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Songs Gone Wrong

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Tubthumping by Chumbawamba


Drew is honored to welcome guests from the Dig Me Out Podcast as they discuss the 90s classic Tubthumping from Chumbawamba. Is this 90s one hit wonder a legit hit or a song gone wrong? This episode was also part of a back to back session where Drew went on the Dig Me Out Podcast to discuss Boggy Depot from Jerry Cantrell, so when you are done listening to this episode, make sure to check out our friends at Dig Me Out and subscribe to their show. If you like us, you'll definitely like them!

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Everyone hads welcome to songs goinewrong. Were we along with you, the fans decide if these hit songs got it rightor did those songs go wrong? I am one of your host drew Zakmen and joining meon a very special occasion. Are Our good friends from the DIGMI AUT podcast.We have tim and J Tim. How are you doing today, sir? Well, how are youdoing all right and Jay? How are you I'm covid free? That's! That's! I'mlike the country, music, orts INM, like the country musica words, that is, thatis great news. Asis Great Neds, I'm gonna live another day. That's good! Oh Rascal, flats! Anyway, so we are on leg to of our crossover.We, I was just over on to dig me out podcast. We talked about boggy DEPO,the album from Jerry Cantrill, and today we have you guys on and we aretalking about tub thumping by Chumbe Wumba, but before we dig in Tim, whydon't you tell us a little bit about the Digmi out. podcast sure will dig meout. Is A podcast all about the specifically s alternative, Inde, hard rock that hasgone overlooked or underappreciated, and we talk about a record each week orwe talk. We have a roundtable discussion or an interview with various folks that are relevant tothe decade and it's been going on for ten years andthey haven't kicked us off the air yet so we're just going to keep going untilsomebody stops us. I'm doing air quotes around the word.They exactly the man hasn't kicked Asits, not as Yeh Nice, Yeah II've beenListeng to you guys for a couple years now I was late to thepodcasting game, but one of the first things I wound up searching for waslike s music, and yours is one of the first ones. It came up and I've beenlistening ever since. So, if you guys haven't already checked them out, Iwould highly recommend listening to the digme out podcast great stuff and had ablast talking about the Jerry Cantrell, album butthers wellhow many year you'reover what five hundred episodes I think right, yeah. Well, when you toss in the,we also do special es episodes for a Patrion community. So when you tossthose an we're about five hundred and twenty episodes at this point, yeah quite very waklog there, Yeah Jane, Ihave been been getting together once a week every week for ten years,virtually can't stop us, that's awesome.

We show up and hit record that's all wedo o good, but we're consistent, Yep, Hey, showing up and hing record is halfthe battle exactly, but today we are not talking about a song that is thatfell between the cracks. This song was plastered all over the radio all overall over everything. It is in your eyes, your hair. It was everywhere, but weare talking about tub thumping from the group Chumbowumba off their album tubthumper, which came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven and topthumper in case you guys don't know it's their eighth studio, album ther,Ath sudio, album io. No, I found that to be pretty interesting. They hadeight out. This is their eighth album, but the group, all the members,contribute to writing of this song, but Tim. Let me start with you. One of thethings WEU like to ask is: What are your memories of this song? So don'tyou tell us your memories of Tub Thumping? Well, I remember obviously,the the single getting played both on MTV and then and then radio and then,oddly enough, the thing that I associate with this band besides the song is that they encourage their fans, who couldn'tafford to buy the record to steal it from record store chains, not indrecordlate stores, but like virgin records and HMV is a big record storein the UK and those recors ers actually pulled the records from the shelves andput it behind the counter so that people couldn't steal it because theywere sort of like an anarchist collective like they all their recordsbefore this are very political, and so they had this. You know socialistbent of of a lot of their material, and so I just thought that was hilarious,that they were on. You know whatever the British MTV and like yeah go stealour record, and this was their major label debut yeah yeah. These guys were-and it's interesting right when you go back into their their backlog. Right,like I said they, this is their eighth album a low their other stuff was, veryyou know, political, like you said, and definitely hadlike some like deepmeanings o when you get to this song, it's like what but yeah but Jay. How about you? What areyour memories of this Song Yeah? I just remember it being sort of everywherefor about a year. I remember the video, I remember youknow it's. He type of song you can play on pop radio. You played on rock radioit kind of Ben Genrese and kind of fits ineverywhere. So you hear it when you go into restaurants, you hear it whenyou're shopping, you, like you hear in commercials like it is just one ofthose songs that it its every anywhere. You want to put it so that that was mymemories. Just it popping out not really sounding like anything else atthe time and being instantly recognizable andmemorable yeah yeah when this this came out in ninety seven, so I was seventeenat that time. I feel like had I been...

...twenty one and of age to go: Imbibe Ind, some adult beverages I feellike this- would have been one of those songs when whene you're out of the baryou. Just U hear it, come on or comes on, like e, the Duke box, or somethinglike that or the radio overhead, and you just probably start drinking evenmore. So it's probably it's probably a good thing. I was seventeen. This cameout because right Ofe, its could have been a problem, but I, when this cameout it was not necessarily a big fan of it, because at that time I was listeingthe heavier stuff like I was forever reason really big in the fear factoryand at that time, ninety seven you had limbiscis three dolar bill, Yall cameout and listen guys. I've done some shit in my life, I'm not necessarilyproud of listening to limbiscit. For about a good, three or four yearsstretch, it's one of those things, I'm not Bouo W. We found somebody that can come onour new medalow round table. Oh I'm trust me. I'm well versed onthat much to my chagrin now, but back to toptumping yeah. I don't I wasn't a fan of this back then when it came out butyeah you could not escape this song yeah. I had a you know that big. I don't know it'salmost like a gang, vocal style. You know the get knocked down. Just hasthis almost anthem kind of feel to it. It just reminded me of a lot of like Idon't know it almost like an arena rock. It's like it's like a beer drinking pubsong at an n arena, rocg volume. So therewere soy, something about that that kind of connected with me of just beinglike instantly identifiable and also like relatable in that way for me, so I probably gave it a little bit more listen than I normally would have a sonthat was this bing yeah yeah and our other cohos Dave who'son, the otherdoin o say he's a little under the weather, but one of the things that hekind of always talks about with you know. Some of these hit songs is likeyou have that chance right like in, and this is how we do it from Bonto Jordan.You have kindof like that group singing. This is how we do it and that's kind ofone of those. This definitely falls in that category so and they hit you rightaway. I mean there's a little bit of a a small intro and then it's like boomthere. It is oh yeah yeah and that's you know on our podcast. We talk about that.Quite a bit like when you come on on a record when you come across the song whereit's like, they know what the hook is, and they put it right up front it just it's a whole different ballgame. Interms of like getting your tension and focusing you and like really plant thatHook in your head and then just it never leaves, and they obviously hearSmith Trick. Yeah yeahthey obviously knew they had a hook with that andwe're smart enough to get it in there fast. This song was just a hook. THAT'SSOFLIKE! That's all down there, but I mean hey, you know what it workedfor them, and this song peaked at number: six on the US billboard, hotone hundred back in November, one housand, nine hundred nd, ninety seven,some other some other songs on the...

...charts. At that time, number one wascandled win by Elt and John Number. Two was you make me Wana by usher. Threewas: How do I live by Leann rhymes, for is my love is the by something for thepeople featuring Trina and Tomorra. Five was my body by LSG. Before we getto top tomething at six, I probably butchered those names, never aaw thoseDongs, yeah thereas, there's a couple decentsongs. A couple I fe like ninety seven. The mainstream was at least for me Perso, if like it wasfading a little bit, but that's why we do the show we figure out. These songsare legithits or songs gone wrong, but you had semi trurmed life by third eyeblind, a Ud Nineteen N. twenty one was criminal by Feona Apple. Twenty threewas building a mystery by everyone's favorite t, Commercial Ladis, Sarahmcglaclam. The memory remains by metalica debut at thirty one sunny camehome by Sean Colvan was thirty. Six rarely breathing by Duncan sheek wasforty two and the freshman by the Verfipe was forty five, so yeah all inaw. I personally was not necessarily that impressed with that chart O ho.How about you guys? Well. That was one of the reasons. One ways that Timandicame came to the son to pack because Tin,one thousand nine hundred and Niney even is just such a weird s. A weirdyear I mean just lost of those those the songs. You went through it, justeverything for Mitalica to like Ma Rhyme SOMCIN shanimes Carah macgua. What is it sunny came home who sang that SeanColvin so and then some or b stuff that I had never even heard of before mylife, so yeah it was like Super Group. Okay HLSG was who was it? Geral divert keith, sweatand Johnny Gil aathere's Yourlsg. I get it all right, THAT'S ALL SP! I see whatthey did. There Tim en eiv been impressed. I should wish you podcast together, and you know I mean that that year isso wildly inconsistent. It's a lot of one hits you know and then it's a lotof, I guess you'd say legacy band. You knowwith Metallica just trudging along and Elton John YoahIAD forgotten that was hit. That came, I mean that was originally released inthe s right and then after Prince Tiana t yeah. He did likeanother version that a so weird that that was a hit again kind of like yeahbehinmeand, raps tothy. I guess when Waines Roll came out. Yeah Yep thes man, yeah yeah, there's no rhyme or reason onceyou get to the end of the the s everything to Seyo sort of falls apartin terms of like there are very few bands thatare having two hits.

It starts to happen again with the newmetal bands and, like you know, limp biscuit and corn start having multiplehits. But there's like this stretch from like ninety five o ninety eight,where it's just a free for all of weird stuff happening. That's that's! I mean you know you gotLeann rhymes a with the number two who was like the the new show Naiatwainat that point, and tonight twin. Wasn't that old I mean she wasstill in yeah.You know that her stuff was was on the chart aswell so yeah. I was crazy, craziy, crazy andconsistent time for music yeah, and this this song fits in perfectlybecause he song doesn't make any sense yeah terms of it being a US single. Ithink about that, sometimes about how many songs have been hits in the USthat don't make any sense if they're, not a dance song like Macarana, makessense, even though it's you know, the whole thing is not in English, but it'sa dance song. Okay and it's got a it's got a dance that goes along to it, butwhat about like? Ninety nine loaf balloons by Nina like? Why is that ahit in the US that doesn't make any sense? Yep Folin, like German- and this is basically a Britishdrinking song correct with- has an a quotes, Danny boy, which is atraditional British folk song that, like they sing in bars in you, knowLondon. This is not. This doesn't make any sense for it to be hit the UnitedStates, it's the is man exactly not a lot of not a lot of things made senseand that's why it was fantastic. I always thought the second part Therrefeelling, only two parts of this Song Yep, the second part always like well, at least now, when I listen to it,it kind of kied up the whole like feature dynamic that you hear insongs now, whereas, like this male voice, is kind of almost wrapping ortalking, and then you get this like melotic female voice that counters it,and I think that might have been the like one of the first times. I reallylike heard that, and it was done in the song where wes just start contrastbetween these two different voices, seing and totally different ways to. I always thought that that was kindof a even though it it almost sounds like a different song like once you cutout of that big cook, and you go down to that. You know more mellow part. Italmost sounds like I don't know like a section of apetshop boy song or something, and you get the contrast between thosetwo vocal styles that always just stood out to me asbeing like. Oh that's, that's kind of different and then and then Aua. Ithink didn't aqua bite on that too. They had that same kind of like the oneguy kind of like talking n. Then he had the girl, vocalist, Oh wow and yeah,and think about like south side by Mobi, with Guinstafaniyeah he's like talking during the verses and she's singing the chorusesyep...

...yeah. That's not, I don't think it'slike groundbreaking, but I think that theynailed it in a way that is, you know perfect for this period andfor the song but you're right. This is like this song has like two parts andit has a horn solo which I think is performed on keyboardsyeah. Those aren't real horns. Are they that's a good question? If those arereal ens, I don't sound Keyboard Horny to me. I thought they were real worrns to behonest with you, there's nobody well yeah, there'ssomebody who's credited with windwin instruments. There's a lot of people inthis band, and I just want to point out. The people in this band include thenames Boff Waley Danver, no Bacon, Dunston, Bruce Mave,dyllon Daz Hammer. These al sound like guys who were thedrummer, an spinal temp right exactly or there or they're in a they're in athere were background players in lockstock and two smoking barrels likethese are. These are a lot of secondary characters. You KnowGuy Richi, film, it's just I love. I love these names. That's hat expectfrom a band called JUMPA Wumba. I guess right. It does fit yeah, I'm Oky withthat, but there I mean so so. They're still popular too I mean they. Toppumping has been streamed on spotify over ninety five million times, not tooshabby and Chumbe onba actually has over one point three million monthlylisteners. So there people still listen. People still likego to imagine every s best of yeah playlist on spot of. I includes thiscorrect yeah I mean my my my listeners know my obsessionwith playlist. This is definitely one of those it's on my s. One hit wonders.I think there were like sixty six one hit wonders in the es of I'm notmistaken, and it's all I mean it's also. It has to be on like your your standard,Ns playlist, it has to be on there, whether you like it or not. It's got togo on yeah. I don't think anybody's going on to spotify thinking. I want tolisten to tub thumping today, like it's just it's in a playlist yeah, youlisten to it and it comes on you're like yeah this Sun Jay, when you weretalking about the the part when the guy is singing like it's so different. In contrast, yeah in terms of you know in the chorus youshouldy getthis like very simple electric guitar and it's got obviously a ton of vocals.When you go down in that verse section, which I am convinced, they wrote thechorus and then went e well, we need versus to connect them. We go to we'regoing to play this course like three times and then played fifty times atthe end of the son, but we need some sort of coruses or verss going a breakin there somewhere. We need to figure... out becouse. We just can't thisisn't like you know. We can't just go with with this. Is aPrince Song? You just can't wrihtbut it's! It almost sounds like like. If you listen just to the music,it's it's very like new age, like it's very simple and clean and processed sounding yeah,which is not what I was expecting. When I revisited this, I thought it wasa little dirtier and it's not at all. I did too, maybe it's because of theguitars and the chorus which sound now sound terrible, but at the time atleast it's not a big and it punched through the you know theradio pop radio at least, but yeah, listen to it now, IAS like wow. This isreally not that aggressive. That is aggressive, as I remember itbeing well. If you get a couple of drinks new, then it'l, then you'll geta bit more aggressive. I suppose right yeah so, like I said this was thereeighth album so, and one of the things like to talk about was like how didthis song compare to the other songs on the album? That's kind o one of the funthings about doing this podcast because I had actually never listened to thisentire album before so that this you know this English ban. They got therear one thousand nine hundred and eighty two actually top. As I said, TUMPTupper was ther. Eighth Album, something I found interesting was thatone thousand nine hundred and ninety eight Shumba Womba was nominated at theMTV video music awards for best new artist. Like I didn't, I didn't realizeyou could be a new artist with like fifteen or so years of experience underyour belt. But what are you going to do and seven albums unto your belt, wow,yeah and and also like wild top Tumbing, is just kind of like this poppy happytune. You know, like you guys that were saying before a lot of their early workwas kind of serious Hav like a proper message to it. You know political, I mean t theirfirst. Album was called pictures of starving children, sell records, so okay they're here to talk about stuff,but so so how does this you know fit in with the other songs? The album it'snot I'm, not saying it's great, but it alsowasn't terrible. It wasn't like listening to a Brantley Gilbert albumwhere I wanted to gauge my eyes out with as Spoo n. It wasn't that bad. The album starts off with tha songcalled Damnesas, come like another upbeat, dance, Techno Song, there's athe second song is drip trip drip. It kind of reminds me more of like like apoppy like Ena. I guess you could say the course was great. I liked it waskind of fun kind of basic the big issue. Tit's Kot, that'sactually a serious song, but it's like upbeat musically, which is kind ofinteresting outsider. We're about like halfway through the album outside ofthat was actually a pretty cool song. I like that one. That's might be myfavorite one on the album. There's two songs, though Mary Mary and scategoat,which almost had like a Romstein light feel to it yeah pretty Lotte guitaristthere but yeah w at what did you think about that? Jy Yeah? You coulddefinitely see where they works. I...

...don't know thou we DOS sciraphew wellenough now, but at least they bring the guitars back. They bring in some ofthat gritty energy that you hear in Tubtumping. It's definitely a contrast to some ofthe other material that gets really light like it's almost sinpop or JackJams. So it's like this. I guess a stab at you know being a little darker,almost industrial sounding yeah, but yeah overall, it's it's a fairly eclectic record ei mean you really run a Gambet fromlike things that just sound like the lightest sinthbase pop you can imaginewith female vocals to yeah it's kind of snurly industrial sounding guitar,rifts and kind of Mary Mary even goes inbetween the two yeah, so yeah youryour point yes, theSabum is, I feek. ECLEPTIC is pretty much what I would v call this. So Ifeel like with that being said. Top pumping fits right in because this shits all over the place and andit's not it actually wasn't terrible. I don't know if you actually liked it ornot. I, like I said I'. I like that song outside or I'll, probably listento thathat again and maybe Mary Mary, but I was moderately surprised in a goodway, but again, I'm not going to be listening to this album. You knowprobably anytime soon. Yeah, I think my biggest Chris is is just a just so s and like very specific, like Dan,like the keyboard sounds and the drum machine sounds and the technology just screams. You know midth early S, youknow technology for music. So that'sprobably the biggest downside to like really being able to give this record achance for me. You don't hear it as much as Telp, something I think justbecause the song is so strong or kind of like pushes that back. But as youget into the rest of the record, it's it's like wow. That's a really! That's a really cornysounding drum sample or that's a really you knowYe. Even the even the parts are very like typical of s. You know, Danco,were you know, Dra machine sounds and Lok yeah yeah.No, that's a fair point there. So yeah, I think it. You know it's kind ofreader rit think it does kind of fit in because, like I said I, this plays it'sall over the place. So why not put it in there now lyrically boy, this song gets very deep. Itreally cuts the core of you, but yeah I feel like this song is likeis less of a song and more just like a like a sockor chant or, like you know something you just keep screaming at abar as You keep getting drinks served to you, but yeah prettymuch like the lyrics are I get knocked down, but I get up again you're, nevergoing to keep mo down. That's like ninety five percent of the lyrics ere's,nothing really beyond the surface here lyrically and you know obviously thesong. I could be wrong, but I think...'s a what it's about is, I think, thesongs about getting up from being previously knocked down. So it is almost as if ai wrote this like. If you tyou know you had AI,create a hit song, you could imagine. This is what we comeot, the other side of it yeah, where they're even down the te lyricsthere'sa like big, like Seo Buffs and are trying to corner the market onpeople getting knocked down or something like that yeah. It is so simple and basic in terms of like whatworks for a hit Song T, it's remarkable in that way, h tthey stuck so well to that format of like this is howyou write a hit sock, we're just going to do this shit and then we will have ahitsowg there's one lyric. That confuses me. Everything else took me,like you said A. I wrote this when she sings- oh Danny boy, Danny boy, Dannaboy in the first verse. Okay, I get that that's a British drinking song inthe second verse. She sings don't cry for me next door, neighbor what okay, but she sings, don't cry for melike it's a vida like don't cry, Fatina Yeah, so I'm like because she gotknocked down it's supposed to be funny like. Is Shelike? Making, I don't know if that's like aMadonna like joke or something n, that they threw I there or if they just likeneeded, something to fit the rhyme scheme, or I don't know what that isdoing in there, but that's literally the only line in the whole song thatdoesn't fit the AI profile yeah there was. It tried to throw artficialvariety in there, your like Anser Amerercent, oddness inTeroun kinds of makes sense. You know, becauseyou know they're saying like don't worry about us because we're down, butguess what we're going to get up again. That'strue now and you're not going to keep me down so paporit make sense. I have aquestion for you guys would this song have made an impact inthe US without the explosion of Britpop a couple years earlier. Good question.It definitely like brings to that that, to your mind thatimage of the you know, people in a pub with pints in their hand like drinking and thrown darts. That's forsure. I don't know that that that sort of image had been would have beencemented with outbard pop and specifically owasis, because yeah thinkabout it. They were the band that really had the biggest impact in he inthe US yeah and they are associated with, like you know, soccer hooligans and brawing,and I feel like this song happens because people like Oh yeah, this islike a was like they don't really know... this, like that thing kind ofstuff. That awaysis does I like drink it right. So you sink e soccer games,yeah. Sorry, Football Games, footballers, yes futboll footies, but that was my impression. Listeningto this was like Oh yeah. This is like a natural extension. I told you thatyou put into the AI like right, Britpop hit song, and this is what comes out there. You go we're going to find out that this waslike an early experiment by Google. What is with the what is with the the ending of thissong, so I fades thes a long fade out andthen there's this weird instrumental piece on the right were on the recordversion. That's probably another minute or solong. Why is that there that was th that was ever played on the radio right?No there's, no single Ed, it is much shorter yeah. I don't know yeah I waswhen I was listeing to the recond. Verseni was like what is going on. Whatat? How did this get on heres this ome mistake theyre, you know Theyr Chumbler,woman man. They do what they want. They're using all that TD, Oh yeah, wepaid for the CD where the whole thing yeah, the the album version is a fullminute longer than the single version yeah correct, and it does not need tobe. No, I mean technically, the single versioncould even be shorter, true, but any any less notes guys before we get intoour final verdict. The Maxi single has five remixes. I've never heard, but I do want to hear.Can Ever Owin one by Dav Fridman of the of the faming lips production, Huh,yeah Whit' a lot of revissist yeah. It is like you know: You had those nesin thes, you cal, just pat, you could just fill those sy singles up in theNiies with tons and tons of extra material, and that's how you got theAmericans to buy right. Mok Arena was the same way, bastards all right guys. I say we go ahead andrender our verdict, so Jay will start with you. What do you think about Tuptopping? Do you think it is a legithate, or do you think it's a song gone wrong?It's a legitiate! I mean like. I said this is a textbook: how to write a hit song in everypossible way down to the simplest lyrics you culd, imagineto get right to the hook. To you know has the energy you can sing along to it.It's it's got all the elements of the song,so I'm on board all right. So we have one that says: it's a hit Tim. Howabout you? What do you think about top thumping? I am going to have to who agree with mymy co host. I just feel like something...

...this anthemic that you can hear it now and be at a bar, and youwill you will get excited to pick up your whisky drink or your s, your drinkor or your bod could drink or your Biecould drink or your log or drink, and you know there's just there issomething to this. It's so catchy that it's undeniable andwhen you have that, even if you don't maybe love you know, we've pointed outsome deficiencies with the song itself. I terms of production or whatever youwhat have you, but when you have that melody that it just is so perfect and captures a a perfect vibe you just you can't you can't shout itdown so yeah. It's definitely it's a hit, and I can't imagine myself like intentionally listening into this, butI also can't ll see myself turning it off. If it came on yeah, you know fairpoint yeah, so yeah. For me, I mean this song waseverywhere. You know in the lates or only twosands, but does tnatnecessarily mean it was a legit hit. I mean I appreciate this sentiment aboutgetting knockeddown getting up again and it's it is catchy, but that'sbecause they say I get knocked down, but I get up again twenty seven times Icountit seven times like this. This song is best served asa poster or a coffee Mug to start your day off on the right foot. But I don't,I don't think that's enough for for a song now I'd be fine, putting this songin the hot one hundred. I don't think I would put it in the top forty, so I'mgonna I'm going to have a logger drink and say top pumping as a song gonewrong. Wow, you knocked it down. It's never going to GE up again, yead! Well, we'll see we'll see if it doesget up again, because we have our fan vote. So, let's see what they have tosay about it. Will it remind them of the good timesor of the best times, Awell find out a see what you did there? So the listeners have spoken and sixtyone percent said. Yes, this is a legit hite boom. No what's- and this was- I was actuallykeeping my eye on this when we put the vote out and it was, itwas hovering around fit. Fifty for the good portion of the time and n kind ofabout the end. Tit just took off and went to. Yes, it's a legit hit, butthat's interesting because on Youron, your episode we talked about can Trell.Your listeners agreed with me, whereas on this episode my listeners agree with you, so I guessit's fair right. I was on twitter...

...lobbing Mo guys litten lit'sten, it's not thatbad come on. Were you making promises? Jay Ai was slid in the DMS. Make cuttaindeals worry about the four season: Mail, an Harvesaon, frencs befor seas, to talk to you guys about Tub cumping,but we had from great feedback. We have our goodfriend Irish Keith he'sat Tismy. Solfyiknow said I es the wife what she thought, which is always agood start by the way I always check with the misses, yeah and Checkin theboss, and she said it's a great pub song when you're out with the pals, andthis comes on their jukebox and Yous all sing along and love it, otherwiseit shipe. I think I have to agree. So that's what that's Orgin, Fren, NeversKeith said E e. You Go yeah at twenty seven Badfish said is legit at Tom P,Willis said it's Majam at the real ts nuts said legit again, everybody lovedit at the time at MINUSTO Society, one our Griffen Alex said. I absolutelyffing hate the song and its existence disappoints me at Louis. Dad saidhorribly wrong at crash. Eighty six said that song catches so much shit,but it's always there. It's almost like it gets knocked down, but it gets backup again. I see what you did: Ther Rob that seem to did and at twoean sixtytwo said it's in between legit and horrible. So I guess that makes it asong. So that's the that's. The feedback we have it looks like lookslike top thumping by Thumba. WAMBAZA legit hit guys you were. You were right.The fams and theolers agreed with you. I really thought they were a one head,wondor two, so I'm actually kind of relieved to know that they've soundslike they have some the kind of career outside of the song, which is nice toknow pretty lengthy career too yeah. I don't know I they was totally off myradar when this song came in when it went, and I thought they went with it.So I'm glad to be prover on there yeah. Ithink they think they stuck around for about maybe nother, ten or so yearsafter Tub thumper came out, so I think they broke up, maybe around like twothousand and ten two thousand and twelve somewhere around there yeah soyeah they had a bi almost a good thirty year career, not too shabby not at allall right as well. Thanks for jumping on the show and talking some music now,once you tell people where they can find your your showwep, let it rip to you can find us at dig me out:PODCASTCOM! That's where you'll find out what shows we've done: Yous, Yeaar,itarrchive search, Ri, Ihave, all five hundred and such episodes are available all categorized and and Seo preparedfor your your searching, pleasure and also ourguests are all listed there. So, if you're like I want to know if, if youguys have talked to this person, well,... can find out because it's all it'sall listed there neatly categorized by JR computer wizard, and you can alsofind us in all the socials. You know your IG, your twitter, your facebook, Ithink we might have Pintris page, I'm not sure, and you can recommend arecord at Dick meaus podcastcom and once a month, ess run a little pole andour patrons vote and if your record gets picked, will do an episode on it.Cool yeah, thanks for jumping on and guys definitely check their show out.If you haven't already and Heli recommend it. As for our show, we're onall the socials as well, we're at songs gone twitter Instagram, the facebookswere everywhere, songs gone wrongcom, our website, STW podcast, a gmalcom. Ifyou guys use itunes and you leave us a five star review, let me know- and Iwill have your very own- songs gone wrong. STICKOR sent to you. Bribery islegit, I'm all for it. So if you guys do that, thatwould be awesome andotherwise guys make sure you get back up again. Thanksfor listening to songs, gone wrong, that's good advice! I think so.

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