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Would? by Alice in Chains


Drew cannot wait to talk about this timeless classic from the 90s, Would? by Alice in Chains. Also:

-Drew calls BS on Godsmack

-Dave likes flannels

-Drew wants to bring back sleepovers

-Drew misses the 6th grade

-Dave apologizes for Godsmack

-Sean Kinney is underrated

-Layne Staley is a legend

-Narrative of Kurt Cobain vs. Layne Staley


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Hey everyone, and welcome to songs gone wrong, where we, along with you, the fans, the side of these hit songs, got it right there. Did those songs go wrong? One of your host, drew Zachman, and joining me as always is Dave Schultz. Dave, how are you doing, sir? Hey drew, what is new with the news? I don't we're not going to talk about the news on this show. Good, Chris's just going to talk music. Right, awesome. You know what else? This technically is our version of Shark Week. I don't know if it's going to be quite as popular as the other version, you know, but hopefully we the sticks with some people. What do you think? I think it will, and I would definitely watch aliceon Shane's week as opposed to shark week. So I'm going to say yes, I would be more popular. Cool. Yeah. Well, guys, if you haven't done so already, make sure you hit subscribe to make sure you get all of our episodes and they come out, which in fact, is twice a week, and I do apologize for last week's MISSAPP scheduling conflict on my part. I started a new workout program and I wound them over exerting myself, is what it was. And Yeah, yeah, so it's only acceptable if it was gluts. No, it was arms and chest, and then like later that day I was like I can't lift my arms and and then like not long after that, I was like I need I can't stay awake, I have to go to sleep, and that was like seven o'clock at night. Yeah, okay, so sorry. And but normally, yes, we would have episodes come out twice a week, and if you could also leave us a five star review, that would be deeply appreciated. And, as always, you can follow us on twitter and Instagram at songs gone you can drop us an email sgw podcast at gmailcom or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom, and also on spotify. We have our own songs gone wrong playlist where you can keep up to date with the songs we discuss each episode. Now this episode, Dave, Hmm, I'll tell you what. I had been waiting to dig into Alice and chains for probably about a good three or four years. Actually, yeah, I am, yeah, I mean I so, I have another podcast called the one headlight s podcast. Like, one of the first topics I came up with was talking about alison chains, and I kind of did that. I did an episode where I basically called Bullshit on God smack for a ripping off lane s day. So I talked about Alison chains a little bit, but I never really did a deep dive into him too too much. So this one I'm I'm pretty stoked, but I am. I'm nervous, though, because normally, like I don't get nervous when we record these episodes, but this one I don't know. And of all the bands we've covered, alison chains are my favorite of all times. Honestly. I honestly didn't need to dig much up because I already knew most of it. So I just I guess I just hope that I can drop some knowledge here and do them justice. So your head is an encyclopedia of all things a see. For Real, it really is, which is kind of I don't know if that's good or bad, but yeah, but let's get into because got a lot to talk about here. So this song we are talking about today is the song would and, as I mentioned before, it's from alison chains and the album, or should I say albums. It was off the alison chains album dirt and also on this singles soundtrack, and actually it came out on this single soundtrack first and it was initially released as a single, a single for singles. See it good, see what I did there? Yeah, but then they added it to dirt afterwards. So this came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, and Jerry Cantrell wrote the song.

Now, Dave, what are some of your memories of this song? This song was out in my heyday of being cool rock guy. You know that Guy Right, the one who wore the same band heshirt like every week under a stinky flannel. Yeah, Oh, yeah, it was me. So all of Alice and chains songs that point in time. We're right in my wheelhouse and I was a big fan of Alice and chains at that time. Now, mind you probably never as big of a fan as you were or are now, but still, I love me some ASC Yeah, I my memory. So I remember all the way going back to sixth grade. So our school had a trip to this forest in New Jersey, was called stokes forest and we were there for like three days or something like that to learn about nature or whatever. It was fun, I had we had a blast out there. Well, our cabin counselor, who was a senior in high school, and to say he was into grunge music was an understatement. Like this dude had flannels, ripped jeans, Jean shorts with long John's underneath and he's huge steel toe boots. Like this dude was grunge. So he would play like in our in our cabin, he would play Pearl Jam and Alison Chains. He would play him like super early, at like five am to wake everybody up, and to me it sounded different. You know it, because to me it actually was, because at that time I was into whatever's on the radio, like pop hit songs, things like that. So that was kind of my intro to them. And then maybe like a year later, a couple of my friends, we had a sleepover for my friend's birthday. We're playing basketball in this driveway and his older brother had dirt on. So I basically listened to the whole album while shooting some hoops in their driveway and I was blown away by that sound and also day. Why can't adults have sleepovers, like just hang out with a bunch of friends? I know, I get we're still in the pandemic now, but those are fun, like just hang out, eating pizza, derito's mountain, do crystal Pepsi, Playing Video Games, watching movies, just having fun. I think we will bring us back. Well, I was going to say my early S. I had plenty of adult sleepovers, but not going. Yeah, once you're referring to I do need some clarification, though, from you, because you said you went on a school trip to the woods in New Jersey, but it sounds more like a summer camp. Not It was. It was a it's a big forest and there was our whole sixth grade class went and it was huge. So, yeah, we went there for like three days. We stayed over in, you know, all like the boys are in like one cabin or there was splip in however many captains and huh, each cabin had their own counselor and I tried to actually be a counselor when I was in high school. I think I wasn't selected. I was like an alternate or something like that, so I didn't get to go back. But yeah, that's that's what it was. You know, we get we'd have breakfast, launched dinner and then we go out doing different things like learning how to use a compass in the woods, learning about animals out there. Weird. I mean, I've been on like school field trips before and it's like an afternoon thing where I grew up, but to have you know, what it kind of reminds me of is when I had heard that there were kids in the south that had line dancing classes and they were like mandatory and I was like what, seriously? They're like, oh, yeahs young farmers of America whatever, and we had to do line dancing in I'm this is such a foreign thing to me. Now, you and I did not grow up that far apart. We're on the same coast at least. So three days excursions into the woods seems very unusual to me and a little bit dangerous. Yeah, I mean it was. It was fun. We had a blest, like I like, the teachers went with us and stuff, so it was it was pretty cool. It was sweet. Hey, if you say so, I'll take your word for a brother. And now you said he used to play grunge music the week you up. What was the alternative, because I am imagining a bugle or booster. Oh, I see what you did there, Hey. But yeah, so that man, that was a fun trip and and so flight. From that point forward it was like, you know, grunge and heavy music for me. So like that was kind...

...of like my gateway in the way, and so much so, in fact, that my senior my senior year quote for our our yearbook, my quote was into the flood again. So yeah, I like a chance, so much so you just did not answer my question whatsoever. What was the alternate sound they used to wake you up other than grunge music? That was it. That was the only thing. So he that's how that's how he woke us up. He would well, it was basically and his name was Steve. Hi, Steve, IF YOU'RE A bay Steve, O, what's up food? So basically, if the music didn't wake you up, which he did, blast, he would come over to your bed and basically shake you until you got out of it. And you, and you'll keep in mind, were in like sixth grade and this guy wearing, you know, a flannel shirt with the you know shorts and you know the long John's underneath and steel toe boots, like he was pretty serious looking. So we're like yeah, I'm going to wake up now. So it was either the grunge music or counselor Steve Shaking the shit out of your bed. Well, now I'm curious with the other cabins were woken up to. Maybe there was like a bet middler cabin or B back Oreck, you know station. I don't know, man, because I was just totally thinking, you know, standardized old school movies. Someone just blows a horn, everybody gets, yeah, grumpy and angry. You guys were getting up and headbanging and Mohan, dude, pretty much from distance I can see that, you know, being a good wakeup tune, maybe like Nice, like easy. You into Your Day, the wind beneath my wings, baby, whatever you there you go, there you go. So yeah, that's that's it. But so getting back to what now. Would has been streamed over a hundred forty one million times on spotify. Not Bad. Now the billboard hot one hundred Chart Info. So this song did not chart on the US billboard hot one hundred, but it did reach number thirty one on billboard's mainstream rock track chart in one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. It also hit the chart again in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, reaching number nineteen, and I think that was mostly due to the unplugged album coming out around that time, and then thanks to the Netflix punisher series, it reached number fifteen on the hot rock songs chart back in two thousand and nineteen, and the song was also named the eighty eight best hard rock song of all time by vh one, which I think is egregious and should be at the top twenty at least. But what do I know? I just hosted music podcast. Yep. So now, how does the song compare to the rest of the album? Oh, Dave, this is. This is. I got to hear it because, you know, spoiler alert, drew loves alice and chained. I think we were. You know what your final verdict is? Could be perfectly honest, but yes, please wax nostalgic and show all the love you can to the album known as dirt. Yeah, so, yeah, well, I'm going to say my verdict till the end, but it's going to be a legit hit. But yeah, first off, I mean this album is amazing. Rolling Stone actually ranks this album six on their list of fifty greatest grunge albums, which I still think is not a great ranking. I think I'd had this on the top two or three. I feel like I thought my top three would be. I would say dirt would be in there. I might even have dirt number one, to be honest. Of the I would say either dirt in Utero or bad motor finger, maybe from sound garden. Those would be my top three. Okay, I'll legit. Choices. Yeah, I mean, I mean and super unknown as a great album, and never mind is great. Now Pearl Jam ten is probably one of my favorite, I mean dirts, one of my favorite albums of all time. So as pro jams ten, and I don't I feel like ten isn't necessarily grunge. You know. I mean they they grew up up or they you know, they came up from the same area, obviously from Seattle. But when you think of Grunge, you think of like this, like sludgy, dirty, heavy, dark music, and and ten wasn't necessarily that. A little bit it was,...

...but I don't know, I feel like when you listen to dirt, it's like, Holy Shit, this is dark, you know. I don't know. But projemten is fantastic, though, but yeah, and it was weird. Right. So, of all the episodes we've done, I didn't even listen to the whole album for this one. I mean I don't. I didn't need to, which is nice, and I say it it's saved me a little bit. Yeah, although I was like cranking out like notes about it, but yeah, I can honestly say it's one of the all time greats. Now would I think it does stand out. It's the last track on the album, but overall this album it's pretty much depressing as shit and I love it. The album starts off with lane s dalely screaming and them bones, which is probably one of the best like opening tracks are one of the best like opening sounds of any album. Like it just like punches you right in the eye immediately, and then it gets right into damn that river, which is a great song. It's actually a song about a feud between Jerry Cantrell and Drummer Shawn Kinny, who, by the way, Sean Kenny, is criminally underrated as a drummer. He's so good I don't think he gets enough love. Then we get into the next song, in my opinion, one of the best songs on the album, Ragin when I die. I think that one really showcases Staley's voice, similar to love hate. Love off their facelift album, which is another great album. Then we get down in a hole. Now if you notice a pattern here, them bones, the choruses, I feel so alone, going to end up a big old pile of them bones, uplifting stuff there, and then rain when I die. I mean that's pretty self explanatory. And then down on a hole, you know, not not necessarily helping with any sense of hope here. And I love when Jerry and lane singing the chorus, they kind of say like I'd like to fly. You know that part I'm talking about? I do. It's kind of like this like soar ring almost, you know, lyric. It kind of sounds like uplifting and Nice, and then lane follows that up with but my wings have been so denied. It's like even when they try to be like uplifting a little bit, they're like yeah, now. So they really give everybody a warm fuzzy feeling. So then after down in a whole, we get sick man, Song about addiction, and then we get rooster, which is a great song, probably one of their more wellknown songs, but that was about Jerry's Dad, who was a Vietnam veteran and also the song made an appearance. And this is forty. Now know if you have you ever seen that movie, this is forty with Paul Rudd. I have and I really did not like it. It was I thought it was okay, but there was a part in there. It actually my been a documentary about my life. But if you remember when Paul Rudd Bust Out Rooster to his family, phenomenal scene. Lets so, Leslie man plays like some kind of pop song with their daughters and is like this is music people like because it makes them happy, and then Rudd's like this is something that really rocks, and then he starts playing rooster and then Leslie Man is like this doesn't make people happy. That was that was so great. I love that part. And also we have a ceramic rooster in our house. It was my wife's grandmother. There's some po pull like MM's in there for the kids. Whenever the kids are like, Oh, I want to treat from the rooster, I immediately pull up dirt and start playing rooster for them, which in turn makes them cover their ears, but I do enjoy doing that since I had so weird. I'm sorry, but that's you, like hey, hey, kids, you want some mm's, will listen to this first, you know. So the MM's are from the rooster. Yeah. So then I'm like, Oh, I'll let me play the song rooster. Listen, man, I had to listen to like seven fucking years of frozen Little Mermaid bubble GUPPIES POPCA on the abcree Song from Sesame Street. So I don't want to hear none your shit, Dave. True, okay, I got you, buddy, but it's just like one of those hey, this, this is quite a coincidence. Hung guys or candy just happens to me in the rooster and I just happen to be playing a song called rooster. I'm trying to introduce them to quality music. That's that's what a good parent does. And that's not they're not necessarium with candy. Yes, that's yeah, you do, sure the not taking to it, but no, and I can't wait to see your window list white van that you have parked in your driveway to anyway. After Rooster we get junkhead, and I wonder if you guys can guess what that's about. Next we have dirt, another uplifting... where the opening verse contains the lyrics and I quote, I want you to kill me and dig me under. I want to live no more. So Yep. And then we get God smack, which is about drug use and where their shitty bands, God smack, out their name from. And Yeah, and I know I mentioned before, but only earner really does try to very hard to rip off Staley's vocal style, yet he can even come remotely close. So please stop slowy. Then we get the next short song, which is called Iron Gland, which also features Tom Araya from slayer on there. And from my understanding, what what happened was Jerry would actually play this annoying riff. So if you actually listen to that song there's kind of like this like annoying riff in there and it would bug the rest of the guy. So they said if they put that on the album, will you stop playing it, and then Jerry said yes, and that's how they got it on the album. That's why it's there, basically so jerry would stop annoying them during rehearsal. Then we get hate to feel, another song that mentions drug use, like when stalely says used to be curious, now the Shit's sustenance. So another song about drug use and then, after hate to feel we get angry chair, which is another song about drug addiction and the cycle of Lane's addiction, which brings us to would. Now how does the Song Fit in? Now, even though it wasn't supposed to be on this album, I think it fits in well, since it does kind of speak to drugs and death, as this song was written about Andrew Wood, who died from a drug overdose. So I feel I feel like content wise, it fits in. Musically, I feel like it's an Alston chain song, you know. So I feel like it's a good fit on this album. Well, that's simplified. Say, Hey, it's a bus a song by the band made the record. Of course it fits. Yeah, but I mean, like, you know, it's not like it's has a completely different sound to know. You know, it's not like it's not like like extreme, you know, playing more than words, and he listened to the rest of Porno graffeeding, you're like, wow, these guys actually are pretty heavy, you know. So it definitely doesn't give you that kind of a vibe. I do want to make note of something that I think is important, okay, and that is for any of our listeners who weren't around the time. We're doing the Halloween stuff. Please make sure that you go back and check out those shows. They were really good. But you had brought up that one of the plagues to mankind is mosquitoes. Now everybody's freaked out by spiders and other insects, but you said mosquitoes with a real frigging culprits. You know, they are pests, terrible pests. I first I want to apologize for God smack, because they stemmed from the region of the earth that I'm from. Hence why I know firsthand that their whole explanation of their name was utter bullshit and they were in fact a aliceon chain's cover band. But Sally, Erna should also be considered a pest. If you see him in public, he should be treated as such and potentially smacked. You see that, I say what you did. Yeah, hit him, hit that motherfucker. I'm fine with that. Cool man, we all. That's I'm glad this is songs gone wrong approved. Please, if you see solely Erna, heard him, it's give him a give him a good give him a good smack, just hit. Yeah, take that bastard. Yep, but yeah, so. And also, I don't know if if you were know the last action hero soundtrack, but there's two songs on there and they are phenotenal ones called a little bitter and the others. What the HELL HAVE I? I feel like what the hell have I? Would have fit in nicely on dirt. Yeah, no, I can, I can see that. It's a song by a band called Alison chains. So of course. So, yeah, but I mean like kind of fucked your balls fitting on with you know that the style on the album at that time. I feel like a little bitter, I mean to your point, yes, it would have fit in fine on dirt, but I feel like it would have maybe fit in even better on their self titled Album, that the Tripod album that came out in ninety five. I think I think that woulld have fit in very nicely.

They're almost like maybe a heavier version of again, a little bit, but I mean they're they're both great song. So I highly recommend if you guys haven't listened to the last action hero soundtrack. First of all, there's like other great songs on their Queen's like they have a live version of aerosmith. What else is on there. I forget those. There's a lot of good stuff on there. I think anthrax has a really good song on there too, but there's two ALUs and chain songs on there. So check it out. Highly recommend it. So, with that being said, lyrically speaking, yes, what what are let's think into these lyrics here. So the lyrics, I think, are about judgment, you know, judgment that people pass on others. And and you have the chorus into the flood again, same old trip it was back then. So I made a big mistake. Try to see it once my way. So I think that that speaks to what Cantrell was trying to inveigh about judgment, you know, and also the end of the song where Staley sings if I would, could you? That's kind of deep a love it, you know, like if if I would do this, could you forgive me? You know, I I don't know. That's kind of what I think they're they're talking about. What do you think? You are the lyric guy, you know this, the other one who reads all these things into the lyrics, while I am more basic. I'm like, Oh wow, it rhymes. So that's why they you know what I mean, because listen a lot of songs are attempting to be poetry. So that's what they're trying to aim for here, and a lot of the things are in fact drug fueled, booze fueled or what have you. Were it's kind of loosely based on one's experience. Who is in fact writing the song? Do I read too much into this as far as, like, what his purposes or I ever sit around and think about what the lyrics were about? Probably more so when I was about fourteen years old than I do in my s. But as far as lyrical content on, would I really enjoy it? I mean this some some really catchy hooks in here, some really good lines. I happen to like the part where he says am I wrong? Have I run too far to get home? Yeah, which is something that I guess to get deep, like drew, something I could ultimately relate to in life when I've done so many shitty things or bad things or made poor decisions. Is it too far gone now it can I ever return back to a place where life was simpler, happier? Maybe you know I was a better person, and so that kind of hits home a little bit. But I'm sure you have another theory on that to don't you, drew. No, I mean that's I mean, I think what you said is spot on. You know, when he when he says that, you know, have I run too far to get home? I mean it's you know, has he gotten so far, you know, into his addiction or whatever? You know, and you can, you can relate that into anything in your life. You know, have I done something so bad or have I done something that maybe Oshra size me from family or friends or whatever the case might be. You know, can I get back to where I was before? Can I recover from this? So I think, yeah, that makes total sense. And the answers no, you can't. That's IT, buddy. Sorry, give up that. You got that right. It's over, Kiddoh, try again next time. Hey, they're Shirley mcclaine. What's up? But this all this song is so fucking good and musically right. It starts off of that iconic baseline from my star. fucking great. Yeah, I get that. That's awesome. Yep, and it's I feel like a filter in hey, manny shot, when I when you hear that Song, you hear that opening baseline too, and I'm like, I think it was better on would I still like hey, manny shot and I'm like, yeah, the way they wait, Mike Star just laid that down was fantastic. Oh Yeah, and then you get the harmonizing between Cantrell and Staley, which is heavenly like. It just sounds so good. And then the song like just builds up the whole time's here you get the two verses and then after the second chorus there's this short solo that cantrall does and then you hear stalely's voice grow coming out of that solo singing into the chorus. I fucking... that. And he and nor thing was stalely right like you hear the power and even like effortlessness he has. He was such an amazing singer. And then you get to the part right at the end. We're like, I say, am I wrong? Have I run too far to get home? Sean kinny crushes the shit out of that drum kit at the end of the song. Oh it's so good, Dave. Yeah, no, I lane. Staley was one hell of a vocalist. The only thing I want to add to that was during his downfall, I guess, for a lack of a better word, when they release the alison chains record, you know, the one the three legged dog on it. YEA, tried. Yeah, I was kind of shocked to know that Jerry Cantrell saying a lot on that album and, to be honest with you, it didn't really for the contributions that lane stilley did make. It wasn't as noticeable that he wasn't there. Do you know what I'm trying to get out here? I know exactly what you're talking about, because the way they did harmonize and the way you did recognize the the vocal sailings from alson chains. Yeah, they are almost one in the same, you know what I mean? They were a pair. They always work together and in a marvelous way. Yeah, and when you listen to the new alison chain, so a lot of stuff they've done with William Daval, you hear it like you just know that it's alison chains and I think you realize how much Cantrell is to Alice and chains, like you know how much of the band is can't Trell. Okay, true, but the one thing that you can always say about Lane Staley is he did all the embellishment. You know, I mean for sure all those when you hear that that little vocal line with a extra own fun and you're like, Oh, who the hell does hit that? Who could hit that? You like Lane Staley, lady, the band big the boom. Yep, yeah, and I'm not, you know, taking anything away from lane. I Love Lane S Daley. But when I mean I think it was interesting, is like a lot of people when they think of Alice and chains, I think a lot of times they do think of Lane stalely, and rightfully so, because he is, you know, was an amazing singer. But I think it goes to show, like how how important Cantrell was to the whole process. I mean he wrote a lot of the music to write and, you know, also was singing along end playing guitar. So he will you know, he is kind of the I guess you could say Jerry Cantrell's kind of like the heart and brain of Alice and chains, or US Daley was kind of the soul. I guess you could say. Yeah, that's fair. How's that for an analogy? I like it. I could put that on a hallmark card, to be honest with you. As beautiful boom, but you know, and I mentioned before, it what is the song about? The song is actually about Andrew Wood. Now, if you don't know who Andrew would is, let me let me educate you a little bit. But he was the lead singer for a band from Seattle called mother love bone, as well as malfunction. He was in malfunction first. Now, mother love bone also featured Pearl Gym Basis Jeff Ammett, as well as Guitars Stone Gossard. Now, malfunction was kind of viewed as one of the original grunge bands and during this time would was heavy in the drugs. And then are one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. He formed mother love bone with stone and Jeff. Now, unfortunately, would died from an overdose in March of nineteen ninety, only a few weeks before they were originally due to release their debut album apple. And Apple would eventually be released, but not until July of s they pushed it back a couple months. Now, would was good friends with pretty much everybody in that, you know, Seattle grunge scene. He was roommates with Chris Cornell, was friends with both Staley and Cantrell, and they all loved Andrew would and it showed afterwards and alison chains. They dedicated their debut album facelift to him. Cornell wrote say hello to heaven for him. Campbell boxes smash hit far behind was also written about Andrew Wood. Temple of the dog was formed as a tribute to him and, as we're talking about right now, would from alison chains was dedicated to him. So that's what the song is about. And I guess kind of like the judgment that Andrew would and I guess, I guess any real you know, any you know people that are addicted to drugs, I guess, any of the...

...jokes that they get to. So that's what the song is all about. Yes, heavy shit to men. Oh Yeah, I know if anybody's ever struggled with any kind of substance or knows anybody who has, when you see people hit rock bottom, man, it is no laughing mad are, and as something that I've had personal experiences with. Again, like I just mentioned, myself, my friends and to I don't know. It's is amazing that some people do make it to the other side. So wonderful thing, but to know that these guys had so much talent and it is blew it. So yeah, it's terrible. It's horribles tragedy. Well, so here's a question for you. Yeah, and now I'm a Nirvana Fan. So I don't hate Nirvana. I like smells, like Team Spirit. I think it's a good song. You know, I don't. I don't. I feel like it's kind of popular now to shit on Nirvana because they were so popular back then. Sure, and now it's kind of almost like a hipster thing to do. Is a good I don't like Nirvana. Well, I fucking like Nirvana now. I also think I'll some chains doesn't get enough credit and respect and the whole music world, but that's either he were there. But question for you, Dave. Yeah, I feel like a lot of people want, you know, speaking of like addiction and things like that, right when people talk about Kurt cobain and Lane stalely, who both had heroin problems. Whenever people talk about Kurt, I feel like they always say he was amazing and talented and gone too soon, which are all true, but when people talk about stalely, it's like they just write him off as another junkie. You know, I feel like stalely never gets his doe. But what are what are your thoughts? On that. It's not something I really ever thought about. Is is to gage how people reacted as someone else's death per se. Here, I guess, so much their death. It's I mean that's part of it, but it's whenever their name is brought up now in general. Okay, we had kind of are their legacy. I guess you could say, yeah, I'm just flying off the cuff here, but I'm going to say because of the the cultural impact or the pop culture impact. The entire thing when because basically, Nirvana were the postwo boys for Grunge, right, they were the guys that were considered to kick it off, good, good or bad, whether they wanted it or not. They were the ones. You know, the smells like Teen Spirit was the song that unseated Michael Jackson and everything else and all the history behind it. So being such a beloved act, and I mean really, if you think about it, short lived act, unbelievably small catalog and what have you. But I I think that is a big factor in it. You know what I mean, because Alison chains I'll be a very successful at the time they never quite hit the same heights as Nirvana did. Now one could argue who is better musically. I'm sure you would definitely say Alice and chains others weird. Yeah, beg to differ, and that's fine, you know. But also the nature of the death. I mean, who can forget? I remember just being a kid and MTV news when actually had news on it. I don't even know if it still does. Her loader. Yeah, Kurt Cobainian committed suicide and people are freaking the fuck out. Man Like that was like a moment I'll never forget for the rest of my life. I remember that vividly. Yeah, in contrast, Lane Staley died, believe, alone and in his own apartment and people went to go check on them and I heard horror stories how he's like toothless and he was like, I don't know what was he I think this said he was at like eighty pounds or something. Yeah, just shell of a human being who just withered away and died. So I think, you know, again, just kind of those contributing factors and everything else like that. That maybe that's the reason why the Kurt Cobaine Legacy and Lore is much larger than someone than Lane Staley. Lane Staley was still an incredibly talented human being and probably deserved a lot more credit than he received, and maybe maybe now, because you know well, he's the other thing to write. I'm thinking about this. Everybody says they're going to love you when you're dead. You can be more famous. Like if you're not appreciate when you're alive, they will love you more when you're gone. We live in a world we can go into Walmart and buy a fucking Nirvana t shirt. Yeah, you know what I mean. Like I had never thought I would ever see the day that you can just walk into a major retailer and there,...

...there it is. You know, Alison chains. I don't think is at the same level as that, as far as you know. I'm searching for the words here. Popularity, not just the popularity, but even like as far as marketability, I guess, is what I'm trying to say. Okay, but yeah, I guess that's my two cents and before I ramble on about Shit, I'm not really, I don't know, prepared to talk about that. That be it? Yeah, no, I mean, that's that's right. I I think they both, you know, definitely deserve their do. They're both immensely talented, you know, and they both were gone too soon. So I think Staley was what thirty for when he died in two thousand and two. So you know, you young gentleman. But yeah, but again, Kurt cobain was like the sudden thing that shock the world. Yeah, yeah, and Stanley just kind of, you know, withered away and people said no, no one's keeping track. Yeah, but on that high note, Hmm, yes, let's sell, let's Oh, by the way, and before if anybody likes Laneesdale, if you haven't already, definitely, definitely, definitely check out. There's a band called mad season. They had an album called above, which came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. Phenomenal. I cannot stress that enough. And we talked about how rain, when I die, and love, hate, love or great songs that showcase lanes ability. Mad Season just showcases it even more. It's great stuff. It's not it's not like heavy like alson chain. So don't have that expectation. There's maybe one song I would say is kind of heavy ish, but the rest of its kind of just like rock. You know, there's little jazz in there too on occasion. So it's a great album, though I cannot recommend that album enough. So if you like Staley and you like his voice, absolutely check out mad season. That's IT, right on. All right, Dave, final verdict time. Do you think would buy? Alson chains? Is a legit hit or a song gone wrong? I'm very anxious to hear your your verdict. For me, personally, I want to think back on the history three of our humble little program and how often I have credited a song for being just outstanding, maybe one of the best songs of all time. I feel like I've done it more recently than I have in the past, maybe because I'm more APP to give out clown shoes than crowns, but I will say I think wood is the best song on the dirt album, whether or not it was just a throw in after being, you know, on the single soundtrack and, if you'd ask me, the best song and their entire catalog and perhaps from the best rock songs ever written. It is emotional, is heavy, it's it's rhythmic, it's Moody, is everything you'd ever need in a song. It leads you somewhere, it picks you up, brings you down and for those reasons, besides the amazing talents on display, here is. We've already discussed. Wood is an absolute classic, legit hit to the highest order. Now let's hear drews verdict, which I know is going to be a terrible rendering of how much he hates Alice and chains after thirty minutes of telling us how much he loves them. Correct. This is the worst. I don't even like the song. Throw it, and why? And why is that have a question mark at the end? Smash that rooster with the MM's in it, will you? I know, but yeah, I mean, if you guys don't know my opinion yet, I don't know if to tell you. I mean this. The song is pure perfection on every level. The lyrics are great and inquisitive and poignant and stalely and can't Trell. Both our voices deliver those lyrics beautifully, stars baseline keeps it trucking along and Kenny's drums are, you know, perfect every step of the way. And this long is a legit hit of the highest order. And this album is one of the all time greats. And what's weird? Right? This album can seem depressing as shit, and I absolutely get that base on the content. But to me, when I started listening to this. I was like ending Middle School and going...

...into high school and you know, I dealt with bullying a lot and was kind of an outcast. So, even though I've never done like heroin or any drugs for that matter, I could relate to the loneliness and I think the pain that's daily felt, just on different levels. And because of that, this album, to me, it's not depressing at all. It's actually, to me it's reassuring, it's kind of hopeful and energizing. You know, it's like a gentle pat on the back. You know, it reminds me that I'm not alone and whatever I'm struggling with. So to that, our dear friends at Alison chains, I'd like to say thank you for tagging along in my life and for helping me keep my head up all these years. And Yeah, this song is a legit fucking hit. Don't think them. Go Find Steve. We got social media. Go Find The camp counselor introduce you to Alison chains and send him a freaking annual Christmas cat is something. Well, yeah, well, interesting enough. So the counselor his name was Steve, and my friends who had that birthday party where his brother was playing dirt. His name was Steve Too. So thank you to all the Steve's out there. Should name your firstborn child Steve. What were you thinking? Well, we have two daughters. Doesn't matter, doesn't matter. I mean became us. A tribute is a tribute, Bro, I think it does. I think it even meant more if you had a daughter and named the mistive, or named her Steve Rather. But you get my point. I do get your point. Yeah, totally. But yeah, there's the song. Is something else, man. This is a song I never get tired of. Never, never. Yeah, and if someone told me, Hey, you need to sum up the s and here give me, like you know, a handful of songs, would would always be at the top of that list. I mean I don't do playlists like you do, but and hey, you laugh, but when I rock out and I just want to chill or whatever the case may be, and just kind of visit the past and feel good, this is a song that always comes on. So I guess the point of this whole thing is lyrical content be damned. We discussed lyrics every episode. It doesn't matter, because you just said like this was a dark ass album. But man, it changed my life. It made me happy. Me, I'm like, I could be grumpy, I could be happy, I could be sad, doesn't matter. This this stuff makes me feel good. Yeah, so we don't care what they're saying about this is how you sing it now? Well, I think it does. So even, you know, if I was feeling like depressed or, you know whatever, gloomy I feel like, I you know, this was like these guys are kind of coming along for the ride, you know, like it was like, oh, there's somebody else. That's what that's one of that the strengths of you of music. You know, like they're you know, these lyrics obviously were written for what they're going through, but you know, it's also stuff that are a lot of people go through too. So, you know, just it makes me feel like, Hey, you know what, other people go through this too. You know, I'm not alone. You know, we can get through it. So I that's why I don't know sound. He's fucking great and a great way to kick off Alison Chains Week. Oh my God's right. That's really macarroni Hotchi muchy. But you know what, we both think it's a hit. We both love the ever living crap out of this little diddy. But, more importantly, what do the fans think? Drewe let's find out. All right, the fans have spoken and a I still think this numbers low, but ninety percent said it's a legit hit. Pretty good man's should be higher. Should be higher, but I'll take it. I will take it now. We got some feedback, Tom UNGIA, from the hold on them almost their podcast said, I'm a wellknown harsh critic of the Rock and metal of the S, but this song and album stand out as an absolute timeless classic. So yes, Tom, I agree with you. There are good friends over at the dig me out podcast. At dig me out podcast says this song slays agree. Matt at Jumblatti Nine says only one of the best songs of a genre, if not the best. I can easily go along with that. Ryan Boem at Ryan Boem said I might have to fist fight the songs gone wrong votes this time. I think he also might agree that a number should be higher.

And Tim Kendall at Seventeen Candle said, who wouldn't? See what you did there, Tim? I see what you did there, buddy. So that's what we got. Nice. Well, we're all in agreement. This song kicks complete key stir and we learn it, and I'm gonna go play it right now, because I could listen to it all day, every day, and that's what I intend to do. So, Nona, ebooboo stick. You ahead and do do to anybody, or rather the ten percent. They voted this wasn't a hit. Yeah, whatever, I'm not even going to think about the ten percent. Don't. I'm just to think about how great alson changes. There you go, buddy. Yep. Well, anything else to an additive? Nope, just want to thank the listeners for tuning in and hopefully, yet again, you enjoy our version of shark week. That's right, but better, because it's als and chains week. Indeed. That's right. And you know, if you guys haven't done so already, like I said, you can follow us on twitter and Instagram at songs gone drop us an email as tow podcast at gmailcom, or visit our website, songs gone wrongcom. But until next time, until we go into the flood again. See what I did there, Dude. Everybody's doing something. We we're seeing everybody played plan on words here, buddy, everybody. Sorry, it's not unique anymore. It's not special. Now we're all doing it. It's like a hey, all right, yeah, well, thanks for listening. Yes, I feel I feel like that's why we should end it just on nice depressing. I feel like that would be a nice, appropriate way to end it, being as this song was off dirt. So I feel like makes sense. Okay, dokey. Anyway, thanks for listening. Guys, the Songs Gone Wrong.

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