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Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers


Drew and Dave discuss this Red Hot Chili Peppers classic from the 90s in Under the Bridge. Does this song hold up?


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, the side of these hit songs, got it right, or did those songs go wrong? I'm one of your host drew Zachman, and joining me as always, is Dave Schultz. Dave, how are you doing today, sir? Hey, drew, sorry, man, I'm a run, a little short on air. I was just are you well? I was just running down the beach when those shirt on and let my glorious main kind of bounce along in the breeze, you know, just doing I call this the anthony key to this work out. Okay, so really problem is I kind of get these man boobs or bouncing up and hit me in the chin the whole time, so I wasn't getting that effect I was looking for. But I'm here, man, ready and able, but that'd been a sight to see. Yeah, you know, anybody might have a defibrillator machine handy, Yike's. Yeah, just just take a couple deep breaths. Have you say hydrated, drink some water. WHO CHECK? Please? Well, hopefully, hopefully you can. You know, relax, because we're going to talk about a nice relaxing song here. Really, I think okay, yeah, all right, cool. I need something to kind of chill me out. Yeah, bring that this. This one will definitely a chill as opposed to some of the other songs. But before we get into it, though, if you haven't done so already, make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes when they come out, which, in facts, twice a week. And if you could also leave us a five star review, that would be awesome. And if you do leave us a five star review, let me know. I will have some stickers set to you for free. It's all I got to do. Leave us a five star review, you get stickers. And if you could also tell some friends about the show, that would be awesome. Hell, I'll tell you what. If, even if you tell your friends about the show, let me know and then I will have sticker send to you. Can they prove it? They have to send you a video, like, Hey, I'm Du going to my man. Yeah, send me a video, stickers. Send me a video of you talking to a friend of you recommending our show. Yeah, and then I will have sticker sense you. That's how we'll verify that. Wow, I guess I could work. You can also follow us on the socials, twitter, instagram at songs gone drop us an emails as Gw podcast at gmailcom or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom, and we also have our own songs gone wrong playlist on spotify, so you can keep up the date with the songs we discuss each episode. Now this one, Dave, yeah, we're talking about I'm talking about a good in here under the bridge. Think. I think so good. Okay, by their red hot chili peppers, off the album blood, sugar, sex magic, which came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. Now, the writers of the song were Anthony Keidis, flee, John for Shanti and Chad Smith, better known as the redut Chili Peppers. Now, Dave, what are some of your memories of this song? Well, drew, let me tell you. I am a firm believer that every decade has that particular time whe there's a span of five years, a few years, and there's like a boom and music right, a real identifier for a lot of the youth, if you will, and for us, I think, right up the s itself, I want to say it was the entire decade, which is full of ECLECTIC amazing acts, some that have been around for a long time, like the Red Hot Chili peppers, who are finally kind of getting their commercial do, if you will. But it's great because it influenced a lot of people in their listening habits from many years to come. Now, me and you have talked off air and I have argued with you about this. I don't believe that's currently happening with today's generation. I could be severely...

...wrong, is you have told me so, but this song, in particular under the bridge, was just boomer baby. I mean the video was on all the time. Everybody in my high school were singing this song everywhere you went. I even think there was some people mocking the Anthony Keytis work out, like I did at the getting of this very episode, down the hallways outside school in Slowmo. You know, I know, yeah, yeah, you is slow for sure. That was like were the image either is that or you get the winter hat on and you're strumming on the guitar and I forget it if John was standing on a stump or what your soapbox or what he was on, but still it was very iconic and I think this tune holds a certain place in history. What about you, Mr drew, Anthony Keys? He was running away from his demons. Dave. HMM, yeah, there's simply all. That's true. I don't run away in slow motion, though, but you know, shirtless as Kay, maybe I should. Maybe that's the way to get past your demons and your insecurities and fears and everything else, just run away from it. Well, for I think have to grow your hair out first. Uh Huh, go topless. Well, they're right. Are Wigs. What was that? Could get? There are wigs that's trilled to grow your hair out. You could just get a weave or something. You don't necessarily need the hair. Well, I mean I have had a hair cut since like Halloween, so my hair is getting pretty long right now. So yes, moss, maybe I don't need a wig. But yeah, this this song was all over the place back in early s, the radio, MTV. I don't I don't really have any like specific memories tied to the song, other than I've listened to it a ton in the past, I mean almost thirty years now. Even though the song is about drug us up, spoiler alert, I always liked a few lyrics in the song that kind of spokes me when I was growing up, but one thing, like the Chili peppers, man, they were all I feel like whenever I hear think about them or talk about one of those songs from early S, I'm like they were in like a couple movies right. There were in point break. MMM. And you ever see the chase with Charlie's I did, Charlie Sheen. Yeah, and from Buffy, the girl from Buffy, the Swanson, yes, yes, her and Swanson Samson night. That was way off. Yeah, they were in that too, with their was they weren't? They a drum, like a monster truck or something like that, but the the truck full of kit and they like knocked over like the truck of Cadavers on the highway. That movie so good. I should watch that. Yeah, well, flee was in back to the future, to and three. So yeah, it's right. So there you go, all over, all over the media, all over, man, they were there making the rounds. The song was definitely, you know, all over the place and and and the Chili peppers were blowing up big time. You know, this was their entry way. You know this album was our entry way into the mainstream and you know they kind of have it left, and actually it's to that point. I was kind of surprised by this number. But on spotify the Chili Peppers have over twenty million subscribers on spotify, which is insane. Like I honestly when we talked about, you know, some of the other previous episodes, people have like a million, two million, some of them more. I think I'll and chains had like four or five or something like that. The Chili Peppers have twenty. Yeah, nuts and under the series. Yeah, under their bridge has been streamed over seven hundred and thirty eight million times, which is about twenty million more streams than Californication, which is a crazy number. Like all those numbers, I think you're just crazy. I honestly had no idea they were that, you know, had that many listeners on spotify. Yeah, right, but hey, good for them. Now the Chili peppers have had fourteen songs on the US billboard hot one hundred three top ten hits and under the bridge was their closest to a number one. Pee can get number two back in June of one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. Now, speaking of the songs on the billboard,... one, hundred in June. One thousandnine hundred and ninety two was top five. Is Amazing. So number one is jump by crisscross. I love that song too. was under the bridge. Three was my love and you're never going to get it. By en vogue. Love that song too, for was I'll be there by Mariah carry and five, the classic baby got back by Sir mix a lot. HMM. So pretty pretty good top five there, but impressive. Yeah. So, like I said, this the song is off the album blood sugar, sex magic. So how how does it compare? I mean, I think this is a slower song. Right's kind of but like almost, like, yeah, Ballad, I guess you could say. Sure, I can agree with that. I'm on board that train. It's a salad. Yeah. But Dave, what are some of your thoughts about the album? All sure, sex magic. I think it's probably, and this will be a bold statement, called the hot take police right now, get him over here to handcuff me and potentially lock me away forever. But I am going to go on a limb here and state that blood sugar, sex magic might be one of the ten, or in the top ten rather, of best albums ever. fucking made now. With a statement like that, you would think I am a huge red hot chili peppers fan and surprise, surprise, spoiler alert, I'm really not. I love that album so much. I like mother's milk, the previous album, as well, but I feel like everything after blood sugar sex magic is almost how would you put this when you when you think a band, when they hit success and they kind of rest on their laurels or they mellow a little bit. I know that's not completely true these guys, you know, it's their art, their music is their art and I'm sure they're fully vested and every bit of it that has come out afterwards. But really, if I think of any of their albums that I kind of I don't know, I can't put on the same tear as blood sugar sex magic, but I really like one hot minute, which is an album they did with Dave Navarro Y as a guitar player. I thought that was pretty good. But I mean, what I'm trying to get at here, and I'm going to take a long route to in fact get to my destination, is may peaked. Maybe. How is it? Blood sugar sex magic was fucking incredible and if you've never listened to the album or have the opportunity to completely from start to finish. Just sit down and check it out. Please do, because there's so much good work on that piece of Wax. Oh, yeah, it's a good album. I mean I for me, I don't think I would put it in my top ten, but I mean there's a there's a lot of good song right there. The other singles like give it away, obviously, under the bridge you have breaking the girl, you have, I mean blood sugar, sex magic is a great song. Oh so good. Yeah, so there's there's a lot of good songs on here. I think it's a good album for sure. I don't like said for me it's just, you know, I don't think it's in my top ten necessarily, but it is good. Well, I chose you over think it is there about. I see you later. I think it is their best album. I would say that. I also like Californication, but I would say this is the better album. Yeah, yeah, I would have to agree with that wholeheartedly. I mean just for me, I think at the time it was just it just tapped into this is like an overuse Cliche, I guess. But like the culturals like geist of just taking the world by storm, and I think musically it was very eclectic and it was unique. It was truly unique and got to kick so much ass. It really did like it was a kind of album that had a lot going on could hit the end, different kinds of moods. You know, I fulfilled you in many different areas in that way, whether you just want to get up and dance or maybe even feel a little bummed out, or you need a little bit of a love song or maybe just want to talk about getting down it. mean, it was all. There's really quite the mixing pot of a lot of different styles,...

...sounds and lyrics. Was this the first album you heard from the Red Hot Chili Peppers? A did you know mother's milk first? No, I had a friend WHO's really into them and he introduced me to mother's milk prior to blood sugar sex magic, and he actually, of course, introduced me to blood sure sex magic as well, and that's when I was like this, this is off the charts man. And then when they took off and that everything that they were had released was just going to like, you know, number one single or they had. Yeah, it was like they were just laying golden eggs everywhere and it was cool because I already appreciated the album and then seeing it being like Oh wow, this is huge and other people are enjoying it as well. I don't know, man, it was just it was an amazing time. It was a fun time. It's not a quack music that came out in the early s too, and that was a great age for me to explore different sounds and what have you, like I brought up earlier, and I think hopefully it made me more of a diverse and eclectic human being. Yeah, I often think about the early S. I think with the S in general alive, it was a fun time and I think for both of us right we were the perfect age, you know, for to appreciate that music, you know, because I feel like when you get a little bit older, like we are now, like I still tried, I still try very hard to listen to new music that comes out, but at the same time I know I have my lanes that I try to stay and, you know, but in there in the s as when those lanes started to get formed, you know, and there was so much I think we've I think we both have said this before. But the music was just so diverse back then. It was all over the place and it was great, and I mean the Chili peppers, I mean about as diverse as it gets, you know. Yep, and we really lucked out. I mean I feel like from nineteen ninety to nineteen ninety five, that was like, if you had to pick, like a five year span. Boy, that was a great fucking time to be alive. Yeah, you got that right, holy man. Only so, and we were that perfect age, you know, we were, you know, I was, you know, ten in nineteen ninety, so I was, you know, kind of getting off of like just listening to whatever was on the radio, like two hits and stuff, and starting to kind of branch out into some other stuff. And Yeah, it was. It was an awesome time. I miss it. Yep. You know, before all that social media, the Internet, cell phones, facts, machine means and calculators. You know what I'm talking about. People, kids in their skateboards, kids in there. Yeah, exactly, they're werely birds and they're hershey bars, whatever else crap they had. Those were the days, let me tell you, milk gettle galling, the milk costed nickel. Yeah, yeah, kids and your your dunkaroos. They brought them back actually, which is awesome. But yeah, if any of our listeners, by the way, can figure out a way to remove like certain memories and send us back in time so we can go back, so like forget that we've listened to this music and have us go back again to like one thousand nine hundred and ninety, so we can relive listening to this music again for the first time in real time, that would be awesome. So if anybody has that, I would I would appreciate if you could let us know. It's called LSD man. That's what you need in a little mescaline, maybe a little payote in your day to make you feel like you're listening to it again for the first time as it oh, I know it was that easy. Okay, yeah, I got a guy's going to hook you up. Brother, okay, let me tell you, actually, I don't know anybody anymore. Uh Huh. Well, you know when, when I was a teenager, I once could ask it from a guy who is solely dressed in a shower curtain and he had a yeah, this guy... name was Leroy Brown. I don't care. Fuck I'm now you know. But Anyway, the thing was I went to his apartment trying to score some tripled the white blodder, and he had like a fish tank full of business cars, and I found that really weird, even stranger than the fact he was only wearing a shower curtain. HMM. Yes, hell of a drug, hell of a time, an interesting guy. Oh Yeah, speaking of LSD and acid, what is this song about? MMM, yes, good segue, I thought so. It's about DRUGGIS. Oh okay, yeah, I know nothing about that, nothing whatsoever. Are you serious or are joking? Oh, I'm dead serious. I have lived my life like a Lily White Virgin. Oh No, I'm going on the White Surf. I'm sorry, I meant did you know that the song was about that? I would never I would know. I didn't know because I lived such a wholesome life. Drew, of course I knew was about drugs. Come on, that's not nice. You had me going with to come on. Oh, just the tea's had me gone. My come on was too much. I thought you might have it. Then when you said you didn't, I was like, Oh, maybe he didn't. Yeah, see that. I'm sorry. Tricked you. You tricked me I'm sorry. You know what, that's it. I'm I'm leaving this episode. I just quit earlier. I came back, so you can do the same thing. Can Storm out and the door is always open there, Kimi Sabi, hold on, let me stow him out and come back. Okay. And now on this episode of Dave Goes Solo gone wrong, we reintroduce drew. Hey, guys, I'm back. All right, good, yeah, I mean, I saw so one of the lyrics that I always liked. So like the I love the beginning of the song. Right. Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner, sometimes I feel like my only friend, and that was the lyric that kind of really stuck with me when I was younger, because I was kind of a nerd didn't have that many friends, so I kind of took solace in that. Where you right? Where are you laughing? I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. He's not confused. I've heard that before. Well, no, there's just you know, it's like I relate to that because it was just me and my thick coke bottle glass and the glasses. Yeah, yeah, pining for some friends. Yeah, and my mixtapes. But when you get to the the course, right, I don't ever want to feel like I did that day. Take me to the place I love, take me all the way. I'm going to go on a limb here and say the place he loves and taking him all the way is, you know, just getting high. Yeah, so that's what that's pretty much what the song is about. Well, I think the key lyric for that is under the bridge down town, is where drew some blood. Well, that, you know. Yeah, hello, that's I mean that's where he's getting, you know, like very specific. But when you look in a chorus, HMM, that's where it's a little it's like it kind of hidden, hidden in plain sight. Okay, all right, I like that. You like a codebreaker with these lyrics. I am, I am MMM. And the one other line I really like is lonely as I am, together we cry. I think this is a cool line. Yeah, I like it. It makes sense. You imaginary friend hanging out, but everybody cried together. But everybody cries that, they do indeed. But here's here's something else. Right. So this song is about, you know, and key this I think it was using heroin. If I'm not mistaken. So let's I have I have some stats here for you, Dave, and for all of our listeners. Let's talk about drug use. Did you know that in two thousand and nineteen, Seventyzero, six hundred and thirty people died in the United States from drug involved overdoses? Over seventyzero people. That's crazy. And two thousand and ten that number was thirty eight thousand, three hundred and twenty nine, which is still a lot. It's still a lot, but it almost doubled in ten years. So we're trending in the wrong direction here, sir. Yeah, I know, and all and of those numbers,...

...the vast majority of them are from opioids. And two thousand and nineteen, over Seventyzero people died. Of those seventyzero deaths, just over half of them were from synthetic opioids, mostly fentatial. About fourteen thousand were from prescription opioids, so thank you, big Farma. And about fourteen thousand we're from heroin. Opioids combined to whether it was like synthetic or heroin or prescription whatever, opioids in general combined to kill. Forty nine thousand, eight hundred and sixty people of that seventyzero total in two thousand and nineteen. So we still have a problem here, you know, and this state's with with drug use. So yeah, I've lost friends along the way. I know other friends of mine who still struggle with opioid addiction. So it is some fierce stuff that you should definitely be afraid of and if you happen to know anybody in your life who is struggling, don't abandon them. Try to see if you can get them help, because you do not want them to end up being a statistic that drew just laid out there. Yeah, and it's I mean it's easy. You know, it's easy. You know. You go in for, you know, some kind of pain or whatever. Next thing you know you're getting like a description for pain meds and and often times that's how it starts, which is pretty fucked up, you know, and next thing you know it's a slippery slope. You know, it really really can spiral out of control quickly. So yeah, you know, I joke about drugs all the time because I have an interesting history past, but they are in fact no laughing matter if you were in the throes of addiction, as we speak, and also, if you're in a situation where you might be dabbling in something and you think you have under control, oh boy, you're in trouble up to your ears. So definitely reassess your thought process. Yeah, this is true. Take it from me, people, okay, trust, trust you me. You may be like, Oh, who's your should fogi talking? We're here for Shamanda the bridge. Yes, in fact you are, but when I give you the straight dope, you know what, sit up and listen. Yes, trying to attention. We educate on this podcast. We educate. We talked about music and we try to help and shine a light on some issues too. That's all. It's time to time. Yeah, sure, of course we do. Yep, male pattern baldness is next episode. Okay, folks, so make sure you tune in for that one. Yes, that would be that's a that's definitely a song. All wrong. HMM, it is. And I've just wait to hear drew's personal tales of a rectile dysfunction. that. Well, that's there enough. The episode after that. Yeah, they're enough to make you cry alone. I cry all the time. MMM, you cry? Well, we cry together. I know. No, and that's why I don't, and that's why sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner. MMM, yeah, that's right, boy. Anyway. So, Dave under the Briss by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, do you think this song is a legit hit or do you think it's a song gone wrong? Well, I mentioned earlier how much I love the album how influential it is, I think, in rock music music in general, on me as a young, impressionable person at that time, I think also on popular culture. Now, let me just get something out in the open and clear the air right now. I am a firm believer the Anthony Keytis cannot sing, and I think it is on fold display during under the bridge. Now, the lyrics aren't half bad and you know, you this an authenticity there when he does actually sing these words, even if they're not sung particularly well. But I think what makes up for it the most is the hooks in the music. You you would said it's a ballad. I believe that. I find it very soothing and to listen to this song today really brings me back to a great time in my life, and I think that is applicable to a lot of people. Is the best song of the album. No, is the Best Red Hot Chili Pepper Song of...

...all time? No, but the impact that it had is undeniable and I have to declare this as a legit hit. That's fair. Yes, now on too, drew, who dry your tears and get through this. Okay, Kiddo, I'll try. MMM, I'll be strong. Okay, I don't really. I might have mentioned it during our Arrowsmith episode, but we were talking about Steven Tyler and how I have to be in the mood to listen to him. Anthony Keytis and the Chili peppers in general are the same way, more so for Anthony Keytis. I think this is one song of theirs that is an exception. It might be the only one actually. Californication, I think, is good. Scar tissues good, but I mean there's I do like blood sugar, sex magic to barrs. I mean there's a couple songs, but I think that I can listen to and, you know, be in any mood and still be okay with listening to it. But the majority of the stuff I have to be like, all right, I'm going to listen to Chili peppers today. This song is clearly an exception. Great and Iconic Guitar Riff. I remember, you know, everybody trying to play this song on guitar when it came out. Not many of US could. Took a lot of practice to get there. Lyrically, I think it's good. I agree with you as far as like Anthony actually singing, not the best, but I think the music and especially John for Shanty's guitar work makeup for that. And I mean this song is it's a classic. It's it's not only a s classic, this is just a classic song. It's good stuff. So I'm going to say under the bridge by the Red Chili peppers. It's a legit hit and that had it and it had Anthony Keyedis running and slow motion video. Yeah, and it had the chorus singers as well, which is always a an additional touch. That's true, you know, makes you feel holy. That's something. Yeah, it's pretty good. All right. So we are in agreement. We are, which is a wonderful thing. Hand in hand, arm and arm, toe in toe, which sounds like it would be something on urban dictionary. So I don't think I'll ever say that again, but let's skip that one. Yes, please. Indeed, plus feet, gross people. No, flipflops. Let's turn to our perfect years on the World Wide Web and to see what they thought. What do you think, drew ski? Yeah, let's see what the fans have to say about this one. All right, the fans, I've spoken. HMM, and this one's kind of a landslide here, but let's see what they have to say. Ninety two percent who said that this is a legit hit. Wow, that is that. Weren't kidding with landslide, buddy. Yeah, like a big deal. That's that's a good percentage. This is this is up there. This is probably one of the top five, I would say. When it comes to it, that just a massive landslide. So we got some feedback. We got actually from our good friend Alex So, Minister Society at Minister Society said it's a good song, though it's interesting to know how many people actually know what it is about. Well, now, after listening to our episode, everybody should know what the song is about. So I think we have that covered there. You've been educated, you went to school. Everybody are welcome. Yep, bring those notebooks, sharpen them pencils and yeah, welcome to school gone wrong. That's right. Yeah, there is yes, so, yeah, I mean this. That kind of Harkens back, though, to my whole thing about lyrics, right, because sometimes, I guess, you can really dig into them and try to interpret what they mean, or at the Times you can just kind of look at them, is a poetry, and just kind of go with the flow. It all depends on the listener, I think. In this case, it being such a big commercial hit as it was, I'm sure people prodded Anthony Keyedis. What is this all about? What are you trying to say? What is the true meaning? And I'm sure he's stated it...

...many, many times, to which I did no research on whatsoever. I'm merely making an assumption on that. Now he has gone on record to say what it's about. Yeah, yeah, and don't ask him now because he's got a scum stash. You want no part of that. Anthony Keytis and that dirty upper lip, baby, I don't know what's going on with that. When you get the money, you can do whatever the hell you want, right. I think it's I think it's the combination of the mustache and the hair. HMM, like his hair just looks like like hide your children, like it's just it's not a good it's gross, like it's not a good look at all. Like, I love a good stash. I talked about stashes a couple episodes ago. You know, Don maddingly Tom selik phenomenal stashes. Yeah, Anthony Keyedis no, yeah, I mean I stash itself isn't bad. I think it's just with a combination of that like greasy kind of hair. You know. Thank you. Yeah, he comes in the room and you are alerting the authorities. Yeah, I'm like, like, there's some wrong with that guy. Yeah, it. Look at that guy over there. Something right. He's Oh, yeah, that's some definite caterpillar died on his face. Man, that's not good at all. But again, if you get the money, you got the women, you get the power, you can do whatever the hell you want. Hell, you know, let's list. If I was rich, maybe I want to dress up like Liberaci every day. Maybe I have a pool boy, I don't know. I don't have that kind of money, so I can't say with a hundred percent conviction. or I just go greasy like Anthony Key tis. I mean listen, if anybody out there wants to toss a couple mill my way, you know, alone. Wink, wink, whatever sound effect I'm trying to think of right now, but you get my drift. We can find out. So this is social experiment. Yes, please, please, send all your money. Are we m please, please, love it all right. If anything else, I just want to thank the listeners for joining us today and to our long timers. are trying to think, like, off the top of my head, with the short word for that in abbreviation for like a long time listener would be our regulars. When a bartenders, when a prostitutes, I don't know. You know, you know who you are, okay, and we love you and I love you, drew loves you, and thanks for tuning in and you rock. And I'll tell you what, if you're just listening, if you're just listening to us for the first time, welcome and, you know, make sure you check out some of our older episodes and I hope you enjoy those two and you'll stick around for all future episodes and also tell your friends. That would be awesome. Get a stick Ay, that's right, tell your friends, get a sticker. So simple, it really is. It is. But anyway, I hope everybody's doing well and thank you all for joining us here at songs gone wrong. Brout.

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