. He also offers options for you, right. He clearly states that he need any. He also sets expectations, right, but he also offers options to people. He clearly states that he needs to get his and a big black truck, which is fine, but he doesn't say I don't care where you get yours. He doesn't say that. NOPE, he provides an option for you, and not just any option, a sixty four, a glorious sixty four. And, Paula, he is that generous. He offers options and he wants you to get yours. He's rooting for you, he is cheering for he is on your side and he gives you an option. Yeah, use the six four, it's okay, go ahead, I'll be over here in the big black truck. And finally, fucking what is the enterprise? Rent a car? Lu He actually give me a good car to use? Holy Grow, he might be, he might as well be. And finally, you know, he might wave his hands from here to there and he might get his groove on before he gets paid, and you might even tip his cup and throw his hands up. But you know what, he won't do. He will never, and I cannot stress this enough, never come whack on an old school track. HMM, so that's like. Let me see her carry the three. That's point number seven of how generous and kind and responsible Montell is that's unbelievable. You know, from now on going forward, when I have a responsible evening, I'm going to look at my wife and just say I'm going to Montell Jordan the hell out of this. You can rely on me. I'm not going to be whacked baby, okay, and that's how I'm going to roll. And that's why, yeah, and that's why I think this song is aged so well because, you know, I'm an adult. I have to, you know, small children for seven I love them dearly. Am I am my wife. She's also wonderful. You know. We have responsible fun now because we have kids in the house. And you know what this, this is how we do it, you know, lays out the groundwork for how to have a fun evening. So I think you thought a little bit too far into this. I don't know how many other people have ever listened to any of these lyrics and thought hey, day, he's getting at. Here we are what, Dave, this is what this is what we do. Here at songs gone wrong. People might people might not look into the lyrics, you know, they might just think,...

Hey, this song is about having found, you know, Yada, Yada, Yada, and and that that might be the case, but we take it the extra step because we care about all of you are listeners. I want to take it the extra step right now and admit that I am kind of flabbergasted, when looking at these lyrics, that all these years I've been singing them wrong. That happens in the opening verse. I always thought it was a Shenananana. Yeah, yeah, but I'm wrong. It was a Lala, Lala, low, low, and I believe he falls it up with an. Oh. So where did I come up with a Shenananana? Where did that is at like a Brady, actually rose, I might be actual rose. Oh, that could be it. Yeah, here you go. I just kind of made an amalgam of couple different songs there, but I was yeah, seriously, I'm like what you telling me? I've been singing it wrong all these years. Hum On tell O, Mon tell yeah, and I mean, you know, just kind of based off that, I feel like this song is just about having some good, clean, genuine fun. That's all he wants for us. He just he just wants us to be happy and he wants us to have good fun. That's it. Okay, that's what I got, man. So, with that being said, sir, what is your final verdicts here? Do you think this is a legit hit, or do you think this is a song that's somehow went wrong? Drew, you'd be hard pressed not to find. This is how we do it on any CD package with the s biggest hits. And while it's designed to make you Boogie, this secret sauce here is a chant Yep. Take just about any genre of music, from Stadium Rock to rap, and Insert a chorus inviting folks to join in on the fun and you'll find eager beavers ready to create along. I've always been amazed by the sheer power of sharing. Come on, name an artist who doesn't tilt a Mike towards their fans during a live show looking for crop participation. It's a hook worth giving a look when you want to hit. The rest of the lyrics may be finding good. Yet people fall in love with a line each and every time. All this being said, I never fell in love with the line. Listening to the song now, all these years later, I actually find it very repetitive and boring. So I am going to be bold and say this is not I hit. I'm I'm okay, Hey, and you know what what we hear at songs gone wrong. Appreciate opinions from all sides. HMM, we do. Yeah, because that's how that's how we we we get debate and that's how we learn and that's how we grow. Okay, you're making it sound like Montelle taught you how to be Mr Rogers here or something. Very polite, young man. I'm just I am just following in his example. Okay. Now, as I mentioned earlier, when this song first came out, I wasn't really feeling it so much, since I was more into heavy music at that time. You know, Alison Chains, fear factory, Sepultoro, that was, you know, stuff. I was into it that time. Montelle was not on any of my mixtapes, it is safe to say, from back then, fast forward about twenty five years and this song is all up in my playlists and, as you mentioned, you can't find a s mix without the song being on there. You're absolutely right. Now, also, I manage a team of project managers at my background is in project management. Now, if any of our listeners are project managers, first off, I'm sorry. Second, you know, one thing we always have to do is document things as this a new process. Document it, process improvement. Document it. This is how we do it is a straight up so sop for how one does it, and I'll lay out the steps as Montelle has laid it out for us. Start off, you reach out for your forty, then you turn it up, then you hand your keys to her designated driver, then you go to the shore and then you...

...get your groove on and then you get paid. Then you tip up Your Cup, throw your hands up, wave your hands from here to there, get yours in a sixty four and, above all else, do not come whack on an old school track. Now I think the song is a legit hit, and not only do I love this song, so do my four and seven year old daughters. They love this song, both of them. And there's also a children's book called this is how we do it, which has nothing to do with Monteag Jorde at all, but it tracks the daily lives of like ten kids in their families all around the world, showing that while people have differences, we're all the same and sleep under the same sky at night. And also, this song has been in a few movies, but I liked when they used it in this means war with Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and reese witherspoon. So that was a that was a fun scene right there. So yes, I say this in fact is a legit hit. Okay, so we disagree here, Buddy, we share do and which means guess what time for the fans? Oh, fans, you are the deciding judges here. So let's see what the fans have to say about this. So the fans voted and they came out in droves and a whopping eighty five percent said yes, this is a hit, damn. So there we have it. Two thirds majority rules, and we also have some feedback from one of our fans, kendle and clee. I'm something. CLEVELAND, who goes by at seventeen candles on twitter said not quite novelty. So yes, it is, but I probably think lots of novelty tracks are legit to so Kendl, he I know he knows his music, and for him to say this is a legit hit, I think, just further backs up what we were what we're talking about here, what you're talking about is, yeah, I'm notifying what you support, not me. So yeah, Boohoo. But I mean you know I'm going to sound terrible here. I bring this up, I feel like almost every show. But people out there, people of the free world, listen. If you check out a song and you put it in today's Day and age, sometimes it's done as good is and when it originally came out. Now, I think drew will disagree with me on this one, but I don't think this song held up very well, and it's easy to remember something and go, Oh, yeah, it's great, but then when you check it out now, you see some cracks in the armor, and I think that definitely happens with this track here. Disagree. Yeah, well, I'm telling you, he lays out a whole sop for how to, for how to do it, and I know we done. He's also and he's also like telling you how to have fun responsibly. Okay, that's all, finding good rule. I get it, okay, I he he laid out the the rules for you to live by. This all freaking fine and Dandy, but I mean it's just boring to me. This song is just so boring, so bland. It's like a pair of corduroys. What's wrong with Cord Royds? I don't know. ME. I'll spill a forty on it, and there we go. Pi Going to pop a top? Yeah, I will pop pop a button on my corduroys. That's what I'm about to do. Dear Feeling Frisky? It sounds like it, right boy. I remember anything else you would like to add, for this is how we do it. NOPE, it's a hit. I mean, I can't argue with the people. Can't argue with you. Is a hit. So I'm going to go wander back to my cave now and and do whatever cave people do, which I suppose it is just Bang my head against a wall until I fall asleep. Fair. That's sounds wonderful. It's fun. So, while Dave's heading back to his cave, everybody, thanks again for listening to songs gone wrong. You can find us all over the socials. You could find us on twitter at songs gone you can send us an email. SGW podcast at gmailcom. visit our website, songs gone wrongcom and...

...if you want to suggest a song, visit our website send it our way. You know. That's where you can also go to help support our show, which again we also appreciate. And, as always, if you could leave a five star review, that would be wonderful, so everybody. Thank you very much for listening to songs gone wrong. Ladies.

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